Message thread:
MikeFromMelbourne - The Corrs In Adelaide last night were amazing!!! 02-Nov-2023 22:26:34
Yrisea - Sounds like you had a lot of fun !! 03-Nov-2023 11:07:24
corrazy_rach - It was a brilliant night! I was there from Melbourne too. Loved every minute!! 03-Nov-2023 12:04:40
MikeFromMelbourne - I secretly wished it could be a Groundhog Day situation so I could relive the show again and again and again and again. 03-Nov-2023 15:08:21
Yrisea - Some nice pictures from TCO Instagram here from the Adelaide gig 04-Nov-2023 10:37:41
MikeFromMelbourne - thanks for the photo link Yrisea and thank Steverino, glad to share it! 05-Nov-2023 03:10:56
Steverino - Sounds wonderful! 04-Nov-2023 16:19:54
Yrisea - Some more pictures posted here for those interested 05-Nov-2023 15:31:10

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