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Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 15 - Interview with Andy Murray 30-Oct-2023 09:40:45
Yrisea - That's my favourite episode so far !! or my new favourite one ! 30-Oct-2023 20:19:23
Baxterianism - Thank you for your kind words regarding the latest episode. I’ll be sure to pass your thanks on to Andy… 30-Oct-2023 21:35:57
Yrisea - One quick question : are we sure that's Andrea singing at the end ? 30-Oct-2023 20:32:03
Baxterianism - Glad the episode was enjoyed! At what point in the episode do you mean? 30-Oct-2023 21:33:03
Yrisea - Circa 1:10:17 in the episode, the Little Wing song 30-Oct-2023 21:39:20
Baxterianism - That is indeed Andrea :) 30-Oct-2023 22:16:37
Yrisea - Ok - I want to believe it but I do not recognize her voice or singing ? 30-Oct-2023 22:33:28
Yrisea - A few thoughts on the episode (spoilers ahead) 31-Oct-2023 11:51:14
Baxterianism - Replies to your questions about the episode etc.. 05-Nov-2023 21:08:53
Yrisea - thank you very much Simon 05-Nov-2023 21:54:49
Baxterianism - I asked Andy your question… 05-Nov-2023 22:23:23
Yrisea - oh, thank you so much ! You shouldn't have ! that's really so cool 05-Nov-2023 22:35:29
Baxterianism - Glad you like the details as much as I did! Feel free to throw me your copy of little wing from Hamburg and ill edit... 06-Nov-2023 08:27:31
SteveW - Andrea singing Little Wing and other comments on the latest CorrsCast episode 05-Nov-2023 04:27:06
SteveW - More on Andrea sounding strange on Little Wing 05-Nov-2023 04:43:35
Yrisea - Corrected change of speed 05-Nov-2023 12:16:53
Yrisea - I think I solved the "mystery" so to speak... 05-Nov-2023 15:21:01
Yrisea - Sorry for the triple message (it's a shame we can't edit messages), just to clarify... 05-Nov-2023 15:50:21
Baxterianism - I love that the community have been able to solve this mystery fully before Ive even found time to reply!... 05-Nov-2023 20:53:42
Baxterianism - ...Please feel free to link me to a slower version in the best quality you have and i'll try some cleanup and replace... 05-Nov-2023 21:46:38
Yrisea - Sure! Hope that helps : 06-Nov-2023 10:20:49
Baxterianism - Thank you. If I get the edit done I’d like to think you in the show notes. How would you like to be named? 07-Nov-2023 08:22:59
SteveW - Yes, now that sounds like Andrea! 05-Nov-2023 19:19:43
Baxterianism - Thanks for this helpful feedback SteveW - I had similar feedback on the first few episodes and now... 05-Nov-2023 20:49:19
Baxterianism - SteveW, Ive just re uploaded the episode and matched the standard loudness of -16 LUFS. Let me know... 07-Nov-2023 12:29:33

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