Message thread:
MikeFromMelbourne - Another little taped promo video from the Today show in Australia 01-Nov-2023 12:49:26
Steverino - Thanks, but I can't watch... the video is geo-blocked here in the U.S. 01-Nov-2023 15:47:30
MikeFromMelbourne - arghhhhhhh bugger that's so annoying!!! 01-Nov-2023 19:50:44
Yrisea - Thank you for the heads up Mike ! I hope it gets posted on YouTube. Seems like this is going really well 02-Nov-2023 00:50:28
SteveW - here's a version of the video that I was able to see in the US 06-Nov-2023 09:38:15
Yrisea - Thank you very much for posting the link Steve! 06-Nov-2023 10:48:35

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