Message thread:
MikeFromMelbourne - The Corrs are going to be on the Australian TV news show "The Project" tonight. 27-Oct-2023 07:31:44
Corranga - Great, more promotion surely has to be a good thing! I look forward to watching somehow :) 27-Oct-2023 08:48:56
MikeFromMelbourne - it was a lovely interview with all of the gang. 27-Oct-2023 09:30:37
MikeFromMelbourne - here's the interview on YouTube 27-Oct-2023 09:35:11
Yrisea - thank you so much for the heads up and posting Mike 27-Oct-2023 13:16:14
Corranga - Linked YouTube 27-Oct-2023 15:56:12
dave - Works OK Chris, thanks for posting the link. Must say they all still look pretty good, considering they are now in thei 27-Oct-2023 21:22:16
Yrisea - Also, little throwback : 27-Oct-2023 13:22:14
JLnyc2 - Thanks 27-Oct-2023 17:32:38
SteveW - Enjoyed the Cilla Black video, thanks for sharing 06-Nov-2023 14:49:46

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