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AB_CLOSER - "White Wedding" feat Andrea Corr & Jack Lukeman 02-Dec-2023 00:14:42
AB_CLOSER - YOUTUBE LINK 02-Dec-2023 00:20:55
MikeFromMelbourne - Wow what an amazing cover of this brilliant song. 02-Dec-2023 23:03:35
Servantez - Not gonna lie. I'm loving this. 05-Dec-2023 03:26:05
SteveW - I would not have thought Andrea could cover a Billy Idol song, but this is fantastic 05-Dec-2023 10:00:18
Corranga - I agree, it sounds great. There's a CD as well, which features some other great artists, another for the corrllection! 13-Dec-2023 08:51:52

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