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MentariS - The Corrs have announced a UK and Ireland tour in November this year 06-Feb-2024 10:06:49
Corranga - There is a small chance this is quite exciting...! 06-Feb-2024 12:30:51
mrtwenty1 - talk on corners 2024 mark your calendars 06-Feb-2024 12:35:05
Corranga - I've updated the upcoming tour days spreadsheet, pinned at the top of the page. 06-Feb-2024 13:16:15
Ferrinho - Exciting - Ireland dates!! 06-Feb-2024 12:58:13
Corranga - Ticketmaster has details of presales and seating charts, unfortunately, they all look to be seated 06-Feb-2024 13:22:51
Ferrinho - MCD emails on spam 06-Feb-2024 17:31:34
Terry - presales 06-Feb-2024 17:33:07
Corranga - Presales 06-Feb-2024 17:44:19
Corrsgirl1 - So excited! I really hope I can get a ticket to the Dublin show 06-Feb-2024 19:59:29
Corranga - Pre-sales, and general learnings from todays ticket buying! 07-Feb-2024 12:08:01
Ferrinho - More insights 07-Feb-2024 13:05:21
Corrsgirl1 - I was hoping for standing at O3 Dublin since they had it last time 07-Feb-2024 13:51:17
chris1957 - Corrs tour 07-Feb-2024 14:34:27
Carolineinspiredmetodrum - Have just booked Birmingham blk13 16-Feb-2024 20:20:33

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