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Corranga - UK&I Tour 2024 - Who's going?! 07-Feb-2024 14:47:48
RichardY - So far thanks to Luke I have tickets for Birmingham and Cardiff and I’ve just bought seats for Newcastle and Sheffield! 07-Feb-2024 17:06:22
Baxterianism - Doing all the 6 mainland gigs myself and will have a car with spaces to aid others in getting around. 07-Feb-2024 19:23:50
Corrsgirl1 - I'll be going to Dublin! 08-Feb-2024 10:12:53
Corrsgirl1 - Since I'll be traveling to Dublin anyway I decided to go to Belfast too! 09-Feb-2024 11:24:04
Eclair - I’ll be at Sheffield, still shaking after what I’ve spent 08-Feb-2024 11:06:56
Terry - Dublin and Newcastle it is!! 08-Feb-2024 11:43:43
Ferrinho - Ferrinho 08-Feb-2024 12:12:25
MrPeabody - I was up at 5am here in the US and got great seats for Dublin and Belfast. 08-Feb-2024 12:13:27
Den - Which ticket site did you use for the Irish gigs? 08-Feb-2024 18:12:11
Ferrinho - MCD Irish pre sale 08-Feb-2024 21:24:45
Corranga - Glad you got something Ferrinho, I looked at the presale and wasn't impressed by what was offered 09-Feb-2024 11:30:55
MrPeabody - I used the MCD presale. 09-Feb-2024 00:30:38
Alastair - Glasgow for me! 08-Feb-2024 13:13:33
awaytofly - Manchester all the way from Chicago! 08-Feb-2024 14:27:41
Ferrinho - Yay!! 08-Feb-2024 21:27:21
awaytofly - Thanks Ferrinho! 10-Feb-2024 22:17:47
Den - Just going to Cardiff. Wasn't prepared to pay the high prices but I've got a good seat and looking 08-Feb-2024 18:10:25
chris1957 - Tour 09-Feb-2024 11:55:59
Corrsgirl1 - To me it's in line what I pay for other concerts in these kind of venue's. 09-Feb-2024 11:59:20
chris1957 - Reply 09-Feb-2024 12:51:21
Corranga - The ticket prices are expensive, but arer also in line with other artists 09-Feb-2024 13:03:33
Alastair - Corrs at Barrowlands would be great 09-Feb-2024 21:51:28
Corranga - I don’t know, but I think the Wikipedia page is pretty comprehensive 10-Feb-2024 08:46:10
Den - Change of plan. Reselling my Cardiff TKT through Ticketmaster. Bought row 6 almost 09-Feb-2024 15:54:16
BrianB - Bit too steep for me, double the prices of last tour and 10x the price of the ToC tour 23-Feb-2024 21:24:21
corrazy_rach - Is your Cardiff ticket still available? Thanks 18-Mar-2024 08:41:25
Steverino - No, it's a 'Bridge Too Far' for me here in California 26-Feb-2024 23:51:12

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