Message thread:
dave - Glad I'm not a Taylor Swift fan 'Swifty' trying to get tickets for her UK dates. It seems 07-Apr-2024 13:52:45
Steverino - So, Dave, are you saying that the gigs in Europe are less expensive to attend... 13-Apr-2024 05:44:11
Corranga - Dave has to travel to the mainland anyway, so travel is perhaps less of a concern 14-Apr-2024 19:12:19
Steverino - Ah yes. I see. Thanks, Chris. 15-Apr-2024 17:50:46
dave - Ticket price alone basically. However I prefer the laid back vibe of European shows and the ticket 23-Apr-2024 16:18:48
Steverino - I get that. It makes sense. 25-Apr-2024 05:33:06
Den - The Tories promised many things and didn't do most of them. 06-Jul-2024 20:48:12

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