Message thread:
Steverino - Diederik Nomden (aka Nomden, aka Royal Parks) -- The Analogues 06-Sep-2022 08:22:14
SteveW - Enjoyed all of these songs by Nomden 10-Sep-2022 04:54:57
Steverino - Thanks for listening, Steve. As to your question... 13-Sep-2022 19:30:11
SteveW - Yes, Bertolf Lentink/Her Majesty -- that's who I was thinking of 24-Sep-2022 10:08:55
Steverino - I get what you're saying about the Rockford Files theme... 04-Oct-2022 07:50:05
SteveW - I like the clean, mostly acoustic sound of all of these songs 09-Oct-2022 04:41:40
Steverino - Regarding Bertolf Lentink... 21-Oct-2023 08:56:01
Steverino - It figures that only the advertisements would play! 23-Oct-2023 05:23:26
Steverino - As for that video that won't play... I found a version that does. 17-Mar-2024 07:49:31

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