Message thread:
Steverino - Some recent music by previous "AOTM," English singer Harriet 30-Dec-2022 23:06:44
SteveW - That's a fantastic cover of Goodbye to Love 30-Dec-2022 23:24:44
Steverino - Another cover of the Carpenters... 21-Oct-2023 18:06:01
SteveW - Excellent cover of Superstar; thanks, Steverino 22-Oct-2023 04:34:04
Steverino - Yes, without a doubt, Richard Carpenter showed his genius at song arrangement. 22-Oct-2023 21:10:33
Steverino - Since we already had this discussion of Carpenters cover and I just heard this one... 13-Mar-2024 05:59:01
Steverino - It's getting lonely here, yet nevertheless I will venture to expand on my post on Tori Holub 06-Apr-2024 07:19:45
Steverino - Shoot! I put the wrong embed code for Tori's Liinda Ronstadt short. Here it is... 06-Apr-2024 07:34:21

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