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  • Sharon will be part of the Windmill Lane Sessions! (16-Nov)
  • My Haven: Sharon on her Tour Bus from the Daily Mail! (15-Nov)
  • Sharon will be opening for America on their Australian tour in May! (06-Nov)
  • Listen to Sharon on BBC Radio 2's Good Morning Sunday with Olly Smith! (19-Oct)
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    Commonwombat is one of the fans that's been a fan for a long time and is active both here on the board and on Twitter interacting with Sharon and other Corrs (not Coors ;-)) Club board members there. His musical knowledge make his contributions to the board and discussions very interesting and valuable.

    An all- around good guy who's happy to keep discussion going and the board a friendly place - we're glad to have you as a member Commonwombat and we enjoy your contributions very much!

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    28-Nov-2014 08:18:02
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                               Cara - Board Repair Update
                                                 [ 5 replies ] Latest reply: 24-Nov-2014 19:10:08
                               MAH - Board is finally back up!
                                                 [ 24 replies ] Latest reply: 10-Nov-2014 08:29:06
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 2 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Oct-2013 09:32:09
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    dave - Sharon on Channel 4 this coming Saturday, and in Irish magazine out Thursday. 26-Nov-2014 11:18:55
                  Cara - The TV Guide doesn't mention her but I've hit record just in case. ;-) (n/t) 26-Nov-2014 16:15:46
                               dave - Possibly its a repeat, because I think she's been on that show before. (n/t) 26-Nov-2014 16:25:58
                                            Cara - She has been on before. The one showing on our guide says new. But only lists one guest and I think there's usually 2? 26-Nov-2014 16:29:00
                                                         dave - The names I've got are Nick Nairn, Sharon Corr, Richard Herring, Mike Dilger. (n/t) 26-Nov-2014 19:04:45
                                                                      dave - You can read the first page here and there is also a pic... 27-Nov-2014 14:32:03

    dave - Windmill Lane Sessions on 23/11/2014 did not include Sharon but hopefully 25-Nov-2014 16:46:26
                  Cara - Perhaps she ended up cancelling after Gavin's father passed? Maybe they had family conflicts. (n/t) 26-Nov-2014 16:16:29
                               dave - I think Sharon will be included, I only mentioned that she was not in the first group 26-Nov-2014 16:24:11
                               MC - I think they were recorded already. (n/t) 27-Nov-2014 14:25:13

    dave - After recent events, something to brighten up our day - 23-Nov-2014 10:21:04
                  MentariS - Thanks for posting this! Caro's antics made me laugh SO hard! 23-Nov-2014 13:06:47
                               dave - I love this clip too where they are discussing back in 1996 23-Nov-2014 21:32:44
                                            CorrMac - Yes, and Caro was "up to her antics" again at about 0:24!!! (n/t) 25-Nov-2014 16:30:44
                  Punky - This aired on MTV in the US, probably in 1999. I have it on a VHS tape somewhere! I still have every word memorized! (n/t) 25-Nov-2014 00:27:53
                               dave - A clip that was omitted from many of the All The Way Home dvds - 25-Nov-2014 19:52:49

    Cara - Board Repair Update 22-Nov-2014 21:53:03
                  SteveW - Thanks, Cara! Also, what's the story behind POTW #14? 23-Nov-2014 04:33:57
                               dave - Monaco - I remember it well. There were a group of us from CorrsClub there Steve, 23-Nov-2014 10:03:43
                                            Cara - Yup. :-) I think it was the POTW the week this version of the "new" board went live - IIRC. :-) (n/t) 23-Nov-2014 11:30:29
                                                         Corranga - I might have taken it.. I can't remember.. Actually, Erica and I might have been slightly further behind Marc at that 24-Nov-2014 10:50:33
                  DrFunkenstein - You guys are the bomb! Thanks for all you do to keep this forum hummin along 24-Nov-2014 19:10:08

    Cara - Weekly Updates will be done sometime tomorrow. 21-Nov-2014 21:42:31
                  CorrMac - Cara - there's no rush! 22-Nov-2014 11:38:58
                               Cara - Thanks. ;-) I do try to strike a balance. Haven't quite completely worked it all out yet but... 22-Nov-2014 18:29:08
                                            IrishHeart - When she leaves home maybe! (n/t) 22-Nov-2014 19:56:51
                                                         Cara - I know! Sometimes I think that will definitely be the case! 22-Nov-2014 21:11:32

    Cristina - Sharon's Brazil shows cancelled due to family emergency!! 19-Nov-2014 21:09:23
                  Den - Thinking of you at this difficult time Sharon x (n/t) 19-Nov-2014 21:16:49
                               MentariS - Sleeplessness brought me to Facebook, and then I saw that. Read about that on Twitter as well. 19-Nov-2014 21:24:48
                                            dave - Sorry to hear that Sharon - hope things work out OK for your family. (n/t) 19-Nov-2014 22:33:05
                                                         Robin - Very sorry to hear your news Sharon, thinking about you and hope everything will be ok soon. (n/t) 19-Nov-2014 22:43:41
                  Cristina - Gavinīs dad passed away yesterday in Belfast 20-Nov-2014 11:32:05
                               StPaddy - Sad to hear. 20-Nov-2014 11:52:57
                               Leslie - Very sad to hear. Condolences to Gavin, Sharon and their family. (n/t) 20-Nov-2014 14:50:46
                                            keejac21 - Sincerest condolences to Bonnar family especially to Gavin, Sharon and children. (n/t) 21-Nov-2014 12:27:51
                                                         StPaddy - Sharonīs tribute to her late father-in-law Bob Bonnar 22-Nov-2014 17:53:44
                                                                      IrishHeart - Lovely 22-Nov-2014 19:55:54
                                                                      MentariS - A very touching tribute 23-Nov-2014 02:25:58
                                                                                   commonwombat - At least the children are of an age that they will have real and meaningul memories of their grandfather (n/t) 23-Nov-2014 04:03:15
                                                                                   Steverino - Very sorry to hear of this loss to the Bonnar family. Thinking of them. (n/t) 23-Nov-2014 21:36:48

    Bea_HC - This isnīt anything new but I just wanted to share that on a day like today... 19-Nov-2014 10:42:48
                  SteveW - Bea_HC, any special highlights of the gig that you remember? (n/t) 19-Nov-2014 11:33:53
                               Bea_HC - SteveW yes I remember a few things that caught my attention 19-Nov-2014 12:48:00
                                            SteveW - Thanks, Bea -- enjoyed reading your recollections 19-Nov-2014 13:29:00
                  StPaddy - Bea, yes, time is running. But consider yourself lucky,..... 19-Nov-2014 12:01:02
                               Bea_HC - I know Iīve been lucky Mike, and Iīm really happy to have that memory. 19-Nov-2014 12:56:00
                                            Corranga - Great recollections, I'm sure many more of us here will read your post and smile, just like I have :) 19-Nov-2014 15:22:10
                                            StPaddy - Yeah, letīs do that, provided itīs not getting too late for you. 19-Nov-2014 18:30:33
                                                         Bea_HC - Sounds like a plan to me :-D (n/t) 19-Nov-2014 20:24:59
                                                                      Bea_HC - Oh and SteveW donīt know where youīre from so I donīt if 10:30pm works for u 19-Nov-2014 20:58:46
                                                                                   SteveW - I'll have to take a rain check, but this sounds like a fun idea 19-Nov-2014 21:16:53
                                                                                                Bea_HC - Rain check? I donīt know what does mean... 19-Nov-2014 21:36:14
                                                                                                             Bea_HC - what it means* sorry (n/t) 19-Nov-2014 21:37:30
                                                                                                             IrishHeart - Rain check 19-Nov-2014 23:02:11
                                                                                                                          Bea_HC - Ok!!! Love to learn new expressions thanks a lot for the explanation IrishHeart (n/t) 19-Nov-2014 23:10:11
                                                                                                                                       keejac21 - Was it Jim playing on the big drum that Caroline uses in Bh and TTF? (n/t) 21-Nov-2014 13:33:55
                                                                                                                                       Bea_HC - Keejac21 Yes Jim played the big drum because Caroline had had a child a few 21-Nov-2014 20:51:56
                                                                                                             Corranga - The whole rain check thing is interesting. In the UK its a common term, but I doubt most know the origins! (n/t) 24-Nov-2014 10:54:46
                                                                                                                          dave - Might be common in your part of UK Chris, but unheard of in mine - 24-Nov-2014 12:09:42
                                                                                                                                       Corranga - I tihnk you're right Dave, it will be from TV shows. Actually, I believe a similar thing happens with cricket, though 26-Nov-2014 11:29:00

    dave - Sharon is also doing two New Zealand dates as support for America. 18-Nov-2014 12:00:32
                  IrishHeart - Sharon's tour 18-Nov-2014 19:53:05
                               SteveW - I think "America" refers to the band, not the country 19-Nov-2014 04:30:44
                                            commonwombat - Ticket prices are pretty steep, maybe a tad "over-odds" for usual prices but 19-Nov-2014 12:37:06
                                            MentariS - Agree that the gigs are quite costly. 19-Nov-2014 14:05:55
                                            IrishHeart - America 19-Nov-2014 15:40:06
                                                         dave - I think Sharon is planning to do more US shows next year - it was a comment 19-Nov-2014 18:50:01

    IrishHeart - Commonwealth Games 1998 17-Nov-2014 17:49:01
                  commonwombat - Closing ceremony 1998 Comm Games 21Sep98; not real sure I'd call it an "early gig" 18-Nov-2014 10:28:53
                               commonwombat - Was actually at 98 Comm Games as a team official for my "other" country 18-Nov-2014 10:37:24
                               IrishHeart - Early Corrs 18-Nov-2014 15:10:26
                                            SteveW - Some early Corrs gigs 19-Nov-2014 04:24:29
                  SteveW - Interesting to see how their wardrobe evolves over time 18-Nov-2014 12:15:56
                               IrishHeart - Wardrobe 18-Nov-2014 14:59:07
                                            Corranga - I'd probably add that some of it might be down to promotional work / management wanting them to look modern 19-Nov-2014 15:29:42
                                                         MentariS - Yes, Corranga, I also think that it had more to do with their management and promotional work 19-Nov-2014 17:18:20
                                                                      dave - The record company and promoters/management seemed to think it necessary 19-Nov-2014 18:58:25

    dave - Regarding the Windmill Lane Sessions in Latest News - 17-Nov-2014 11:44:56
                  Cara - Not sure why it doesn't work from the News box but I just searched for "Windmill Lane" on the Independent and it came up 17-Nov-2014 11:48:36
                  MC - That's really bizarre. (n/t) 18-Nov-2014 10:43:19
                               dave - Thanks Cara, I got it OK with your second link. Apart from that article 18-Nov-2014 11:45:05

    IrishHeart - Band Aid 2014 17-Nov-2014 00:43:54
                  Corranga - I heard this on the radio this morning. The original is still the best musically, can't believe it's been 10 years 17-Nov-2014 12:28:23

    Cara - 'Hello Boys' video from Barcelona (Thanks to Dave) 14-Nov-2014 16:51:29
                  dave - I know the quality is not up to standard but there are some good closeups 14-Nov-2014 19:02:19
                  MC - Thanks Cara & Dave! (n/t) 15-Nov-2014 13:41:30

    IrishHeart - Solidays 13-Nov-2014 21:42:44
                  dave - I've watched that video a few times and its actually one of my favourites, 13-Nov-2014 22:23:45
                               Robin - Yes I have watched Solidays numerous times, a brilliant concert with what looked like a fantastic atmosphere. My only 14-Nov-2014 00:22:04
                  commonwombat - My suggestion re "the attitude" is perhaps a little simpler than inter-band aggro 14-Nov-2014 10:31:01
                               IrishHeart - You're all probably right 14-Nov-2014 13:58:07
                                            dave - The hotest one I personally recall them playing was in Benidorm, Spain 2004. 14-Nov-2014 18:54:04
                                                         IrishHeart - Benidorm 16-Nov-2014 14:44:26
                  SteveW - Solidays was the gig immediately before Lansdowne Road 16-Nov-2014 07:36:04
                  Punky - 1999 was a year of amazing highs and devastating lows for their family -- most of which caught on film, it seems. (n/t) 17-Nov-2014 00:25:39

    dave - A tenuous Corrs connection on TV tonight 13-Nov-2014 10:57:33
                  ray - bitter end 13-Nov-2014 14:50:17
                               dave - The Bitter End looks to be a great little venue, rather like Whelans music bar 13-Nov-2014 22:27:30
                                            MC - I'm not sure what types of acts are usually booked there nowadays. 14-Nov-2014 10:44:48
                  OCTAVIO - i did ask Andrea about that line of the song.. in 2008, when i wento to see Jane Eyre.. 17-Nov-2014 22:23:17
                  OCTAVIO - btw, here u have a link to Borrowed Heaven doc 17-Nov-2014 22:29:56

    SteveW - Stupidest Girl in the World and Angel (long) 11-Nov-2014 05:06:33
                  osamaraashid - So, in a way, this is the "Stupidest song in the world" :-) 12-Nov-2014 16:51:45
                               eieio - Insight: 12-Nov-2014 18:17:22
                                            IrishHeart - Here, here 12-Nov-2014 18:56:11
                  MentariS - Steve, your knowledge never ceases to impress me! 13-Nov-2014 03:36:50
                  SteveW - I missed a detail on Stupidest Girl 18-Nov-2014 12:03:15
                               IrishHeart - Emotions 18-Nov-2014 14:43:23
                                            SteveW - Bittersweet Irish ballads 18-Nov-2014 18:11:28
                                                         IrishHeart - Irish traditional music 18-Nov-2014 19:42:45

    dave - Sharon has announced five dates in Australia for May 2015 10-Nov-2014 11:20:05
                  MentariS - AUSTRALIA AT LAST! Need to mark my calendar for her gig in Perth! (n/t) 10-Nov-2014 15:21:44
                               commonwombat - That Perth gig is a fair way out of town ! 12-Nov-2014 11:08:50
                                            commonwombat - Correction, the Palais Theatre in Melbourne is at St Kilda (inner suburb) not CBD (n/t) 12-Nov-2014 12:16:56
                                                         MentariS - Thankfully the Perth venue (Red Hill Auditorium) has a number of shuttle buses... 12-Nov-2014 14:20:02
                                                                      SteveW - MentariS, will this be your first time seeing any of the Corrs live? 12-Nov-2014 14:28:00
                                                                                   MentariS - Yes Steve, this will be my very first time :-) 12-Nov-2014 14:54:53
                                                                                                dave - I wonder how this series of gigs come about ? 12-Nov-2014 15:19:00
                                                                                                             Robin - A long time since any of the Corrs appeared in Australia. Think I am right in saying it was Oct 2001 at the Rod Laver 12-Nov-2014 23:28:59
                                                                                                                          commonwombat - IB Tour was the last time in AUS for the band. Sharon was down here Jan/Feb 2012 13-Nov-2014 02:08:58
                                                                                                             commonwombat - Normally a local promoter will try and push one of their local acts as the "opener" 13-Nov-2014 02:34:03
                                                                                                                          MentariS - One World Entertainment is the promoter of America's Australian tour (got this from the tour poster on Shaz's Facebook) 13-Nov-2014 04:16:37
                                                                                                                                       commonwombat - No Corr links to speak of. The main AUS promoters of the past 20 years have been 13-Nov-2014 06:17:49
                                                                                                                          commonwombat - There is no set pattern. Artists and agents WILL chase openings in particular markets and conversely promoters will also 13-Nov-2014 06:24:25
                                                                                                                          dave - Thanks Wombat - so as I guessed, it could really be any one of the various 13-Nov-2014 10:40:58
                                                                      commonwombat - When she was here in 2012, opening for Ro Keating, their Perth show was an outdoor in Kings Park (n/t) 13-Nov-2014 02:11:12
                                                                                   MentariS - Yes, so I see. A gig in Kings Park would be much more accessible for many, but still... 13-Nov-2014 03:50:36
                                                                                                commonwombat - Midland would be the nearest major suburban centre/town from my limited knowledge of Perth 13-Nov-2014 05:32:41
                                                                                                             MentariS - I guess so. And probably there are a lot around the area that are not widely known yet. 13-Nov-2014 06:53:17
                                                                                                                          commonwombat - Leeuwin Estate has brought in some very big names in the past 13-Nov-2014 12:58:39

    Cara - Board Repair Update & Temporary FAQ & Registration Information Links 10-Nov-2014 09:00:13
                  dave - Thanks Cara and Marc, those clickable image and link boxes were certainly useful 10-Nov-2014 11:14:55

    dave - Here is a video that Sharon did for a Spanish music station - its interesting 03-Nov-2014 20:22:01
                  Cristina - Beautiful interview! Thanks so much!! (n/t) 04-Nov-2014 05:59:12
                               Cristina - Oh, and I love that Spain is her favourite country!! :-)) (n/t) 04-Nov-2014 05:59:48

    CorrMac - Nice POTW! 02-Nov-2014 11:15:53
                  StPaddy - Not so recent, CorrMac....actually almost ten years ago. :) 02-Nov-2014 12:46:22
                               CorrMac - Well, it's still new to me :lol: 02-Nov-2014 21:09:20
                                            keejac21 - love the POTW too.. anything Caroline Id always love. (n/t) 02-Nov-2014 23:13:39
                               SteveW - This is one of the few clear photos I have ever seen from the RTL2 Paris gig 02-Nov-2014 23:23:02

    Cara - Sorry for the slight delay - weekly updates will be up tomorrow. ;-) 31-Oct-2014 22:50:15
                  dave - OMG... the cardinal sin of mentioning a certain alcoholic beverage has 01-Nov-2014 16:14:01
                               MentariS - Congratulations wombat! Always enjoy reading your posts! 01-Nov-2014 16:46:53
                               Cara - OMG - it has! *embarassed* I can't figure out how to fix it on my phone either! :-P 01-Nov-2014 18:42:18
                                            Leslie - Cara, dont just yet. Let himself see it 1st or else some of our comments wont make sense. Dangnabit that spell check! ;) (n/t) 01-Nov-2014 20:01:21
                                                         Cara - *lol* Okay. In that case - by request - I'll leave it 'wrong'! ;-) 01-Nov-2014 20:43:09
                  Leslie - Congrats, my friend. No comment on your apparent love of a certain "silver bullet" beverage. LOL (n/t) 01-Nov-2014 17:07:44
                               Punky - I hope this notoriety doesn't go to the Wombat's head.... Congrats, sir! (n/t) 01-Nov-2014 17:25:24
                                            nightcat - Congrats to our marsupial! will throw yourself a little party in your burrow wombat? ;D (n/t) 02-Nov-2014 06:34:45
                                                         commonwombat - Maybe "the nominators" DID have a little too much to drink ! 02-Nov-2014 07:43:24
                                                                      MC - How could I forget to congratulate you? ;-) (n/t) 02-Nov-2014 15:06:09
                                                                                   carolineinspiredmetodrum - congtats wombat :) (n/t) 08-Nov-2014 22:08:33
                                                                      IrishHeart - Enjoy . . . 03-Nov-2014 13:59:24
                                                                      Steverino - Congrats, Wombat! 10-Nov-2014 00:24:59
                  SteveW - Congrats, commonwombat! Glad to have you here (n/t) 02-Nov-2014 08:15:42
                               keejac21 - Cheers to Mr. Wombat! (n/t) 02-Nov-2014 23:12:46
                                            Corranga - Congrats! Have some light beer to celebrate! (n/t) 04-Nov-2014 09:40:18
                                                         IrishHeart - You guys are too funny 04-Nov-2014 15:00:53
                                                                      MC - Nope, not a thing. (n/t) 05-Nov-2014 10:29:34
                                                                      dave - Nothing of any significance IrishHeart. I can confirm however that Andrea and Jim 05-Nov-2014 19:27:40
                                                                                   IrishHeart - That's my thinking too Dave 05-Nov-2014 21:33:29
                                                                                   commonwombat - Jim IS still involved in music, albeit at a much more lowe profile level. 06-Nov-2014 02:15:13
                                                                                                keejac21 - Thank you for the updates still dave and commonwombat. Still good to hear that they 08-Nov-2014 00:08:33

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