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  • The Corrs to perform at the Royal Albert Hall (Oct 19) (13-Sep)
  • New album: JUPITER CALLING (out Nov 10) (13-Sep)
  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    AB_CLOSER - The Corrs - Kiss Of Life - Live at London 2016 multicam (subtítulos inglés español) 27-Apr-2023 16:41:46
                  Baxterianism - Thanks for the share and its great to see subtitles for those who’s first language isn't english! 27-Apr-2023 19:28:28

    Baxterianism - Corrscast Episode 12 out now - Interviews with Sharon Ullman & Robert Brinkmann 03-Apr-2023 08:15:28
                  Steverino - Thanks, Simon. What you do is brilliant investigative work. 30-Apr-2023 19:16:50
                               Baxterianism - Tjank you for such kind comments on the work so far and of course for listening! 03-May-2023 08:59:41

    Den - Just bagged myself a ticket for Sharon's UK Tour. There are some benefits to 29-Mar-2023 19:14:18
                  Corranga - Nice, which gig are you going to? Is it allocated seats? 30-Mar-2023 08:24:32
                               Corranga - I was half considering doing the full UK tour, but ended up arguing with the TicketMaster website 30-Mar-2023 15:22:49
                                            Corranga - Ok, scratch that, I'm in for the tour...! 31-Mar-2023 17:54:54
                                                         Baxterianism - I’m attending Aberdeen, London and Ipswich. Would love to see others there 03-Apr-2023 08:11:46
                                            dave - Ticketmaster - the main reason I no longer go to UK gigs ! 26-Apr-2023 10:42:05
                               Den - It was London 😀 11-May-2023 22:55:20

    AB_CLOSER - Happy Birthday Sharon! 24-Mar-2023 12:13:40

    Corranga - Sharon is playing a solo gig in Aberdeen, Scotland in July. 24-Mar-2023 09:33:22
                  Baxterianism - Ticket booked! 26-Mar-2023 21:53:15
                               Corranga - More UK Sharon gigs! 27-Mar-2023 13:28:50
                                            Corranga - ...and even more. I've updated the tour dates spreadsheet which is posted in the pinned topic above, and in here too 27-Mar-2023 18:13:35
                  Steverino - I joined the CorrBoard in 2005, and still I have NEVER seen the Corrs perform in person! *sigh* 01-Jun-2023 04:20:01
                               Jerry - I have seen them 3 times and Sharon nce 02-Jun-2023 06:12:24
                                            Steverino - Not bad at all, Jerry! 03-Jun-2023 18:21:40
                                                         Jerry - I only heard of them by accident 04-Jun-2023 01:07:48

    nightcat - a Corrs fan on Twitter made a countdown site for the band's Manila concerts 20-Mar-2023 06:20:31

    AB_CLOSER - Long Night (thecorrsclub cover version). How the video was made. 20-Mar-2023 02:06:59
                  AB_CLOSER - Part 1: Editing frame by frame. 20-Mar-2023 02:07:47
                               Corranga - Amazing effort, the time and attention you put in us clear to see 24-Mar-2023 22:44:07
                                            AB_CLOSER - Thank you so much. 28-Mar-2023 17:39:34
                  AB_CLOSER - Part 2: Editing frame by frame. Ereasing Andrea. 28-Mar-2023 17:34:39
                               AB_CLOSER - Bigger gifts... 28-Mar-2023 17:38:02

    MentariS - Happy birthday Caroline, and happy St Patrick's Day everyone!! 17-Mar-2023 09:36:05
                  AB_CLOSER - Happy Birthday Caroline. I hope you have an amazing day!!! 17-Mar-2023 10:57:57

    dave - Sharon will be doing a solo gig in Madrid on June 23 at the Clamores Room. 11-Mar-2023 08:59:04

    AB_CLOSER - @andreacorrofficial and @jimcorrofficial to catch up with @davidfoster in Dublin today. 08-Mar-2023 18:34:19
                  nightcat - Me: It's nice to see them in the same frame after so long. Also me: could some new songs or an album sprout from this? 09-Mar-2023 06:02:13
                  AB_CLOSER - Photo 20-Mar-2023 02:00:19

    MentariS - The Corrs are playing two dates at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines in October!!! 08-Mar-2023 10:08:50
                  Alastair - Exciting! Getting closer to you? 08-Mar-2023 17:02:08
                               MentariS - Yes! I’m going to the Perth concert this year, but will definitely go to another one if they play in Jakarta 🤞🏼🤞🏼 09-Mar-2023 00:31:25
                                            nightcat - I was a kid last time the banD went to the Philippines so I'll make sure to not miss at least one date 09-Mar-2023 09:20:29
                  MentariS - Well those ticket prices are...something 17-Mar-2023 09:49:04
                               nightcat - I scored an Upper Box A ticket for October 21, yeah this is happening XD 19-Mar-2023 18:51:32
                                            MentariS - So happy for you and the PH fans!! You guys deserve this x 20-Mar-2023 12:06:11

    Mark - A different "CorrBoard" :) 07-Mar-2023 22:45:32
                  Baxterianism - This made me smile haha 08-Mar-2023 17:25:12
                               nightcat - This made my day lmao 09-Mar-2023 06:02:53
                                            Corranga - I love it! 11-Mar-2023 13:36:21

    CSCfan - Wow....only 6 years late, but the band's official page posted (the 1st part? of) the Jupiter Calling EPK.. 18-Feb-2023 15:28:09
                  Baxterianism - Glad to finally see something of this. 20-Feb-2023 08:02:39
                  MentariS - I love how the director of the EPK wrote this on his Instagram story: 21-Feb-2023 13:04:08
                               SteveW - Glad to see this; hope we'll get to see more 23-Feb-2023 04:44:06
                                            MentariS - His IG handle is @jamiecarterfilms 24-Feb-2023 06:35:49
                                                         nightcat - Maybe the band and/or their management has remembered they had this is finally decided to release XD 09-Mar-2023 06:06:33

    Terry2 - In The Room With Reitzas #7 02-Feb-2023 23:51:26
                  Baxterianism - It took a fair amount of chasing for this upload to happen. The audio segments used in the CorrsCast… 03-Feb-2023 12:48:04
                  Corrsgirl1 - This so so cool, thanks for sharing!! 03-Feb-2023 15:55:03
                  AB_CLOSER - Wow, thanks!!! 09-Feb-2023 15:19:08
                               SeanCorrain - LOVE IT ! 26-Feb-2023 19:37:29

    rich2862 - Heard "Breathless" this morning in my.... 01-Feb-2023 02:01:52

    CSCfan - Lovely article in the Dundalk Democrat about.... Simon (Baxterianism)! 15-Jan-2023 14:23:58
                  Baxterianism - Thanks Mathias! 16-Jan-2023 12:49:16
                               nightcat - I forgot to comment here when the article came out, so thanks Simon for the work you've done on the podcast 09-Mar-2023 06:04:39

    SteveW - More trivia: Corrs minus one (help needed) 28-Dec-2022 09:27:10
                  DrFunkenstein - I don't recall her missing a show, but I do recall a scene from the All the Way Home documentary 05-Jan-2023 16:36:39
                               SteveW - Sharon missing 13-Jan-2023 14:56:56
                                            AB_CLOSER - She was on holiday in Australia. 13-Jan-2023 23:39:57
                                                         AB_CLOSER - Caroline and Jim were notably absent from the video for the single "Long Night". 14-Jan-2023 10:18:51
                  AB_CLOSER - Sharon missing video. Written by Tin Whistle & Music (Yrisea) - youtube. 08-Mar-2023 18:40:49

    SteveW - Andrea and Cliff Richard on "Saviour's Day" (Andrea's vocal range) 26-Dec-2022 23:37:02
                  SteveW - another nice touch in Saviour's Day 26-Dec-2022 23:55:43
                               SteveW - more on Saviour's Day 27-Dec-2022 10:07:01
                                            Corranga - Fantastic posts as always Steve. I'm a little late to the (Christmas) party, but, despite recoding the whole show on my 11-Jan-2023 12:58:06
                                                         SteveW - Cliff Richard 12-Jan-2023 23:52:41
                                                                      commonwombat - More background re Cliff 24-Jan-2023 02:56:42
                  Mark - Thanks for sharing that Steve... nice analysis! And nice song. 26-Jan-2023 14:34:47

    Baxterianism - CorrsCast episode 11 - Interview with G. Marq Roswell 26-Dec-2022 08:23:56
                  Punky - Another excellent interview! And, my favorite demo tracks to date! So lovely! 26-Dec-2022 17:50:02
                               Baxterianism - Thank you for listening. Glad you enjoyed! 27-Dec-2022 07:53:18
                  AB_CLOSER - Thanks!!! I love demo tracks! Heaven Knows (8:30) Leave Me Alone (17:56) 27-Dec-2022 14:33:52
                  SteveW - Enjoyed the episode, as usual. I have many questions! 28-Dec-2022 04:44:56
                               Johnlnyc - A very interesting saga 02-Jan-2023 00:12:28
                                            Baxterianism - Thanks for your reply John, Super helpful as Ive had flue for a few days and really hadnt the energy to ... 04-Jan-2023 17:42:52
                                            SteveW - Johnlnyc, thanks for the very informative explanation 13-Jan-2023 15:33:03
                  Steverino - Wow! That was very enlightening. I loved hearing the demos, too. 30-Dec-2022 22:01:27
                               Baxterianism - Thank you so much for these kind words, It's a joy to create and I'm so glad its also a joy to receive! 04-Jan-2023 17:37:16

    SteveW - some more interviews/promo 26-Dec-2022 06:03:34

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