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  • The Corrs to perform at the Royal Albert Hall (Oct 19) (13-Sep)
  • New album: JUPITER CALLING (out Nov 10) (13-Sep)
  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
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    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    dave - Ever thought of 'hiring The Corrs', well a local family just hired Take That for a private party 18-Sep-2017 19:29:57
                  Yrisea - You could try and hire The Corrz :D.... 18-Sep-2017 22:03:55
                  Corranga - We discussed it years ago on Corrsonline as a semi-serious notion. 19-Sep-2017 13:21:42
                               dave - Yep, I remember it well Chris. 19-Sep-2017 14:07:48
                                            SteveW - I might have the energy and enthusiasm -- just not the money! :-) (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 14:15:47
                               CSCfan - By coincidence I visited one of these sites a few weeks ago Chris... 19-Sep-2017 14:28:46
                                            Corranga - Did you make a booking Mathias? ;) (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 14:44:00
                                                         CSCfan - See RAH Chris ;) 19-Sep-2017 14:54:04
                                                                      Corranga - 😂 (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 15:30:16
                                            SteveW - Only US $40K-$75K? That's much lower than I would have expected 19-Sep-2017 15:44:16
                                                         Yrisea - They did play this one private gig way back for 200k... 19-Sep-2017 16:40:30
                                                         dave - Yes that price seems extremely low to me, especially as its across the Atlantic for them 19-Sep-2017 16:46:17
                                                                      commonwombat - Agree fully Dave; you would put your proposition (if you were serious) to Giddings who handles all their bookings (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 19:41:28

    dave - With my rather leftfield weird sense of humour applied to the 'ticket issue'.. here's a possible scenario.. LOL 17-Sep-2017 11:05:46
                  Terry - 😂😂😂 17-Sep-2017 17:15:09
                               CSCfan - I reckon it's a combination of a showcase (for the new album) and either... 17-Sep-2017 18:16:04
                                            cedic - It's a gig of two halves, with an interval, isn't it? 18-Sep-2017 01:34:16
                                                         dave - Yes, I hadn't considered that cedic, we've been assuming it will be new songs, 18-Sep-2017 09:02:03
                                                                      Corranga - I think at this point, most Corrs gigs are a bit of a greatest hits compilation though Dave, 18-Sep-2017 10:40:50
                                                                                   dave - Maybe we can hope for some 'B sides' and unreleased tracks...! (n/t) 18-Sep-2017 12:08:54
                                                                                                Chanh - I would love to hear "No Good For Me", one of my all time favourite. 18-Sep-2017 12:46:24
                                                                                                             yrisea - I love NGFM too, would be welcomed back... 18-Sep-2017 14:36:37
                                                                                                Corranga - That would be good too, though the Corrs were never all that good at releasing B-Sides 18-Sep-2017 12:56:29
                                                                                                             sergio - I think some of them were just demos, eg Once in a lifetime is certainly the demo of "The Right Time" 18-Sep-2017 13:46:12
                                                                                                                          Yrisea - Discovered Rainy Day by chance recently while looking for... 18-Sep-2017 14:23:16
                                                                                                             dave - Paddy McCarthy was a great upbeat instrumental which I loved during the IB tour. 18-Sep-2017 14:18:24
                                                                                                                          yrisea - Although I totally agree with you Dave... 18-Sep-2017 14:30:10
                                                         CorrMac - "Special" could mean taking a leaf out of their compatriot's book ... 18-Sep-2017 16:31:37
                                                                      Yrisea - It is :)!....on the topic of new songs.... 18-Sep-2017 16:37:59
                  Corranga - Haha. There might be some truth to that !! (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 18:03:18
                               CorrMac - OK, own up, who's been singing out of tune?! Can't have been me I can't sing that high :lol: (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 22:03:31
                  yrisea - This made me laugh a lot Dave, thanks for the good chuckle :D 18-Sep-2017 14:37:18
                  CSCfan - Found another description of the show.... 18-Sep-2017 20:52:34
                               dave - No mention of B sides on unreleased tracks, so I guess platinum singles means 18-Sep-2017 21:02:08
                                            Yrisea - On the topic of overplayed tunes 18-Sep-2017 21:34:45
                                                         Corranga - I'm sure one of them one named The Right Time as a song they were fed up with in an interview. 19-Sep-2017 07:32:44
                                                                      SteveW - Sharon's quote on The Right Time; overplayed songs 19-Sep-2017 11:59:37
                                                                                   yrisea - Thank you steve, this section of the corrsclub (Reference) is super interesting :)... 19-Sep-2017 12:45:11
                                                                                                SteveW - I think one of the best song reference pages is the one for No More Cry 19-Sep-2017 14:33:58
                                                                                   CSCfan - Tnx for that Steve! And totally get your point, IMO, they should... 19-Sep-2017 12:45:21
                                                                                                dave - I mentioned this point of performing lesser know songs to Caroline at the Marbella gig 19-Sep-2017 14:15:34
                                                                                                             CSCfan - Lol, maybe hand them (or John) over a list with all of those songs next time Dave ;) Who knows! (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 14:30:13
                                                                                                                          Corranga - During the WL tour, it was mentioned that LTLY was one of 6 songs that they were reworking for the acoustic set 19-Sep-2017 14:47:55
                                                                                                                                       dave - Was Heaven Knows one of them Chris ? (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 15:05:13
                                                                                                                                       Yrisea - If you go back to Sharon Instagram at this time.... 19-Sep-2017 16:45:51
                                                                                                                                       Yrisea - White light set list drafts picture for those interested: 19-Sep-2017 16:54:55
                                                                                                                          dave - Been there..done that..Mathias. They do not like change, they stick to a setlist like glue, 19-Sep-2017 15:03:25
                                                                                                             sergio - Dave, wasn't it also you who told us that when mentioning the idea of a more courageus setlist to Andrea she responsed 19-Sep-2017 17:26:10
                                                                                                                          Yrisea - Sergio I think she said that in an interview... 19-Sep-2017 18:06:18
                                                                                                                                       sergio - ok, that might well be:) This board or an official documentary, it's almost the same:) (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 18:32:58

    mikeyCF - roll on november 10th 17-Sep-2017 10:29:01
                  Sergio - Based on what I have heard from TBB what we can expect is certainly some 17-Sep-2017 11:17:26
                               dave - I wonder if Sharon will be 'lead vocals' on one song - I'd like that, she has a great voice. (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 11:58:33
                               SteveW - "bluesy" would be a new direction for the band 17-Sep-2017 12:25:56
                                            Sergio - I kind of think of the mood of Andrea's Lifelines, but with adding a heavier guitar to it 17-Sep-2017 13:38:01

    carameleyedcorr - Spare ticket for RAH? Asking for a long-time ;-) 17-Sep-2017 08:44:53
                  corrazy_rach - Contact thecorrs_uk on Instagram :) (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 11:09:39
                  dave - Wow... that's a name from the past, I remember you from CorrsOnline. I might be able to help 17-Sep-2017 11:17:14
                               carameleyedcorr - I think I met you Dave (amongst other fans) at a gig in Belfast many years ago.... 17-Sep-2017 13:04:53
                                            dave - Check your email inbox Caramel. (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 14:15:35
                  Corranga - Hi from another old time Corrsonliner. Hope you can find a ticket, it's going to be a great gig! (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 15:39:46

    Robin - I have sent a strong email to the Minister of state for culture complaining about the ticketing for this concert and 16-Sep-2017 18:14:20
                  Yrisea - Well done Robin ! This is a terrible practice indeed and incredibly frustrating... 16-Sep-2017 18:16:43
                               dave - Its been the same for 200 years in UK, way back in Georgian times 'touts' were plying 16-Sep-2017 18:45:57
                                            Robin - Unfortunately there is no way I can afford to pay 250 pounds for a ticket and am sure many other loyal Corrs fans 16-Sep-2017 19:30:29
                                                         Terry - Totally agreeing on that Robin; 250 for a frontrow seat is utter frustration and outragious :-( 16-Sep-2017 20:36:44
                                                                      CorrMac - I think that part of the problem for us fans is that the RAH is not an arena ... 16-Sep-2017 22:18:20
                                                                                   dave - Interesting points you've raised there CorrMac. This RAH show is not a 'regular gig' 17-Sep-2017 09:49:20
                                                         dave - The seat I'm offering you is at a price substantially below that figure Robin. I will email you 16-Sep-2017 21:08:09
                                                                      Cara - Just a note to say that I don't have access to the message. ;-) But if Robin logs in to check his messages he'll see it. 16-Sep-2017 22:24:16
                                                                                   Robin - Have sent you email with my address. Thanks Cara (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 22:28:32
                                                                                                dave - To Robin, I emailed you the details, check your inbox. (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 11:10:18
                  Yrisea - To finish up on this topic... 18-Sep-2017 14:55:15
                               dave - I've still got the Row 4 available... (n/t) 18-Sep-2017 15:08:04
                                            ak03le - Spare ticket (Row 3) 18-Sep-2017 15:35:20
                                                         lopiko - Can you Contact me about the ticket? 18-Sep-2017 22:53:29

    MentariS - There will be a mention of The Corrs on BBC Radio Ulster's The Lynette Fay Show: 16-Sep-2017 16:14:38
                  Yrisea - Thank a million ! Juste saw this, tuning in !!!! :))))) (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 17:50:57
                  Yrisea - So Lynette just started with Breathless....not sure wether she is meant to play the new single or not actually ^^ (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 18:09:47
                               Yrisea - So Lynette is not going to play any new song, just a few tracks from the band to celebrate the new record :D (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 18:14:27
                                            Leslie - Yeah, she isn't playing anything but oldies,classics & requests. O well, I've enjoyed listening to N Irish accent. (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 18:23:40
                                                         Yrisea - To be fair, she did play a new single.... 16-Sep-2017 18:28:07
                  Carolineinspiredmetodrum - Listening on tunein radio (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 23:26:36
                  Carolineinspiredmetodrum - So son of Solomon is the new single by the sounds of it (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 23:30:38
                               Carolineinspiredmetodrum - Mentioned 12 minutes and 30 seconds in (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 23:39:29

    MentariS - So far only the duration of Son of Solomon appears on iTunes (4:21) 16-Sep-2017 08:00:37
                  Yrisea - Well spotted! (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 10:34:59
                  Yrisea - Sharon posted a printscreen of it on Instagram too (hint, hint...) (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 10:36:41
                               MentariS - I KNOW, this is so exciting!! She said nothing about it being the first single but it's definitely a possibility!! (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 11:05:34
                                            dave - Are Song of Solomon and Song of Syria the same thing ? (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 11:34:13
                                                         CSCfan - No they're different songs Dave :) Hope they'll release the 1st single soon! (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 11:36:09
                                                         MentariS - No, Song of Syria is listed in the tracklist as SOS (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 13:05:31
                                                                      Corranga - Which I think is just fan trolling. I mean how do we shorten them both to SOS! (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 13:18:00
                                                                                   Yrisea - Hahahahaha :'))))) so true !! :D (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 14:05:54
                                                                                   MentariS - I guess the band still checks on this board once in awhile and is well aware of our habit of abbreviating song titles :p (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 14:56:24
                                                                                                dave - They certainly do visit here, so be careful what you say.... LOL (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 18:50:53

    rich2862 - On a little different track....just watched the "White Light" concert from ..... 15-Sep-2017 22:45:43
                  Carolineinspiredmetodrum - I found the multi camera upload. Will watch later as buy your recommendation ;) (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 23:28:38
                               rich2862 - It's a concert lasting an hour and 45 mins...plan ahead....but worth it. (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 01:42:45

    dave - On a completely different subject - any rock guitar addicts amongst us, check this out ! 15-Sep-2017 21:08:42
                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - fantastic. thanks for the post (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 22:19:58
                               dave - If Caroline Inspired You.... see what Sina Fendt and her dad can do.. 16-Sep-2017 10:22:24

    dave - Robin - do you need a ticket or have you got one OK. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 16:35:34
                  Robin - Thanks for thinking of me Dave really appreciate it. Not got ticket yet as not sure whether I can make it due to prior 16-Sep-2017 02:27:24

    Chanh - Do you think, they will record the show for a bluray release? (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 08:57:14
                  CSCfan - They really, REALLY should... Maybe if we all ask Jim on Twitter ;) (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 09:14:33
                               CorrMac - I'd be happy with a DVD ... :D (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 11:24:19
                                            Corranga - No, I don't think they will.... 15-Sep-2017 15:13:08
                  Nick - They missed the chance of recording a great arena show during the UK tour, i hope theyll do. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 13:08:51
                               dave - Best thing would be for the BBC or a production company to film the entire show, 15-Sep-2017 16:15:49
                                            Yrisea - The BBC filming and broadcasting would be amazing!!! :) back to basics! 15-Sep-2017 17:31:22
                                                         dave - I honestly think album sales are less important now than the income from live shows. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 19:12:50
                                                                      Yrisea - I'm more thinking in terms of album ranking as it is measured against sales no? (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 19:47:44
                                                                                   Corranga - I Dave is absolutely right so I thought I'd do some fast and uneducated research with a bit of guesswork on the side. 15-Sep-2017 20:45:02
                                                                                                Yrisea - Yes - however I doubt that this is taken into account in album charts. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 21:52:31
                                                                                                CorrMac - I agree. In the past, making a profit on the gigs was less important ... 15-Sep-2017 22:08:36
                                                                                                             Corranga - I think the bands priorities have to factor in too. They want as many people to be able to see them 16-Sep-2017 08:25:33
                                                                                                                          dave - A good 'chart position' doesn't bring in money, but bums on seats is a guaranteed earner. 16-Sep-2017 09:07:16
                                                                                                                                       commonwombat - They're a guaranteed "earner" for some parties; primarily the promoter ... but not always the artists 16-Sep-2017 14:38:53
                                            commonwombat - But would the Beeb, or any of the other prime media, be interested NOW ? Understand the enthusiasm and the notional case 16-Sep-2017 15:01:55
                                                         CSCfan - Well we live in 2017 and a recording doesn't necessarily have to translate into releasing a DVD/BR anymore... 16-Sep-2017 15:47:06
                                                                      Yrisea - I wish their live DVD were available digitally...i no longer have a DVD player... 19-Sep-2017 19:27:06

    Leslie - Jupiter Calling is currently #28 on Amazon. 15-Sep-2017 01:43:47
                  Yrisea - Nice trending for an unreleased album! (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 09:14:34
                  cedic - It was as high as #6 on Wednesday 15-Sep-2017 09:25:03
                               CorrMac - Yes, let's hope publicity starts building next week for a release a week before RAH (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 11:25:31
                                            Corranga - I'm hoping for another Radio 2 take over like last time, with the album being featured and 2 or 3 songs being 15-Sep-2017 13:04:20
                                                         CorrMac - I just hope we get more warning (like at least the day before!!) ... 15-Sep-2017 16:49:17
                                                                      dave - LOL.. that is so 'Corrs'.. everything is top secret regarding TV/radio appearances 15-Sep-2017 19:30:55
                  SeanCorrain - Worth it ! and I hope it goes #1. 19-Sep-2017 00:48:00
                               Yrisea - On the topic of release strategy... 19-Sep-2017 19:03:30

    dave - Just managed to get a row 4 in front of Sharon, go to Live Nation presales. (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 09:19:35
                  CorrMac - How did you do that? I can only get row 10 in stalls on Jim's side ... 14-Sep-2017 09:34:54
                               Corranga - Wow. I can get a row 1 right now.... for £250. I hope this isn't the way that future gigs go :( (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 10:32:35
                                            CorrMac - I've given up for now ... still only offering me rubbish seats for £185 :( 14-Sep-2017 10:44:37
                  den - i am 3 rows further back but still have a good view. I couldnt afford to pay nearly two and a half times the price 14-Sep-2017 09:44:19
                               dave - Ticketmaster Platinum seat, but I was constantly refreshing the page in the 2 mins 14-Sep-2017 10:48:08
                                            Erica - You can still get 2x row 4 if you are willing to spend £220 each 14-Sep-2017 11:02:41
                                                         CorrMac - Nope, still tells me tickets aren't on sale ... 14-Sep-2017 11:32:29
                                                                      Corranga - CorrMac.... Mike? (asuming I've got the right person!!) check FB messenger. (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 11:53:57
                                                                                   CorrMac - Im on it now ... (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 12:08:00
                                                                      dave - CorrMac, it could be that the presale allocation for today has sold out. 14-Sep-2017 12:27:21
                                                                                   CorrMac - I may have a ticket ... (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 12:51:39
                  Yrisea - Nice!! :) well done. Couldn't get anything that close at all... (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 09:45:27
                  corrazy_rach - Amazing Dave! (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 10:08:53
                  airbusgore - Tickets at the back can be good, Wembley 1998. No Good For Me! Rocked (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 17:37:11
                               dave - Just heard from a friend in Europe who managed to get a Row 1 in the presale today, 14-Sep-2017 20:17:05
                                            CSCfan - Yes, but prob for £ 250.. right? (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 21:03:31
                                                         dave - They didn't say and I didn't ask. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 08:32:48
                                            Corranga - Row 1 was available most of the day yesterday - I ordered CorrMac's ticket at 1.30pm 15-Sep-2017 11:12:16
                                                         CorrMac - ... and I'm very grateful Chris :) 15-Sep-2017 11:38:21
                                                                      dave - Stick with us outside in the afternoon and you 'might get lucky'. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 12:21:35
                  CSCfan - Am going to! Couldn't resist...:D Row 6! First time seeing the band since...2005 I god lol (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 13:18:39
                               dave - CSCfan, let me know if you want a better ticket Mathias as I have a spare, 15-Sep-2017 13:49:57
                                            CSCfan - Tnx for the offer Dave! I'm actually in section A - row 6.. 15-Sep-2017 14:38:54
                                                         Corranga - I think Dave is row 4. I'm in Row 6, seat 8-9 (with Lonneke) which I believe is section A 15-Sep-2017 15:16:16
                                                                      CSCfan - Lol, great to hear that Chris! :D It's gonna be fun! (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 11:38:18
                                                         dave - Yes, I have a row 4 and a row 2 Arena A spare, both on Sharon's side. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 16:32:31
                                                                      CSCfan - Tnx Dave... I'm content with my current ticket, maybe if you still have them closer to the date, but... 16-Sep-2017 11:37:45
                  Taliesin - You're all very lucky to be part of that. Will they come to Canada?? (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 17:59:44
                               commonwombat - Regrettably, that would require a change of heart from at least one of the four 15-Sep-2017 20:27:12
                  Baxterianism - I have 1x Arena F Row 1 Spare ticket available 15-Sep-2017 20:08:10
                               ak03le - I am interested 15-Sep-2017 20:24:18
                                            dave - This ticket thing is becomming hilarious - between us all we've just about bought out the whole Row 1 15-Sep-2017 20:44:02
                               RichardY - I'm definitely interested if you still have the front row ticket going spare! (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 21:20:01

    MC - Don't know if this is correct or not, but according to Amazon, the vinyl is going to be a two vinyl set. 14-Sep-2017 00:58:00
                  Corranga - That is interesting as it hints (to me anyway) that it is quite a long album. 14-Sep-2017 07:14:23
                               dave - Possibly Jupiter Calling + Greatest Hits ? (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 08:20:38
                                            CorrMac - Vinyl track list (from Amazon UK) 14-Sep-2017 10:37:20
                                                         dave - A Love Divine seems like the song they've performed a lot in the past at charity 14-Sep-2017 13:14:28
                                                                      Yrisea - Thank you for the insight Dave, this is interesting... 15-Sep-2017 17:36:17
                               MC - It might be that they're using a better grade of vinyl, too. 18-Sep-2017 01:22:14

    Corranga - Oh. Congratulations to Richard for being FOTM again, since it's September again :D (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 22:35:33
                  corrazy_rach - Hahahaaa too funny!! (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 23:40:29
                               robin - Bit like the charts. Top for 52 weeks definitely a record. (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 23:55:57
                  MentariS - ROFL!! The record deserves its own thread indeed! (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 01:33:34
                  Leslie - And poor POTW Caroline has been playing that bodhrán for yrs! ;) (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 04:04:46
                  RichardY - Thanks Chris! It's definitely been a long run but at least the month is correct now!! (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 07:44:11
                  Cara - I realised that the other day... I need to dig into the files again and see if I can figure out a way around MAH... 16-Sep-2017 22:28:03

    dave - Looking at the album cover, it seems airbrushed to me - Sharon in particular 13-Sep-2017 19:08:20
                  Yrisea - This album cover ♡♡♡ I'm lost for words it's perfection :))) 13-Sep-2017 19:35:54
                  SeanCorrain - They Look Radient 13-Sep-2017 21:28:10
                               Yrisea - I'm team Caroline lol..... 13-Sep-2017 21:35:24
                  airbusgore - Inspiration from Abba Greatest Hits Vol 1 cover despite 3 girls and a boy? (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 22:22:47
                               Robin - Loving the album cover. (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 22:29:00
                  Leslie - Cover is stunning. I also _love_ the picture of them standing w/Jim in middle holding red guitar & Sharon w/violin. (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 04:02:30
                               MentariS - The photos are much better than any of the ones they did during the WL era 14-Sep-2017 06:18:40
                                            CSCfan - Yeah, though this is quite normal in the music world.. Every album has a different theme/feel, so.. 14-Sep-2017 07:25:19
                                                         SteveW - I like that they change the font/design on each album, and I like the new font 14-Sep-2017 08:06:07
                                                                      Leslie - I like the new font too. Seems the vibe of the new album is more organic... 14-Sep-2017 23:09:49
                               SteveW - - In the photo where they are standing, Caroline is in almost exactly the same pose as on the WL cover 14-Sep-2017 11:28:18
                                            Leslie - I noticed that too, but now that you put the links... 14-Sep-2017 15:01:03
                                                         Yrisea - Lol Leslie...i had the very same thought X) (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 16:05:25
                  MentariS - Ditto! (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 06:19:10

    SeanCorrain - WHAT A PERFECT DAY EVERYONE ! 13-Sep-2017 16:19:47
                  mikeyCF - jupiter calling excited 13-Sep-2017 16:51:42
                  DutchDenise - I'm so excited!!! Can't wait! And well I'm lost for words basically! (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 17:20:12
                               dave - I'm surprised we haven't seen Robin comment here yet, unless he doesn't know about it, 13-Sep-2017 18:54:12
                                            dave - It appears the presale has now closed, the link to Ticketmaster via 13-Sep-2017 19:16:30
                                                         Norma - Yep, I missed out. Thought the sale started Friday. :-( 13-Sep-2017 20:16:23
                                            Robin - Thanks Dave yes found out this morn but just didn't have chance to post earlier looking after grandchildren. Super 13-Sep-2017 22:25:10
                  Yrisea - I am so excited. I just don't what to say else than I need this album and I'm booking me and siblings on the first gig. (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 19:37:27
                  Yrisea - IL Y dis toi notice?? This will be available in vinyl !! ♡ (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 19:44:12
                               Yrisea - Did you notice* sorry....stupid Samsung confused with French keyboard. (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 19:48:32
                                            dave - Yes I was surprised to see 'vinyl' - must be the first time in Corrs history that they've 13-Sep-2017 20:04:00
                                                         Leslie - Wonder if vinyl release is influence of Jim (who has mentioned it in past) and/or producer who... 14-Sep-2017 03:59:58
                                                                      Yrisea - Good question Leslie! Potentially both... 15-Sep-2017 17:39:07
                  RichardY - Great to see some excitement on here again with the announcements today! 13-Sep-2017 20:40:50
                  SteveW - I've been busy at work... did I miss anything interesting? :-) 13-Sep-2017 21:13:16
                  chris1957 - Jupiter Calling 13-Sep-2017 21:18:11
                               Yrisea - Much like Tall On Corners.... 13-Sep-2017 21:54:06
                                            Robin - I spoke to Albert Hall to see if front row tickets would be available on Friday but as expected they couldn't tell me 13-Sep-2017 22:34:17
                                                         Yrisea - Ticket and album question... 13-Sep-2017 23:18:54
                                                                      MC - Most likely not. It should arrive on the scheduled release date. (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 23:32:02
                                                                                   robin - If you choose cd or vinyl it should be delivered to you on release date or if you opt for download it will be available 13-Sep-2017 23:52:01
                                                                                                Yrisea - Thank you Robin & MC :) (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 00:40:42
                                                                                                             MC - You're welcome. :-) (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 00:54:30
                                            Leslie - Title may come from lyrics in a track, maybe "The Sun and the Moon"? (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 03:56:26
                                                         MentariS - That's my best guess as well (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 06:20:59

    Nyxlapsi - Isn't it odd they've announced the new album, we have the tracklist, yet no word about the 1st single? (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 15:45:01
                  Corranga - Yes. I checked the Radio 2 playlist (which is usually the first way things appear) but nothing. 13-Sep-2017 16:02:00
                               Nyxlapsi - I'm really impressed they where able to pull it off the way they did :P 13-Sep-2017 16:16:32
                                            SeanCorrain - I agree - it was a stealth announcement ! (perfect) (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 16:20:39
                                            dave - There's already hype about the concert, with half of the available seats already sold. (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 18:51:38
                  mikeyCF - new single wonder when. 13-Sep-2017 16:56:08
                               SeanCorrain - I wonder if they will film this RAH performance 13-Sep-2017 21:29:02
                  MentariS - A bit curious indeed. Back then when WL was released we got the first single ahead of the tracklist... 13-Sep-2017 17:43:17
                               cedic - I think Chasing Shadows is my best guess for lead single 13-Sep-2017 23:19:11
                                            MentariS - That makes sense. Out of all the track names, that seems to be the catchiest one. (n/t) 14-Sep-2017 06:23:07
                  Yrisea - Even weirder : concert announced for RAH (19 oct) before the release of the album ?... 13-Sep-2017 19:42:02

    MentariS - Additional info: SOS in the Jupiter Calling tracklist stands for "Song Of Syria" (from DisfrutaLosCorrs) 13-Sep-2017 13:12:04
                  MentariS - Interview with Vents magazine with some info about the songs: 13-Sep-2017 13:30:51
                               Corranga - "The Royal Albert Show will be in two halves and have an interval" - say what now?! (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 16:02:44
                                            rmssw - They really need to record this performance and release it. Live At Royal Albert Hall 2 (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 16:08:15
                                            Terry - Like, there will be a break for coffee halfway through or something??? (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 17:53:11
                                                         CSCfan - Lol....maybe one part will be dedicated to TOC's 20th anniversary and the other to the new record? (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 17:57:49
                                                                      CSCfan - And...dare I say it might be a long gig (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 17:58:13
                                                                                   Terry - Amen to that!! :-) (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 18:03:19
                                                                                   Corranga - TOC 20 and long gig where exactly my thoughts too, but surely not! :o (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 18:24:46
                                                                                                Yrisea - This RAH gig is a dream come true :') I'm taking a ticket tonight. (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 20:08:34
                  Yrisea - Songs titles 13-Sep-2017 20:39:54
                               Sergio - Exactly my thoughts Yrisea! I also like how the Corrs choose their topics and that these usually have a deeper dimension 13-Sep-2017 21:16:22

    corrazy_rach - Interesting, does Keith Duffy play bass on Jupiter Calling?? 13-Sep-2017 11:14:18
                  Erica - Doesn't look like it. Hopefully he'll still be there for any gigs (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 11:23:18
                               MentariS - He's posted the album cover and RAH gig announcement on his IG just now. Hopefully it means he is indeed involved. (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 11:57:13
                               commonwombat - Probably a matter of availability; fairly sure that during these recordings he was on other side of the world literally 13-Sep-2017 12:12:36
                                            Corranga - I've spoke to him about this sort of thing in the past. He basically told me that his first priority obviously 13-Sep-2017 12:31:26
                                                         commonwombat - Yes, this was last year and I remember him posting snaps from that tour 13-Sep-2017 15:23:23
                  Chanh - Keith has answered on instagram, that he was in Australia during the recordings, 13-Sep-2017 15:42:08
                  MentariS - Keith replied to my comment on his IG post saying that he'll indeed be present for live performances with The Corrs (n/t) 13-Sep-2017 15:53:54
                               Corranga - Looks like Mike and the Mechanics tour ends in London on 10th Oct too. I wonder if that had any relation 13-Sep-2017 16:06:15

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