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  • The Corrs to perform at the Royal Albert Hall (Oct 19) (13-Sep)
  • New album: JUPITER CALLING (out Nov 10) (13-Sep)
  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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    15-Aug-2018 23:50:07
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    dave - Ticketmaster is to voluntarily close down its secondary sites Seatwave and GetMeIn 13-Aug-2018 14:00:55
                  den - in reaponse to Robin’s campaign? (n/t) 14-Aug-2018 23:28:23
                               dave - Well I'm sure his letters must have helped, but it seems to have been driven equally 15-Aug-2018 09:35:52
                                            Corranga - Yep - this is less knee jerk, and more publicity gaining with the threat of legislation coming in, but is welcome either 15-Aug-2018 12:02:02

    SteveW - nice cover of No Frontiers 12-Aug-2018 06:30:12
                  dave - Of course The Corrs own rendition of this was a cover of a song written by Jimmy MacCarthy 12-Aug-2018 09:49:12

    CSCfan - Some sad news... it appears one of their aunts (a sister of Jean) has passed away last week.. :( 31-Jul-2018 13:36:31
                  dave - Lilian was always very welcoming to any Corrs fans that called in to McManus pub, 31-Jul-2018 14:06:59
                  den - Yes I met Lillian she was lovely and as Dave says very welcoming. (n/t) 31-Jul-2018 20:45:01
                  MentariS - Deepest condolences (n/t) 02-Aug-2018 07:35:25
                  Steverino - Yes, a sad passing. I wish comfort to all her family. (n/t) 04-Aug-2018 05:13:57
                               nightcat - My condolences to them. 05-Aug-2018 16:37:18

    MentariS - Happy birthday Jim! Hope you have a fabulous day ❀️ (n/t) 31-Jul-2018 07:29:37
                  den - Happy Birthday Jim, the years certainly roll by. (n/t) 31-Jul-2018 20:46:19

    dave - The Sharon 'third album scenario' its to be produced and released in Spain 30-Jul-2018 16:49:03
                  den - I’m sure we will see more of the Corrs, when they need some more money 😜 (n/t) 31-Jul-2018 20:53:53
                               nightcat - Oh dave I'm ROTFL-ing because of your post πŸ˜‚ 05-Aug-2018 16:41:02

    SeanCorrain - Imagining Sharon's next solo tour 24-Jul-2018 22:09:16
                  SteveW - Mna na hEireann 26-Jul-2018 09:08:34
                               Corranga - Steve hit it right on the head for me too. With The Corrs, the instrumentals were the secondary tracks for me 26-Jul-2018 09:40:34
                                            Corranga - Wait, did she write Hit My Ground Running? (It sounds like one of hers and would be amazing sung by her) (n/t) 28-Jul-2018 21:59:54
                                                         SteveW - Who wrote Hit My Ground Running? 30-Jul-2018 19:56:56
                                                                      Wendy - I love some of The Corrs instrumentals! 02-Aug-2018 05:47:36
                                                                                   SteveW - My favorite Corrs instrumental 02-Aug-2018 10:42:48
                                                                                                Corranga - I too love that from RAH Steve. Much like Sharon's instrumentals mentioned above, I get that hair standing on end 02-Aug-2018 13:53:57

    nexi_exi17 - My tribute to the best drummer ever! 23-Jul-2018 17:26:53
                  dave - I await with interest the 'new material' Miguel. (n/t) 24-Jul-2018 12:11:16
                               nightcat - I love it nexi! Since I don't have Instagram, I'll just watch the vid some several times 😁 (n/t) 05-Aug-2018 16:44:05

    MentariS - Andrea will be featured on Alan Stivell's new record: 23-Jul-2018 09:47:24
                  dave - Interesting, I wonder if she met him at the Festival Celtique in Lorient Brittany. 23-Jul-2018 11:05:48
                               AB_CLOSER - Here's a little extract of the song 23-Jul-2018 11:52:43
                               GaelleF - They also met at Taratata with Nolwen Leroy. (n/t) 23-Jul-2018 15:28:35
                  MentariS - The song, "A Hed an Nos (All Through the Night)", is already available on Spotify: 24-Jul-2018 09:58:25
                               SteveW - It was just posted on youtube, too 24-Jul-2018 10:17:24
                  Wendy - Andrea's voice is so warm on this :) 02-Aug-2018 05:44:11

    dave - Nice to see Andrea enjoying her summer vacation in Portugal with a group of friends. 19-Jul-2018 09:13:40
                  Corranga - Surprising that she has tagged her list of friends, many of whom have private accounts. (n/t) 19-Jul-2018 15:48:44
                               Corranga - oh, and link here :) 19-Jul-2018 15:49:55

    Nyoman - Sharon Corr looked radiant at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Madrid, Spain - 10 Jul 2018 14-Jul-2018 23:47:17
                  MentariS - Thanks for posting these. I must say her dress here is far better than the one she wore at the Vogue anniversary event. (n/t) 18-Jul-2018 07:08:39

    dave - Subtle changes creeping in to the UK ticket selling 'industry'. Just bought one from See 13-Jul-2018 21:49:11
                  Corranga - The face value is probably 2.99 more than it used to be to include the service charge :) 19-Jul-2018 15:52:47

    dave - From a post on Disfrutaloscorrs it would seem that Sharon is currently writing, 12-Jul-2018 11:33:27
                  MentariS - Been suspecting this for quite awhile...interesting (n/t) 12-Jul-2018 11:56:39
                  SteveW - Here's an English translation of the article from the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair magazine 12-Jul-2018 15:08:26
                               Corranga - Seems a nice article. Moving to Spain and working on a new album, and (as it if was needed!) confirmation 12-Jul-2018 15:23:26
                                            dave - As it seems that the proposed third album is to be released in Spain, then I can understand 03-Aug-2018 10:07:42
                               MentariS - Thanks for the translation, Steve. Guess my wait to see the whole band will be a little longer than expected then... (n/t) 12-Jul-2018 15:41:45
                               dave - Thanks Steve, that article updates us nicely about what is happening both with Sharon's own career 12-Jul-2018 16:06:26
                               SeanCorrain - Thank you for translating this 12-Jul-2018 16:47:53
                                            Robin - Guess it will be some time before we see the Corrs again, let's hope it won't be another long break but who knows. (n/t) 12-Jul-2018 21:12:40
                                                         SeanCorrain - I agree with you. 13-Jul-2018 01:04:33
                                                                      dave - Maybe the record company dropped JC and ran, I don't think its fair to blame 13-Jul-2018 10:27:36
                                                                                   Terry2 - The Sound of Silence. 13-Jul-2018 13:19:39
                                                                                                MentariS - Ditto, Terry2 (n/t) 13-Jul-2018 14:05:52
                                                                                                Robin - Yes I agree with you Terry. Its a little disappointing that there has been complete silence from the band and they 13-Jul-2018 20:44:26
                                                                                                Wendy - It was the "promise of more" that is more frustrating than the silence... 14-Jul-2018 05:56:53
                                                                                                             dave - Busy with family lives - puts it in a nutshell Wendy. That's my feeling too. We tend to be focused 14-Jul-2018 10:17:05
                                                                                                             SteveW - I'm up for the Corrs Club band world tour... where's the first gig? (n/t) 14-Jul-2018 10:28:07
                                                                                                                          Leslie - RAH! ;) (n/t) 16-Jul-2018 15:50:23
                                                                                                                                       SteveW - RAH sounds great. Now we just need to expand our setlist to more than one song :-) (n/t) 16-Jul-2018 15:56:31
                                                                                                                          MentariS - I wouldn't mind an Asian/Australian tour for this ;-) (n/t) 18-Jul-2018 07:09:33
                                                         Corranga - Another band I'm looking to buy tickets for are touring next Feb, tickets on sale Friday. Just goes to show how much 17-Jul-2018 09:26:42

    dave - Caroline's daughter Georgina has done a great piece of artwork at school - go to 09-Jul-2018 19:32:31
                  Robin - Yes very talented indeed. We were at gig in Douai when Andrea announced the arrival of Georgina. How time flies. (n/t) 09-Jul-2018 23:48:40
                  MentariS - Gotta love proud mum moments like this :-) And yes, it's an excellent artwork indeed! 10-Jul-2018 06:03:56
                               dave - I like the reply from her school teacher to 'come and collect it' as its in the staff office.. LOL 10-Jul-2018 08:37:57
                                            Robin - We might see her at Wimbledon in the future. (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 09:06:29
                                                         MentariS - As a tennis fan, I so would love to see this!! (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 09:13:50
                                            MentariS - Haha yeah, I find that comment from Georgina's schoolteacher pretty amusing. (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 09:14:34
                  SteveW - Speaking of daughters, can you spot the Corrs connection in this article? 10-Jul-2018 09:37:28
                               MentariS - Yep, some of the styrofoams were decorated by Anto's daughter Regan. He posted a photo of the cups on IG some weeks ago. (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 10:14:51
                                            SteveW - In addition to being a biologist, she does impressive scientific illustrations 10-Jul-2018 10:48:16
                  Corranga - Lovely artwork. The paper cups are a neat idea too, really cool. (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 14:23:10

    SeanCorrain - Summer Concert Series. 07-Jul-2018 21:09:03
                  SeanCorrain - (correction in spelling / thank you for auto correct my dear apple computer) 07-Jul-2018 21:09:59
                  Robin - I have seen Ed Sheeran, Anne Marie, Paloma Faith, Paul Heaton and Jacque Abbott, Side by Side Scottish duo 4 times. (n/t) 08-Jul-2018 00:51:07
                  MentariS - Celine Dion is currently touring Asia and I went to see her Jakarta gig last night. What an incredible artist. 08-Jul-2018 03:09:57
                               CSCfan - Aww so glad you went to see her Mentari! Can't believe (she couldn't either lol) it was her first time there! 09-Jul-2018 11:34:15
                                            MentariS - Well, as she said on stage that night she does live so far away ;-) 10-Jul-2018 05:53:35
                  sergio - I've already seen Metallica and Alice in Chains in Budapest this year. (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 13:12:58
                               Corranga - I'm trying to concentrate on using my cars (driving for fun) and being more active in car clubs this year 10-Jul-2018 14:15:19
                                            Corranga - ...I missed Haim who we saw live last month too... (n/t) 12-Jul-2018 15:21:30
                                            SeanCorrain - WooHoo !!! Garbage ! 12-Jul-2018 16:51:59
                                                         Corranga - I've been a fan since the first album (so longer than the Corrs), but didn't manage to see them until 2012 13-Jul-2018 10:09:16

    Wendy - Harmony collaboration: UPDATE! The song so far... 04-Jul-2018 13:30:45
                  Wendy - FINAL CALL FOR PARTS! 04-Jul-2018 13:38:00
                  BallerinaTay - That sounds so good!!! 04-Jul-2018 16:05:41
                               nightcat - I agree with BallerinaTay, it does sound good!! 😍 (n/t) 04-Jul-2018 16:55:26
                                            Wendy - Thanks BallerinaTay and NightCat! 05-Jul-2018 13:01:52
                                                         cmulas - Sounds great Wendy! I loved it! :) (n/t) 17-Jul-2018 08:29:29

    moonbeams - 3 Corrs Tapes for sale! 02-Jul-2018 13:51:11
                  moonbeams - The images didn't show for some reason, so here they are as links: 02-Jul-2018 13:54:43
                               corranga - Images fixed, good luck with your sale :) (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 14:10:32
                                            moonbeams - Thanks Corranga, I haven't had an interest yet so they're going to the charity shop next week with... 18-Jul-2018 14:33:40

    GaelleF - Still possible to send a contribution to the fan project? (n/t) 29-Jun-2018 15:52:30
                  Wendy - Yes! Not too late. 30-Jun-2018 00:09:10
                               nightcat - Oh I believe I haven't told you where I'm from Wendy. 30-Jun-2018 06:53:51
                                            Wendy - Countries 01-Jul-2018 04:59:05
                               GaelleF - I'm from France and I just sent you 2 files. As I said in my email, feel free to discard it cos I heard the other 03-Jul-2018 09:24:46
                                            Wendy - Got them, thanks! 04-Jul-2018 12:17:02

    TJ - Looking For A Good Home 29-Jun-2018 14:28:23
                  GaelleF - Wow TJ sorry to hear about your loss. Living too far from you unfortunately, but that's some kind offer :) (n/t) 29-Jun-2018 15:54:06
                  Robin - Great to hear from you TJ after all this time. I am sending you an email. (n/t) 29-Jun-2018 20:55:08
                               TJ - Nice to be back amongst old friends... 30-Jun-2018 11:45:55
                                            Robin - Sorry TJ will send it tonight. (n/t) 30-Jun-2018 12:26:51
                                            dave - Nice to see a post from you TJ, though sorry about your loss, its always difficult when parents finally pass away. 07-Jul-2018 21:46:06
                  queenoftheroad - It's good to hear from you, TJ. I'm sorry for your loss. (n/t) 03-Jul-2018 06:08:15
                  Corranga - Hi TJ, I saw your post on FB about transferring your fathers number plate to your car and thought it was a 10-Jul-2018 14:30:15

    Fran_SS - Andrea concert in Madrid, 2007 27-Jun-2018 15:43:06
                  Wendy - Amazing! 28-Jun-2018 01:07:14
                               Corranga - Thanks for sharing this gem. I must remember to download and give this a listen later (n/t) 28-Jun-2018 13:46:02
                  SteveW - Thanks, Fran_SS, looking forward to listening to this. I didn't know Brid Og Ni Mhaille had ever been done live. (n/t) 02-Jul-2018 10:56:34
                               Fran_SS - You're welcome, guys 02-Jul-2018 11:15:22
                                            SteveW - Speaking of Ten Feet High live... 02-Jul-2018 11:41:47
                                                         Robin - Yes agreed. I was there that night. Andrea did 4 brilliant gigs in U.K. Including Oran Mor in Scotland which was a 03-Jul-2018 00:23:48
                                                         chris1957 - Ten feet high 04-Jul-2018 20:27:26
                                                                      SteveW - Thanks, that's a beautiful performance of TFH (n/t) 05-Jul-2018 11:23:06
                                                                      Wendy - I've always liked that TFH performance. 05-Jul-2018 13:05:54
                                            dave - That Madrid gig was really special, so glad I got along to it. I particularly liked 07-Jul-2018 21:49:53
                  nabil - Any chance to download this now? The wetransfer link says the file has been deleted today ... (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 15:31:49
                               Fran_SS - Yeah, it's one of those links that expires in a week from the moment ththe content is uploaded 13-Jul-2018 12:05:54
                  Fran_SS - New download link, for those who weren't quick enough ;) 15-Jul-2018 18:00:33
                               MentariS - Thanks Fran! Much appreciated <3 (n/t) 18-Jul-2018 07:08:05

    SteveW - Singing styles (continued) 27-Jun-2018 09:27:40
                  Wendy - Vocal styles 27-Jun-2018 13:02:35
                               SteveW - Thanks for the explanation, Wendy; very interesting... 27-Jun-2018 14:10:51
                                            Wendy - Vocal turns 28-Jun-2018 01:00:54
                                                         BallerinaTay - This is very interesting... 03-Jul-2018 16:43:36

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