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  • Read a review of the York Racecourse from the York Press! (25-Jul)
  • Talk On Corners comes in at #26 on the new 60 at 60 chart published by the UK's Official Chart Company. (06-Jul)
  • Read an interview with Sharon from The Daily Mail! (20-Jun)
  • The Corrs have a song from "White Light" on the soundtrack of the Irish indie film "Twice Shy". (17-Jun)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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    21-Oct-2016 19:25:18
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
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    seancorrain - White Light is Listed at US for order ... 18-Oct-2016 02:09:26
                  MC - It's an import, but that's an interesting find. 18-Oct-2016 04:22:34
                               dave - Anyone in the world still wanting to buy White Light CD, remember 19-Oct-2016 19:10:41
                                            dave - Currently priced at £5 on for the CD album. (n/t) 19-Oct-2016 19:14:50

    Robin - Amusing story with loose Corrs connection. Once a week I pick my four year old grandson George from 17-Oct-2016 23:17:30
                  MC - LOL, very cute! (n/t) 18-Oct-2016 04:19:59
                  Terry - Sure has some similarities :-)) 18-Oct-2016 08:16:03
                               Erica - That's lovely :) bet it makes him feel so special! Awesome Grandadding :) (n/t) 18-Oct-2016 08:45:00
                  Terry2 - The Running Man 18-Oct-2016 13:52:35
                  RichardY - I can certainly imagine you doing this Robin - you definitely seem to have a competitive streak! 18-Oct-2016 21:13:36
                               robin - Thanks everyone (n/t) 18-Oct-2016 23:10:02
                                            Corranga - As soon as you said 'guess what' I knew what was coming :) Great little story that I think sums you 20-Oct-2016 08:52:22

    SteveW - full-length HD video of Koln gig 16-Oct-2016 03:55:45
                  Corinna - Thanks for sharing this link! (n/t) 16-Oct-2016 10:37:58

    rich2862 - Just finished reading David Foster's 2008 book "Hitman" , a memoir,.... 14-Oct-2016 00:41:30
                  seancorrain - That's exciting and he is CORRECT This band is a once in a lifetime act. You'll never have another Corrs (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 23:39:01

    SeanCorrain - I have been thinking about this for some time. 11-Oct-2016 19:08:47
                  BallerinaTay - I agree completely. While I love all of their hits with a passion there are some of their non hits that 11-Oct-2016 19:32:31
                  MC - That's something that I've discussed with fellow fans for years. I'm in complete agreement with you. (n/t) 12-Oct-2016 04:37:39
                  SteveW - I was happy when they added Buachaill on Eirne, a long-time favorite of mine. Moreover... 12-Oct-2016 08:08:17
                               corrazy_rach - I agree, but... 12-Oct-2016 11:11:50
                                            Corranga - I've discussed this over the years a number of times, and the band themselves have commented on it 12-Oct-2016 12:47:32
                                                         SeanCorrain - Good point. 12-Oct-2016 18:03:21
                                                         commonwombat - Whilst I, too, would like to see a more adventurous set-list from time to time; I think that a couple of key points 13-Oct-2016 00:06:25
                                                                      SteveW - Totally agree on Fiachra Trench. Love his tasteful and understated orchestral arrangements. (n/t) 13-Oct-2016 03:50:16
                                                                      MentariS - Always agree with you, Wombat, when it comes to Fiachra Trench 13-Oct-2016 11:17:08
                                            SeanCorrain - OMG No Good for Me !!!! great choice ! ! ! 12-Oct-2016 17:58:26
                               SeanCorrain - I agree with you most definitely ! 12-Oct-2016 17:55:12
                               Corrpulent - There are two versions of Radio we've never heard... 12-Oct-2016 23:41:08
                                            Robin - I am just so delighted to be in front of the stage seeing the Corrs perform I am more than happy with whatever songs 13-Oct-2016 03:07:16
                                                         GaelleF - I'd love them to get rid of some of the (IMO) worn-out songs, which we've heard million of times. 14-Oct-2016 08:10:49
                  sergio - I absolutely agree with you SeanCorrain on this. My 2 cents on this... 14-Oct-2016 09:01:28
                               dave - I've held back so far to see what other folks views are on this topic. 14-Oct-2016 11:50:34
                                            airbusgore - What we need is a Corrboaders Private Concert with prearranged setlist? (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 16:25:59
                                                         Sergio - I would be fully satisfied if we'd just have a beer or two and do some singing together:))) (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 18:39:14
                                                                      dave - LOL at airbusgore and Sergio... in your dreams guys ! (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 19:17:49
                                                         seancorrain - you're on to some brilliance here ! (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 23:39:50
                                                         MC - And it would be livestreamed for those of us who can't attend. ;-) (n/t) 16-Oct-2016 06:13:51
                  corrazy_rach - No Good For Me 16-Oct-2016 00:05:18
                  SteveW - It's not just casual fans who want to hear the hits, though 16-Oct-2016 03:34:35
                               Terry - Totally agree there Steve 16-Oct-2016 17:05:51

    MentariS - New (adorable!) photo of Sharon and Anto in the studio: 10-Oct-2016 13:39:37
                  MentariS - And one of the drummer... 10-Oct-2016 13:52:12
                               dave - Looks like they're busy getting our 'Xmas present' ready (n/t) 10-Oct-2016 21:51:13
                                            robin - Great to see pics in the studio, have been thinking that all has gone very quiet. (n/t) 11-Oct-2016 14:45:13
                                                         Terry - These pics are the perfect medicine for us suffering white light tour withdrawal symptoms :-) 11-Oct-2016 19:36:09
                                                                      commonwombat - Two thoughts immediately spring to mind from those two pics 13-Oct-2016 05:39:47
                                                                                   MentariS - A drumstick? Are you sure it's not the bodhrán instead? ;-) 13-Oct-2016 06:11:01
                                                                                                commonwombat - Bass lines are something that can easiy be added/often are at a later date where tracks are near to "finished products" 13-Oct-2016 06:49:05
                                                                      dave - Don't think I'll be doing any more running Terry - Achilles tendon on one leg 13-Oct-2016 12:02:36
                                                                                   MentariS - Ah, but won't the Corrs successfully cure all that? ;-) (n/t) 13-Oct-2016 12:18:50
                                                                                                Terry - I'm sure they will (temporarily at least); adrenaline works wonders ;-) 13-Oct-2016 21:48:42
                  BallerinaTay - I'm getting more excited by the minute! :-) (n/t) 11-Oct-2016 19:33:16

    dave - Anyone else think that Petula Clark's new single sounds very similar to one of Andrea's 30-Sep-2016 13:45:46
                  airbusgore - Ha. My mother shouted from Kitchen when she was on the one show asking whether it was Andrea singing! (n/t) 01-Oct-2016 06:12:36
                  scott - WOW! 03-Oct-2016 21:56:48
                               dave - She was extremely popular in UK back in the late 50s early 60s Scott - 'Downtown' being 04-Oct-2016 09:36:11
                                            robin - I had a couple of Petula cds she did some really good songs mostly written by Tony Hatch. I know a place, the other 04-Oct-2016 11:17:29
                                            scott - 50s-60s 04-Oct-2016 12:21:05
                                                         dave - LOL... I'm back to Juke Boxes and 7" singles Scott ! I remember Tony Hatch as a songwriter 04-Oct-2016 13:52:39
                                                                      scott - Dave 04-Oct-2016 14:21:56
                                                                                   robin - yes i had loads of 45s and also went out and played records on a juke box. Also recall listening to the hit parade show 04-Oct-2016 17:31:59
                                                                                                dave - The very first records I can ever remember were 78s by Percy French and John McCormack, used to play 04-Oct-2016 19:25:16
                                                                                                             scott - War baby 04-Oct-2016 20:15:36
                                                                                                                          Robin - Frightening to think how long ago we are talking. My first ever record was Living doll by Cliff but I also remember a 04-Oct-2016 22:13:32
                                                                                                                                       scott - The Everlys 04-Oct-2016 23:43:49
                                                                                                                          dave - Great stuff Scott... (n/t) 05-Oct-2016 10:13:25
                                                                      HGN2001 - How about a genuine Corrs 45 RPM record? 09-Oct-2016 21:31:07
                                                                                   dave - Nice item Harry, there are some other Corrs vinyl discs out there, but not many. (n/t) 09-Oct-2016 22:06:22
                                                                                   MC - There are a few others, too. 10-Oct-2016 05:42:42

    Robin - I do what I like playing in the Rovers on Coronation street tonight. This is at least the third time a Corrs song has 26-Sep-2016 23:37:23
                  CorrMac - They obviously have good taste then! :lol: (n/t) 27-Sep-2016 17:25:00

    corrazy_rach - Love this! All Andrea needs is a piano... so good! 25-Sep-2016 14:45:02
                  dave - Yes, the acoustic versions she did for that album are very good. (n/t) 26-Sep-2016 10:10:28
                               corrazy_rach - I love the acoustic versions even more than the album :) (n/t) 26-Sep-2016 11:15:16
                                            dave - Tend to agree - have you seen the videos of her and Anto together - brilliant. 26-Sep-2016 15:47:35
                                                         corrazy_rach - Yes Dave, they're brilliant!! Would LOVE to go to a small venue :) (n/t) 30-Sep-2016 07:11:23

    queenoftheroad - Currently copying all my cd's onto my computer, and just a couple of minutes ago it was Home's turn. I have fond 24-Sep-2016 14:48:43
                  Crickets - I LOVE HOME 25-Sep-2016 00:18:11
                               SteveW - Home is one of my favorites as well 25-Sep-2016 07:28:57
                                            sergio - Those 3 tracks are my favourites as well on Home. I think I even nominated MLL and PG in our favourite songs poll 27-Sep-2016 09:26:50
                                                         SteveW - Favorite songs poll 28-Sep-2016 00:11:31
                                                                      Cara - I was just thinking yesterday it would be fun to redo now we've had longer with White Light and seen some live etc. 28-Sep-2016 13:11:19

    dave - Just ealised its a 'Quarter of a Century' since The Corrs auditioned for The Commitments movie. (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 12:21:56
                  MentariS - I've watched that film plenty of times and still haven't managed to spot Caroline :-p (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 13:34:18
                               AB_CLOSER - Caps 20-Sep-2016 16:40:40
                                            AB_CLOSER - More caps 20-Sep-2016 16:48:03
                                                         AB_CLOSER - More caps edited 20-Sep-2016 16:53:02
                                                                      dave - Thanks for putting those caps up, until now I'd never been able to find Caroline 20-Sep-2016 19:07:04
                                                                      GaelleF - To be really honest, I was always convinced it was her, but now I'm not that sure anymore... (n/t) 21-Sep-2016 13:50:23
                  scott - Odd isn't it? 24-Sep-2016 00:11:25
                               GaelleF - Indeed ! My sister used to be a fan of the film and recorded it from TV, then got the VHS, before I knew the Corrs. (n/t) 24-Sep-2016 18:05:43
                                            dave - I found The Corrs' music first and then looked for anything on VHS/DVD. There wasn't much 24-Sep-2016 19:09:51

    chris - A vintage performance of HK... 20-Sep-2016 10:48:07
                  dave - My favourite song from the FNF era. 1996 in Japan I think. (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 12:17:34
                  corrazy_rach - Love it! Sharon is wearing her dress from The Right Time video! :) (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 14:13:08
                               dave - LOL... i think that's the only dress she owned in 96, it seems to appear all the time. (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 15:42:20
                                            MentariS - LOL seems like once she gets attached to a piece of clothing it's almost impossible for her to let it go 22-Sep-2016 16:03:34
                  Leslie - Love this! Thanks for posting. (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 14:58:47
                  sergio - Thank you, Beautiful video and it's one of my favourite songs (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 16:55:12

    MentariS - Another VERY exciting Instagram update just now: 20-Sep-2016 10:37:02
                  dave - Looking good, can't wait to hear some of the new stuff - I wonder who producer is ? (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 12:19:23
                               MC - Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. (n/t) 21-Sep-2016 04:52:24
                  corrazy_rach - Who would you like to be the producer? :) (n/t) 21-Sep-2016 14:30:00
                               dave - David Foster as I loved that FNF sound, but he would have to be contemporary 21-Sep-2016 15:01:47
                               MentariS - I quite like John Shanks's work on WL, but I'm pretty sure the band will choose someone different this time around (n/t) 21-Sep-2016 15:05:57
                                            Crickets - As for the producer... 21-Sep-2016 22:06:48
                                                         SteveW - I was going to suggest Chris Young, too. I like the sound of his songs on WL (n/t) 22-Sep-2016 02:19:32
                                                         MC - I liked the songs that they did with Chris Young, too. I think that could work. (n/t) 22-Sep-2016 05:08:39
                                                         Corranga - The John Shanks / Chris Young comparison is interesting and has been discussed before, but for me the comparison 22-Sep-2016 10:30:50
                                                                      Terry2 - The Producers (RIP Gene Wilder!) 22-Sep-2016 15:31:13
                                                                                   Crickets - Nellee Hooper 22-Sep-2016 16:35:01
                                                                                                MentariS - I thought about that too, and I especially would love to listen to 'full' Corrs versions of... 22-Sep-2016 17:59:45
                                                                                   SteveW - Terry2, could you point out some examples of "crushing compression"? 22-Sep-2016 18:05:58
                                                                                                Terry2 - Cold compress 26-Sep-2016 20:18:21
                                                                                                             SteveW - Thanks, Terry2! I'll take a listen to these examples (n/t) 27-Sep-2016 20:08:31
                                                                      MentariS - I fully agree Chris, I do think Shanks and Young working together created a really nice balance which is what I like... 22-Sep-2016 15:58:17
                                                                                   sergio - Fully agree on Foster, seems unlikely to team up with the band again. I was just wondering how much impact could have 22-Sep-2016 17:15:07
                               MC - I'd love to hear what they could do with Jay Joyce. (n/t) 22-Sep-2016 05:07:32
                               sergio - Don't know too much about producers. From the ones they worked with in the past I prefer David Foster and Mitchell Froom 22-Sep-2016 11:39:38
                                            MentariS - If they are to create a live album (like Unplugged or LID) I think Froom could do a good job with that (n/t) 22-Sep-2016 16:00:52
                                                         sergio - yeah, but didn't he produce Sharon's TSS as well? I think that sounds really nice. (n/t) 22-Sep-2016 17:09:24
                                                                      MentariS - He did, yes, but I personally think that is not the sound the band is going for 22-Sep-2016 17:56:29

    Nyoman - Wow, they're quick this time! Didn't expected that. (n/t) 17-Sep-2016 03:58:24
                  Nyoman - That was supposed to be a reply for the thread below, sorry. (n/t) 17-Sep-2016 03:59:49
                               Nick - 'This is the Right Time", while the kids are at the school and before the holiday season (n/t) 17-Sep-2016 17:08:27
                               Corranga - It's worthy of 2 separate threads :) (n/t) 19-Sep-2016 12:51:21
                  scott - 3 Months ? 18-Sep-2016 21:36:21
                               Nick - I bet the next album is going to have a more acoustic vibe, 3 months should be enough for recording it. (n/t) 18-Sep-2016 22:11:53
                                            Robin - I am sure the band will take their time recording the new album and certainly won't want to rush it. It will be done 19-Sep-2016 00:02:17
                               MC - I'm thinking that an album won't be out until some time next year. 19-Sep-2016 04:26:28
                                            Corranga - I'd imagine the production side of the albuim could take 3 months alone. Don't expect anything this year personally. 19-Sep-2016 12:50:53
                                            MentariS - Ditto with everything Marie said. Personally I don't think it's realistic to expect anything coming out this year. (n/t) 19-Sep-2016 15:30:56

    MentariS - Guess who's back in the studio? 16-Sep-2016 14:53:24
                  robin - Yes thats brilliant news miss them performing so much. (n/t) 16-Sep-2016 15:20:43
                  dave - The Beatles.. ? (n/t) 16-Sep-2016 15:55:06
                               MC - Ha! ;-) (n/t) 17-Sep-2016 06:27:48
                  BallerinaTay - OMG..... So excited!! (n/t) 16-Sep-2016 16:19:27
                               drsjf16 - Woohoo 16-Sep-2016 17:17:06
                  MentariS - And more... 16-Sep-2016 17:19:27
                  MC - Not gonna lie - those pics made my day! (n/t) 17-Sep-2016 06:30:14
                  OsamaRaashid - Excellent news! Now let's wait for the snippets :-) (n/t) 17-Sep-2016 12:06:53

    dave - Favourite chat show appearance ? Mine has to be Sharon, Patrick Kielty, Ruby Wax and the stuffed cat ! 13-Sep-2016 16:17:45
                  vivislira - I would say Blue Balls Festival 2016 13-Sep-2016 22:17:16
                  MC - Not sure if I could pick just one... but that's a good one! 14-Sep-2016 05:35:14
                  MentariS - There's plenty, but my absolute favourite is the Australian interview shortly after they released WYBH as a single 14-Sep-2016 06:30:33
                               Corranga - Today with Des & Mel 15th November 2005 15-Sep-2016 11:27:39
                                            dave - The Carpool one with Sharon was funny too - "be careful, they're my fans, I need them" 15-Sep-2016 12:07:23
                                            robin - Yes i would go along with des and mel as like you Chris its the only interview i have been to and for a long time 15-Sep-2016 23:47:43
                  MentariS - Also, does this count? :-p 16-Sep-2016 16:13:11
                               MC - That was a great one! They've always been such good sports. ;-) (n/t) 17-Sep-2016 06:28:20

    SteveW - A year ago today -- Hyde Park 13-Sep-2016 09:54:46
                  MC - Sitting at my computer, watching the livestream with the biggest, goofiest grin on my face, not believing what I was 13-Sep-2016 10:56:30
                  dave - The run across the park = two football pitches ! And, I really couldn't believe 13-Sep-2016 10:59:40
                  Terry2 - The Park of Hyde. 13-Sep-2016 11:36:57
                               Robin - Happy memories of an amazing unbelievable day that I never thought would happen. Firstly as you say Dave a 13-Sep-2016 12:08:31
                  DrFunkenstein - Being in the US, I remember trying to get a VPN app installed that would let me trick the BBC 13-Sep-2016 13:22:18
                  Leslie - It was such an amazing day. Adam & I were so happy to be there... 14-Sep-2016 04:13:21
                  Erica - It was amazing :D 14-Sep-2016 09:16:06
                               Corranga - Mixed emotions for me too. 15-Sep-2016 11:33:30

    Cara - NightCat has been doing a fabulous job keeping a trivia page for us but will be unable to update it for a while... 09-Sep-2016 10:04:36
                  OsamaRaashid - So how much does it pay? Just kidding :-D I'll be happy to do it if it isn't too difficult to learn as you say (n/t) 09-Sep-2016 15:42:13
                               Cara - *Lol* Sorry - no pay. ;-) If you're willing to give it a go will you pop me an email to the board email? 09-Sep-2016 21:31:13
                                            OsamaRaashid - I've sent the email (n/t) 10-Sep-2016 14:15:59
                  Terry2 - Trivia page 09-Sep-2016 19:12:09
                               Corranga - There's a trivia page... (n/t) 13-Sep-2016 09:01:46
                                            dave - Where is the trivia page... or is that a secret.... LOL (n/t) 13-Sep-2016 11:01:51
                                                         Terry2 - Trivial Pursuit 13-Sep-2016 11:42:34
                                                         Chanh - You can find it under references 13-Sep-2016 13:50:39
                                                                      Cara - Thank you Chanh! 26-Sep-2016 20:23:39

    scott - Now what? 07-Sep-2016 02:35:12
                  MC - Jim and Sharon have both indicated that they're working on a new album. 07-Sep-2016 05:14:30
                               dave - It was extremely successful - more so than anyone dared hope, They were in such demand in Europe 07-Sep-2016 10:48:07
                                            Corranga - I'm perhaps a little less optimistic than Dave ;) 07-Sep-2016 12:46:20
                                                         Nick - They never were really huge in Germany (successfull, yes), so i was a bit surprised when they anounced... 07-Sep-2016 13:11:48
                                                                      MentariS - I agree Nick, they're gonna need a much better promotion strategy for the next album. Good point about... 07-Sep-2016 14:15:41
                                                                      dave - All of the Spanish and French gigs I attended this year were 'sell outs' but 07-Sep-2016 14:24:07
                                                                                   Corranga - Dave makes some good points, but for me misses maybe the most important one of all 07-Sep-2016 14:41:55
                                                                                                Robin - I am sure the Corrs themselves must have been absolutely delighted with the reception they received at all their gigs 07-Sep-2016 15:45:54
                                                                                                             sergio - I agree with all the perspectives you have mentioned. Both the business and private aspects are valid I think 09-Sep-2016 13:47:31
                                                                                   commonwombat - To elaborate a little further re Dave's points re "ports further afield" 13-Sep-2016 01:39:35
                                                                                                MC - Agreed, Wombat. 13-Sep-2016 05:21:47
                                                                                                Corranga - Good point re: big brothers. I've had conversations about this on a few occasions with 13-Sep-2016 09:16:02
                  SeanCorrain - I wasn't there but - I would say the whole comeback / tour was a major success ! 07-Sep-2016 17:39:54
                  Jerry - Maybe they're working on that long-awaited Christmas album. (n/t) 09-Sep-2016 16:10:07
                               Corranga - Personally... I hope not.. :O (n/t) 09-Sep-2016 18:04:39
                                            dave - Xmas album - God forbid, they are a death knell for any band or artist in UK. 09-Sep-2016 19:00:11
                                                         robin - Never heard mention of one and lets hope we never do. (n/t) 10-Sep-2016 10:17:15
                                                                      dave - Xmas 'number one' records remind me of Clive Dunn's Grandad, Ernie The Fastest Milkman 17-Sep-2016 11:41:51
                                                                                   Corranga - Xmas number 1 in more recent times is more about contrived / manufactured pop (or silly attempts to beat it) 19-Sep-2016 12:56:39
                                                                                                Jerry - A Christmas album could be US only. We love Christmas albums. (n/t) 19-Sep-2016 20:02:45
                                                                                                             MC - LOL, true! But Christmas albums start rolling out in October, so I have my doubts. ;-) (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 05:10:25
                                                                                                             sergio - There is this HBO-series called "Vinyl" about a fictional record label and there was an episode (one of the first ones) 20-Sep-2016 16:51:53

    den - Congrats on being FOTM Richard, much deserved!! (n/t) 04-Sep-2016 00:10:56
                  MC - Congratulations, Richard! (n/t) 04-Sep-2016 05:50:35
                  MentariS - Congratulations Richard! Very well-deserved and thank you for sharing all those beautiful photos and videos with us! 04-Sep-2016 07:44:30
                               dave - Nice one Richard - your great photos save me from having to take my own, 04-Sep-2016 08:29:54
                                            robin - Many congratulations Richard very well deserved. Thanks so much for sharing all your brilliant photos and videos. Really 04-Sep-2016 09:22:52
                  SteveW - Congrats, and thanks for all the great photos, videos, and stories (n/t) 04-Sep-2016 09:41:51
                  RichardY - Thanks everyone!! I'm honoured to have been chosen as FOTM and I really appreciate the positive feedback about my photos 04-Sep-2016 11:41:34
                               Corranga - Congratulations Richard, very well deserved, and of course I cannot ignore your great photos either :) It's been an 04-Sep-2016 14:51:31
                  Lonneke - Congratulations, Richard, well deserved :) (n/t) 04-Sep-2016 16:29:05
                               nightcat - I'm late, but congratulations Richard! 07-Sep-2016 03:11:32

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