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    This month we'd like to thank Nyoman for being another of the fans who has helped make a real effort to keep all our board members here updated with various Corrs news from social media and the like, especially all of the wonderful pictures. Your efforts to repost things here are greatly appreciated.

    We're lucky to have members like you who are so willing to help keep all of us in the loop! Thanks very much for all your efforts!

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                               Cara - Links To Listen To New Songs Off Of 'White Light'
                                                 [ 20 replies ] Latest reply: 26-Nov-2015 23:14:57
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    SteveW - complete EPK video of I Do What I Like, via Corrs News 29-Nov-2015 10:55:41
                  Nyoman - Thank you very much for sharing! Really a fan of this song. 29-Nov-2015 11:11:26
                  MentariS - We can clearly see they're having fun in the video! Love Andrea's smile in the end! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 11:19:34
                               MentariS - And they should've included the Shrazy dance in the clip - after all, the lady does what she likes :-) (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 12:31:08

    den - I think its time to have a Black Friday discount on the Corrs tickets for the January gigs! They may 29-Nov-2015 09:05:42
                  Corranga - I know! Ticketmaster lets you pick your seat for Glasgow - you can see the number of available seats...! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 12:01:17

    SteveW - Kiss of Life 29-Nov-2015 06:50:30
                  SteveW - fixed link to Caroline drumming 29-Nov-2015 06:52:57
                  Corradore - Thanks for your 29-Nov-2015 07:32:04
                  MentariS - Don't have much to say about the lyrics, except that it's a classic Andrea style and probably one of the best she's done 29-Nov-2015 07:43:31
                               Corradore - Yes, yes, 29-Nov-2015 10:13:48
                  MikeFromMelbourne - Great observations guys. I definitely think this should be a single from the very first listen! :) 29-Nov-2015 08:41:41
                  MikeFromMelbourne - And great points about the songs having actual endings i never noticed that til now :) 29-Nov-2015 09:15:34
                               MentariS - Aside from White Light, most songs on Borrowed Heaven also have actual endings instead of fading out (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 09:22:58
                                            MikeFromMelbourne - Yeh MentariS i went through all the albums in my head and realised that too about BH :) 29-Nov-2015 10:26:49

    Jerry - The price of White Light on Amazon UK is now 6.99 (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 05:48:25
                  Robbie - Thanks I've just bought it, it's included MP3 as well, so you don't need to wait till it arrives. (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 08:54:20
                  den - Geez I paid 8.99 on Amazon last night 😐 (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 09:00:51
                               Corranga - If you contract Amazon customer services and explain, they refund the difference on things like this. 29-Nov-2015 10:57:41

    SteveW - Nice fan video on the making of White Light 29-Nov-2015 04:27:15

    Leoblue - Once ago... 29-Nov-2015 03:59:48
                  Corradore - I do Leoblue! 29-Nov-2015 05:23:37
                               MentariS - Not just for older girls, I can reassure you. Even for younger girls like me those women are stunning - period! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 07:26:27
                                            MentariS - *older guys that should've been...ugh! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 07:34:27
                               sergio - :) I have to second that. I reckon Caroline has changed the most over the years and I think she is more beautiful than 29-Nov-2015 07:34:47
                                            MentariS - I've said this before, will say it again: She went into hiding for a decade and came that *jaw drops* (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 07:45:25
                  MikeFromMelbourne - Andrea will always be the most beautiful girl in the world for me and I'm gay so that should say a lot :) 29-Nov-2015 08:45:02
                               Corradore - I most emphatically 29-Nov-2015 10:33:55
                                            MentariS - ROFL! Then again, Baby Corr is my ultimate girl crush and I'm not ashamed to admit it :-D (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 11:21:57

    dave - High praise indeed from Hotpress for the Ruby Sessions set - 28-Nov-2015 20:41:14
                  queenoftheroad - Reading that actually warmed my heart. What a great and nice, uplifting review! (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 21:25:00

    MentariS - Video of the band performing Bring On the Night on Today FM - with Andrea on the uke! 28-Nov-2015 18:42:40
                  SteveW - Aargh! Not available in the US! 28-Nov-2015 18:54:14
                  OsamaRaashid - This is a cool video 28-Nov-2015 19:12:57
                               dave - For me, the best vid of a brilliant acoustic song that we've seen yet - I pray that 28-Nov-2015 20:19:43
                  Yrisea - Thx so so much for posting. is stunning !...but kind of hurts.... 28-Nov-2015 21:34:56
                               Jackie21 - Great version though I thought it was kind of slow.. 28-Nov-2015 23:13:46
                               Corradore - Many of us seem less pleased... 29-Nov-2015 02:25:22
                                            MentariS - Beautifully said! 29-Nov-2015 09:33:04
                                            Yrisea - And there we go again....can I be entitled to my opinion here ? Apparently for some fans here, no.... 29-Nov-2015 11:22:40
                                                         MentariS - You are perfectly entitled to your opinion, just as much as the rest of us are entitled to ours 29-Nov-2015 12:23:02

    SteveW - Positive review in the Yorkshire Times 28-Nov-2015 15:40:17
                  Fabiola - Thanks SteveW! 28-Nov-2015 17:43:17
                  Corrpulent - Those cases in the pic make good props. Reminds me of a Beatles album cover from long ago... 28-Nov-2015 20:31:02
                  queenoftheroad - Goose bumps!! (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 21:29:56

    Nyoman - Photos of "the girls" from Weekend Magazine 28-Nov-2015 11:04:13
                  Nyoman - The scan of the interview, but too small so cannot read it clearly. 28-Nov-2015 12:43:10
                               Nyoman - Similar interview posted on the Belfast Telegraph 28-Nov-2015 12:49:27
                                            SteveW - Thanks for posting this, Nyoman; this was an interesting interview (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 14:44:48

    Fabiola - A review of White Light in Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" 28-Nov-2015 10:04:16
                  Fabiola - Ok, another upload attempt 28-Nov-2015 10:06:10
                               DutchDenise - Has this guy even listened to the old records? Or only ever heard Unplugged (which was most sold in The Netherlands)? (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 10:13:55
                                            queenoftheroad - It's de Telegraaf. 'Nuff said. :-p garbage newspaper (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 21:32:52
                                            Yrisea - He's not saying they never did organic sound but rather that they no longer are and he regrets it... 28-Nov-2015 21:41:44
                  Yrisea - I would say it's a completely honest review and I completely agree with him !.... 28-Nov-2015 21:38:28
                               DutchDenise - Can understand where you are coming from, but to me the record doesn't sound more overproduced than In Blue for example. 29-Nov-2015 10:39:38
                                            SteveW - Agree that WL isn't more overproduced than In Blue, but I thought In Blue was overproduced too :-) (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 11:56:47

    Shion - White Light Worldwide iTunes Chart 28-Nov-2015 07:08:29
                  Erica - Interesting, thanks :) (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 07:13:11
                  Nyoman - Really not bad at all, knowing the album just released yesterday! (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 07:13:39
                  Yrisea - It is awesome it scores so well even in countries where there have been no promo :D (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 09:17:17
                  DutchDenise - Indeed not bad at all, figuring there has been no promo at all over here 28-Nov-2015 09:37:54
                  HardCorrFan - #3 in the Philippines is amazing considering that there has been zero promo for the album over here... 28-Nov-2015 10:31:19
                  DrFunkenstein - Delayed release in US because of so many recent BIG releases...Beiber, One Direction, Adele? Maybe they thought 28-Nov-2015 19:20:36
                               commonwombat - NOT released yet either in Australia which was one of their peak territories; maybe for similar reasons 29-Nov-2015 12:23:25
                               MC - For one thing, a new release from The Corrs isn't going to cause the same interest over here as it has elsewhere. 29-Nov-2015 13:58:09

    carolineinspiredmetodrum - so.the songs are "inspired by life experiance" 28-Nov-2015 01:10:17
                  MentariS - Haha! I'm wondering about that right now, but then again Andrea once said that... 28-Nov-2015 01:14:30
                  SteveW - it doesn't have to be *her* life experience, though -- could be a friend or something she read about 28-Nov-2015 02:56:00
                               Jackie21 - It could be a Sharon song based on that SteveW. I remember in the BH EPK when she 28-Nov-2015 03:10:47
                               MentariS - We Could Be Lovers: The Next Morning...very clever Steve :-D (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 03:30:33
                               Cara - *lol* My morning chuckle! ;-) "We Could Be Lovers: The Next Morning" - I love it!! (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 07:13:14
                               carolineinspiredmetodrum - yeah i know Steve. it was only a light hearted post 28-Nov-2015 11:15:59
                                            DrFunkenstein - I just proposed on a thread below the same theory...after many listens, I think it's quite possible Strange Romance 28-Nov-2015 19:16:45
                                                         MentariS - From the way the words and phrases are chosen, I would say it's a classic Andrea style 29-Nov-2015 01:26:10
                                                                      Corradore - Spot on analysis of Andrea's "bold lines" Mentari! 29-Nov-2015 03:49:11
                                                                      SteveW - The middle-eight in Strange Romance sounds like Andrea to me 29-Nov-2015 06:58:04
                                                                                   MentariS - What I thought exactly, Steve. I actually can't help but think of Angel whenever I listen to the middle eight. (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 07:10:40
                                                                                   Corradore - Splendid and definitive comparisons Steve! O these are superb! I'm really enjoying 29-Nov-2015 10:54:49

    Jackie21 - A colleague at work told me that White Light is up at a torrent site.. I know it's reality.. I didnt know how Id feel. (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 00:59:14
                  carolineinspiredmetodrum - link please! 28-Nov-2015 01:08:24
                               MikeFromMelbourne - haha carolineinspiredmetodrum !! I suppose it was to be expected in this day and age... 28-Nov-2015 01:14:13
                  Corrsgirl1 - I'd be more concerned if it did not show up tbh. It's just reality and at least it shows there is interest in the album! 28-Nov-2015 14:27:23
                               DrFunkenstein - The bigger surprise is that it didn't show up until late Thursday...usually new albums from big artists are leaked 28-Nov-2015 19:10:38
                                            Corranga - It actually didn't appear until the album was on iTunes, very surprising in this day and age.. (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 20:01:31

    CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - How quickly are people getting used to the abbrievations for the new songs? 27-Nov-2015 23:17:33
                  Corrpulent - I've sometimes thought a glossary of Corr acronyms might be a useful feature on the board... 28-Nov-2015 04:30:35
                               Cara - It would be pretty simple though really... If someone wanted to type it up in notepad or something and send it to me... 28-Nov-2015 07:16:58
                               SteveW - We do already have the song list page, which should make it easy to determine which song each acronym refers to 28-Nov-2015 07:47:00
                                            carolineinspiredmetodrum - i think googling them would be quicker than browsing through the board (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 11:18:26
                                            Corrpulent - Perhaps the song list page is a sufficient resource for deciphering the acronyms... 28-Nov-2015 23:28:16

    CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Just heard Strange Romance for the first time (BBC R2 Version) 27-Nov-2015 22:47:05
                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - lyrics questions 27-Nov-2015 23:01:42
                               MentariS - My rough interpretation of the aforementioned lines - other thoughts are welcome! 28-Nov-2015 01:12:07
                                            carolineinspiredmetodrum - cheers MentariS 28-Nov-2015 02:09:18
                                                         MentariS - Oh yes. I love being prompted to think and consider the meaning of every word she uses. (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 02:15:02
                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Car Crash? 27-Nov-2015 23:06:27
                               Servantez - It's about a girl that's been unfaithful to her partner. She tries to talk to him, but he can't forgive her, won't... 27-Nov-2015 23:15:56
                                            CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - hmm interesting... 27-Nov-2015 23:21:02
                                                         Jackie21 - Im actually curious about this song too.. (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 00:48:53
                  DrFunkenstein - Could this be a followup to Sharon's We Could be Lovers? My immediate thought was that this was an Andrea song, 28-Nov-2015 19:09:08

    Servantez - Official (booklet) lyrics: I Do What I Like ; White Light ; Kiss of Life ; Unconditional 27-Nov-2015 21:38:06
                  Servantez - Official (booklet) lyrics: Strange Romance, Ellis Island, Stay, Catch Me When I Fall, Harmony 27-Nov-2015 22:17:21
                  HardCorrFan - Thanks for putting these up, Servantez! 28-Nov-2015 22:56:55

    Nyoman - Just love this Breathless performance taken from Ruby Sessions Gig. 27-Nov-2015 18:32:35
                  dave - Yes, its the best, the B&W so evocative of some of their early pub appearances. (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 11:26:37

    Fabiola - A big thanks to everyone! 27-Nov-2015 17:59:03
                  DutchDenise - Fabiola, found a great Dutch review on this site ... (English translated) 28-Nov-2015 09:53:35
                               Fabiola - Thanks DutchDenise! 28-Nov-2015 10:10:53

    seancorrain - According to Amazon (USA) White Light will be released on December 4th. 27-Nov-2015 17:33:47
                  seancorrain - Spoke too soon :( 27-Nov-2015 17:34:35
                               Punky - I've had it preordered since Nov. 1, and I'm a little worried it's still a little to good to be true! (n/t) 27-Nov-2015 20:42:53
                                            Punky - Is it too much to wish for a US release coinciding with an "Ellis Island" performance at Ellis Island on 3/17??? (n/t) 27-Nov-2015 22:07:24
                                                         Cara - Probably - but that would be amazing!! ;-) (n/t) 27-Nov-2015 22:17:40
                                                         Leslie - I even said the same (abt performing on Ellis Island) to Jim on Twitter. . It would be memorable (even if not on 3/17) (n/t) 27-Nov-2015 23:03:51
                                                         MC - That would be amazing... but not probable, LOL! (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 14:05:40

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