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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for August


    MentariS is one of our newer members who despite being new has jumped right in and become a common name to see on the board. MentariS has added several positive contributions to the board and is always an enjoyable presence with all posts and additions. We haven't gotten to know you really well yet MentariS, but we're glad you decided to join us here as a member here and look forward to more of your future posts!

    CorrsClub Time:
    02-Aug-2014 01:10:28
    New Messages: Cannot tell when you last visited.

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                               MAH - Board is finally back up!
                                                 [ 17 replies ] Latest reply: 25-Jun-2014 12:19:49
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 2 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Oct-2013 09:32:09
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
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    Robin - Many congratulations MentariS always great to have new members. Enjoy your month. (n/t) 01-Aug-2014 23:03:21

    Nyoman - New pics of Andrea, walking past The Shelbourne Hotel, in Dublin, Ireland. 31-Jul-2014 01:19:25
    MentariS - It works! And think we can always count on you, Nyoman, when it comes to latest pictures of Andrea :-) 31-Jul-2014 07:46:25
    SteveW - Yes, thanks for posting, Nyoman. Always good to see new pictures of the band members. (n/t) 31-Jul-2014 10:29:21
    robin - thanks nyoman always great to see new pics of Andrea (n/t) 31-Jul-2014 11:05:56
    nightcat - Good job as always with your finds Nyoman. Andrea looks fine here *sigh* 31-Jul-2014 12:24:34

    CSCfan - Saw that Sharon performed \"You Say\" for the 1st time during her gigs in Spain.... 30-Jul-2014 22:48:46
    MC - I\'ve been looking for clips, too. No such luck so far in finding any. :-( (n/t) 31-Jul-2014 13:03:24

    Cara - Happy Birthday to Jim tomorrow! 30-Jul-2014 21:02:40
    MentariS - Happy 50th birthday Jim! 31-Jul-2014 16:05:46

    Cara - Pics from the back of the stage taken during soundcheck at Castello Empuries - Thanks to Dave :-) 30-Jul-2014 17:02:04
    Cara - Hmm... Those didn\'t work... I\'m much too tired to figure out why. :-P Links to copy inside... ;-) 30-Jul-2014 17:05:15
    CorrMac - Those links work fine for me Cara:) 30-Jul-2014 19:41:20
    SteveW - Thanks for the photos. Dave, how did you manage to get on the stage during the sound check? (n/t) 31-Jul-2014 00:03:17
    keejac21 - These are nice shots. Thanks for sharing. (n/t) 31-Jul-2014 01:06:26
    dave - As Baldrick in Black Adder would have said Steve - I had a cunning plan.... (n/t) 31-Jul-2014 19:10:04

    dave - Happy Birthday to LisaJ who seems to be keeping a low profile these days 28-Jul-2014 19:26:05
    robin - happy birthday LIsa hope you had good day. enjoy sharon in london 28-Jul-2014 20:32:43
    Den - Happy Birthday Lisa x (n/t) 28-Jul-2014 20:48:24
    LisaJ - Thanx guys! Sorry I missed your calls Dave. 29-Jul-2014 09:31:58
    dave - LOL.....could be a long wait then ! (n/t) 29-Jul-2014 12:59:51
    LisaJ - It will be worth it one day.......the eternal optimist! (n/t) 29-Jul-2014 13:13:24
    carolineinspiredmetodrum - mine too :p (n/t) 31-Jul-2014 22:28:47
    Baxterianism - Have a great birthday :) (n/t) 30-Jul-2014 15:04:03

    Cara - \'Take A Minute\' on Spanish radio 28-Jul-2014 16:05:11

    osamaraashid - Has anyone noticed? 27-Jul-2014 16:47:03
    dave - If it is run by the same team, I\'m rather surprised. For a band that effectively finished 27-Jul-2014 17:37:20
    IrishHeart - Why not 27-Jul-2014 17:51:23
    Cristina - It has been blue for some time now. 28-Jul-2014 09:15:50
    osamaraashid - That establishes Sharon\'s connection to the page even more strongly. Both got verified around the same time (n/t) 29-Jul-2014 17:33:21
    DrFunkenstein - My theory - Sharon is keeping the Corr name alive in music in preperation for the 28-Jul-2014 14:27:35
    IrishHeart - I think 29-Jul-2014 01:35:43
    commonwombat - Your proposition has some plausibility 28-Jul-2014 16:33:56

    dave - I wonder if Caroline will make an appearance at Sharons Malaga gig tomorrow ? (n/t) 25-Jul-2014 19:07:46
    Den - Almost certain - r u going Dave? (n/t) 25-Jul-2014 22:35:50
    MentariS - Does she still live in Spain? I thought she already moved back to Dublin. (n/t) 26-Jul-2014 01:50:32
    keejac21 - Think she still lives in Mallorca. If she\'d be in Sharon\'s gig please please post 26-Jul-2014 11:00:10
    Cristina - Was she in Gerona? (n/t) 26-Jul-2014 20:07:35
    StPaddy - No. (n/t) 26-Jul-2014 22:12:15
    Cristina - From Mallorca Girona would have been closer, so I am not sure why she would go to Malaga then... (n/t) 27-Jul-2014 07:44:06
    StPaddy - ¯\\(°_o)/¯ 27-Jul-2014 09:25:51
    den - did she come do you know Dave? (n/t) 28-Jul-2014 14:08:08
    Cristina - Pics from the concert. 29-Jul-2014 05:45:20
    StPaddy - Link is not working, Cristina. 29-Jul-2014 05:54:48
    SteveW - There\'s a photo of the drummer playing the tabla while Sharon plays violin 29-Jul-2014 07:14:23
    dave - To be pefectly honest Steve, it didn\'t sound to great to me - but that\'s just a personal opinion (n/t) 29-Jul-2014 13:03:47
    CarolineInspiredmetodrum - Nevertheless id love to see this new twist in style. I love the sounds and rhythms a good tabla player can make (n/t) 30-Jul-2014 17:54:58
    SteveW - I’m also curious to hear it regardless, just for the novelty if nothing else. 31-Jul-2014 10:25:53

    dave - Am I right in thinking we still have a problem posting links or images here on the board ? 25-Jul-2014 18:10:09
    Cara - Yes Dave - they won\'t work until we (well Marc ;-)) has a chance to fix the remaining bug... 28-Jul-2014 07:19:50

    Fran_SS - Question about the \'Borrowed Heaven\' (the song) verse by Ladysmith Black Mambazo 25-Jul-2014 17:13:03
    MC - That\'s a good question; I don\'t ever remember anyone asking that before. (n/t) 25-Jul-2014 20:32:42
    dave - If you get hold of the 46664 Concert video from South Africa, there is extra footage 26-Jul-2014 14:11:28
    Cara - The question has been asked before but I don\'t think anyone has ever figured it out. 28-Jul-2014 15:55:48

    Michael1 - Help finding an image 23-Jul-2014 17:21:14
    GaelleF - Searched my archives, got only a tiny tiny version of it... (n/t) 23-Jul-2014 20:50:56
    SteveW - You probably tried this already, but a google search for similar images turned up nothing (n/t) 24-Jul-2014 01:14:54
    SteveW - Just to be clear -- I\'m not talking about google Image Search, but rather Search by Image 24-Jul-2014 12:53:26
    Michael1 - Yeah I tried that but with no luck - thanks anyway! (n/t) 24-Jul-2014 21:45:37
    Cristina - I only have the one that`s on the Irresistible Cover, but it\'s not exactly the same! 24-Jul-2014 05:58:28
    Michael1 - is quite useful for uploading pics 24-Jul-2014 12:37:20
    Cristina - Oh thanks! I hope it works.... 25-Jul-2014 05:52:02
    Cristina - Of course it didn\'t.... 25-Jul-2014 05:52:56
    Cristina - I don´t know what I\'m doing wrong, I\'ll try again with just the link. 25-Jul-2014 05:54:09
    Cristina - Maybe now.... 25-Jul-2014 05:55:43
    Cristina - OK, just go to my twitter, I could post it there..... 25-Jul-2014 05:59:23
    Michael1 - Hi Cristina - the tinypic link worked for me - thanks very much! (n/t) 25-Jul-2014 15:01:30

    chris - Sharon interview on Lorraine yesterday 23-Jul-2014 08:47:59
    chris - don\'t know why the links don\'t seem to work - so you may have to copy & paste (n/t) 23-Jul-2014 08:54:20

    dave - The Female First interview (linked in the news column) has an outline of Sharon\'s touring 23-Jul-2014 06:18:22
    commonwombat - Was given a \"heads-up\" re that interview. Interesting mention of perhaps AUS/NZ early next year 23-Jul-2014 09:29:43
    MentariS - Yay for AU/NZ! 23-Jul-2014 10:03:42
    MC - Yes, she was part of a one-off concert in NZ back in January. (n/t) 24-Jul-2014 02:24:44
    commonwombat - The NZ date was an invite, on the bill of the annual Mission Estate Concert at Napier on the Nth Island 24-Jul-2014 04:52:30

    IrishHeart - Heard Breathless today 22-Jul-2014 01:23:57
    MentariS - Speaking of which, has anyone here heard this version of the song? 22-Jul-2014 05:08:37
    MentariS - Oops, seems like the insert link feature has not recovered completely. In that case, just copy-paste the link! (n/t) 22-Jul-2014 05:14:11
    SteveW - That wasn\'t bad! Sticks pretty close to the original, actually. 22-Jul-2014 07:32:11

    dave - Interesting gig in Castello d\'Empuries on Saturday night. 21-Jul-2014 18:36:40
    keejac21 - Thanks dave for sharing. It sounds pretty amusing with the frizzy hair bit. Mind you, it is a thing for us ladies. :-) (n/t) 22-Jul-2014 02:02:21
    Cristina - Here are some pictures of the gig. Her hair does indeed look a little frizzy! LOL 22-Jul-2014 08:33:20
    Cristina - Let´s try again! 22-Jul-2014 08:34:07
    Cristina - Just go on Facebook to Sons del Món, there you can find the pics! (n/t) 22-Jul-2014 08:35:05
    Leslie - Stunning venue. Funny abt Sharon\'s hair... 23-Jul-2014 18:41:42
    SteveW - Wow, what a stunning venue. Was the band just guitar/bass/drums? 22-Jul-2014 10:18:38
    dave - The tabla was used on Jenny\'s Chickens which was given much more bass than 22-Jul-2014 11:00:25
    dave - Here\'s the setlist - 22-Jul-2014 20:50:16
    Cristina - Did you meet her after the gig? (n/t) 23-Jul-2014 05:50:46
    dave - Yes, before and after Cristina. 23-Jul-2014 11:01:37
    osamaraashid - I\'ve never saw a tabla being played in western music. I thought that it was limited to our region only. 24-Jul-2014 18:00:32
    StPaddy - Osamaraashid, ever heard of the band \"Tabla Beat Science\"? 24-Jul-2014 20:01:21
    osamaraashid - Nope, never heard of them before. The concept of merged music genres is quite interesting (n/t) 25-Jul-2014 10:58:50

    IrishHeart - Shaun Evans 21-Jul-2014 04:05:43
    MentariS - Yes, he was! 21-Jul-2014 04:19:57
    Leslie - Yes... 21-Jul-2014 22:34:09
    SteveW - Supposedly much of Andrea\'s first solo album is about her breakup with Shaun Evans 22-Jul-2014 04:47:09
    Leslie - Yes... 23-Jul-2014 18:26:13

    SteveW - What was the hiatus between IB and BH like? And how was BH received when it first came out? 20-Jul-2014 14:11:35
    Fran_SS - Well, I\'d say the quietness came a few months after they released the Best of compilation 20-Jul-2014 17:17:54
    Punky - Here is what I remember... 20-Jul-2014 17:53:18
    Robin - Can\'t believe how long it is since IB and BH but just thinking about it brings all the brilliant memories flooding back. 20-Jul-2014 20:12:54
    tielke - I also remember the buzz around the SS première... 20-Jul-2014 22:23:05
    Nabil - Does anyone else remember the whole \"Bill Bottrell\" production period? 20-Jul-2014 23:12:18
    neleh - Well from an Asian perspective.. 21-Jul-2014 04:12:26
    nightcat - Neleh, I think the way BH fared at your place is similar to my place\'s reception of it. 21-Jul-2014 05:07:38
    Corranga - For me, it was much like the release of In Blue, a song that I didn\'t really like was heard first 21-Jul-2014 07:36:00
    MC - Although there certainly was a hiatus between IB & BH, it didn\'t really feel like a lengthy one. 21-Jul-2014 13:36:36
    dave - There was never any doubt that the band would \'return\' with a new album, its just that it took longer 21-Jul-2014 20:49:43
    keejac21 - The lull between IB and BH made me think that Andrea will be doing her own thing back then. 22-Jul-2014 01:55:45
    neleh - Do you think age has anything to do with it.. 22-Jul-2014 03:18:33
    SteveW - So wonderful to read all these recollections of the BH era... thanks, everyone! (n/t) 22-Jul-2014 04:45:03

    MentariS - Anyone interested in a ticket to see Sharon\'s daytime performance in London on the 22nd of July? 18-Jul-2014 15:03:28

    LisaJ - Booking my ticket today for Sharon\'s London show... 14-Jul-2014 19:25:19
    Baxterianism - Thats a great feeling :) Glad to see you on here (n/t) 14-Jul-2014 19:39:31
    Robin - Yes know how you feel Lisa I felt like that booking inverness and aberdeen. I am then away but just a chance 15-Jul-2014 00:33:15
    Corranga - That\'s great to hear Lisa :) Unfortunatly I\'m only managing the Scottish dates, would have been great to catch up! (n/t) 15-Jul-2014 08:20:28
    dave - I finally relented and bought one too - should be a good meetup of old-time (and old nowadays) CorrsClubbers ! (n/t) 15-Jul-2014 13:41:45
    LisaJ - Yes looking forward to seeing some \'old\' faces! 15-Jul-2014 18:03:40
    CorrMac - Does anyone know 16-Jul-2014 15:21:36
    dave - The Dublin venue is apparently \'seated\' if you look at their own website 16-Jul-2014 19:07:08
    Den - Yes I was talking to my friend yesterday - he has been to the Sugar Club it sounds line a nice venue. (n/t) 20-Jul-2014 22:00:00
    Robin - Aberdeen and inverness are both standing gigs and Oran mor Glasgow was standing when Andrea performed there 16-Jul-2014 22:09:26
    Den - That\'s great Lisa :) (n/t) 20-Jul-2014 21:57:08
    keejac21 - Friends..dont forget to post gig experiences and pictures too if any of Sharon\'s show. Id love to hear your experiences! 22-Jul-2014 01:57:39

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