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  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
  • Read a review of the York Racecourse from the York Press! (25-Jul)
  • Talk On Corners comes in at #26 on the new 60 at 60 chart published by the UK's Official Chart Company. (06-Jul)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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    24-May-2017 10:46:20
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    MentariS - To all CorrsClub members in and around Manchester - hope you all stay safe (n/t) 23-May-2017 03:50:20
                  scott - My very first thoughts were of Dave who mentioned his travels to gigs earlier in his posts. 23-May-2017 05:33:02
                               dave - My thoughts and condolences go out to all those affected by last night's bombing, 23-May-2017 08:23:38
                                            Robin - Yes hope any Corrs fans in area are all safe. So sorry for all those affected by this horrific doing. Like you Dave I 23-May-2017 15:01:12
                  SeanCorrain - I am so sorry that this has happed to Manchester. 23-May-2017 15:01:48
                  den - Thinking pf evwryone affected (n/t) 23-May-2017 17:02:25

    MentariS - At last, some very interesting update about the upcoming Album No. 7!!!! New interview from Jim: 19-May-2017 14:10:01
                  MentariS - Just realised the full link is in the caption of the post. (n/t) 19-May-2017 14:11:42
                  corrazy_rach - Yay!!! 19-May-2017 14:19:38
                               dave - Well at least we know it will be 2018 now, so we can get on with the rest of the year ! (n/t) 19-May-2017 15:27:21
                  Jerry - Uh, isn't that interview from last year? (n/t) 19-May-2017 16:35:19
                               CorrMac - I'm pretty sure that interview took place towards the end of last year ... 19-May-2017 22:15:12
                                            Wendy - I'm thrilled to hear the new sound with the guidance of T Bone Burnett! (n/t) 20-May-2017 03:27:53
                                            MC - I don't know.... I'm not too optimistic for a new album this year. Maybe a single towards the latter part of the year. (n/t) 20-May-2017 05:26:12
                               MC - Yeah, I'm pretty sure that it is. The recording was done in October, if I remember correctly. (n/t) 20-May-2017 05:25:09
                               MentariS - Looks like it but the full article was published yesterday - I saw Jim tweet it a couple of hours after I posted this. (n/t) 20-May-2017 07:06:44
                                            dave - So we're back to not knowing again if this is indeed talking about the delayed 2017 release ? 20-May-2017 09:13:03
                                                         MC - He's talking about the follow-up to WL; it's a bit difficu lto discern the timeframe for the album from this interview. (n/t) 20-May-2017 12:55:01
                                                                      DutchDenise - Anyway, I'm patient, and it sounds really interesting and promising ... (n/t) 20-May-2017 15:43:02
                                                                      CSCfan - This interview orginally appeared in the February edition of Acoustic Magazine.. 21-May-2017 11:51:00
                                                                                   MC - Yep, confirmed news would be great. (n/t) 21-May-2017 13:04:30
                                                                                   Nick - They like to prepare things quietly. Last time they announced a Sept comeback in July, with a full tour and album ready. (n/t) 21-May-2017 20:30:08
                  SeanCorrain - I like the sound of the new record from Jim's description 23-May-2017 15:00:09

    dave - I mentioned former messageboard member Cecilia Danell (FoggyNotion) recently, 18-May-2017 09:35:48

    MentariS - Happy 43rd birthday to the one and only Andrea Jane Corr - hope you have a lovely day!! (n/t) 17-May-2017 11:17:52
                  AB_CLOSER - Happy birthday Andrea (n/t) 17-May-2017 11:40:37
                  RichardY - Happy Birthday Andrea! Hope you have a great day. (n/t) 17-May-2017 11:51:42
                  Corranga - Happy Birthday Andrea! (n/t) 17-May-2017 11:59:49
                               robin - Happy Birthday Andrea have a great day. (n/t) 17-May-2017 12:05:20
                                            dave - Yep, have an enjoyable day Andrea, and treat yourself to an extra glass or two of vino ! (n/t) 17-May-2017 15:47:14
                  den - Hope youre having a great day Andrea 😀 (n/t) 17-May-2017 22:44:05
                  scott - Happy Birthday (n/t) 18-May-2017 01:05:28
                               Scott - Age 18-May-2017 01:09:43
                  MC - Hope you had a wonderful day, Andrea! :-) (n/t) 18-May-2017 01:36:48

    Wendy - Revisiting the "Forgiven Not Forgotten" performance from The Late Late Show 16-May-2017 14:04:57
                  Leslie - Love this performance! (n/t) 16-May-2017 16:54:14
                  MC - I always felt that many of their best performances were the really stripped back ones like this. (n/t) 17-May-2017 00:08:53
                  Punky - Agreed! (n/t) 17-May-2017 03:46:04
                               Corranga - Great performance and contrasted well with the Bring On The Night performance from the same 17-May-2017 08:52:30

    Corranga - Tickets - Preventing the resale of tickets / ID checks to ensure purchaser is present 16-May-2017 13:10:18
                  robin - Yes that does sound positive Chris, and hopefully will work. Perhaps its the first step to a fairer ticketing system. 17-May-2017 08:41:51
                  dave - Definitely a positive move guys. If the government is unwilling to legislate, then artists themselves 17-May-2017 16:15:26
                               Corranga - That's my thoughts too Dave, will be interesting to see if the event staff actually do anything 18-May-2017 21:43:43
                                            dave - Strict enforcement is the answer Chris, I have been to some gigs in Europe where 19-May-2017 08:03:37
                                            RichardY - Maybe they should allow you to specify what name should be printed on the ticket when you purchase it. 19-May-2017 11:22:12
                                                         Corranga - A nominated name would work. I think in this instance it was brought in after the fact. I don't know if the box offic 19-May-2017 12:03:47
                                                                      robin - I still feel the best solution is for the government to put a complete ban on any secondary ticketing and to me 20-May-2017 02:50:08

    SeanCorrain - Forgiven Not Forgotten Is being Re-Released on Vinyl 09-May-2017 16:52:46
                  Corranga - :D That's amazing, I'm completely sucked in, and will be buying it as soon as I can find one for sale ! (n/t) 12-May-2017 11:06:02
                               Chanh - I just ordered my by Amazon (n/t) 12-May-2017 13:04:58
                               CorrMac - I ordered mine from Amazon too ... must get my turntable out!! (n/t) 12-May-2017 21:44:42
                  SeanCorrain - Amazon is a pretty good seller for these records, so is Ebay 12-May-2017 14:32:33
                  SeanCorrain - Amazon Pre Order Information 12-May-2017 14:35:36
                               SeanCorrain - Releases June 6 2017 (n/t) 12-May-2017 14:36:16
                  MC - I wonder if they're going release all of the albums (or at least the studio ones) on vinyl little by little. 13-May-2017 05:28:00
                               SeanCorrain - I think if we keep requesting them (to the vendor) that we can make it happen ! 15-May-2017 14:50:28

    CorrMac - In the absence of any news directly from our favourite band ... 07-May-2017 22:10:18
                  dave - Interesting interview though I have to admit that some of the 'tech speak' goes completely 08-May-2017 10:04:56
                  Robin - Thanks for posting and at last a small positive bit of news that we may see the Corrs towards the end of the year. (n/t) 08-May-2017 11:54:30
                  corrazy_rach - Thanks for sharing this CorrMac, I really enjoyed hearing Keith Duffy! A rare interview with him directly :) 09-May-2017 00:48:07
                               Wendy - Very interesting, thanks! (n/t) 09-May-2017 04:36:36

    SeanCorrain - Just a topic for fun: Who would YOU pick as an opening act for The Corrs ? 02-May-2017 14:40:54
                  chris1957 - Opening act 02-May-2017 15:30:12
                               SeanCorrain - Oh she is really good !!! 02-May-2017 17:27:28
                               dave - Yep Katie would be good, met her at the Blue Balls festival in Luzern last year, 02-May-2017 19:14:01
                  Wendy - Cara Dillon 04-May-2017 11:51:41
                  Wendy - For concerts in Holland - Eefje De Visser 04-May-2017 12:03:11
                               Corranga - At the moment... the Cranberries. Their current album is basically a greatest hits played with a string quartet and is 04-May-2017 12:19:30
                                            dave - LOL, problem there Chris is that it might be The Corrs supporting The Cranberries ! (n/t) 04-May-2017 14:04:46
                                                         Corranga - I'd be happy with that, so long as both sets are full length :) (n/t) 12-May-2017 11:15:42
                                            dave - Thank god that's one thing I don't have to put up with now Chris - scalpers/touts/resales 04-May-2017 21:13:55

    Cara - I'm watching what I think are reruns of Portrait Artist of the Year and Sharon is one of the sitters! 27-Apr-2017 23:13:23

    dave - Its even quieter here than the 'GREAT TEN YEAR QUIET PERIOD' - mind you at least 26-Apr-2017 19:11:19
                  airbusgore - Didn't we see S- Club at Majic Radio Xmas Show with The Corrs and Seal? (n/t) 26-Apr-2017 21:45:49
                               dave - Yes, that was the time that The Corrs were rumoured to have had a big arguement 26-Apr-2017 22:03:38
                                            Corranga - Steps cashed in on the line dancing craze back in the day, and, to their (managements...?) credit, it worked. 27-Apr-2017 10:32:51
                                                         dave - LOL Chris... If I'm perfectly honest, Faye Tozer was a good enough reason to watch Steps ! (n/t) 27-Apr-2017 13:52:34
                                            Robin - Yes it's bizarre as we always seemed to find something to post about during those ten years although of course there 27-Apr-2017 13:17:30
                                                         dave - Well I'm off to France for a couple of gigs this weekend Robin, in Normandy & Brittany. (n/t) 27-Apr-2017 13:54:57
                                                                      Corranga - On the subject of other bands.. I just bought Erica and I tickets to see Paramore in Edinburgh :) (n/t) 28-Apr-2017 09:33:38
                                                         Robin - Assume it's Laura Cox band Dave, enjoy the gigs. (n/t) 27-Apr-2017 19:37:53
                                                                      dave - Correct Robin, just got back from a couple of brilliant gigs, 30-Apr-2017 13:47:51
                                                                                   dave - typo.. that should have been duet between drummer & base guitar (not lead), 30-Apr-2017 15:07:43
                                                                                                Robin - Sounds like you had a blast Dave, great to be able to chat to the band afterwards. Here is a question, how early do you 01-May-2017 13:00:07
                                                                                                             dave - Completely different Robin. The St Lo venue was a club, entrance by ticket at any time 01-May-2017 14:23:50

    MentariS - A bit quiet over here - hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend! (n/t) 14-Apr-2017 10:04:58
                  Robin - Yes an almost eerie silence both on the board and from the Corrs themselves. Must admit thought we would have had some 15-Apr-2017 18:37:19
                               chris1957 - Other concerts 19-Apr-2017 05:22:54
                  RichardY - Yes Happy Easter everyone! The band are certainly very quiet but I expect they are making the most of the Easter break. 16-Apr-2017 18:10:10
                               dave - There are other bands/artists to follow - I've got a whole summer of gig dates lined up. (n/t) 16-Apr-2017 21:13:06
                                            Terry2 - Non Corrs gigs. 16-Apr-2017 23:12:10
                                                         MC - I saw the Pretenders back in December when they opened for Stevie Nicks at Madison Square Garden. 17-Apr-2017 05:08:40
                                                         dave - At the moment its the Laura Cox Band who are currently touring in France - easy to get to. 17-Apr-2017 08:22:33
                                            MC - Yep, I've got several, too. (n/t) 17-Apr-2017 05:06:46
                                                         Terry2 - Summer gigs 17-Apr-2017 10:04:57
                                                                      dave - Wow... that's an impressive lineup Terry. (n/t) 17-Apr-2017 11:33:59
                                                                      MC - The NY show is at Citi Field in Queens, NY - the home of my beloved NY Mets. :-) 17-Apr-2017 12:39:37
                                                                                   Corranga - I'm still checking in a couple of times weekly :) 17-Apr-2017 13:13:53
                                                                                                dave - You're beginning to sound a bit like Mr Judd Chris, he was always redecorating his house when a gig came up 17-Apr-2017 15:31:53
                                                                                                             Corranga - haha, trust me Dave, no decorating will be occurring if gigs are announced :) (n/t) 18-Apr-2017 15:49:28
                                                                      DrFunkenstein - Only 2 here in Atlanta (so far)... Styx / REO Speedwagon and Matchbox Twenty / Counting Crows (n/t) 19-Apr-2017 13:01:16
                                            MentariS - Not gonna see a gig soon, but I'm going to see a Jakarta production of West Side Story in May...does that count? :-p 18-Apr-2017 05:03:14
                                                         dave - Sharon posts on Instagram quite regularly, but nothing about the band's plans for this year. (n/t) 18-Apr-2017 13:05:39
                                                                      Terry - I'm afraid nothing's gonna happen this year as far as gigs are concerned, 18-Apr-2017 20:56:27
                                                                                   dave - I agree Terry, best get on with other things whilst we 'await a return'. Although 2017 continues 19-Apr-2017 08:41:15
                                                         MC - Love WSS! :-) (n/t) 18-Apr-2017 18:43:09
                                                                      Nick - Its not common for bands to tour on consecutive years. The "White Light" tour wrapped in 2016, 28-Apr-2017 15:08:37
                                                                                   dave - That's kinda what I'm expecting now Nick. Its just strange that having announced a new album 30-Apr-2017 13:52:17

    dave - To MC, I emailed you through the Invision Board. (n/t) 14-Apr-2017 09:02:29
                  MC - I know. I emailed you back through the board within hour of you sending it. (n/t) 14-Apr-2017 14:10:10
                               dave - Well that is really weird, I've received nothing. Just tried the 'message' option now. (n/t) 14-Apr-2017 14:52:10
                                            MC - Got your messages. I emailed you back after reading the first one; now I understand why my first email didn't go through (n/t) 15-Apr-2017 05:29:13

    dave - Anyone in Germany/Switzerland interested in helping out with this year's Blue Balls Festival 11-Apr-2017 19:48:16
                  corrazy_rach - The Corrs aren't going to be there though :( (n/t) 12-Apr-2017 11:25:27
                               dave - No they're not, but it would seem there are interesting positions on offer, 12-Apr-2017 13:40:34

    dave - What a pleasant change from the hassle & stress of buying gig tickets in UK/Ireland, 08-Apr-2017 12:32:22
                  Nick - there shouldnt even be any more printed tickets, just an email or a barcode to show at the entrance (n/t) 11-Apr-2017 17:09:35
                               dave - Another one I bought online in France did allow me to 'print' and importantly it carried the warning 11-Apr-2017 19:17:33
                                            GaelleF - However, it never happens... (n/t) 12-Apr-2017 08:15:52

    dave - Any 'oldtimers' here remember Cecilia Danell, she had the username 'moonbeams' and 03-Apr-2017 09:37:22
                  MC - Thanks for that update, Dave. I'll have to check it out. (n/t) 03-Apr-2017 12:38:28
                  CarolineInspiredmetoDrum - wow. thats awsome. I really liked her cover of Baby be Brave (n/t) 08-Apr-2017 18:47:30
                  queenoftheroad - I definitely remember her! That is so cool!! (n/t) 08-Apr-2017 21:13:03

    sergio - I always wanted to ask that the accordion (?) part in Haste to the wedding on the Home album should really go like that? 30-Mar-2017 09:17:12
                  MC - Hmmm... never really thought much about it. 30-Mar-2017 10:38:45
                  SeanCorrain - I always thought that it brought a more traditional flare to the already loved number 30-Mar-2017 17:35:19
                               sergio - yeah, I also like the accordion, actually I learn to play...mainly that was why I asked, but I see your point in 05-Apr-2017 14:14:13

    MentariS - Happy 47th birthday to our beautiful fiddler Sharon - hope you have a fabulous day! (n/t) 24-Mar-2017 02:45:41
                  Robin - Happy Birthday Sharon have a great day. (n/t) 24-Mar-2017 09:42:47
                  dave - Yes, Best Wishes Sharon - have a great day, which I'm sure you will. (n/t) 24-Mar-2017 09:46:11
                  MC - Have a very happy birthday, Sharon! :-) (n/t) 24-Mar-2017 10:42:24
                  Corranga - Happy Birthday Sharon! (n/t) 24-Mar-2017 13:28:13
                  RichardY - Happy Birthday Sharon! Hope you are having a great day. (n/t) 24-Mar-2017 14:58:54

    SteveW - Joint board cover song project? 21-Mar-2017 04:53:18
                  MAH - That sounds like a great idea! 21-Mar-2017 07:00:43
                               Corranga - Sounds like a great idea, though, of course, I don't play anything ;) (n/t) 21-Mar-2017 11:45:41
                                            Wendy - For those who don't play instruments, Gerry's Reel could be good... 21-Mar-2017 13:36:31
                  BallerinaTay - Sounds super fun! 21-Mar-2017 23:12:02
                  Terry2 - Song project 22-Mar-2017 02:33:11
                               jackie21 - I love this idea! Would like to see if I can contribute my voice.. haha! (n/t) 29-Mar-2017 00:49:41

    BrianB - The Voice UK - Gavin Rossdale picks the girl with brown eyes and black hair singing in bare feet to go through 19-Mar-2017 13:05:35
                  dave - Hey, good to see you still visit now and then Brian. (n/t) 19-Mar-2017 13:07:50
                  BrianB - Yep still knocking about, bought a new hi-fi so just re-listening to my Corrs CDs Video of last night's show..... 19-Mar-2017 13:45:29

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