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  • The Corrs to perform at the Royal Albert Hall (Oct 19) (13-Sep)
  • New album: JUPITER CALLING (out Nov 10) (13-Sep)
  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    nightcat - Asking for a friend, like seriously. Anyone here know the ukelele chords of Bulletproof Love? 31-Mar-2021 09:40:33
                  JohnLnyc - Corrs corrds 12-Apr-2021 19:44:14
                  JohnLnyc - Here ya go 12-Apr-2021 20:33:41

    Jerry - Which will happen first: the next Corrs tour or the ABBA hologram tour? 29-Mar-2021 23:38:00
                  nightcat - At this rate, the ABBA tour's likely gonna happen first because there's a bit more demand for that haha 30-Mar-2021 12:20:05
                  CSCfan - As the holograms can't contract COVID and that tour will be a less logistical nightmare, I'd say ABBA! ;p 30-Mar-2021 18:24:18
                               dave - Ain't nothin gonna happen nowhere anywhere in our lifetimes unless - everyone gets jabbed ! 31-Mar-2021 13:29:50
                                            Wendy - They could come to Australia! Covid is minimal here... 06-Apr-2021 14:31:15
                                                         CSCfan - Frankly, the first thing that will happen, is Sharon's 3rd solo album release and a (promotional) tour supporting it. 06-Apr-2021 17:32:07
                  rmssw - Unfortunate Jim has become a massive liability 06-Apr-2021 13:38:44
                               dave - Under current and forseeable regulations, Jim would not be allowed to leave UK/Ireland 06-Apr-2021 16:55:26
                                            Wendy - Sharon will definitely be the focus for a while... 07-Apr-2021 01:03:55
                               JohnLnyc - Ironic 12-Apr-2021 21:18:38
                                            Jerry - I'm guessing they've continued to write songs. 12-Apr-2021 22:18:44
                                            Corrsgirl1 - No one is canceling Jim, he can still share his ideas but I can also share mine 17-Apr-2021 21:55:40

    SteveW - Keyboards trivia 28-Mar-2021 13:53:06
                  AB_CLOSER - Andrea - Summer Sunshine - Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2017 28-Mar-2021 19:19:58
                               Wendy - Andrea's piano version of Summer Sunshine is lovely!... 29-Mar-2021 13:15:50
                                            SteveW - That's my favorite version of Summer Sunshine 29-Mar-2021 18:06:33
                                                         AB_CLOSER - It's my favorite version too 30-Mar-2021 20:13:35
                                                                      SteveW - I love the outro -- "me and the Albert Hall". :-) 31-Mar-2021 04:41:15
                  AB_CLOSER - Caroline - The Waterfront (1992) 28-Mar-2021 19:53:19
                               AB_CLOSER - Caroline - Runaway - Solidays Paris 1999 29-Mar-2021 16:01:54
                                            SteveW - These videos are all great. I believe Solidays was the gig right before Lansdowne Road. 29-Mar-2021 18:09:36
                               AB_CLOSER - Caroline - Runaway - Priceless Madrid 2016 30-Mar-2021 11:50:48
                  AB_CLOSER - Sharon - Closer - Live at Lansdowne Road - WOW!!! 28-Mar-2021 19:54:59
                  Wendy - Is it specifically keyboard and not piano? 29-Mar-2021 13:25:35
                               SteveW - Yes, piano counts 29-Mar-2021 14:21:42
                  SteveW - Keyboards trivia: Answers so far 31-Mar-2021 04:39:16
                               AB_CLOSER - Andrea - "No go baby" - Jupiter Calling - Piano (studio recording) 31-Mar-2021 10:11:29
                                            SteveW - No Go Baby is one of the others. There are more on JC. 02-Apr-2021 04:13:20
                                                         AB_CLOSER - Caroline - Silver Strand (Acoustic)[EPK] 2004 02-Apr-2021 19:39:47
                                                                      SteveW - I forgot about Silver Strand, so that's another one for Caroline. 03-Apr-2021 00:34:06
                                                         AB_CLOSER - Sharon _ Piano on Live before I die, Season of our Love and The Sun and the Moon 04-Apr-2021 22:53:57
                                                                      SteveW - Yes, I like these songs too. 06-Apr-2021 06:01:59
                               AB_CLOSER - Caroline - Runaway - TopOfThePops 1999 01-Apr-2021 23:17:23
                                            SteveW - Thanks, I'd never seen this TOTP performance. 02-Apr-2021 04:17:05
                               AB_CLOSER - Caroline - Runaway - The Brits 1999 01-Apr-2021 23:19:20
                               Baxterianism - The photo of Caroline playing piano in the old photo is from her playing 'Liberation' 15-Apr-2021 16:17:49
                                            SteveW - Is there a video of Liberation anywhere? And more Caroline on piano... 15-Apr-2021 18:54:23
                  AB_CLOSER - Caroline - Runaway 09-Apr-2021 19:04:53
                  SteveW - Sharon on keyboards 10-Apr-2021 05:07:09
                               SteveW - typo: timing on Give Me a Reason should be 0:43, not 1:43 10-Apr-2021 05:08:51

    dave - Old footage of The Corrs on BBC4 last night, they showed a 2001 performance of Breathless 20-Mar-2021 15:11:00

    Wendy - Finally built up the courage to listen to 'Barefoot Pilgrimage'... 20-Mar-2021 10:28:32

    AB_CLOSER - I Know My Love - Andrea Corr and friends | The Late Late Show | RTÉ One 18-Mar-2021 01:39:08
                  SteveW - Short but sweet -- thanks for posting 18-Mar-2021 03:10:04
                               MrPeabody - This is just a small part of a great segment 19-Mar-2021 01:49:00
                                            Taliesin - The others musicians. 23-Mar-2021 17:44:07
                                                         SteveW - The harp player is Moya Brennan of the band Clannad (and sister of Enya) 24-Mar-2021 07:37:14
                  Wendy - A lovely segment! And I've always enjoyed "I Know My Love" :) 20-Mar-2021 09:16:29

    abanhara - Andrea in Leprechaun hat 17-Mar-2021 11:18:01
                  AB_CLOSER - Only Jim... 17-Mar-2021 17:55:38
                               AB_CLOSER - Links 17-Mar-2021 17:56:47
                  AB_CLOSER - ANDREA! 19-Mar-2021 18:13:27

    CSCfan - The band will be a (virtual?) guest on The Late Late Show on St Patrick's Day! 15-Mar-2021 10:37:48
                  CSCfan - The RTE article... 15-Mar-2021 10:43:01
                               Corranga - I very much doubt anyone is giving Jim a stage right now, Sharon is in Spain, Caroline England I think 16-Mar-2021 15:15:07
                  MentariS - This Instagram post from the Late Late Show mentions only Andrea: 16-Mar-2021 13:49:20
                               AB_CLOSER - Yes, only Andrea. ( 16-Mar-2021 21:19:28
                  abanhara - Link to watch 17-Mar-2021 11:36:33

    Wendy - Caroline Polachek performing Breathless on The Late Late Show with James Corden 05-Mar-2021 12:17:26
                  Mark - Well, that was interesting... here's the full performance... 05-Mar-2021 15:38:29
                               CorrMac - Don't apologise ... I didn't think much of it either! 08-Mar-2021 15:49:57
                                            SteveW - I didn't really like her vesion either, but I do respect that she put her own spin on the song 09-Mar-2021 00:18:54
                                                         Wendy - Oh, I don't love it, but as Steve said, I can respect that she gave it a different feel... 09-Mar-2021 09:25:59
                               Corranga - I read some of the comments, and she certainly has some fans that think she's amazing 09-Mar-2021 14:23:36
                                            SteveW - I quite liked both versions of "So Hot You're Hurting my Feelings", especially the solo piano version 10-Mar-2021 04:17:04
                               SeanCorrain - The Comments though .... 15-Apr-2021 05:29:16

    MentariS - Sharon’s third solo album ‘should be out in September’: 26-Feb-2021 03:40:25
                  Corrsgirl1 - Exciting! I'm really looking forward to new music by Sharon. 26-Feb-2021 15:11:33
                  SteveW - Here's a link to the full interview 27-Feb-2021 08:55:40
                               nightcat - I've been following the Corr sibliings bit more on social media than on here lately. I'm also excited for her album 05-Mar-2021 08:37:52
                               Corranga - Lovely interview, really enjoyed it. Reminds me that 2 years ago today I was in Manchester waiting to see Sharon/Vonda 08-Mar-2021 15:46:45

    arikorr - Videos and recordings from Sharon and Vonda's 2019 tour 16-Feb-2021 19:12:27
                  Servantez - I've got several videos. Not the greatest quality though. I'll try to find them and link them for you. 16-Feb-2021 23:55:23
                               Servantez - Lets's see if this works: So Young. 17-Feb-2021 00:51:30
                               Servantez - Ive actually only just now realised that you're looking for specific songs. Silly me. 17-Feb-2021 01:01:12
                                            arikorr - Thank you!! Actually doesn't matter that much it's not the songs I'm looking for... 19-Feb-2021 18:34:25

    SeanCorrain - This .... is strange 12-Feb-2021 17:56:37
                  SteveW - Sorry to hear that, Sean. That is... unfortunate. 12-Feb-2021 18:14:38
                  Corrsgirl1 - At this point I've stopped hoping for a comeback 12-Feb-2021 19:01:05
                  Corranga - Oh Sean, this is unfair, but of unfortunately just par for the course with people like this who are so deep into their 13-Feb-2021 10:22:18
                               MentariS - I echo this, Chris. Having actually lost a loved one to COVID-19, on top of... 18-Feb-2021 03:02:13
                                            CorrMac - I hope not too. My brother-in-law was ill with COVID and, ... 18-Feb-2021 16:31:52
                  Wendy - That's really disappointing, to lose respect for someone you looked up to... 14-Feb-2021 09:59:14
                  MentariS - I'm very sorry to hear that, Sean. It really is surreal to see someone you used to admire go down that path... 18-Feb-2021 02:59:11

    Wendy - Podcast interview with Caroline 04-Feb-2021 11:50:34
                  Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for sharing! I don't think I've ever listened to a Caroline only interview so I'm excited about this. 04-Feb-2021 19:40:05
                               Corrsgirl1 - Caroline calling Andrea a mistake, only 8 minutes in and it's already gold. 04-Feb-2021 19:49:03
                                            Wendy - I'm glad Andrea Corr was born, even if she was an accident! 05-Feb-2021 08:13:37
                  MentariS - Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the podcast so much—it’s a bit long but definitely well worth listening to 👍🏼 05-Feb-2021 07:34:23
                  SteveW - Loved this interview; thanks for sharing 06-Feb-2021 12:16:09
                               SteveW - more Caroline interviews 06-Feb-2021 12:31:11
                  dave - She sounds very much like Sharon - thanks for posting. 13-Feb-2021 13:59:58
                  Steverino - Thanks for sharing this - it's so great to hear from Caroline! 21-Feb-2021 22:28:31
                               nightcat - Thanks for sharing this here, we're always up for more Caroline interviews since they don't happen often. 05-Mar-2021 08:39:05

    Jerry - Andrea has a new movie appearance 01-Feb-2021 22:13:08
                  AB_CLOSER - Andrea...Cirie, but not Andrea Corr. Off the Rails (2017) USA Director: David Jackson 01-Feb-2021 23:23:43
                               Jerry - Different movie. There are several movies with the same name. 02-Feb-2021 01:14:20

    SteveW - buy Sharon's dress (fundraiser for the Intensive Care Society) 23-Jan-2021 23:21:08
                  CSCfan - Go do it Steve! Reckon it would look good on ya... ;) 26-Jan-2021 11:42:28
                  Corranga - Reminds me of an old Corrs fan who seemed to completely disappear 26-Jan-2021 22:58:50
                               dave - IIRC they went for over £3000 ! 28-Jan-2021 10:31:12
                  Wendy - It's a beautiful dress. If I were size 8 and willing to spend that much money, I would! 31-Jan-2021 01:27:38

    nexi_exi17 - The Corrs' Lost Sessions - Early Performances & Interview 15-Jan-2021 11:38:30
                  AB_CLOSER - Thanks a lot for sharing! Great performances and funny comments. 15-Jan-2021 22:58:30
                  Corrsgirl1 - Can someone explain the Jim Corr joke to me? 17-Jan-2021 07:42:39
                               nexi_exi17 - Jim Kerr - lead vocal of Simple Minds :) 18-Jan-2021 10:37:43
                                            Corrsgirl1 - Thanks, I'm not really familiar with Simple Minds so that joke was lost on me. 18-Jan-2021 14:02:19
                  SteveW - Thanks for posting this -- always a pleasure to hear their live acoustic performances 18-Jan-2021 08:54:06
                  Wendy - Gold! These are so special... 18-Jan-2021 15:30:44
                               nightcat - Thanks for sharing this Nexi! 20-Jan-2021 08:41:21

    Wendy - Inspirational Corrs Songs 11-Jan-2021 10:10:50
                  nexi_exi17 - Hideaway!! Such a powerful song! 11-Jan-2021 16:31:24
                               Wendy - Hideaway's a good one! 19-Jan-2021 10:58:00
                  BallerinaTay - Melody wise... 14-Jan-2021 05:47:45
                               nightcat - Confidence For Quiet has always been inspirational for me haha 15-Jan-2021 16:27:25
                                            Wendy - I too have been known launch into "I don't caaaare, I'll walk away!" 19-Jan-2021 10:57:26
                               Wendy - Indeed, So Young is uplifting! 19-Jan-2021 10:58:40
                  SteveW - So Young 18-Jan-2021 09:07:46
                               Wendy - I'd forgotten about that extended So Young ending!... 19-Jan-2021 11:00:45

    JohnLnyc - Corrs cover has to be heard.... 08-Jan-2021 20:31:29
                  SteveW - That was indeed impressive 08-Jan-2021 21:01:14
                               JohnLnyc - Very impressive 08-Jan-2021 22:46:43
                                            SteveW - Sina drums 09-Jan-2021 05:15:16

    SeanCorrain - Tinsletown in the Rain 06-Jan-2021 18:30:41
                  SeanCorrain - Credits Info 06-Jan-2021 18:34:32
                               SteveW - Sinead O’Connor 06-Jan-2021 19:14:04
                  nexi_exi17 - I asked the same question to the producer "John Reynolds", 06-Jan-2021 18:58:56
                               nexi_exi17 - I forgot to add that John Reynolds also produced Sinéad's album "I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss" 06-Jan-2021 19:02:08
                  JohnLnyc - Brian Eno 06-Jan-2021 22:55:25

    SteveW - Random thoughts on re-listening to JC 04-Jan-2021 10:32:51
                  Corrsgirl1 - I've been listening to it a lot lately. 04-Jan-2021 15:38:04
                  CSCfan - Usually.. 04-Jan-2021 16:37:51
                  Wendy - 'Son of Solomon' and 'Chasing Shadows' remain my favourites... 07-Jan-2021 13:08:56
                               SteveW - Chasing Shadows and other "outlier" songs 08-Jan-2021 21:15:49
                                            nightcat - When it comes to outliers among Corrs songs, the first that pops into my mind is definitely Give It All Up 09-Jan-2021 17:27:57
                                            Wendy - Chasing Shadows, Son of Solomon, + outlier songs... 09-Jan-2021 23:51:40
                                                         SteveW - Outlier songs 10-Jan-2021 16:15:00
                                                                      Wendy - Give It All Up and other outlier songs... 11-Jan-2021 10:01:41

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