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  • Live Review: The Corrs at the Ruby Sessions from the Irish Times 11.25.15 (25-Nov) NEW
  • The Corrs Play Surprise Set at the Ruby Sessions - Hot Press 11.25.2015 (25-Nov) NEW
  • "Andrea Happy to be Back Back with Corrs 'it's Harder on Your Own'" - Irish Independent 11.25.15 (25-Nov) NEW
  • Listen to an interview with Andrea & Jim from Downtown Radio! (1:30 mark) (22-Nov)
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    This month we'd like to thank Nyoman for being another of the fans who has helped make a real effort to keep all our board members here updated with various Corrs news from social media and the like, especially all of the wonderful pictures. Your efforts to repost things here are greatly appreciated.

    We're lucky to have members like you who are so willing to help keep all of us in the loop! Thanks very much for all your efforts!

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                               Cara - Links To Listen To New Songs Off Of 'White Light'
                                                 [ 19 replies ] Latest reply: 17-Nov-2015 12:48:59
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    ourfourf - I Do What I Like at Ruby's - full version 25-Nov-2015 22:14:18
                  HardCorrFan - Haven't seen it yet, so thanks for the link! :-) (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 22:15:36
                  HardCorrFan - Just finished watching and, wow, the song still sounds good and so much fun when done acoustically! (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 22:22:24
                               Ferrinho - Thank you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Such fun! (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 22:38:18
                  SteveW - Wow, that was great! Impressive that they can pull off such a synth-heavy song acoustically 25-Nov-2015 22:30:51
                  SteveW - Curiously, the live version is pitched a half-step higher than the recording 25-Nov-2015 22:46:21
                               Jackie21 - Wow! thanks for sharing! 26-Nov-2015 00:22:14
                                            Jackie21 - And did the stage looked really cramped... Id give anything to be there. (n/t) 26-Nov-2015 00:23:41

    SteveW - White Light #42 on; can US buyers download the mp3? 25-Nov-2015 21:15:39
                  Corranga - I had the opposite problem in the past. I bought an album from .com and there was no way to download the mp3 in the UK 25-Nov-2015 21:38:14
                  Corranga - It's hanging around the low 100s in UK chart performance I believe (itunes / spotify) (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 21:50:36
                  HardCorrFan - I'm not from the US but I once ordered a CD from Amazon (US) and I still got the autorip mp3s... 25-Nov-2015 21:50:43
                               Corranga - Mine was March 2014 - I bought Lacuna Coil's Broken Crown Halo on vinyl from .com and was unable to download the mp3 (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 21:55:09
                                            HardCorrFan - I ordered mine on August 4, 2014... 25-Nov-2015 22:13:04
                  Cara - I suspect you'll have to wait. 25-Nov-2015 22:22:57

    MentariS - The final part of the EPK interview posted on the band's official Facebook: 25-Nov-2015 16:17:14

    dave - As well as Graham Norton (recorded) on TV Friday, the band are also 25-Nov-2015 16:13:26

    MentariS - "I'm not Caroline," is officially my new favourite Corrs quote - beautifully said by Shazza in this video: 25-Nov-2015 14:44:59
                  Nyxlapsi - All I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 14:59:19
                  MentariS - And speaking of Shazza, here's a picture of the lady herself about to fly to Paris (posted by her twin on IG): 25-Nov-2015 15:05:40
                               MentariS - And here's her twin: 25-Nov-2015 15:12:30
                  OsamaRaashid - I think this is the first time I have seen the band in this capacity 25-Nov-2015 15:12:49
                               Sergio - that's ridiculous, I mean that is meant to be their job to recognize celebrities...But eventually 25-Nov-2015 15:58:47
                                            MentariS - Shaz and Andy did look like twins back in the FNF days - down to the hairstyle and chubby cheeks! (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 16:00:32
                                            OsamaRaashid - For me it was Sharon's and Andrea's voice, that was sometimes difficult to distinguish, in my early days of fandom 25-Nov-2015 17:30:01
                  HaNnAhCoRr - Hahaha, I loved that also... Love Sharon's attitude and chat :D (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 15:54:27
                  dave - Good to see Henry is still very much involved. 25-Nov-2015 16:06:46
                               Corranga - It is good to see Henry there, but that video is pretty embarassing. I hope that's not what they think we are like 25-Nov-2015 21:07:51
                                            Yrisea - I would think that's your average fan though.... 25-Nov-2015 21:30:59
                                                         Corranga - I'd say there is much less name shouting there personally.. I guess everywhere is the same, but in the UK there are 25-Nov-2015 21:45:26

    MentariS - A very positive review of the surprise gig on The Irish Times - Miguel gets a mention! 25-Nov-2015 13:07:03
                  Yrisea - Thanks ! That is certainly a nice review and I'm sure it is well deserved :-) 25-Nov-2015 14:18:55
                               dave - And..Miguel gets himself photographed by Hotpress as well. 25-Nov-2015 15:55:20
                                            commonwombat - How they fit the 6 of them into that tiny stage area is a mystery ! LOL 25-Nov-2015 17:22:33
                                                         MentariS - Judging from the Big Brothers' looks, they couldn't deny how cramped it must've been! (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 17:24:29
                  Lonneke - Miguel and Bel, you're famous!! :)) (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 18:17:39

    dave - Granted the appearance supported a charity but The Corrs haven't lost their touch 25-Nov-2015 10:40:54
                  HaNnAhCoRr - Well Gabrielle Aplin mentioned on twitter... 25-Nov-2015 14:54:12
                  MC - It seems more as though the gig was secret to the general public... 25-Nov-2015 19:11:13
                               dave - It was a bit like going right back to The Committments movie - Jimmy Rabitte, 25-Nov-2015 20:48:50
                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - highlights reel video inside 25-Nov-2015 19:11:26

    dave - The Corrs playing tonight at Ruby Sessions, Doyle Street, Dublin 9pm. 24-Nov-2015 19:34:26
                  DrFunkenstein - That would be amazing! I hope some of us are able to go! (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 20:25:55
                  SteveW - I guess this must be one of the 'impromptu gigs' that Jim mentioned in one of the interviews (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 20:48:41
                  sergio - a wonderful experience for the lucky ones. Would be obvious to play Ruby Tuesday:) (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 20:50:33
                               commonwombat - Setlist likely to depend on whether its just the four of them or the "full family" (including the "big brothers") (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 21:12:14
                                            Leslie - Big brother Anto is there. Those who get to go are so lucky! (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 21:18:06
                                                         CorrMac - That will be one cramped stage then ... it looks TINY!!! (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 21:23:15
                  SteveW - They certainly are keeping this gig quiet. Why? 24-Nov-2015 23:00:12
                               Yrisea - Good question, no idea... 24-Nov-2015 23:11:15
                  SteveW - video of IDWIL live acoustic -- sounds great! 24-Nov-2015 23:33:10
                               Jackie21 - agree.. i love it! Glad to see Keith on the sides. (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 00:12:52
                               MikeFromMelbourne - this makes me so happy just to hear :) (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 05:36:31
                               MentariS - I don't mind the album version, but I have to say I like the acoustic version better! 25-Nov-2015 05:41:22
                                            MikeFromMelbourne - I have to agree MentariS, as per usual the Corrs make a great song sound 10 times amazing acoustically :) (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 08:32:21
                  SteveW - see this person's twitter page for live updates 24-Nov-2015 23:36:04
                               Nyoman - Love it! Andrea sounds great as ever, thx. (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 23:50:39
                  SteveW - more video, photos, and setlist 24-Nov-2015 23:55:10
                               Yrisea - Now we're talking !!!! .... 25-Nov-2015 00:13:22
                               Nyoman - The "nine minutes" preview from last night perfromance was posted on Youtube 25-Nov-2015 10:06:32
                  SteveW - Runaway sing-along 24-Nov-2015 23:58:53
                  den - yes ive been lucky enough to go to a few Corrs gigs like that and they are simply wondwrful. but 25-Nov-2015 00:14:28
                               Jackie21 - That short snippet of Ellis Island is lovely... 25-Nov-2015 00:18:29
                               Robin - Sounds like a magical night. Small gigs like that are just so special. (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 00:19:55
                  paad82 - I was lucky enough to be there!!! 25-Nov-2015 01:21:42
                               SteveW - Wow! Tell us more! :-) How did you find out about it? Any interesting re-arrangments? (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 01:27:47
                                            SteveW - p.s. I realize it's 1:30 am there. No rush -- if you could tell us more whenever you have time, I'd love to hear it! (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 01:30:27
                               SteveW - Wow! Tell us more! :-) How did you find out about it? Any interesting re-arrangments? (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 01:39:46
                               dave - Glad that you and Miguel were able to be there Alan. (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 09:42:32
                  SteveW - article with videos 25-Nov-2015 04:56:47
                  MentariS - More photos from the gig (courtesy of @daramunnis on Twitter): 25-Nov-2015 04:59:09
                               Yrisea - Thanks so much MentariS. Pics are stunning ! Agreed, they really come aluve in those acoustic set indeed (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 06:56:33
                  SteveW - hotpress article 25-Nov-2015 05:03:39
                               MentariS - Looks like the gig got quite a good media coverage - despite being an 'impromptu' one! *sighs in relief* (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 05:24:54
                               Yrisea - Oh so lovely ! Those are charity gigs ! Even better :') (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 06:54:33
                                            Corranga - Fantastic! Really glad that some board members made it along, not surprised Miguel made it though, lucky man! :) 25-Nov-2015 08:39:49
                  Erica - Really glad Miguel made it (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 08:47:05
                               Jackie21 - thanks for sharing the article-- really nice. Im mildly surprised that Little Wing is the encore song.. 25-Nov-2015 09:29:50
                                            commonwombat - Re LW, I was mystified by its choice for last weeks Chris Evans show when there was only four of them present 25-Nov-2015 09:45:45
                                                         MentariS - I wondered about that too, but I've to say the Chris Evans version was not at all disappointing 25-Nov-2015 12:11:22
                  MentariS - Clips posted by singer Gabrielle Aplin from the gig - looks like we have another celebrity hardCorr fan! 25-Nov-2015 12:09:55
                  MentariS - A photo of Andrea and Sharon outside the BBC building...this morning? (from The Corrs Fan Club on Facebook) 25-Nov-2015 12:43:34

    Cara - White Light on BBCR2 right now. :-) 24-Nov-2015 17:50:03
                  MikeFromMelbourne - Awesome!!!! Falling in total and utter love with every listen of this song. Same with Stay :) (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 01:23:29
                  Corranga - Interesting. I wonder if this confirms it as a 2nd single, seems an odd thing to play otherwise, unless the DJ really 25-Nov-2015 08:40:46
                               Erica - I think it screams single but I actually think that about a few tracks. It does have an epically catchy chorus ( (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 08:48:48

    airbusgore - Where is all the TV promo? (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 17:18:54
                  robin - yes lots of radio coverage but it would be great to see them promoting on least we have graham norton this 24-Nov-2015 19:08:04
                               Yrisea - ...And also a french TV apparently... (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 19:57:43
                  Corranga - I suspect either they are waiting for the album to actually be released, or they aren't in enough demand yet to warrant 25-Nov-2015 08:48:58

    SteveW - Did everyone catch the excellent BBC Radio Ulster interview by Gerry Kelly with Sharon and Caroline? 24-Nov-2015 15:31:13
                  dave - Yes, that was a good one. The Corrs are also on TodayFM in Ireland this Friday, 24-Nov-2015 15:48:55
                  CorrMac - I think it helped that they know him quite well, having been on his TV show ... 24-Nov-2015 20:52:37
                  commonwombat - Whilst all of them had a good media day, the two interviews Shaz & Caz did together were excellent 24-Nov-2015 21:04:33
                  MC - Yeah, the Radio Ulster interview was really good. 25-Nov-2015 19:02:11

    MentariS - An interview with The Corrs on the Music Week magazine (photos by The Corrs News): 24-Nov-2015 15:12:14
                  Nabil - Thank you! (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 16:33:10
                  Sergio - Thank you for posting! I'm having problems to understand the part when Andrea tells that... 24-Nov-2015 16:57:22
                               Servantez - She's saying that there is a "voice inside her head" telling her that what she does is not good enough. Self-doubt. (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 17:03:49
                                            Sergio - Now I got it. Thank you! So thats why she is getting better and better:)) (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 17:22:58
                               Servantez - And I suffer from the same condition. TROLL CLUB Andrea! We need to start a club! (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 17:04:58
                  OsamaRaashid - This is a very good interview. Thanks for posting (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 19:22:37
                  Corradore - Thanks Mentari 24-Nov-2015 20:47:29

    Cara - Zazzle has 50% off shirts today & 20% off everything else. If you wanted a cheap board t-shirt! ;-) 24-Nov-2015 14:03:34

    Yrisea - the corrs on french TV on thursday 24-Nov-2015 10:11:47
                  Robin - No mention of this on reference Corrs site. (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 00:11:36
                               Yrisea - They just arrived in Paris.... 25-Nov-2015 21:08:45
                               Yrisea - The corrs just landed in Paris. .. 25-Nov-2015 21:12:39

    Jerry - The oldest Corrs Club page (9 Nov. 2005) 23-Nov-2015 21:02:38
                  dave - What I really notice is how many usernames we don't see anymore - we lost a lot in 10 years. (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 09:33:38
                               Corranga - Who knows, with the album being out at the end of the week (in the UK) and promotion starting again, maybe some more 24-Nov-2015 09:52:41
                                            Nick - :) (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 14:15:40
                               robin - yes some names from the past who had been forgotten about but of course there are lots of us who have stayed 24-Nov-2015 18:59:02
                                            Cara - I have a few previously registered folks asking for password resets etc. (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 19:21:26
                                            dave - There are a good few floating around in 'cyberspace' Robin - I've come across them 24-Nov-2015 19:40:33
                                                         Robin - Guess we may meet some old fans at the gigs in January. (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 00:10:07
                  Lonneke - Boy, that brings back memories! Anybody who knows whatever happened to The Twins? (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 18:34:37
                               Robin - Remember the twins camping out overnight at Bonn so they would be first in the queue. Can't think we have heard from 25-Nov-2015 20:39:59

    Nyoman - The third part of EPK Interview 23-Nov-2015 17:07:46
                  HardCorrFan - Even more "Ellis Island" goodness. This song is just sooooo good! 23-Nov-2015 18:05:07
                               Servantez - This song is straight up beautiful. Love it. (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 20:27:56
                               SteveW - Love Ellis Island, too. 23-Nov-2015 21:10:07
                  MentariS - I still can't wrap my head around how beautiful Ellis Island is. Thanks for posting! 24-Nov-2015 08:59:59

    dave - Anyone want a Row C centre block 005 ticket at Glasgow £135 - send message on 23-Nov-2015 16:55:45
                  dave - sold.. (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 15:51:20
                               Corranga - Quite close to us, we are 005 row B. (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 18:20:46
                                            Robin - I am row A but block 004 so not too far away. (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 00:04:54
                                                         Corranga - Excellent! Be great to see you again. I'll have Erica and Lonneke with me. (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 08:44:37
                                                                      Robin - Yes will be great to see you all too. (n/t) 25-Nov-2015 23:37:22

    Sergio - Album review by The Art Desk...not too deep and not quite positive though... 23-Nov-2015 12:49:12
                  CSCfan - guess is "With Me Stay" was the original version.. (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 15:31:37
                  HardCorrFan - Looks like the reviewer's main issue is the lack of "cohesive flow" between tracks on the album... 23-Nov-2015 16:07:19
                               SteveW - Yeah, IMO having a variety of styles of music is a strength, not a lack of "cohesive flow" 23-Nov-2015 19:02:58
                                            HardCorrFan - The Corrs have tried several styles over the years... 23-Nov-2015 19:40:38
                  Servantez - "“I Do What I Like” sounds like the bad karaoke version of an empowerment anthem..." Spot on. 23-Nov-2015 18:24:28
                  SteveW - "egregious autotune" 23-Nov-2015 22:27:57
                               Servantez - You can't hear auto-tune if it's done right. Some "effects" were added in BOTN, but that's not auto-tune. 23-Nov-2015 22:55:12
                                            SteveW - The effects on BOTN sound like double-tracking to me 23-Nov-2015 23:16:10
                                                         Servantez - Well, no. If done correctly, you can't hear it. I guess studio time im more expensive than post-editing. 23-Nov-2015 23:23:50
                                                                      SteveW - Funny that the engineer says the goal is to make the track sound more natural 23-Nov-2015 23:34:45
                                                                                   Servantez - Maybe she confused auto-tune with different effect.I think most people confuse double-tracking or vocoding for autotune. (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 23:55:10
                                                                                                Servantez - *confuse with. Sorry. BTW, Cher's vocals in "Believe" were vocoded. (but probobly auto-tuned as well) ;) (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 23:58:34
                                                                                                             Servantez - *probably. I should stop writing new posts after having a few drinks ;) (n/t) 24-Nov-2015 00:01:31
                                                                                                SteveW - That seems like a plausible explanation. It does sound like there's a lot of effects on her voice in IDWIL 24-Nov-2015 00:08:59

    dave - Corrs interview on BBC Radio Kent Dominic King Show 16:00 today. (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 12:05:48
                  CSCfan - The interview's on now! (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 16:26:58
                               dave - If you replay, Jim & Andrea are on from about 16:15 to 16:30 23-Nov-2015 16:33:15

    SteveW - Where's the ukulele and other brief thoughts on the Chris Evans show 23-Nov-2015 00:05:47
                  Corranga - Great informative post as usual, with some interesting insight. I wonder, would a proper vocal warm up help Andrea, or 23-Nov-2015 08:33:45
                               SteveW - I don't know anything about singing, but it seems to me that Sharon is better than ever... 23-Nov-2015 08:48:48
                                            Yrisea - About Sharon's voice... 23-Nov-2015 10:04:51
                                                         SteveW - Sharon and voice lessons 23-Nov-2015 20:15:54
                                            Yrisea - ...oh and about your comment SteveW... 23-Nov-2015 10:07:05
                                            Nyxlapsi - And she's been a smoker for decades! 23-Nov-2015 14:17:26
                               Nyxlapsi - All of the above :-) (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 14:15:25
                  Yrisea - Thanks for posting SteveW, thanks for posting and interesting as usual... 23-Nov-2015 08:43:48
                               Jackie21 - Violin is easily "spotted" during the middle eight of BOTN. (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 10:22:51
                                            Yrisea - I barely heard it...I need to listen again! Thanks for pointing it out Jackie :) (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 10:52:57
                                                         Jackie21 - Let us know what you think when you hear it Yrisea. :-) (n/t) 23-Nov-2015 13:22:03
                                                                      SteveW - It sounds to me like Sharon is playing double-stops (two strings at once) in the middle-eight 23-Nov-2015 13:43:13

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