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  • Read Sharon's profile piece on John Giddings (and John's piece on Sharon) from The Independent! (07-Feb) NEW
  • The Corrs to play Blenheim Palace, Woodstock on June 24. (02-Feb)
  • Read a review of the Belfast gig from the Belfast Telegraph! (30-Jan)
  • The Corrs will take part in La Noche de Cadena 100 concert! (29-Jan)
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    At the end of this 2015 year I'd like to take a moment to thank those who help out around here behind the scenes. The format of the board makes it fairly simple to run but as life has gotten busier for me with having a baby, starting my own business, etc. I've come to rely that little bit more on others helping out as well.

    We have people who update the news page for us as well as a few who now help out with some of the moderation. It really helps take some of the pressure off of me and leaves this as a fun extra thing for me to do and I appreciate all the help!

    I hope all of our members have a good remainder of the year, including a happy Christmas if you celebrate. I know we're all looking forward to what 2016 brings in the Corrs world! ;-)

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    07-Feb-2016 21:17:06
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    CorrMark95 - London 02 Images 07-Feb-2016 12:34:20
                  dave - Thanks - you've got some really nice shots there. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 12:59:32
                               Terry2 - O2 photos 07-Feb-2016 13:26:38
                  CorrMark95 - And one more. 07-Feb-2016 13:37:28
                  MentariS - Beautiful photos, very sharp - thanks for sharing! If I may ask, what camera did you use? (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 15:42:28
                               CorrMark95 - Just my iPhone 6 :) (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 15:57:21
                  OCTAVIO - wow! amazing pics!! thanx for sharing. I alsi attended the O2 gig 07-Feb-2016 18:01:16

    airbusgore - Do you there will be more Summer Dates?- take a look at Simply Red's 07-Feb-2016 10:56:55

    RUDOLF - kew the music 07-Feb-2016 09:32:40
                  dave - They were certainly selling tee shirts and other stuff at the recent shows Sarah, 07-Feb-2016 10:05:50
                               Corranga - I'm surprised that they haven't reduced the t-shirts yet as they now have out of date tour dates on the back 07-Feb-2016 14:27:21
                  Cara - Thanks Dave! As Dave said - they were selling merchandise at their UK shows in January. 07-Feb-2016 10:42:06
                               Robin - I got black white light tour t shirt which is really nice for £20 and it looks like you can order this on the official 07-Feb-2016 14:03:38

    SteveW - Interesting interview with Sharon and John Giddings, and another gig review 07-Feb-2016 02:29:17
                  MentariS - So she does live in Spain? Some articles from late last year mentioned that she lived in France :-) (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 06:18:41
                               dave - Just to keep people guessing I reckon, don't blame her.. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 09:52:46
                  GaėlleF - He is a tour agent, he books venues for the Corrs all around the world. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 08:39:20
                  dave - On the John/Sharon one, there's also a link halfway down to a review titled 07-Feb-2016 18:41:23

    Corranga - Another new blog - London o2 Arena this time 06-Feb-2016 15:31:09
                  MC - Great write-up, Chris! :-) (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 18:19:29
                               Jackie21 - What a great read, thanks for this! (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 11:01:36
                  Terry2 - Blog 07-Feb-2016 13:32:36
                               Erica - Ooh I'd love to put it on the blog Terry! 07-Feb-2016 17:07:45
                  Robin - Another excellent blog Chris brings it all back. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 14:18:59

    SteveW - guitar technique question 06-Feb-2016 10:38:03
                  dave - I can only guess its because the string vibration on the neck is between bridges, rather than 06-Feb-2016 10:51:26
                               ourfourf - I have no idea of guitar technique, but for what it's worth: 06-Feb-2016 12:18:36
                  commonwombat - Its hard to get any real read on the actual sound from that clip 06-Feb-2016 12:00:16
                  Terry2 - Guitar technique 06-Feb-2016 21:39:31
                  SteveW - Another guitar question 07-Feb-2016 02:25:26
                               commonwombat - It gets back to what kind of sound you are wanting for that specific number 07-Feb-2016 06:10:05
                                            MentariS - There's another axe that Jim used during the UK/IRE tour - I think it's a Fender, but don't know what type specifically 07-Feb-2016 06:24:54
                                                         StPaddy - That“s the Fender“Johnny Marr“Jaguar that Steve mentioned before. 07-Feb-2016 08:59:29
                                                                      Terry2 - Guitar obsession 07-Feb-2016 13:24:09

    dave - Anyone driving up from Southampton for the Blenheim gig - I'd be happy to share costs 06-Feb-2016 10:14:22
                  chris1957 - Getting to Bleinheim 07-Feb-2016 09:43:27

    Luke - A few more gigs to look forward to for me. 05-Feb-2016 22:26:48
                  Corranga - Hi Luke I couldn't agree more. Hopefully see you at Kew :) (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 07:52:27
                  dave - See you at Blenheim and Epsom Luke - 'down the front' I presume...LOL (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 10:09:26
                               dave - Looks like Blenheim gig starts 4pm - everyone else agree? Just trying to make travel 06-Feb-2016 10:38:49
                                            Cara - I think it's gates open at 4. Not it starts at 4? (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 13:58:53
                                                         Cara - Yup - the ticket page says gates open from 4. (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 14:09:31
                                                                      dave - Robin - what enclosure have you bought your ticket in for Haydock, 06-Feb-2016 15:01:17
                                                                                   Corranga - Dave, my thoughts are on the google tour sheet for Haydock.. 06-Feb-2016 15:29:15
                                                                                                dave - Might be in a suit and buttonhole for Newmarket Chris ! You never know, we might 06-Feb-2016 16:52:54
                                                                                   Robin - I got tattersall admission 33 pounds. I told them on phone I only wanted to see Corrs and not any racing and that was 06-Feb-2016 16:09:54
                                                                                                dave - Thanks Robin, I'll go for Tattersall then. (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 16:49:57
                                                                      chris1957 - Bleinheim start time 06-Feb-2016 16:31:51
                                                                      Leslie - I'd imagine the band will come out just before sundown. The beauty of the venue is part of the event. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 14:25:31
                                                                                   dave - Well in that case it'll be 9 or 10pm Leslie in June, so 11 or 12pm finish. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 19:33:13
                               Luke - i brought the cheap ticket for Epsom 06-Feb-2016 22:46:21
                                            dave - Not all Luke, but certainly a fair number. 07-Feb-2016 10:16:16
                                                         Luke - I'm really looking forward to .... 07-Feb-2016 18:30:18
                                                                      dave - Being retired now Luke, thankfully that's a problem I no longer have. 07-Feb-2016 18:45:33

    dave - Nice to read another good Irish review here.. 05-Feb-2016 19:32:30

    Corrsgirl1 - What's up with "Intimacy" 05-Feb-2016 15:50:07
                  Corrsgirl1 - Found out the song was also recorded by Meja but her version is from 1998 so question still stands 05-Feb-2016 15:54:51
                  MC - I don't know for sure, but I suspect that maybe the record company wanted them to record it. 05-Feb-2016 16:48:22
                  sergio - It sounds like a Belinda Carlisle song, and its not a coincidence as Rick Nowels co-wrote this one as well (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 17:46:34
                  Servantez - Written by Neil Giraldo, Rick Nowels, Billy Steinberg. The Corrs were the first band to record it: October 20, 1997. 06-Feb-2016 01:06:33
                               Servantez - Pat Benatar is a Grammy winning singer. My guess is that it's one of her B-Sides. She's Neil Giraldo's wife. (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 01:14:03
                                            Servantez - There's a third version of that song recorded by Suzy K. in August 2000. Here's a sample/ 06-Feb-2016 01:27:51
                                                         dave - From what I recall at the time of TOC, the record company felt the need to include 06-Feb-2016 10:44:45
                                                                      SteveW - I remember Jim saying in an interview that the record company wanted to leave off So Young and WCID 06-Feb-2016 10:58:22
                  Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for all the info everyone! (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 11:58:09
                               ourfourf - I think they hired songwriters to make TOC their breakthrough album, 06-Feb-2016 12:28:19
                                            Nuril - my mom loves the song so much, she keeps humming the "hoo hoo hoo hoo" part. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 07:46:16
                                                         zairean - Love Intimacy so much 07-Feb-2016 13:21:49

    dave - Anyone going to Epsom gig, ticket includes entry to racecourse during the day 05-Feb-2016 15:49:02
                  Robin - I got tickets for Newmarket Haydock and York and it's the same. Never thought I would be doing a tour of racecourses. (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 18:41:13
                               dave - Geez... you're keen Robin. Still its easier if you live 'on the mainland' - every 05-Feb-2016 19:13:53
                                            robin - guess so Dave i'm always happy to drive to any gig whatever the distance. (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 23:22:18
                  RichardY - Dave the nearest station for the racecourse is Tattenham Corner rather than Epsom Downs. 06-Feb-2016 09:17:09
                               dave - Thanks Richard (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 10:11:20

    dave - Cadena100 gig in Madrid 9 April is now 'sold out'. (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 14:14:37
                  Servantez - That was... quick. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 01:02:38
                               dave - Apparently its one of Madrid's most popular annual music events. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 18:47:39

    chris - TV & Radio Apperances 05-Feb-2016 08:47:54
                  Corranga - I like that idea, but I'm also not volunteering for it ;) The only issue I can think of is that TV appearances 05-Feb-2016 12:13:34
                               MC - I wouldn't mind doing it, but oftentimes dates get confused. 05-Feb-2016 14:57:29
                               dave - Remember that The Corrs are scheduled on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow morning. (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 21:19:16

    Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates 04-Feb-2016 21:55:12
                  dave - Excellent job there Cara - like the optimistic 'Global' title. (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 22:15:50
                               Robin - Yes brilliant Cara (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 22:54:16
                               Corranga - That's me Dave, the optimistic pessimist! (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 08:24:53
                                            Robin - Yes big thanks to you too Chris (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 10:46:45
                                            dave - How true Chris - reminds me of the comments of 'sad bastard' when I told people I liked The Corrs - 05-Feb-2016 11:12:29
                  Bea_HC - Official sites for the gig in Spain (or at least the ones the radio station have linked in their page) 04-Feb-2016 22:57:59
                               Corranga - Thanks Bea, I've updated the website. (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 08:16:44
                  Cara - Full credit to Corranga for setting it up! ;-) All I did was start a new thread so I could pin/sticky it. ;-) (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 06:19:53
                  DrFunkenstein - Excellent job guys...exactly what I had in mind! The ticket links is an awesome touch, too! (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 12:14:45
                               dave - Cadena100 is a multi-artist gig according to their website and DisfrutaLosCorrs, 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11

    dave - Very good review of the O2 gig by a journo who appreciates talent & good music - 04-Feb-2016 21:16:26
                  Corranga - That is a nice little piece. It's a shame the writer had to crack a Jim joke towards the end, and not just compliment 05-Feb-2016 08:34:11
                               dave - Agreed, without Jim there would be no Corrs band - he was instrumental in 05-Feb-2016 11:20:23

    Norma - I hope it's ok I post this here. I became a Corrs fan thru a fan on another group's site.. 04-Feb-2016 20:27:29
                  dave - Yep... Karen Carpenter set the bar for aspiring female drummers, 04-Feb-2016 21:21:26
                               Norma - They were Dave, but back then anorexia was little known and little understood. 04-Feb-2016 21:54:17
                  Corrpulent - I think that fits quite well here. Thanks for posting. (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 03:35:20
                  SteveW - Carpenters 06-Feb-2016 10:47:32

    dave - Message to MYC1979 - I've emailed you through CorrsClub members list. (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 19:52:44
                  MYC1979 - Hi Dave 05-Feb-2016 14:51:35
                               dave - Yes, thank you very much 05-Feb-2016 15:40:53

    dave - I've been looking for one word to describe the recent UK tour - its 'Organic'. 04-Feb-2016 15:42:28
                  MentariS - Can I use a made-up word? :-) 04-Feb-2016 15:54:56
                  Terry2 - Grease isn't the word 04-Feb-2016 16:38:49
                               MC - LOL! Not a word I was expecting! (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 00:34:29
                                            Terry2 - The Word 05-Feb-2016 10:11:28
                                                         Corranga - I automatically made the same conclusion following on from organic, so you're not alone! (and without any cider..) (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 12:16:16
                                                                      Terry2 - The Word 05-Feb-2016 15:42:40
                  rich2862 - Renascent - acquiring or showing new life, strength, or vigor. ??????? (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 17:17:52
                               Corranga - I used the word 'Energy' a lot when talking about the gigs, so I guess that's mine 04-Feb-2016 19:46:36
                               MC - That's a good one! 05-Feb-2016 00:35:30
                                            Erica - salubrious?? :p hahahhaaa (n/t) 05-Feb-2016 10:20:53
                  Servantez - Loved it. Though they played it SAFE. Nothing wrong about that. It was more of @the best of@ tour than White Ligh Tour. (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 01:04:25

    Alastair - Going to see The Corrs in Ireland at last!! ;-) (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 08:56:58
                  Corrsgirl1 - Congrats ! It's an awesome experience . Have a blast. (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 12:30:50
                  Servantez - Have fun! (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 16:00:55
                  Sue - See you there 04-Feb-2016 22:35:18

    nightcat - Throwback Thursday: An old list callled 'You are a hardcorr fan if...' 04-Feb-2016 08:03:16
                  Erica - Wow...there's my youth... (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 08:30:36
                  MentariS - No. 12 - I'm laughing very hard now at how true it is! I've watched The Commitments dozens of times... 04-Feb-2016 10:17:34
                               DrFunkenstein - Now that's a list that hits close to ringtone is Leave Me Alone, and I often sing along before answering... (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 12:11:04
                               Alastair - OWIS used to be my alarm clock (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 13:58:16
                               Servantez - I would add: You actually watched Borken Thread and all your passwords are Corrsinspired. (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 14:34:39
                                            MentariS - And I envy you for that >.< (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 14:47:25
                                            nightcat - Oh right, I should also add watching Broken Thread to my list haha. (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 15:53:55
                  Jerry - And there once were many busy message boards with people all over the world posting almost 24 hours a day 04-Feb-2016 17:03:16
                               sergio - I want to but struggling to set 'Lifting me' as alarm tune on my bloody phone. I don't know how to do it... 04-Feb-2016 17:30:01
                                            Corrsgirl1 - What phone do you have? On most phones it's easy, on iphone not so easy (and I'm pretty computer savvy if I may say so) (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 18:27:28
                                                         sergio - yeah, Iphone...really difficult to customize, I've downloaded dozens of apps just for downloading 04-Feb-2016 19:21:56
                                                                      Corrsgirl1 - It's a bit of a hassle but it can be done 04-Feb-2016 19:35:31
                                                                                   sergio - thanks, I'll give it a try (n/t) 04-Feb-2016 19:43:52
                                                         Corranga - My message tone has been Andrea saying digedee baba from So Young Lansdowne Road since I first had a phone 04-Feb-2016 19:32:21
                                                                      Robin - My mobile is total Corrs. I have in blue cover plus images and tones which I keep changing. At the moment I have 04-Feb-2016 22:44:47
                                                                                   Nuril - my ringtone is andrea when singing BLBLBLBLB... from lifelines. 05-Feb-2016 18:21:49
                               SteveW - It almost feels like that now... "There weren't enough hours in a day to read everything." 06-Feb-2016 10:14:00
                                            MentariS - I feel you, Steve. A couple of years ago when I first became a fan I didn't expect to deal with all this :-) (n/t) 06-Feb-2016 11:21:57
                                                         nightcat - I feel you Mentari and Steve, not a day goes by without new posts lately but I'm not complaining haha :-) (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 04:05:02
                                                                      SteveW - I'm definitely not complaining either -- it's wonderful! (n/t) 07-Feb-2016 06:13:26

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