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  • Listen to the Corrs on Today FM with Ian Dempsey! (27-Nov) NEW
  • Review of The Corrs @ The Ruby Sessions from Unsigned and Independent 11.25.15 (26-Nov)
  • Live Review: The Corrs at the Ruby Sessions from the Irish Times 11.25.15 (25-Nov)
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    This month we'd like to thank Nyoman for being another of the fans who has helped make a real effort to keep all our board members here updated with various Corrs news from social media and the like, especially all of the wonderful pictures. Your efforts to repost things here are greatly appreciated.

    We're lucky to have members like you who are so willing to help keep all of us in the loop! Thanks very much for all your efforts!

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                               Cara - Links To Listen To New Songs Off Of 'White Light'
                                                 [ 20 replies ] Latest reply: 26-Nov-2015 23:14:57
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    Rmssw - US fans, when is your copy coming? 30-Nov-2015 12:35:04
                  SteveW - Dec 10 is my arrival date from Amazon UK, too (n/t) 30-Nov-2015 13:08:12
                  DrFunkenstein - My email said Dec 17, but nothing has ever taken that long when I ordered it before (n/t) 30-Nov-2015 13:54:51

    Nyoman - Pics of The Corrs performed at The Magic of Christmas Show in London Palladium, November 29, 2015 30-Nov-2015 12:33:57
                  CSCfan - They definately performed: 30-Nov-2015 12:45:56
                               MentariS - I wonder who decided the setlist? Was it 100% decided by the band, or was it requested by the event organiser? (n/t) 30-Nov-2015 12:50:24
                               Jackie21 - Absolutely stunning! Thanks Nyoman! 30-Nov-2015 12:51:27
                               CorrMac - Wonder what Christmas song(s) they performed? 30-Nov-2015 13:01:43
                  SteveW - Now this looks live -- lots of foot pedals and cables on the ground! (n/t) 30-Nov-2015 13:10:11
                  Shion - it's a Christmas performance, i wish they would've dressed with more brighter colors 30-Nov-2015 13:20:52

    MentariS - iTunes chart updates: #9 WORLDWIDE, #10 in the UK 30-Nov-2015 09:19:00
                  SteveW - That's pretty impressive considering that the album has not been released yet in several major markets: US, DE, AUS (n/t) 30-Nov-2015 09:30:40
                               Corranga - I still love that random single songs chart.. Being Ģ6.99 on Amazon UK should help sales a little in the first week.. (n/t) 30-Nov-2015 09:49:42
                                            Jackie21 - Strange Romance is currently #69 as well in the Philippines. I hope BOTN's charting improves 30-Nov-2015 10:29:47
                  Nyoman - And my copy of the physical CD just arrived today! 30-Nov-2015 11:35:33

    seancorrain - My thoughts on the telegraph interview 30-Nov-2015 04:37:03
                  MentariS - In university, we are ALWAYS encouraged to ask hard questions like that one :-) 30-Nov-2015 05:13:41
                               Corrsgirl1 - I liked Sharon's reaction. She seems pretty "real" always, reacting like a person, not a musician, first 30-Nov-2015 08:34:44
                                            MentariS - A number of reasons I can think of 30-Nov-2015 09:07:16
                                                         Sergio - It is fair enough that they do not make it for commercial success but it still brings you down as the reception is not 30-Nov-2015 09:28:02
                                                                      All4dCorrs - Sisterhood 30-Nov-2015 10:24:45

    SteveW - Breathless on Royal Variety Performance 30-Nov-2015 04:05:40
                  Jackie21 - The moment the music played I knew it was playback. 30-Nov-2015 04:29:28
                               SteveW - Yeah, me too. Have they ever opened an actual live performance of Breathless with vocals? 30-Nov-2015 05:12:52
                                            StPaddy - Miming 30-Nov-2015 06:44:11
                                                         Corradore - This has been a truly informative thread! 30-Nov-2015 08:30:46
                  Corradore - Steve, why does a band perform this way? Did the other acts also use playback? 30-Nov-2015 05:38:05
                               SteveW - I have no idea -- it's a mystery to me. 30-Nov-2015 06:05:26
                               commonwombat - This decision is almost always the decision of the show's producers, generally for the exact reason Michael provided 30-Nov-2015 07:14:49
                  Cara - Does anybody know... 30-Nov-2015 06:34:44
                               StPaddy - Cara, the drums are muffled with rubber pads and literally make no sound. 30-Nov-2015 06:49:46
                                            commonwombat - Mike is 100 correct re drums. Generally the biggest giveaway for instrumental playback is the absence of cords for "axes 30-Nov-2015 07:21:44
                                                         SteveW - What are dead mikes? Mikes that are not plugged into anything? (n/t) 30-Nov-2015 07:35:16
                                                                      StPaddy - Exactly. Nowadays, mikes are wireless and on playback shows itīs common to just leave them switched off. (n/t) 30-Nov-2015 08:20:01
                                            SteveW - My favorite mimed performances 30-Nov-2015 07:30:21
                                                         Cara - Thanks Steve!! :-) 30-Nov-2015 08:33:14
                                                         Corrsgirl1 - It's probably just my imagination, but after Caroline knocks the pad off, it seems like you can here the tomtom 30-Nov-2015 11:02:43
                                            Cara - Interesting! Thanks. Is there a way of muffling the violin as well? 30-Nov-2015 08:12:49
                                                         StPaddy - Cara, string instruments like guitars and violins are usually not muffled. 30-Nov-2015 08:30:57
                                                                      Cara - Thanks. :-) (n/t) 30-Nov-2015 08:34:29

    sergio - As I had my first and second listen of the album and had a bit of time to organize my impressions, and as most of you 29-Nov-2015 23:06:18
                  Corradore - Thanks for sharing your thoughtful comments 30-Nov-2015 02:45:11
                               Sergio - Yes, now its ranked second on my list. Let's see whether it will stand the test of time. BH started also 30-Nov-2015 14:55:38

    Servantez - Harmony: "In fact, the number of barricades in Belfast has actually increased since the Good Friday Agreement". History. 29-Nov-2015 22:30:07
                  Servantez - The Burning of Bombay Street Documentary 29-Nov-2015 22:36:30

    Servantez - Here's the font they used for the new Corrs logo. Can be yours for Ģ29.99 ;) 29-Nov-2015 19:13:38
                  SteveW - That's cool -- we had actually discussed this briefly a while ago. How did you find this? (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 19:55:16
                               Servantez - There are tools available online that can recognize a font from an image. 29-Nov-2015 22:40:32
                                            Corranga - It can be downloaded here, though the licence disclaimer at the bottom of the page isn't very helpful... 30-Nov-2015 09:48:33

    dave - Anyone got London tickets yet, according to Ticketmaster they're starting 29-Nov-2015 16:37:59
                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I've got mine online from AXS, Dave 29-Nov-2015 17:36:40
                  Gillian - Ours arrived about 4 weeks ago. (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 18:02:54
                  airbusgore - Still waiting on London, Birmingham, and Manchester!! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 20:17:29

    Robbie - Google Play offers 50% off of any album till 1st December. So good way to grab White light... 29-Nov-2015 16:13:22

    MentariS - Article on the band on RTE's website - nothing new, but still worth sharing :-) 29-Nov-2015 14:23:40

    SteveW - complete EPK video of I Do What I Like, via Corrs News 29-Nov-2015 10:55:41
                  Nyoman - Thank you very much for sharing! Really a fan of this song. 29-Nov-2015 11:11:26
                  MentariS - We can clearly see they're having fun in the video! Love Andrea's smile in the end! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 11:19:34
                               MentariS - And they should've included the Shrazy dance in the clip - after all, the lady does what she likes :-) (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 12:31:08
                                            Steverino - Sounds like a single - a dance number worthy of one of those old 12" extended versions! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 16:43:20
                  SteveW - More on IDWIL 29-Nov-2015 14:16:30
                               Nyxlapsi - hum 29-Nov-2015 18:43:34
                                            SteveW - I think he means that they lowered the key when initially making the album (album is in E-flat, live was in E) (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 18:55:54
                                                         Corradore - Thanks for explaining that Steve. 29-Nov-2015 19:47:37
                  Leslie - As with the other 1st listen songs, it took a few listens but I love this song! The video does show the fun they're... 29-Nov-2015 18:01:13

    den - I think its time to have a Black Friday discount on the Corrs tickets for the January gigs! They may 29-Nov-2015 09:05:42
                  Corranga - I know! Ticketmaster lets you pick your seat for Glasgow - you can see the number of available seats...! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 12:01:17
                               dave - Looks like they've blocked off the upper tiers at Glasgow, 29-Nov-2015 16:35:36
                                            CorrMac - I'm not so sure about that Dave ... 29-Nov-2015 22:03:03
                                                         Corranga - I wonder if there are blocks reserved for resellers too.. When I checked in the first place 30-Nov-2015 10:23:46
                               BrianB - It would be interesting to know what the break even is for the venues. 29-Nov-2015 16:49:36
                                            SteveW - Interesting and surprising how small of a cut the cast get (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 18:53:56
                                                         Corranga - I very much doubt the approx. 2/3rd would ring true for the Corrs.. 30-Nov-2015 10:22:08
                                                                      CorrMac - Ticketmaster Cyber Monday ... typically a 15% discount until 4th Dec. 30-Nov-2015 12:57:31

    SteveW - Kiss of Life 29-Nov-2015 06:50:30
                  SteveW - fixed link to Caroline drumming 29-Nov-2015 06:52:57
                  Corradore - Thanks for your 29-Nov-2015 07:32:04
                  MentariS - Don't have much to say about the lyrics, except that it's a classic Andrea style and probably one of the best she's done 29-Nov-2015 07:43:31
                               Corradore - Yes, yes, 29-Nov-2015 10:13:48
                  MikeFromMelbourne - Great observations guys. I definitely think this should be a single from the very first listen! :) 29-Nov-2015 08:41:41
                  MikeFromMelbourne - And great points about the songs having actual endings i never noticed that til now :) 29-Nov-2015 09:15:34
                               MentariS - Aside from White Light, most songs on Borrowed Heaven also have actual endings instead of fading out (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 09:22:58
                                            MikeFromMelbourne - Yeh MentariS i went through all the albums in my head and realised that too about BH :) 29-Nov-2015 10:26:49
                  All4dCorrs - Booklet credit for Kiss of Life 30-Nov-2015 08:52:43
                               SteveW - That's an intriguing idea. 30-Nov-2015 09:10:35
                                            MentariS - Filipina singer Charice Pempengco's song "In Love So Deep" was written by The Corrs 30-Nov-2015 09:26:45
                                                         SteveW - Wow, now THAT is a trivia question 30-Nov-2015 10:36:02
                                            All4dCorrs - Steve, thanks 30-Nov-2015 10:26:43

    Jerry - The price of White Light on Amazon UK is now 6.99 (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 05:48:25
                  Robbie - Thanks I've just bought it, it's included MP3 as well, so you don't need to wait till it arrives. (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 08:54:20
                  den - Geez I paid 8.99 on Amazon last night 😐 (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 09:00:51
                               Corranga - If you contract Amazon customer services and explain, they refund the difference on things like this. 29-Nov-2015 10:57:41

    SteveW - Nice fan video on the making of White Light 29-Nov-2015 04:27:15

    Leoblue - Once ago... 29-Nov-2015 03:59:48
                  Corradore - I do Leoblue! 29-Nov-2015 05:23:37
                               MentariS - Not just for older girls, I can reassure you. Even for younger girls like me those women are stunning - period! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 07:26:27
                                            MentariS - *older guys that should've been...ugh! (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 07:34:27
                               sergio - :) I have to second that. I reckon Caroline has changed the most over the years and I think she is more beautiful than 29-Nov-2015 07:34:47
                                            MentariS - I've said this before, will say it again: She went into hiding for a decade and came that *jaw drops* (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 07:45:25
                  MikeFromMelbourne - Andrea will always be the most beautiful girl in the world for me and I'm gay so that should say a lot :) 29-Nov-2015 08:45:02
                               Corradore - I most emphatically 29-Nov-2015 10:33:55
                                            MentariS - ROFL! Then again, Baby Corr is my ultimate girl crush and I'm not ashamed to admit it :-D (n/t) 29-Nov-2015 11:21:57

    dave - High praise indeed from Hotpress for the Ruby Sessions set - 28-Nov-2015 20:41:14
                  queenoftheroad - Reading that actually warmed my heart. What a great and nice, uplifting review! (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 21:25:00

    MentariS - Video of the band performing Bring On the Night on Today FM - with Andrea on the uke! 28-Nov-2015 18:42:40
                  SteveW - Aargh! Not available in the US! 28-Nov-2015 18:54:14
                  OsamaRaashid - This is a cool video 28-Nov-2015 19:12:57
                               dave - For me, the best vid of a brilliant acoustic song that we've seen yet - I pray that 28-Nov-2015 20:19:43
                  Yrisea - Thx so so much for posting. is stunning !...but kind of hurts.... 28-Nov-2015 21:34:56
                               Jackie21 - Great version though I thought it was kind of slow.. 28-Nov-2015 23:13:46
                                            SteveW - Finally got a chance to watch this video. What was the mistake that Andrea made? 29-Nov-2015 15:59:21
                               Corradore - Many of us seem less pleased... 29-Nov-2015 02:25:22
                                            MentariS - Beautifully said! 29-Nov-2015 09:33:04
                                            Yrisea - And there we go again....can I be entitled to my opinion here ? Apparently for some fans here, no.... 29-Nov-2015 11:22:40
                                                         MentariS - You are perfectly entitled to your opinion, just as much as the rest of us are entitled to ours 29-Nov-2015 12:23:02
                                                                      Cara - Agreed. I haven't seen anything I believe was meant as a personal attack (merely a difference of opinion). Possibly... 29-Nov-2015 14:43:20

    SteveW - Positive review in the Yorkshire Times 28-Nov-2015 15:40:17
                  Fabiola - Thanks SteveW! 28-Nov-2015 17:43:17
                  Corrpulent - Those cases in the pic make good props. Reminds me of a Beatles album cover from long ago... 28-Nov-2015 20:31:02
                  queenoftheroad - Goose bumps!! (n/t) 28-Nov-2015 21:29:56

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