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Latest News
  • Sharon has added dates for Belgium & NYC to her tour schedule! (11-Apr)
  • A new compilation album called "The Irish Collection" will be released on St. Patrick's Day! (02-Mar)
  • Watch the music video for Sharon's new single "We Could Be Lovers"! (19-Feb)
  • Andrea recorded a duet with Englebert Humperdnick for his upcoming duets album, which will be released on March 17th! (26-Jan)
  • More news...
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    Song of the Week

    We Could Be Lovers


    The Corrs Fan of the Month for April


    This month's FOTM honour had to go to SteveW - for taking the initiative and having the creativity to be granted the chance to interview Sharon while she was in the US for her tour. His thoughtful questions provided us all a chance to read an article with interesting information that we haven't heard before - and we're sure was a breath of fresh air for Sharon herself as well.

    In addition, his continuing contributions to the board in terms of posts and digging up information for our song pages project make Steve as valuable a member of this board as any other. We're glad to have you around Steve!

    CorrsClub Time:
    20-Apr-2014 21:48:34
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                               Cara - Bit of an Important Little Announcement
                                                 [ 20 replies ] Latest reply: 16-Apr-2014 15:18:08
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 2 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Oct-2013 09:32:09
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    Nabil - New interview with Sharon, relatively long, from PopEntertainment 19-Apr-2014 21:14:51
    SteveW - Terrific interview! She says something here that goes to the heart of why I love the Corrs' music... 20-Apr-2014 11:41:17
    Punky - Steve, you just figured out how to put my feelings about the Corrs' music into words. Bravo! Thank you! (n/t) 20-Apr-2014 17:21:04
    Punky - May I add... 20-Apr-2014 17:31:33

    Cara - SOTW this week: We Could Be Lovers - What do we know? (n/t) 18-Apr-2014 20:12:39
    Robin - The video for 'we could be lovers' was shot partly in Bruges and partly in Barcelona. it was interesting for me as 18-Apr-2014 22:30:15
    MentariS - The music video... 19-Apr-2014 02:28:59
    MC - Sharon debuted the song on The Voice Of Ireland last year. (n/t) 19-Apr-2014 12:47:04
    SteveW - quote from Sharon on WCBL 19-Apr-2014 18:28:10

    SteveW - old 2005 interview with Caroline 18-Apr-2014 11:38:05
    MC - Thanks; it's been years since I read that one! (n/t) 18-Apr-2014 13:06:29
    CorrMac - I found that for the first time fairly recently - maybe I should have posed a link! 18-Apr-2014 14:13:47
    IrishHeart - Thanks for posting the interview SteveW 18-Apr-2014 16:35:05
    osamaraashid - I believe she lives in Majorica now-a-days. I may be wrong (n/t) 18-Apr-2014 17:48:56
    Punky - I can't believe I've never read this article before now. Thanks for sharing! (n/t) 18-Apr-2014 19:37:09
    Cristina - Oh, I love it! Thank you so much! (n/t) 18-Apr-2014 20:00:24
    nightcat - Like some here it's also the first time I've seen this article and I loved reading it (n/t) 19-Apr-2014 07:44:06

    LisaJ - Had my recurring dream last night of Andrea announcing a world tour! 16-Apr-2014 19:00:56
    YvesB - Like in the song : "whenever I want you, all I have to do is dreaaaam !" (n/t) 16-Apr-2014 21:03:30
    MentariS - Been having dreams of her... 17-Apr-2014 06:05:44
    osamaraashid - Well, talking of dreams, I don't think anyone can surpass the weirdness of my dream 17-Apr-2014 16:10:57
    MentariS - osamaraashid, your dream reminds me... 17-Apr-2014 17:06:02
    osamaraashid - Yeah it really was kinda like Summer Sunshine, only worst than that. Good connection 17-Apr-2014 17:28:23
    dave - LMAO Lisa, I can just imagine that. Hell will freeze over and pigs fly before that happens! (n/t) 17-Apr-2014 17:09:33
    LisaJ - Hey Dave, you've gotta give me full marks for hanging on in there! (n/t) 18-Apr-2014 08:42:39
    the other Gary - Gabriel Garcia Marquez passes. 18-Apr-2014 09:49:16
    SteveW - Sharon has also said that Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a favorite of hers 18-Apr-2014 11:33:53
    MC - I remember Andrea saying that, as well. (n/t) 18-Apr-2014 13:07:55

    Cara - Completed Song Page for Dreams 15-Apr-2014 15:35:50
    osamaraashid - The video for Dreams 'won' instead of 'run' the award (n/t) 17-Apr-2014 19:30:32
    Cara - Definitely should be! Thanks - have fixed that. :-) (n/t) 18-Apr-2014 10:04:04

    Cara - Question about copyrights/performance permissions 15-Apr-2014 14:12:33
    SteveW - My (admittedly shaky) understanding is that the venue is responsible for getting permissions, not the artist 15-Apr-2014 15:09:32
    Cara - Could very well be - I really don't know! 15-Apr-2014 15:54:52
    Terry2 - Music Cpyright 16-Apr-2014 02:24:11
    commonwombat - Can vary somewhat from country/legal jurisdiction to another 16-Apr-2014 09:09:12

    Baxterianism - Paul Brady and The Corrs 'Light in The Dark' 1992 14-Apr-2014 23:35:53
    Punky - A very cool find, indeed! Thanks for sharing this with us! I chuckled a little watching the girls "sway" to the music! (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 01:31:59
    Nabil - Thank you SO much! The fans appreciate it :) (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 03:34:02
    Cristina - OMG!! Thank you so so much, it is fantastic!!!! (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 05:47:30
    SteveW - This is wonderful -- thank you! Also, a question on Paul Brady... 15-Apr-2014 08:29:06
    StPaddy - Steve, yes it´s the same Paul Brady. 15-Apr-2014 08:58:11
    ourfourf - wow :) 15-Apr-2014 09:00:52
    Baxterianism - There is plenty more 'New' to be amazed by. Glad this content is being appreciated :) (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 10:56:45
    ourfourf - looking forward to the other new oldies! :) (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 16:15:22
    MC - Thanks so much! :-) (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 10:24:38
    dave - Can't get that link to work - anyone else having problems ? (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 14:43:06
    Baxterianism - Dave, Please feel free to add me on Facebook and I will find a way of getting it to you :) 15-Apr-2014 17:33:52
    dave - Will do Simon - thanks. (n/t) 16-Apr-2014 16:12:56
    queenoftheroad - Wow... this is so cool, never seen this before! Thank you for sharing! (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 15:30:24
    Brandon - Very cool! Thanks for sharing. (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 18:35:25
    Leslie - Wow. Thank you SO much! They really were just children back then. Great stuff. Thanks again. (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 20:20:49
    IrishHeart - Wow, this is great 15-Apr-2014 22:23:10
    commonwombat - Knew of their involvement with this track but had never seen/heard it. Those of you familiar with Paul Gaster's book 16-Apr-2014 05:55:49
    GaelleF - And the Corrs did backing vocals on "Just In Time" (link inside) 17-Apr-2014 15:41:15
    osamaraashid - This is awesome. Good to know there are more. Do share them with us (n/t) 17-Apr-2014 16:23:30
    nightcat - Finally got to watch this. It is a lovely song and gosh the girls looked so young then. 19-Apr-2014 07:11:14

    osamaraashid - I think the official Corrs website is down permanently 12-Apr-2014 22:02:11
    dave - I think it was closed down some time ago - not worth having a site 13-Apr-2014 09:37:08
    eieio - But What About Us? (n/t) 13-Apr-2014 16:25:52
    Cristina - Talking about websites, I believe Sharon`s really needs a makeover! (n/t) 13-Apr-2014 17:34:25
    neleh - I agree with Cristina.. 14-Apr-2014 11:16:16

    SteveW - Brief snippet of Andrea's song with Englebert Humperdinck 11-Apr-2014 23:30:55
    Leslie - Sounds really odd. Not so much a duet but 2 ppl singing same song w/ tracks layered over each other. (n/t) 13-Apr-2014 22:43:59
    eieio - really don't quite understand what the point of this recording was (is) :-( (n/t) 14-Apr-2014 01:22:44
    nightcat - This is really out of the clear blue (n/t) 14-Apr-2014 04:55:32
    MentariS - Wonder why... 16-Apr-2014 02:06:27
    SteveW - Welcome aboard, MentariS! 16-Apr-2014 09:58:52
    MC - Welcome, Mentari! :-) (n/t) 16-Apr-2014 10:34:59
    nightcat - Welcome Mentari! How'd you find this site? (n/t) 17-Apr-2014 11:37:16
    MentariS - Thanks guys! 17-Apr-2014 14:17:55

    Cara - SOTW this week: I Do - What do we know? (n/t) 11-Apr-2014 21:17:27
    osamaraashid - Never even heard of it . Even Google is just turning up WCID. Will be interesting to discover a new song (n/t) 12-Apr-2014 12:05:25
    osamaraashid - Oops..... Was searching for a corrs song and this one's Andrea's. Must have listened to it already (n/t) 12-Apr-2014 12:09:31
    SteveW - I'd never heard this song before. Commonwombat, is this what you mean by her "little girl voice" that you dislike? 12-Apr-2014 13:00:34
    commonwombat - Yeah, but actually not as "ugly" an example as some others 13-Apr-2014 11:55:19
    IrishHeart - Sounds like a fairy tale song 12-Apr-2014 16:44:55
    dave - I actually like it - because its so different. Champagne From a Straw for the same reason. (n/t) 12-Apr-2014 19:11:49
    robin - written and composed by Andrea. i love it one of my best tracks on the album. (n/t) 15-Apr-2014 10:03:40

    Cara - Buachaill Ón Éirne Completed Song Page 10-Apr-2014 15:42:03

    Cara - Bit of an Important Little Announcement 09-Apr-2014 21:22:05
    StPaddy - Wonderful news, Cara. Congratulations to you and Marc! 09-Apr-2014 21:32:17
    Robin - Delighted to hear your great news Cara. Hope everything goes well for you, look after yourself. (n/t) 09-Apr-2014 23:29:25
    Corrpulent - Congratulations to you both. All the best... 10-Apr-2014 00:22:29
    SteveW - Congratulations, Cara and MAH! 10-Apr-2014 05:38:06
    Punky - Congratulations, and thank you for your continued commitment to this website! (n/t) 10-Apr-2014 03:22:32
    keejac21 - Congratulations Cara and Marc and have a safe delivery! Lovely news! 10-Apr-2014 05:42:27
    nightcat - I go out for one day and I see this posted. Congrats you two! 10-Apr-2014 07:28:28
    MC - Congratulations Cara & Marc! That's wonderful news! :-) (n/t) 10-Apr-2014 10:29:16
    Bea_HC - Congratulations!!! Wishing you, your husband and the baby all the best (n/t) 10-Apr-2014 11:52:03
    osamaraashid - Congrats and best wishes for you and the baby :-) (n/t) 10-Apr-2014 13:26:22
    dave - All the very best to you both... and Chip of course! (n/t) 10-Apr-2014 17:12:38
    Corranga - Congrats! ;) (n/t) 10-Apr-2014 21:28:29
    the other Gary - Congratulations and take as much time off as you need. 11-Apr-2014 07:55:26
    IrishHeart - Congratulations! 11-Apr-2014 15:40:32
    CorrMac - Congratulations!!! 11-Apr-2014 21:29:11
    Lonneke - I am nominating the new baby for Fan of the Month. For the next six months or so ;) (n/t) 12-Apr-2014 16:13:24
    Leslie - Best wishes to you, Marc, Chip and little Baby Girl Holloway!! (n/t) 13-Apr-2014 22:58:18
    Corrsgirl1 - Congrats! That's such great news! (n/t) 14-Apr-2014 16:50:30
    Cara - Thank you everyone! 15-Apr-2014 13:59:10
    Steverino - GREAT news, Marc and Cara! (and, Chip!, I detect some reluctance; it'll be alright) 16-Apr-2014 15:18:08

    SteveW - Here's the rest of my interview with Sharon 08-Apr-2014 07:46:03
    Cristina - Great!! Thank you so much! I find it sad though.... 08-Apr-2014 09:32:44
    MC - What a great interview! Nice job, Steve! (n/t) 08-Apr-2014 10:34:57
    StPaddy - Great interview, Steve! Thanks for sharing! (n/t) 08-Apr-2014 12:09:51
    queenoftheroad - Very interesting read again! It also answers one of my questions to a deeper level. 08-Apr-2014 14:40:10
    dave - Yeah.... I remember you guys getting up and dancing Queen of The Road, it was great 08-Apr-2014 15:19:31
    IrishHeart - Wow, great job Steve! (n/t) 08-Apr-2014 15:58:00
    Cara - Great interview! Thanks very much for sharing with us. :-) (n/t) 08-Apr-2014 17:07:07
    osamaraashid - Great job Steve, really good interview (n/t) 08-Apr-2014 17:15:14
    OCTAVIO - wow! great interview!! thanks (n/t) 08-Apr-2014 21:00:42
    Punky - Thanks for sharing this, Steve! I'm so glad you've had the experience of interviewing Sharon! (n/t) 09-Apr-2014 03:30:49
    CorrMac - Thanks for that Steve 09-Apr-2014 17:37:21
    nightcat - Thanks for posting this Steve! 10-Apr-2014 07:26:06
    the other Gary - Very good interview. 11-Apr-2014 07:56:29
    Leslie - Great interview! Thanks so much for sharing it. (n/t) 13-Apr-2014 22:59:40
    Steverino - Well done again, Steve! An excellent and informative interview. (n/t) 16-Apr-2014 15:18:55
    MentariS - Amazing! 16-Apr-2014 16:55:55

    dave - I see Sharon has announced a date in Belgium - May 2 at Inglemunster. 07-Apr-2014 14:59:15
    dave - and.... some promotion in the US at the end of April, along with some summer festivals there 07-Apr-2014 17:25:17
    MC - I saw that interview, too, but nothing's been publicly announced to my knowledge. (n/t) 08-Apr-2014 10:35:52

    dave - Interesting POTW - although we've known of Caroline's cycling, that's the first pic I've seen. (n/t) 05-Apr-2014 11:39:43
    SteveW - Does Caroline ride competitively? 05-Apr-2014 13:15:03
    StPaddy - No, Caroline is not cycling competively, but... 05-Apr-2014 14:21:28
    commonwombat - There is a series of pro-cycling races on Mallorca every February 06-Apr-2014 05:19:28
    osamaraashid - Same here.......first time I've seen her cycling although I knew about it (n/t) 05-Apr-2014 13:28:02
    Nerina - "Sporty Corr"! Mwahaha!! :-D (n/t) 06-Apr-2014 12:23:46
    keejac21 - I love how Caroline can be outdoor-sy and sporty. 08-Apr-2014 01:50:00
    Elenna - As someone working in a Spanish online bike shop, that's pretty cool. She should wear our shop t-shirt!mmh (n/t) 08-Apr-2014 22:02:49
    commonwombat - Riding a GIANT bank with Rabobank markings. Rabobank women's team probably the best performed and most professional 09-Apr-2014 14:27:09
    dave - Caro works very hard to stay fit and it seems to work for her. I was impressed at how 09-Apr-2014 14:41:31
    CorrMac - Sharon was the smoker ... 09-Apr-2014 17:11:32
    dave - plus 'two others' CorrMac - but not Caro as far as I know. (n/t) 09-Apr-2014 17:50:12
    CorrMac - All I can say is that 09-Apr-2014 21:40:26
    keejac21 - Wow, really? Caro tried drugs? For sure she wont be into smoking especially 10-Apr-2014 05:44:58
    CorrMac - Lots of teenagers experiment 11-Apr-2014 21:23:37

    Cara - SOTW this week: Dreams - What do we know? (n/t) 04-Apr-2014 19:45:03
    MC - It was written by Stevie Nicks and the Corrs first recorded it for the Fleetwood Mac tribute album called Legacy. 05-Apr-2014 13:06:15
    MC - I"m wrong about the Deep Dish remix. I was thinking of a remixed version of the original 06-Apr-2014 14:26:09
    StPaddy - Dreams 05-Apr-2014 14:31:34
    SteveW - quotes from Sharon and Caroline and other info on Dreams 05-Apr-2014 16:47:16
    SteveW - another quote on Dreams from Sharon 10-Apr-2014 05:48:11
    Robin - Dreams was also released in Ireland Australia Canada France Germany and Holland. It's highest chart spot was 6th in uk 05-Apr-2014 18:50:48

    SteveW - FOTM: Thank you to all 02-Apr-2014 12:25:39
    dave - Very well deserved Steve - glad you're enjoying your time here. (n/t) 02-Apr-2014 14:30:47
    eieio - so glad you're here Steve! 02-Apr-2014 15:45:16
    Robin - Many congratulations Steve very well deserved. Enjoy your month. (n/t) 02-Apr-2014 21:06:26
    Nabil - Super well-deserved 03-Apr-2014 03:03:30
    Leslie - Congrats! (n/t) 03-Apr-2014 00:16:51
    nightcat - Congrats Steve! Well done. 03-Apr-2014 00:35:32
    Bea_HC - Congrats SteveW it really sounds like you´ve had a great time talking about 03-Apr-2014 10:04:40
    MC - Congrats, Steve! (n/t) 03-Apr-2014 10:20:35
    the other Gary - Certainly well deserved. 04-Apr-2014 08:52:45
    M-Corr - Well Deserved,Congrats. (n/t) 04-Apr-2014 22:27:12
    keejac21 - Hi SteveW! A shoutout to your for being FOTM! Well deserved. (n/t) 07-Apr-2014 01:31:16
    Punky - Many congratulations for a job well done, Steve! (n/t) 07-Apr-2014 02:14:48

    IrishHeart - I heard The Corrs in public for the first time today! 01-Apr-2014 21:11:15
    YvesB - Summer sunshine ... We're looking to it so much here in Montréal ... 01-Apr-2014 22:59:37
    keejac21 - It feels different (for me) when I hear a Corrs song played in public like in some supermarket or 02-Apr-2014 00:19:47
    nightcat - I did hear Runaway (Tin Tin Out remix) on the radio last night. Yeeah. 03-Apr-2014 00:28:17
    commonwombat - I hear their music regularly in the mega-mall nearby .... and not just the usual suspects 08-Apr-2014 10:01:01

    SteveW - Lifting Me arranged for two pianos 31-Mar-2014 17:06:09
    nexi_exi17 - Amazing!!! And what it's really more amazing it's that you made it with Garage band!! Great Job!!! 01-Apr-2014 20:10:51
    SteveW - Miguel - mp3 on its way! (n/t) 02-Apr-2014 12:04:25
    Baxterianism - Simply beautiful. This really has achieved exactly what you wanted. The spirit of this brilliant track. (n/t) 03-Apr-2014 09:21:07
    Cara - I've added this to our Fan Recordings Page as well. :-) 10-Apr-2014 15:49:13

    YvesB - Very nice POTW ... Those eyes ... Rrrrrr ... Lord, have mercy ! ... (n/t) 29-Mar-2014 23:32:39
    Robin - Brilliant photo taken at Montreux festival in 2005. Seems a lifetime away now. (n/t) 30-Mar-2014 12:04:49
    Corranga - It does! Andrea didn't have to do much reaching for the crowd at that gig either since we were almost standing on the 03-Apr-2014 11:52:13
    dave - Superb picture Chris - I really like the atmosphere of B&W shots (n/t) 03-Apr-2014 14:30:03
    Robin - Yes indeed love the pic Chris (n/t) 03-Apr-2014 23:37:11

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