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  • Sharon will play Opiniao in Porta Alegre, Brazil on November 23rd! (22-Aug) NEW
  • Watch Sharon on Balcony TV! (16-Aug)
  • Listen to an interview with Sharon from Art of the Song! (12-Aug)
  • Listen to an interview with Sharon from BBC Radio Solent! (11-Aug)
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    MentariS is one of our newer members who despite being new has jumped right in and become a common name to see on the board. MentariS has added several positive contributions to the board and is always an enjoyable presence with all posts and additions. We haven't gotten to know you really well yet MentariS, but we're glad you decided to join us here as a member here and look forward to more of your future posts!

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    23-Aug-2014 14:09:55
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    chris - Sharon on Good Food Channel in the UK today @ 1100 & Sunday 0600 23-Aug-2014 09:06:46

    IrishHeart - A song I\'d like to hear Sharon or Andrea perform 22-Aug-2014 18:54:09

    dave - Sharon will play Porto Alegre, Brazil on November 23 according to Bandsintown. (n/t) 22-Aug-2014 11:24:30

    dave - LisaJ - you must have spent 10/12 hours listening to cds ! I\'m amazed that you think 22-Aug-2014 09:24:06
    LisaJ - Lol Dave! 22-Aug-2014 20:03:29
    LisaJ - Especially when she sings... 22-Aug-2014 20:07:40
    IrishHeart - Ooooooohhh 22-Aug-2014 21:02:21
    LisaJ - Definitely one of my favouurite videos! (n/t) 22-Aug-2014 22:13:37
    MentariS - There\'s a comment on the I Know My Love video on YouTube... 23-Aug-2014 01:02:59

    IrishHeart - A favorite Andrea performance 21-Aug-2014 16:36:27
    MentariS - That performance is superb 22-Aug-2014 17:27:16
    IrishHeart - It is a beautiful song (n/t) 22-Aug-2014 17:39:08

    IrishHeart - Question on the album Home 21-Aug-2014 15:40:49
    dave - Yes, both of those songs are sung in \'Irish\', the original language of the country. 21-Aug-2014 17:39:35
    IrishHeart - Thanks Dave! 21-Aug-2014 19:18:33
    keejac21 - I also wondered the same IrishHeart. Wondered too if all of The Corrs were fluent in speaking or singing Irish, (n/t) 22-Aug-2014 01:07:10
    dave - I seem to remember many years ago they said although they learnt it at school, 22-Aug-2014 08:10:38
    osamaraashid - I can remember an interview 22-Aug-2014 17:14:02
    SteveW - Andrea interviews on Home 22-Aug-2014 20:21:16
    IrishHeart - Great interview with Andrea 22-Aug-2014 20:51:07
    MentariS - Yeah, I\'m wondering about that too. Looks like an interesting film... 23-Aug-2014 01:07:21
    nightcat - I got to watch Broken Thread on Megavideo, but the site has since shut down. 23-Aug-2014 05:02:33
    MentariS - Yes, I suppose it still is 23-Aug-2014 06:05:44
    Nyoman - I\'ve watched Broken Thread about many years ago. 23-Aug-2014 06:54:16
    MentariS - The third screenshot looks like something that the lil\' sis would do... 23-Aug-2014 08:27:41
    StPaddy - Go here. 23-Aug-2014 10:18:36

    dave - Listened to Andrea\'s TFH album today for first time in ages - it saddens me that a beautiful voice, 17-Aug-2014 19:28:29
    Robin - I love Andrea\'s two albums both brilliant and as they are so different find it difficult to choose between them. Like 18-Aug-2014 09:56:46
    MentariS - If I had to choose one, Lifelines would be my favourite 18-Aug-2014 10:40:50
    osamaraashid - Lifelines would definitely be my favorite. 18-Aug-2014 17:37:23
    IrishHeart - Life Lines 18-Aug-2014 17:40:56
    osamaraashid - You\'ve Got a Friend is one of my favorites too (n/t) 20-Aug-2014 17:52:44
    Bea_HC - Lifelines for me too 18-Aug-2014 21:53:35
    IrishHeart - Nice to see you back, Bea (n/t) 18-Aug-2014 22:51:34
    Bea_HC - Thank You IrishHeart happy to be back :-) (n/t) 19-Aug-2014 19:53:12
    keejac21 - My vote also goes to Lifelines. 19-Aug-2014 02:00:54
    nightcat - My two cents 19-Aug-2014 04:07:50
    commonwombat - Grabbing my passport and putting on my flak jacket; here\'s my (unpopular) views 19-Aug-2014 11:28:55
    IrishHeart - Now tell us how you really feel, commonwombat ;-) 19-Aug-2014 16:34:17
    LisaJ - Funny that you started this thread Dave! 19-Aug-2014 19:52:32
    dave - LOL.. well if you\'re going back to Corrs albums - that\'s a whole different ballgame 20-Aug-2014 09:53:13
    Robin - My best two Corrs albums are Borrowed heaven and Unplugged. My fav tracks are Angel and Goodbye. I think 20-Aug-2014 22:04:22
    neleh - Remember when the papers compared Andrea to Jlo?! 21-Aug-2014 08:08:34
    Corranga - Interesting how well Lifelines is doing in this thread.. It\'s great to see differing opinions and feelings amongst 21-Aug-2014 08:29:54
    LisaJ - Enjoyed my mega Corrs day! 21-Aug-2014 17:15:04
    SteveW - Agree with Corranga that DoY has more good songs, but TFH has better good songs 22-Aug-2014 12:35:53
    SteveW - If I had to pick just two favorite tracks, I‘d pick the same ones as Robin -- Angel and Goodbye 22-Aug-2014 12:18:45
    MentariS - It\'s nearly impossible to choose a few songs! 22-Aug-2014 14:57:04
    Nabil - And so that any contrarians don\'t feel left out, I prefer TFH to either of Sharon\'s albums ... 22-Aug-2014 23:10:51
    commonwombat - Some interesting AND well argued points ! 23-Aug-2014 09:28:30

    nightcat - Um, what happened to Disfrutaloscorrs?? Tried to access and saw nothing (n/t) 16-Aug-2014 10:33:34

    corranga - A very loose Corrs link / some good memories at the moment. the WMAs is on, no Corrs content but 15-Aug-2014 20:47:19

    Cristina - Hey everybody, I started an Instagram-Fanpage! 14-Aug-2014 14:13:47
    MentariS - Followed--more Corrs-related pics on my feed would be GREAT! 14-Aug-2014 14:39:28
    Cristina - Thanks so much! I really love it! 14-Aug-2014 14:59:20
    IrishHeart - Got it! Great pictures Cristina (n/t) 14-Aug-2014 16:13:18
    nightcat - I don\'t have Instagram, but I\'ll definitely check this page often. 15-Aug-2014 01:20:46
    keejac21 - Followed! :-) (n/t) 15-Aug-2014 09:06:07
    SteveW - Nice site, many great photos I‘ve never seen before 17-Aug-2014 01:04:53
    queenoftheroad - Followed! (n/t) 19-Aug-2014 17:38:06

    SteveW - Excellent interview with Sharon -- Art of the Song 13-Aug-2014 16:32:32
    Cristina - Sharon is great! But the interviewers...... 13-Aug-2014 17:45:54
    IrishHeart - Great interview 13-Aug-2014 18:55:14
    Steverino - That was a really good show. 14-Aug-2014 06:53:06
    MC - Usually, yes, but not always. 14-Aug-2014 22:29:23
    commonwombat - Sharon is generally an excellent interview subject and she was true to form here. I will, however, 15-Aug-2014 09:16:11
    keejac21 - For me, Sharon is really intelligent and everything she says has substance. 19-Aug-2014 02:05:31

    Cristina - Salamanca 12-Aug-2014 19:33:57
    Fran_SS - Indeed. It\'s a shame it was not featured on the regular edition 12-Aug-2014 20:15:20
    osamaraashid - I always thought it was just a gig they played. I\'ll have to listen to the song (n/t) 13-Aug-2014 13:47:19
    IrishHeart - Speaking of Salamanca 13-Aug-2014 18:18:37
    MentariS - Thanks for the video IrishHeart! LOL at the Big Bro and the Lil\' Sis... 14-Aug-2014 16:52:38
    Corrsgirl1 - Is there some place I can hear the song? 14-Aug-2014 19:29:57
    Cristina - The only sample that is out there is the iTunes-Sample. I bought it in France. 15-Aug-2014 06:12:33
    dave - I\'ve never heard Salamanca - it would be nice if Sharon included it in concert. Am I right in 17-Aug-2014 19:35:23
    MC - It was written earlier than TSS period, but I don\'t remember if it was the band days or the DOY period. 18-Aug-2014 13:08:13
    StPaddy - Sharon´s ´Salamanca´ tweet 18-Aug-2014 16:42:11

    IrishHeart - Looks like a recent picture . . . 11-Aug-2014 21:22:43
    MentariS - I\'ve seen that one... 12-Aug-2014 01:17:52

    dave - POTW has the look of a Paul Gaster effort - really like the B&W pics from that era. 10-Aug-2014 08:50:54
    MentariS - Isn\'t that one from sometime during the Talk On Corners era? 10-Aug-2014 09:04:16
    MC - Yeah, I agree. I\'d say it\'s more like 1997. (n/t) 10-Aug-2014 12:34:39
    SteveW - The band\'s appearance looks similar to the INLYA cover 10-Aug-2014 16:07:05
    Robin - Yes I agree Dave think 1995 is probably spot on particularly having watched some footage from that year. The photo 10-Aug-2014 12:51:00
    StPaddy - POTW was taken September 22, 1997 during a press conference that 10-Aug-2014 15:24:30
    dave - Well guessed Marie - TOC era. (n/t) 10-Aug-2014 15:46:58
    robin - yes full marks Marie i was convinced it was earlierthan that. (n/t) 10-Aug-2014 22:37:51
    MC - LOL, Caro\'s hair style is a good gauge of timeframe for pics! (n/t) 11-Aug-2014 12:48:09
    Corrsgirl1 - Traded my Old Town single against the Corner to Corner book years ago. 11-Aug-2014 18:39:53
    Corranga - It wasn\'t me, but that\'s a trade I probably would have made given the availability of both items for me. 12-Aug-2014 15:11:46

    chris - Sharon on Good Food Channel in the UK today @ 1100 09-Aug-2014 09:06:42
    MC - Interesting! Is that a repeat or a new show? (n/t) 09-Aug-2014 13:58:24
    chris - i\'ve watched it now - disappointingly, she wasn\'t on - i\'ll be wary of trusting that source in future (n/t) 12-Aug-2014 08:32:46

    osamaraashid - Have you guys watched these videos? 08-Aug-2014 23:28:05
    SteveW - More Corrs with magicians -- this time with Andrea 09-Aug-2014 05:22:14
    osamaraashid - Definitely sounds like that 09-Aug-2014 12:54:14
    osamaraashid - Sorry I just wrote continuously to check if I was using the right spelling. (n/t) 09-Aug-2014 12:55:42

    Jerry - Andrea flashback, August 2009 08-Aug-2014 22:12:03
    Jerry - Flashback continues 08-Aug-2014 22:54:00
    MentariS - Wow, has it been five years already? 09-Aug-2014 01:31:37
    Jerry - Magazine cover 15-Aug-2014 16:51:23

    Cara - Temporary FAQ & Registration Information Links 08-Aug-2014 21:24:26

    MentariS - What Corrs/Andrea\'s/Sharon\'s songs do you think should\'ve had music videos? 08-Aug-2014 01:33:52
    IrishHeart - Oh, I agree 08-Aug-2014 14:06:16
    dave - Definitely Champagne for Andrea - that was a great pop song with interesting lyrics 09-Aug-2014 18:03:38
    SteveW - Several songs from TSS are quite evocative and might make good videos 10-Aug-2014 07:16:59

    Nerina - Today my sis and I rode on the highway, when I made her jump because I noticed a lorry from Dundalk right in front of us 07-Aug-2014 22:38:34

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