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  • Read a review of the York Racecourse from the York Press! (25-Jul)
  • Talk On Corners comes in at #26 on the new 60 at 60 chart published by the UK's Official Chart Company. (06-Jul)
  • Read an interview with Sharon from The Daily Mail! (20-Jun)
  • The Corrs have a song from "White Light" on the soundtrack of the Irish indie film "Twice Shy". (17-Jun)
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    At the end of this 2015 year I'd like to take a moment to thank those who help out around here behind the scenes. The format of the board makes it fairly simple to run but as life has gotten busier for me with having a baby, starting my own business, etc. I've come to rely that little bit more on others helping out as well.

    We have people who update the news page for us as well as a few who now help out with some of the moderation. It really helps take some of the pressure off of me and leaves this as a fun extra thing for me to do and I appreciate all the help!

    I hope all of our members have a good remainder of the year, including a happy Christmas if you celebrate. I know we're all looking forward to what 2016 brings in the Corrs world! ;-)

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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    MentariS - Lovely photo of Caroline and Andrea in Luzern from Andrea's Instagram: 28-Jul-2016 15:12:14

    Crickets - New album after the tour 26-Jul-2016 15:48:32
                  SteveW - Completely agree; I much prefer the Chris Young songs 26-Jul-2016 17:36:12
                  MC - This is probably a cop-out answer, but I want it to sound like them. 27-Jul-2016 06:11:27
                  sergio - I also prefer Chris Young's approach, but at the same time besides Harmony my favourites from White Light are 27-Jul-2016 12:08:39
                  Nyoman - It's okay if it would be more organic sounds, as long as it won't be too flat and become boring at the next listen.. 27-Jul-2016 12:45:37
                  Corranga - I think the problem with this question is that the Shanks vs. Young songs are SO different sounding 27-Jul-2016 13:01:01
                               MC - I've heard others comment, too, that Stay has the Irish elements "forced" upon it. 27-Jul-2016 13:31:29
                                            sergio - I agree with you Marie! I would be happy to have an album what is produced by the Corrs themselves 27-Jul-2016 14:39:43
                                                         Nick - Well, remember that they produced most of In Blue, their most "pop" sounding album. 27-Jul-2016 15:05:51
                                                                      sergio - although I like this concept, and these are also among my favorite songs, but honestly I don't think that will happen. 27-Jul-2016 15:31:56
                               MentariS - "Looking for someone new hasn't harmed them so far, why not stick with that idea?" Ditto! :-) (n/t) 27-Jul-2016 15:11:05
                  Phoenix89 - I would love the next album to be and sound like The Corrs 27-Jul-2016 19:04:58

    Robin - Just been told by carfest that Kaiser Chiefs are headlining on sat and it is announced on carfest Twitter account so 25-Jul-2016 11:59:14
                  Corranga - I saw that too. Seems odd to me to announce a headline act AFTER everyone has bought tickets! (n/t) 25-Jul-2016 13:04:51
                               dave - One of the things I don't like about festivals. Our biggest local one every summer 25-Jul-2016 14:13:23
                               robin - Yes agree Chris it doesnt seem right. There has never been any mention of Corrs not headlining and a shorter set. (n/t) 25-Jul-2016 14:17:16

    Erica - Thank you to my wonderful Corr buddies! My mini Corr fan was lovingly looked after the whole time and she loved the gig! 24-Jul-2016 17:54:57
                  den - How did York compare to Kew? Did tgey do a full set? (n/t) 24-Jul-2016 21:26:44
                               robin - Same set as Epsom no kiss of life. Another awesome amazing gig. (n/t) 25-Jul-2016 09:48:58
                  robin - She is such a little cutie and was soooo good. In a few years she will be racing us all to the front. (n/t) 25-Jul-2016 09:21:00
                  Corranga - No problem, I aim to please ;) Being serious, Erica is absolutely right, it was great and she enjoyed it too :) (n/t) 25-Jul-2016 09:58:59
                  Lonneke - I must have misunderstood... I thought you brought her to keep us entertained... :p (n/t) 28-Jul-2016 18:10:50

    Corrsgirl1 - Intimacy Catherine Duc Infinite Remix, any info on this? 24-Jul-2016 12:46:09
                  MC - I saw that it was remixed, too, but I don't have any info about it. (n/t) 24-Jul-2016 15:13:23
                  BallerinaTay - I saw it as well but don't know if it's official. (n/t) 24-Jul-2016 18:31:06
                               Corranga - There is obviously some sort of licencing agreement, otherwise it wouldn't be available on Spotify etc. 25-Jul-2016 09:55:34
                                            SteveW - It didn't sound all that different to me -- more synths, and heavier drums 25-Jul-2016 10:44:37
                  Michael1 - Very strange for this to be released 19 years after the song came out! But I quite like it... 26-Jul-2016 19:55:58
                               Corranga - Some of her music is heavily Celtic influenced, could simply be that she is a fan, and had the opportunity... 27-Jul-2016 13:15:45

    Sergio - Just reporting that I've heard Sharon's Everybody's got to learn at a petrol station 24-Jul-2016 10:26:28

    soomee85 - I'm heading to York 23-Jul-2016 15:01:27
                  dave - As soon as you get inside the racecourse, go straight to the stage barrier Soomee, 23-Jul-2016 15:10:56
                               soomee85 - Sounds perfect! 23-Jul-2016 15:44:06
                                            Drsjf16 - Major error! 23-Jul-2016 17:06:54
                                                         soomee85 - That's too bad 24-Jul-2016 00:30:28
                                                                      Drsjf16 - Not as bad as I thought! 24-Jul-2016 21:39:32

    Eclair - What time are peops getting to York tomorrow? I wanna be there for 10 (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 17:14:28
                  den - Enjoy the show in York everyone, if its as good as Kew it will be a blast! (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 00:16:49
                               dave - I see from Instagram that the Hall family have already claimed best spot.. LOL (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 13:42:24
                                            Corranga - There was 4 of us running to the barrier ;) (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 13:54:22
                                                         dave - I guess Robin beat you then... LOL (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 15:12:33
                                                                      den - and Louise? (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 23:10:41

    Terry - Support act(s) Belsonic announced: KT Tunstall ('suddenly I see'), and Declan O'Rourke (?) 21-Jul-2016 18:13:23
                  dave - LOL..yes, Ten Millenia won't be missed but Jean Martine was OK, her lead guitarist 21-Jul-2016 19:34:58
                               DutchDenise - Oh cool, Declan O'Rourke, wish I could go there! Very typical style and deep voice (n/t) 21-Jul-2016 20:11:26
                               Corranga - Never heard of Declan, but KT should be good. I quite liked the Ten Millennia bass and rhythm guitar, but that's all.. (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 12:10:32

    dave - York on Saturday - does the 39 ticket allow you to get to the stage barrier, and 20-Jul-2016 16:44:44
                  airbusgore - Who knows? Concert has to end 1900 - 1930 and you must be in before last race, 20-Jul-2016 20:13:18
                  Eclair - concert due to start at 5.30 the whole day finishes at 7.30... 20-Jul-2016 22:47:18
                  robin - Sure it will Dave i got an early bird ticket allowing access to grandstand and paddock but county stand also gives 20-Jul-2016 23:35:06
                               dave - Thanks guys, email reply from York confirmed what you've said, cheapest 25 ticket 21-Jul-2016 14:09:15
                                            Drsjf16 - County stand also 22-Jul-2016 08:23:57
                                                         dave - Basically 'as early as possible' is the rule for any standing concert, 22-Jul-2016 08:56:53
                                                                      Eclair - What time are people getting there for? I'm aiming between 10 and 11 (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 10:20:03
                                            robin - assume you now going Dave thought you wouldnt be able to resist. See you there. (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 11:39:07
                                                         dave - No, too difficult to get to for me Robin, I was just curious about the details. 22-Jul-2016 16:27:41
                                                                      den - Dave, youve seen them all over the world and York was too difficult? lol (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 23:34:14
                                                                                   dave - It all comes down to flights Den - Luzern on Wednesday is easier to get to for me. (n/t) 24-Jul-2016 08:54:23

    Corranga - New Blog and Gallery! Kew Gardens (link inside) 19-Jul-2016 17:54:54
                  Robin - Brilliant pics Chris and a really enjoyable read. It was certainly an amazing day. (n/t) 20-Jul-2016 00:23:21
                               nightcat - Great read Chris! I'm also glad that the gig also served as family time for you. 20-Jul-2016 04:51:07
                  MC - Very nice! :-) (n/t) 20-Jul-2016 05:24:56
                  Terry - Very nice write-up and pics! Really enjoyed reading!! (n/t) 20-Jul-2016 10:00:29
                  M-Corr - Great Blog post to match a great gig, good to meet you there Chris. (n/t) 21-Jul-2016 01:28:13
                  SteveW - Enjoyed reading this; thanks for sharing (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 07:21:29

    M-Corr - A Few PICTURES from Kew. 18-Jul-2016 23:44:41
                  MC - Very nice! (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 05:52:34
                               Corranga - Great photos from a great gig :) (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 09:10:42
                  dave - Andrea's face looks just like it was 20 years ago in that last photo. At the Poupet gig 19-Jul-2016 11:38:50

    Phoenix89 - any video from poupet festival? (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 04:47:05
                  MC - There are some clips posted on YT, but I haven't seen any full videos yet. (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 05:17:30
                               dave - I rated Poupet as the best Corrs gig of the White Light tour that I'd been to - until Kew ! 18-Jul-2016 20:58:36
                               SteveW - The Poupet videos posted on youtube by Reference Corrs are very good 22-Jul-2016 00:53:18
                                            dave - The venue were very strict about 'professional' video cameras at Poupet, 22-Jul-2016 09:04:45

    RichardY - A video and a few photos from Kew Gardens 17-Jul-2016 22:58:25
                  MC - Thank you so much, Richard! :-) (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 05:17:01
                  dave - Some superb photos there Richard, especially the group one. (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 21:07:00
                               robin - Thanks Richard brilliant pics terrific reminder of a brilliant day. (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 00:13:40
                  Corranga - The TTF shots are especially good, great lighting for photos and the band responding well to the crowd (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 09:11:55
                  SteveW - RichardY, I love this photo of Caroline -- brilliant! 22-Jul-2016 00:56:23

    mrrob69uk - So the Kew gig was amazing! For those who stayed at the Novotel... 17-Jul-2016 22:52:22
                  M-Corr - If that was the Novotel in Brentford . 18-Jul-2016 22:17:24

    robin - Another amazing gig just get better and better if thats possible. A fantastic night and the Corrs certainly seemed 17-Jul-2016 08:47:38
                  Corranga - It was a great gig, one of the best this year, great to meet so many people and of course to have my family there too 17-Jul-2016 10:29:15
                               den - Great to see you to Robin and everyone else too. it was a really enjoyable day. Nice to see 17-Jul-2016 12:32:28
                  Rooster28 - Thought it was a great gig too! Liked Kew Gardens as a venue as well. (n/t) 17-Jul-2016 18:36:43
                  Terry - Had an amazing night, what a gig!! Really nice to meet you Robin... 17-Jul-2016 19:31:43
                  RichardY - Had an absolutely awesome day yesterday - I think that was up there as maybe the best gig I've been to this year! 17-Jul-2016 22:11:27
                  Lonneke - Yes! Awesome gig! One of best best this year! Great meeting all of you (again) :) (n/t) 17-Jul-2016 23:06:21
                  dave - That 500 metre sprint nearly killed me though Robin - just about recovered now after 48 hours ! 18-Jul-2016 21:11:18
                               robin - Yes its all so worth it Dave but certainly a long sprint, be a while before we have one as long as that. Brilliant that 19-Jul-2016 00:10:20
                  goops1071 - Kew Setlist 19-Jul-2016 13:09:21
                               StPaddy - Kew Setlist 19-Jul-2016 15:59:23
                                            goops1071 - Kew Setlist 19-Jul-2016 16:39:10

    corrazy_rach - Is Kew still being filmed tonight??! Have fun everyone! (n/t) 16-Jul-2016 09:21:35
                  MC - Jim has not confirmed either way thus far. He never said that it was being filmed, though. 16-Jul-2016 12:32:42
                               Corranga - I don't think it was filmed, not enough cameras. Hard to tell as a dslr can get very good video footage nowadays.. (n/t) 17-Jul-2016 10:31:07
                                            dave - I think it was filmed for a possible video, there was a fully professional Sony camcorder on tripod 18-Jul-2016 21:23:42
                                                         RichardY - There was a screen to the left of the stage Dave and one further back in the arena so not sure if it was filmed. 18-Jul-2016 23:06:08
                                                                      MC - Did they play LTLY? (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 05:53:35
                                                                                   Terry - No they didn't 19-Jul-2016 07:38:14
                                                                                                dave - And finished by 10.20pm Terry. Yes its a pity that was left out. Heaven Knows 19-Jul-2016 11:46:27
                                                                                                MC - I had seen a pic on IG of the setlist from the show, and LTLY was blacked out. 19-Jul-2016 14:33:06
                                                                      Terry - Screen video snippet 19-Jul-2016 10:53:27
                                                                      dave - OK Richard, I didn't see those screens from my position. So we may or may not get a DVD. (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 11:43:51
                                                                                   Terry - I must say I also only noticed the (rather gigantic) sidescreen on the way out, looking backwards 19-Jul-2016 13:42:43
                                                                                                dave - How true Terry - I swear to god I'll never run that far or fast again to nab front row. 19-Jul-2016 16:00:03
                                                                                                             Terry - My god that faulty reader! Not good for the heartregion.... 19-Jul-2016 17:32:54
                                                                                                RichardY - We were so busy concentrating on running that I think we ran right past Caroline and Jim and didn't notice them!!! (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 17:44:25
                                                                      dave - OK Richard, I didn't see those screens from my position. So we may or may not get a DVD. (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 11:43:52

    Gillian - See you at Kew! 16-Jul-2016 08:52:32
                  den - See you at Kew Gilly (n/t) 16-Jul-2016 10:40:09
                  dave - Saw you at Kew Gilly ! You didn't come to the pub afterwards... ? (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 21:25:48

    emeraldisle98 - Any Corrs fans living in northeast London/Essex attending the Kew Gardens Concert? 14-Jul-2016 23:37:05

    SteveW - Videos from Stuttgart acoustic gig on youtube 14-Jul-2016 16:39:41
                  Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for sharing! These videos are so great. Wish I could have been there. (n/t) 14-Jul-2016 19:06:28
                  Corrsgirl1 - White Light has changed lyrics 14-Jul-2016 19:07:47
                               Corrsgirl1 - Oh it's 'Glare' not 'End' (n/t) 14-Jul-2016 19:09:35

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