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  • Sharon will host a 3-part radio series on BBC Radio 2! (01-Mar) NEW
  • Sharon at the Windmill Lane Studios! (08-Feb)
  • Sharon Reveals her Worst Travel Moments - Australian Daily Telegraph (23-Jan)
  • Read "Hark! A Corr Christmas Carol" - The Irish Independent, Dec. 22, 2014 (22-Dec)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for February


    Dave has been recommended this month as FOTM and we're glad he was. It's about time he had a month to himself. Dave is one of the most knowledgeable board members we have, particularly about the early history of the band. He's quick to answer questions when he has the answers and often posts information about Sharon's appearances as well.

    A long time member of the board, we're glad you're still a presence here on the board Dave!

    CorrsClub Time:
    04-Mar-2015 04:15:17
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                               Cara - Board Repair Update
                                                 [ 5 replies ] Latest reply: 24-Nov-2014 19:10:08
                               MAH - Board is finally back up!
                                                 [ 24 replies ] Latest reply: 10-Nov-2014 08:29:06
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
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                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
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    dave - Some interesting notes in a 1999 Corrs official calendar 03-Mar-2015 17:00:06
                  Robin - Excellent find Dave some really interesting info as it was 1999 when I got into the Corrs. Great reading (n/t) 03-Mar-2015 21:45:17
                  IrishHeart - Thank you for that great early Corrs info 04-Mar-2015 02:30:32

    CorrMac - What happened to the colours on the board? 02-Mar-2015 17:12:02
                  CorrMac - Must have been a glitch ... 02-Mar-2015 17:13:46
                               Cara - Glad to hear - as I wouldn't have had a clue! ;-) (n/t) 02-Mar-2015 20:01:06
                               dave - Maybe its a virus spreading from the white/gold, blue/black dress ! (n/t) 03-Mar-2015 11:06:52
                                            CorrMac - LOL! I've had some strange things happen with my computer before 03-Mar-2015 20:57:50

    Leslie - Sharon's presenting a 3 part radio program for BBC. Looks exciting... 28-Feb-2015 17:18:35
                  CorrMac - So THAT'S what she's been up to! 28-Feb-2015 18:29:33
                  commonwombat - Have thought for some years that she's more than capable of hosting a show. 28-Feb-2015 20:18:16
                               dave - Yep, should be good. I'd like to see her on BBCs Transatlantic Sessions too. 28-Feb-2015 22:35:41

    mrrob69uk - Vote for The Corrs 27-Feb-2015 21:07:34
                  Corrpulent - GaelleF & YvesB are pretty good at French. :) (n/t) 27-Feb-2015 21:24:07
                  GaelleF - Being French qualifies me I suppose ;) The radio station allows us to vote until Fri March 6 for our fav artist 27-Feb-2015 22:40:49
                               nightcat - I voted even tho I don't have a speck of French in me. 28-Feb-2015 01:11:33
                               YvesB - Je n'aurais pas pu dire mieux, Gaëlle ! ... (n/t) 28-Feb-2015 03:44:13
                  MentariS - Voted already, though I don't have French bits in me :-) The last time I saw it... 28-Feb-2015 03:12:28
                               Corrsgirl1 - Voted too, doesn't help, they only have 7% of the votes :( 28-Feb-2015 08:52:54
                  osamaraashid - If you guys really want to, you can vote multiple times. 02-Mar-2015 17:16:32

    StPaddy - Östersund Gig - Reply to Steve 20-Feb-2015 21:11:25
                  SteveW - Caroline's hi-hat playing on So Young 20-Feb-2015 23:44:23
                               StPaddy - Caroline´s 16th notes hihat pattern from The Late Show version.... 21-Feb-2015 09:50:21
                                            SteveW - I had to watch the RAH version of So Young again 23-Feb-2015 10:35:04
                                                         dave - Remember that on some tracks of Live In London dvd you can select a camera angle 23-Feb-2015 14:30:53
                                                                      StPaddy - Spot on, Dave! For "Dreams", "Radio" and "Breathless" you can select 24-Feb-2015 08:26:16
                                                         StPaddy - I appreciate it when - now and then - people are interested to learn about 24-Feb-2015 08:14:55
                                                                      SteveW - It would be fun to have a big group viewing of one of the gigs 25-Feb-2015 11:05:49
                                                                                   Corranga - Interesting post. We sort of did this in October 1999 when The Corrs played NetAid. 26-Feb-2015 10:17:10
                                                                                                IrishHeart - Reply about Superbowl 26-Feb-2015 19:30:19
                                                                                                             Corranga - The Super Bowl is always broadcast live in the UK. They basically transmit the US coverage, including commentary 26-Feb-2015 21:32:37
                                                                                   osamaraashid - Sounds interesting. Time differences would be a problem but we should try to do it (n/t) 26-Feb-2015 16:49:36
                                                                                   MentariS - Steve, that sounds GREAT. Of course... 26-Feb-2015 17:24:55
                                                                      Terry2 - Drummers 01-Mar-2015 16:52:15
                                                                                   SteveW - Live 38 gig (Amsterdam 2001) 02-Mar-2015 06:32:22
                                                                                                CorrMac - I remember that in one interview 02-Mar-2015 17:23:22
                                                                                                             SteveW - Caroline quote on playing upbeat songs 02-Mar-2015 17:33:23
                                                                                                                          CorrMac - I found the article ... 03-Mar-2015 21:14:46
                                                                                                                                       SteveW - That's a great interview 03-Mar-2015 21:51:59

    dave - POTW.... aah... its 'Ickle Andy....we miss you, please come back. (n/t) 20-Feb-2015 20:56:21
                  MentariS - Yeah, Andy...I really do miss your voice!! 21-Feb-2015 04:04:22
                  eieio - 'Ickle Andy? (n/t) 24-Feb-2015 17:28:18
                               SteveW - I was wondering what that meant, too (n/t) 25-Feb-2015 11:06:16
                                            dave - LOL... shows how long I've been around on Corrs fansites - its an affectionate nickname 25-Feb-2015 15:53:40
                                                         Corranga - Dave is right, Ickle is a term of endearment meaning small, so literally, it means little Andrea. (n/t) 26-Feb-2015 10:06:17
                                                                      eieio - Oh! i like that! :-) (n/t) 26-Feb-2015 15:37:34
                                                                                   MentariS - The nickname fits her perfectly huh? :-) (n/t) 28-Feb-2015 03:13:02
                                                         YvesB - Nice ickle Andy pic ! ... (n/t) 27-Feb-2015 20:10:18

    Corrsgirl1 - Sharon is up to something! 19-Feb-2015 21:27:23
                  IrishHeart - Woohoo! 19-Feb-2015 23:17:12
                  MentariS - Again?? Ugh, why the gentle torture, lady? 20-Feb-2015 03:24:51
                               commonwombat - Then again all that writing in that picture may just be long, clear instructions to her hapless husband 20-Feb-2015 18:37:38
                                            dave - She's already said she's writing another album, so that's probably what it is. (n/t) 20-Feb-2015 19:49:32

    SteveW - Found this beautiful piano cover of Runaway 18-Feb-2015 00:31:27
                  osamaraashid - It is really amazing (n/t) 18-Feb-2015 09:35:42
                  CorrMac - He should have practiced the song more 18-Feb-2015 21:44:21
                               commonwombat - Not sold on his interpretation. 19-Feb-2015 18:23:21

    dave - Now I know where Caroline got her drumming style from. 15-Feb-2015 11:25:00
                  IrishHeart - Dave Clark Five 15-Feb-2015 20:35:43
                  eieio - There sure are similarities between them. DC5 was a great band! (n/t) 15-Feb-2015 21:29:29
                  CorrMac - For those who can't see a repeat of the program on the BBC i-player 15-Feb-2015 22:10:28
                               StPaddy - I agree, CorrMac,.... 16-Feb-2015 08:59:54
                                            SteveW - Mike, I'd love to know more about drumming posture :-) 16-Feb-2015 15:49:22
                                                         StPaddy - Steve,.... 16-Feb-2015 20:06:39
                                                                      SteveW - Caroline's drumming 17-Feb-2015 07:43:45
                                                                                   StPaddy - Steve, 17-Feb-2015 10:24:46
                                                                                                SteveW - One more drumming question 18-Feb-2015 00:16:07
                                                                                                             CorrMac - I would say that 18-Feb-2015 22:25:43
                                                                                                             StPaddy - Compliment, Steve, you really have a fine pair of ears! 19-Feb-2015 00:51:53
                                                                                                                          SteveW - Second snare drum 19-Feb-2015 06:08:20
                                                                                                                                       StPaddy - Says it all, Steve. 19-Feb-2015 10:38:25
                                                                                                                                       SteveW - Mike, what is happening at 5:38 - 6:00 of the Ostersund gig? 20-Feb-2015 19:53:03
                  IrishHeart - Caroline on drums 16-Feb-2015 20:58:36
                  Corrpulent - I’ve sometimes wondered who decides what drumming accompaniment is appropriate for a song… 16-Feb-2015 22:44:55
                               StPaddy - I think as composers, all of them had a rough idea.... 17-Feb-2015 00:09:25
                                            keejac21 - Love all the information Mike. I tried learning the drums in college because-- as you guessed right-- 17-Feb-2015 05:49:23
                                            SteveW - Does anyone know if Sharon's demo of Goodbye is an actual demo, or just an alternate version? 17-Feb-2015 08:08:39
                                                         commonwombat - An old standard practice was that the vocalist would put down a "work lead" fairly early in the process 17-Feb-2015 10:45:19
                                                                      dave - I'm with you on that Wombat, I always preferred Sharon's Goodbye and yes 17-Feb-2015 15:42:08
                               SteveW - I've wondered this as well, and I was going to ask Sharon when I interviewed her 17-Feb-2015 08:18:29
                                            SteveW - whoops -- error in transcription in my previous post 17-Feb-2015 08:23:15
                                            commonwombat - I read a very good interview with Keith from some years back where he said they basically gave him "free licence" w his 17-Feb-2015 11:00:46

    Corrpulent - Happy Birthday to Cara! 12-Feb-2015 14:39:54
                  johan_0406 - Happy birtday, Cara! Happiness and joy to you! (n/t) 12-Feb-2015 16:45:16
                  Leslie - Happy Birthday, Cara! (n/t) 12-Feb-2015 17:27:07
                               StPaddy - Happy Birthday, Cara! Have a wonderful day! (n/t) 12-Feb-2015 18:12:03
                  CorrMac - Happy Birthday! 12-Feb-2015 20:12:01
                  SteveW - Happy birthday and thanks for all you do to keep this board running! (n/t) 12-Feb-2015 21:21:37
                  Robin - Happy birthday Cara hope you had a great day. (n/t) 12-Feb-2015 21:22:08
                  M-Corr - Happy Birthday! (n/t) 12-Feb-2015 23:29:08
                  Jerry - Happy birthday! (n/t) 13-Feb-2015 00:16:19
                               keejac21 - Happy birthday Cara! Cheers! (n/t) 13-Feb-2015 01:53:19
                  MentariS - Happy birthday Cara! Hope you have a lovely day! 13-Feb-2015 04:28:04
                  MC - Happy birthday, Cara! Have a great day! :-) (n/t) 13-Feb-2015 12:46:44
                  Mark - I would just like to say... 13-Feb-2015 20:58:04
                               Cara - Aww... Thank you Mark! :-) (n/t) 13-Feb-2015 21:09:11
                               dave - That's a great compliment Mark and a belated Happy Birthday Cara (n/t) 13-Feb-2015 22:24:26
                               SteveW - Are you the Mark that originally created this board? 13-Feb-2015 22:53:18
                                            dave - Steve, yes that is the original founder of Corrboard. However CorrsClub is a totally 14-Feb-2015 10:15:12
                  Cara - Thank you everyone! :-) (n/t) 13-Feb-2015 21:09:30
                               nightcat - I'm late but I still wanna say 14-Feb-2015 01:58:41
                  Corrsgirl1 - Sorry for showing up late, hope you had a wonderful birthday Cara! 14-Feb-2015 08:55:56

    Leslie - Sharon's Windmill Lane Studios interview & performance. 08-Feb-2015 02:27:15
                  Punky - This is all excellent! Wow...hope Sharon covers "Dream a Little Dream" on the next album! (n/t) 08-Feb-2015 03:42:33
                  Steverino - Thanks, Leslie. I watched/read it all and enjoyed the interview and performances. 08-Feb-2015 04:38:28
                  Cristina - I enjoy Sharon's interviews sooo much! She is really so brilliant! Thanks for posting! (n/t) 08-Feb-2015 10:08:56
                               dave - As usual, a great interview with Barry Egan and the 2 performances 08-Feb-2015 15:12:36
                  CorrMac - Thanks for posting the link 08-Feb-2015 21:20:12
                               Bea_HC - Love that version of DALD (n/t) 08-Feb-2015 21:32:02
                                            nightcat - I agree Bea on DALD, it sounded divine. (n/t) 09-Feb-2015 05:04:10
                  MentariS - I hope I'm alright, because at the moment I'm wiping out my tears after watching that interview 09-Feb-2015 17:25:06
                               dave - She's been including Dream a Little Dream in setlists recently 09-Feb-2015 18:54:34
                                            MrPeabody - Dream a Little Dream from her Dublin gig. 13-Feb-2015 04:50:35
                                                         MC - Thanks for that! :-) (n/t) 13-Feb-2015 12:48:02
                  IrishHeart - Great link 09-Feb-2015 21:03:40
                  osamaraashid - Great interview. Thanks for posting (n/t) 10-Feb-2015 10:54:50
                  Fran_SS - Any idea of the guitarist's name, guys? (n/t) 16-Feb-2015 18:27:14
                               StPaddy - Fran, that´s Stuart Gray of "The Beau Motives" trio. 16-Feb-2015 19:15:47
                                            Fran_SS - That was quick! Thank you Mike ;) (n/t) 16-Feb-2015 19:20:29

    dave - Nice live acoustic version of Dreams by Sharon - like the B&W photography. 06-Feb-2015 15:36:11

    Bea_HC - DVD release from Sharon´sconcert back in 2013 confirmed 03-Feb-2015 21:19:11
                  Cristina - I find it strange that Sharon hasn´t mentioned it yet. (n/t) 04-Feb-2015 09:22:59
                               Bea_HC - Her team has mentioned today on her 08-Feb-2015 21:30:09
                  Corrsgirl1 - Nice! I liked The Same Sun songs so much better live 04-Feb-2015 12:32:16
                               dave - Hope we can get it in UK as well. (n/t) 10-Feb-2015 09:12:20
                                            Bea_HC - I think you can preorder it if you're in the UK as 10-Feb-2015 13:14:17

    Fran_SS - Take a Minute / Upon an Ocean / Raindrops (Piano segments) 02-Feb-2015 21:04:24
                  Fran_SS - Looks like there's some kind of issue with the first link, try this one instead 03-Feb-2015 14:06:35
                               osamaraashid - The first one worked for me, it sounds good. (n/t) 03-Feb-2015 17:21:30
                  SteveW - Very interesting to hear what the songs must have sounded like when Sharon originally wrote them 03-Feb-2015 20:34:34
                               Fran_SS - That's why I find those takes so interesting, Steve! 05-Feb-2015 11:49:12

    den - Congratulations on being FOTM Dave well deserved! (n/t) 02-Feb-2015 01:52:11
                  MentariS - Congrats Dave! Well-deserved indeed, and hope you have a great month! (n/t) 02-Feb-2015 05:34:04
                               StPaddy - Congrats, Dave! Enjoy your month in the spotlight! :) (n/t) 02-Feb-2015 10:46:58
                  MC - Congratulations, Dave! (n/t) 02-Feb-2015 10:52:03
                               commonwombat - Congratulations Dave (n/t) 02-Feb-2015 16:12:44
                  SteveW - Congratulations, Dave! When I first joined this board... 02-Feb-2015 17:35:10
                  DrFunkenstein - Congrats and keep up the good work, Dave! (n/t) 02-Feb-2015 20:41:06
                  Fran_SS - Congratulations Dave! ;) (n/t) 02-Feb-2015 21:42:35
                  Lonneke - Congratulations, Dave! :) (n/t) 02-Feb-2015 21:57:09
                               keejac21 - Congrats Dave. Your posts are always relatable. Enjoy your month. (n/t) 03-Feb-2015 05:34:30
                                            nightcat - Congrats Dave! Thanks for contributing to this site. (n/t) 03-Feb-2015 09:56:49
                                                         Robin - many congratulations Dave very well deserved. Enjoy your month. (n/t) 03-Feb-2015 13:12:39
                                                                      Corranga - Congrats Dave, this place wouldn't be the same without you :) (n/t) 03-Feb-2015 16:41:30
                  osamaraashid - Congrats Dave :-) (n/t) 03-Feb-2015 17:19:01
                               eieio - YAY DAVE!!!!!!!!!!! :-) (n/t) 03-Feb-2015 19:38:08
                  Leslie - Congrats, Dave! (n/t) 04-Feb-2015 14:55:21
                  Lonneke - Unbelievable, he's made Fan of the Month, and for the first time ever he seems not to have visited the board in days?! 05-Feb-2015 00:14:18
                               dave - Just back from a week in the Canaries - pleasant surprise, thanks for your kind words 05-Feb-2015 16:00:21
                                            LisaJ - Nice one Dave. x (n/t) 05-Feb-2015 20:54:39
                  Baxterianism - Congrats Dave, It's always been a pleasure to meet up and chat. Let hope for more soon! (n/t) 05-Feb-2015 18:24:50
                  M-Corr - Congrats Dave. (n/t) 06-Feb-2015 00:32:50

    nexi_exi17 - Mega Rare Promo Cassette: Mystery Of You, Siog, Another World, Dreaming 29-Jan-2015 15:10:05
                  Leslie - O.m.g. The rarity of all rarities. It would be great to hear some of those songs. (n/t) 29-Jan-2015 15:27:35
                               nightcat - I sincerely hope somebody from this board can get this. Share the blessings ;-) (n/t) 29-Jan-2015 16:29:51
                  SteveW - Wow, I would love to hear Mystery of You. Looks like it was purchased for $550. (n/t) 29-Jan-2015 17:00:32
                               GaelleF - WOW ! amazing treasure !!! (n/t) 29-Jan-2015 20:16:21
                  osamaraashid - I wonder how these songs have remained hidden for 23 years. 29-Jan-2015 20:29:37
                               Corranga - If it's real, that would be an amazing thing to have! 29-Jan-2015 21:41:46
                  MC - Wow (n/t) 30-Jan-2015 10:37:00
                               keejac21 - *does cartwheels and lands on praying knees and hands* Please share..whoever you are. (n/t) 31-Jan-2015 07:08:03
                  Michael1 - Amazing! Cannot believe this has stayed hidden for 23 years. 02-Feb-2015 11:53:13
                  Fran_SS - If this tape is authentic, then it's crazy that it's been all this time kept in the vault 02-Feb-2015 21:46:41
                               Leslie - I know very little abt ebay, but it seems the winning bid is someone who is likely to sell it on. 02-Feb-2015 22:24:05
                                            Corranga - I think you're looking at the seller rather than the buyer? 03-Feb-2015 16:53:28
                                                         Leslie - Yeah, it's the buyer info that you mention... 04-Feb-2015 14:54:33
                  ourfourf - nnnnggggg we neeeeed this! :o (n/t) 04-Feb-2015 19:06:42
                               dave - Well, this is a possibility - Sharon recently donated items to a charity shop in Dublin 05-Feb-2015 16:14:49
                                            Baxterianism - Your right Dave, BMG Funded the original production costs for the first EP.... 05-Feb-2015 18:22:32
                                                         SteveW - What was on "Eye to the music"? And what was on their second EP? (n/t) 05-Feb-2015 20:07:55
                                                                      dave - So, a certain G. Mark Roswell signed and developed the band - first time I've heard 06-Feb-2015 14:15:36
                                                                                   commonwombat - Roswell is a musical director who has worked as such or as a "music supervisor" on many movies incl The Commitments 07-Feb-2015 15:08:13

    SteveW - Long Night alternate video 29-Jan-2015 10:48:35
                  MentariS - I've seen that one, and I do agree that I like the 'original' video better 29-Jan-2015 13:51:39
                  Leslie - Hadnt seen this vid before. Seems like a way to get in all band members (including John. lol) w/o ... 29-Jan-2015 15:39:27
                               keejac21 - I got a little dizzy watching it to be honest. Never did justice to the song. (n/t) 31-Jan-2015 07:11:59
                                            dave - I've seen that before and really like the 'arty' nature of the vid. The live gig shots 05-Feb-2015 16:33:21
                                                         commonwombat - Strangely enough, I'm with Dave on this one 06-Feb-2015 07:16:32

    Nyoman - New pictures of Andrea "out and about" in London. 27-Jan-2015 23:40:26
                  Robin - Great pics so nice to see Andrea as it's been a long time. Would so love to see her perform again (n/t) 28-Jan-2015 00:31:40
                  MentariS - Nice shoes she's got there! 28-Jan-2015 07:29:14
                  Den - She looks a bit annoyed at the intrusion. I think she's vey happy right now being out of the I limelight. (n/t) 28-Jan-2015 22:17:44
                               keejac21 - Love the sneakers though. Yeah, I agree she's a bit annoyed. (n/t) 29-Jan-2015 02:41:48
                  Leslie - Can't see how she'd expect to be undercover w/those sneakers. lol (n/t) 29-Jan-2015 15:41:08
                               LisaJ - Lovely to see new pics of her. Miss her so much! (n/t) 30-Jan-2015 19:17:01
                               IrishHeart - Andrea's sneakers 15-Feb-2015 20:38:39
                  Mark - Are we supposed to believe that a baby came out of that lady? :) (n/t) 13-Feb-2015 20:56:31
                               dave - LOL... two actually. (n/t) 14-Feb-2015 10:20:11
                               MentariS - LOL - I often forget that too! ;-) (n/t) 15-Feb-2015 16:28:05

    IrishHeart - Question about interviews 26-Jan-2015 15:17:14
                  dave - I know that one well and believe it was their first. It was an integral part of the EPK 26-Jan-2015 16:13:19

    dave - Hope you guys have been watching Sound Of Song on BBC4 - its a brilliant doco 24-Jan-2015 15:20:35
                  IrishHeart - Wish I could see that program 24-Jan-2015 17:57:30
                               dave - The Carpenters not mentioned yet because its proceeding chronologicaly 24-Jan-2015 19:16:01

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