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  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
  • Read a review of the York Racecourse from the York Press! (25-Jul)
  • Talk On Corners comes in at #26 on the new 60 at 60 chart published by the UK's Official Chart Company. (06-Jul)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    SteveW - Track-by-track commentaries for BH (revised to fix link) 25-Jun-2017 08:46:30
                  GaelleF - Most of the videos are part of the BH documentaries (there are two or three different ones) 26-Jun-2017 13:50:07
                               SteveW - Thanks, GaelleF. I've seen those BH documentaries... 27-Jun-2017 08:43:11

    MentariS - Jim went live on Instagram just a few mins ago...only to end it after a wave and a smile, LOL 20-Jun-2017 19:32:04
                  seancorrain - I was at work ! I tried to catch him while he was live ! 21-Jun-2017 03:34:06
                               MentariS - Trust me, you missed nothing :-p Let's wait for more live broadcasts! (n/t) 21-Jun-2017 05:45:47
                                            Corranga - Interesting. Perhaps a test of the feature for Jim then. (n/t) 21-Jun-2017 14:12:33
                                                         MentariS - Not the first time he tested IG's newer features... He also posted a couple of IG stories a few months back. (n/t) 21-Jun-2017 17:01:10
                  seancorrain - What is that boy up to ? 23-Jun-2017 21:01:31
                               MentariS - The girls (Andrea and Sharon, that is...) seem to enjoy fan outreach too - though not exactly the 'technology' part :-) (n/t) 24-Jun-2017 10:53:44
                                            Yrisea - His Instagram page appears as unavailable to me.... 25-Jun-2017 15:39:13
                                                         sergio - it's still available for me...what did you say to him? just being curious...:) (n/t) 26-Jun-2017 11:27:47
                                                         MentariS - His Instagram posts are nothing like what he tweets - he pretty much only posts photos of the band 26-Jun-2017 14:04:57
                                                                      Yrisea - Yes it was :) 26-Jun-2017 15:15:52
                                                                                   Sergio - Ok, now I know:) I wouldn't be surprised if Jim blocked you, but to be honest he did not post 26-Jun-2017 16:53:42
                                                                                                Yrisea - Yes I'm looking forward for the news regarding the album !! :) 2 album in 2 years would be fabulous :-) (n/t) 26-Jun-2017 17:23:08
                  Yrisea - About social media 26-Jun-2017 17:35:00

    Corranga - New Blog! Almost 1 year after the gig, I finished my Epsom Downs Blog. Hopefully this will bring some good memories 18-Jun-2017 10:33:36
                  Robin - Great blog Chris really enjoyed reading it. Brought back such happy memories, the racecourse gigs were brilliant. (n/t) 18-Jun-2017 15:53:07
                  Terry - Very nice reading Chris, and definately more than 5 minutes entertainment ;-) 18-Jun-2017 18:04:45
                  SteveW - Great article, thanks for sharing. The biggest surprise for me was... 19-Jun-2017 03:28:36
                               MentariS - LOL Steve, I thought I was the only one who wondered the same thing! (n/t) 19-Jun-2017 11:59:40
                                            Corranga - Yep, our island is quite small, but bigger than you think ;) It's about 1/3rd the size of Texas, but is long and narrow 20-Jun-2017 09:15:36
                  RichardY - Thanks for posting this Chris - I really enjoyed reading it and it brought back some great memories! 19-Jun-2017 13:02:49
                               Corranga - I think it was the best of the racecourse gigs, and Epsom is such a lovely place too. I think I can 20-Jun-2017 13:38:57
                                            Robin - Guess I was lucky as they did Newcastle in 2001 and 2004 but of course they were much bigger tours than White light so 21-Jun-2017 01:03:09
                                                         Corranga - I was at the 2004 Newcastle gig :) (n/t) 21-Jun-2017 14:13:10
                  MentariS - Amazingly written and making me jealous as usual :-D well done Chris! (n/t) 20-Jun-2017 16:11:10

    Yrisea - Does anyone know what caroline plays on the hi hat... 16-Jun-2017 12:43:33
                  StPaddy - Yrisea, she´s playing an 8th note triplet pattern on the hihat ... 17-Jun-2017 11:05:48
                               Yrisea - Mike I cannot thank you enough!! :))) 17-Jun-2017 13:54:28
                                            StPaddy - Yes, as she once stated, she loves playing those up-tempo beats. (n/t) 17-Jun-2017 19:47:37

    dave - Fleetwood Mac reforming and touring next year. Just seen Christine McVie being 16-Jun-2017 09:05:28
                  Corranga - I passed on the opportunity to see them a couple of times as I felt the ticket price was a bit much at the time 16-Jun-2017 13:57:34
                  MC - The Buckingham / McVie album was released last week. I picked it up, although I haven't listened to it yet. 17-Jun-2017 06:10:16

    HaNnAhCoRr - Belfast / Ireland trip 06-Jun-2017 16:02:58
                  Yrisea - What kind of advice are you looking for? 06-Jun-2017 17:57:23
                               HaNnAhCoRr - Sorry, perhaps my message was u clear haha... 06-Jun-2017 19:27:20
                                            Corranga - I've never been as it didn't really interest me, but from what I gather, having travelled through Dundalk 08-Jun-2017 12:55:43

    SteveW - Board cover song project: choosing a song 06-Jun-2017 05:11:27
                  Yrisea - I can offer to record the drums or tin whistle on a song of your chosing 06-Jun-2017 09:52:36

    Yrisea - Musicians on the board inspired by the Corrs? 05-Jun-2017 16:08:01
                  Yrisea - So sorry for the typos - clearly my Samsung is being a Samsung with poor autocorrect. (n/t) 05-Jun-2017 19:16:50
                  MC - I was inspired to learn drums, bodhran, and tin whistle because of them. (n/t) 06-Jun-2017 01:15:14
                  BallerinaTay - Caroline inspired me to try the bodhran and I love it! I'm not as good as her but I enjoy playing it! (n/t) 06-Jun-2017 01:19:53
                               Yrisea - Love this instrument too :)... btw the video on which Caro learned... 06-Jun-2017 09:46:30
                  MentariS - I took up the tin whistle thanks to Baby Corr, and now I have quite a collection from various manufacturers (n/t) 06-Jun-2017 07:11:14
                               Yrisea - Haha, I have the same thing, 06-Jun-2017 09:39:34
                                            MentariS - Not that I'm any good at it, but I personally am quite partial to Feadog. (n/t) 06-Jun-2017 15:05:01
                                                         Yrisea - Interesting. I always found they sounded pretty bad... 06-Jun-2017 15:15:02
                  sergio - Yeah, I started to play guitar several last and so far strongest determination to learn to play was 06-Jun-2017 11:43:41
                               Yrisea - I hope you will keep it up Sergio!... 06-Jun-2017 15:19:25
                                            sergio - I have started by myself. I have found a super online course on dude really knows 06-Jun-2017 16:18:17
                                                         dave - This is the standard you need to aim for Sergio.. 06-Jun-2017 19:46:14
                                                                      Sergio - Not a bad little aim:) (n/t) 07-Jun-2017 09:09:59
                  Nick - I have a band in Argentina, "Lucas & The Woods", and the style is different, but yes, we take inspiration from them. 07-Jun-2017 15:44:34
                  Corranga - I own a number of tin whistles, and a bodhran thanks to the Corrs. I never put the effort in to learn then though! (n/t) 08-Jun-2017 12:58:30

    dave - Is there anyone in France who can help me with buying a French concert ticket ? (n/t) 02-Jun-2017 10:48:01
                  dave - Not needed now, managed to do it finally by using another ticket site. (n/t) 02-Jun-2017 11:55:20

    SeanCorrain - Who has pre ordered or bought Forgiven Not Forgotten on Vinyl ? 01-Jun-2017 14:32:43
                  dave - A deathly silence............. (n/t) 01-Jun-2017 21:22:24
                  CorrMac - Me! 01-Jun-2017 21:57:04
                  MC - I pre-ordered it. 02-Jun-2017 02:41:40
                               dave - To those that are keen to buy this FNF vinyl release, have you bought other Corrs vinyl records. 02-Jun-2017 06:55:20
                                            MC - Yes, I have a few. 02-Jun-2017 10:58:26
                               MentariS - The beauty of Amazon I guess :-) (n/t) 03-Jun-2017 10:45:39
                                            MC - Yep! And for the record, it didn't come yesterday. Which makes sense, since it hasn't shipped, even though Amazon said 03-Jun-2017 12:58:44
                  Chanh - I have ordered my by Amazon Germany and received it this tuesday (n/t) 02-Jun-2017 09:37:10
                               dave - Being vinyl, they probably only press small batches at a time, as they are a bit of a 'niche item' 03-Jun-2017 19:57:59
                                            Corranga - I also have it ordered, but no sign of it yet (n/t) 04-Jun-2017 08:21:08
                                            MC - I got an email from Amazon yesterday saying that the item isn't available yet, and they don't have an estimated date. 04-Jun-2017 12:44:32
                               dave - Chanh, is there any difference to the artwork or text on the much larger 12" album sleeve 06-Jun-2017 10:49:03
                  Yrisea - that is going to be a collector item for sure. I wish they would edit every album in this format, I love it. (n/t) 06-Jun-2017 09:48:27
                               Corranga - Mine has arrived :) The cover is creased quite badly at the back :( (n/t) 11-Jun-2017 09:26:45
                                            dave - Return it for a replacement. (n/t) 11-Jun-2017 10:41:55

    Wendy - Does anyone remember Andrea singing "Down to the River to Pray" in an interview? 31-May-2017 13:57:29
                  Yrisea - I do!! 02-Jun-2017 22:26:19
                               Yrisea - PS I could be wrong - it could be a different set of interviews.... 02-Jun-2017 22:29:17
                                            Wendy - Thanks - I think they were the interviews! 05-Jun-2017 04:23:43
                                            Wendy - All the fan question videos/audio are here, but I can't view them 05-Jun-2017 04:56:04
                                                         Wendy - Sorry, it's in the "Interact" section of that link. (n/t) 05-Jun-2017 04:57:53
                                                         Yrisea - Omg yes !! You've found it back:') 05-Jun-2017 09:36:22
                                                                      Corranga - Yep - Good and modern looks, with out dated content and no news ;) (n/t) 05-Jun-2017 09:42:19
                                                                                   MentariS - Some things never change huh? :-p (n/t) 06-Jun-2017 07:14:39
                                                                                   Yrisea - haha yeah, so this never really changed. I love seeing the old site, brings back good memories 06-Jun-2017 09:59:33
                                                                      SteveW - Wendy, I have the video of Andrea singing the first line of "Down to the River to Pray" 05-Jun-2017 12:53:49
                                                                                   corrazy_rach - OOoohhhh I would love to see!!! Good work detectives! Can someone upload please??? (n/t) 05-Jun-2017 15:35:24
                                                                                                corrazy_rach - I mean I would love to HEAR it!!!! (n/t) 05-Jun-2017 15:35:52
                                                                                                MentariS - Seriously, a lot of people in the fanbase are quite exceptional at digging for treasures ;-) (n/t) 06-Jun-2017 07:14:07
                                                                                                             corrazy_rach - Did anyone end up finding it?!?!! (n/t) 16-Jun-2017 02:33:30
                                                                                                                          SteveW - Yes, I have it but don't have any easy way to post it. 16-Jun-2017 05:03:21
                                                                                                                                       corrazy_rach - Great! Thanks Steve!! (n/t) 16-Jun-2017 10:44:34

    dave - OK, here's something else to discuss. Does a left-handed guitarist benefit from playing 31-May-2017 09:52:36
                  Corranga - U2 used a wireless setup - though they don't come down into the crowd - plenty of artists do, or have though. 31-May-2017 13:41:27
                  Cara - I took guitar lessons for a couple of years at uni. I'm a lefty but played "right-handed". 31-May-2017 14:00:06
                  Terry2 - Sinister or dexter? 31-May-2017 22:03:31
                               dave - Thanks Terry, I hadn't thought of course that lefties just naturally adapt to 01-Jun-2017 08:55:13
                               Corranga - Ah left handed scissors, my favourite. I remember being handed those yellow handled LH scissors in primary school 01-Jun-2017 09:32:13

    Cara - Sorry to have to delete the very well-meaning posts hoping for safety for fellow members. 31-May-2017 06:51:50
                  Cara - I know there's not a lot to talk about at the minute... But unfortunately I think we need to stick with... 31-May-2017 06:54:56

    MentariS - At last, some very interesting update about the upcoming Album No. 7!!!! New interview from Jim: 19-May-2017 14:10:01
                  MentariS - Just realised the full link is in the caption of the post. (n/t) 19-May-2017 14:11:42
                  corrazy_rach - Yay!!! 19-May-2017 14:19:38
                               dave - Well at least we know it will be 2018 now, so we can get on with the rest of the year ! (n/t) 19-May-2017 15:27:21
                  Jerry - Uh, isn't that interview from last year? (n/t) 19-May-2017 16:35:19
                               CorrMac - I'm pretty sure that interview took place towards the end of last year ... 19-May-2017 22:15:12
                                            Wendy - I'm thrilled to hear the new sound with the guidance of T Bone Burnett! (n/t) 20-May-2017 03:27:53
                                            MC - I don't know.... I'm not too optimistic for a new album this year. Maybe a single towards the latter part of the year. (n/t) 20-May-2017 05:26:12
                               MC - Yeah, I'm pretty sure that it is. The recording was done in October, if I remember correctly. (n/t) 20-May-2017 05:25:09
                               MentariS - Looks like it but the full article was published yesterday - I saw Jim tweet it a couple of hours after I posted this. (n/t) 20-May-2017 07:06:44
                                            dave - So we're back to not knowing again if this is indeed talking about the delayed 2017 release ? 20-May-2017 09:13:03
                                                         MC - He's talking about the follow-up to WL; it's a bit difficu lto discern the timeframe for the album from this interview. (n/t) 20-May-2017 12:55:01
                                                                      DutchDenise - Anyway, I'm patient, and it sounds really interesting and promising ... (n/t) 20-May-2017 15:43:02
                                                                      CSCfan - This interview orginally appeared in the February edition of Acoustic Magazine.. 21-May-2017 11:51:00
                                                                                   MC - Yep, confirmed news would be great. (n/t) 21-May-2017 13:04:30
                                                                                   Nick - They like to prepare things quietly. Last time they announced a Sept comeback in July, with a full tour and album ready. (n/t) 21-May-2017 20:30:08
                  SeanCorrain - I like the sound of the new record from Jim's description 23-May-2017 15:00:09
                               Wendy - Agree! 26-May-2017 11:16:48
                                            Wendy - Do you think the new album will be a bit more country/bluegrass/gospel? 26-May-2017 11:45:11
                                                         MC - Country-tinged - possibly on a couple of songs. Gospel or bluegrass I doubt. 27-May-2017 12:36:32
                                                                      Wendy - What's an AAA album? (n/t) 30-May-2017 01:29:34
                                                                                   MC - AAA - Adult Album Alternative 30-May-2017 01:45:02
                                                         corrazy_rach - Oh Wendy I would love to hear Andrea singing that!! Do you remember what interview by any chance?!?!!? (n/t) 28-May-2017 11:25:35
                                                                      Wendy - Let me think for a few days and get back to you! It may have been... 30-May-2017 01:38:13
                                                                                   Wendy - Does anyone else remember seeing Andrea sing "Down to the River to Pray" in an interview? 30-May-2017 02:06:10
                                                                                                corrazy_rach - Oooh Wendy I hope you can remember where you saw it!!! (n/t) 30-May-2017 07:40:38
                                                                                                             Wendy - It may have been here... 05-Jun-2017 05:14:50
                  SteveW - I'm encouraged that the new album was recorded mostly live, according to this interview 06-Jun-2017 05:29:29

    dave - I mentioned former messageboard member Cecilia Danell (FoggyNotion) recently, 18-May-2017 09:35:48
                  SteveW - Thanks for the news on Cecilia. 06-Jun-2017 04:58:41

    MentariS - Happy 43rd birthday to the one and only Andrea Jane Corr - hope you have a lovely day!! (n/t) 17-May-2017 11:17:52
                  AB_CLOSER - Happy birthday Andrea (n/t) 17-May-2017 11:40:37
                  RichardY - Happy Birthday Andrea! Hope you have a great day. (n/t) 17-May-2017 11:51:42
                  Corranga - Happy Birthday Andrea! (n/t) 17-May-2017 11:59:49
                               robin - Happy Birthday Andrea have a great day. (n/t) 17-May-2017 12:05:20
                                            dave - Yep, have an enjoyable day Andrea, and treat yourself to an extra glass or two of vino ! (n/t) 17-May-2017 15:47:14
                  den - Hope youre having a great day Andrea 😀 (n/t) 17-May-2017 22:44:05
                  scott - Happy Birthday (n/t) 18-May-2017 01:05:28
                               Scott - Age 18-May-2017 01:09:43
                  MC - Hope you had a wonderful day, Andrea! :-) (n/t) 18-May-2017 01:36:48

    Wendy - Revisiting the "Forgiven Not Forgotten" performance from The Late Late Show 16-May-2017 14:04:57
                  Leslie - Love this performance! (n/t) 16-May-2017 16:54:14
                  MC - I always felt that many of their best performances were the really stripped back ones like this. (n/t) 17-May-2017 00:08:53
                  Punky - Agreed! (n/t) 17-May-2017 03:46:04
                               Corranga - Great performance and contrasted well with the Bring On The Night performance from the same 17-May-2017 08:52:30
                  Yrisea - I totally agree and to date 06-Jun-2017 09:57:24

    Corranga - Tickets - Preventing the resale of tickets / ID checks to ensure purchaser is present 16-May-2017 13:10:18
                  robin - Yes that does sound positive Chris, and hopefully will work. Perhaps its the first step to a fairer ticketing system. 17-May-2017 08:41:51
                  dave - Definitely a positive move guys. If the government is unwilling to legislate, then artists themselves 17-May-2017 16:15:26
                               Corranga - That's my thoughts too Dave, will be interesting to see if the event staff actually do anything 18-May-2017 21:43:43
                                            dave - Strict enforcement is the answer Chris, I have been to some gigs in Europe where 19-May-2017 08:03:37
                                            RichardY - Maybe they should allow you to specify what name should be printed on the ticket when you purchase it. 19-May-2017 11:22:12
                                                         Corranga - A nominated name would work. I think in this instance it was brought in after the fact. I don't know if the box offic 19-May-2017 12:03:47
                                                                      robin - I still feel the best solution is for the government to put a complete ban on any secondary ticketing and to me 20-May-2017 02:50:08

    SeanCorrain - Forgiven Not Forgotten Is being Re-Released on Vinyl 09-May-2017 16:52:46
                  Corranga - :D That's amazing, I'm completely sucked in, and will be buying it as soon as I can find one for sale ! (n/t) 12-May-2017 11:06:02
                               Chanh - I just ordered my by Amazon (n/t) 12-May-2017 13:04:58
                               CorrMac - I ordered mine from Amazon too ... must get my turntable out!! (n/t) 12-May-2017 21:44:42
                  SeanCorrain - Amazon is a pretty good seller for these records, so is Ebay 12-May-2017 14:32:33
                  SeanCorrain - Amazon Pre Order Information 12-May-2017 14:35:36
                               SeanCorrain - Releases June 6 2017 (n/t) 12-May-2017 14:36:16
                  MC - I wonder if they're going release all of the albums (or at least the studio ones) on vinyl little by little. 13-May-2017 05:28:00
                               SeanCorrain - I think if we keep requesting them (to the vendor) that we can make it happen ! 15-May-2017 14:50:28

    CorrMac - In the absence of any news directly from our favourite band ... 07-May-2017 22:10:18
                  dave - Interesting interview though I have to admit that some of the 'tech speak' goes completely 08-May-2017 10:04:56
                  Robin - Thanks for posting and at last a small positive bit of news that we may see the Corrs towards the end of the year. (n/t) 08-May-2017 11:54:30
                  corrazy_rach - Thanks for sharing this CorrMac, I really enjoyed hearing Keith Duffy! A rare interview with him directly :) 09-May-2017 00:48:07
                               Wendy - Very interesting, thanks! (n/t) 09-May-2017 04:36:36

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