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Latest News
  • Caroline has (finally) joined Twitter! Follow her! (19-Jun)
  • The Corrs to perform 1st gig in a decade at BBC Radio 2 Live In Hyde Park on Sept 13. Tickets on sale June 12. (08-Jun)
  • It's official: The Corrs are coming back! Andrea confirmed the news on BBC Radio 2. Listen here. (08-Jun)
  • Sharon Corr: Keeping it Real (from the NZ Herald) (19-Apr)
  • More news...
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    Octavio has been around the board for quite a while and maybe doesn't post as often as some other members - however is still a steady presence here. Most regular visitors will recognize the username and appreciate the contributions they know to expect in the attached posts.

    Always a positive force on the board, we're glad to have you here Octavio and look forward to all of your future contributions!
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    01-Aug-2015 21:09:43
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                               Cara - Board Discography Project
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    Corranga - Hyde park tickets dispatched. 01-Aug-2015 19:50:14

    MentariS - One of the band's new songs is titled Ellis Island? 01-Aug-2015 17:00:24
                  Bea_HC - Who knows!!!! It could be instrumental it could be inspired by inmigration as you´ve said... 01-Aug-2015 17:32:57
                               MentariS - For some odd reason I have a feeling it's an instrumental as well... 01-Aug-2015 18:07:43

    MC - Congrats on FOTM, Octavio! :-) (n/t) 01-Aug-2015 12:38:49
                  robin - many congratulations Octavio enjoy your month. (n/t) 01-Aug-2015 13:47:29
                  OCTAVIO - wow, thanx!! it's true that nowadays i dont write very often since i got a new job 01-Aug-2015 15:55:54
                               MentariS - Congrats Octavio! Have a great month :-) (n/t) 01-Aug-2015 16:51:47

    Mark - My last official act as FOTM is to wish Jim a happy birthday! 31-Jul-2015 17:07:51
                  den - Happy Birthday Jim, have a great one! (n/t) 31-Jul-2015 22:53:24

    MentariS - A new picture of the birthday boy, tweeted by Caroline 31-Jul-2015 12:07:43
                  Bea_HC - I´d like to see a video of the three sisters singing the Happy Birthday song to his brother 31-Jul-2015 12:33:41
                  Nyoman - And new pic from the birthday boy : Caroline with her new instrument 31-Jul-2015 23:42:06
                               osamaraashid - What's that? I'm not seeing any instrument (n/t) 01-Aug-2015 12:16:14
                                            MentariS - The thing she's sitting on; it's a cajon. One plays it by tapping on the surface :-) (n/t) 01-Aug-2015 13:12:05
                                            StPaddy - osamaraashid, you're kidding, right? ;-) 01-Aug-2015 13:41:40
                                                         MentariS - Sharon's drummer Doug Yowell played the instrument on stage at her solo gigs from time to time... 01-Aug-2015 17:05:02
                                                         osamaraashid - Oh! haven't seen it before. I actually magnified the pic to find out the "instrument" :-D (n/t) 01-Aug-2015 18:51:00
                  MentariS - Picture from Jim's 51st birthday bash! 01-Aug-2015 17:58:24

    nexi_exi17 - Help! Big chance of getting Mistery Of You full video!!! 30-Jul-2015 17:31:56
                  Bea_HC - Don´t know if this is correct but.... 30-Jul-2015 18:10:50
                               StPaddy - Correct Bea, that´s the info I too have archived. 30-Jul-2015 18:35:34
                                            dave - Good luck Miguel. Over the years I have bought archive videos from RTE, they are expensive 30-Jul-2015 19:19:01
                                                         nexi_exi17 - I get your point Dave, and I wouldn't do anything against The Corrs or The Corrs Club but.. 30-Jul-2015 19:50:55
                               nexi_exi17 - Thanks Bea!!! :D (n/t) 31-Jul-2015 11:58:17
                                            Bea_HC - You´re welcome!!! Glad to help :-D (n/t) 31-Jul-2015 12:29:55

    Cara - A Happy Birthday to Jim tomorrow!! (n/t) 30-Jul-2015 09:05:13
                  MentariS - It's already the 31st in my part of the planet, so happy 51st birthday to the Sneak Peek Guru!! 30-Jul-2015 17:12:32
                  robin - happy birthday Jim hope you had great day. (n/t) 31-Jul-2015 21:25:23

    dave - Irish music magazine Hotpress is running a 'greatest 50 Irish gigs' poll 29-Jul-2015 20:11:38
                  IrishHeart - That's just wrong! 29-Jul-2015 20:43:49
                               dave - That's Ireland for you ! (n/t) 29-Jul-2015 20:47:56
                                            CorrMac - Hot Press gave The Corrs an award for their Lansdowne Road gig!! 30-Jul-2015 07:00:35
                                                         dave - You are possibly better placed than me to comment CorrMac, but doesn't this just illustrate 30-Jul-2015 09:04:43
                                                                      The Other Gary - I thought U2 was #2 and Thin Lizzy #3. 31-Jul-2015 05:40:52
                  Cara - I went and submitted it. They should definitely be included!! (n/t) 30-Jul-2015 09:02:05
                               nightcat - I also submitted earlier this morning. Them not being included makes no sense to me. (n/t) 30-Jul-2015 10:05:15
                  MC - Submitted! (n/t) 30-Jul-2015 13:14:30
                  queenoftheroad - Submitted! (n/t) 31-Jul-2015 12:36:27

    Corranga - 30 minutes of Corrs videos this morning on the TV music channel Bliss. 28-Jul-2015 22:09:07
                  IrishHeart - We can hope 29-Jul-2015 00:03:38
                               dave - I'd guess its the start of a slow 'reintroduction' for Joe Public - remind 'em who the band are 29-Jul-2015 09:50:50
                                            Corranga - I hope so Dave. Bliss tend to replay a lot of things, and their normal playlist seems to have some older stuff in iit 29-Jul-2015 14:05:14
                                            IrishHeart - That sounds reasonable Dave 29-Jul-2015 17:23:58
                  Cara - There was a question about them on the radio today too. 29-Jul-2015 15:08:51
                               DrFunkenstein - Could this mean the band's marketing team is hard at work, getting their name back in front of fans? (n/t) 29-Jul-2015 18:00:46
                                            dave - 'Marketing Team' - I rather think they're doing this themselves but it would be nice 30-Jul-2015 14:12:07
                                                         commonwombat - At this point they AREN'T listed on the books of John Giddings' Solo agency 30-Jul-2015 17:32:37
                                                                      Bea_HC - I´m confused. I remember someone asked Jim on twitter about getting the new record on vinyl 31-Jul-2015 23:15:36
                                                                                   commonwombat - People may be reading far more into what he Tweeted than is the case 01-Aug-2015 17:13:38

    Rick T. - Andrea soundalike 27-Jul-2015 07:18:50
                  Rick T. - Sorry... 27-Jul-2015 07:24:55
                               keejac21 - Her speaking voice has similarities to Andrea but when she sang 27-Jul-2015 14:16:21
                                            Rick T. - Yes, that's exactly what I was saying. (n/t) 27-Jul-2015 16:40:02
                  GaelleF - Very nice band ! (n/t) 28-Jul-2015 09:20:56

    Rmssw - What's the history of Love in the Milky Way? 23-Jul-2015 11:59:59
                  CSCfan - I think some alien race....somewhere in the...Milky Way.. (n/t) 23-Jul-2015 12:02:37
                  MC - I believe that it surfaced live before it was ever on the S.E. of In Blue. 23-Jul-2015 12:17:42
                               Corranga - The first appearance I know of would be the live version on the Love In The Milky Way bootleg. 23-Jul-2015 12:40:19
                                            dave - I think you're spot on with the scenario there Chris. (n/t) 23-Jul-2015 14:15:09
                                            MikeFromMelbourne - Wow thanks for the info, always love love loved this song!! (n/t) 24-Jul-2015 07:47:40
                                            DrFunkenstein - It was part of the set list at several gigs in Nov and Dec '97, but was dropped by the '98 St Paddy's Day show at RAH 24-Jul-2015 14:43:25
                  SteveW - I like Sharon's violin solo in this song 24-Jul-2015 11:58:20
                               MentariS - I wonder about that too, Steve. I know she did write the violin part for Give Me a Reason... 24-Jul-2015 14:26:44
                                            The Other Gary - Warning about the Love in the Milky Way bootleg. 25-Jul-2015 22:56:46
                                                         Corranga - Bootlegs and buying... 27-Jul-2015 14:18:22
                                                                      DrFunkenstein - Bootlegs (unofficial audio or video recordings of a performance) should not be purchased, as it is supporting someone 27-Jul-2015 16:07:26
                                                                                   Corranga - Great post re: bootlegs, I completely agree. I love the MB20 idea too, I remember attending a Genesis gig where they 28-Jul-2015 10:36:55
                                            SteveW - Violin solo in live vs studio version of LitMW 26-Jul-2015 08:07:42
                               Leslie - Love this song. One of my favorites of their B-side/rarities. Never noticed the difference in Sharon's violin... 25-Jul-2015 23:17:23

    SteveW - Who is the drummer here? 19-Jul-2015 01:30:57
                  StPaddy - Steve, you did see right, this is not Jason on drums. 19-Jul-2015 10:43:11
                               StPaddy - On Twitter, Jim just confirmed that it was the orchestra´s drummer. :) (n/t) 19-Jul-2015 10:54:06
                                            SteveW - Is Jim playing lead guitar and Anto rhythm guitar on this performance? 20-Jul-2015 08:12:40
                                                         StPaddy - Having a clicktrack on your monitor doesn´t necessarily mean .... 20-Jul-2015 10:27:33

    ShannonP - Speaking of feeling sentimental, are any of these folks still here? 18-Jul-2015 15:02:09
                  HGN2001 - Harry in the USA still here. 18-Jul-2015 20:07:20
                               ShannonP - Harry, great to hear from you and Marie 18-Jul-2015 22:58:48
                                            HGN2001 - I think... 18-Jul-2015 23:26:28
                                                         ShannonP - Great pic! 19-Jul-2015 00:32:49
                                                                      Corranga - Maybe we'll see a return of some of the older names with a new album. 23-Jul-2015 12:50:52
                                                                                   dave - Some I'd welcome back, some I definitely wouldn't... (n/t) 23-Jul-2015 19:23:26
                                                                                                Lonneke - Hahaha, I hope I'm in the first category :p (n/t) 25-Jul-2015 16:56:21
                                                                                                             dave -'re safe Lonneke, but you remember what it was like 10 years ago. (n/t) 26-Jul-2015 16:35:18
                                                                                                                          Corranga - I don't know... all that sneaking in front of people at gigs using the excuse of being shorter... Mind you 27-Jul-2015 14:19:01
                                                                                                                                       dave - She brings plenty of food too Chris ! (n/t) 27-Jul-2015 19:44:31
                                                                                                                                       Lonneke - Hahahaha, good to know :p (n/t) 30-Jul-2015 23:35:59
                  Maureen - Yep.....thanks to Cara ;-) (n/t) 29-Jul-2015 20:18:45

    MentariS - More news from the studio: Jim tweeted a photo of himself and Chris Young... 17-Jul-2015 13:05:06
                  MentariS - Yet another one coming up...Jim and his two youngest sisters! 17-Jul-2015 13:10:11
                               commonwombat - They may have to put that bag back over his head if he keeps sticking his ugly mug in front of the camera !! LOL (n/t) 17-Jul-2015 19:41:09
                  OCTAVIO - wow! According to his website, Chris Young has worked with Jason Derulo, Kylie, The Wanted 17-Jul-2015 20:41:17

    TheRightTime - Do you think Caroline will play drums this time? 15-Jul-2015 17:45:20
                  osamaraashid - I'm pretty sure she will 15-Jul-2015 23:39:57
                  MentariS - I hope so, I'm quite hopeful especially because in one tweet Jim referred to Caroline as 'the drummer' :-p (n/t) 16-Jul-2015 05:53:28
                  MC - Time will tell. Jim referred to her as "the drummer" in one of his posts, and he posted the video of her playing... 16-Jul-2015 12:12:43
                               keejac21 - Agree with you on this Marie though I badly want Caro to be back 16-Jul-2015 14:01:44
                               dave - Caroline played drums during a guest appearance at Sharon's gig in Guadalajara Spain, 16-Jul-2015 16:25:18
                                            StPaddy - Correct me if I´m wrong, Dave, but didn´t Caroline just play the Bodhran on "Joy Of Life", 16-Jul-2015 17:03:51
                                                         CSCfan - I believe she did... coz she also did that in Amsterdam (bodhran + singing).. (n/t) 16-Jul-2015 17:31:00
                                                         dave - You might be right Mike, I realised after I posted that I'd probably got that wrong. (n/t) 16-Jul-2015 19:17:01
                                                                      Corranga - I agree, definitely Bodhran + singing at Amsterdam - she was right in front of me. (n/t) 17-Jul-2015 12:57:17
                                                                                   keejac21 - My question is.. Before the band went to hiatus, was it Caro or Jason who was behind the drum kit? 17-Jul-2015 13:48:47
                                                                                                Corranga - I'm pretty sure Jason was the main drummer, but there was a 2nd kit with other percussion bits for Caroline 17-Jul-2015 16:00:06
                                                                                                             keejac21 - You're right there. I meant TV appearances of Lagan Love and Old Town. 18-Jul-2015 06:29:18
                                                                                                                          StPaddy - None of these were live, keejac21 (except for Andrea´s vocals). (n/t) 18-Jul-2015 09:02:46
                                                                                                MC - Yeah, it was Jason. (n/t) 18-Jul-2015 12:05:22
                  OCTAVIO - i guess she will the drummer again.. but i wouldnt mind at all if Jason is back on tour too. 17-Jul-2015 20:31:24
                               keejac21 - Guess we'll have to wait who will be the main drummer (again). 18-Jul-2015 12:55:42
                                            commonwombat - I was the questioner and yes, only about A&K given their integral roles in "the firm" 18-Jul-2015 19:42:58
                                                         CorrMac - Caroline is definitely my preferred option on drums. 18-Jul-2015 21:39:04
                                                         Terry2 - To drum or not to drum, that is the question. 18-Jul-2015 23:09:04
                                                                      commonwombat - They needed to re-assess the drum role for BH tour as Caro's pregnancy was likely to make it untenable to handle the 19-Jul-2015 08:41:45
                                                                                   keejac21 - Jim said in a tweet just now... "Of course Caroline will be drumming"... 19-Jul-2015 12:35:43
                                                                                                TheRightTime - Yaaayyy! I've just seen Jim's tweet. Greeaaaaat news! (n/t) 19-Jul-2015 12:42:30
                                                                                                MentariS - My head is all over the place! BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK! 19-Jul-2015 12:50:43
                                                                                                             SteveW - That's great that Caroline will be drumming 20-Jul-2015 09:04:14
                                                                                                MikeFromMelbourne - Yayyyy Caroline. I love how involved on social media Jim has been for this new album lately :) (n/t) 24-Jul-2015 07:50:42
                                                                                                             MentariS - Exactly! I'm glad to see more than one social media-savvy Corr :-) 24-Jul-2015 14:30:04

    MentariS - Yet another studio snippet from Jim: Caroline on the piano and Andrea on the uke! 15-Jul-2015 12:04:18
                  Corranga - Great photo :) If they do this live, they'll be dizzy swapping instruments so much! :O (n/t) 15-Jul-2015 12:17:41
                  SteveW - Wow, when was the last time Caroline played keyboards on an album? Dying to hear what this will sound like! (n/t) 15-Jul-2015 14:07:52
                  osamaraashid - I'd love to hear whatever they are playing! (n/t) 15-Jul-2015 15:54:49
                  Robin - Fantastic to see studio pics. It's actually happening amazing. We shall soon see them again. (n/t) 15-Jul-2015 22:23:02
                               IrishHeart - Upcoming show 15-Jul-2015 22:46:31
                                            keejac21 - Does anybody know if played the piano for the album version of Silver Strand? 16-Jul-2015 05:22:19
                                                         MentariS - I'm pretty sure Caro played the piano on Silver Strand, and I've been wondering if she also played the piano on Miracle. (n/t) 16-Jul-2015 05:51:47
                                                                      commonwombat - Whilst she played the piano for SS on the BH EPK, she's not indicated as playing piano on BH album credits (n/t) 16-Jul-2015 08:09:15
                  OCTAVIO - lol i would've never imaniged Andrea playing ukele. Cant wait to hear the song where it's played. will she play it live? (n/t) 17-Jul-2015 20:17:08
                               MC - Let's see if it makes it on the album first, LOL! :-) (n/t) 18-Jul-2015 12:06:23

    MentariS - The silence is over - more photo from Big Bro! 13-Jul-2015 17:23:54
                  MentariS - AND THE LONG-AWAITED GROUP PICTURE!!!! 13-Jul-2015 17:55:22
                               Corinna - Cool! (n/t) 13-Jul-2015 18:37:02
                  osamaraashid - That's news to me and I suppose, for everybody else....... It would have come up somewhere 13-Jul-2015 19:03:46
                               StPaddy - Ahh, c´mon, (depending on the song), everyone is capable to play a little riff on the ukulele. :) (n/t) 13-Jul-2015 19:11:33
                                            IrishHeart - StPaddy 13-Jul-2015 19:29:36
                                                         StPaddy - LOL, IrishHeart, I bet I could teach you playing a simple tune in a minute, 13-Jul-2015 20:12:09
                               osamaraashid - I am a relatively newer fan myself though, so I couldn't be sure 13-Jul-2015 19:19:22
                                            StPaddy - Osamaraashid, yes, the playing technique is quite similar. Two main differences: 13-Jul-2015 20:07:06
                                            MentariS - In a subsequent tweet Jim did say... 14-Jul-2015 01:26:25
                                                         osamaraashid - Like Sharon playing double bass or cello and Andrea playing the clarinet or saxophone ? ;-) (n/t) 14-Jul-2015 12:26:16
                                                                      MentariS - Or maybe Sharon playing the gamelan and Caroline playing the harp :-D (n/t) 14-Jul-2015 13:00:25
                                                                                   StPaddy - I´m all for this: 14-Jul-2015 14:14:07
                                                                                   SteveW - i'd love to see Sharon playing the gamelan! Also, Mentari, a question for you... 15-Jul-2015 14:05:34
                                                                                                MentariS - To answer your questions, Steve... 15-Jul-2015 15:47:33
                                                                                                             SteveW - Thanks for the detailed and informative explanation, Mentari! 16-Jul-2015 00:34:06
                  commonwombat - Ah, but is JSI Corr Esq (in his role as unofficial "publicist") telling us the truth or 13-Jul-2015 23:37:21
                               Corranga - Uke was (is?) a pretty cool instrument, gaining lots of popularity in the last few years (n/t) 14-Jul-2015 08:45:26
                                            commonwombat - Sharon's guitarist in recent times, Thad le Brocq; sometimes accompanied her on ukelele when she sang Dream A Little 14-Jul-2015 16:42:03
                                                         dave - But... we might find she is extremely talented on the ukulele, really we've no idea 14-Jul-2015 20:33:27
                                                                      MentariS - I second that, Dave 14-Jul-2015 22:56:02
                                                                                   commonwombat - Fair points and very plausible scenarios; we'll just have to wait and see if they're "taking a lend" or not 15-Jul-2015 06:56:35
                  MC - I was certainly surprised by that pic! Ukulele is one instrument that I never heard any of them mention. (n/t) 14-Jul-2015 12:30:21

    dave - Stunning POTW - the gorgeous blonde Sharon - her best look ever IMO. (n/t) 10-Jul-2015 19:40:13
                  keejac21 - It took me awhile to adjust to the blonde Sharon.. 11-Jul-2015 13:56:26

    MikeFromMelbourne - "Amazing" query. 10-Jul-2015 05:30:25
                  nexi_exi17 - Hey Mike, "Terrible" is used in a positive sense sometimes here in Ireland.. 10-Jul-2015 11:06:57
                               IrishHeart - Oh, I get it 10-Jul-2015 16:13:02
                                            eieio - until i moved from the city, the common term for something exceptional was "sick" 12-Jul-2015 23:58:23
                               dave - And if it was really, really, good Miguel..."sure that was terrible fierce now!" (n/t) 23-Jul-2015 15:45:33

    dave - Well......... its all gone a bit quiet hasn't it. I suppose we just sit back now and see what happens 09-Jul-2015 15:07:19
                  MentariS - I have their Twitter notifications on on my phone so that I won't miss anything, but yeah there hasn't been anything... 09-Jul-2015 15:25:22
                               CorrMac - As it's now school holidays - or they are about to start soon 09-Jul-2015 15:35:48
                  TheRightTime - Sharon isn't so quiet 09-Jul-2015 16:46:02
                               nightcat - Am I the only one who wants snippets of Keith and Anto as well? (n/t) 09-Jul-2015 16:49:42
                                            MentariS - No you're not!! 09-Jul-2015 17:12:10
                                                         DrFunkenstein - I think we'll see pics of the guys once rehearsals begin in earnest....or even before` 09-Jul-2015 17:32:39
                               Bea_HC - According to a catalan newspaper (thanks to Disfrutaloscorrs FB page for the info) Sharon is not going 09-Jul-2015 20:16:39
                                            Bea_HC - That was supposed to be a response to RightTime´s post wh´s talking abot a gig in Barcelona today 09-Jul-2015 20:19:43

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