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  • Sharon Corr Loves Flying Solo - from the Inverness Courier (15-Sep) NEW
  • Read an interview with Sharon from the Aberdeen Press and Journal! (12-Sep)
  • Sharon in talks to host a prime time show? (09-Sep)
  • Read Sharon's interview with the Sunday World! (08-Sep)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    Nyoman is a popular member here for the ability to find (and share!) new pictures of the band members, especially Andrea. The other members always appreciate seeing these pictures and getting a glimpse of what the band members are up to whether it's making music or just living life. Nyoman's posts are also always positive and fun to read.

    Thanks for being a member here Nyoman - you're a real asset to the board and we're glad you continue to be a part of our community here.

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    16-Sep-2014 12:14:01
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    ray - please Andrea come back 13-Sep-2014 21:21:22
    eieio - yes, and soon please! (n/t) 14-Sep-2014 19:17:36
    Bea_HC - And with your own new songs please 15-Sep-2014 04:10:37

    Cara - SOTW this week (again to match the POTW): Sharon\'s \"Real World\" - What do we know? (n/t) 13-Sep-2014 05:46:09

    StPaddy - Sharon behind the scenes at an exclusive shoot for VIP magazine 12-Sep-2014 20:04:29
    MC - I wish these videos from TV3 were available for viewing in the US. :-( (n/t) 13-Sep-2014 13:08:38

    kawamark - Sharon loving being centre stage 12-Sep-2014 12:18:53

    Corrsgirl1 - Corrs tattoo 12-Sep-2014 09:13:47
    Cara - I don\'t have any Corrs tattoos but I do have tattoos... 12-Sep-2014 11:10:50
    Corrsgirl1 - Thank you Cara! 12-Sep-2014 12:32:06

    kawamark - Get up close and personal with Sharon Corr 11-Sep-2014 14:19:31

    SteveW - Couple of quick thoughts/questions on Black is the Colour 11-Sep-2014 09:40:31

    eclair - Anyone going to the Manchester gig? Coming alone from Sheffield be good to hook up (n/t) 10-Sep-2014 18:06:22

    kawamark - Corrs girl Sharon is a solo sister, SHARON Corr has found her own voice. 10-Sep-2014 14:57:09
    SteveW - Thanks for posting these interviews, kawamark! (n/t) 11-Sep-2014 09:40:36

    eclair - Anyone know Sharon\'s band line up for the uk tour?? Do we get the duffys? (n/t) 10-Sep-2014 09:29:23
    MC - They haven\'t been on tour with her for quite a while. 10-Sep-2014 10:49:58

    MrPeabody - Anyone else going to Sharon\'s gig in Dublin? 10-Sep-2014 01:52:34
    dave - I\'ll be there with another Corrsclubber. Early afternoon and willing to share a table. (n/t) 10-Sep-2014 17:38:32
    Cara - I would say there\'s a good chance of meeting her after the show. 11-Sep-2014 06:17:02
    IrishHeart - Looking forward to hearing about it 11-Sep-2014 19:55:45
    Den - Yeah I\'ll be there mid afternoon. Have to collect my ticket from the box office so not sure what time that opens. (n/t) 14-Sep-2014 22:36:22

    kawamark - Sharon Corr \'The Same Sun\' - Album Review 09-Sep-2014 16:38:03

    Robin - Can\'t wait for Sharon\'s concerts at Inverness and Aberdeen. Is anybody else going. (n/t) 08-Sep-2014 10:06:51
    Corranga - Marc, Lon and I will be in Inverness, with Cara and Erica joining us for Aberdeen. Will be great to see you again Robin! (n/t) 08-Sep-2014 15:40:17
    Cara - The sacrifices you make for your children... ;-) (n/t) 08-Sep-2014 22:03:02
    Robin - That\'s brilliant news Chris so looking forward to seeing you all. (n/t) 09-Sep-2014 01:31:28
    Corranga - I couldn\'t have gigs in my area of the world and NOT go :) Well, Inverness is maybe 3.5 - 4 hours away.. (n/t) 09-Sep-2014 14:21:12

    StPaddy - Sharon\'s selection of things of importance in Emotional Ties. 07-Sep-2014 20:31:34
    Punky - This is the most adorable and personal \"article\" yet! I love it! Thanks for sharing! (n/t) 07-Sep-2014 21:10:25
    keejac21 - I love this write up too.. So personal. I love all the personal things Sharon has shared in here. 08-Sep-2014 01:56:33
    MentariS - Being arguably so private like the rest of her family, the article surprises me. 08-Sep-2014 04:18:52
    SteveW - Great interview! Here‘s another good interview that is similar in some ways... 08-Sep-2014 13:07:41
    osamaraashid - Great interview (n/t) 08-Sep-2014 15:42:05
    nightcat - I\'m adding this to my list of fave Sharon interviews. (n/t) 09-Sep-2014 08:59:53
    IrishHeart - Sharon very much resembles her mother. (n/t) 09-Sep-2014 16:32:13
    carolineinspiredmetodrum - i imagine many of us would love to get our hands on that scrap book (n/t) 14-Sep-2014 21:52:27

    Cara - SOTW this week (to match the POTW): Anybody There - What do we know? (n/t) 05-Sep-2014 19:51:42
    johan_0406 - Lovely picture of the week!!! (n/t) 06-Sep-2014 17:43:34
    carolineinspiredmetodrum - tis a great picture (n/t) 06-Sep-2014 18:53:47
    robin - written by Andrea its the second track on tfh. a song in which 06-Sep-2014 23:33:02
    MentariS - Fantastic POTW. She\'s just unbelievably beautiful. (n/t) 07-Sep-2014 05:33:44
    osamaraashid - Great POTW indeed. Absolutely radiant (n/t) 07-Sep-2014 08:48:00
    Fran_SS - There\'s an uncensored version of this song that features a slightly different line 08-Sep-2014 18:52:05
    MentariS - I\'ve heard that there is an uncensored version of a song in Ten Feet High, but didn\'t know which one. 09-Sep-2014 01:06:04
    SteveW - Here\'s the uncensored version of Anybody There 09-Sep-2014 03:43:14
    Corrsgirl1 - IIRC the \'asshole\' version was streamed on her website 10-Sep-2014 11:23:54
    MentariS - I do think I like the \'asshole\' version better :-) 10-Sep-2014 15:08:01

    Cara - Love To Love You with piano added 05-Sep-2014 13:38:48
    SteveW - Thanks, Cara! And I didn‘t think you forgot -- I assumed you were very busy and had it in your queue 05-Sep-2014 15:07:44
    Cara - Very British!! ;-) (n/t) 05-Sep-2014 16:07:12
    Terry2 - To queue or not to queue that is the question. 06-Sep-2014 00:37:53
    SteveW - Sorry -- lame attempt at cross-cultural humor :-) (n/t) 06-Sep-2014 14:40:57
    Terry2 - Not at all. 06-Sep-2014 15:22:51
    Cara - Glad you like the blog! I just finally got back to it! Starting with wanting to be \"mom\"! ;-) 06-Sep-2014 15:35:21
    Cara - Queue isn\'t strictly just a British word - but line (as opposed to queue) is definitely more common in the US. ;-) 06-Sep-2014 14:55:33

    Cara - Black Is The Colour Completed Song Page 05-Sep-2014 12:07:17

    Cara - Dave\'s comment about The Corrs/ABBA the other day got me thinking... 05-Sep-2014 11:57:02
    SteveW - Take That/Robbie Williams? Don‘t know how popular they were in Asia (n/t) 05-Sep-2014 12:11:50
    MentariS - Take That were quite popular in Asia--I didn\'t know they weren\'t so well known in the US, though. 05-Sep-2014 14:17:11
    Corranga - Worldwide but not US is probably really difficult to know unless you\'ve spent a bit of time in different places 05-Sep-2014 15:01:15
    Cara - Disclaimer: Certain places/people in the US have country music... But not everyone likes it. ;-P 05-Sep-2014 16:06:25
    Corranga - Ah yes, the fantastic range of \'celebrity\' shows on UK TV, all of which have someone that was a B lister in the UK for 5 08-Sep-2014 08:35:04
    Cara - That\'s a good one Steve. I have *heard* of them... But I think only in the past couple of years... 05-Sep-2014 15:59:00

    Robin - It\'s truly amazing and just shows the power of the Corrs that new fans are emerging and we are still enjoying 04-Sep-2014 21:54:35
    SteveW - Very well said, Robin -- their music will continue to stand the test of time (n/t) 05-Sep-2014 09:47:45

    MC - Sharon\'s interview with 04-Sep-2014 10:34:18
    SteveW - Thanks, Marie -- it‘s getting hard to keep up with Sharon‘s media blitz! 05-Sep-2014 09:44:03
    MC - You\'re welcome! :-) 05-Sep-2014 10:27:54

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