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  • The Corrs to perform at the Royal Albert Hall (Oct 19) (13-Sep)
  • New album: JUPITER CALLING (out Nov 10) (13-Sep)
  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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    20-Nov-2017 00:28:18
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    cedic - Andrea and Caroline in another regional radio appearance, this time BBC Radio Devon 19-Nov-2017 12:54:23
                  dave - Thanks for posting, good to hear that a tour can be expected. Love the bit 'ask the fans, 19-Nov-2017 13:49:14
                  SteveW - Another one: Radio Wales 19-Nov-2017 14:08:03
                               CorrMac - Thanks for that - another good interview, about 15 mins? Nice to hear Caroline talking ... 19-Nov-2017 15:56:09
                               cmulas - Thanks so much for these links. I really liked both interviews of Andrea and Caroline. And yes, it is very 19-Nov-2017 22:16:06

    dave - Andrea gives interesting and revealing replies to questions from the Daily Mail.. 19-Nov-2017 10:25:55
                  MentariS - Interesting facts indeed. Great to know she's a fellow tennis fan :-) And yes, I'm still shaking to learn that... 19-Nov-2017 11:20:53
                               Robin - As a tennis player of 60 years think i should contact Andrea and see if she would like to be my mixed doubles partner. (n/t) 19-Nov-2017 13:10:23
                  Carolineinspiredmetodrum - This is so sad 19-Nov-2017 14:28:11

    den - Finally got round to buying JC. £7.99 with free postage was a bargain! (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 23:40:46

    SteveW - Corrs on Compass FM 96.4 18-Nov-2017 13:54:51

    SteveW - Butter Flutter and similar/unusual songs 18-Nov-2017 07:35:13
                  Nick - Thank you Steve. Well, thinking of the new songs, Bulletproof Love reminds me of Jack Johnson's work. (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 11:15:54
                  Sergio - I would categorize What can I Do, White Light and Humdrum also as 'un-orthodox' songs 18-Nov-2017 21:16:04

    Robin - Corrs are at London palladium. To be shown next Friday 11.15 ITV guessing just one song. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:46:13
                  mrrob69uk - Repeat 18-Nov-2017 00:02:27
                               Robin - That's disappointing didn't realise that.Sorry for getting everybody's hopes up. (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 00:32:31

    mikeyCF - disappointed in the chart position for jupiter calling 17-Nov-2017 17:42:30
                  dave - Not surprised, after initial sales raised it to #10 it was bound to slip back. 17-Nov-2017 19:24:13
                               mikeyCF - reply to dave 17-Nov-2017 21:08:47
                                            dave - OK our opinions clearly differ Mike, we'll leave it at that. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:20:42
                  evaprimananda - Sold 9,258 copies (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 20:51:22
                               mikeyCF - reply to sales figure 17-Nov-2017 21:04:15
                  Damon - This article even mentions the minimum promotion push... 17-Nov-2017 21:05:51
                               SeanCorrain - What do we do then ? 17-Nov-2017 21:08:39
                                            Damon - There's only so much we can do without their management doing more... 17-Nov-2017 21:17:19
                                                         dave - As in all aspects of life, the market will decide - people buy what appeals to them. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:23:44
                                                                      GaelleF - But they need to know it's there in the first place ! (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:50:23
                                                                      commonwombat - Much as some of us may wish it so; you cannot force the media to grant airtime or airplay, especially in their situation 18-Nov-2017 00:42:48
                                                                                   MentariS - Thank you, wombat :-) (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 06:41:43
                                                                                   dave - On the nail as usual wombat. The music industry is an 'industry' no matter how 18-Nov-2017 09:38:12
                                                                                                MentariS - "I'm certainly not crying into my beer over album sales figures... " Ditto Dave! (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 11:58:46
                  Nick - It is, indeed, a "low key" project for them. Something made out of pure passion for music, not expecting a chart topper. 18-Nov-2017 05:02:04

    AB_CLOSER - RAH 2017 DVD project. Requests: 17-Nov-2017 15:52:32
                  AB_CLOSER - Menu 1 error 17-Nov-2017 15:56:59
                  SteveW - I watched the BOTN excerpt -- very impressive. 17-Nov-2017 18:18:23
                               AB_CLOSER - Thanks SteveW (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 12:13:40
                  AB_CLOSER - BOTN excerpt edit (error) 18-Nov-2017 12:14:56

    dave - What are your favourite 'one liner' comments from the various recent interviews 17-Nov-2017 14:14:38

    MentariS - New video of Butter Flutter edited by Andrea: 17-Nov-2017 10:56:12
                  Chanh - Thx Mentari (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 11:11:29
                  SteveW - Who is that playing guitar at about 0:31? Does not look like Jim or Anto. A crew member? 17-Nov-2017 11:19:11
                               SteveW - Never mind, it is Jim after all (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 11:28:19
                               MentariS - Looks like Andy recorded it using her phone’s front camera. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 12:20:00
                               OsamaRaashid - The left handed thing threw me off too. I was thinking: Wow! they "Actually" can do anything :-D (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 14:48:04
                  sergio - Their FB page says 'out now' - what do they mean by this? There is no single, no official video, at the same time 17-Nov-2017 13:48:45
                               Chanh - I think "out now" is refers to Jupiter Calling not Butter Flutter (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 19:44:29
                  dave - I guess this is taken with her own smartphone held in her left hand - I like it. 17-Nov-2017 14:04:37
                               CorrMac - Actually, she has her own YouTube "channel" ... 17-Nov-2017 15:33:13
                                            dave - Thanks, I've just subscribed. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 16:32:37
                  Nick - I'd love to see a proper videoclip for this song. (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 05:05:44
                               MentariS - Me too Nick, so many story ideas could be made from the lyrics! (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 12:26:22

    SteveW - Received my CD of JC today; who wrote which song? 16-Nov-2017 21:30:31
                  Corranga - I thought the same about the Sharon playing piano songs being hers, and, yes, I believe this is the first time Andrea 17-Nov-2017 09:25:13
                               SteveW - To those who have seen the RTE broadcast of Siog: Did Andrea play keyboards on it (as indicated on the setlist)? (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 10:48:20
                                            Chanh - No, Caroline was playing piano. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 10:54:09
                                            GaelleF - Siog? Where/when/why was it played? (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 10:55:33
                                                         SteveW - referring to this thread here 17-Nov-2017 11:11:06
                                                                      GaelleF - Thanks so much, I missed that convo ! (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:51:48

    dave - JC gets absolutely slated in this review, it would seem theres no middle ground 16-Nov-2017 10:34:33
                  CorrMac - If the reviewer could have been bothered to do what he accuses The Corrs ... 16-Nov-2017 11:06:19
                  SeanCorrain - I wish some of these reviewers would leave their bad mood at the door before hitting a typeboard 16-Nov-2017 21:13:18
                  Nick - Music press need to stop wanting The Corrs to be something that arent and accepting them as they are; 17-Nov-2017 00:51:18
                               chris1957 - Review 17-Nov-2017 06:19:58
                               sergio - yeah, that's one thing, kind of simplistic way of approach saying that everything has to grab you by your throat 17-Nov-2017 09:54:22
                                            Nabil - Well said, Nick (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 13:11:15
                  CSCfan - What I noticed is.... the fans love it, the critics (well most of them) "hate" it. (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 10:47:42
                               cedic - Disagree on "the fans love it" 18-Nov-2017 11:14:12
                                            CSCfan - I agree to that, I have mixed feelings too...but the overall opinion is that they do love it.. 18-Nov-2017 16:40:45
                                            dave - Just to clarify - I will at some time buy the JC album to ensure I have a 'complete set' 19-Nov-2017 10:05:16
                                                         cedic - Fair enough, meant to say that you were skipping release week (n/t) 19-Nov-2017 11:19:40

    Erica - I'm really completey smitten with the vocals on Jupiter Calling. 16-Nov-2017 08:21:57
                  SteveW - The vocals sound really different to me, but I like them as well 16-Nov-2017 09:06:26
                               Nabil - I find it funny that multiple songs feature the same/similar backing vocals that SOS has in the middle-8 ... 16-Nov-2017 13:28:36

    M-Corr - Chris Evans Radio Breakfast show. 15-Nov-2017 22:39:01

    CorrMac - The session promised by Dan Wooton on FB is available on his page ... 15-Nov-2017 21:53:23
                  M-Corr - Thanks for posting, interesting to learn the album was recorded over 2 Weeks. (n/t) 15-Nov-2017 22:34:16
                  SteveW - This was great, nice performances of SOS, Dear Life, and Runaway 15-Nov-2017 22:52:47
                               dave - They only ever seem to answer 'safe' questions, nothing too probing or controversial. (n/t) 16-Nov-2017 10:00:23
                                            SteveW - I asked... 16-Nov-2017 10:05:40
                  Nyxlapsi - Dear life live is so, so pretty. 16-Nov-2017 15:27:58
                  Nick - I think this is my favourite "tv" performance since their comeback (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 00:17:44
                               Corranga - Why is it subtitled, and with quote marks... (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 09:31:59
                  SteveW - Is Andrea playing a C whistle in Dear Life? (the one with the green mouthpiece) 18-Nov-2017 02:46:23

    dave - Just had a funny thought - if The Corrs never wrote another album, could they become their own Tribute Band ? 15-Nov-2017 19:10:21

    SeanCorrain - So for the new tour . . . 15-Nov-2017 17:41:51
                  dave - Mystery of You and Siog on the setlist. Two hour set with an interval like at RAH. 15-Nov-2017 19:15:43
                               SeanCorrain - Oh absolutely ! Nice call Dave (n/t) 15-Nov-2017 20:27:24
                               CorrMac - Siog? Can't work that one out ...! (n/t) 15-Nov-2017 21:13:07
                                            dave - Siog is one of their unreleased songs from the same period as Mystery of You, 15-Nov-2017 22:20:29
                                                         Nick - Siog is the gaelic word for "Fairy". I'd love to hear that song! (n/t) 16-Nov-2017 05:58:10
                                                                      SteveW - Siog appears in this 1992 setlist, possibly the earliest known Corrs setlist 16-Nov-2017 06:18:30
                                                                                   Chanh - It is not an intrumental song, it sounds more like a christmas song for me. 16-Nov-2017 08:38:14
                                                                                                SteveW - Wow, you saw the original RTE broadcast with Mystery of You!?! 16-Nov-2017 09:00:44
                                                                                                             dave - The performance of Mystery of You is available here - 16-Nov-2017 10:10:55
                                                                                                                          SteveW - Right, I was trying to ask (perhaps not clearly) if anyone here actually saw the original broadcast back in 1991? (n/t) 16-Nov-2017 10:13:26
                                                                                                                                       Chanh - I haven't seen it back in 1991, but 4 weeks ago after the Royal Albert Hall Gig. 16-Nov-2017 10:26:31

    shyart - Has anyone 14-Nov-2017 19:14:18
                  AB_CLOSER - Here: 14-Nov-2017 22:15:00
                  SteveW - I don't know how to download it, but you can watch it online for 2 more days on the show website 14-Nov-2017 22:18:28
                               SteveW - Looks like AB_CLOSER solved your question while I was typing my reply! (n/t) 14-Nov-2017 22:28:28
                                            shyart - Thank you so much!! 15-Nov-2017 00:59:33

    mrrob69uk - So is that it for promo? Slipping chart position... 13-Nov-2017 22:12:28
                  dave - I guess chart position depends directly on CDs and downloads sold. First few days 13-Nov-2017 22:27:31
                  den - White Light was publicised alot by TV adverts in the UK. Perhaps these will materialise for the new album? (n/t) 13-Nov-2017 23:48:18
                  CSCfan - "Jupiter Calling" is currently at #10 in the UK midweeks, but with no promo, it will slip down.. (n/t) 13-Nov-2017 23:54:51
                               neleh - Hope JC sticks in the top 10! We were so close with WL! (n/t) 14-Nov-2017 05:50:43
                  SeanCorrain - That IS a little concerning actually 14-Nov-2017 16:23:51

    dave - Have we got any really 'oldtime' Irish fans here. Do you remember a Corrs fan club based in 13-Nov-2017 19:13:27

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