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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    Nyoman is a popular member here for the ability to find (and share!) new pictures of the band members, especially Andrea. The other members always appreciate seeing these pictures and getting a glimpse of what the band members are up to whether it's making music or just living life. Nyoman's posts are also always positive and fun to read.

    Thanks for being a member here Nyoman - you're a real asset to the board and we're glad you continue to be a part of our community here.

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    01-Sep-2014 11:59:05
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    MentariS - Many congratulations on being FOTM, Nyoman! 01-Sep-2014 05:59:53
    Nyoman - Thx, didn\'t expect it\'s coming 01-Sep-2014 09:27:58

    dave - My London ticket for Sharon\'s gig finally arrived yesterday - why is it that Ticketmaster UK 30-Aug-2014 15:21:40
    carolineinspiredmetodrum - hope you have a great time (n/t) 30-Aug-2014 23:44:55

    CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - How Many studio versions of goodbye are there 30-Aug-2014 13:15:06
    SteveW - This is the remix of Goodbye from the 2006 Dreams collection 31-Aug-2014 07:22:03

    StPaddy - FB Video of Andrea´s ´Ice Bucket Challenge´ 29-Aug-2014 16:47:53
    osamaraashid - Always good to see something new from her (n/t) 29-Aug-2014 17:03:59
    MentariS - I was about to sleep, then I saw this and now I think I can go without a night\'s sleep because of excitement! 29-Aug-2014 17:40:37
    Robin - Yes so good to see you Andrea (n/t) 29-Aug-2014 22:33:20
    nightcat - Good thing I saw this today instead of last night coz gosh that\'s a O_O 30-Aug-2014 03:49:30
    keejac21 - Love this. :-) I wonder if the big Bro and big Sis x2 were already challenged. ;-) (n/t) 30-Aug-2014 07:52:36
    SteveW - Funny that she chose Gavin Friday next 30-Aug-2014 10:31:58
    commonwombat - In the case of that nauseating posturing poseur, Friday, it shouldn\'t be ice cold water but cement 30-Aug-2014 16:45:21
    CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - really nice to see something from Andrea. cheered me up (n/t) 30-Aug-2014 11:59:01
    dave - I\'ve often wondered if Andrea ever returned to music or acting, would she use a \'stage name\' 30-Aug-2014 16:23:10
    IrishHeart - Andrea not being recognized? 30-Aug-2014 17:43:20
    dave - That\'s the whole problem IrishHeart - as an actor you need to portray a totally different character 30-Aug-2014 21:08:44
    IrishHeart - Assumed name 31-Aug-2014 03:12:15
    MentariS - I still think, no matter what, she will always be viewed as Andrea Corr... 31-Aug-2014 04:12:16
    IrishHeart - She sure hit a high note there! ;-) (n/t) 30-Aug-2014 17:46:20
    IrishHeart - And . . . 30-Aug-2014 18:01:35
    MentariS - Yes, motherhood seems to agree with her! 31-Aug-2014 04:15:30
    OCTAVIO - lovely to see Andrea again!! ^^ 30-Aug-2014 17:55:25

    Cara - SOTW: Black Is The Colour - What do we know? 29-Aug-2014 11:14:30
    MentariS - Yay for SOTW! It was first known in the Appalachian Mountains in the US in 1915.., 29-Aug-2014 12:39:28
    Robin - They performed the song at Bonn, very emotional and a fantastic performance. They also sang it in Paris a few days 29-Aug-2014 22:31:47

    IrishHeart - Who wrote Heart Like a Wheel? (n/t) 28-Aug-2014 20:56:10
    CSCfan - Anna McGarrigle :) (n/t) 28-Aug-2014 21:46:54
    IrishHeart - Thanks (n/t) 28-Aug-2014 23:27:05
    keejac21 - I love this song and the piano too. :-) (n/t) 29-Aug-2014 00:35:32
    Robin - They performed it in Bonn in 2005 along with other songs from Home, beautiful song and a special night for me as 29-Aug-2014 08:38:29
    MentariS - Such a beautiful song. Always gives me shivers... 29-Aug-2014 12:56:13

    Melissamariakc - Sharon on Today FM 28-Aug-2014 18:20:29
    MentariS - Really enjoyed the interview. Sharon sounds so relaxed! 29-Aug-2014 12:47:04
    commonwombat - She, and probably Caro, were always the smoothest and most polished media performers of the bunch. 29-Aug-2014 17:27:32
    MentariS - Sharon was always the most polished from the beginning. Caro began to show that side of hers later in their career. 29-Aug-2014 18:18:35

    keejac21 - Question: Which Corrs song do you think is challenging for Andrea when hitting the high notes? 27-Aug-2014 06:57:40
    MentariS - Only When I Sleep (I didn\'t think of that though--good one Jackie!), and some others... 27-Aug-2014 09:30:07
    SteveW - Andrea\'s vocal range 27-Aug-2014 10:39:14
    GaelleF - She struggled a lot on \"Hideaway\" during the BH summer concerts, I guess that\'s why it was dropped out of the setlist. (n/t) 27-Aug-2014 11:39:36
    keejac21 - SteveW, definitely right on the Time Enough song. I think it\'s one of the songs that we can hear her falsetto. 27-Aug-2014 16:10:13
    SteveW - There are a couple of live performances of Time Enough for Tears 27-Aug-2014 16:56:59
    SteveW - Andrea‘s lowest note 27-Aug-2014 17:36:47
    IrishHeart - I like this thread 27-Aug-2014 17:55:01
    den - Andy was suffering with her throat during some parts of the tour its 27-Aug-2014 23:23:34
    keejac21 - I honestly expected different songs to come up, SteveW, like Queen Of Hollywood or Long Night... 28-Aug-2014 01:25:03
    SteveW - How about the last part of Forgiven Not Forgotten (the song) when she sings it live? 28-Aug-2014 08:24:07
    IrishHeart - Forgiven not Forgotten 28-Aug-2014 18:13:19
    GaelleF - Yup, me too, love that song ! I was happy to hear it twice during the BH tour. 29-Aug-2014 08:26:09
    SteveW - FnF is a favorite of mine, too. Love how the song builds near the end. 29-Aug-2014 11:02:06
    keejac21 - FnF is really a great song.. Remember they auditioned to David Foster with this. 30-Aug-2014 07:44:43
    SteveW - Thanks, Jackie. Always interesting things going on in the Corrs‘ songs! (n/t) 30-Aug-2014 11:15:49
    commonwombat - A song she found quite problematic was Irresistable 30-Aug-2014 16:50:05

    kawamark - In the realm of the senses: Feisty Sharon Corr is back 26-Aug-2014 17:34:56
    CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Fantastic Article. Many thanks for posting (n/t) 26-Aug-2014 22:59:50
    nightcat - Fab interview, same goes for the threads Sharon wore in the photoshoot 28-Aug-2014 05:40:34
    MentariS - Yeah - fantastic interview, fantastic photoshoot! 28-Aug-2014 06:21:54

    M-Corr - Sneak peek at cover of Tomorrows Sunday Independent magazine with Sharon on the cover. 24-Aug-2014 00:50:38
    MentariS - Thanks M-Corr! Looking very interesting... 24-Aug-2014 02:27:35
    dave - Could you post a transcript please for us M-Corr as the magazine is not readily available 24-Aug-2014 11:41:31
    Cara - Here\'s that link again for everyone (inside) ;-) 24-Aug-2014 12:35:14
    nexi_exi17 - Magazine pics here!!! 25-Aug-2014 12:47:21
    nexi_exi17 - Images not working, click here : (n/t) 25-Aug-2014 12:49:52
    osamaraashid - Has been shared on Sharon\'s FB page. Wonderful interview (n/t) 25-Aug-2014 18:35:22
    MentariS - Yes, wonderful interview. Again, one can\'t expect any less from a Corrs-related interview involving Barry Egan. (n/t) 26-Aug-2014 02:00:56
    dave - Alternatively titled.... How The Ice Maiden Defrosted... Having seen and met 26-Aug-2014 15:05:32
    keejac21 - I agree dave..Sharon seems to be more open to her followers.. more approachable.. I 28-Aug-2014 01:28:42

    dave - Just spent 2 hours watching ABBA on Channel 5, considering they and The Corrs were 20 years apart, 23-Aug-2014 21:26:32
    robin - yes i watched the abba concert too, never managed to see 24-Aug-2014 02:35:23
    dave - Certainly there was none of the dancing, though The Corrs did experiment unsuccessfully 24-Aug-2014 11:37:50
    Cara - ABBA is quite well known in the States as well. ;-) (n/t) 24-Aug-2014 12:33:50
    SteveW - I\'ve long thought of the Corrs as being like a modern-day ABBA... 24-Aug-2014 13:55:44
    Robin - a link with Abba in that The Corrs performed their version of the winner takes it all on a various artists tribute to 24-Aug-2014 22:42:18
    Steverino - ABBA had two essential lead singers, the other being Anni-Frid \"Frida\" Lyngstad 25-Aug-2014 00:00:14
    SteveW - One unusual thing about the two lead singers in ABBA... 25-Aug-2014 04:39:25
    commonwombat - Bjorn & Benny certainly struck gold when he put those two together !! 25-Aug-2014 11:56:11
    dave - I was aware of Frida too Steverino, but only mentioned Agnetha because I was comparing her to Andrea. 25-Aug-2014 19:27:24

    chris - Sharon on Good Food Channel in the UK today @ 1100 & Sunday 0600 23-Aug-2014 09:06:46
    MC - Interesting! I hope someone is able to record & upload to YT. (n/t) 23-Aug-2014 18:17:50

    IrishHeart - A song I\'d like to hear Sharon or Andrea perform 22-Aug-2014 18:54:09

    dave - Sharon will play Porto Alegre, Brazil on November 23 according to Bandsintown. (n/t) 22-Aug-2014 11:24:30

    dave - LisaJ - you must have spent 10/12 hours listening to cds ! I\'m amazed that you think 22-Aug-2014 09:24:06
    LisaJ - Lol Dave! 22-Aug-2014 20:03:29
    LisaJ - Especially when she sings... 22-Aug-2014 20:07:40
    IrishHeart - Ooooooohhh 22-Aug-2014 21:02:21
    LisaJ - Definitely one of my favouurite videos! (n/t) 22-Aug-2014 22:13:37
    MentariS - There\'s a comment on the I Know My Love video on YouTube... 23-Aug-2014 01:02:59
    SteveW - I‘m surprised Andrea hasn\'t done musical theater 23-Aug-2014 18:38:32
    IrishHeart - SteveW 23-Aug-2014 19:09:34
    MentariS - Couldn\'t agree more with you Steve and IrishHeart about Andrea on musical theatre! 23-Aug-2014 19:13:21
    IrishHeart - For that matter 23-Aug-2014 19:22:26
    IrishHeart - And . . . 23-Aug-2014 21:28:29
    commonwombat - The West End of London rivals Broadway in NY as the epicentre of the musical theatre 24-Aug-2014 06:35:58
    SteveW - Commonwombat, it\'s great to hear your viewpoint on this. Some questions... 24-Aug-2014 14:06:52
    commonwombat - Use of recorded tracks ? Not as standard practice however there has been a 24-Aug-2014 17:43:47

    IrishHeart - A favorite Andrea performance 21-Aug-2014 16:36:27
    MentariS - That performance is superb 22-Aug-2014 17:27:16
    IrishHeart - It is a beautiful song (n/t) 22-Aug-2014 17:39:08

    IrishHeart - Question on the album Home 21-Aug-2014 15:40:49
    dave - Yes, both of those songs are sung in \'Irish\', the original language of the country. 21-Aug-2014 17:39:35
    IrishHeart - Thanks Dave! 21-Aug-2014 19:18:33
    keejac21 - I also wondered the same IrishHeart. Wondered too if all of The Corrs were fluent in speaking or singing Irish, (n/t) 22-Aug-2014 01:07:10
    dave - I seem to remember many years ago they said although they learnt it at school, 22-Aug-2014 08:10:38
    osamaraashid - I can remember an interview 22-Aug-2014 17:14:02
    SteveW - Andrea interviews on Home 22-Aug-2014 20:21:16
    IrishHeart - Great interview with Andrea 22-Aug-2014 20:51:07
    MentariS - Yeah, I\'m wondering about that too. Looks like an interesting film... 23-Aug-2014 01:07:21
    nightcat - I got to watch Broken Thread on Megavideo, but the site has since shut down. 23-Aug-2014 05:02:33
    MentariS - Yes, I suppose it still is 23-Aug-2014 06:05:44
    Nyoman - I\'ve watched Broken Thread about many years ago. 23-Aug-2014 06:54:16
    MentariS - The third screenshot looks like something that the lil\' sis would do... 23-Aug-2014 08:27:41
    IrishHeart - Thanks for the screen shots 23-Aug-2014 18:15:15
    Nyoman - Funnily enough, I\'ve just found the movie at my old backup CD actually. 23-Aug-2014 19:06:28
    StPaddy - Go here. 23-Aug-2014 10:18:36
    osamaraashid - It was a weird experience 23-Aug-2014 17:51:56
    MC - IrishHeart, you\'re talking about \"Pictures.\" 23-Aug-2014 18:21:58
    MentariS - Osama, was that The Bridge that you watched? 23-Aug-2014 18:25:20
    osamaraashid - Yes MentariS, it was The Bridge that I watched. Sorry I can\'t post a reply to your message 24-Aug-2014 07:27:46
    Corranga - bit of a thread drift in there ;) Anyway, in most of Scotland children are taught English, not Gaelic, though I believe 25-Aug-2014 09:51:07
    Cara - I know that the Scots & Irish versions are quite different. They may share roots (I\'m sure they do) but... 25-Aug-2014 10:13:30
    dave - LOL Cara... I\'m in the south of UK and have difficulty understanding Scousers, though its supposed 25-Aug-2014 19:36:15
    IrishHeart - Interesting discussion 25-Aug-2014 20:36:27
    Cara - I would suspect that like most languages reading is always easier. 26-Aug-2014 08:19:21
    Corrsgirl1 - In Dublin everything (museums, signs etc) financed by the government is bilingual 28-Aug-2014 14:43:41

    dave - Listened to Andrea\'s TFH album today for first time in ages - it saddens me that a beautiful voice, 17-Aug-2014 19:28:29
    Robin - I love Andrea\'s two albums both brilliant and as they are so different find it difficult to choose between them. Like 18-Aug-2014 09:56:46
    MentariS - If I had to choose one, Lifelines would be my favourite 18-Aug-2014 10:40:50
    osamaraashid - Lifelines would definitely be my favorite. 18-Aug-2014 17:37:23
    IrishHeart - Life Lines 18-Aug-2014 17:40:56
    osamaraashid - You\'ve Got a Friend is one of my favorites too (n/t) 20-Aug-2014 17:52:44
    Bea_HC - Lifelines for me too 18-Aug-2014 21:53:35
    IrishHeart - Nice to see you back, Bea (n/t) 18-Aug-2014 22:51:34
    Bea_HC - Thank You IrishHeart happy to be back :-) (n/t) 19-Aug-2014 19:53:12
    keejac21 - My vote also goes to Lifelines. 19-Aug-2014 02:00:54
    nightcat - My two cents 19-Aug-2014 04:07:50
    commonwombat - Grabbing my passport and putting on my flak jacket; here\'s my (unpopular) views 19-Aug-2014 11:28:55
    IrishHeart - Now tell us how you really feel, commonwombat ;-) 19-Aug-2014 16:34:17
    LisaJ - Funny that you started this thread Dave! 19-Aug-2014 19:52:32
    dave - LOL.. well if you\'re going back to Corrs albums - that\'s a whole different ballgame 20-Aug-2014 09:53:13
    Robin - My best two Corrs albums are Borrowed heaven and Unplugged. My fav tracks are Angel and Goodbye. I think 20-Aug-2014 22:04:22
    neleh - Remember when the papers compared Andrea to Jlo?! 21-Aug-2014 08:08:34
    Corranga - Interesting how well Lifelines is doing in this thread.. It\'s great to see differing opinions and feelings amongst 21-Aug-2014 08:29:54
    LisaJ - Enjoyed my mega Corrs day! 21-Aug-2014 17:15:04
    SteveW - Agree with Corranga that DoY has more good songs, but TFH has better good songs 22-Aug-2014 12:35:53
    SteveW - If I had to pick just two favorite tracks, I‘d pick the same ones as Robin -- Angel and Goodbye 22-Aug-2014 12:18:45
    MentariS - It\'s nearly impossible to choose a few songs! 22-Aug-2014 14:57:04
    Nabil - And so that any contrarians don\'t feel left out, I prefer TFH to either of Sharon\'s albums ... 22-Aug-2014 23:10:51
    commonwombat - Some interesting AND well argued points ! 23-Aug-2014 09:28:30

    nightcat - Um, what happened to Disfrutaloscorrs?? Tried to access and saw nothing (n/t) 16-Aug-2014 10:33:34

    corranga - A very loose Corrs link / some good memories at the moment. the WMAs is on, no Corrs content but 15-Aug-2014 20:47:19

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