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  • The Corrs to perform at the Royal Albert Hall (Oct 19) (13-Sep)
  • New album: JUPITER CALLING (out Nov 10) (13-Sep)
  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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    15-Jul-2020 09:11:34
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    Richscart - Early Corrs video 29-Jun-2020 21:29:14
                  Wendy - Have you seen the Forgiven Not Forgotten EPK? 30-Jun-2020 05:44:05
                  AB_CLOSER - Early Corrs photos 30-Jun-2020 10:38:50
                               dave - Certainly some photos there that I'd never seen before - thanks for posting. (n/t) 01-Jul-2020 15:02:39
                               MentariS - Thanks for sharing these, Alejandro! Good to see some photos that I hadn’t seen before 06-Jul-2020 11:19:31
                  Baxterianism - A good question! ... One I hope to finally give a better answer to going forward... 30-Jun-2020 15:09:26
                               SteveW - I would definitely listen to a Corrs podcast! (n/t) 01-Jul-2020 15:00:18
                                            MentariS - Ditto! (n/t) 03-Jul-2020 10:48:23
                               dave - Miguel, who works at RTE, is the guy to collaborate with Baxterianism. (n/t) 01-Jul-2020 15:04:17
                                            nightcat - I'd also be willing to listen to a Corrs podcast! (n/t) 02-Jul-2020 08:23:12
                                            Baxterianism - Thanks for the heads up Dave, Miguel and I have spoken lots down the years... 03-Jul-2020 07:55:47
                                                         dave - If you uncover any other early RTE stuff Baxterianism I'd certainly be interested in seeing it. 03-Jul-2020 20:07:46
                                                                      Baxterianism - Certainly the idea Dave!... 03-Jul-2020 22:22:44
                  AB_CLOSER - The Corrs 1996 Zona Franca Runaway Cachitos de hierro y cromo RTVE (extract) 04-Jul-2020 12:00:47
                               SteveW - Thanks, Alejandro! I had never seen this before 04-Jul-2020 15:47:03
                               AB_CLOSER - I found the full version! "The Corrs-1996-Zona Franca-Runaway" 04-Jul-2020 23:58:14

    Wendy - Mention of The Corrs by Danish musician Myrkur 27-Jun-2020 15:41:58
                  SteveW - "Nordic Enya" is a good description 28-Jun-2020 13:53:06
                               Wendy - What's funny is that she comes from a metal background... 28-Jun-2020 15:43:48
                                            SteveW - listening habits, etc. 03-Jul-2020 12:31:58
                                                         Wendy - Listening habits and cities 07-Jul-2020 09:04:01

    Corranga - New blog post.... from 2005 - (yes, really!) Monte Carlo 26-Jun-2020 22:47:24
                  Wendy - That was fun to see old photos and read about your experience!... 28-Jun-2020 12:57:14
                  SteveW - This was a great read; thanks for sharing. 28-Jun-2020 13:55:25
                               Corranga - Yes the set list was special. We flew out to Bonn in Germany 28-Jun-2020 18:34:06
                                            dave - Yes it was great fun, I too have some photos somewhere. A cheeky comment from Sharon 29-Jun-2020 11:53:00
                                                         nightcat - Great piece Corranga, thanks for sharing! The Corrs + Monaco combo sure looks awesome (n/t) 29-Jun-2020 13:31:36
                  Baxterianism - Beautiful stuff, Thanks for sharing :D (n/t) 29-Jun-2020 14:27:14
                  Den - Remember when they opened the roof and millions of clies came in and landed in our meals? Also the cost of drinks? (n/t) 14-Jul-2020 09:07:02

    Baxterianism - The Right Time Documentary aka. Something Else In The Meantime 26-Jun-2020 15:34:13
                  DrFunkenstein - I can help, PM me (n/t) 01-Jul-2020 16:36:51
                               Baxterianism - Cant seem to get the PM function to work via the board. What do you have available? Thanks :D 03-Jul-2020 22:23:50
                                            DrFunkenstein - Plenty. I tried to send you a PM, but you show as Unknown user, so that won't work at all I guess. You 13-Jul-2020 20:43:53

    CaraJ - We have a bunch of new members today because I wasn't getting emails again! Sorry for the delay new members! 20-Jun-2020 11:53:14
                  SteveW - Welcome, everyone! 20-Jun-2020 14:36:48
                               nightcat - Welcome from me too! I'm also surprised we're still getting new members 21-Jun-2020 08:45:21
                                            JohnLnyc - Introducing myself 21-Jun-2020 21:58:15
                                                         dave - I'm also totally amazed that 'new' members are still appearing. However, as on The Corrs Fan Club 22-Jun-2020 12:11:52
                                                                      JohnLnyc - Not gone not forgotten 22-Jun-2020 21:55:57
                                                         Baxterianism - Welcome! Great to have you here (n/t) 26-Jun-2020 15:35:04
                  MentariS - Am pleasantly surprised to see new members. Welcome John and everyone else 😊 (n/t) 22-Jun-2020 13:10:44

    DrFunkenstein - Jean Kennedy Smith, Last Surviving JFK Sibling, Dies at 92 18-Jun-2020 19:51:22
                  MentariS - Yes, that's exactly my first thought when I first heard about her passing. RIP (n/t) 19-Jun-2020 07:12:44
                               nightcat - She's helped our favaorite band during its early days and has lived a good long life, may she rest in peace. (n/t) 21-Jun-2020 08:36:14

    MentariS - Looks like Caroline collaborated with other female Irish artists to release a single in aid of Safe Ireland: 15-Jun-2020 12:42:38
                  MentariS - Update: The single is a cover of The Cranberries’ Dreams, to be released this Thursday (June 18)... 15-Jun-2020 13:50:37
                  Corrsgirl1 - Great cause, so nice to see Caroline participating in this. 18-Jun-2020 21:17:17
                               MentariS - I agree, I'm afraid it's not a very good cover and the video editing could use some work :-) 19-Jun-2020 07:11:38
                  MentariS - Here's the video: 19-Jun-2020 07:08:48
                  MentariS - Article about the collaboration on The Irish Independent Weekend Magazine: 20-Jun-2020 08:53:37
                               SteveW - quote by Caroline from the article 20-Jun-2020 09:21:53

    RogerB - Seret Life? 14-Jun-2020 18:19:53
                  Corranga - I’m almost certain Jim is responsible for Secret Life 14-Jun-2020 19:18:12
                               dave - Yes, the girls have often commented that Jim wrote Secret Life. (n/t) 14-Jun-2020 20:55:05
                  RogerB - Found it: Thomas Aquinas, etc 15-Jun-2020 10:08:43
                               SteveW - Secret Life and other unusual songs 15-Jun-2020 12:10:03
                  MentariS - Not sure how the lyrics came to be, but it's definitely Jim who wrote the song 19-Jun-2020 07:19:38
                  JohnLnyc - A favorite 22-Jun-2020 22:48:48

    Corranga - Andrea on The Pat Kenny Show 08-Jun-2020 10:44:02
                  MentariS - Saw it on Anna-Lucy Hughes’s Instagram story after it finished...dang! What did Andrea talk about? (n/t) 08-Jun-2020 11:32:24
                  Baxterianism - Link :) 08-Jun-2020 13:23:04
                               MentariS - Thank you for the link! The interview’s quite short but it’s nice to hear from her :-) (n/t) 09-Jun-2020 07:22:31
                  Jerry - I just listened to it. 08-Jun-2020 16:08:00
                               dave - Well.... that was a complete non event ! (n/t) 10-Jun-2020 10:21:54
                                            nightcat - Thanks for the link! It's nice to hear from Andrea (n/t) 10-Jun-2020 15:07:05
                  SteveW - I enjoyed this interview with Andrea 11-Jun-2020 08:37:56

    SteveW - update: board cover version of Long Night 07-Jun-2020 05:08:29
                  AB_CLOSER - Email sent. (n/t) 08-Jun-2020 19:44:02
                  evaprimananda - Can I join? 14-Jun-2020 23:13:02
                  SteveW - Sure! What do you want to play/sing? 15-Jun-2020 05:04:58
                               evaprimananda - I can play tin whistle 15-Jun-2020 07:44:05
                               evaprimananda - So, it will be played in the key of G#? (n/t) 15-Jun-2020 08:04:03
                                            SteveW - Yes, key of G# or Ab. But you can play it in G and we can electronically raise it a step 15-Jun-2020 11:02:25
                                                         evaprimananda - I already sent the email (n/t) 15-Jun-2020 11:41:12

    SteveW - acoustic versions of JC songs 01-Jun-2020 12:47:26
                  Crickets - Is this the EPK? 01-Jun-2020 16:45:51
                  AB_CLOSER - Great acoustic versions! Thanks. (n/t) 01-Jun-2020 19:28:33
                  Corrsgirl1 - oohh I love these versions! And their my favorite songs from the album, nice to hear a different take on them. 01-Jun-2020 21:00:46
                  JohnLnyc - Caroline on Ludwig? 21-Jun-2020 22:28:17
                               SteveW - Ludwig drums 22-Jun-2020 01:18:58
                                            JohnLnyc - Caroline on Ludwig kit 23-Jun-2020 22:18:53

    RogerB - Who created/produced the video for Borrowed Heaven? 22-May-2020 18:11:50
                  SteveW - Is there a video for the song Borrowed Heaven? 23-May-2020 01:18:32
                               RogerB - Oh, Duh! It was so well put together, I assumed it was official. 23-May-2020 03:24:31
                               RogerB - And yet, the images it presents do such a good job of conveying the sense of the lrics. (n/t) 23-May-2020 03:27:16
                                            SteveW - That is indeed a pretty sharp-looking video 23-May-2020 05:36:34
                                                         RogerB - Videos generally 23-May-2020 09:08:08
                                                                      Wendy - Music videos 23-May-2020 13:19:00
                  Nick - I work as a Audiovisual A&R for one of the Majors (not Warner) in South America. And usually.. 25-May-2020 17:14:16
                               RogerB - Can you find out who did the Borrowed Heaven video? 26-May-2020 18:46:27
                                            SteveW - videos 27-May-2020 12:59:34
                                                         Nick - I think the TOC era videos were quite simple and mostly just playbacks, because 28-May-2020 07:31:44
                                                                      dave - I think it was 'The Best Of' album that had notes inside the sleeve giving details of early videos. (n/t) 30-May-2020 16:55:18
                                            nexi_exi17 - Original videos (40 mins) below: 14-Jun-2020 11:44:31
                                                         SteveW - Wow, is there any question this board can't answer? 14-Jun-2020 12:42:36
                                                                      dave - Any question the board can't answer?... not really. Even The Corrs' manager asked where we got our info...LOL (n/t) 14-Jun-2020 20:58:43

    MentariS - Interview with Sharon on RTÉ’s Today with Maura and Dáithí: 21-May-2020 03:40:38

    MentariS - Sharon posted a lovely cover of The Police's Tea in the Sahara on Instagram yesterday: 19-May-2020 09:19:17
                  Wendy - It's so haunting, isn't it?!... 19-May-2020 11:16:11
                               SteveW - Tea in the Sahara 19-May-2020 15:32:48
                                            Wendy - Sting melodies 20-May-2020 06:04:00
                                                         SteveW - Sting (off-topic) 20-May-2020 09:59:10
                                                                      Wendy - Sting continued... 20-May-2020 14:06:04

    MentariS - Happy birthday, Andrea! Hope you have a great day with your loved ones x (n/t) 17-May-2020 11:25:14
                  AB_CLOSER - Happy birthday Andrea Jane Corr!!! (n/t) 17-May-2020 11:55:52
                               nightcat - Happy Birthday Andrea! Have a great day with family and friends despite these strange times (n/t) 17-May-2020 16:50:49
                  Den - Socially Distanced of course lol (n/t) 17-May-2020 18:34:11
                               nightcat - Agreed Den. We've already had two birthdays celebrated under quarantine here at home. (n/t) 18-May-2020 08:30:55

    eclair - The forgotten ones it has Keith duffy playing bass on it 08-May-2020 19:53:46
                  Corranga - Some links :) 11-May-2020 16:31:05

    MentariS - New interview with Sharon on The Irish Independent (by Barry Egan): 03-May-2020 13:01:24
                  SteveW - Thanks for posting this; looking forward to reading it (n/t) 03-May-2020 13:47:57
                  corrazy_rach - Barry Egan interviews are always good ones! (n/t) 03-May-2020 15:35:15
                  corrazy_rach - Thanks for sharing the screenshots, much appreciated! (n/t) 03-May-2020 15:46:19
                  SteveW - Enjoyed this interview; thanks again for posting. My one gripe... 04-May-2020 02:55:58
                               nightcat - Thank you for your service as always Mentari! Looking forward to the album and glad to hear from Sharon (n/t) 04-May-2020 04:47:51
                                            dave - You can also read this full interview and photos in the Belfast Telegraph, 11-May-2020 10:19:15
                                                         Corranga - Link from Dave to the whole article 11-May-2020 16:10:15

    AB_CLOSER - My comic versión of Long Night video. 28-Apr-2020 15:19:50
                  AB_CLOSER - youtube link 28-Apr-2020 15:20:45
                  SteveW - Great job, that's a really cool video 29-Apr-2020 06:55:59
                               AB_CLOSER - Thanks a lot. 29-Apr-2020 10:54:12
                  MentariS - This is very nicely done, thank you for sharing! 29-Apr-2020 08:51:21
                               AB_CLOSER - Thank you. (n/t) 29-Apr-2020 10:55:59
                                            nightcat - Perks of quarantine I suppose, so much free time. I enjoyed this video! 30-Apr-2020 04:34:49
                                                         AB_CLOSER - Thanks. Yes, in my sooo much free time I finished my 4520 pieces jigsaw puzzle. (n/t) 30-Apr-2020 11:15:31
                                                                      AB_CLOSER - Premier Pro capture (jpg). 30-Apr-2020 11:26:37
                  Steverino - That's very cool! Well done. (n/t) 03-May-2020 03:56:30

    MentariS - Andrea is featured in this video message (along with other Irish stars) posted on Niall Horan’s Instagram: 28-Apr-2020 09:12:01
                  Corranga - Did they use "where the streets have no name" as the music because we'll all have forgotten post lock down? (n/t) 11-May-2020 16:37:47
                               MentariS - They should have, really! (n/t) 12-May-2020 09:50:46

    Nabil - Harmony - demo/extended version 26-Apr-2020 05:11:50
                  SteveW - Thanks for posting; this is a fantastic version of Harmony 29-Apr-2020 07:04:26
                               Corranga - I believe the 'Corrs sub' that is referred to is the Corrs sub reddit, that was around for a short period before being 11-May-2020 16:42:56

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