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    Den is one of the board members who if you've met him you can't help but like him. He's one of the most genuine, friendly, people around and a true fan of the band and their individual solo efforts. He may be a bit more quiet than some members of the board, but his presence and contributions make the board a better place.

    Thanks for being a member here Den - we can't imagine the Corrs fandom without you in it!

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    26-Oct-2014 01:02:04
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    dave - Did Andrea sing on all 15 tracks of the In America movie soundtrack album, 25-Oct-2014 12:13:16
    Robin - Time enough for tears only, she wasn\'t involved with any of the other tracks. I was a bit surprised when the song 25-Oct-2014 12:40:52
    StPaddy - Have a listen, Dave 25-Oct-2014 12:49:26
    Leslie - TEFT was the only song. I saw an early screening of the film in Boston w/o song. Jim Sheridan mentioned it wld be added 26-Oct-2014 00:09:28

    dave - Does anyone recall something about Sharon doing an RTE television series 24-Oct-2014 18:23:44
    commonwombat - Not RTE but TV3 (commercial network) 24-Oct-2014 18:50:07
    dave - Thanks wombat - I wonder if talks are still ongoing. She would be an ideal 25-Oct-2014 12:19:02
    commonwombat - She\'d be outstanding; not just for this but even a \"talk show\" 25-Oct-2014 12:30:19
    MC - She was asked about it recently on one of the interviews that she gave. 25-Oct-2014 13:31:32

    IrishHeart - Didn\'t mean to stir up controversy 22-Oct-2014 16:58:57
    Cara - Good plan. ;-) I was watching... But I\'m glad everyone is mature enough to let it rest now. :-) (n/t) 22-Oct-2014 19:12:23
    Corranga - I see no controversy personally, nothing out of the public eye was posted, and potential tax dodging is something that 22-Oct-2014 22:11:46
    Cara - No problem. ;-) That\'s why I was only watching. It wasn\'t bad yet - just depending on how people handled it... 23-Oct-2014 09:35:29
    commonwombat - I will confess that I overdid the sarcasm with my \"introductory\" remark. 23-Oct-2014 12:02:47

    Nyoman - New pic of Caroline and her husband? 22-Oct-2014 10:33:19
    MC - The left half of that picture was on Twitter a few months ago. (n/t) 22-Oct-2014 10:36:06
    StPaddy - Yes, itīs recent. The pic was taken in August in a restaurant in Ibiza. 22-Oct-2014 10:40:26
    Corranga - So this is what Formula 1 folk do during the summer break, which is 4 week that covers most of August 22-Oct-2014 10:47:38
    dave - And of course Eddie is a talented musician in his own right - he used to play in a band 22-Oct-2014 20:32:51
    GaelleF - Eddie Jordan and the Corrs are long time friends. Caroline even played with Eddie Jordan\'s band once in Monaco. (n/t) 22-Oct-2014 22:02:23
    CorrMac - When he was still an F1 team owner 23-Oct-2014 17:14:02
    MentariS - I saw Caro\'s half of the picture a few months ago, and now I can barely recognise Mr Frank Woods from all that beard! (n/t) 22-Oct-2014 11:18:55
    keejac21 - Im always delighted to see and hear anything new about Caroline. She\'s always been my favorite. 23-Oct-2014 00:14:24
    MentariS - Yeah, I\'m so glad whenever I\'m reminded... 23-Oct-2014 00:54:35
    CorrMac - Frank looks like my son\'s twin brother now 23-Oct-2014 17:20:31

    SteveW - Does anyone have contact info for Andrea\'s management? 19-Oct-2014 16:18:50
    osamaraashid - I hope you succeed. Really enjoyed your previous interview (n/t) 19-Oct-2014 17:57:50
    IrishHeart - Maybe . . . 19-Oct-2014 22:22:18
    keejac21 - Good luck SteveW! I hope you can find something. Have you looked 20-Oct-2014 03:01:26
    IrishHeart - Interviewing Andrea 21-Oct-2014 15:22:19
    Terry2 - Interview question 21-Oct-2014 16:07:22
    dave - I think she\'s still with Solo Music agency - try looking on their website. 21-Oct-2014 16:49:23
    commonwombat - Solo Agency (run by John Giddings) are an artists \"booking agency\" 22-Oct-2014 13:43:11
    IrishHeart - Good question Terry2! 21-Oct-2014 18:16:32
    den - im not sure November would be the best time to 21-Oct-2014 18:34:23
    dave - The Radio 2 interview listed in the Latest News box is a must - go listen now. (n/t) 21-Oct-2014 20:13:55
    nightcat - Hey SteveW if you happen to have facebook, you can try to contact John Reynolds there. (n/t) 23-Oct-2014 11:05:16

    Cristina - Older Caroline Interview from Modern Drummer magazine. 17-Oct-2014 09:37:59
    IrishHeart - Caroline and Andrea 17-Oct-2014 16:10:28
    MentariS - A bit of what I can answer, IrishHeart... 17-Oct-2014 16:22:49
    keejac21 - loved this writeup from waaay back. 17-Oct-2014 17:38:49
    commonwombat - A few clarifications 18-Oct-2014 03:16:38
    IrishHeart - Thank you for all the info guys 18-Oct-2014 16:42:26
    MentariS - I think he did, there\'s a footage of him flying a helicopter in All the Way Home documentary. 18-Oct-2014 17:17:23
    Cristina - I donīt think they would move to the US permanently, because of the kids. 18-Oct-2014 18:31:41
    dave - I think it was just that Brett was working in the US for a while 21-Oct-2014 16:54:41
    IrishHeart - I\'m glad she\'s happy where she is. 21-Oct-2014 17:59:21
    Nyoman - Brett is coming from a big family as well, just like Andrea 22-Oct-2014 00:18:39
    Cristina - Wow, thanks so much for the informaiton. When was tthe photo with all the siblings taken? (n/t) 22-Oct-2014 06:08:03
    commonwombat - Nice exercise in sugarcoating, Nyoman ! Pity the facts are somewhat more prosaic ! 22-Oct-2014 06:50:44
    Nyoman - Well, only stated what I know all of this time 22-Oct-2014 08:09:37

    dave - Check your email inbox Cara. (n/t) 14-Oct-2014 14:48:34
    Cara - Replied. :-) And just FYI for everyone - anything sent direct to the CC email ( comes... 14-Oct-2014 16:51:36
    Cara - *caveat (as Nightcat reminded me) 15-Oct-2014 06:28:10

    IrishHeart - Interviews 13-Oct-2014 21:30:53
    MentariS - Interviews 14-Oct-2014 01:12:50
    CorrMac - Not so much an interview, 14-Oct-2014 20:06:55
    osamaraashid - Interview 15-Oct-2014 18:25:44
    SteveW - Favorite interviews 15-Oct-2014 21:07:14
    IrishHeart - Thank you 15-Oct-2014 22:35:13
    MentariS - There\'s this excellent interview with Caroline back in 2005 16-Oct-2014 12:53:06

    abanhara - Where are they now? 12-Oct-2014 01:00:56
    IrishHeart - Thanks for sharing that . . . 12-Oct-2014 15:25:54
    MentariS - From what I know... 12-Oct-2014 15:36:20
    Cristina - What is this dance song by Andrea?? Never heard it... (n/t) 12-Oct-2014 19:42:22
    CorrMac - It\'s called Shame On You (To Keep My Love From Me) 12-Oct-2014 21:12:00
    Cristina - Thank you, I mean the song that sounds after Tinseltown... (n/t) 13-Oct-2014 05:44:10
    StPaddy - Cristina, itīs a remix of \"Pale Blue Eyes\", arranged by German composer/producer 13-Oct-2014 09:33:03
    Corrsgirl1 - I hadden\'t heared that version of Pale Blue Eyes either 13-Oct-2014 10:03:07
    Cristina - OMG, thank you so much. I missed this chapter completely!! LOL (n/t) 13-Oct-2014 11:01:08
    Steverino - If we were to know in 2001 or 2004 what we know now, how unbearably hard that would have been! (n/t) 21-Oct-2014 02:46:20

    IrishHeart - Thank you 09-Oct-2014 00:26:04
    MC - Oh, I doubt there\'d be an real competition between the two - at least not in a negative sense. 09-Oct-2014 10:35:15
    IrishHeart - I see 09-Oct-2014 14:39:41
    dave - From what I saw of both sisters\' live shows - 12-Oct-2014 11:52:05
    MC - You hit the nail right on the head, Dave. (n/t) 12-Oct-2014 12:45:23
    MentariS - Totally agree with you dave, although I\'ve never been to either of their solo shows... 12-Oct-2014 14:08:59
    IrishHeart - Agreed 12-Oct-2014 15:48:54
    MentariS - Not sure about her stage acting, but it looks just fine to me 12-Oct-2014 16:13:20
    IrishHeart - Andrea\'s anxiety 12-Oct-2014 16:22:46

    IrishHeart - Andrea and Brett 08-Oct-2014 21:20:55
    dave - Yes, I had seen it. Its nice they get time to go out of an evening 08-Oct-2014 22:54:59

    kawamark - Sharon Corr, Deaf Institute, Manchester 08-Oct-2014 13:46:02

    nightcat - Incase anybody here hasn\'t seen this - \'Andrea Corr: IPF took my mum so quickly\' 07-Oct-2014 09:02:25
    Steverino - Heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing that, Nightcat. 21-Oct-2014 03:37:47

    dave - Hey....congrats Den on FOTM. (n/t) 01-Oct-2014 13:58:27
    Robin - Hi Den many congratulations, very well deserved. Sorry I missed you on Sharon tour. Enjoy your month. (n/t) 02-Oct-2014 00:14:15
    MC - Congrats, Den! :-) (n/t) 02-Oct-2014 10:35:08
    MentariS - Congrats Den! Enjoy your month :-) (n/t) 02-Oct-2014 16:01:21
    LisaJ - Good choice! Congrats Den! (n/t) 02-Oct-2014 16:14:29
    Baxterianism - Congrats Den, Lovely to see you recently :) (n/t) 02-Oct-2014 21:53:47
    SteveW - Congratulations, Den! I enjoyed reading your reports from Sharon‘s gigs (n/t) 04-Oct-2014 10:26:55
    Den - Oh what a surprise thanks very much everyone :) (n/t) 05-Oct-2014 19:26:34
    Den - September was a fantastic month, I really enjoyed Sharon\'s gigs and meeting so many 05-Oct-2014 19:40:49
    nightcat - My congrats as well Den! I\'m glad the past month was a blast for you (n/t) 07-Oct-2014 06:53:05
    Lonneke - Congratulations, Den :) I completely agree with Cara\'s plea. (n/t) 07-Oct-2014 11:47:34
    den - Thanks Lonneke x (n/t) 07-Oct-2014 20:22:38
    MarkJ - Congrats Den 12-Oct-2014 10:22:41
    Den - Thanks Mark, hope you are keeping well. (n/t) 14-Oct-2014 12:45:47

    osamaraashid - POTW: Tatoo on Caroline\'s arm? 28-Sep-2014 17:37:52
    StPaddy - Itīs one of those rub-on, removable tattoos, that sure was meant as a joke. :) (n/t) 28-Sep-2014 19:00:38
    osamaraashid - I see. I was surprised that how could I have never noticed Caroline\'s tattoo (n/t) 29-Sep-2014 16:08:34

    dave - Anyone found any reviews for Sharon\'s London gig last Thursday ? 28-Sep-2014 11:04:34
    MC - No, actually, I haven\'t seen any. (n/t) 28-Sep-2014 15:34:07

    dave - Forgot to mention Andy\'s closing words in Dublin - \"I\'m going backstage, I know the singer\" 26-Sep-2014 19:09:17
    Corranga - I wonder where they met ;) (n/t) 30-Sep-2014 16:41:06
    carolineinspiredmetodrum - i think theyve performed together in the past :p (n/t) 08-Oct-2014 22:06:35

    MentariS - Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Forgiven, Not Forgotten was released today 19 years ago. 26-Sep-2014 16:44:39

    M-Corr - Interesting Article from todays Evening Herald… 26-Sep-2014 14:39:25
    dave - .........and pigs might fly ! (n/t) 26-Sep-2014 16:20:33
    helenefromfrance - qui sait 26-Sep-2014 17:34:43
    YvesB - A couple of more babies, and we can forget all about it ... 03-Oct-2014 21:29:55
    Steverino - The linked Barry Egan \'Flashback\' articles are fascinating. 21-Oct-2014 05:25:03

    dave - For those enquiring - Caroline is indeed still \'around\' - she was at Sharon\'s London gig 26-Sep-2014 13:34:36
    keejac21 - great news dave that Caroline was there to see big sis. 27-Sep-2014 03:18:52
    MC - Yes, Say was from In Blue. 27-Sep-2014 17:44:17
    Punky - Marie, I remember when you asked Sharon on Twitter if she\'d revive \"Say\"...I was never sure if she realized you meant... 27-Sep-2014 21:58:45
    MC - LOL, I forgot I asked her that! ;-) 28-Sep-2014 15:36:23
    Den - It was a great idea stepping off the stage but she then walked to near the speaker and produced 29-Sep-2014 20:07:33

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