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  • Sharon Corr: Keeping it Real (from the NZ Herald) (19-Apr)
  • Listen to Sharon's interview on Upbeat from Radio New Zealand! (10-Apr)
  • Sharon will host a 3-part radio series on BBC Radio 2! (01-Mar)
  • Sharon at the Windmill Lane Studios! (08-Feb)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for May


    Gaelle is one of our long-time members and last month offered to pass on her collection of Corrs VHS tapes to a newer member allowing someone else to enjoy those treasures. It's that spirit of sharing and generosity that helps make this board such a special place.

    We're glad you're still a member here Gaelle and thank you for your contributions and kindness!

    (Recommended by Corrpulent)

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    06-May-2015 07:24:09
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    dave - There is a third row seat, and plenty more further back, for Sharon's Girona gig 30 May 05-May-2015 21:21:54
                  dave - Link for seat selection and booking here :- 05-May-2015 21:33:45

    kawamark - Irish Central - The Corrs reunite for a new album 05-May-2015 17:25:41
                  dave - Good old Irish Central, over a week late as usual with the 'news'. (n/t) 05-May-2015 21:37:11

    MentariS - Andrea sang at her brother-in-law Ross Desmond's wedding last weekend - video 04-May-2015 17:35:58
                  OCTAVIO - lovely!! :) thnx for sharing (n/t) 04-May-2015 17:47:00
                  IrishHeart - She's still got it, and still stylin' (n/t) 04-May-2015 18:59:09
                               Corrsgirl1 - Beautiful! (n/t) 04-May-2015 21:21:07
                  Nyoman - Lovely, really miss this voice. 04-May-2015 23:49:29
                               keejac21 - Missing Andy very much.... thanks for sharing! (n/t) 05-May-2015 01:12:29
                                            nightcat - Oh dang Andy girl 05-May-2015 02:10:04
                                                         dave - I've now got so used to Sharon being 'the singer' its hard to know how I'd react if 05-May-2015 08:45:42
                                                                      Corranga - I thought the same as you Dave, until now. Wow, I miss Andrea. (n/t) 05-May-2015 09:17:27
                                                                      commonwombat - I'll second that, Dave. 05-May-2015 10:07:57
                                                                                   CSCfan - "New improved Andrea"? I still think she has the same "girly" voice as years ago... 05-May-2015 11:06:47
                                                                                                Robin - For me Andrea is lead singer and always will be as long as Corrs perform. Andrea is absolutely amazing on stage just as 05-May-2015 14:43:41
                                                                                                             osamaraashid - Totally agree with you and this performance was beautiful. Thanks for sharing MenatriS (n/t) 05-May-2015 16:00:32
                                                                                                             IrishHeart - Lead singer 05-May-2015 16:22:44
                                                                                                                          mrrob69uk - If it aint broke.... 05-May-2015 23:05:01

    CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Loving the PoTM 02-May-2015 16:45:47
                  MentariS - I agree, she looks extremely gorgeous there! (n/t) 03-May-2015 02:50:13

    MentariS - Many congratulations on being FOTM GaelleF! Enjoy your month, and it was incredibly nice of you indeed :-) (n/t) 02-May-2015 07:07:07
                  dave - Congratulations Gaelle, I recall the days of BH and the crazy French fans who 02-May-2015 11:01:13
                  MC - Congratulations,Gaelle! (n/t) 02-May-2015 12:16:21
                  robin - many congratulations Gaelle very well deserved. enjoy your month (n/t) 03-May-2015 00:15:16
                  GaelleF - Geez thanks ! That's too much honour really :) (n/t) 04-May-2015 07:42:44
                               Corranga - Congratulations Gaelle, well deserved :) (n/t) 04-May-2015 09:58:30
                  SteveW - Congratulations, GaelleF! It's good to see kindness recognized. (n/t) 04-May-2015 14:31:23
                  Corrsgirl1 - Yes, congrats GaelleF! (n/t) 04-May-2015 21:18:11

    moonbeams - The Corrs are Reforming according to today's Irish media 23-Apr-2015 11:30:46
                  nightcat - As a saying goes 'the plot thickens'. And nice to see you posting here after so long Cecilla (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 11:41:07
                               moonbeams - It's been confirmed by Jim 23-Apr-2015 11:48:07
                                            MentariS - That's not Jim's real account...his real account is @Jimcorrsays 23-Apr-2015 12:12:57
                  SteveW - Wow, would love for this to be true. I'm cautiously optimistic, but... 23-Apr-2015 12:14:07
                               moonbeams - Oops, I just assumed it was him, still unconfirmed so ;) 23-Apr-2015 12:21:32
                                            Corranga - It's certainly been a while since this rumour has been spread. I'll wait for confirmation from a named and trusted 23-Apr-2015 15:18:34
                                                         nightcat - Yet another related piece, just posting it because it made me laugh 23-Apr-2015 16:40:38
                  osamaraashid - Well...... confirmation or no confirmation, this rumour is making me happy 23-Apr-2015 17:19:12
                  CSCfan - Wow...that'd be great if true! But where there's smoke.... :D Anyone has full access to the Irish Sun article? (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 17:58:05
                               Melissamariakc - I couldn't believe my eyes when I was looking at the headlines coming home from work and saw our fabulous foursome! But 23-Apr-2015 18:10:23
                                            IrishHeart - Interesting speculation 23-Apr-2015 18:38:40
                               DrFunkenstein - What if there is no "official denial" from any of them? Would that lend support to it being true? 23-Apr-2015 20:23:55
                                            SteveW - I do find it interesting that this made the front page of the Sun... 23-Apr-2015 20:36:10
                                                         mrrob69uk - To begin with I was scepticle... 23-Apr-2015 20:45:07
                                                                      Robin - Too good to be true methinks but we can dream. (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 21:56:19
                                                                      mrrob69uk - Front page.... 23-Apr-2015 21:57:28
                                                                                   SteveW - group photo 24-Apr-2015 01:23:45
                                            MC - I was thinking along the same lines, too. 24-Apr-2015 10:37:28
                                                         IrishHeart - Sharon on Twitter 24-Apr-2015 15:44:29
                  Lonneke - Oow, I like this news! Where can I buy front row tickets? :) (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 22:27:57
                               Leslie - If you find out abt those front row seats please let me know! (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 23:01:52
                  OCTAVIO - i think it would be cruel from those newspapers to rise this kind of rumour after their father passing away (n/t) 24-Apr-2015 13:07:45
                               OCTAVIO - in this article from april 19. it's said that sharon was working on a third solo album 24-Apr-2015 14:11:09
                                            DrFunkenstein - Maybe that was the plan (continue her solo career), but recent events may have prompted a change 24-Apr-2015 16:50:56
                                                         commonwombat - IF they do return, it's most certain they would NOT be a full-time/12 month a year entity 24-Apr-2015 18:00:57
                               Corranga - I agree, but I wouldn't put it poast a rag like the Sun.. (n/t) 24-Apr-2015 15:29:41
                                            LisaJ - Hope its true, stomach going over with excitement... 24-Apr-2015 17:37:44
                  den - Well it will have to wait until Sharons finished touring and 25-Apr-2015 00:17:24
                               keejac21 - Interesting news indeed. Guess we have to wait and see. Id like to positive 25-Apr-2015 15:27:00
                               commonwombat - At this point her current touring schedule consist of her upcoming dates in AUS/NZ 25-Apr-2015 16:18:27
                                            IrishHeart - The catalyst 25-Apr-2015 16:55:54
                                                         MC - I think you got at the crux of it. 26-Apr-2015 14:33:20
                                                                      mrrob69uk - I'm confused..... 26-Apr-2015 16:10:07
                                                                                   Bea_HC - I was trying to keep my expectations low but that message on Twitter that Marie 26-Apr-2015 18:02:56
                                                                                                mrrob69uk - Could be promising! 26-Apr-2015 19:22:34
                                                                                                DrFunkenstein - The tweet and story hit the same day...Apr it possible the tweet sparked the whole thing? (n/t) 27-Apr-2015 13:25:53
                                                                                                             Bea_HC - The article I read was published at 8 36 and thd tweet it's from 4h later (n/t) 27-Apr-2015 15:28:46
                                                                                   MC - The lack of denial could be a positive sign, but it might not mean anything at all. 27-Apr-2015 10:39:44
                                                                                                Corranga - In my opinion, the lack of official denial is nothing to take note of, nor is the Sharon tweet.. 27-Apr-2015 11:41:54
                                                                                                             dave - Oh well... we've been in this denial/confirmation scenario before with The Corrs - so I'll just wait to see what happens (n/t) 28-Apr-2015 11:48:31

    Nyoman - Well, there "might" be always the light in the end of the tunnel... ;-) 23-Apr-2015 09:30:10
                  OCTAVIO - well... i don't know what to say.. hope it's true.. (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 09:44:57
                               nightcat - Times like this I say 'Confimation or it's not happening' (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 10:12:04
                  commonwombat - Also a similar story in Irish Independent 23-Apr-2015 10:11:49
                               Corinna - That'd be one of the best news of this summer. But without official confirmation I'm not raising my hopes at the moment. (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 10:17:49
                  MentariS - One thing that puts me in doubt is that they cite The Irish Sun as a source... 23-Apr-2015 12:17:01
                               Corinna - We just have to wait and see, have a cup of tea and be patient. We've already waited for ten years after all ;-) (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 13:15:09
                                            Leslie - If true, it would be wonderful news. (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 14:55:10
                                            keejac21 - I re-read the article thrice and I find the line "….10 years after their shocking split." 25-Apr-2015 15:35:48
                                                         mrrob69uk - Any update? 29-Apr-2015 19:58:16
                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I feel I should be more excited than I am but im just not feeling it... 26-Apr-2015 20:28:34
                               Corranga - It's good, you should listen to it ;) (n/t) 29-Apr-2015 09:50:26

    Corranga - Memorabilia collection / databasing - continued from the thread below 21-Apr-2015 13:53:44
                  Corinna - Great. I would be willing to add some photos if there was a central place to upload 23-Apr-2015 10:12:52

    CarolineInspiredMetoDrum - Jim posted an incredibly warm and heartfelt message on his fb page. 17-Apr-2015 11:36:40
                  StPaddy - Jimīs note 17-Apr-2015 11:46:22
                               DrFunkenstein - Thanks for sharing (n/t) 17-Apr-2015 12:28:26
                                            nightcat - That's a beauty of a post. Even a bit comforting to read. (n/t) 17-Apr-2015 13:26:09
                               dave - Beautifully said Jim....all of you have been in our thoughts this last week. 17-Apr-2015 16:27:07
                                            den - Well said Dave I agree. (n/t) 17-Apr-2015 19:45:02
                  MC - That's an incredibly beautiful and touching message. (n/t) 18-Apr-2015 12:17:08
                  Leslie - Touching message and very kind to do at such a difficult time. (n/t) 18-Apr-2015 23:31:44
                               Robin - A wonderful and touching note from Jim, the family must be devastated. Andrea Caroline Sharon and Jim you have 19-Apr-2015 00:23:32
                  SteveW - A very eloquent message. Well said, Jim. (n/t) 19-Apr-2015 02:30:53

    HGN2001 - Heard Corrs 16-Apr-2015 18:00:20
                  SteveW - Here in the US, I rarely hear anything other than Breathless in public or on the radio 17-Apr-2015 08:35:25
                               HGN2001 - Thanks Steve (n/t) 19-Apr-2015 13:51:59
                  Cristina - I heard Goodbye on monday in the supermarket. 17-Apr-2015 08:53:33
                               DrFunkenstein - Whenever I hear them playing on the store speakers, I always hang around until 17-Apr-2015 12:43:24
                               IrishHeart - Goodbye 17-Apr-2015 15:06:37
                                            Cristina - I was thinking the same. 18-Apr-2015 00:20:54
                  Brandon - I heard Summer Sunshine a week or two ago at Walmart. Always a nice surprise.. 19-Apr-2015 09:32:33
                               Corranga - It has been a while since I've heard The Corrs in public, but there are a few things that come to mind from years gone.. 21-Apr-2015 13:43:23

    chris - Repeat? of Sharon on The Vintage TV Sessions in the UK tomorrow at 11pm: 16-Apr-2015 08:45:24
                  MC - That's weird. It says new, but that show already aired - unless it's extra footage from what Sharon recorded. (n/t) 16-Apr-2015 10:39:41

    Cristina - Beautiful article about Gerry Corr! 13-Apr-2015 12:17:43
                  MentariS - WONDERFUL article. Thanks for sharing, Cristina! 13-Apr-2015 16:01:06
                               Corranga - That was a beautiful article. I still remember the day Jean died, it makes new smile to think that 2 wonderful 13-Apr-2015 23:03:41
                               eieio - That's a very good point MentariS............ 14-Apr-2015 15:30:59
                  GabyA - My sincere condolences, and another article in Spanish Hola 14-Apr-2015 17:16:05
                  MentariS - Speaking of articles, most articles with pictures from the funeral have been taken down... 16-Apr-2015 17:07:28
                               Leslie - Yes, glad to see that was done. No need for such intrusive pictures. Let the family grieve in peace & privacy. (n/t) 16-Apr-2015 17:16:50
                               dave - Yes, I'm glad to see that too Mentari. I'd also like to say that I think all of us here have behaved 16-Apr-2015 21:08:26
                                            Cara - Amen to that! And a BIG thank you to everyone for that. You made my job very easy. ;-) (n/t) 17-Apr-2015 15:09:23
                                                         nightcat - I'm sure no decent person would disrespect anybody in mourning 17-Apr-2015 15:46:12

    Elenna - Gerry Corr passed away :/ 10-Apr-2015 19:27:09

    StPaddy - Sad news: Gerry Corr passed away 10-Apr-2015 19:22:00
                  dave - My condolences to the Corr family. I was lucky enough to meet Gerry on a few occasions 10-Apr-2015 19:30:23
                  osamaraashid - Very sad news indeed. May he rest in peace (n/t) 10-Apr-2015 19:35:14
                  Baxterianism - What very sad news to hear :( I for one will never forget his encouraging and cheerful nature... 10-Apr-2015 20:17:59
                               Corranga - Very sad, I too remember him from a few gigs. He was always smiling, and thankful for all of the fans. A sad loss :( 10-Apr-2015 20:31:53
                  MC - That's so sad. May he rest in peace. My condolences to the family. (n/t) 10-Apr-2015 21:19:04
                  IrishHeart - Gerry Corr 10-Apr-2015 21:27:31
                  Leslie - Very sad news. Condolences to the Corr family. (n/t) 10-Apr-2015 21:28:46
                               Robin - Very sad news my thoughts are with all the Corr family at this sad time. (n/t) 10-Apr-2015 21:50:21
                  Corrsgirl1 - This is so sad, condolences to the Corrs' family (n/t) 10-Apr-2015 22:55:59
                  Nyoman - Heard the news yesterday, but didn't believe it myself :( 10-Apr-2015 23:55:48
                               LisaJ - So sad, my thoughts with the family today. (n/t) 11-Apr-2015 00:39:12
                               MentariS - I woke up to this news, and I still can't believe it... 11-Apr-2015 02:58:44
                  commonwombat - Sad to hear. Thoughts are with the family. 11-Apr-2015 06:22:35
                               nightcat - Heard the sad news on FB earlier this morning. May he rest in peace. 11-Apr-2015 07:16:24
                  Steverino - This is sad news! My heart goes out to all the Corr family. 11-Apr-2015 09:01:10
                  OCTAVIO - My sincere condolences to The Corrs. I'm very sad for this. 11-Apr-2015 12:07:19
                               Bea_HC - Sad news sorry to hear this. My condolences to the whole family and anyone who knew him. (n/t) 11-Apr-2015 13:05:12
                                            chris - Extremely sad news. Rest in Peace with Jean (n/t) 11-Apr-2015 16:08:45
                                                         CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - So Very shocked to hear this 11-Apr-2015 23:18:50
                                                         Corrpulent - R.I.P. with Jean and with young Gerry, his son (1970) (n/t) 12-Apr-2015 17:22:21
                  GaelleF - Oh no, it's so sad :( (n/t) 11-Apr-2015 16:09:00
                  Punky - Gerry shared his love of music with his own family; in turn, the world got to know his family through that music... 12-Apr-2015 20:20:52
                  SteveW - Very sad news indeed 12-Apr-2015 23:38:22
                               keejac21 - Condolences to the whole family. 13-Apr-2015 08:02:36
                                            MentariS - I thought he was too, but... 13-Apr-2015 16:03:27
                  eieio - .........a loving, talented, witty person, so sad to lose him (n/t) 13-Apr-2015 15:51:29
                  CSCfan - Wow...that is sad news :( My condolences to the family... much love in this difficult time.. :( (n/t) 13-Apr-2015 16:06:00
                  Den - So sad. I remember seeing him in Dublin when Sharon performed. He must have been so proud. (n/t) 13-Apr-2015 21:58:58
                  M-Corr - So sad to hear of the passing of Gerry Corr last week, he was a lovely man. (n/t) 14-Apr-2015 20:24:25
                  Lonneke - That's very sad news, my condoleances to the family. (n/t) 18-Apr-2015 15:40:05
                  Brandon - I'm sorry to hear. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I'm thankful for... 19-Apr-2015 09:28:30

    chris - ITV in the UK tonight: Pop Gold - A family Affair: The Corrs aren't mentioned - but..... 08-Apr-2015 10:35:15
                  IrishHeart - Chris 08-Apr-2015 15:55:41
                               CorrMac - You *may* be able to watch it on the ITV Player web site 08-Apr-2015 20:34:48
                               chris - I don't know if it's possible to use the ITV Player CorrMac has referred to if you live outside the UK 08-Apr-2015 21:46:08
                                            CorrMac - Not even a mention 08-Apr-2015 23:44:59
                                                         IrishHeart - Bummer 09-Apr-2015 02:01:46
                                                         chris - Info for CorrMac & any Scottish Sky customers 09-Apr-2015 08:28:30
                                                                      chris - Sorry - my previous message subject was misleading.... 09-Apr-2015 08:48:59
                                                                                   CorrMac - Some people in the UK don't have Sky ... 09-Apr-2015 21:44:29
                                                                                                IrishHeart - Sky TV 10-Apr-2015 02:46:54
                                                                                                             Corranga - Sky is the leading (only?) brand of satellite TV in the UK. Also, you don't have to retune your box to watch other 10-Apr-2015 13:20:55
                                                                                                                          IrishHeart - Sky TV 10-Apr-2015 21:24:51
                                                                                                                          chris - The regional channels... 11-Apr-2015 15:58:53

    StPaddy - FOTM 08-Apr-2015 08:09:28
                  MC - Congratulations, Chris! :-) (n/t) 08-Apr-2015 12:50:23
                  Robin - Many congratulations Chris very well deserved a true fan. Really enjoyed your company in our many gig queues. (n/t) 08-Apr-2015 21:12:42
                               dave - Congrats Mr Corranga - ten years since we enjoyed the highlife in Monte Carlo. (n/t) 08-Apr-2015 21:15:17
                  Steverino - Congratulations, Corranga! 09-Apr-2015 02:45:39
                               nightcat - Congrats! 09-Apr-2015 07:24:37
                                            IrishHeart - Ditto nightcat's congrats :-) 09-Apr-2015 20:15:34
                                                         Corranga - Hi everyone and thanks! This place is just great :) 10-Apr-2015 13:25:38
                  SteveW - Congratulations, Chris! 12-Apr-2015 23:39:44
                  Den - Congrats Chris, well overdue. (n/t) 13-Apr-2015 22:03:45
                  Lonneke - Congratulations, Chris! :) (n/t) 18-Apr-2015 15:44:52

    Cara - Weekly Updates 07-Apr-2015 21:33:34

    Mark - Still the best! 06-Apr-2015 22:44:23
                  Corrsgirl1 - I agree with this so much, great post! (n/t) 07-Apr-2015 08:48:54
                               DrFunkenstein - Ditto! (n/t) 07-Apr-2015 13:34:23

    Corrsgirl1 - Looking for The Corrs VHS and Borrowed Heaven your tshirt 05-Apr-2015 12:53:52
                  eieio - I can't help you directly, but i hope you can find replacements for them. 05-Apr-2015 16:24:46
                               Corrsgirl1 - Thank you eieio, I didn't know about the "saved searches" option yet! (n/t) 06-Apr-2015 20:23:08
                  StPaddy - Corrs VHS on ebay 06-Apr-2015 10:49:53
                               Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for the link! (n/t) 06-Apr-2015 20:22:24
                  Corranga - Might be a nice opportunity to update to DVD? (n/t) 06-Apr-2015 13:41:00
                               Corrsgirl1 - I have them all on dvd :) and I don't even have a VHS player 06-Apr-2015 20:24:15
                  GaelleF - Which VHS are you looking for? I have them lying around at my parents, I may give them to you, if you'd just pay. 06-Apr-2015 15:34:18
                               Corrsgirl1 - I'm from the Netherlands 06-Apr-2015 20:27:44
                                            SteveW - extra songs on Lansdowne Road VHS tape? 06-Apr-2015 20:52:54
                                                         Corrsgirl1 - Nope, I checked it back than and it was the same as the DVD 06-Apr-2015 21:04:17
                                                         Corrsgirl1 - Here is an old topic discussing the dvd vs vhs of Lansdowne Road 06-Apr-2015 21:09:18
                                                                      keejac21 - Yes SteveW, that's right. Some songs like No Good for Me, When He's Not Around and Jim's Solo 08-Apr-2015 08:10:38
                                                                                   Leslie - Have the extra LR VHS songs been posted online anywhere? It'd be great to see them. (n/t) 19-Apr-2015 17:10:25
                                            GaelleF - I've got the 4 VHS you want. Just have to go back at my parents' to get them at the end of the month, if you can wait 08-Apr-2015 19:46:18
                                                         Corrsgirl1 - That is so sweet! 08-Apr-2015 21:08:09
                                                                      GaelleF - No problem, it's a deal :) (n/t) 09-Apr-2015 17:35:46

    IrishHeart - Carpenters -Corrs similarities 03-Apr-2015 21:40:53
                  commonwombat - That KC doco was part of the BBC "Living Famously" series. Watching that was 04-Apr-2015 05:03:36
                               IrishHeart - Agreed, Mr Wombat 04-Apr-2015 16:19:37

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