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Latest News
  • The Corrs announce Ireland & UK tour. (17-Sep)
  • Brand new Corrs album titled "White Light", out Nov 27 (17-Sep)
  • Caroline has (finally) joined Twitter! Follow her! (19-Jun)
  • The Corrs to perform 1st gig in a decade at BBC Radio 2 Live In Hyde Park on Sept 13. Tickets on sale June 12. (08-Jun)
  • More news...
    TTF - Hyde Park 2015!!!
    Courtesy Of: Cara
    Discography Project

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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    This month for FOTM we'd like to recognize a special fan to many Corrs fans, be they members here or not. Given that the band seems to be embracing social media more this time around, it seems appropriate to honour someone for FOTM who promotes the band endlessly on a social media platform. In addition to being a source of news for fans on social media - she also kept great memories alive for many during the band's hiatus.

    For those that don't know - Cristina has a fabulous Instagram account "The Corrs Daily" where she posts great photos and videos of the band. Although it's not in any way related to the board (but she is a member here as well of corrs!) her account embraces our Guidelines for the board as well as she's chosen to be respectful of the band members as individuals and posts only photos taken with their consent (no paparazzi pics or pictures of their children etc.). She also takes the time to interact with her followers and has united many Corrs fans on Instagram.

    As genuine fans who appreciate another fan who took the time to keep the band "alive" for many during their absence and who's doing her part to generate "hype" for the 'comeback' - thanks for all you do Cristina and we're glad you choose to be a member here as well!!

    CorrsClub Time:
    06-Oct-2015 19:30:15
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    CSCfan - Caroline & the band have their own official Instagram pages now! 06-Oct-2015 18:41:01
                  DrFunkenstein - Thanks! (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 18:55:10
                  MentariS - OH MY GOODNESS I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME!!! 06-Oct-2015 18:59:15

    nexi_exi17 - Any one got an spare Standing Ticket for Dublin's Gig it's for a fan who is traveling from Argentina! 06-Oct-2015 11:11:19
                  dave - Miguel, as you live in Dublin, go along to the 3Arena box office and ask them if they have one, 06-Oct-2015 11:53:58
                               dave - I've just checked and they have plenty of standing tickets for sale 06-Oct-2015 11:58:19
                                            nexi_exi17 - Thanks so much Dave!! You are a start!! :) (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 12:13:04
                                                         Corranga - It's always great to see fans travelling, the more the merrier :) (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 14:04:10
                                                         nexi_exi17 - *you are star!! (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 14:21:39

    StPaddy - More studio fun! 06-Oct-2015 08:51:05
                  Leslie - Other than Andrea, they don't look like themselves. (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 18:28:14

    MentariS - From The Corrs News: Radio service date for the new single has been pushed back 05-Oct-2015 21:55:21
                  CorrMac - Considering that John Shanks only arrived in London ... 06-Oct-2015 06:57:32
                               dave - I see that same site is talking about a Xmas TV appearance by The Corrs. (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 15:36:47
                  OsamaRaashid - TV appearence is a very good news, if it is true (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 16:37:26

    MentariS - New picture from John Shanks on Instagram: Caroline and Sharon chilling :-) 05-Oct-2015 20:03:02
                  Yrisea - That's such a nice picture, 06-Oct-2015 11:37:07
                               MentariS - No worries Yrisea ;-) (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 18:25:40

    MentariS - This is way too late but I thought I should post it: A video of Sharon in the studio with Damien Leith earlier this year 05-Oct-2015 17:18:15

    airbusgore - Cardiff ticket from Ticketmaster arrived today - yeh! (n/t) 05-Oct-2015 13:49:11
                  dave - Good to know they're starting to send them out. (n/t) 05-Oct-2015 14:15:09
                               robin - yes got mine so really exciting (n/t) 05-Oct-2015 15:16:18
                                            SteveW - We have a poster named 'robin' and another named 'Robin'... 05-Oct-2015 19:34:19
                                                         MAH - Nope, same user (n/t) 05-Oct-2015 20:26:09
                                                         carolineinspiredmetodrum - hi Steve 05-Oct-2015 22:27:37
                                                                      sTeVEw - Never knew the board wasn't case-sensitive; good to know! (n/t) 05-Oct-2015 22:56:21
                                                                                   Cara - *lol* I love that you had to test it just to see. ;-) (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 07:45:18
                                                                                                STeVeW - I didn't post just to test it, but as long as I was posting anyway I figured I'd try it out :-) (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 08:43:17
                                                                                                             Cara - ;-) (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 13:08:36
                                                                                                                          Corranga - Yep, the OCD in me means I always have to log in with a capital C ;-) (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 14:05:50
                                                                                                                                       Cara - Me too. ;-) (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 14:29:14

    Nyoman - The SSE Hydro gig advertisement. 05-Oct-2015 11:11:52
                  Nyoman - Liverpool Echo Arena 05-Oct-2015 12:33:35
                               Corrsgirl1 - Poor little Jim, he's not allowed to talk :( 05-Oct-2015 13:01:43
                                            dave - They are certainly using every aspect of communication & media to get the message out, 05-Oct-2015 14:21:53
                                            Yrisea - At lease he doesn't have a paper bag... 05-Oct-2015 14:44:53
                                            osamaraashid - Just like old times :-). The ban is probably more stringent than ever, considering... ;-) (n/t) 05-Oct-2015 20:22:51

    Rmssw - The single is being sent to radio tomorrow and we don't even know the title yet. 04-Oct-2015 21:55:03
                  CorrMac - Chill out, we don't even know for sure the new single is ready yet! 04-Oct-2015 22:12:37
                  osamaraashid - I think we can now safely assume that it was just a rumor (n/t) 05-Oct-2015 20:26:42

    GaelleF - To Corrsgirl1 (sorry to the moderators, but couldn't find another way !) I have at LONG (too long!) last found my VHS 04-Oct-2015 13:09:48
                  Corrsgirl1 - :D :D I tought you forgot and didn't want to bother you about it 04-Oct-2015 14:44:11
                               GaelleF - I had not forgotten but I was soooo shameful not to find them again after I promised you ! 05-Oct-2015 20:02:28

    dave - As The Corrs' last ever released single was titled 'Goodbye', I wonder if the first 04-Oct-2015 09:30:21
                  osamaraashid - That's actually a pretty good idea (n/t) 04-Oct-2015 11:30:13
                               keejac21 - Can we start a bit of guessing game for tomorrow's release? LOL 04-Oct-2015 11:34:24
                                            robin - think it might be Ellis Island cant wait whatever it is (n/t) 04-Oct-2015 13:16:26
                                            MC - Has the band officially said that tomorrow is the release date? 04-Oct-2015 13:24:05
                                                         dave - I think its the 'service to radio' date Marie, which means we might hear it on BBC Radio 2 04-Oct-2015 14:38:11
                                                                      MC - Yeah, but where did that date come from? I haven't seen confirmation from any official site. 05-Oct-2015 10:40:16
                                                                                   keejac21 - Marie, it's from the Twitter account @TheCorrsNews 05-Oct-2015 11:10:43
                                                                                                MAH - Well, I heard Breathless on the radio at work ... 05-Oct-2015 17:53:15
                                                                                                MC - But what's their source? That's not an official account. 06-Oct-2015 10:45:04
                                                                                                             MentariS - I did tweet the account asking about their sources, given that they seem to have access to plenty of exclusive info... 06-Oct-2015 11:38:40
                  MC - I don't think I'd seen that name mentioned.... but it would certainly be cheeky if they did that! ;-) (n/t) 04-Oct-2015 13:23:04
                  MentariS - Any advice as to what time is the best to keep my ears on BBC Radio 2? (n/t) 04-Oct-2015 16:05:26
                               CorrMac - TBH I have no idea ... but Chris Evans' show is on R2 from 06:30 - 09:30 BST 04-Oct-2015 21:54:05
                                            Terry2 - Chris Evans & TFI Friday. 05-Oct-2015 00:03:45

    IrishHeart - Corrs on television 03-Oct-2015 20:18:24
                  MC - I second the request! :-) (n/t) 04-Oct-2015 13:24:29
                  airbusgore - The Shires were on Graham Norton Friday 04-Oct-2015 13:42:56
                               DrFunkenstein - We get Graham Norton replays on BBC America here! I hope they are on, too! (n/t) 04-Oct-2015 15:26:36
                                            CorrMac - Andrea has appeared on Graham Norton's show before ... 04-Oct-2015 22:06:12
                                                         robin - yes was hoping that graham norton would ask the Shires about supporting the Corrs on tour. (n/t) 06-Oct-2015 00:19:37

    Corranga - Corrs official mailing list looks like it's being reactivate 02-Oct-2015 13:05:40
                  nightcat - I believe I haven't signed up on the mailing list. Link pls? (n/t) 02-Oct-2015 14:08:06
                               CorrMac - What mailing list?! I would like to be on it too ... (n/t) 02-Oct-2015 14:26:56
                                            dave - Link is in the thread immediately below this one. I got the email too. (n/t) 02-Oct-2015 15:02:39
                                                         keejac21 - Yup. Received mine too today. Pleasant surprise. (n/t) 02-Oct-2015 15:21:28
                                                                      Corranga - Yep, threads posted 12 seconds apart. I'd have got in first, but had to switch PCs to view the website... :D (n/t) 02-Oct-2015 15:41:56
                                                         DrFunkenstein - The tinyurl link in the previous thread is for Chris' account; If you follow the links in the newlsetter, you 02-Oct-2015 18:50:40
                                                                      Corrsgirl1 - The TinyURL goes to some generic account I think 02-Oct-2015 19:46:18
                                                                                   Corrsgirl1 - Oh it somehow does link to Chris.... 02-Oct-2015 19:49:19
                                                                                                Cara - I've removed it. Does seem strange how that could happen but... 02-Oct-2015 21:05:04
                                                                                                Corranga - My account?! Very strange, I didn't even post the link!! (n/t) 02-Oct-2015 21:26:38
                                                                                                             Cara - I don't know - I suppose I should have followed it to see what happened before I deleted it... 02-Oct-2015 21:28:40
                                                                                                                          IrishHeart - Cara 03-Oct-2015 20:20:20
                                                                                                                                       Cara - The POTW? 03-Oct-2015 22:09:32
                                                                                                                                       SteveW - It's a great photo, especially because you got Caroline right between Sharon and Andrea (n/t) 04-Oct-2015 08:42:24
                                                                                                                                       Cara - Thanks! I kindof thought so for that exact reason! :-) (n/t) 04-Oct-2015 09:57:35
                  airbusgore - Received mine as well after all these years! (n/t) 02-Oct-2015 19:23:39
                               MikeFromMelbourne - Does anyone know what the last email was that was sent to us from this address?? :) 03-Oct-2015 04:42:36
                                            dave - Its so long ago that I'd completely forgotten signing up for that - I mean are we talking IB or BH 03-Oct-2015 09:12:21
                                                         nightcat - Wait a sec, you mean they're reviving their mailing list which is ancient in internet years?? (n/t) 03-Oct-2015 11:02:12
                                                         Cara - I'm signed up so must be BH... (n/t) 03-Oct-2015 12:13:53
                                                                      nightcat - I'm actually surprised that they kept the data for that long. I guess it's a way to reach older fans. 04-Oct-2015 09:32:31
                  MikeFromMelbourne - It simply made my day to see an email from "The Corrs" in my Inbox haha :) (n/t) 03-Oct-2015 04:41:32
                               Corranga - I think it was a mailing list via Fanscape, if so, the last email was 08/11/14 and was about BH... 04-Oct-2015 16:47:42
                                            dave - I think you mean 2004 Chris ! (n/t) 04-Oct-2015 19:09:32
                                                         Corranga - Oops, yes 2004! I only received a dozen or so emails from the list, all in 2004 so either I was late at signing up, or 05-Oct-2015 08:19:41

    Corrsgirl1 - Just got the Corrs' newsletter! 02-Oct-2015 13:05:28
                  Nyoman - Yup, got the same email as well. 02-Oct-2015 13:21:51
                               Erica - Hmmm they could use some help coding up their emails so they're a little more 02-Oct-2015 13:52:43
                                            Cara - Once again - good job for you!! ;-) (n/t) 02-Oct-2015 14:34:18
                                                         IrishHeart - Where do we go to sign up for the mailing list though? (n/t) 02-Oct-2015 18:53:10
                                                                      Corrsgirl1 - I don't know where to sign up, it will probably be possible again soon 02-Oct-2015 19:47:05

    dave - have a sale at the moment on Dublin hotels - 25 to 30% off. (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 16:08:58

    Robin - Just wondering how many of us managed to get front or second row seats for any of the venues. It seems 30-Sep-2015 23:01:54
                  dave - I've actually seen empty front seats at sold out gigs Robin because the speculators 01-Oct-2015 09:19:02
                               Erica - We got 2nd row for Glasgow. Not first *sob* ;) 01-Oct-2015 09:37:02
                                            dave - As a reminder, I do have a front row London available and a row 2 and 3 at Belfast 01-Oct-2015 15:51:56
                                                         dave - Mikko Hanninen, who along with Daniel Lindberg, used to run Corrsonline, tells me Dublin 01-Oct-2015 19:04:12
                                                                      MentariS - Speaking of COL, any chance that the website would be revived? (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 20:39:35
                               Robin - Yes.agree Dave. I feel sure that venues could have some system so that true fans would at least get a shot 01-Oct-2015 21:04:34
                  Cara - We've got front row for London. :-D But I don't know who managed it. ;-) 01-Oct-2015 21:49:10

    Cara - Which of our board members travelled the furthest to see the Corrs in Hyde Park? (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 22:01:42
                  Corranga - I had to walk over 2 miles to get to the train station after parking the car.. ;-) (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 22:26:51
                  Robin - I guess my 600 mile round trip from the north east won't qualify as one of the farthest but thought I would throw it in. (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 22:42:24
                               Corranga - Robin, if you look at time and effort, driving should count for more as you are actually doing it. 01-Oct-2015 10:05:07
                                            Robin - You are probably right Chris as I didn't get home until about 4am but really enjoyed having meal 01-Oct-2015 22:28:46
                  Terry2 - Travelling Days 30-Sep-2015 22:56:56
                               IrishHeart - Funny 01-Oct-2015 00:15:12
                                            Terry2 - Rod the Mod 01-Oct-2015 09:30:48
                                            Erica - :o (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 09:39:50
                                                         Terry2 - Signs and Symbols 01-Oct-2015 22:56:15
                  Lonneke - Probably you, Cara! You just started your travels very early... some years ago... :p (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 23:30:12
                               Cara - When I commit to a plan, I commit! *lol* ;-) (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 20:42:00
                  Leslie - We came from the States. According to my extensive research (I Googled it) we traveled 3,810 miles. (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 02:33:49
                  queenoftheroad - Carine and I traveled from the south east of the Netherlands. Definitely not the largest distance, but I can now 01-Oct-2015 08:30:11
                               dave - There were a couple of fans at the front who had travelled from South America - 01-Oct-2015 09:25:36
                  Erica - Cara I think we get triple points for travelling with toddlers on our fronts and heavy b*stard backpacks on our backs :p (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 09:41:16
                               dave - Not to mention train delays and fighting through 55000 people - you girls were crazy 01-Oct-2015 15:55:29
                                            Erica - Most definitely crazy :p (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 16:00:36
                                            Robin - Guess we are all happy to put whatever time and effort needed to see our fav band. Yes think definite bonus pointsf for 01-Oct-2015 18:45:07
                                            Cara - I think I'll take both thanks. ;-) As I'd much prefer brave but suppose I have to admit to a bit of crazy! ;-) (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 20:40:09
                  Cara - I was going to try to use this to pick a FOTM... :-P But it's a tiny bit unhelpful for that! Has been fun though. ;-) (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 21:51:54
                               Erica - Your lovely little person should be fotm for not sleeping through her first Corrs gig :p of course you didn't 02-Oct-2015 06:22:21

    Nyoman - More pieces from John Shanks on Instagram 30-Sep-2015 00:35:35
                  SteveW - Also photos of Sharon and Caroline 30-Sep-2015 01:10:26
                               keejac21 - The snippet sounds really cool.. sounds totally something new! 30-Sep-2015 02:55:51
                                            IrishHeart - Those clips sound wonderful! (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 03:07:07
                                                         nightcat - I'm feeling a 70s vibe from these snippets. Yes I danced a bit :-D (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 03:28:40
                                                                      Leslie - That's exactly what I thought too. (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 16:13:05
                  SteveW - More videos and photos 30-Sep-2015 03:29:12
                               MentariS - Steve, you might want to try this: 30-Sep-2015 04:25:44
                                            CorrMac - Anyone else notice that Caroline has two large floor toms 30-Sep-2015 06:55:22
                                                         SteveW - I was wondering about that, too. And what's with the blanket? (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 07:48:27
                                                         StPaddy - Yes, looks like she´s playing the studio kit instead of her usual Yamaha set. 30-Sep-2015 08:22:19
                                                                      dave - Similar to putting a towel into the bass drum...? (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 09:45:41
                                                                                   StPaddy - Dave, not quite. Towel in the BD is rather used to muffle the sound, and... 30-Sep-2015 10:04:01
                                                         MC - Yeah, I had noticed the two floor toms. (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 10:43:25
                                            SteveW - Thanks for the Instagram info, Mentari. 30-Sep-2015 23:33:43
                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - This sounds great. quite dark and sad. The instrumentation sounds great and that's what I often love about this band (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 22:04:21
                  ourfourf - it sounds so different! I like :D (n/t) 30-Sep-2015 22:29:48
                  Nyoman - And a funny pic of Andrea posed with a guitar! 30-Sep-2015 23:53:18
                               nightcat - LOL I bet she's thinking if she can play that the same way as a ukelele. (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 03:48:39
                                            neleh - Wonder if Shanks producing the full album or part of it (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 09:30:03
                                                         keejac21 - My fervent wish is that THIS album will not be "over-produced" just like what happened to Andrea's TFH. 01-Oct-2015 10:39:56
                                                                      Erica - YES! Sooooo agree! (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 10:40:40
                                                                      MC - I completely agree! (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 10:46:20
                                                                      SteveW - I totally agree, too! 01-Oct-2015 11:38:55
                                                                      Corranga - As above - no more over production please! (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 12:57:31
                                                                      DrFunkenstein - Jim has always been a co-producer, hasn't he? Chances are he won't let that happen (n/t) 01-Oct-2015 13:51:59
                                                                                   MC - He co-produced FNF, and maybe some of the tracks on TOC & IB, but not the others. 02-Oct-2015 10:44:24
                                                                      MentariS - I like Ten Feet High from being exactly the opposite of a Corrs album, and having said that... 01-Oct-2015 14:38:34
                                                                                   Nabil - I am hopeful but the Corrs themselves, along with Mitchell Froom, have been responsible for over production in the past 01-Oct-2015 19:02:20
                                                                                                neleh - TFH's production is just awkward and mismatched tbh 02-Oct-2015 09:24:55
                                                                                                             dave - I wonder how much input and final say Bono had as 'executive producer' and if Andrea 02-Oct-2015 13:55:21
                                                                                                                          MC - Agreed - the acoustic versions were much better. (n/t) 03-Oct-2015 13:41:26
                                                                                                                          CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Bono had little to no input according to Andrea 04-Oct-2015 22:26:41

    dave - To Corranga and MAH, is there any chance you guys could enable a system so we could post pics 29-Sep-2015 11:35:07
                  MAH - Possibly ... Technically it's easy to do but there's storage issues plus it opens up an attack surface 29-Sep-2015 11:46:35
                               Pheebs - How about using one of these? 29-Sep-2015 14:49:58
                                            Corranga - This is essentially what Dave doesn't want. The biggest issue of course is that photo hosting means disc space, and 29-Sep-2015 16:03:06

    SteveW - more BBC Radio 2 Hyde Park photos 29-Sep-2015 09:02:32
                  Terry2 - Gig Pics 29-Sep-2015 09:54:51
                  Nyoman - When I watched the HD version of Hyde Park performance 29-Sep-2015 09:55:19
                               Corranga - Haha, the Irish flag photo actually misses a lot of us Corrs fans out as the flag was actually to the left of us.. 29-Sep-2015 10:55:13
                                            Robin - Yes great pic, I am just off camera next to Chris and then next to me is Richard. Another nice memory of a fantastic day (n/t) 29-Sep-2015 11:24:50
                                            Cara - Yup! I can spot small bits of us in the 2nd pic too... 29-Sep-2015 11:26:56
                                                         Robin - Good spot Cara (n/t) 29-Sep-2015 12:04:30
                                                         Corranga - I knew it was Kathryn, I guess my fingers didn't - oops, sorry! (n/t) 29-Sep-2015 13:12:05
                                                                      Cara - No problem. ;-) (n/t) 29-Sep-2015 15:42:56
                                            dave - Nice to see my flag there, it must have been to at least 30 Corrs gigs ! (n/t) 29-Sep-2015 11:27:08
                               IrishHeart - Do you have a link Nyoman? 29-Sep-2015 19:35:35
                                            SteveW - Here's the HD 1080p version of Breathless 29-Sep-2015 19:41:25
                                                         IrishHeart - Thanks SteveW 29-Sep-2015 20:19:56
                                                                      Nyoman - Disfrutaloscorrs Forum have a lot of corrs videos, got the HD version of Hyde Park from them as well 30-Sep-2015 00:03:53
                  Corrsgirl1 - Don't know if I'm happy because a picture of me turend up on the site of my favorite band.... 29-Sep-2015 20:40:15
                               queenoftheroad - You're very welcome, dear! ^_^ :-p (n/t) 29-Sep-2015 21:33:12

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