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  • Sharon Reveals her Worst Travel Moments - Australian Daily Telegraph (23-Jan)
  • Read "Hark! A Corr Christmas Carol" - The Irish Independent, Dec. 22, 2014 (22-Dec)
  • Sharon will be part of the Windmill Lane Sessions! (16-Nov)
  • My Haven: Sharon on her Tour Bus from the Daily Mail! (15-Nov)
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    Osamaraashid is one of our members who provides a steady presence on the board. Although osamaraashid doesn't post a huge number of posts - posts appear regularly and help keep the board up and moving. Osamaraashid's posts are always positive and supportive of both the band and the other board members while also sometimes posting interesting questions that help create a spark of discussion.

    Thanks for being a member here Osamaraashid and for all your contributions to the board. We look forward to more in 2015!

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    27-Jan-2015 22:56:46
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                               Cara - Board Repair Update
                                                 [ 5 replies ] Latest reply: 24-Nov-2014 19:10:08
                               MAH - Board is finally back up!
                                                 [ 24 replies ] Latest reply: 10-Nov-2014 08:29:06
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 2 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Oct-2013 09:32:09
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    IrishHeart - Question about interviews 26-Jan-2015 15:17:14
                  dave - I know that one well and believe it was their first. It was an integral part of the EPK 26-Jan-2015 16:13:19

    dave - Hope you guys have been watching Sound Of Song on BBC4 - its a brilliant doco 24-Jan-2015 15:20:35
                  IrishHeart - Wish I could see that program 24-Jan-2015 17:57:30
                               dave - The Carpenters not mentioned yet because its proceeding chronologicaly 24-Jan-2015 19:16:01

    mrrob69uk - Poor Jim!...... 23-Jan-2015 21:53:45
                  IrishHeart - Indeed 23-Jan-2015 23:11:47
                               MentariS - ...that's awfully strange 24-Jan-2015 00:58:47
                  Cara - Well - luckily (I suppose) it had nothing to do with the fact that he's Jim Corr. 24-Jan-2015 11:42:12
                               SteveW - When I first read this headline, I thought it was saying that *Jim* had been arrested 25-Jan-2015 03:28:09
                               commonwombat - The offender's motivation remains undisclosed, 26-Jan-2015 14:33:16

    dave - Sharon's worst travel moments - that incident with the Spitting Cobra sounds scary! (n/t) 23-Jan-2015 14:54:41
                  MentariS - I was grinning like a maniac seeing that interview on an Australian website :-) 23-Jan-2015 17:05:35
                               commonwombat - We have so many of our own native "nasty surprises" 26-Jan-2015 14:23:13
                                            dave - LOL... yes my sister has a possum residing in the roof of their property 26-Jan-2015 16:18:49
                                                         commonwombat - Cats, especially feral ones (who've gone wild), kill a lot of wildlife 27-Jan-2015 06:42:55
                                                         SteveW - I didn't know there are possums in Australia; I thought they were a North American group 27-Jan-2015 07:23:46
                                                                      IrishHeart - At least we learned something today SteveW 27-Jan-2015 14:11:18

    Bea_HC - New music on the way? 22-Jan-2015 09:55:54
                  MC - Just saw that post! 22-Jan-2015 10:45:02
                  osamaraashid - Just saw that on fb. Probably a new album? (n/t) 22-Jan-2015 10:57:08
                  MentariS - After THAT tweet, and now this? Oh, Sharon, don't you love torturing us? (n/t) 22-Jan-2015 13:24:37
                               Bea_HC - It seems she does :-P I donīt know how to do a screen capture but... 22-Jan-2015 22:17:45
                  mrrob69uk - Surely its time... 22-Jan-2015 23:11:23
                               IrishHeart - A bit harsh, that 23-Jan-2015 00:10:11
                                            Mrrob69uk - Just an opinion 23-Jan-2015 01:07:48
                                                         IrishHeart - Sharon's gigs 23-Jan-2015 01:28:05
                                                         commonwombat - Two clear points need to be understood 23-Jan-2015 11:50:49
                                                                      dave - Agreed Wombat - they don't in any way 'owe' it to fans to make a comeback. 23-Jan-2015 15:19:06
                                                                                   Mrrob69uk - Agree to disagree!... 23-Jan-2015 15:30:34
                               Bea_HC - I have to say I donīt share your point of view I donīt think they have to 23-Jan-2015 12:36:22
                               osamaraashid - I completely understand your point of view, but I don't agree with it 23-Jan-2015 18:50:34
                                            mrrob69uk - If I'm honest 23-Jan-2015 20:04:59
                  Cara - Okay - let's all agree to disagree and move on from the potential argument please. ;-) Thanks! 23-Jan-2015 20:36:04
                               Robin - Well said Cara (n/t) 23-Jan-2015 20:39:55

    dave - So, is anyone here going to Sharon's gigs this year ? 19-Jan-2015 08:55:24
                  nightcat - I'd go to Sharon's gigs....if there's any nearby haha. 19-Jan-2015 13:52:51
                  IrishHeart - Sharon's gigs 19-Jan-2015 15:53:16
                  MentariS - I'm planning to go to her gig in Perth, Australia 19-Jan-2015 16:01:54
                               Corranga - Nothing planned here :( (n/t) 21-Jan-2015 12:39:00
                  Steverino - Still very thrilled that I could catch her show in Portland, Oregon last February. 22-Jan-2015 05:18:07
                  Den - nothing planned although Spain is appealing. (n/t) 22-Jan-2015 16:26:30
                               dave - Come on Den, you might as well do Girona - its dirt cheap at that time of year, 22-Jan-2015 17:00:16

    hazydavy - Corrs Leather Jacket On ebay 18-Jan-2015 20:49:56
                  eieio - .........seems to be tons of Corrs stuff on eBay recently (n/t) 19-Jan-2015 04:09:12
                  dave - I know one person on CorrsClub that has this jacket - unfortunately its not me ! (n/t) 19-Jan-2015 09:04:30
                               Corranga - I'm sure I know who you mean too Dave. hazydavy - there are some collectors here, 21-Jan-2015 12:37:20

    Terry2 - Tweet tweet 14-Jan-2015 12:48:31
                  osamaraashid - This year will mark a decade 14-Jan-2015 16:40:55
                               DrFunkenstein - Surely most of them being at Sharon's show in Dublin had to really get them thinking about a comeback... 16-Jan-2015 15:02:24
                  IrishHeart - Awesome! 14-Jan-2015 16:59:44
                  MentariS - I keep my fingers crossed. Well, they never say never after all! 14-Jan-2015 17:08:11
                               CorrMac - ... and so say all of us!! 14-Jan-2015 21:14:45
                                            IrishHeart - Like the previously recorded BBC concert 15-Jan-2015 15:45:27
                  dave - The 'I'll see what I can do' comment from Sharon seems to have been deleted, 15-Jan-2015 08:30:15
                               MentariS - No, it's still very much there. That tweet was dated January 13. (n/t) 15-Jan-2015 09:14:07
                                            dave - Do you mean that Tweet from Radio2 is still there, or Sharon's reply to it ? (n/t) 15-Jan-2015 11:20:56
                                                         osamaraashid - Both are still there 15-Jan-2015 12:25:41
                                                                      dave - Thanks, don't know why I can't find it though. (n/t) 15-Jan-2015 15:12:09
                                                                                   osamaraashid - When you are viewing a twitter account 16-Jan-2015 17:37:30
                                                                                                dave - Thanks osamaraashid, I discovered that yesterday ! LOL (n/t) 17-Jan-2015 09:10:47

    evaprimananda - I Know My Love & When the Stars Go Blue sheet music 14-Jan-2015 02:02:08
                  MC - I haven't seen those two. Sorry! (n/t) 14-Jan-2015 10:42:36
                  Cara - I haven't seen those either ever. But I've found these... 14-Jan-2015 14:18:18
                               evaprimananda - Thanks Cara (n/t) 15-Jan-2015 08:01:46
                               SteveW - I think there's an error in this sheet music for I Know My Love 16-Jan-2015 06:28:33
                                            Cara - It could also be because it's generic for the tune rather than the way the Chieftans/Corrs recorded it. 16-Jan-2015 08:10:59
                                                         SteveW - Good point; I think you are right 16-Jan-2015 10:26:06

    IrishHeart - ::Ping:: 13-Jan-2015 20:54:55
                  IrishHeart - Andrea and thumb sucking 13-Jan-2015 21:18:55
                               SteveW - Andrea interview on thumb-sucking 14-Jan-2015 01:40:53
                               MentariS - Andrea's quote on her thumb-sucking: 14-Jan-2015 01:44:56
                  DrFunkenstein - Sadly I have never seen The Corrs (YET!), but we did see Sharon 11 months ago on her US tour, 13-Jan-2015 21:38:11
                  osamaraashid - It really had become eerily quiet around here :-) (n/t) 14-Jan-2015 11:38:12
                  Cara - I was just thinking about posting exactly this! :-) 14-Jan-2015 14:11:31

    dave - Surprised its not been mentioned yet - Sharon will be doing the IOW Festival 10-Jan-2015 16:18:13
                  Den - Yeah it was on her face book page. Good to see she's getting closer to home. Hope you had a good holiday Dave. (n/t) 14-Jan-2015 22:02:55

    Cara - Weekly updates will be up sometime tomorrow - hopefully! 02-Jan-2015 20:53:26
                  SteveW - Hope you feel better! No rush on the update. (n/t) 03-Jan-2015 10:19:13
                  MC - Feel better, Cara! (n/t) 03-Jan-2015 14:06:52
                  johan_0406 - I hope you'll be better soon (n/t) 03-Jan-2015 17:07:02
                  Cara - Thanks all! 03-Jan-2015 20:38:37
                               Steverino - Sorry to hear it, Cara. Hope you all feel better very soon. 06-Jan-2015 06:14:49

    osamaraashid - Thanks for the honor :-) 02-Jan-2015 07:42:22
                  MC - Congratulations! :-) (n/t) 02-Jan-2015 13:35:10
                  SteveW - Congratulations on the first FOTM of 2015; glad to have you here! (n/t) 02-Jan-2015 13:41:25
                  DrFunkenstein - Congratulations on FOTM! (n/t) 02-Jan-2015 16:29:25
                  Robin - Many congratulations very well deserved. Enjoy your month. (n/t) 03-Jan-2015 00:19:12
                               nightcat - Congrats! Enjoy this new year and esp. this month :-) (n/t) 03-Jan-2015 05:28:48
                  MentariS - Congrats Osama! Have a great month! (n/t) 03-Jan-2015 15:56:25
                               osamaraashid - Thanks guys :-) (n/t) 03-Jan-2015 16:51:30

    Cara - Happy New Year Everyone! 31-Dec-2014 20:13:09
                  dave - Happy New Year from Oz guys - its now 12 hours since we welcomed in 2015 01-Jan-2015 01:01:30
                  MentariS - Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy the holiday! 01-Jan-2015 01:12:36
                               Robin - Happy new year to you all and to Andrea Sharon Caroline Jim and their families. (n/t) 01-Jan-2015 12:11:33
                  johan_0406 - Happy New Year to everyone! 01-Jan-2015 17:52:36
                  Den - Happy New Year everyone. Have a great holiday Dave. (n/t) 01-Jan-2015 23:00:36
                               nightcat - Happy New Year! 02-Jan-2015 06:12:46
                  SteveW - Getting to interview Sharon and attending her gig was easily the (musical) peak of my year 02-Jan-2015 13:40:41
                  DrFunkenstein - Peak: Seeing Sharon in concert .... Pit: Not seeing all The Corrs in concert (n/t) 02-Jan-2015 16:30:31

    Robin - A very Happy Christmas to everyone at Corrs club. Hope you all have a wonderful time and best 23-Dec-2014 21:31:14
                  SteveW - For the holiday, one of my favorite vocal performances of Andrea's 24-Dec-2014 03:07:40
                               YvesB - One of the best renditions I've ever heard ! ... (n/t) 24-Dec-2014 03:50:29
                  Cara - Happy Holidays to all! :-) (n/t) 24-Dec-2014 07:36:25
                               nightcat - Merry Christmas to all here! 24-Dec-2014 10:12:23
                  johan_0406 - A Merry Christmas to all club members and to the Corrs (n/t) 24-Dec-2014 15:15:46
                  den - hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year! (n/t) 24-Dec-2014 18:33:29
                  Ocean - Merry Christmas :) 24-Dec-2014 18:38:55
                  MentariS - Happy Christmas everyone, and happy holiday! 25-Dec-2014 01:25:44
                  queenoftheroad - Happy Christmas everyone! :-) (n/t) 25-Dec-2014 10:39:17
                               nightcat - Some good news for me: It's not a rainy Christmas Day for me! 25-Dec-2014 13:05:36
                                            dave - A bit late, but Happy Xmas and New Year from Australia - 27-Dec-2014 00:04:24
                  helenefromfrance - xmas 27-Dec-2014 09:07:33
                  M-Corr - A little bit late but happy Christmas to one and all. (n/t) 28-Dec-2014 14:41:58

    evaprimananda - Miracle and Don't Say You Love Me Sheet Music 23-Dec-2014 00:10:37
                  SteveW - I have the DSYLM sheet music but not Miracle 23-Dec-2014 04:45:45
                               evaprimananda - Ok. Thanks very much. I already sent the email 24-Dec-2014 00:11:45

    StPaddy - Christmas Interview with Sharon 22-Dec-2014 08:59:11
                  Corinna - Fantastic interview, thanks for the link. (n/t) 22-Dec-2014 11:27:29

    Tania - Sale - Big poster made of cardboard 21-Dec-2014 17:36:26
                  eieio - e-mail sent (n/t) 22-Dec-2014 15:07:01
                               Cara - We're having some weird issue with the Invision Site and Tania isn't able to access your message at the moment to reply. 22-Dec-2014 17:59:16
                                            eieio - that would be terrific Cara, Thank You! 22-Dec-2014 20:27:34
                                                         Cara - Done! If you don't get connected let me know. (I *think* if you updated your email on the Invision Site it does... 22-Dec-2014 21:59:48
                                                                      eieio - centurylink is the one, thanks Cara! (n/t) 22-Dec-2014 22:15:46
                                                                                   Tania - Thank you Cara! (n/t) 23-Dec-2014 17:50:51

    CorrMac - Woohoo! 15-Dec-2014 18:22:17
                  dave - Nice thing to have. I've got the transcript somewhere but not the mag. 15-Dec-2014 19:50:19
                               keejac21 - That's great CorrMac! I wonder if you can share the photos? But have to remember copyright? 16-Dec-2014 00:26:08
                                            SteveW - Here's the interview and photos 16-Dec-2014 03:50:02
                                                         osamaraashid - This is a fantastic interview. Congrats on owning the original, CorrMac. (n/t) 16-Dec-2014 17:36:26
                  Corrsgirl1 - I've never seen the magazine IRL but know exactly what the cover looks like! 16-Dec-2014 17:41:04
                               CorrMac - I do indeed have a 'corrlection' 16-Dec-2014 18:20:27
                                            MC - Live in Dublin was never sold as a Region 1 DVD, either. 17-Dec-2014 10:41:55
                                            CorrMac - Maybe it was like the "Live in Baden Baden" DVD then ... 18-Dec-2014 06:59:34
                                                         StPaddy - Maybe it was this one? 18-Dec-2014 09:14:06
                                                                      CorrMac - It could have been ... 18-Dec-2014 10:34:51
                                                                                   MC - That was probably recorded from the TV special that aired on VH1. 18-Dec-2014 10:56:41
                                                                                                Terry2 - Bootlegs 18-Dec-2014 12:48:25
                                                                                                             Corranga - I own a few bootleg CDs (maybe 5 or 6). I feel similar to you about them, though would happily download them for free 18-Jan-2015 12:34:50

    johan_0406 - Very cute pic of the week!!! I (n/t) 13-Dec-2014 15:57:58
                  Cara - I debated using them last year but don't have a way to contact the people who made them... 14-Dec-2014 20:02:27
                               johan_0406 - Yes they are! And we love the Corrs, so we have no "evil plans" LOL (n/t) 17-Dec-2014 16:18:33

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