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  • Sharon will host a 3-part radio series on BBC Radio 2! (01-Mar)
  • Sharon at the Windmill Lane Studios! (08-Feb)
  • Sharon Reveals her Worst Travel Moments - Australian Daily Telegraph (23-Jan)
  • Read "Hark! A Corr Christmas Carol" - The Irish Independent, Dec. 22, 2014 (22-Dec)
  • More news...
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    Michael (StPaddy)

    Michael has been sending us photos for the POTW for quite a while and almost single-handedly keeping us with a good supply of pictures to choose from. He sends a nice range of photos of all of the band members which helps us to keep the photos rotating evenly among the siblings.

    Thanks for your efforts in collecting and sending photos Michael. It may seem a small thing but it really helps keep the board going when people send recommendations and help make the running of the board that much smoother!

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    SteveW - link for episode 3 of Sharon's radio show 25-Mar-2015 04:31:15
                  dave - My favourite piece on this third programme was The Corrs' collaboration with Pavarotti 25-Mar-2015 11:15:36
                               dave - Here we go.....The Corrs and Pavarotti - brilliant ! 25-Mar-2015 22:20:57
                                            IrishHeart - Wow 26-Mar-2015 01:13:55
                                                         nightcat - Short thoughts on Part 3 26-Mar-2015 08:26:24

    IrishHeart - News articles on The Corrs back in the day 24-Mar-2015 20:02:54
                  IrishHeart - Another article 24-Mar-2015 20:04:08
                               IrishHeart - Oops, try again 24-Mar-2015 20:04:54
                  SteveW - Interesting assessment of the Corrs' music by David Foster 25-Mar-2015 20:59:55
                               IrishHeart - SteveW 25-Mar-2015 21:44:35
                               IrishHeart - Yes 25-Mar-2015 21:50:08
                  osamaraashid - All I'm seeing is a blank webpage (n/t) 26-Mar-2015 18:28:45
                               IrishHeart - Hmmm 26-Mar-2015 19:11:56
                                            IrishHeart - A DVD case picture 27-Mar-2015 04:28:09
                                                         Corranga - I'd imagine the MTV special is Unplugged. Fits in with using the (US) Talk On Corners era promo shots too. (n/t) 27-Mar-2015 13:08:34

    nightcat - Finally got time to sit down and listen to playbacks of Sharon's BBC show 24-Mar-2015 10:11:05
                  MentariS - Falling Slowly is a BEAUTIFUL song. Also, Once (the film it is from) is incredible - you should definitely watch it! 24-Mar-2015 12:55:10
                               CorrMac - My favourite song from "Once" is 24-Mar-2015 22:15:46

    MentariS - A very very very happy 45th birthday to Sharon Helga Corr! 24-Mar-2015 09:54:13
                  Corranga - Happy Birthday Sharon! :) (n/t) 24-Mar-2015 12:34:37
                               CorrMac - Happy Birthday Sharon! 24-Mar-2015 22:16:39
                  Robin - happy birthday Sharon hope you had a great day.. (n/t) 24-Mar-2015 23:11:18

    SteveW - Cal (Sharon's radio show on Irish film music) 18-Mar-2015 20:31:53
                  osamaraashid - My complaint regarding the first episode aside.............. 19-Mar-2015 21:53:19

    Rewtorres - Sharon in Brazil 17-Mar-2015 16:51:17
                  Cara - Hi - I tried to edit your post for you to make the pictures show up but the link you used doesn't go to any picture. 17-Mar-2015 17:00:43
                               Rewtorres - thanks Cara :) 17-Mar-2015 17:03:41
                  Rewtorres - Pictures 17-Mar-2015 17:03:05

    dave - OMG.... stunning pic from Sao Paulo gig. 17-Mar-2015 13:03:05
                  Rewtorres - More pictures at the Brazilian fanpage 17-Mar-2015 17:05:44
                               IrishHeart - Sharon in Brazil 17-Mar-2015 22:13:07
                                            dave - Did you see the video of the Brazilian fans performing for Sharon in the record store - 18-Mar-2015 00:08:56
                                                         Rewtorres - video of fans playing for Sharon at book store 18-Mar-2015 03:46:02

    StPaddy - Happy Birthday Caroline, and a Happy St. Patrick´s Day to everyone! (n/t) 17-Mar-2015 07:10:07
                  CorrMac - Yes indeedy! 17-Mar-2015 07:31:19
                               MentariS - Happy 42nd birthday Caroline Georgina Corr wherever you are! And happy St Patrick's Day everyone! 17-Mar-2015 07:43:01
                                            keejac21 - Hapy birthday Caroline! I wish you can read this somehow. But please take care and go out more often. (n/t) 17-Mar-2015 08:03:26
                  Robin - Happy birthday Caroline enjoy your day. (n/t) 17-Mar-2015 09:50:11
                               Corranga - Yes, Happy Birthday Caroline, and a Happy St. Patrick´s Day to everyone! :) (n/t) 17-Mar-2015 09:56:01
                  SteveW - And also the 16th anniversary of the Royal Albert Hall concert 17-Mar-2015 10:52:12
                               nightcat - Happy St. Patrick's Day folks! I shall be Irish at heart today. 17-Mar-2015 11:00:59
                                            dave - Happy St Patrick's Day folks and Best Wishes to Caroline. I'll be raising a glass 17-Mar-2015 11:54:28
                  Corrsgirl1 - Happy Birthday Caroline! (n/t) 17-Mar-2015 16:30:19
                  DrFunkenstein - No better way to celebrate than watching the St. Patrick's Day show at RAH by our favorite Irish band!! (n/t) 17-Mar-2015 18:29:48
                               dave - Don't forget that Part 2 of Sharon's programme on Irish music is on BBC radio tonight. (n/t) 17-Mar-2015 20:44:57
                                            IrishHeart - BBC show part 2 17-Mar-2015 22:14:56
                                                         SteveW - Here's the link for Sharon's radio show, part 2 18-Mar-2015 02:45:56
                                                                      dave - I liked the story of how young Cal came to be named, and that Rebel Heart was 18-Mar-2015 14:21:32
                                                                                   MentariS - That was an interesting story about naming Cal :-) (n/t) 18-Mar-2015 17:29:51
                                                                                                IrishHeart - Cal 18-Mar-2015 23:02:00
                                                                                                             StPaddy - Yes, and yes! :) 18-Mar-2015 23:31:15
                                                                                                                          IrishHeart - Cathal 18-Mar-2015 23:48:26
                                            Cara - I really need to find time to listen to these! 18-Mar-2015 19:26:53

    Nyoman - Andrea Corr attended theTony Fenton's funeral 16-Mar-2015 16:19:53
                  SteveW - Thanks, Nyoman. Always nice to hear news about the siblings. (n/t) 17-Mar-2015 07:12:41
                  MentariS - Some more pictures of Andy at the funeral, this time with Big Bro Jim included 17-Mar-2015 08:20:25
                               Cristina - OMG, a mini-reunion! But why are the laughing??? :-( (n/t) 17-Mar-2015 09:14:52
                                            nightcat - It most likely came from some chit-chat with other attendees, Nothing more. 17-Mar-2015 11:04:52
                               dave - I don't think they're actually laughing, Jim and Andrea are just talking with the priest 17-Mar-2015 11:40:24
                                            Mark - I think I can read the priest's lips... "A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar..." (n/t) 19-Mar-2015 14:31:50
                                                         IrishHeart - LOL Mark (n/t) 19-Mar-2015 16:55:51
                               GaelleF - And you can see Frank, Caro's husband on the fourth pic (next to Andrea) (n/t) 18-Mar-2015 21:59:54
                                            Nyoman - I got the same mind, but I thought that was somebody else at first 19-Mar-2015 00:26:03
                                                         MentariS - OMG, how could I not notice Frank! Wish there were pictures of Mrs Woods as well :-/ (n/t) 19-Mar-2015 03:31:32
                                                         dave - That Irish Mirror pic is good, perhaps we should hold a caption competition...I think not ! (n/t) 21-Mar-2015 10:43:20
                                                                      StPaddy - Hm, yeah, you´re right Dave, might end up a bit too irreverently. 21-Mar-2015 11:39:36
                                                                                   SteveW - Jim to Andrea: "I heard her tell Prince Philip that she liked your outfit" (n/t) 22-Mar-2015 03:46:34
                                                                                   Corrpulent - Jim to Andrea: "I heard Prince Philip tell her that he liked your outfit" (n/t) 22-Mar-2015 04:36:57
                                                                                   MentariS - Jim: "You think Her Majesty is not amused?" (n/t) 22-Mar-2015 07:07:14
                                                                                                StPaddy - Jim to Andrea: 22-Mar-2015 12:02:43
                                                                                                             MentariS - Andy: "Won't I need a chaperone?" (n/t) 22-Mar-2015 13:09:09
                                                                                                                          StPaddy - Jim: Nope, I said "private audience"! Don´t ask, do it! (n/t) 22-Mar-2015 13:22:31

    dave - Sharon has added another date in Sydney at the same venue, but this time without America - 11-Mar-2015 16:06:48
                  commonwombat - Sorry, Dave but the Sydney show on 15May IS an additional Sydney concert for America 12-Mar-2015 04:35:58
                               SteveW - I am amazed that America is a big touring act in Australia (or anywhere else, for that matter) 12-Mar-2015 05:50:56
                                            commonwombat - Steve, they aren't playing particularly big venues unlike say the Eagles who regularly visit and still play major arenas 12-Mar-2015 06:59:28
                               dave - I just took that added Sydney date from her Facebook page where it didn't mention America, 12-Mar-2015 09:55:15
                  MC - Looks like she's not playing the Wellington show with America now, in order to play Anita's Theatre. (n/t) 12-Mar-2015 10:41:50
                               commonwombat - Seeing as the NZ shows precede the AUS dates, I suspect that she may only be opening for the AUS shows. 12-Mar-2015 11:21:15
                                            MC - If that's the case, then the other date that's still on her website should be getting pulled, too. 13-Mar-2015 10:41:22
                                                         JacquiC - the vector arena in auckland can hold 12,000 ..too big 14-Mar-2015 07:22:39
                                                                      commonwombat - Vector in full concert mode is frankly too big for America and the houses it's playing 14-Mar-2015 08:26:33

    StPaddy - Only a few minutes until Sharon goes "on air" at BBC 2 10-Mar-2015 22:54:22
                  MentariS - Yeah! That's how great Sharon is - she can make me wake up early just to listen to her ;-) 10-Mar-2015 22:59:49
                  MentariS - They're playing Joy of Life/Trout In a Bath from that VH1 concert in Dublin now! (n/t) 10-Mar-2015 23:13:09
                               IrishHeart - BBC show 11-Mar-2015 01:32:04
                                            IrishHeart - What I meant to say 11-Mar-2015 01:33:33
                                                         SteveW - Link for Sharon's BBC Radio 2 show 11-Mar-2015 04:15:23
                                                                      IrishHeart - Thank you SteveW 11-Mar-2015 04:21:00
                                                                                   nightcat - Thanks SteveW as well, I'll listen ASAP 11-Mar-2015 06:41:16
                                                                                                dave - Spoiler alert * I enjoyed this first of three programmes, though its a pity Sharon didn't 11-Mar-2015 10:07:24
                                                                                                             commonwombat - She was, perhaps, a bit "stiff" at the start but seemed to loosen up as the show went on esp the Bill Whelan interview 11-Mar-2015 11:22:32
                                                                      IrishHeart - Great program! 11-Mar-2015 19:47:58
                                                                      osamaraashid - I enjoyed the show 11-Mar-2015 21:40:49
                                                                                   MentariS - The azaan was a pleasant surprise :-) I hadn't noticed any similarity to Celtic music until Sharon brought that up! (n/t) 12-Mar-2015 02:17:39
                  Cristina - Thanks for the link!! Oh, I love the spanish celtic music!!! (n/t) 11-Mar-2015 10:04:46
                               Corranga - Some nice moments, lots of Corrs related moments 11-Mar-2015 14:09:29
                               MentariS - Me too - one of the best parts was when she talked about music from other cultures :-) (n/t) 11-Mar-2015 14:54:26
                               dave - If you like Spanish celtic music Cristina, try to get hold of The Chieftains album titled 'Santiago', 11-Mar-2015 17:52:37
                                            SteveW - Did anyone notice the Corrs-related song at around 40:35? 12-Mar-2015 03:32:54
                                                         Cristina - Yes Steve, I thought that one sounded a lot llke Jenny's Chickens!! :-) (n/t) 12-Mar-2015 06:51:25
                                                         osamaraashid - Another Trout In a Bath moment 12-Mar-2015 19:09:45
                                                                      SteveW - What's your favorite version of Joy of Life, and other thoughts 13-Mar-2015 08:15:32
                                                                      MentariS - I love I'm Shipping Up To Boston, but I never noticed the similarities to Trout In a Bath! Good observation Osama :-) (n/t) 13-Mar-2015 15:22:05
                                                                                   osamaraashid - SteveW and MentariS, I should clarify 13-Mar-2015 20:27:32
                                            Cristina - Wow, I never heard of that!!! I will, thank you so much!! 12-Mar-2015 06:53:41
                                                         dave - Sharon (and The Corrs) have always said how much they enjoy playing northern Spain 12-Mar-2015 10:04:24
                                                                      Cristina - Amazing! I would love to see them play there one day! 12-Mar-2015 10:22:13
                                                                                   dave - Yes I was at The Corrs' Pamplona gig in 2004 - strange venue, like a sports hall 12-Mar-2015 15:56:34
                                                                                                Cristina - So you travelled there to the gigs or do you live in Spain? (n/t) 13-Mar-2015 07:17:59
                                                                                                             dave - I travelled there Cristina - I've been going to Corrs gigs since 2000, its a hobby of mine. (n/t) 13-Mar-2015 09:44:26
                                                                                                                          SteveW - dave, how many gigs have you attended (including Sharon's)? (n/t) 13-Mar-2015 09:52:56
                                                                                                                                       dave - I've never actually counted Steve, but I know its around 50. I'm nowhere near the top of the list 13-Mar-2015 12:26:22
                  commonwombat - Here's the 2nd episode 18-Mar-2015 12:16:55
                               IrishHeart - Thanks for the link 18-Mar-2015 17:15:54

    Cara - So - I've just realized that we're a week into March and I haven't changed the FOTM yet. :-$ 07-Mar-2015 21:20:55
                  MentariS - I was wondering who this month's FOTM might be ;-) congrats Michael! Thanks for those wonderful pictures! (n/t) 08-Mar-2015 09:08:47
                  SteveW - Which Michael is this? 08-Mar-2015 09:34:01
                               Cara - Good question! I've updated the file to include that it's StPaddy. :-) (n/t) 09-Mar-2015 09:21:23
                  dave - Congratulations Michael - its a pleasure to hand over the baton to you. (n/t) 08-Mar-2015 11:06:53
                               Robin - Many congratulations Michael enjoy your month (n/t) 09-Mar-2015 00:06:58
                  MC - Congratulations, Michael! :-) (n/t) 08-Mar-2015 13:06:40
                  StPaddy - Ooops, just´ve seen this... 09-Mar-2015 11:50:35
                               keejac21 - Congratulations Michael. I always enjoy your drumming lessons/tips! (n/t) 10-Mar-2015 01:07:14
                               SteveW - Congrats, Michael! I always learn a lot from your informative posts. (n/t) 10-Mar-2015 08:15:07
                  Corrpulent - Cheers, Michael. :) Congratulations. (n/t) 10-Mar-2015 03:30:01

    dave - Apparently Sharon is in the latest 900th Celebratory Issue of Hotpress, the Irish music magazine. 06-Mar-2015 11:28:25

    Cristina - Sharon`s duet with Damien Leith - Black is the colour! 04-Mar-2015 15:38:10
                  SteveW - Interesting -- sounds like this version is arranged in a 6/8 rhythm instead of 4/4 as the Corrs did it 04-Mar-2015 19:54:10
                               Cristina - Thank you so much! It has become such a great place to meet with fans from all over the world! 06-Mar-2015 09:10:18
                                            Cristina - Somehow, half of my answer is missing..... 06-Mar-2015 10:22:01
                  Corrsgirl1 - The preview sounds great, very different from the Corrs' version. (n/t) 05-Mar-2015 23:06:12
                  MentariS - I still prefer The Corrs' version because of its sense of darkness, but this version is quite awesome too! 08-Mar-2015 14:31:27
                               dave - This is one of my least favourite songs that either Sharon or Andrea have sung - 09-Mar-2015 11:16:03
                                            MentariS - IMO The Long and Winding Road could've been good, shame it turned out boring, just like Everybody Hurts (n/t) 09-Mar-2015 12:13:43
                                                         IrishHeart - Really?? 09-Mar-2015 19:02:40
                                                                      keejac21 - Agree on The Long & Winding Road.. makes me sleepy. Not one of their best covers. (n/t) 10-Mar-2015 01:08:43
                                                                                   nightcat - I agree with keejac here on TLAWR, but not with Everybody Hurts being boring 10-Mar-2015 01:49:43
                                                                                                Cristina - Black is the colour is one of the few songs my non-Corrs-friends adore!!! 10-Mar-2015 06:50:42
                                                                                                             SteveW - Trivia: Besides TLaWR, what other Beatles cover did the Corrs do? (also EH and TLaWR) 10-Mar-2015 08:13:00
                                                                                                                          MC - They performed as part of the ensemble finale on Hey Jude, also from Party at the Palace. (n/t) 10-Mar-2015 10:38:12
                                                                                                                          MentariS - They performed John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Happy Xmas (War is Over) in that BBC Radio 2 Christmas performance in 2001 10-Mar-2015 11:08:51
                                                                                                                                       StPaddy - For further investigation on Andrea´s outfit part.... :) 10-Mar-2015 13:36:53
                                                                                                                          Terry2 - The Long and Winding Road 10-Mar-2015 11:53:01
                                                         osamaraashid - I happen to love both the songs, but then I've never listened to the original versions. (n/t) 11-Mar-2015 17:50:02
                                            Corrpulent - I'm not sure TLaWR works with a woman singing it… 10-Mar-2015 21:39:43
                                                         Corrpulent - Hmm. I find a lot of women have covered it... 12-Mar-2015 22:54:58

    dave - Some interesting notes in a 1999 Corrs official calendar 03-Mar-2015 17:00:06
                  Robin - Excellent find Dave some really interesting info as it was 1999 when I got into the Corrs. Great reading (n/t) 03-Mar-2015 21:45:17
                  IrishHeart - Thank you for that great early Corrs info 04-Mar-2015 02:30:32
                  SteveW - Thanks for transcribing this -- it's good to have an official timeline of these events. Couple of questions... 04-Mar-2015 05:55:35
                               StPaddy - A showcase is a "gig" exclusively arranged... 04-Mar-2015 07:07:55
                               Terry2 - Laminates 04-Mar-2015 14:00:23
                                            Corranga - There are a few Andrea whistles, Jason (and probably Caroline drum sticks), guitar picks and other bits and pieces 04-Mar-2015 15:06:43
                                                         dave - As Corranga says, there are quite a few items of memorabilia amongst oldtime fans. 04-Mar-2015 16:51:21
                                                                      SteveW - Here's a scan of Sharon's setlist from the gig I attended, with handwritten notes 04-Mar-2015 19:34:40
                                                                                   dave - Yes, that's her handwriting Steve - nice memento to have. (n/t) 05-Mar-2015 11:03:45
                                                         Robin - I was incredibly lucky to have Andrea hand me her tin whistle twice firstly at Wembley on Borrowed 05-Mar-2015 11:20:27
                                            IrishHeart - Sharon's gigs 04-Mar-2015 20:12:54
                                                         keejac21 - Interesting experiences you have there in Europe/US when it comes to gigs! 05-Mar-2015 04:30:18
                                                                      SteveW - Funny Sharon/Jim quote about shopping 05-Mar-2015 08:04:10
                                                         dave - Handshakes, and even a kiss are no problem here in Europe IrishHeart. (n/t) 05-Mar-2015 11:06:57

    CorrMac - What happened to the colours on the board? 02-Mar-2015 17:12:02
                  CorrMac - Must have been a glitch ... 02-Mar-2015 17:13:46
                               Cara - Glad to hear - as I wouldn't have had a clue! ;-) (n/t) 02-Mar-2015 20:01:06
                               dave - Maybe its a virus spreading from the white/gold, blue/black dress ! (n/t) 03-Mar-2015 11:06:52
                                            CorrMac - LOL! I've had some strange things happen with my computer before 03-Mar-2015 20:57:50
                  Corranga - Blue / purple are the defaults, I'd assume that you're computer didn't properly load the page / style sheet or similar 04-Mar-2015 14:57:06
                               CorrMac - I tried a refresh ... 04-Mar-2015 16:42:56
                                            Corranga - Not sure how you refreshed, but using CTRL+F5 will do a full refresh, ignoring anything already loaded into temporary 05-Mar-2015 13:13:47

    Leslie - Sharon's presenting a 3 part radio program for BBC. Looks exciting... 28-Feb-2015 17:18:35
                  CorrMac - So THAT'S what she's been up to! 28-Feb-2015 18:29:33
                  commonwombat - Have thought for some years that she's more than capable of hosting a show. 28-Feb-2015 20:18:16
                               dave - Yep, should be good. I'd like to see her on BBCs Transatlantic Sessions too. 28-Feb-2015 22:35:41

    mrrob69uk - Vote for The Corrs 27-Feb-2015 21:07:34
                  Corrpulent - GaelleF & YvesB are pretty good at French. :) (n/t) 27-Feb-2015 21:24:07
                  GaelleF - Being French qualifies me I suppose ;) The radio station allows us to vote until Fri March 6 for our fav artist 27-Feb-2015 22:40:49
                               nightcat - I voted even tho I don't have a speck of French in me. 28-Feb-2015 01:11:33
                               YvesB - Je n'aurais pas pu dire mieux, Gaëlle ! ... (n/t) 28-Feb-2015 03:44:13
                  MentariS - Voted already, though I don't have French bits in me :-) The last time I saw it... 28-Feb-2015 03:12:28
                               Corrsgirl1 - Voted too, doesn't help, they only have 7% of the votes :( 28-Feb-2015 08:52:54
                  osamaraashid - If you guys really want to, you can vote multiple times. 02-Mar-2015 17:16:32
                               Corranga - Not sure where you are, but in the UK, it's unusual to have dynamically allocated IPs. In fact it's also unusual to 06-Mar-2015 15:48:02

    StPaddy - Östersund Gig - Reply to Steve 20-Feb-2015 21:11:25
                  SteveW - Caroline's hi-hat playing on So Young 20-Feb-2015 23:44:23
                               StPaddy - Caroline´s 16th notes hihat pattern from The Late Show version.... 21-Feb-2015 09:50:21
                                            SteveW - I had to watch the RAH version of So Young again 23-Feb-2015 10:35:04
                                                         dave - Remember that on some tracks of Live In London dvd you can select a camera angle 23-Feb-2015 14:30:53
                                                                      StPaddy - Spot on, Dave! For "Dreams", "Radio" and "Breathless" you can select 24-Feb-2015 08:26:16
                                                         StPaddy - I appreciate it when - now and then - people are interested to learn about 24-Feb-2015 08:14:55
                                                                      SteveW - It would be fun to have a big group viewing of one of the gigs 25-Feb-2015 11:05:49
                                                                                   Corranga - Interesting post. We sort of did this in October 1999 when The Corrs played NetAid. 26-Feb-2015 10:17:10
                                                                                                IrishHeart - Reply about Superbowl 26-Feb-2015 19:30:19
                                                                                                             Corranga - The Super Bowl is always broadcast live in the UK. They basically transmit the US coverage, including commentary 26-Feb-2015 21:32:37
                                                                                   osamaraashid - Sounds interesting. Time differences would be a problem but we should try to do it (n/t) 26-Feb-2015 16:49:36
                                                                                   MentariS - Steve, that sounds GREAT. Of course... 26-Feb-2015 17:24:55
                                                                      Terry2 - Drummers 01-Mar-2015 16:52:15
                                                                                   SteveW - Live 38 gig (Amsterdam 2001) 02-Mar-2015 06:32:22
                                                                                                CorrMac - I remember that in one interview 02-Mar-2015 17:23:22
                                                                                                             SteveW - Caroline quote on playing upbeat songs 02-Mar-2015 17:33:23
                                                                                                                          CorrMac - I found the article ... 03-Mar-2015 21:14:46
                                                                                                                                       SteveW - That's a great interview 03-Mar-2015 21:51:59
                                                                                                                                       SteveW - Caroline playing Angel 05-Mar-2015 08:59:51

    dave - POTW.... aah... its 'Ickle Andy....we miss you, please come back. (n/t) 20-Feb-2015 20:56:21
                  MentariS - Yeah, Andy...I really do miss your voice!! 21-Feb-2015 04:04:22
                  eieio - 'Ickle Andy? (n/t) 24-Feb-2015 17:28:18
                               SteveW - I was wondering what that meant, too (n/t) 25-Feb-2015 11:06:16
                                            dave - LOL... shows how long I've been around on Corrs fansites - its an affectionate nickname 25-Feb-2015 15:53:40
                                                         Corranga - Dave is right, Ickle is a term of endearment meaning small, so literally, it means little Andrea. (n/t) 26-Feb-2015 10:06:17
                                                                      eieio - Oh! i like that! :-) (n/t) 26-Feb-2015 15:37:34
                                                                                   MentariS - The nickname fits her perfectly huh? :-) (n/t) 28-Feb-2015 03:13:02
                                                         YvesB - Nice ickle Andy pic ! ... (n/t) 27-Feb-2015 20:10:18

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