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    Den is one of the board members who if you've met him you can't help but like him. He's one of the most genuine, friendly, people around and a true fan of the band and their individual solo efforts. He may be a bit more quiet than some members of the board, but his presence and contributions make the board a better place.

    Thanks for being a member here Den - we can't imagine the Corrs fandom without you in it!

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    01-Oct-2014 04:47:10
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    osamaraashid - POTW: Tatoo on Caroline\'s arm? 28-Sep-2014 17:37:52
    StPaddy - It´s one of those rub-on, removable tattoos, that sure was meant as a joke. :) (n/t) 28-Sep-2014 19:00:38
    osamaraashid - I see. I was surprised that how could I have never noticed Caroline\'s tattoo (n/t) 29-Sep-2014 16:08:34

    dave - Anyone found any reviews for Sharon\'s London gig last Thursday ? 28-Sep-2014 11:04:34
    MC - No, actually, I haven\'t seen any. (n/t) 28-Sep-2014 15:34:07

    dave - Forgot to mention Andy\'s closing words in Dublin - \"I\'m going backstage, I know the singer\" 26-Sep-2014 19:09:17
    Corranga - I wonder where they met ;) (n/t) 30-Sep-2014 16:41:06

    MentariS - Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Forgiven, Not Forgotten was released today 19 years ago. 26-Sep-2014 16:44:39

    M-Corr - Interesting Article from todays Evening Herald… 26-Sep-2014 14:39:25
    dave - .........and pigs might fly ! (n/t) 26-Sep-2014 16:20:33
    helenefromfrance - qui sait 26-Sep-2014 17:34:43

    dave - For those enquiring - Caroline is indeed still \'around\' - she was at Sharon\'s London gig 26-Sep-2014 13:34:36
    keejac21 - great news dave that Caroline was there to see big sis. 27-Sep-2014 03:18:52
    MC - Yes, Say was from In Blue. 27-Sep-2014 17:44:17
    Punky - Marie, I remember when you asked Sharon on Twitter if she\'d revive \"Say\"...I was never sure if she realized you meant... 27-Sep-2014 21:58:45
    MC - LOL, I forgot I asked her that! ;-) 28-Sep-2014 15:36:23
    Den - It was a great idea stepping off the stage but she then walked to near the speaker and produced 29-Sep-2014 20:07:33

    Fran_SS - Sharon on Vintage TV sessions tonight 25-Sep-2014 20:12:26
    MAH - Missed it ... turns out that we do get Vintage TV (who knew?) but turned it on too late. They have a competition ... 26-Sep-2014 06:03:20
    Cara - And yes everyone - the first thing I said to him when I got downstairs with the baby this morning was... 26-Sep-2014 11:11:27
    Terry2 - Vintage Sessions 26-Sep-2014 12:22:13
    Cara - Ours doesn\'t say who\'s going to be on but I\'ve set it to record just in case. :-) 26-Sep-2014 12:57:54
    Corranga - The Sky EPG mentions Sharon, I\'ve set it to record Sunday 10pm too, thanks :) (n/t) 26-Sep-2014 16:05:36
    Terry2 - Vintage Sessions 26-Sep-2014 23:03:42
    Corranga - haha, no one has reported back, and I haven\'t watched the recording yet, so still no one knows (n/t) 30-Sep-2014 16:43:02
    Cara - Marc said she was definitely on. :-) 30-Sep-2014 18:58:33
    Terry2 - Vintage Sessions 30-Sep-2014 23:32:25

    LisaJ - How long are Sharon\'s shows? 23-Sep-2014 18:01:53
    den - shes on stage for about 90 minutes. i think I 23-Sep-2014 19:18:49
    Fran_SS - Yeah, Den is right, around 90-100 minutes 23-Sep-2014 19:25:59
    DrFunkenstein - Yep, the Atlanta show was just shy of 90 minutes. (n/t) 23-Sep-2014 20:48:02
    LisaJ - Thanx.....don\'t want to miss any of the show but also need to get last train! (n/t) 23-Sep-2014 21:44:21
    dave - Sorry you couldn\'t make it there in the end Lisa. (n/t) 26-Sep-2014 13:37:32
    den - shes on stage for about 90 minutes. i think I 26-Sep-2014 16:45:51

    den - enjoyable gig in Oxford. a few gremlins and 23-Sep-2014 00:20:41
    Fran_SS - The Dolly Parton bit was funny indeed! Quite an intimate gig and Sharon was in top form 23-Sep-2014 20:54:09
    Terry2 - Oxford gig 23-Sep-2014 22:37:35

    M-Corr - From today’s Newspaper a review of Sharon Saturday gig in the Sugar Club Dublin 20th Sept… 22-Sep-2014 23:19:24

    pinkcorr - Hello Strangers 22-Sep-2014 22:20:29
    pinkcorr - it worked haha 22-Sep-2014 22:22:22
    MAH - There were some of us at Aberdeen :-) Wonder how many in total? 26-Sep-2014 06:14:24
    StPaddy - We should consider wearing pins or batches.... 26-Sep-2014 10:57:02
    Cara - I think I had my Corrs Club t-shirt on in Aberdeen. 26-Sep-2014 11:08:15
    Corranga - Assuming you are the Helen I think you are, you spoke to my wife Erica, and were sitting almost directly behind 26-Sep-2014 18:28:50

    YvesB - Very nice POTW ! ... (n/t) 21-Sep-2014 18:37:06
    keejac21 - If Im correct this is from Unplugged.. Sharon and Caro singing No Frontiers. 22-Sep-2014 01:33:22
    MentariS - She should sing more lead vocals. I really like her voice. 22-Sep-2014 10:57:50
    osamaraashid - Her top looks a little different than unplugged, anyway, very nice POTW indeed. 22-Sep-2014 20:06:17
    StPaddy - Jackie (keejac21) is right, POTW is a capture of Caroline performing.... 22-Sep-2014 22:53:19
    osamaraashid - Oh! I see it now. I guess I was thrown off by sepia. (n/t) 23-Sep-2014 18:54:28

    den - Fantastic gig in Dublin tonight with Sharon, perhaps her best......... 21-Sep-2014 01:05:08
    StPaddy - Would love to hear more details about it. (n/t) 21-Sep-2014 07:00:44
    MrPeabody - It was a great evening, indeed! 21-Sep-2014 09:48:15
    Cara - So... 21-Sep-2014 12:48:23
    robin - me too Cara (n/t) 21-Sep-2014 17:58:26
    den - No they were in the audience and didnt take part in the gig at all...... 21-Sep-2014 18:21:19
    den - ill post a set list when im home. 21-Sep-2014 10:58:16
    den - Great to see Mr Peabody and our friends from 21-Sep-2014 11:03:53
    MentariS - Looks like a great gig indeed. Thanks guys for sharing your experiences! 21-Sep-2014 14:19:31
    Den - Where did you see a post about Andrea being at the gig? Can you post a link please? (n/t) 21-Sep-2014 19:43:35
    MentariS - Forgot to mention it was an Instagram post. 22-Sep-2014 00:55:25
    keejac21 - This is just great news... Family support is still there.. Where are you Caroline??? 22-Sep-2014 01:32:00
    dave - I spoke briefly with Andrea after the gig, she was full of praise for Sharon 22-Sep-2014 11:39:15
    dave - Forgot to mention - the setlist was the best yet. The old Corrs number Say was brilliant. (n/t) 22-Sep-2014 11:48:15
    commonwombat - Whilst Anto still does session work in Ireland, I think he\'s still contractually tied with Mike & the Mechanics 22-Sep-2014 18:19:06

    Nyoman - Quite long and nice flashback from Barry Egan with The Corrs. 20-Sep-2014 12:45:36
    osamaraashid - This is great. Thanks for posting (n/t) 20-Sep-2014 19:28:14
    Nyoman - Part two 21-Sep-2014 11:17:50
    MentariS - Very thought-provoking, but again one can\'t expect any less from Andrea. 21-Sep-2014 14:16:42
    dave - I remember reading that original article, nice to revisit it. So Long Ago...... (n/t) 22-Sep-2014 11:46:32

    Corranga - Review of the recent Aberdeen gig - it was a really nice gig though it did feature some mic issues that didn\'t do Sharon 19-Sep-2014 22:46:05

    Cara - Sharon\'s Opening Act for the recent gigs 19-Sep-2014 21:20:36
    Cara - P.S. He said he was on FB as well but I haven\'t had any luck finding him... 19-Sep-2014 21:23:18
    Corranga - Found him! (you\'ve realised that by now though) I just searched his name! (n/t) 19-Sep-2014 22:45:06
    Cara - Well I hadn\'t but just tried searching again and did find him. :-) 20-Sep-2014 08:05:49
    StPaddy - Jonny Gaughan´s FB 20-Sep-2014 08:03:30

    Cara - I\'ve updated the Tour Archive for Sharon\'s recent/upcoming shows... Have I missed any? 19-Sep-2014 21:12:24

    kawamark - The Corrs\' Sharon Corr on her upcoming O2 Academy gig 19-Sep-2014 15:46:48
    osamaraashid - Violinist Jim? How can someone make that assumption? :-D (n/t) 19-Sep-2014 17:39:25
    kawamark - Jim Corr As A Violinist? 22-Sep-2014 17:12:03
    osamaraashid - Most probably the writer recently watched Runaway Tin Tin Out Remix video (n/t) 22-Sep-2014 20:14:11

    M-Corr - Looks like Sharon Will be on the (RTE) Late Late Show Tonight. 19-Sep-2014 12:23:14
    M-Corr - Hope the link Works this time. 19-Sep-2014 12:25:11
    dave - Hi M-Corr, will you be joining us tomorrow night. The Late Late show is an obvious choice 19-Sep-2014 17:00:21
    M-Corr - Hi Dave 19-Sep-2014 21:31:47

    Robin - Two fantastic gigs in Inverness and Aberdeen. Sharon was amazing and a great set list including 16-Sep-2014 22:52:00
    SteveW - What was the surprise song? Don‘t keep us in suspense :-) 17-Sep-2014 09:22:45
    Cara - Surprise Song *Spoiler Alert* (If you\'re going to a gig and would prefer to be surprised - don\'t open this post. ;-)) 17-Sep-2014 11:22:19
    SteveW - Surprise song, Corrs Live in Taiwain, melodica, etc. [no spoilers in this post] 17-Sep-2014 13:27:38
    Cara - You\'ve done better than us! ... 17-Sep-2014 18:06:02
    keejac21 - Ive watched that gig too in Youtube SteveW and obviously it seemed that they were not really 18-Sep-2014 01:24:32
    Cara - I definitely have a new appreciation of the song after the shows. 18-Sep-2014 08:57:14
    Corranga - I\'m happy to ignore the Taiwan performance as it\'s not really live! Was great to meet up again, and a shame I could 18-Sep-2014 09:46:08
    Cara - You did the best off all of us though. ;-) Well, you & Lon but since none of the kids belong to her... 18-Sep-2014 19:08:11
    CSCfan - Wow, Cara you\'re amazing! Thank you for that!! She did an amazing job with the song/arrangements.. 18-Sep-2014 15:46:55
    SteveW - Great video/song; thanks for posting! It sounds like the drummer messed up the opening a bit... 18-Sep-2014 16:03:55
    StPaddy - Looks like the drummer thought there´d be a guitar intro without him playing. 18-Sep-2014 19:06:41
    Terry2 - Musician Jokes 18-Sep-2014 23:55:54
    Cara - I think I do but it might take me a few days to isolate it. (n/t) 18-Sep-2014 19:09:49
    Cara - Sorry - got interrupted earlier... She is still performing \"You Say\". :-) 18-Sep-2014 22:59:36
    Cara - You Say 19-Sep-2014 17:28:06
    Leslie - Well, all I can say is \"wow\" 19-Sep-2014 01:05:33
    MC - The Taiwan concert was just a promo show, I believe. It wasn\'t a full-length concert. 18-Sep-2014 10:30:22
    StPaddy - Here´s a review of the Taipei concert that took place 4th of Aug. in 2000 18-Sep-2014 10:47:35
    Lonneke - Brilliant gigs! Loved catching up with everyone :) She also did a new song \"Take Our Time\" - 18-Sep-2014 21:15:54
    Robin - I loved her performance of take our time in Inverness so was disappointed when she left it out in Aberdeen 18-Sep-2014 21:46:41
    Cara - Take Our Time 19-Sep-2014 22:03:50
    Corranga - I guess she wasn\'t happy with Take Our Time in the Aberdeen sound check and therefore dropped it, though it wasn\'t 19-Sep-2014 22:54:06
    CSCfan - Thanks again so much for the vids Cara!! These are gems... <3 (n/t) 24-Sep-2014 15:14:39

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