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  • The Corrs to perform at the Royal Albert Hall (Oct 19) (13-Sep)
  • New album: JUPITER CALLING (out Nov 10) (13-Sep)
  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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    16-Oct-2018 10:05:11
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    SteveW - Harp observation/question 14-Oct-2018 10:35:23

    SeanCorrain - To everyone outside of Ireland, wanting to see the performance from last night !! 13-Oct-2018 18:20:02
                  dave - Thanks for posting the link Sean, it worked fine for me too on Google Classic. (n/t) 14-Oct-2018 09:47:17
                  rich2862 - Awesome performance. Thanks. I used Firefox. (n/t) 15-Oct-2018 20:38:29

    nexi_exi17 - Tomorrow Friday, Andrea & Caroline will perform for the Late Late Show 11-Oct-2018 17:03:44
                  CorrMac - Good news but ... 11-Oct-2018 21:32:38
                  MentariS - Thanks for the info Miguel, don’t think I’ll be able to watch it live so hopefully there’ll be a video uploaded (n/t) 12-Oct-2018 07:09:12
                  CorrMac - Link to Ryan Turbridy's Instagram post inside ... 12-Oct-2018 20:07:17
                               MentariS - Maybe it’s just her dress? :-) (n/t) 13-Oct-2018 11:54:08
                                            CorrMac - Must have been that and/or the way she was standing! (n/t) 13-Oct-2018 21:26:19
                  SteveW - watch online 12-Oct-2018 22:10:20
                               CorrMac - Hope you're getting a better live stream than I am ... 12-Oct-2018 22:12:42
                                            SteveW - I'm on a high-speed connection at work, and I keep getting dropouts too 12-Oct-2018 22:16:37
                                                         CorrMac - Last week's program was so I hope this one will be available by tomorrow :) (n/t) 12-Oct-2018 22:17:37
                  Nyoman - What an irish song! Really love the energy of it. 13-Oct-2018 00:07:22
                               SteveW - Did they play any Corrs songs, or just trad songs? 13-Oct-2018 00:16:43
                                            Nyoman - They only did one collaboration (traditional irish song?) at the end of the show, no corr song though. 13-Oct-2018 00:23:15
                  SteveW - Andrea and Caroline on Late Late Show -- posted online 13-Oct-2018 07:28:37
                               CorrMac - Also available on Late Late Show YouTube channel, link inside :) 13-Oct-2018 11:37:53
                                            MentariS - Thank you very much!!! (n/t) 13-Oct-2018 11:54:28
                               nightcat - I can always count on SteveW to post some things I don't notice till after the fact. 13-Oct-2018 12:12:30
                                            dave - Well according to Andrea's Instagram pics - its Cloochy who makes her look great ! (n/t) 15-Oct-2018 08:55:27
                               Mark - Thank you Steve... really enjoyed that :) (n/t) 14-Oct-2018 00:24:24

    BrianB - Sorry to hear about Lillian. Condolences to the family - Here's a photo from the good old days. 07-Oct-2018 21:49:41
                  dave - Nice to see a post from you again Brian - yes 'Aunt Lillian' was a great lady. (n/t) 14-Oct-2018 09:51:27

    dave - A rare mention of Jim Corr and a recent picture - he looks well. 28-Sep-2018 12:08:20
                  den - Well done Jim (n/t) 30-Sep-2018 23:49:36

    MentariS - Sharon looks absolutely gorgeous at the Vanity Fair Personality of the Year gala in Madrid: 28-Sep-2018 08:55:23
                  dave - Aging well...into her second career as a 'fashionista' I guess. (n/t) 28-Sep-2018 11:50:42

    SteveW - Since there's not much Corrs news going on at the moment... 24-Sep-2018 02:49:10
                  rich2862 - Corrs in the USA 24-Sep-2018 20:44:49

    MentariS - Can you solve this riddle on DisfrutaLosCorrs’ IG? 13-Sep-2018 12:14:16
                  SteveW - Here's an excerpt of the song, which features Sharon 14-Sep-2018 08:40:06

    mikeyCF - has The corrs disbanded again? 09-Sep-2018 15:13:47
                  CSCfan - I think at this point, everything they're doing is a labour of love. 10-Sep-2018 10:35:07
                               nightcat - 2018 looks like a lowkey year for any Corr band activity so I'm hoping for some news next year. 12-Sep-2018 09:10:07
                                            Nick - I wish they filmed (and released) some of the UK concerts of the WL tour. (n/t) 12-Sep-2018 15:02:35
                               chris1957 - Small venues 13-Sep-2018 14:14:53
                                            SeanCorrain - It's crazy to think ONE YEAR AGO they released "Son of Soloman" 15-Sep-2018 23:11:58
                                                         Robin - It will forever remain a mystery to me that there has been complete silence since RAH unless they tell us one day. (n/t) 17-Sep-2018 09:47:14
                                                                      Klaus - What do you think? 17-Sep-2018 11:54:16
                                                                                   Taliesin - Interesting, but why and with who? (n/t) 17-Sep-2018 17:39:26
                                                                                                Klaus - I´m not familiar with the music business, 17-Sep-2018 20:31:49
                                                                                   CSCfan - My guess is that... 18-Sep-2018 08:49:48
                                                                      SeanCorrain - Should Sharon Tour again in the states, and I get to meet her again, I will ask what happened. lol (n/t) 18-Sep-2018 00:50:05
                                                                                   dave - The Corrs have always worked 'in mysterious ways' right since their inception back in the 1990s. 26-Sep-2018 19:52:51

    Robin - Three years ago today we were all excited in anticipation of seeing the Corrs on stage at Hyde Park and how brilliant it 09-Sep-2018 01:28:37
                  nightcat - Good times Robin, good times. 12-Sep-2018 09:12:27
                  SteveW - That was the first time I ever saw them play live (on the livestream) 13-Sep-2018 08:08:39
                               nightcat - Like you Steve, I became a fan after their hiatus... 13-Sep-2018 08:57:07
                               MentariS - I too became a fan after their hiatus, and seeing them live for the first time (on livestream)... 14-Sep-2018 06:22:34
                  SteveW - Hyde Park intro 13-Sep-2018 09:52:15

    dave - So who's doing which of Sharon's gigs next March - I've booked London and Milton Keynes. 05-Sep-2018 20:07:47
                  den - Milton Keynes (n/t) 05-Sep-2018 23:37:38
                  RichardY - MK and London for me as well. (n/t) 06-Sep-2018 07:29:45
                               Corranga - Not quite figured out who is doing what yet, but either Erica or I will be at each of the mainland UK gigs (n/t) 06-Sep-2018 09:09:38
                                            Robin - Sage Gateshead for me, a rarity to have a gig only 10 miles away. (n/t) 06-Sep-2018 09:12:58
                                                         dave - MK surprised me - after 4 days of presale and 2 of public sale, there was still 06-Sep-2018 11:56:12
                                                                      Corranga - There were 2 front row seats for MK I believe Richard got one too, as you say, 4 days after presale 08-Sep-2018 20:35:47
                                                                                   dave - Great to hear you guys will be at MK Chris, and btw I'll see you at Laura's Edinburgh gig too. (n/t) 26-Sep-2018 19:58:33

    HGN2001 - Nice to see The Corrs on this NME list. 02-Sep-2018 01:37:01
                  Corranga - Yes, 98 was certainly their year here in the UK. 02-Sep-2018 10:55:18

    SeanCorrain - Has anyone created / edited / mastered an audio recording of RAH 2017 ? 01-Sep-2018 01:50:44
                  DrFunkenstein - PM (n/t) 05-Sep-2018 12:11:59
                               nightcat - I'd be interested in downloading this as a bootleg should you choose to make it available. (n/t) 12-Sep-2018 09:07:14

    SteveW - Sharon is playing a solo gig with Vonda Shepard on March 4, 2019 29-Aug-2018 00:07:31
                  SteveW - According to the article, this is the opening gig of a joint tour of the UK and Ireland (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 05:39:45
                  dave - Interesting that they talk of 'their band' - and yes tickets for the first date go on sale tomorrow at £35 (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 11:59:03
                               Corranga - This makes me very happy :) (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 13:32:48
                                            SteveW - I guess this means the Corrs are probably not touring this year (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 14:18:05
                                                         dave - It shows Sharon's overiding passion for music and wanting to be 'involved' as much as possible. 29-Aug-2018 15:52:12
                                                                      SteveW - Vonda Shepard is, in addition to being a singer/songwriter in her own right, married to Mitchell Froom 29-Aug-2018 16:15:15
                                                                      Taliesin - Something must have happen. 29-Aug-2018 17:51:45
                                                                                   dave - Possibly Warner weren't willing to bankroll a Corrs tour, after all the sales of Jupiter Calling 29-Aug-2018 20:11:08
                                                                                   MentariS - Ditto, Taliesin (n/t) 30-Aug-2018 07:24:35
                                                                                   Taliesin - Something must have happen. II 30-Aug-2018 12:47:24
                  Corranga - The linked page on the Stables / venue website is gone.. (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 19:23:09
                               dave - A Gateshead date has been added as well as the Milton Keynes opener, tickets on sale Friday. (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 20:06:24
                               dave - Still there on the venue calendar for Milton Keynes - link here... 29-Aug-2018 20:49:29
                               RichardY - New link for the Milton Keynes gig 29-Aug-2018 20:50:03
                  RichardY - Further dates now listed in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow 29-Aug-2018 21:08:55
                               Corranga - Manchester on my birthday :) (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 21:12:41
                                            RichardY - Also dates in Belfast and Dublin on March 13th and 14th 29-Aug-2018 21:18:58
                               dave - I wonder if these are seated or standing venues - gonna be busy at 10am on Friday. (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 21:42:49
                                            Corranga - I've updated the tour dates sheet in the pinned post above 29-Aug-2018 21:46:03
                                                         dave - I've just looked at Gateshead as an example - Sage Two is a small 400 seat venue, 30-Aug-2018 19:46:02
                                                         dave - Hi Chris, I justed checked on See Tickets - the London and Glasgow venues are general admission. (n/t) 30-Aug-2018 20:18:02
                                                                      Corranga - I think Oran Mor in Glasgow was unassigned seating the last time she played there. (n/t) 30-Aug-2018 20:20:35
                                                                      RichardY - Union Chapel was definitely unreserved seating when Andrea played there (n/t) 31-Aug-2018 09:47:55
                                                                                   Corranga - Conversely, Oran Mor was standing when Andrea played there, but I spoke to Sharon's manager 31-Aug-2018 12:02:21
                                                                                                dave - I just bought a general admission for Islington gig, OK if its unreserved seating or standing 01-Sep-2018 09:17:53

    Robin - Just watched the RAH gig again made me realise just how much I miss the Corrs performing. Two questions 27-Aug-2018 00:46:29
                  SteveW - Changing of outfits 27-Aug-2018 05:37:09
                               Robin - Yes of course how could I forget Lansdowne Road having watched it a million times. (n/t) 27-Aug-2018 09:22:44
                  Klaus - I attended this wonderful concert and 27-Aug-2018 09:11:03
                               dave - The very bright lights were because it was a live television broadcast for the BBC 27-Aug-2018 09:47:18
                                            SteveW - Which RAH gig are we talking about here? 27-Aug-2018 09:58:05
                                                         dave - Yes I was referring to the 1998 gig. (n/t) 27-Aug-2018 11:12:37
                                                                      dave - Right, I've just had a quick look at the 2017 gig on Youtube and I can see what you mean. 27-Aug-2018 11:26:04
                                            airbusgore - Wembley November 1998? (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 11:39:45
                                                         dave - RAH 1998 - the St Patrick's Day televised concert. (n/t) 03-Sep-2018 20:16:46
                  RichardY - The lighting certainly was very bright Robin with some particularly bright lights behind the band. 27-Aug-2018 12:43:49

    MentariS - Listen to this cool Everybody Loves Guitar podcast featuring Anto: 17-Aug-2018 15:14:27
                  Steverino - Thanks! A wonderful, fascinating - and very in-depth - interview of Corr family member Anto 22-Aug-2018 03:23:34
                               SteveW - Yes, this was an excellent interview with Anto 22-Aug-2018 07:55:29
                               MentariS - Yes, I found the interview very fascinating even though I'm a non-musician. It's great to know what he had to say... 23-Aug-2018 09:13:41
                                            SteveW - I don't think I had ever heard Anto speak either 23-Aug-2018 11:57:08

    SteveW - Corrs on Saturday Night Live 17-Aug-2018 10:17:24
                  nightcat - Thanks for posting Steve! It's a nice blast from the past 18-Aug-2018 10:43:17
                  Leslie - Loved this. Thanks for posting! (n/t) 18-Aug-2018 19:15:39

    dave - Anyone else unable to access Instagram today ? (n/t) 16-Aug-2018 14:25:02
                  Klaus - I have the same problem today (n/t) 16-Aug-2018 17:09:48
                  airbusgore - I can only access it through Google Chrome (n/t) 16-Aug-2018 20:04:40
                               dave - Working OK today - must have been a local glitch. (n/t) 17-Aug-2018 11:48:26

    dave - Ticketmaster is to voluntarily close down its secondary sites Seatwave and GetMeIn 13-Aug-2018 14:00:55
                  den - in reaponse to Robin’s campaign? (n/t) 14-Aug-2018 23:28:23
                               dave - Well I'm sure his letters must have helped, but it seems to have been driven equally 15-Aug-2018 09:35:52
                                            Corranga - Yep - this is less knee jerk, and more publicity gaining with the threat of legislation coming in, but is welcome either 15-Aug-2018 12:02:02
                               Robin - Kind of you to say Den, maybe in some small way my campaigning has helped. Just pleased that at long last something has 16-Aug-2018 11:07:31
                  CSCfan - Another interesting article about this topic... 20-Sep-2018 14:55:04

    SteveW - nice cover of No Frontiers 12-Aug-2018 06:30:12
                  dave - Of course The Corrs own rendition of this was a cover of a song written by Jimmy MacCarthy 12-Aug-2018 09:49:12

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