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Latest News
  • Caroline has (finally) joined Twitter! Follow her! (19-Jun)
  • The Corrs to perform 1st gig in a decade at BBC Radio 2 Live In Hyde Park on Sept 13. Tickets on sale June 12. (08-Jun)
  • It's official: The Corrs are coming back! Andrea confirmed the news on BBC Radio 2. Listen here. (08-Jun)
  • Sharon Corr: Keeping it Real (from the NZ Herald) (19-Apr)
  • More news...
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    This month for FOTM we'd like to recognize a special fan to many Corrs fans, be they members here or not. Given that the band seems to be embracing social media more this time around, it seems appropriate to honour someone for FOTM who promotes the band endlessly on a social media platform. In addition to being a source of news for fans on social media - she also kept great memories alive for many during the band's hiatus.

    For those that don't know - Cristina has a fabulous Instagram account "The Corrs Daily" where she posts great photos and videos of the band. Although it's not in any way related to the board (but she is a member here as well of corrs!) her account embraces our Guidelines for the board as well as she's chosen to be respectful of the band members as individuals and posts only photos taken with their consent (no paparazzi pics or pictures of their children etc.). She also takes the time to interact with her followers and has united many Corrs fans on Instagram.

    As genuine fans who appreciate another fan who took the time to keep the band "alive" for many during their absence and who's doing her part to generate "hype" for the 'comeback' - thanks for all you do Cristina and we're glad you choose to be a member here as well!!

    CorrsClub Time:
    03-Sep-2015 16:03:18
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                               Cara - Corrs Club Products Available on Zazzle!
                                                 [ 6 replies ] Latest reply: 16-Jun-2015 20:45:30
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
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                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    DrFunkenstein - Hyde Park webcast? Not being one to watch festivals streamed online, I'm trying to fiugre out if the 03-Sep-2015 15:28:28

    Robin - Many congratulations Cristina very well deserved. Enjoy your month (n/t) 01-Sep-2015 21:29:46
                  StPaddy - Congrats, Cristina! This is in many ways your month! Wishing you all the best for this beginning new "chapter" of yours! 01-Sep-2015 21:51:29
                               Corranga - Congrats Cristina! :) (n/t) 02-Sep-2015 09:41:07
                  MC - Congratulations, Cristina! :-) (n/t) 02-Sep-2015 12:56:06
                  DrFunkenstein - Congrats Cristina! Keep up the great work! (n/t) 02-Sep-2015 14:15:05
                  Cristina - OMG!!! I am so honored you guys! I just saw this as I am in Spain getting married this friday! 02-Sep-2015 17:21:52
                               MentariS - Many congratulations Cristina. Take this as a little wedding present from the board members ;-) 02-Sep-2015 17:28:22
                               MC - Congrats on your wedding, too! :-) (n/t) 03-Sep-2015 13:04:26
                  SteveW - Congratulations, Cristina! Love your Instagram site -- always a nice way to start my day. 02-Sep-2015 18:25:20
                               nightcat - Congrats Cristina! For the FOTM and your wedding! 03-Sep-2015 03:44:27

    MentariS - From Big Bro on Twitter: Looks like the sisters are having a bit of fun a la WYBH... 31-Aug-2015 15:02:47
                  MentariS - Let's try this again... 31-Aug-2015 15:10:14
                               Corranga - ZZ Top! :D (n/t) 31-Aug-2015 15:20:57
                                            nightcat - I wonder if they also use the wigs as part of paparazzi avoidance tactics :-P (n/t) 31-Aug-2015 16:46:23
                                                         MentariS - Apparently large sunglasses simply aren't enough! 31-Aug-2015 17:48:48

    chris - Possible campaign to get all Corrs' Concerts onto Blu-Ray? 31-Aug-2015 13:31:58
                  Corranga - I'm no big twitter user either, but rather than a campaign as such, I'd say the best option would be simply to put the 31-Aug-2015 16:00:07
                               chris - Corranga - thanks for your reply. 03-Sep-2015 09:58:50
                                            Corranga - I believe Live In Dublin was transmitted in HD and videos do exist, though not likely same as Bluray quality 03-Sep-2015 12:46:15

    Cara - Is anyone still looking for a Hyde Park ticket? If so - please contact me on the board email as quick as you can. ;-) 31-Aug-2015 09:34:51

    Cara - Right. Weekly updates are done. Sorry (again) for the delay. ;-) 30-Aug-2015 21:39:57

    nightcat - If anybody's asking who the band's manager for this new chapter 29-Aug-2015 03:31:50
                  MentariS - Fantastic news! I can't think of anyone better to manage the band than good old John Hughes himself <3<3 (n/t) 29-Aug-2015 16:44:39
                  osamaraashid - It's understandable. Considering that he never ceased to be a director of their company (n/t) 30-Aug-2015 18:52:29
                               Corranga - It's nice that the relationships build during their career have been retained and are still going on. 31-Aug-2015 15:56:10

    SteveW - What song were they rehearsing? 27-Aug-2015 12:39:24
                  MentariS - Is it possible that her technique looked different in the clip because she was using hot rod sticks? (n/t) 27-Aug-2015 13:31:32
                               SteveW - Yes, I think so -- StPaddy suggested this in the earlier thread, so that very well could be (n/t) 28-Aug-2015 06:25:18

    dave - Glad the site is back up again Cara, even if it is pretty quiet at the moment. (n/t) 27-Aug-2015 11:24:07
                  Cara - Thanks! We're just glad it was completely the hosting company this time & nothing we had to help fix! *lol* ;-) (n/t) 27-Aug-2015 16:30:31
                               nightcat - Cara, just think of it as a calm before the storm(of excitement) ;-) (n/t) 28-Aug-2015 13:00:03
                                            queenoftheroad - After Hyde park, a storm will be unleashed i'm guessing ;-) (n/t) 28-Aug-2015 16:38:05
                                            Cara - As long as it's only a storm of excitement that's okay!! ;-) (n/t) 30-Aug-2015 21:37:00
                                                         Corranga - but.... Cara brings good weather (n/t) 31-Aug-2015 16:01:04
                                                                      Cara - I think possibly the effect may have worn off now... ;-) (n/t) 31-Aug-2015 16:22:34

    Cara - Zazzle has 30% off t-shirts today - if anyone was wanting a shirt for cheaper! 24-Aug-2015 19:21:35
                  queenoftheroad - I did buy the buttons a couple of weeks ago! They have arrived, so hopefully that'll make us more findable in the crowd! (n/t) 28-Aug-2015 16:39:29

    nightcat - I have a question: How can one listen to BBC R2 live on mobile? Preferrably free options. (n/t) 21-Aug-2015 13:33:52
                  IrishHeart - Radio UK app 21-Aug-2015 15:54:38
                  MentariS - There are heaps of free apps that you can use, Radio UK being one of them. I used it to listen to Shaz's radio programs. (n/t) 21-Aug-2015 18:21:09

    Corranga - Yet another email from See Tickets saying more tickets are available. 21-Aug-2015 07:24:18

    MentariS - Another snippet on Twitter! 20-Aug-2015 13:11:38
                  MentariS - And a picture of the Big Brother! 20-Aug-2015 13:26:07
                  Erica - Anyone else in love with that tune already?!?! :P :DDD (n/t) 20-Aug-2015 14:22:41
                               nightcat - I'm in love with it too. Once again Jim has killed me with happiness in just 30 seconds. (n/t) 20-Aug-2015 15:39:18
                               dave - Yup.... hope they play one of these new tracks in Hyde Park. (n/t) 20-Aug-2015 15:40:24
                                            MentariS - I also expect them to play one new song in Hyde Park :-) 20-Aug-2015 17:27:45
                  MentariS - Another video - CAROLINE ON THE DRUMS! Also featured are Mr K. Duffy and Mr Drennan!!!!!! 20-Aug-2015 20:13:42
                               SteveW - Caroline's drumming technique looks quite different 21-Aug-2015 02:51:25
                                            StPaddy - Good observation, Steve! 21-Aug-2015 08:28:54
                                                         SteveW - Caroline's drumsticks 21-Aug-2015 09:00:40
                                                                      StPaddy - Steve, 22-Aug-2015 09:16:24
                                                                                   SteveW - Thanks, Michael. Very informative as always! (n/t) 22-Aug-2015 09:59:11
                               commonwombat - The restorative quantities of Irish beer perhaps ? 21-Aug-2015 05:27:53

    Cara - Weekly Updates - Or The Lack Thereof 14-Aug-2015 20:35:44
                  Corrsgirl1 - No problem! 15-Aug-2015 10:17:48
                               The Other Gary - Don't worry your pretty little head about it! 16-Aug-2015 09:41:46
                  MC - No problem at all, Cara! :-) (n/t) 15-Aug-2015 12:43:11
                  queenoftheroad - Not a problem Cara :-) (n/t) 15-Aug-2015 14:01:43
                  Leslie - No worries, Cara! Hope the little one is feeling better. (n/t) 16-Aug-2015 21:18:46
                  Cara - Thanks everyone! ;-) 16-Aug-2015 22:34:43
                  Mark - Life... 18-Aug-2015 14:39:03
                               Cara - Very well put Mark!! And thanks! ;-) (n/t) 18-Aug-2015 14:45:37
                               queenoftheroad - Spot on Mark. ^^ (n/t) 20-Aug-2015 16:26:46
                                            Cara - :-) *thumbs up* (n/t) 20-Aug-2015 21:27:40

    Corranga - Another email from SeeTickets about Hyde Park - nothing too exciting - the gate time is now 11.00 13-Aug-2015 10:24:57
                  Cara - I've decided they're sending it once for every ticket we bought? 13-Aug-2015 15:40:38
                               StPaddy - Nope, I ordered just one ticket and up til now got every notification from See Tickets twice. :) (n/t) 13-Aug-2015 17:55:45
                                            Corranga - I ordered 3 tickets, so StPaddy must be getting my 3rd email ;) (n/t) 13-Aug-2015 19:46:06
                                                         Cara - *lol* Weird then!! (n/t) 13-Aug-2015 21:20:11
                                                         StPaddy - IŽd rather have my ticket twice! :) (n/t) 14-Aug-2015 11:55:02

    Corranga - Corrs Top 40 UK Singles on Pointless TV quiz show last night (re-run..) 12-Aug-2015 09:57:16
                  MentariS - Thanks Chris! These updates are good enough while waiting for Jim to take on Twitter again :-D 12-Aug-2015 16:54:36

    dave - If anybody has two spare tickets for the Hyde Park gig, there is a guy over on Sharon's 05-Aug-2015 20:17:04
                  CorrMac - He may get another chance to buy them direct ... 11-Aug-2015 16:54:17
                               dave - The guy looking for tickets lives in USA so I doubt he'll be listening to Radio 2. (n/t) 11-Aug-2015 20:05:16
                                            CorrMac - But if he checks Radio 2 tweets he might find it to his advantage! ;-) (n/t) 11-Aug-2015 21:45:32
                                            IrishHeart - Radio 2 14-Aug-2015 23:27:23
                               Cara - If anyone figures out what it is - could you post it here? I know we've got a few members still wanting tickets... 12-Aug-2015 07:54:06
                                            Bea_HC - More tickets on sale link below 12-Aug-2015 09:47:20
                                                         Bea_HC - Sorry forgot about the link thing. 12-Aug-2015 09:50:07
                                                                      Cara - Thanks! (n/t) 12-Aug-2015 15:35:26
                                                                      IrishHeart - So envying you guys who are able to attend &#127932; 19-Aug-2015 01:58:43
                                                                                   Cara - I think most places (Except maybe formal concert halls) have given up the fight on photos... 19-Aug-2015 07:45:57
                                                                                                Corranga - I suspect that they will just try to stop anyone with a SLR type camera due to the pro-photographers that will likely 20-Aug-2015 12:17:11
                                                                                                             dave - Saturday would be a good day to try online options to view this because it will be 20-Aug-2015 14:14:39
                                                                                                                          Cara - Oh... Glad you said that about readmission. Good to know with the baby. ;-) (n/t) 20-Aug-2015 21:26:29
                                                                                                             IrishHeart - BBC Airing Hyde Park show? 20-Aug-2015 20:36:28
                                                                                                                          dave - Practice various methods on Saturday IrishHeart. BBC will do live broadcast from the same venue. (n/t) 21-Aug-2015 18:51:25
                                                                                                             Cara - You have to pay for it but Unblock-US was helpful to me for a TV show recently... ;-) (n/t) 20-Aug-2015 21:24:56
                                                                                                                          IrishHeart - BBC from the US 20-Aug-2015 21:39:56
                                                                                                                                       SteveW - Can someone post step-by-step instructions on how to watch this in the US, for the technologically-challenged among us? 21-Aug-2015 02:54:22
                                                                                                                                       osamaraashid - IrishHeart and SteveW 21-Aug-2015 12:28:18
                  SteveW - osamaraashid, thanks for the info on the broadcast 26-Aug-2015 18:18:56
                               osamaraashid - Yes we really should post during the concert. 28-Aug-2015 18:15:55
                                            dave - I think a bit later than 3pm because the festival finishes at 9.30pm. (n/t) 28-Aug-2015 20:59:59
                                            Cara - I don't think we really know yet. I'm not even sure the way they're listed will really be the way they are... 29-Aug-2015 14:05:15
                                                         MentariS - Hopefully an actual schedule will be released soon. I'll definitely be up well into the morning here. (n/t) 29-Aug-2015 18:02:39

    Cara - Duplicate Items For Sale ;-) [Updated 10 Aug :-)] 05-Aug-2015 09:41:43
                  CorrMac - I would be interested in both of the "Other bits" items 05-Aug-2015 10:38:59
                               Cara - Email sent from the board email address :-) (n/t) 05-Aug-2015 21:52:50
                                            CorrMac - Payment sent :) (n/t) 06-Aug-2015 23:07:47
                  Corranga - Ohh, I'd like.... 05-Aug-2015 10:45:03
                               Cara - I sent you a WhatsApp that you haven't responded to. :-P Will forward it to your wife as well. ;-) (n/t) 05-Aug-2015 22:05:12
                  StPaddy - Cara, IŽd be interested in... 05-Aug-2015 11:09:01
                               Cara - Email sent from the board email address. (n/t) 05-Aug-2015 22:07:55
                  Cara - Will sort out responses/emails & update post tonight after baby's bedtime. :-) (n/t) 05-Aug-2015 17:53:42
                  Erica - Wow Cara, selling your doubles, you and Marc must be serious :p (n/t) 05-Aug-2015 22:42:40
                               Cara - It's a sign of true love! ;-) (n/t) 06-Aug-2015 06:56:14
                                            Corranga - She's only saying that because we never sold our duplicates :P (n/t) 10-Aug-2015 14:53:45
                                                         Cara - :-P We don't realy have space for keeping everything!! And Marc's enough of a hoarder with everything else... ;-) (n/t) 10-Aug-2015 19:22:37
                                                                      IrishHeart - CD's 10-Aug-2015 19:34:51
                                                                                   Cara - I've been meaning to reply to this since you posted... ;-) 16-Aug-2015 22:39:21
                  Cara - Anybody else? List updated using my Super Admin Powers. ;-) (n/t) 08-Aug-2015 07:17:46
                               MC - Cara, I'm interested in Angel, if you haven't already sold it. 08-Aug-2015 15:29:52
                                            Cara - Sorry Marie - have been out all day. Will get back to you shortly! (n/t) 09-Aug-2015 21:58:56
                                                         Cara - Right - have sent you an email to the email showing in the board stuff. 09-Aug-2015 22:41:50
                                                                      MC - And I was busy all day yesterday, but I send everything a little while ago. :-) (n/t) 10-Aug-2015 13:33:12
                               Leslie - Cara, where is best to email you? (n/t) 09-Aug-2015 02:21:19
                                            Cara - Wherever. ;-) I've seen your FB message and will get back to you shortly! :-) (n/t) 09-Aug-2015 21:59:46
                  nexi_exi17 - Cara here is my list: my email with the item I want to buy: 09-Aug-2015 14:09:54
                               Cara - Thanks. :-) Responded. ;-) (Just so others know. ;-)) (n/t) 09-Aug-2015 21:58:03
                                            dave - Amazed at the amount of interest - I'd have thought everyone would have these by now. 10-Aug-2015 08:35:35
                                                         Cara - Not everyone is obsessive about collecting. :-P And we do have quite a few "newer" fans... 10-Aug-2015 12:40:59
                                                         MC - That's the one version of Angel I was missing. I have about 5 other copies, LOL! (n/t) 10-Aug-2015 13:34:15
                                                                      CorrMac - And my friends think I'm obsessive about The Corrs! :lol: 11-Aug-2015 15:57:46
                                                                                   dave - Does anyone else here collect 'promo' singles, I like tem because they usually 12-Aug-2015 14:02:16
                                                                                                Cara - We've got some... Less duplicates of those though. ;-) (n/t) 12-Aug-2015 15:37:43
                                                                                                             Corranga - I have a number of promo CDs, but there are a LOT less of them with different or interesting covers than I'd like 13-Aug-2015 10:23:20
                                                                                                                          dave - I particularly like the WYBH promo single pr 02772 lc 00121 which has the 4 13-Aug-2015 19:20:46
                                                                                                                                       Corranga - That particular one is on eBay at the moment... (n/t) 13-Aug-2015 21:11:44
                                                                                                MC - Yes, have a bunch of those, too. (n/t) 13-Aug-2015 12:40:53

    Robin - Got Hyde park ticket in my hand, it's real I am actually going to see The Corrs after all this time amazing (n/t) 03-Aug-2015 13:03:16
                  dave - Arranged to collect mine 'at the venue' - they better be there or there'll be trouble ! 03-Aug-2015 14:42:05
                               MentariS - Which photo are you talking about Dave? I don't think I've seen it :-o (n/t) 03-Aug-2015 15:10:24
                                            dave - Sorry, got mixed up there Mentari - the person is sitting behind Sharon, but there is a guy behind Jim 03-Aug-2015 15:34:05
                                            DrFunkenstein - It's on Jim's Twitter feed. (n/t) 03-Aug-2015 16:55:41
                               Corinna - Same here ;-) They'd better be there... (n/t) 05-Aug-2015 17:09:00
                  Corranga - Mine have arrived too, though I haven't had a chance to open them yet :) (n/t) 05-Aug-2015 15:55:39
                               dave - Robin and Chris - did you have to sign for them when they arrived, or did they come regular post? (n/t) 05-Aug-2015 16:51:47
                                            Cara - Ours arrived today. I had to sign for something... But also got 3 small packages so not sure wgat I was... 05-Aug-2015 17:51:59
                                            robin - mine just came normal post Dave no signature. look forward to seeing you. (n/t) 05-Aug-2015 22:02:20
                                                         dave - Thanks Robin, I've asked for mine to be posted as they're already available. (n/t) 06-Aug-2015 15:17:15
                                                                      dave - Message to LisaJ - I'm posting your ticket to you. (n/t) 08-Aug-2015 14:05:47
                                                                                   Corranga - Regular post - they were behind the door when I come home from work -sorry for late reply.Nice to hear Lisa is coming :) (n/t) 10-Aug-2015 15:51:18
                                                                                                dave - Thanks Chris, ours arrived OK today. (n/t) 10-Aug-2015 19:18:20

    Corranga - Hyde park tickets dispatched. 01-Aug-2015 19:50:14
                  Robin - Yes I got email too. My no 14859 despite me reserving ticket 5 mins after they went on sale. (n/t) 02-Aug-2015 01:02:58
                  Cara - :-( I don't have an email... And I know I got tickets roughly the same time as "you"! ;-) 02-Aug-2015 06:22:53
                               Corranga - Erica didn't buy our tickets, I did :P We were both trying / on the phone to one another, I got there first ;) (n/t) 03-Aug-2015 12:52:39
                                            Cara - Ah really? Guess I got confused. :-P 03-Aug-2015 16:00:55
                                                         dave - Reminds me of the time Mark Judd and I were bidding on a front row ticket in Boston USA, 03-Aug-2015 19:18:58
                                                         Corranga - I wasn't sure I'd make it into work with enough time to buy them so had Erica ready just in case, then called her from 05-Aug-2015 22:35:42

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