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  • The Corrs to perform at the Royal Albert Hall (Oct 19) (13-Sep)
  • New album: JUPITER CALLING (out Nov 10) (13-Sep)
  • Read a recently published interview with Jim! (20-May)
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
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    New Releases!

    It's not often we have Corrs news, but we do right now, so here we go! TheCorrsClub is still open for business, and The Corrs themselves have some new releases on the way! A new single, a new edition of an old album (or 2 even!) And a tour kicking off later this month.

    What a time to be a fan!

    Apologies for the lack of updates on this page everyone, I'm not promising a whole lot of change, but little things might be changing here and there


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    09-Dec-2023 22:42:30
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 11 replies ] Latest reply: 19-Jun-2023 13:01:32
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    corrazy_rach - Does anyone have Andrea's special edition Lifelines album with signed lithograph? 09-Dec-2023 13:25:29

    AB_CLOSER - "Everywhere" cover version on youtube 02-Dec-2023 10:09:22
                  MentariS - I can’t stop listening to this! Everywhere is my favourite Fleetwood Mac song and The Corrs did it justice ❤️❤️❤️ 08-Dec-2023 02:41:37

    AB_CLOSER - "White Wedding" feat Andrea Corr & Jack Lukeman 02-Dec-2023 00:14:42
                  AB_CLOSER - YOUTUBE LINK 02-Dec-2023 00:20:55
                  MikeFromMelbourne - Wow what an amazing cover of this brilliant song. 02-Dec-2023 23:03:35
                  Servantez - Not gonna lie. I'm loving this. 05-Dec-2023 03:26:05
                  SteveW - I would not have thought Andrea could cover a Billy Idol song, but this is fantastic 05-Dec-2023 10:00:18

    SteveW - Songbird cover version now on youtube 01-Dec-2023 17:38:07
                  SteveW - and an acoustic video of Songbird and some concert highlights 01-Dec-2023 18:02:00

    dave - Just watched the This Morning short interview now on ITVX, how much more convenient 30-Nov-2023 14:59:44

    Baxterianism - The Corrs Zoe Ball Breakfast Show Appearance Audio Download 30-Nov-2023 11:04:23
                  Alastair - I’m liking this “in discussion” chat 30-Nov-2023 23:40:59

    Baxterianism - Appearing on This Morning (ITV for UK) tomorrow morning after Radio 2 29-Nov-2023 15:56:40
                  Corinna - UK tour is "in discussion"...fingers crossed. Hoping for news soon. 2024 is on our doorstep. 30-Nov-2023 12:06:41

    Den - So are they appearing on Zoe Ball later this week. 27-Nov-2023 21:07:39

    Baxterianism - CorrsCast 2023 Tour discussion special episode 25-Nov-2023 09:56:16
                  SteveW - About halfway through and am enjoying the episode 27-Nov-2023 03:25:36
                               Baxterianism - So glad this is a way you can experience the band. And now mastering to a louder standard with you in mind 27-Nov-2023 17:31:45

    avishyb - the Corrs rehearsals 2017 vs 2023 - find the differences :-) 11-Nov-2023 22:50:24
                  Corranga - Is the music on the 2017 video the original that Andrea posted? 15-Nov-2023 12:50:54
                               AB_CLOSER - andreacorrofficial (instagram) 16-Nov-2023 23:30:44

    dave - Tonight on BBC2 at 7pm. Villages By The Sea features the location used in The Boys and Girl from County Clare 09-Nov-2023 14:08:21

    AB_CLOSER - Judy (live version)!!! 08-Nov-2023 19:50:29
                  SteveW - Wow, this was great 08-Nov-2023 20:02:47
                               Corranga - It does sound like a Sharon song, like last month when they posted a video with Remember as the backing track 10-Nov-2023 10:00:58
                  MentariS - This is an amazing video - especially the kiss and hug at the end! Love it 10-Nov-2023 00:57:49
                  Steverino - That's a sweet video! I've always liked "Judy" (and the concept of the "Non Album Bonus Track") 19-Nov-2023 17:06:11

    MikeFromMelbourne - Melbourne newspaper The Age review of the show last night. Link and text below. 07-Nov-2023 06:24:43
                  MikeFromMelbourne - Left out the last part of the review 07-Nov-2023 06:26:35
                  avishyb - Review from the Perth gig 07-Nov-2023 08:14:09
                               MikeFromMelbourne - thanks for sharing avishyb that was an awesome write up of the night and perfectly captured the vibe 07-Nov-2023 11:09:01

    MikeFromMelbourne - Some highlights of the Melbourne gig 07-Nov-2023 06:14:21
                  Steverino - Thanks for the write-up, Mike! 16-Nov-2023 00:22:47

    avishyb - Home live 05-Nov-2023 12:53:21
                  avishyb - I know they also played 'Buachaill On Eirne' on the 'While Light' tour... 05-Nov-2023 13:04:29
                               Corranga - In 2005 they played 05-Nov-2023 13:54:48
                               Yrisea - "Buachaill On Eirne" by The Corrs Live in Dublin, 2016 05-Nov-2023 14:58:46
                                            SteveW - I love Home as well 05-Nov-2023 19:39:00
                                                         Yrisea - Very interesting to hear your thoughts on Home and acoustic settings Steve! 05-Nov-2023 23:04:35
                  Yrisea - They played a few songs from Home on this occasion in 2005 05-Nov-2023 14:51:05
                  AB_CLOSER - My Home album videos (Drive): 05-Nov-2023 17:01:18
                               Yrisea - Whoah :D Thank you so much AB Closer !!!! 05-Nov-2023 17:52:00

    MikeFromMelbourne - The Corrs In Adelaide last night were amazing!!! 02-Nov-2023 22:26:34
                  Yrisea - Sounds like you had a lot of fun !! 03-Nov-2023 11:07:24
                               corrazy_rach - It was a brilliant night! I was there from Melbourne too. Loved every minute!! 03-Nov-2023 12:04:40
                               MikeFromMelbourne - I secretly wished it could be a Groundhog Day situation so I could relive the show again and again and again and again. 03-Nov-2023 15:08:21
                  Yrisea - Some nice pictures from TCO Instagram here from the Adelaide gig 04-Nov-2023 10:37:41
                               MikeFromMelbourne - thanks for the photo link Yrisea and thank Steverino, glad to share it! 05-Nov-2023 03:10:56
                  Steverino - Sounds wonderful! 04-Nov-2023 16:19:54
                  Yrisea - Some more pictures posted here for those interested 05-Nov-2023 15:31:10

    MikeFromMelbourne - Another little taped promo video from the Today show in Australia 01-Nov-2023 12:49:26
                  Steverino - Thanks, but I can't watch... the video is geo-blocked here in the U.S. 01-Nov-2023 15:47:30
                               MikeFromMelbourne - arghhhhhhh bugger that's so annoying!!! 01-Nov-2023 19:50:44
                  Yrisea - Thank you for the heads up Mike ! I hope it gets posted on YouTube. Seems like this is going really well 02-Nov-2023 00:50:28
                  SteveW - here's a version of the video that I was able to see in the US 06-Nov-2023 09:38:15
                               Yrisea - Thank you very much for posting the link Steve! 06-Nov-2023 10:48:35

    JLnyc2 - Excellent analysis of Andrea vocal. 30-Oct-2023 18:39:53
                  Yrisea - Great analysis 30-Oct-2023 21:08:06
                               SteveW - Everybody Hurts 11-Nov-2023 00:56:42

    Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 15 - Interview with Andy Murray 30-Oct-2023 09:40:45
                  Yrisea - That's my favourite episode so far !! or my new favourite one ! 30-Oct-2023 20:19:23
                               Baxterianism - Thank you for your kind words regarding the latest episode. I’ll be sure to pass your thanks on to Andy… 30-Oct-2023 21:35:57
                  Yrisea - One quick question : are we sure that's Andrea singing at the end ? 30-Oct-2023 20:32:03
                               Baxterianism - Glad the episode was enjoyed! At what point in the episode do you mean? 30-Oct-2023 21:33:03
                                            Yrisea - Circa 1:10:17 in the episode, the Little Wing song 30-Oct-2023 21:39:20
                                                         Baxterianism - That is indeed Andrea :) 30-Oct-2023 22:16:37
                                                                      Yrisea - Ok - I want to believe it but I do not recognize her voice or singing ? 30-Oct-2023 22:33:28
                  Yrisea - A few thoughts on the episode (spoilers ahead) 31-Oct-2023 11:51:14
                               Baxterianism - Replies to your questions about the episode etc.. 05-Nov-2023 21:08:53
                                            Yrisea - thank you very much Simon 05-Nov-2023 21:54:49
                                                         Baxterianism - I asked Andy your question… 05-Nov-2023 22:23:23
                                                                      Yrisea - oh, thank you so much ! You shouldn't have ! that's really so cool 05-Nov-2023 22:35:29
                                                                                   Baxterianism - Glad you like the details as much as I did! Feel free to throw me your copy of little wing from Hamburg and ill edit... 06-Nov-2023 08:27:31
                  SteveW - Andrea singing Little Wing and other comments on the latest CorrsCast episode 05-Nov-2023 04:27:06
                               SteveW - More on Andrea sounding strange on Little Wing 05-Nov-2023 04:43:35
                                            Yrisea - Corrected change of speed 05-Nov-2023 12:16:53
                                                         Yrisea - I think I solved the "mystery" so to speak... 05-Nov-2023 15:21:01
                                                                      Yrisea - Sorry for the triple message (it's a shame we can't edit messages), just to clarify... 05-Nov-2023 15:50:21
                                                                                   Baxterianism - I love that the community have been able to solve this mystery fully before Ive even found time to reply!... 05-Nov-2023 20:53:42
                                                                      Baxterianism - ...Please feel free to link me to a slower version in the best quality you have and i'll try some cleanup and replace... 05-Nov-2023 21:46:38
                                                                                   Yrisea - Sure! Hope that helps : 06-Nov-2023 10:20:49
                                                                                                Baxterianism - Thank you. If I get the edit done I’d like to think you in the show notes. How would you like to be named? 07-Nov-2023 08:22:59
                                                         SteveW - Yes, now that sounds like Andrea! 05-Nov-2023 19:19:43
                               Baxterianism - Thanks for this helpful feedback SteveW - I had similar feedback on the first few episodes and now... 05-Nov-2023 20:49:19
                               Baxterianism - SteveW, Ive just re uploaded the episode and matched the standard loudness of -16 LUFS. Let me know... 07-Nov-2023 12:29:33

    MikeFromMelbourne - What's the absolute best version of No Frontiers? 29-Oct-2023 01:44:08
                  Yrisea - Great question 29-Oct-2023 14:08:28
                               Corranga - It's Geneva for me due to the obvious emotional attachment, but removing personal bias 30-Oct-2023 14:00:41
                  MentariS - Agreed with Yrisea, I'd pick the Lansdowne Road one too - it's the crowd's reaction that does it for me :-) 29-Oct-2023 15:38:59
                  HGN2001 - I'm partial to the Corrs UNPLUGGED version. 04-Dec-2023 17:24:33

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