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Steverino - Giving Tori Holub her own topic here... 25-Apr-2024 06:25:09
              Steverino - Look at whom Tori got to meet... 29-Apr-2024 18:41:34

Steverino - Toss the Feathers by Caroline Adomeit, violin 13-Apr-2024 07:19:29

Steverino - The band from Norway called 'Darling West' 28-May-2023 21:57:56
              Corrpulent - I enjoyed listening to all of those. Thanks for posting. 19-Sep-2023 02:39:28
                           Steverino - Believe me... I really appreciate your very kind response, Corrpulent! 30-Sep-2023 08:03:29

Steverino - Some recent music by previous "AOTM," English singer Harriet 30-Dec-2022 23:06:44
              SteveW - That's a fantastic cover of Goodbye to Love 30-Dec-2022 23:24:44
                           Steverino - Another cover of the Carpenters... 21-Oct-2023 18:06:01
                                        SteveW - Excellent cover of Superstar; thanks, Steverino 22-Oct-2023 04:34:04
                                                     Steverino - Yes, without a doubt, Richard Carpenter showed his genius at song arrangement. 22-Oct-2023 21:10:33
                                                     Steverino - Since we already had this discussion of Carpenters cover and I just heard this one... 13-Mar-2024 05:59:01
                                                                  Steverino - It's getting lonely here, yet nevertheless I will venture to expand on my post on Tori Holub 06-Apr-2024 07:19:45
                                                                               Steverino - Shoot! I put the wrong embed code for Tori's Liinda Ronstadt short. Here it is... 06-Apr-2024 07:34:21

Steverino - YouTube's Rick Beato (and how he reminds me of SteveW) 29-Sep-2022 18:02:13
              SteveW - Rick Beato 08-Oct-2022 23:16:54

Steverino - Diederik Nomden (aka Nomden, aka Royal Parks) -- The Analogues 06-Sep-2022 08:22:14
              SteveW - Enjoyed all of these songs by Nomden 10-Sep-2022 04:54:57
                           Steverino - Thanks for listening, Steve. As to your question... 13-Sep-2022 19:30:11
                                        SteveW - Yes, Bertolf Lentink/Her Majesty -- that's who I was thinking of 24-Sep-2022 10:08:55
                                                     Steverino - I get what you're saying about the Rockford Files theme... 04-Oct-2022 07:50:05
                                                                  SteveW - I like the clean, mostly acoustic sound of all of these songs 09-Oct-2022 04:41:40
                                                     Steverino - Regarding Bertolf Lentink... 21-Oct-2023 08:56:01
                                                                  Steverino - It figures that only the advertisements would play! 23-Oct-2023 05:23:26
                                                                               Steverino - As for that video that won't play... I found a version that does. 17-Mar-2024 07:49:31

Steverino - A new album from Mary Fahl 08-Aug-2022 05:27:14
              Steverino - SoundCloud link 09-Aug-2022 00:28:04
              SteveW - Thanks for the heads-up on Mary Fahl 10-Aug-2022 11:25:55
                           Steverino - Funny you should mention the biology professor and Carly Simon... 10-Aug-2022 18:07:57
                                        SteveW - Ha, I'll definitely have to listen to Mary's interview now 11-Aug-2022 21:36:44

Steverino - Katherine Priddy 09-Feb-2022 07:07:45
              SteveW - Enjoyed these songs; thanks for keeping the OT board alive, Steverino. 20-Feb-2022 13:20:11
                           Steverino - I try, Steve, but I'd be happy if more of the posts here were not by me! 26-Jun-2022 18:56:39
                                        nightcat - hello Steves! xD 04-Jul-2022 15:10:34
                                                     Steverino - That's good. It's not too hard. 06-Jul-2022 20:49:07
              Steverino - News RE Katherine Priddy 08-Aug-2022 04:51:34
                           Steverino - More News RE Katherine Priddy 20-Oct-2022 19:03:17
              Steverino - Here's the first single from Katherine Priddy's second album coming out in February... 16-Nov-2023 00:17:40
                           SteveW - Steverino, that was a nice song and evocative video by Katherine Priddy 16-Nov-2023 09:21:47
                                        Steverino - I appreciate your well-articulated observations, Steve. I noticed that same chord at 0:56. 18-Nov-2023 16:55:45
                                                     SteveW - Steve, I liked the song by Liz Longley 20-Nov-2023 03:34:10
                                                                  Steverino - I like Amy Grant, too. 24-Nov-2023 04:40:46
                                                                               SteveW - Amy Grant, Jimmy Webb, pedal steel 15-Jan-2024 15:39:47
                                                                                            SteveW - One more Corrs-Amy Grant connection 15-Jan-2024 16:28:27

Jerry - ABBA's new "Irish" song 10-Nov-2021 17:33:33
              SteveW - I LOVE this song! I’d love to hear the Corrs perform it 15-Nov-2021 07:03:14

Steverino - S.O.S. (ABBA cover) 30-Jul-2021 06:49:45

Steverino - Wow! That Delta Goodrem video - after being here 5 years - *finally* plays! 22-Jan-2021 03:31:58
              Corrsgirl1 - I still feel pretty good about suggesting that song, even 5 years on. I hope you enjoyed it too! 09-Mar-2021 08:38:23

Steverino - Robinson-Stone - band with a Corrs connection 04-Oct-2020 08:22:17
              Steverino - Robinson-Stone Bandcamp Site 04-Oct-2020 08:46:03
              SteveW - Thanks for posting this, Steverino 04-Oct-2020 22:25:59
                           Steverino - You're welcome, Steve. I really liked the flute harmonies on the Billy Joel cover too. 13-Oct-2020 04:55:19
                                        SteveW - That's a lovely rendition of No Frontiers. 13-Oct-2020 09:12:58
                                                     Steverino - Their next live concert will be on November 8... 30-Oct-2020 05:15:45
                                                     Steverino - Here is the show from November 8... 26-Nov-2020 04:03:13
              Steverino - Christmas Show on 23 December 2020 at 8pm GMT (YouTube & Facebook) 21-Dec-2020 03:43:24
                           Steverino - Here is the live Christmas Show by Robinson-Stone 24-Dec-2020 19:47:48
              Steverino - Robinson-Stone have released a new EP 02-Jul-2022 18:02:10
                           SteveW - Enjoyed this acoustic cover of Dreams 03-Jul-2022 04:26:49
                                        Steverino - That line is a fundamental part of the Corrs' adaptation. I would imagine you're right. 03-Jul-2022 15:35:16
              Steverino - Leyna Robinson-Stone has been doing some solo work... 13-Mar-2024 06:07:37
                           Steverino - Leyna Robinson-Stone continues her video series with music from 'Last of the Mohicans' 30-Apr-2024 17:18:56

Corrsgirl1 - Does anyone else like Rina Sawayama? 05-Aug-2020 20:10:26
              SteveW - I had never heard of Rina Sawayama, but I listened to Dynasty and really liked it 06-Aug-2020 14:00:23
                           Corrsgirl1 - On he guitar and singing part... 06-Aug-2020 18:39:07
                                        SteveW - I found the Tape Notes podcast and will listen to that episode when I get a chance. Thanks! 07-Aug-2020 21:06:31
                                                     SteveW - More on Dynasty 08-Aug-2020 00:26:50
                                                                  Corrsgirl1 - It's interesting to read your analysis of the song. 08-Aug-2020 07:45:22
                                                                  SteveW - Typo 08-Aug-2020 09:59:08
                                        SteveW - Tape Notes interview with Rina Sawayama 16-Aug-2020 10:08:48

Steverino - What band or artist do you feel is massively underrated? 27-Feb-2020 06:44:33
              Corrpulent - Vera Lynn was highly rated in her day, which is past… 31-Mar-2020 20:11:09
                           Corrpulent - When the Lights Go On Again... 31-Mar-2020 20:18:22
                           Corrpulent - Queen's message... 06-Apr-2020 14:05:55
                                        Steverino - Funny you should mention Vera Lynn! 02-May-2020 06:43:37
                                                     Corrpulent - Thanks for the thorough bio of Vera… 11-May-2020 20:54:41
                           Corrpulent - Vera is no longer with us... 18-Jun-2020 13:47:53
                                        Steverino - Dame Vera Lynn (1917-2020) 18-Jun-2020 15:14:32
                                                     nightcat - This is just so sad, may Vera Lynn RIP. She's left such a legacy and music too 21-Jun-2020 13:20:30
              SeanCorrain - Tori Amos 26-Apr-2021 23:26:02

Steverino - What is a great album to listen to, from start to finish? 27-Feb-2020 06:35:37
              nightcat - Some recent faves 27-Feb-2020 09:52:26
                           nightcat - for those you don't have Spotify, click here for a Youtube playlist 27-Feb-2020 09:56:01
                           Steverino - Thank you for the recommendations, Nightcat. 02-May-2020 18:31:01
                                        nightcat - Hello Steverino! 04-May-2020 04:51:00

Steverino - Something that amazes me about some of my favorite music from the 60's and 70's 09-Feb-2020 20:26:38
              Steverino - Correction: Tommy Tedesco's guitar can be heard prominently on "Up, Up and Away" 09-Feb-2020 21:24:57

SteveW - Here's a piece by Anoushka Shankar that I've been listening to lately 04-Jan-2020 03:52:44
              Steverino - I greatly appreciate your post, Steve - I enjoyed listening to Anoushka Shankar 06-Jan-2020 18:53:31
                           SteveW - Indian-Flamenco is not a combination I had ever heard before 08-Jan-2020 09:07:58

Steverino - I came across this YouTube of Anto Drennan playing 'Little Wing' 01-Jan-2020 00:14:52
              SteveW - Thanks for posting this, Steverino 01-Jan-2020 00:22:51
                           Steverino - Please someone else start a post here. I've done the last four... each in a different year! 03-Jan-2020 22:31:41

Steverino - Happy New Year, you ol' OT Board! 31-Dec-2019 23:19:30

Steverino - 'Keeping Time' with the Ennis Sisters 05-Aug-2018 00:46:23
              Corrpulent - Enjoyable music. Thanks for posting. They're pleasant company. 25-Sep-2018 23:45:07

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