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the other Gary - Claire Holley and Powdercoat. 08-Sep-2013 06:35:40

SteveW - AOTM: Julia Fordham 07-Sep-2013 05:11:44
              the other Gary - I think Julia lives in southern California. 08-Sep-2013 05:47:42
                           Rick T. - Years ago, one of my cousins gave me a Julia Fordham CD for X-mas. 11-Sep-2013 15:44:50
              Terry2 - Julia Fordham 12-Sep-2013 14:57:38
                           the other Gary - My friend in the U.K. has a buddy in Portsmouth. 14-Sep-2013 08:57:42
                           SteveW - Terry2, I don't know if anyone answered your question about nominating AOTM... 04-Oct-2013 02:58:23
                                        Cara - Oops! Thanks for answering Steve - sorry Terry, I didn't see your question! I did get your email though! :-) 04-Oct-2013 07:32:47
                           Cara - P.S. I hadn't thought about adding that to the FAQ but it should be on there! 06-Oct-2013 18:01:19
              Steverino - The name I had heard somewhere before, but I wasn't familiar with her music. Thank you, Steve. 24-Sep-2013 05:42:05

Steverino - New music from Joy Valencia: "Eraser Man" and "Babydoll" 06-Sep-2013 07:25:56
              the other Gary - I remember her. 06-Sep-2013 10:16:32
                           Steverino - To answer your questions... 07-Sep-2013 16:55:41
                                        the other Gary - Alas, I have been enslaved by iTunes too. 08-Sep-2013 06:02:24
                                                     Steverino - Joy uploaded one the new songs to SoundCloud. 12-Sep-2013 06:17:44

the other Gary - Lucie Silvas in Los Angeles. 05-Sep-2013 06:34:21
              Steverino - Thanks, Gary. Wish I were closer to the Hotel Cafe and Room 5 to make it there mid-workweek! 06-Sep-2013 06:31:34
                           the other Gary - You never know who is going to show up. 06-Sep-2013 10:27:59
                                        the other Gary - Lucie played her last show in L.A. a few days ago. 14-Sep-2013 09:10:04

Bea_HC - Aaron Thomas 30-Aug-2013 21:57:33
              the other Gary - You might like this other Australian singer, Leroy Lee. 01-Sep-2013 10:00:09
                           Bea_HC - Hey the other Gary itīs ok!!!! In fact Iīm glad you post about him you were right... 01-Sep-2013 11:56:33
                                        the other Gary - Thanks for listening Bea_HC 03-Sep-2013 06:21:22
                                                     Bea_HC - Oh sorry to hear you miss part of the show you were interested in... but waits 03-Sep-2013 11:24:26
                                                                  the other Gary - Thanks for your concern Bea_HC. 04-Sep-2013 06:25:30
                                                                               Bea_HC - Oh cool thanks so much for the info!!! 04-Sep-2013 10:14:25
                                                                                            the other Gary - Good luck, I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you. 05-Sep-2013 06:37:18
                                                                                                         Bea_HC - I found his album and ep on spotify. Iīve alredy heard haalf of the cd and 05-Sep-2013 10:27:38
              Steverino - Bea, you have a lot of faith in this guy to use "Turn to the Devil" as an introduction! ;Oo 05-Sep-2013 06:48:29
                           Bea_HC - Hahahahahaha I do Steverino!!! ;-) I have faith in him 05-Sep-2013 10:42:21
                                        the other Gary -'s that Andrea "goth influence." 06-Sep-2013 10:38:59
                                                     Bea_HC - Lol Gary you cracked me up with the"goth influence" thing hahahahaha 06-Sep-2013 14:22:11
                           Bea_HC - Steverino you may find this interesting... 21-Sep-2013 17:49:17
                                        Steverino - Thanks for sharing this, Bea! 21-Sep-2013 20:58:00

the other Gary - Haroula Rose 28-Aug-2013 06:58:30
              Cara - Sorry. ;-) I was running out of recommendations. :-) 28-Aug-2013 10:32:40
                           Bea_HC - Cara I just send you one but not sure if I have to send it to the google mail address 28-Aug-2013 12:49:40
                                        Cara - Hi Bea - I got it. :-) They're both the same - gmail or googlemail. Google changed it... 28-Aug-2013 14:49:31
                           the other Gary - No worries Cara. I needed to be prodded into action. 29-Aug-2013 05:13:09
              Steverino - Thanks for the tip on Haroula, Gary. I enjoyed both those videos you shared. 30-Aug-2013 04:39:54
                           Rick T. - I also enjoyed Haroula Rose... 30-Aug-2013 07:19:14
                                        the other Gary - I like Mindy Smith too, Rick T. 30-Aug-2013 07:41:02
                                        SteveW - Sharon has performed "Jolene" as well, with Hayley Westenra (former AOTM) 30-Aug-2013 09:22:41
                                                     the other Gary - I got to see/meet Hayley once when I went to the U.K. 31-Aug-2013 08:11:11

Steverino - Mary Fahl is coming out with a new album! 25-Aug-2013 05:21:06
              the other Gary - Interesting Steverino, I remember hearing about the October Project. 25-Aug-2013 10:06:37
                           Bea_HC - Never heard of them before. They remind me of Evanescene 27-Aug-2013 09:41:04
              SteveW - Wow, never heard of Mary Fahl/October Project, but I LOVED this! 28-Aug-2013 20:38:33
                           Steverino - Glad to share it, and happy that some of you liked what you heard. 30-Aug-2013 05:31:34
                                        Rick T. - Congratulations on winning the signed CD, Steve! 30-Aug-2013 06:38:06
                                                     Rick T. - Btw, I inevitably always think of this performance whenever I hear the name Judy Collins... 30-Aug-2013 06:48:29
                                                                  SteveW - I saw that Judy Collins performance on the Muppet Show when it first aired! 30-Aug-2013 09:47:25
                                                                               Rick T. - Excellent! So I'm not the only one who remembers this performance of Judy's! 05-Sep-2013 05:53:41
                                                     Steverino - Whyyagotta be that way, Rick?! ;-) 30-Aug-2013 14:42:18
                                                                  Rick T. - Haha! Sorry, Steve. Certainly no disrespect intended, though. ;-) 05-Sep-2013 05:38:00
                                                                               Steverino - I know! None taken. ;-) 05-Sep-2013 08:21:38
                                                                                            SteveW - Judy Collins - My Father 08-Sep-2013 03:53:01
                                                                                                         Steverino - You're onto it, I think. 08-Sep-2013 05:13:11
                                                                                                                      SteveW - Wow, that *is* cool. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that either. (re: Judy Collins) 08-Sep-2013 06:07:42
                                        SteveW - I listened to October Project's "Deep as You Go" and liked that as well 01-Sep-2013 04:21:33
                                                     Steverino - Thanks again for your studied observations, Steve. 02-Sep-2013 17:58:17
                                                                  SteveW - Thanks for the additional Mary Fahl info, Steve. Something that reminds me of Runaway... 03-Sep-2013 04:39:21
                                                                               Steverino - Mary Fahl performs tonight in PA - cameras to be there for purposes of TV/DVD. 07-Sep-2013 18:14:55
                                                                                            SteveW - Very informative interview with Mary Fahl... 08-Sep-2013 03:21:00
                                                                                                         Steverino - Hopefully, being so close, you will get other opportunities to see Mary Fahl live. 17-Sep-2013 04:55:35
              Steverino - New videos for her new LOVE & GRAVITY album. 17-Sep-2013 02:24:34
                           SteveW - What an amazing version of Both Sides Now 24-Sep-2013 01:58:02

the other Gary - You can download Kris Angelis' music for free (or not), + tour dates. 23-Aug-2013 10:20:59
              the other Gary - Kris will be on internet radio tomorrow, August 26 at 2 pm EDT. 26-Aug-2013 08:25:13

Rick T. - Meytal Cohen 19-Aug-2013 18:57:36
              SteveW - That was fun! (and now I know why Caroline ties her hair back when she plays drums) 20-Aug-2013 09:47:45
                           the other Gary - I think they both move around a lot. 25-Aug-2013 10:17:06
                                        Rick T. - I just checked out some footage of Alexa playing. 30-Aug-2013 05:34:18
                                                     Rick T. - Ha! I just realized that I've seen another video of Alexa playing... 30-Aug-2013 06:17:05
                                                                  the other Gary - Right now, I think the 3 bands Alexa is focusing on are.... 30-Aug-2013 08:25:12
                                                                               the other Gary - Saw Alexa playing with Saucy Monky last night. 16-Sep-2013 08:03:26

Steverino - Cara, I want you to know that I appreciate all you do to keep this OT Board rejuvenated. 17-Aug-2013 21:09:03
              the other Gary - I second what Steverino says. 18-Aug-2013 07:55:58
                           SteveW - I agree with Steverino and Gary 18-Aug-2013 12:58:26
                                        Bea_HC - Iīve been a member for a few days but Iīve visited this place many times before and 18-Aug-2013 19:37:00
              Cara - Thank you! Glad to know people are still enjoying the AOTM etc. :-) 19-Aug-2013 12:28:21
                           Rick T. - I thank you, too, Cara. We do appreciate everything you've done... 19-Aug-2013 19:06:29
              grace - Hear, hear! Thank you very much, Cara! 20-Aug-2013 05:28:08
                           keejac21 - Great job as always Cara. 29-Aug-2013 00:56:40

keejac21 - Little did I know that Iron & Wine is a solo artist. 15-Aug-2013 08:49:00
              grace - Okay, I know I suggested the artist but I wasn't really aware of that 20-Aug-2013 05:36:30

Bea_HC - Any Sheryl Crow fans around here? 12-Aug-2013 14:52:13
              Cara - Hi Bea! 12-Aug-2013 21:33:03
              SteveW - I wouldn't say I'm a fan, but I like a few of her songs... 12-Aug-2013 22:29:22
                           Steverino - I do like a lot of her music. 13-Aug-2013 07:52:28
                                        Bea_HC - Thanks for the quick answers guys!!!!!! 13-Aug-2013 19:20:32
                                                     Steverino - Wow! She's doing country now?? I didn't know. Sounds good. 15-Aug-2013 05:48:24
                                                                  keejac21 - I really thought that Sheryl Crow's music belongs to country genre 15-Aug-2013 08:44:16
                                                                  Bea_HC - Thank you so much for these vids and the info on Missy Higgings Steverino!!!! 15-Aug-2013 12:00:39
                                        SteveW - Great observation about "Stuck in the Middle" 14-Aug-2013 03:32:15
                                                     Corranga - The Corrs C'Mon C'Mon version was edited in later rather than them all being in the studio together 16-Aug-2013 11:48:14
              SteveW - Sheryl Crow/Corrs trivia question 17-Aug-2013 19:28:02
                           Bea_HC - It sounds weird to me at first but I think Iīm going to like it after I listen to it a 17-Aug-2013 22:58:05
                                        SteveW - That was an interesting song, Bea -- I've never heard an autoharp used in a song before 18-Aug-2013 12:23:40
                                                     Bea_HC - Me neither. Glaad you like it. Itīs one of my favourites and I always wonder 18-Aug-2013 19:57:30
              Fran_SS - Sheryl covered 'Pale Blue Eyes' back in 1997 accompanied by Emmylou Harris, 18-Aug-2013 21:02:49
                           Bea_HC - This song (Andreaīs version) has been stuck in my head lately. Thank you 18-Aug-2013 21:21:06
                           SteveW - I really like this version of Pale Blue Eyes, even better than Andrea's or the original 19-Aug-2013 03:28:28
                                        Terry2 - Pale Blue Eyes 19-Aug-2013 15:15:02
                                                     Terry2 - Pale Blue Eyes 19-Aug-2013 15:21:54
                                                                  SteveW - Wow, that was a *really* different version of Pale Blue Eyes 20-Aug-2013 10:04:17
              Steverino - Some Sheryl Crow downloads available here (link) 20-Aug-2013 15:08:53
                           Bea_HC - Thanks Steverino I didnīt know there is a live room single available 20-Aug-2013 21:54:42
                                        Cara - Just FYI for you since you're a new member... 21-Aug-2013 09:43:21
                                                     Bea_HC - Thanks for the advice Cara!! I was about to ask exactly that like... 21-Aug-2013 15:18:35
                                                                  Cara - No problem! :-) 21-Aug-2013 17:27:59

Rick T. - Shiny Toy Guns performances at JBTVonline are now available. 12-Aug-2013 06:57:16
              SteveW - Thanks for the heads-up, Rick -- I enjoyed these STG videos 14-Aug-2013 03:24:28
                           Rick T. - Glad you enjoyed the vids, Steve! 15-Aug-2013 06:10:10
                                        SteveW - Great performance of Rainy Monday. To my ears, this song has a New Order kind of vibe... 15-Aug-2013 09:32:47
                                                     Rick T. - I remember New Order... 30-Aug-2013 05:04:05

Rick T. - For a very limited time you can hear Mree's brand new CD streamed. 12-Aug-2013 06:45:54

CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Tara Blaise is 7 months pregnant with her second child 09-Aug-2013 23:07:33
              Steverino - Good news. Best wishes to Tara. She's great! 13-Aug-2013 08:44:41
                           the other Gary - Trivia time! 14-Aug-2013 07:20:43

the other Gary - A really good rendition of "Everybody Hurts." 07-Aug-2013 05:55:21
              Steverino - Quite a good rendition and, to me, somewhat reminiscent of Andrea's vocal. 09-Aug-2013 06:32:46
                           Rick T. - Naimee's vocal here absolutely reminds me of Andrea's. 12-Aug-2013 06:27:26
                                        the other Gary - I think it was just for the Lyrics Board show on RTE. 14-Aug-2013 07:27:51

the other Gary - If you're in San Diego tomorrow, go see Kris Angelis at Lestats. 04-Aug-2013 07:47:50
              the other Gary - Clickable link to Kris' website. 04-Aug-2013 07:56:58
                           the other Gary - I didn't see any Corrs Club members there. 06-Aug-2013 08:10:19
                                        Steverino - Sorry, Gary. I was too far away from San Diego (and New York) to catch the artists you spotlighted. 09-Aug-2013 06:11:35
                                                     the other Gary - No worries Steverino. I know you make the effort to see music. 09-Aug-2013 09:10:30

Steverino - Australia's The Grapes: Western Sun (new album) 02-Aug-2013 06:12:46
              Bea_HC - Really like this band will check their website for sure!! thanks Steverino 10-Aug-2013 12:51:14
                           Steverino - I got my WESTERN SUN album... 02-Sep-2013 01:11:37

the other Gary - Karmina playing the Bitter End in New York, July 30th. 30-Jul-2013 08:22:32
              the other Gary - You can stream the show. 31-Jul-2013 02:25:53
                           the other Gary - Nobody watched it, I presume. 06-Aug-2013 08:14:45

Steverino - "Them That Do Nothing"... 28-Jul-2013 15:22:21
              grace - I put this on Yourepeat to see... 29-Jul-2013 22:48:43
                           SteveW - I liked this song, too -- kind of a Beatles-ish vibe to my ear 30-Jul-2013 03:35:07
                                        Steverino - Thanks, Steve, for explaining the reasons musically that I was fooled. 02-Aug-2013 04:33:19
                           Steverino - I didn't know about that YouRepeat site. Cool! Thanks, Grace. 02-Aug-2013 04:30:34

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