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Rick T. - For a very limited time you can hear Mree's brand new CD streamed. 12-Aug-2013 06:45:54

CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Tara Blaise is 7 months pregnant with her second child 09-Aug-2013 23:07:33
              Steverino - Good news. Best wishes to Tara. She's great! 13-Aug-2013 08:44:41
                           the other Gary - Trivia time! 14-Aug-2013 07:20:43

the other Gary - A really good rendition of "Everybody Hurts." 07-Aug-2013 05:55:21
              Steverino - Quite a good rendition and, to me, somewhat reminiscent of Andrea's vocal. 09-Aug-2013 06:32:46
                           Rick T. - Naimee's vocal here absolutely reminds me of Andrea's. 12-Aug-2013 06:27:26
                                        the other Gary - I think it was just for the Lyrics Board show on RTE. 14-Aug-2013 07:27:51

the other Gary - If you're in San Diego tomorrow, go see Kris Angelis at Lestats. 04-Aug-2013 07:47:50
              the other Gary - Clickable link to Kris' website. 04-Aug-2013 07:56:58
                           the other Gary - I didn't see any Corrs Club members there. 06-Aug-2013 08:10:19
                                        Steverino - Sorry, Gary. I was too far away from San Diego (and New York) to catch the artists you spotlighted. 09-Aug-2013 06:11:35
                                                     the other Gary - No worries Steverino. I know you make the effort to see music. 09-Aug-2013 09:10:30

Steverino - Australia's The Grapes: Western Sun (new album) 02-Aug-2013 06:12:46
              Bea_HC - Really like this band will check their website for sure!! thanks Steverino (n/t) 10-Aug-2013 12:51:14
                           Steverino - I got my WESTERN SUN album... 02-Sep-2013 01:11:37

the other Gary - Karmina playing the Bitter End in New York, July 30th. 30-Jul-2013 08:22:32
              the other Gary - You can stream the show. 31-Jul-2013 02:25:53
                           the other Gary - Nobody watched it, I presume. 06-Aug-2013 08:14:45

Steverino - "Them That Do Nothing"... 28-Jul-2013 15:22:21
              grace - I put this on Yourepeat to see... 29-Jul-2013 22:48:43
                           SteveW - I liked this song, too -- kind of a Beatles-ish vibe to my ear 30-Jul-2013 03:35:07
                                        Steverino - Thanks, Steve, for explaining the reasons musically that I was fooled. 02-Aug-2013 04:33:19
                           Steverino - I didn't know about that YouRepeat site. Cool! Thanks, Grace. (n/t) 02-Aug-2013 04:30:34

grace - Not your typical zombie film 07-Jul-2013 06:06:26

grace - ∆ (alt-J)--I tried to trim it down but itís still a long-ish post :p 06-Jul-2013 20:43:41
              grace - Also, note that their drumkit doesn't have cymbals O.O 06-Jul-2013 20:58:26
              grace - Correction on the P.S. in the original post 06-Jul-2013 21:05:20
              SteveW - [re:Breezeblocks] Wow, that was an intriguing video 13-Jul-2013 02:40:37

grace - Musical saws... 30-Jun-2013 15:42:53
              SteveW - I had never heard, or even heard of, musical saws... 02-Jul-2013 02:59:13
                           grace - I'm not sure but I always thought it's a Scottish bagpipe 02-Jul-2013 14:50:51
                                        SteveW - I think you're right about the instrument being a bagpipe (plus more bowed percussion) 04-Jul-2013 04:21:01
                                                     SteveW - In the video I embedded yesterday, lots more bowed vibraphone at 10:50-14:44 (n/t) 04-Jul-2013 22:22:44
                                                                  grace - Bowed percussions 05-Jul-2013 19:28:44
                                                                               grace - I meant vibraphone (I didn't know that's the name of the instrument until I looked it up in Wiki) (n/t) 05-Jul-2013 19:39:01
                                                                               SteveW - Interesting piece -- funny that the cello is plucked and the cymbal is bowed! (n/t) 07-Jul-2013 03:56:14
                                                     grace - I listened to the track again today and I realized it also sounds like a low brass intstrument 06-Jul-2013 13:24:14
                                        Corranga - Big thumbs up for Delicatessen - one of my favorite films :) (n/t) 05-Jul-2013 08:54:14
                                                     grace - Corranga, Jean Pierre Jeunet is easily my favorite French filmmaker :) 05-Jul-2013 19:35:11
                                                                  Corranga - Jeunet is possibly my favorite filmmaker of all. I know what you mean about the high quality of 10-Jul-2013 10:42:07
                                                                               grace - You have a point there, they'd definitely hide the poor ones from the rest of the world! 11-Jul-2013 20:01:26

grace - The National 22-Jun-2013 19:24:42

eclair - Picturehouse have released their new album Evolution, In the Irish top 10!! 21-Jun-2013 07:52:13
              Steverino - I just bought it. I hope it's good. It's in the Irish Top 10 you say? I trust the Irish, then. 26-Jun-2013 02:40:10

nightcat - A Rocket To The Moon 17-Jun-2013 09:48:23
              nightcat - And some tracks. 17-Jun-2013 16:53:45
              grace - I've never heard them before... 17-Jun-2013 18:51:15

the other Gary - Free webcast of Camera Obscura on June 17th at 6 pm PDT. 17-Jun-2013 07:16:12

the other Gary - Kina Grannis will be doing a stageit webcast, June 15, 2013 at 12pm PDT. 15-Jun-2013 07:11:10

grace - RE: Adam Green and Binki Shapiro 08-Jun-2013 23:19:20
              grace - Er, I posted individual videos from a playlist that includes all tracks from the album 08-Jun-2013 23:34:00
                           Jason Parry - I love this album 09-Jun-2013 13:22:42
                                        grace - Thanks, Jason! I knew you'd like them ;) 09-Jun-2013 17:41:58
                                                     Jason Parry - He played a solo set with 'Pity Love' 12-Jun-2013 11:57:39
                                                                  grace - That sounds like a great show! 12-Jun-2013 18:29:52
                                                                               the other Gary - Video of Adam Green at Amoeba Music from 2008 16-Jun-2013 07:02:37

The other Gary - Kris Angelis sings songs on an online actor's chat show. 04-Jun-2013 17:02:46
              The other Gary - Ugh! Kris had to cancel her appearance. 04-Jun-2013 17:07:36
                           The other Gary - Website is crazy, Kris Angelis did appear and it's viewable. 05-Jun-2013 00:12:04

grace - For everyone who loves indie pop and free downloads :) 03-Jun-2013 18:08:01
              Steverino - I really like this guy's music! Thanks for the tip, Grace. (n/t) 12-Jun-2013 14:50:45
                           grace - You're welcome, Steverino. Glad you like it. :) (n/t) 15-Jun-2013 17:33:44
              grace - A tiny correction, the downloads are actually "name your price" (n/t) 15-Jun-2013 17:43:42

Cara - Matt & Kim 01-Jun-2013 09:11:42
              grace - 8tracks is also good for finding artists 02-Jun-2013 15:58:27

Linda J - Hi, All... Anyone listening to "How To Destroy Angels" ?? ;O) ...... 24-May-2013 19:25:30

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