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SteveW - Chuck Mangione is from my home town, where he is something of a local legend 27-Oct-2012 17:43:45
              Steverino - Thanks, I enjoyed that piece. 29-Oct-2012 01:10:23
                           Rick T. - I enjoyed this, too. 29-Oct-2012 05:50:41
                                        SteveW - THanks for the comments -- nice to have the chance to chat about music like this... 29-Oct-2012 09:17:54
                                                     Rick T. - Well that's very cool that we're almost the same age. 03-Nov-2012 15:23:38

Cara - I'm loving all of your suggestions for AOTM lately - you're picking bands that I love! :-) 20-Oct-2012 02:09:06
              grace - Yay, B&S! (more videos inside) 20-Oct-2012 09:57:16

Corranga - Lacuna Coil - Italian Gothic Metal may not the most obvious choice for an AOTM.. 15-Oct-2012 13:03:51
              Cara - I think that any artist someone likes is a perfectly obvious choice for AOTM. ;-) 16-Oct-2012 18:41:32
                           Erica - Looooooooooooooove! :D Cara, you should check out their latest album next! (Dark Adrenaline) 16-Oct-2012 21:55:12
                                        Cara - :-/ I'm sure that was probably in the rotation that played through today... 16-Oct-2012 22:47:05
                           Corranga - I adore Evanescence and you already know I love Garbage, so you can see why they appeal to me. 16-Oct-2012 21:58:39
                                        Cara - I know. ;-) I think we share very similar music tastes. Which is why I'd been meaning to listen to Lacuna Coil... 16-Oct-2012 22:46:04
                                                     Corranga - Last night I found out that Evanescence released a self titled album last October. You're not the only one 17-Oct-2012 08:39:02
                                                                  Cara - I don't think most people do really. Or you find one or two that you just get sucked into but then that's all!! 17-Oct-2012 14:56:07
                                                                  Cara - P.S. I've also just realized I'm missing *2* Garbage albums. They've now been added to my Christmas list. ;-) 17-Oct-2012 15:01:27
              SteveW - Just listened to Lacuna Coil (I'm usually about a week behind for the AOTM) 20-Oct-2012 23:45:21
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I've just got their first album and I'm going through it whilst driving around 21-Oct-2012 22:25:08
                                        Corranga - They are quite a bit different to Evanescence though, who are far more pop based.. 09-Nov-2012 08:39:27

Cara - Wherever you go... Whatever you do... 06-Oct-2012 02:42:48
              Steverino - Thanks, Joseph. A song that went #1 in a lot of places. 06-Oct-2012 03:20:51
              SteveW - Here's a terrific interview with Richard Marx from a songwriting site I read 06-Oct-2012 05:53:41
                           Linda J - I used to listen to Richard Marx.. back in the day.. Thanks for the video.. ;O) 06-Oct-2012 20:23:29
              grace - If you don't know every word to this song... 07-Oct-2012 13:29:14
              grace - Another Richard Marx hit 08-Oct-2012 08:46:54
                           Linda J - Yep.. used to listen to this one too.. bringing back memories.. Thanks, Grace.. ;O) 08-Oct-2012 18:51:23
              SteveW - I always liked "At The Beginning", the duet by RIchard Marx and Donna Lewis 08-Oct-2012 22:24:49
                           Corranga - Great choice, not listened to this in AGES :) 09-Oct-2012 09:35:53
                                        Linda J - Same here.. late 80s ..LoL!! ..Has he done anything "recent" ?? ;O) 10-Oct-2012 15:32:47
                                                     grace - From what the article SteveW posted above, he also wrote Dance With My Father 11-Oct-2012 01:07:21

Cara - I realize this is an off-the-wall question - but humor me? 02-Oct-2012 20:55:50
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - rocks? Get them at the sea side a lot 02-Oct-2012 23:03:48
              Steverino - If not wine gums, then I might think of toffee. 03-Oct-2012 03:15:36
                           Cara - I don't know what I'd say if someone asked me this about the US. :-P So I realize it's a hard question! 03-Oct-2012 15:48:13
              Linda J - how about a stick of rock from the seaside ?? ..that's very popular in the UK.. ;O) ..... 03-Oct-2012 16:59:25
              Cara - How do people feel about the little slices of rock as opposed to the full sticks? 03-Oct-2012 19:22:27
                           Linda J - it's like hard mint candy.. (from what I remember as a kid) ..... 03-Oct-2012 20:34:02
                                        Corranga - It doesn't have to be mint, you also get fruit rock. 03-Oct-2012 21:06:48
                                                     Corranga - You can also get Edinburgh rock (ok, maybe getting a bit area specific..) which is fruity and isn't hard. 03-Oct-2012 21:09:29

Cara - AOTM Archive 30-Sep-2012 05:38:54
              Cara - Also - I *REALLY* need some more suggestions. ;-) 30-Sep-2012 05:40:22
                           Linda J - I'm wracking my brains... LoL!! ;O) 30-Sep-2012 21:42:27
                           Cara - Also - we can do some things that aren't musicians if anybody wants to. ;-) 30-Sep-2012 22:06:54
                           Rick T. - As soon as I'm able, I'll be sure to submit some more AOTM suggestions to you, Cara. 01-Oct-2012 14:47:27
              Cara - Okay - all working great now! :-) 30-Sep-2012 22:16:22
                           Rick T. - Wow! Awesome job on the archive, Cara! My hat is off! 01-Oct-2012 14:46:49
                                        Cara - Thanks Rick! :-) 01-Oct-2012 14:52:25
                                        nightcat - Some applause for you Cara! 01-Oct-2012 15:53:36
              SoYoung - Cool, you should add: 01-Oct-2012 16:08:54
                           Cara - Thanks! :-) If you'd send the future ones to the email so I have them on hand that'd be great! :-) 01-Oct-2012 17:34:56
                                        grace - Yay! You did it! 04-Oct-2012 10:08:56
                                                     Cara - Thanks Grace! :-) Glad people are happy with it. :-) 04-Oct-2012 14:40:51
                                                                  Steverino - Yes, I'm so happy with all the changes you've made at OT! 06-Oct-2012 03:39:34

Cara - As per Linda's request - featured this week: Heart!! 29-Sep-2012 02:34:18
              Rick T. - Always amazing!! I've been lucky to have seen Heart live four times, I believe. 29-Sep-2012 16:58:42
                           Linda J - ...& thanks, Rick.. Its still a dream of mine to see Heart Live.. ;O) 30-Sep-2012 21:41:28
              Linda J - ooops! ..responded lower down.. LoL!! ..Thanks so much, Cara.. I've loved Heart for many years.. ;O) 30-Sep-2012 21:38:25
                           Corranga - Never really listened to anything other than the Bad Animals album. Actually, I was just listening to Alone, and noticed 01-Oct-2012 00:13:11
                                        Linda J - hmmm.. I've always thought it was "you" .."to" doesn't make sense to me.. LoL!! ..have to... 01-Oct-2012 15:12:46
                                                     Corranga - I always thought it was You as well (and it actually makes more sense) but it REALLY sounds like to. 01-Oct-2012 17:49:46
                                                                  Linda J - cool interpretation.. I'll have to listen differently next time.. ;O) 01-Oct-2012 22:47:42
              Linda J - You should all check out HEART's new CD .."FANATIC"'s FAB !!! ..just sayin' ..LoL!! ;O) 03-Oct-2012 20:35:47

Cara - Gary had mentioned Diane Birch here a while back but it must have been at a time when... 22-Sep-2012 01:58:57
              Rick T. - Diane's debut album, Bible Belt, is one of the best albums I've bought in the last few years. 30-Sep-2012 01:35:19
                           The other Gary - Thanks for "amen" Rick T. 04-Nov-2012 08:36:39

Cara - AOTM Suggestions 21-Sep-2012 20:17:10
              Linda J - I got one.. ;O) ...... 26-Sep-2012 20:58:14
                           Linda J - Thank you, Cara... for using my suggestion.. ;O) 30-Sep-2012 21:36:52

johnj - A fantastic performance from The Band Perry - Video Inside. 15-Sep-2012 22:31:47
              johnj - I wish I could record this, but can't find a way?? 15-Sep-2012 22:50:27
                           Rick T. - I can save it, John. What format would you like it saved in? 17-Sep-2012 19:44:59
                                        johnj - Hi Rick, thanks for reply. Any format really, but mpeg is useful as it plays on... 19-Sep-2012 23:00:54
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - A little off topic but it does beg the question 20-Sep-2012 22:08:45
                                                                  johnj - Good question CarolineInspiredMeToDrum. Perhaps the format that has the least compression. 21-Sep-2012 22:52:15
                                                                               CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - yeah I know lol but between mpeg, avi and mp4 etc 22-Sep-2012 15:22:48
                                                                                            johnj - I guess mpeg has the least compression but most of the loss happens during.... 22-Sep-2012 22:25:18
                                                                                                         johnj - Rick, are you still there? Can you tell me how to "record" this? 22-Sep-2012 22:29:00
                                                                                                                      Rick T. - Hey, John. Sorry about the late response. 23-Sep-2012 03:35:39
                                                                                                                                   CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - most palyers will play .flv with the right codes which are only a google search away 23-Sep-2012 17:13:31
                                                                                                                      Rick T. - CarolineInspiredMeToDrum, I wanted to reply to you below but the board wouldn't let me. 29-Sep-2012 15:19:10
                                                                                                                                   johnj - Thanks for the video Rick. The quality is great, no noticeable difference to the... 29-Sep-2012 17:02:08
                                                                                                                      Rick T. - John, I used my personal webspace to upload the video for you. 30-Sep-2012 01:21:53
                                                                                                                                   Rick T. - Oops. I didn't mean to write in the past tense. I still use dropbox all the time. 30-Sep-2012 01:24:41
                                                                                                         CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - thanks john 22-Sep-2012 23:11:30

nightcat - Aw yeah Imagine Dragons featured on OT! Thanks for this Cara 15-Sep-2012 17:40:29
              nightcat - Discovery story 15-Sep-2012 17:57:35
              SteveW - Hey, it's an inverted pedal point 15-Sep-2012 23:37:25

Steverino - Thanks for featuring ENNIS! They seem to be popular among Corrs fans. 09-Sep-2012 00:14:40
              Cara - Thanks for recommending them! :-) 09-Sep-2012 00:46:10
                           Steverino - Cara, sorry to hear that you've been sick. Glad you're starting to feel better. 09-Sep-2012 01:04:57
                                        Cara - Just saw the Tweet and have fixed the links for you. :-) 09-Sep-2012 01:32:35
                                                     Steverino - Thanks again. Yes, laundry: the bane of the weekend! 10-Sep-2012 01:04:17
                                                                  Cara - Amen to that! I haven't done mine in about 2 1/2 weeks what with being sick etc. 10-Sep-2012 02:26:20
              Steverino - Other places to go to hear the music of ENNIS 09-Sep-2012 00:46:12
                           Steverino - One more place... 11-Sep-2012 06:12:49
              Steverino - Some YouTubes of ENNIS 09-Sep-2012 01:24:18
                           nightcat - Glad the ladies finally got featured here. :D 09-Sep-2012 04:43:12
                                        Steverino - Thanks, Nightcat! Becky posted this video of "Fort Amherst" today... 14-Sep-2012 21:15:25

Cara - RE: Walk Off The Earth 01-Sep-2012 01:37:49
              grace - Thanks for featuring them! 01-Sep-2012 07:42:53
              SteveW - That was a cool video! 07-Sep-2012 18:46:06
              SoYoung - So wait a second, they are each playing one or two strings for four of players? 01-Oct-2012 14:08:54
                           Cara - Yup! I can't even imagine how long they had to practice to get that down! 01-Oct-2012 14:51:46

johnj - For Neil. 27-Aug-2012 15:12:59
              YvesB - Nice thought ... In my opinion, Neil Armstrong symbolized what is good in mankind (courage, dedication, etc.), and, 27-Aug-2012 19:41:08
              Cara - Sure, we can leave this here for a few days. 27-Aug-2012 19:43:40
                           johnj - Thank you so much Cara. 27-Aug-2012 20:04:39
                           Corrpulent - There is a bit of a Corrs connection... 28-Aug-2012 00:18:20

Cara - RE: Dave Grusin 25-Aug-2012 01:50:13
              SteveW - brief thoughts on Dave Grusin 25-Aug-2012 03:07:12
              Steverino - Thanks, Steve. Splendid playing. 29-Aug-2012 02:42:08
                           SteveW - Nice version of "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" 30-Aug-2012 02:35:28
                           Cara - Btw (since the piano music is sitting on my piano...) - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring is... 31-Aug-2012 20:27:09
              SteveW - More Dave Grusin and another odd time signature 30-Aug-2012 03:19:50
              grace - He also did some scoring in The Graduate 13-Nov-2012 16:14:54
                           SteveW - Thanks for pointing this out, Grace; I didn't know Grusin did some of the music for The Graduate 14-Nov-2012 18:34:51

Cara - Question for AOTM Archive 18-Aug-2012 21:53:52
              Cara - Or - should they just go by date featured? 18-Aug-2012 22:50:38
                           SteveW - I think going by date order would be fine. 18-Aug-2012 23:26:49
                                        Cara - Thanks for the feedback/opinion! :-) 19-Aug-2012 00:22:19
                                        Steverino - I think that would be good, too. 22-Aug-2012 07:08:57
                                                     Cara - Thanks Steve! (At least the Steve's are paying attention to me. ;-)) 22-Aug-2012 13:55:24
                                                                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Sorry Cara 22-Aug-2012 20:49:35
                                                                               Cara - I was just teasing. ;-) But thanks for your input!! 22-Aug-2012 21:12:12
                                                                                            Cara - That is... 22-Aug-2012 21:24:47
                                                                               Cara - And thank you for the thank you as well!! It's good to know it's appreciated and not just a timesink that... 22-Aug-2012 21:17:29
                                                                                            grace - Don't worry too much 23-Aug-2012 10:20:03
                                                                                                         Cara - Glad to hear it! :-) 23-Aug-2012 13:55:31

Cara - RE: Landon Pigg 18-Aug-2012 04:04:35
              Cara - Also - I haven't forgotten about the archive of past featured artists! (I know it might seem like it...) 18-Aug-2012 04:06:53
              Steverino - Hmmm... The video doesn't play for me. 18-Aug-2012 06:01:19
                           grace - I wonder if you could watch the alternate version.. 19-Aug-2012 15:51:05
                           grace - Maybe this could work for you? 19-Aug-2012 15:58:56
                           Cara - Sorry Steve - I wasn't ignoring you... 25-Aug-2012 01:46:55
                                        Steverino - No worries, Cara. You're doing a fantastic job with the OT. 25-Aug-2012 05:39:58

Steverino - Anto Drennan jamming with Eamonn Moran one summer night in Dublin Town 15-Aug-2012 04:50:34
              Brandon - Awesome. Ahh, to be able to play guitar like that. I've got a little ways to go...okay a bit more than a little. 16-Aug-2012 08:12:35

Cara - Bertolf Lentink 11-Aug-2012 05:29:00
              Steverino - Of course I don't mind, Cara. 14-Aug-2012 04:54:44
                           Cara - I honestly think a lot of the response rate has to do with when something happens to be posted... 15-Aug-2012 03:47:56
              Steverino - How did I find out about Bertolf? It actually is connected with the Corrs. 14-Aug-2012 06:14:24
                           grace - Cool! A Corrs AND Beatles connection! 14-Aug-2012 17:22:59
                           SteveW - Very impressed with his version of Martha My Dear and Penny Lane 15-Aug-2012 02:28:10
                                        Cara - Good point... What would it be? 7/4? Maybe alternating with 4/4? 15-Aug-2012 03:56:08
                                        Steverino - Bertolf lists the Pat Metheny Group as one of his influences. 15-Aug-2012 05:47:13
                                                     SteveW - Beatles cover versions 16-Aug-2012 00:36:52
                                                                  SteveW - Beatles cover versions (whoops, accidentally posted the last message before I was done typing) 16-Aug-2012 00:50:37
                                                                               Steverino - Very interesting post, Steve. 16-Aug-2012 06:34:45
                                                                                            SteveW - Good points on Clapton and Preston -- hadn't thought of those. 18-Aug-2012 23:40:40
                                                                                                         Cara - If you want to feel really old - ask a younger person why it's a "B-side track"... 19-Aug-2012 00:20:13
                                                                                                                      CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - :? 19-Aug-2012 01:07:21
                                                                                                                                   Cara - *lol* It's the way they used to archive stuff like newspapers etc. before computers. ;-) 19-Aug-2012 17:00:25
                                                                                                                                   CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Whats a negative? 20-Aug-2012 21:39:44
                                                                                                                                   Cara - *lol* I would've felt /really/ bad if you hadn't known what a negative was!! ;-) 20-Aug-2012 22:48:08
                                                                               Steverino - Two recent Beatles covers of "I Am the Walrus" and "Hey Jude" 19-Sep-2012 05:35:47
              grace - While we're on the topic.. here's a fun Beatles cover :) 16-Aug-2012 05:02:10
                           Steverino - Thanks, Grace! 22-Aug-2012 07:10:36
              Steverino - Bertolf's song "Credo" 29-Aug-2012 04:16:40
              Steverino - More music from Bertolf 29-Aug-2012 06:03:46

Cara - Regarding Foster the People 04-Aug-2012 01:08:03
              Cara - P.S. Send more suggestions! ;-) Feel free to send two or three at once if you've got a list that you... 04-Aug-2012 01:13:56
              Brandon - I'm also a Foster the People fan... 11-Aug-2012 00:00:10
                           Cara - Now I've got that song stuck in my head! I need to find my CD and stick it in my car again! 11-Aug-2012 04:15:30
                                        ryan - i discovered their track "Pumped Up Kicks" in a Skeet Skeet Remix through a paintball video.... 14-Aug-2012 02:50:36

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