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Cara - I've just noticed that I forgot to change the 'Recommended By' line for the aotm. 21-Jul-2012 14:49:33
              SteveW - No worries, Cara. Here are some brief thoughts on this song, "The First Circle". 21-Jul-2012 16:53:10
                           StPaddy - Great song! 21-Jul-2012 21:25:51
                                        SteveW - Yes, 22/8 is correct, or equivalently, mixed meter alternating bars of 12/8 and 10/8. 21-Jul-2012 22:34:01
                                        grace - My favorite part was the clapping! 22-Jul-2012 11:45:44
                                                     Corranga - Taking all the credit Cara ;) 22-Jul-2012 15:11:20
                                                                  Cara - I know - terrible of me isn't it? ;-) 24-Jul-2012 09:19:28
                                                     SteveW - Yes, I like the clapping, too (plus more videos and a 42-string guitar) 22-Jul-2012 18:32:24
                           Cara - I've only just gotten around to listening to this one (sorry - was out of town!). 07-Aug-2012 19:49:38
                                        SteveW - Wow, I liked this piece. I tried tapping my foot along with it but wasn't able to follow it! 08-Aug-2012 23:43:51
                                                     Cara - If I recall correctly it's a lot of 6/8, 3/4, a little 3/2, some 2/3... But I'm glad you liked it! 09-Aug-2012 16:15:27
                                                                  SteveW - Here's my "getting in cheap to see the orchestra" story 11-Aug-2012 02:31:31
                                                                               Cara - Not quite. He'd just left when I started working there. However, I did see him conduct several times when I went... 11-Aug-2012 04:41:16
              ryan - i emailed a suggestion...Foster The People :) 27-Jul-2012 00:23:06

Cara - Woohoo! Just sent in my thing for my "International Business Honor Society" certificate/cord/stole for my Master's. 18-Jul-2012 16:42:43
              grace - Good for you! 19-Jul-2012 05:37:40

Cara - So - I do love "Communist Daughter" (that's the band, not the 'Neutral Milk Hotel' song btw)... ;-) 13-Jul-2012 21:41:38
              grace - Haha! I thought so. In that case, I have a few more suggestions.. 15-Jul-2012 00:47:43

mah - "As you wish" - how to organise a 500th anniversary of a kingdom 09-Jul-2012 15:36:46
              Cara - *Ahem* You know better than that (link that's not a link... :-P). 09-Jul-2012 15:49:10
              Steverino - There's no KISSING in this, is there? 10-Jul-2012 03:23:58
                           Rick T. - Ha!! I JUST lent my 20th Anniversary DVD of 'The Princess Bride' to someone on Fri.! 10-Jul-2012 03:52:00
                                        Corranga - I really didn't get the Princess Bride.. In fact both myself and MAH fell asleep watching it whilst Erica watched on ;) 11-Jul-2012 19:08:50
                                                     Erica - philistines 12-Jul-2012 13:17:57
                                                     Cara - You have to be in the right frame of mind... A couple of beers and friends to laugh with also helps. ;-) 12-Jul-2012 14:36:06
                                                                  Corranga - haha, I had friends to erm doze off with. Tbh, Erica has never talked well of it either, though I appreciate that IMDB 12-Jul-2012 18:56:18
                                                                               Cara - Yes, but MAH will doze off in the middle of important things... Nevermind movies... (A) *ducks* 12-Jul-2012 19:28:12
                                                                                            Corranga - Ahh, but I don't fall asleep ever, anywhere, unless I'm supposed to! Maybe it's the air in Marc's flat... I'd watch it 13-Jul-2012 18:48:35
                                                     Corrpulent - I think I understand it. It's about twoo wuv. 12-Jul-2012 19:27:31
                                                                  Cara - *lol* Exactly! :-P 12-Jul-2012 19:29:07
              SoYoung - Funny thing, the soundtrack on my cellphone! 14-Jul-2012 00:31:25
                           SoYoung - Yeah item 3 for the wedding, very funny. 14-Jul-2012 00:41:11

Linda J - Woo Hooo !! ..Roxette featured on OT !! ..Thank you, Cara.. ;O) 09-Jul-2012 15:01:47
              Cara - ;-) I had some trouble with videos... So it might not be the exact one you'd said. 09-Jul-2012 15:24:10
                           Corranga - Not a song I'm too familiar with, but I am really feeling the Roxette vibe at the moment 11-Jul-2012 19:05:17
              Steverino - I saw Roxette in LA this past weekend 19-Sep-2012 04:42:58
                           SteveW - Great performance of "It Must Have Been Love" -- love this song! 19-Sep-2012 17:21:26
                                        Steverino - I always enjoy your interesting analysis of songs, Steve. Thanks. 23-Sep-2012 17:47:22
                                                     SteveW - Steverino, thanks for the Roxette 'playlist' -- that should keep me busy at work for a while :-) 28-Sep-2012 00:19:02
                                                                  Steverino - Definitely similar chords in "Talking 'bout a Revolution" 30-Sep-2012 19:15:28
                                                                               SteveW - I didn't know about Marie's cancer and comeback 01-Oct-2012 23:09:29
                                                     Steverino - Example of how Per Gessle's *other* band, hasn't done too badly, either. 30-Sep-2012 18:03:59
                           Cara - Wow! I bet that was a great show! :-) 19-Sep-2012 19:08:27

Cara - I'm still just a bit giddy... 01-Jul-2012 14:42:34
              nightcat - Congrats to your adorable pooch! 01-Jul-2012 16:18:05
              StPaddy - Congrats, Cara and Chip! Well done! 02-Jul-2012 07:38:06
              Cara - Thanks nightcat and StPaddy! :-) 02-Jul-2012 16:15:57
              Linda J - wow! ..that's awesome! ..way to go, Chip! ..he's such a cute dog.. ;O) 03-Jul-2012 18:25:31
                           Cara - Thanks Linda! ;-) 03-Jul-2012 20:36:13

Jason Parry - Great AOTM, Grace 30-Jun-2012 11:56:10
              grace - Didn't know he released a solo album! 01-Jul-2012 06:18:47
              Linda J - Nice pick, Grace.. ;O) 03-Jul-2012 18:22:49

Cara - Just have to share - on the music front... 25-Jun-2012 07:18:17
              Steverino - I'm glad you went and glad that you enjoyed the show. 25-Jun-2012 15:25:10
                           Cara - Thanks Steve! :-) 25-Jun-2012 16:54:02
              Linda J - glad to hear you had a good nite, Cara.. sometimes we just need a little push.. ;O) 27-Jun-2012 16:31:58
                           Linda J - ...& I know I will regret "not" seeing Roxette when they come to my area in September.. pffffff.. :O/ 27-Jun-2012 16:33:44
                                        Cara - :-( Sorry! Wish I lived closer to you - I'd volunteer to go with you! 27-Jun-2012 16:54:12
                                                     Linda J - awww, ..thankies, dear.. ;O) .......... 27-Jun-2012 22:52:02

Steverino - Since I mentioned Bertolf Lentink, I gotta put in a plug for his latest album. 25-Jun-2012 04:34:39

Steverino - Lorrainville (Americana band from Holland) have released a LIVE album now. 25-Jun-2012 02:00:04

Steverino - Chelsea Williams' acoustic cover of "So Good" by B.o.B. 23-Jun-2012 05:19:27
              Steverino - Chelsea W. just tweeted that she's performing at the Hotel Cafe this evening at 7 pm. 23-Jun-2012 23:04:05
              Brandon - I really like her style in that video and enjoyed looking through her other videos on Youtube again.. 24-Jun-2012 02:04:42
                           The other Gary - I saw Chelsea's show at the Hotel Cafe. 25-Jun-2012 08:56:26
                                        Steverino - Hey Gary! I'm glad that you were able to go. 25-Jun-2012 15:14:21
                                                     The other Gary - Chelsea's last number Saturday night. 26-Jun-2012 10:02:06
                                                                  Steverino - Thanks so much, Gary. 28-Jun-2012 15:19:18
                                                                               The other Gary - According to Chelsea's website she's playing July 5th in Hollywood. 29-Jun-2012 06:33:58
              Brandon - I can't tell you how many times I've come back to listen to this.. 01-Jul-2012 05:13:02

Steverino - Nightcat, good pick! I like Hayley's music, too. 23-Jun-2012 04:39:41
              nightcat - Hiya Steve 23-Jun-2012 17:34:50
                           Steverino - Your parents did well by you, then. 23-Jun-2012 23:28:53
                           Corrpulent - Thanks for the introduction, Nightcat, and I enjoyed the 3 other videos, Steve. 27-Jun-2012 03:09:24
              Brandon - Quite a beautiful voice she has. 24-Jun-2012 02:01:46
              SoYoung - Absolutely beautiful, especially after all these months listening to gym music. LOL 24-Jun-2012 23:34:47
              SoYoung - Does Hayley have any of her own music, that she wrote herself. Just wondering. 24-Jun-2012 23:57:23
                           Steverino - I'm only aware of her singing other writers' songs - I could be wrong, though 25-Jun-2012 06:33:57
              SoYoung - Sorry one more post - check out Gabriel's Oboe. 25-Jun-2012 00:40:39
                           The other Gary - Found this on google. 25-Jun-2012 08:42:26

Linda J - Nice AOTM pick.. I like it.. ;O) ..Cara, ..I have a suggestion................. 22-Jun-2012 17:20:22
              Cara - Yes, I finally got to listen to some yesterday and I really enjoyed it. 22-Jun-2012 18:56:27
              Cara - Is there any particular song you'd like to see for the featured video? 22-Jun-2012 18:58:32
                           Linda J - Thanks, Cara.. not sure.. LoL!! ..I like everything by Roxette.. ;O) ..I'll have look around for vids.. 22-Jun-2012 19:35:30
                           Linda J - Ok.. gotta be something recent.. how about.................. 22-Jun-2012 19:46:45
                                        Cara - No problem. I can find a link! 22-Jun-2012 19:58:41
                                                     Linda J - thank you.. ;O) 22-Jun-2012 20:01:00
                           Linda J - I posted one on my fb.. you can take a look.. LoL !! ;O) 22-Jun-2012 19:59:56
                                        Cara - Okay. Will do! 22-Jun-2012 20:03:27
                                        Linda J - I wish Steve were here.. He'll know some good Roxette videos.. ;O) 22-Jun-2012 20:20:45
                                                     Cara - Maybe he'll check in and see this before it's Roxette's turn. ;-) 22-Jun-2012 21:01:39
                                                     Steverino - Hey Linda, I'm here! 23-Jun-2012 04:09:59
                                                                  Cara - Thanks. I'll find one of these 'more obscure' ones when it's time! :-) 23-Jun-2012 15:06:47
                                                                  Linda J - Yay! Thanks Steve.. & Cara.. ;O) 23-Jun-2012 16:23:45

Cara - The Pierce's are going to be playing today here! 14-Jun-2012 16:11:41
              Cara - I don't know if anyone is interested but I think you can stream it live from anywhere... 14-Jun-2012 20:31:32
                           Rick T. - The Pierces are scheduled to perform this Mon. (the 18th) on The Late Show w/David Letterman. 17-Jun-2012 06:19:23
                                        Cara - Thanks Rick. I'll record it. I'm not sure about archives of the Oake on the Water performances. 18-Jun-2012 04:14:50
                                                     Rick T. - Thanks, Cara. Btw, for those who missed the Letterman performance, and would like to see it... 19-Jun-2012 20:57:45
                                                                  Cara - They used to be really good about responding to questions etc. but I haven't heard anything back! 19-Jun-2012 22:48:52

Cara - AOTM Suggestions 11-Jun-2012 16:58:45
              grace - *send* 13-Jun-2012 06:45:15
                           Cara - Thanks. ;-) (And to the others who've sent them as well!) 13-Jun-2012 16:11:42
                                        Linda J - ;O) 22-Jun-2012 20:33:05

SteveW - Notes on the AOTM 09-Jun-2012 04:00:47
              grace - Must be fun to be one of those musicians... 09-Jun-2012 23:00:00
                           SteveW - I imagine it's especially fun to play for the percussionists... 10-Jun-2012 00:51:40
                                        Cara - That would be a unique change! And surely is fun for the percussionists! 10-Jun-2012 03:47:22
              SteveW - More AOTM: music from speech 10-Jun-2012 20:25:49
                           Cara - That's really interesting. I'm going to have to listen to that this afternoon... 11-Jun-2012 16:56:34
                                        Cara - I did get a chance to listen to some of this yesterday. 12-Jun-2012 16:15:08
                                                     SteveW - Hi Cara, thanks for your thoughts! 12-Jun-2012 21:15:17
                                                                  Cara - Interesting! 13-Jun-2012 03:24:18
                                                                               Cara - One of my other favorite classes in the music minor was the counterpoint class. 13-Jun-2012 16:04:58
                                                     SteveW - P.S. 12-Jun-2012 21:32:00
                                                                  Rick T. - This was interesting. 17-Jun-2012 06:28:42
                                                                               SteveW - Rick T., great point about the two xylophones -- I never noticed that before. 17-Jun-2012 19:46:41

Cara - Of Monsters and Men - gotta admit I'm super excited about this one! 02-Jun-2012 01:18:03
              grace - Just found the time to listen to this.. Lovin their sound. Organic indie-esque and FUN! 07-Jun-2012 04:20:08
                           Cara - Yeah, I really, really like it. Anybody want to buy me a CD? :-P 07-Jun-2012 18:34:38

CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - going to see boyce Avenue next month. Great choice for AOTM. their covers are amazing 30-May-2012 20:12:09
              Cara - I've just been listening to them today. 30-May-2012 23:01:42
                           ocean - *likes* 03-Jun-2012 08:08:28

Cara - Thanks for the AOTM suggestion Rick! 20-May-2012 03:38:32
              grace - One of those moments when you look for a 'like' button :) 20-May-2012 06:42:37
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Great choice, I agree 21-May-2012 16:02:49
                                        SteveW - Agree with CarolineInspiredMeToDrum and Steverino -- great job, Cara. 22-May-2012 00:49:34
              Steverino - Rick picks another winner! He introduced me to the Pierces late last year. 22-May-2012 04:17:18
                           Rick T. - You're welcome, Cara! Sorry I'm late with my reply, but.... 28-May-2012 18:26:51
                                        Rick T. - Glad to hear you also really like The Pierces, Steve! 28-May-2012 18:34:30
                                                     Rick T. - Sorry, Steve. In my first paragraph in my reply above, I meant to write... 28-May-2012 18:38:33
                                        Cara - Hi Rick! 28-May-2012 19:00:32
                                                     Rick T. - Oh, I see. You're very welcome. :) 28-May-2012 20:08:33

StPaddy - R.I.P. Donna Summers 17-May-2012 19:21:59
              Steverino - Donna Summer was huge in the late 70's and early 80's - from all accounts, a good person. 20-May-2012 07:02:18
              Linda J - She will be missed.. very sad.. :O/ 20-May-2012 23:09:25
                           Steverino - And now Robin Gibb has passed. :( 22-May-2012 05:18:52
                                        Linda J - Yes.. I'd heard about that.. So tragic.. :O/ 24-May-2012 18:13:27
                                                     Rick T. - I was saddened to hear about their passing, both legends in disco. 28-May-2012 19:47:36
                                                                  Rick T. - Oops! So sorry, here are the vids... 28-May-2012 19:52:36

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