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Steverino - Marit Larsen in Germany with her new album WHEN THE MORNING COMES 20-Apr-2015 03:07:20
              Terry2 - Marit Larsen 22-Apr-2015 22:28:11
                           Steverino - Thank you for letting me know what you think of Marit's new album. 24-Apr-2015 06:52:22
              SteveW - I particularly liked the minimalist, mostly-acoustic cover of I Love You Always Forever (n/t) 23-Apr-2015 00:02:40

Cara - FEMM gets a 2nd week as AOTM because I haven't received any other recommendations! 17-Apr-2015 21:01:30
              nightcat - Standby Cara I think I have a suggestion to send (n/t) 18-Apr-2015 03:00:56
                           nightcat - But let FEMM have their 2nd week first since I'm nice like that :-) (n/t) 18-Apr-2015 04:16:16
              IrishHeart - AOTM suggestion 18-Apr-2015 18:22:01
                           Cara - Great! Just send me an email with the info and I'll add them to my list! 18-Apr-2015 21:23:42

Corrsgirl1 - FEMM 10-Apr-2015 23:02:20
              SteveW - I enjoyed the "The Real Thing" 17-Apr-2015 00:56:53
                           Corrsgirl1 - I always learn so much from your posts, 19-Apr-2015 14:57:03
                                        IrishHeart - I agree, Corrsgirl1 19-Apr-2015 17:44:41
                                                     SteveW - Appreciate the kind words, IrishHeart and Corrsgirl1. Meanwhile, I'm still listening to FEMM... 22-Apr-2015 00:55:29

Cara - Right folks - I'm all out of AOTM recommendations again. ;-) Send them in! 27-Mar-2015 22:55:38
              IrishHeart - AOTM question 28-Mar-2015 16:20:10
                           Cara - Anything. :-) The only real criteria would be "not already featured". ;-) 28-Mar-2015 22:15:03
                                        IrishHeart - Ha! I'll keep that in mind. ;-p (n/t) 28-Mar-2015 22:28:54
                                        Corranga - There can't be (m) any visitors to a Corrs fan board that aren't adults nowadays :P 03-Apr-2015 11:19:39

IrishHeart - Harriet 12-Mar-2015 23:11:13
              Corrpulent - She has a lovely voice... 13-Mar-2015 02:25:50
              Corrsgirl1 - Been listening to some of her songs on YouTube 01-Apr-2015 23:03:24
                           IrishHeart - Glad you like her Corrsgirl1 01-Apr-2015 23:23:07
                           SteveW - Trivia: What's the connection between "Grown-Up Christmas List" and the Corrs? 02-Apr-2015 13:54:24
              IrishHeart - Harriet's website 01-Apr-2015 23:32:36
                           Steverino - Simmering cover of MJ's "She's Out of My Life" 02-May-2015 18:55:30
                                        IrishHeart - Harriet 03-May-2015 00:13:42

SteveW - AOTM quiz: What's "wrong" with this music? 28-Feb-2015 00:57:10
              Corrsgirl1 - I have no idea, but it's a beautiful piece of music! (n/t) 28-Feb-2015 08:55:14
                           SteveW - Corrsgirl1, it reminds me a bit of the Red Cliff song you posted by alan a while ago (n/t) 28-Feb-2015 21:22:47
                                        Corrsgirl1 - I didn't notice that the first time but yes after listening again it does remind me of the song by alan! (n/t) 03-Mar-2015 08:21:28
              Terry2 - What's wrong? 01-Mar-2015 16:15:56
                           SteveW - Good ears, Terry2 -- you got it exactly! 01-Mar-2015 22:12:28

Steverino - Emmy Nash, artist from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains 22-Feb-2015 06:39:51
              SteveW - I listened to all of the songs you posted 24-Feb-2015 01:06:21
                           Steverino - I'm cool with that. Thanks for listening. 24-Feb-2015 04:45:45
                                        Cara - I personally just can't get into country music... 24-Feb-2015 14:33:20
              Steverino - To Emmy Nash or any of her people who might chance upon this topic... 25-Feb-2015 12:37:38

Corrsgirl1 - Queen + Adam Lambert 17-Feb-2015 08:50:30
              SteveW - No one will ever replace Freddie Mercury, but that was pretty good 18-Feb-2015 08:41:23
              Steverino - Queen + Adam Lambert (my reaction) 19-Feb-2015 04:56:04
                           Corrsgirl1 - I really didn't want to like Adam at first cause I hate Xfactor, Idols and all that stuff too 19-Feb-2015 21:37:13

Steverino - Hopeful Signs from Randy Coleman 17-Feb-2015 04:38:30

Steverino - AOTM: Madison Violet 07-Feb-2015 18:53:02
              SteveW - Beautiful harmonies 12-Feb-2015 21:39:45
                           Steverino - Indigo Girls 17-Feb-2015 00:08:34
                                        SteveW - Is this the same John Reynolds who produced Andrea's second solo album? 17-Feb-2015 01:43:11
                                                     Steverino - Yes, the same one. 17-Feb-2015 05:00:07

SteveW - AOTM: How to Train Your Dragon (and Celtic and Indonesian music) 30-Jan-2015 23:51:30
              Cara - I *love* this movie. ;-) 31-Jan-2015 10:24:28
              Steverino - I've never seen the film, but it is a very thrilling soundtrack and scene. 03-Feb-2015 03:20:48
                           Cara - I've never seen it in 3D. I didn't actually know that there was a 3D version!* 03-Feb-2015 12:10:13
                                        SteveW - More on How to Train Your Dragon, gamelan, etc. 03-Feb-2015 21:22:02
                                                     Cara - Gamelon 04-Feb-2015 12:18:37
                                                                  SteveW - I think gamelan had the opposite appeal for me... 05-Feb-2015 08:40:49

SteveW - AOTM: This was cool -- a minimalist rock song 29-Jan-2015 21:08:51
              Cara - Glad you enjoyed it! :-) 30-Jan-2015 13:40:13

dave - Pop triviality - only realised today that Duran Duran got their name from 19-Jan-2015 21:41:18
              SteveW - Did you know the original Duran Duran lineup had three members named "Taylor" -- all unrelated 20-Jan-2015 07:31:40
                           dave - Sure are a lot of Taylors in the music business. (n/t) 20-Jan-2015 12:28:38
              Corrpulent - Do you know where The Doors got their name? 21-Jan-2015 11:35:29
              Steverino - Roxette got their name from... 23-Jan-2015 06:17:06

Steverino - Whoa! Christmas in mid-January! AOTM: Ruth Trimble 17-Jan-2015 19:28:19
              Cara - Sorry about that! You should have said and I definitely could have done her before Christmas! 18-Jan-2015 05:37:19
                           Steverino - No worries, Cara. :-) 18-Jan-2015 21:07:07
                                        Cara - Oops!! So you did. *blushes* SORRY!! 19-Jan-2015 07:51:04
              SteveW - Nice cover of Runaway 21-Jan-2015 23:03:41
                           Steverino - Ruth expresses her great trepidation in covering a Karen Carpenter song 23-Jan-2015 06:37:18
                                        SteveW - Yes, a Carole King quality -- that's a great comparison (also A Song for You) 25-Jan-2015 03:26:51
                                        IrishHeart - Sharon Corr has said that as well I believe 28-Jan-2015 18:08:10

Steverino - New Julie Fowlis video and more (for Celtic music lovers) 15-Jan-2015 05:35:54
              Corrsgirl1 - Thank you for posting this! 27-Jan-2015 18:20:54
                           Steverino - Thanks, Corrsgirl! I'm very happy you enjoyed it. 01-Feb-2015 18:23:24
                                        Corrsgirl1 - I think I've never seen a woman play bagpipes before 02-Feb-2015 13:33:40
                                                     IrishHeart - Bagpipes 02-Feb-2015 18:03:25
                           Steverino - Julie Fowlis and her other musical projects, Ḍchas and "Dual: 01-Feb-2015 18:55:52
                                        Steverino - Regarding Jenna and Bethany Reid 01-Feb-2015 20:43:15
              IrishHeart - Julie Fowlis 01-Feb-2015 20:49:02
                           Steverino - You're welcome. I completely agree that her efforts are very commendable. 02-Feb-2015 05:03:31

SteveW - new AOTM: 10000 Maniacs 10-Jan-2015 05:50:40
              Steverino - Great choice for AOTM - 10,000 Maniacs are a very fine band. 14-Jan-2015 19:09:59
                           SteveW - Steverino, great to hear your thoughts on 10000 Maniacs 18-Jan-2015 03:37:54
                                        Steverino - Thanks for the tip on IN MY TRIBE 19-Jan-2015 00:59:10
                                                     SteveW - Wow, I hear it now! That is very cool. ("Hopelessly Addicted" and "These Are Days") 20-Jan-2015 08:19:16
                                                                  Steverino - Don't feel you need to answer that other one, Steve. 23-Jan-2015 08:22:48

nightcat - For those who happen to be in London tomorrow, Jan 8,.... 07-Jan-2015 08:57:05
              nightcat - Did anybody here actually went to the gig?? If none that's ok... (n/t) 14-Jan-2015 01:26:15

Steverino - Black Lab, alternative rock band founded in California 04-Jan-2015 03:07:39
              Steverino - I ALWAYS make mistakes when posting! A correction... 04-Jan-2015 03:55:49
              SteveW - AOTM: I liked the featured song and particularly Lonely Boy 09-Jan-2015 07:55:08
                           Steverino - I'm with you, either way. 14-Jan-2015 23:09:40
                                        SteveW - Steverino's quiz 16-Jan-2015 06:49:46
                                                     Steverino - Quite right you are! 19-Jan-2015 19:49:24
                                                                  SteveW - Steverino, finally got a chance to listen to the songs you linked in this post 25-Jan-2015 03:19:04

Steverino - Stevie Ann has her new Chistmas EP out. 12-Dec-2014 05:02:03
              Corrpulent - I played those on Christmas Eve and enjoyed them. Thanks. (n/t) 25-Dec-2014 05:55:51
                           Steverino - Very glad you enjoyed it, sir! 15-Jan-2015 00:50:03

IrishHeart - Harriet 09-Dec-2014 21:25:08
              Steverino - Yes, very KC-sounding voice without being overtly imitative. 12-Dec-2014 04:35:32
                           IrishHeart - Harriet's new video 22-Apr-2015 00:30:20

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