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Steverino - Swallows and Amazons - 40th Anniversary Digitally Remastered DVD 30-Aug-2014 05:51:28
              SteveW - That‘s great that you picked a film. My next choice (already sent to Cara) is from the film world, too. 30-Aug-2014 10:38:49

Cara - AOTM Bruce Hornsby Information 29-Aug-2014 11:12:09
              SteveW - I wouldn‘t necessarily say I‘m a fan, but I‘ve always liked Bruce Hornsby 30-Aug-2014 10:35:17

SteveW - AOTM: I'm Gonna Fly 23-Aug-2014 18:11:06
              Steverino - Thanks for shining the AOTM spotlight on Amy Grant. 24-Aug-2014 20:07:19
                           SteveW - Steverino, thanks for your reply and insightful (as always) thoughts 25-Aug-2014 04:31:57
                                        Steverino - Thank you for the listening suggestions from her more recent work. (n/t) 30-Aug-2014 05:53:35

Steverino - For the First Aid Kit fans among us... 23-Aug-2014 17:38:02

Cara - This is the last on the list of "Artists You Should Have Known in 2013". 15-Aug-2014 21:06:50
              Terry2 - AOTM 17-Aug-2014 00:02:12
                           SteveW - I like having the AOTM as well, even if I don't always reply to them 17-Aug-2014 01:26:17
                                        nightcat - I got 2 AOTM suggestions in mind, which one of em to put forward first... (n/t) 17-Aug-2014 06:06:08
                                                     Cara - You can always just send them both at the same time. ;-) (n/t) 17-Aug-2014 19:07:45
                                                                  grace - That's how I exhausted all my AOTM suggestions lol (n/t) 15-Sep-2014 09:28:03

Steverino - AOTM: Hannah Scott, singer/songwriter from Suffolk/London/Italy 02-Aug-2014 05:57:16
              SteveW - AOTM: This was a beautiful video 05-Aug-2014 11:27:08
                           Steverino - SteveW, many thanks for the comments on both my recent AOTM suggestions. 14-Aug-2014 04:58:12

Steverino - Marit Larsen 26-Jul-2014 06:52:23
              SteveW - I liked "If a Song Could Get Me You" 29-Jul-2014 02:58:28
              Steverino - In watching some of Marit's videos, I learned of the duo/twin sisters recording as Garness. 27-Jan-2015 08:04:40
                           Steverino - oops! HERE is "Under the Surface" 27-Jan-2015 08:07:49

Cara - It's time to send me more AOTM suggestions!! :-) (n/t) 14-Jul-2014 09:31:45
              nightcat - do embeds and links work again like they should, or not just yet? (n/t) 14-Jul-2014 10:30:09
                           SteveW - testing; please ignore 14-Jul-2014 11:26:37
                                        SteveW - test failed; please ignore 14-Jul-2014 12:01:04
                           Cara - No they don't. Sorry. :-( 14-Jul-2014 14:16:06

Steverino - "Crack the Code" by the Dutch band Color Reporters 12-Jul-2014 18:00:13
              SteveW - Nice song; reminded me vaguely of the Beatles in parts 13-Jul-2014 05:20:30
                           Steverino - Steve, thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. 14-Jul-2014 17:53:58
                                        SteveW - I liked Sing for Massachusetts and Stuffocation as well 19-Jul-2014 15:28:06
                                                     Steverino - Well, I didn't really get it all straight, but... 23-Jul-2014 07:26:45

Steverino - What do you think about HAIM? They just played Glastonbury. 01-Jul-2014 06:42:13
              Cara - Just a reminder (and since it hasn't been posted on the OT Board)... 01-Jul-2014 10:22:02
                           Steverino - Ah, I see. Here are the simplified links. 01-Jul-2014 14:34:33
                                        Cara - Once we get it fixed up new links etc. will work again. But stuff posted during the 'broken' time will... 01-Jul-2014 16:39:48
                                                     Corranga - I come across them as a backing act, they were very good live. Similar influences to The Corrs actually 02-Jul-2014 14:47:02
                                                                  Steverino - Good point. Yes, there are some similarities. 19-Jul-2014 02:37:16

Jerry - Lake Street Dive in Ireland 27-Jun-2014 00:44:31
              Jerry - At the 9:30 Club in DC Tuesday night 27-Jun-2014 00:50:59
                           Jerry - On a Boston sidewalk 27-Jun-2014 00:52:38

Steverino - Follow-up on Zolene, singer from Northern Ireland 12-May-2014 10:11:45
              Corrpulent - Thanks for posting those. I enjoyed them. She has a wonderful voice. (n/t) 31-May-2014 02:54:46
                           Steverino - Thanks for the response, sir. 01-Jul-2014 06:20:14

the other Gary - Steverino....were you the Mary Fahl fan? 12-May-2014 09:11:21
              Steverino - Cool! Thanks for the tip, Gary. 12-May-2014 10:19:54
                           SteveW - Yes, I've been very impressed by Mary Fahl and October Project as well 13-May-2014 09:44:43
                                        Steverino - Mary Fahl is releasing a live double-album. 04-Sep-2014 05:01:52
                                                     SteveW - Steverino, thanks for the heads-up on Mary Fahl. BTW, I came across this October Project performance 14-Sep-2014 02:23:00

Steverino - I'm very impressed with Sarah McLachlan's just-released album, SHINE ON. 11-May-2014 03:42:37
              CSCfan - I love Sarah! <3 Her new album is a grower for me... but there are some beautiful songs on there! 26-Jun-2014 18:58:22
                           Steverino - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one here who love Sarah. 01-Jul-2014 14:59:00

Bea_HC - The AOTM won the Eurovision Contest a few years ago, didn´t he? 04-May-2014 17:14:51
              dcrepestacker - You're right, Bea! And he did so in 2009. I like his entry "Fairytale." (n/t) 04-May-2014 17:30:52
                           Bea_HC - Fairytale that was the song!!! Thanks dcrepestaker!! I liked it aa lot too but 04-May-2014 18:33:20
                                        dcrepestacker - Rybak Post-Eurovision 04-May-2014 19:32:45

Cara - Need more AOTM suggestions. :-) 02-May-2014 11:23:48

Steverino - Paperback Cliché 02-May-2014 04:59:28
              SteveW - I liked this song, Paperback Cliche 07-May-2014 03:14:24
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - she's fairly active on facebook (n/t) 07-May-2014 14:43:03
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I love this woman (n/t) 07-May-2014 14:28:02
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - here is a little package I put together a few years ago. I remember Tara approved this when i put it up back then. 07-May-2014 14:46:49

Steverino - Canadian artist Ruth Moody 25-Apr-2014 08:47:40
              Steverino - Interview of Ruth Moody 25-Apr-2014 08:54:53
              SteveW - Cool version of Dancing in the Dark -- love the string arrangement! (n/t) 25-Apr-2014 09:41:45
                           the other Gary - I did recognize Ruth Moody's name from the Wailin' Jennys. 26-Apr-2014 09:58:21

Steverino - Worth noting here that this year marks the 40th Anniversary of the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest 25-Apr-2014 07:16:31
              SteveW - I wouldn't say I'm an ABBA fan, but I like many of their songs, especially The Winner Takes It All 25-Apr-2014 10:02:29

Steverino - If you are interested in buying signed copy of Cara Dillon's new album... 21-Apr-2014 03:22:55
              Steverino - Well, at least you all had a chance! *lol* Here is an EPK and first video. 11-May-2014 04:45:27
                           Cara - Send me some of your recommendations to use for AOTM! That way busier people have a week to focus on them. :-) 12-May-2014 17:47:50
                                        Cara - *rofl* Literally JUST as I've hit "Send Message" my phone has binged at me with your email!! Great minds. ;-) (n/t) 12-May-2014 17:48:53
                                                     Steverino - Haha, you must have telepathy! ;O) (n/t) 12-May-2014 18:22:59
                                                                  Cara - I've got it put into a file - it will be a few weeks coming because I've already worked so far ahead... 13-May-2014 10:16:24
                                                                               Steverino - That's fine! :-) (n/t) 14-May-2014 15:00:37
                           Steverino - Exclusive: Listen to Cara Dillon's brand new album at RTÉ TEN 14-May-2014 14:59:11

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