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Cara - Information on Rebecca Latham - Our first painter!! 10-Jan-2014 21:20:35
              SteveW - I enjoyed this -- interesting to watch the painting take shape (n/t) 12-Jan-2014 04:36:01
                           Corrpulent - The painting starts out not looking very promising. The fine detail of the finished product is impressive. (n/t) 14-Jan-2014 02:35:30

the other Gary - The Fire and the Sea. 04-Jan-2014 08:56:16

Steverino - The "Post-a-Holiday-Tune" topic... 24-Dec-2013 06:05:00
              Cara - I've kindof done this with the holiday videos I've posted in place of AOTM. 24-Dec-2013 13:58:34
                           Steverino - Right you have! Thank you. 24-Dec-2013 15:15:38
                                        nightcat - I'm contributing local music for this thread 24-Dec-2013 16:38:49
                                                     Steverino - Sweet songs, Nightcat! 25-Dec-2013 02:43:25
                                        Cara - Thanks Steve!! (n/t) 24-Dec-2013 17:51:39
              Steverino - A few more... 25-Dec-2013 06:27:05
              SteveW - Here are two new(-ish) Amy Grant Christmas songs I love 27-Dec-2013 04:00:37
                           Steverino - I appreciate your selections, Steve. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you. 29-Dec-2013 03:41:31
                                        the other Gary - I'm late, but here are a couple. 29-Dec-2013 09:20:23
                                                     Cara - I fixed all of your videos for you. :-) 30-Dec-2013 16:27:42
                                                                  the other Gary - Thanks Cara. 31-Dec-2013 07:16:15
                                                                               Cara - No problem at all! ;-) (n/t) 02-Jan-2014 16:52:17

Steverino - New album: HERE IS THE HOME by Celtic singer Colleen Raney 21-Dec-2013 05:31:41

the other Gary - Anybody want to help Kris Angelis? 16-Dec-2013 04:45:58
              the other Gary - It would help if I gave you the link. 16-Dec-2013 04:50:58
                           Steverino - That vote-rallying video made me laugh. 17-Dec-2013 14:59:50
                                        the other Gary - I understand Steverino. 18-Dec-2013 06:28:25
                                                     Corranga - Bit of a thread drift, but I think nowadays you have to weigh up the good and bad of facebook 19-Dec-2013 08:44:55
                                                                  the other Gary - Very good post Corranga. 19-Dec-2013 23:20:05
                           the other Gary - Recent interview of Kris, and you can help XY Unlimited too. 21-Dec-2013 09:56:09
                                        the other Gary - Kris nominated for 3 L.A. Music Critics Awards. 29-Dec-2013 08:30:54
                                                     the other Gary - Kris won best female CD award from Los Angeles Music Critics. 17-Jan-2014 10:28:13
                                                                  the other Gary - Kris and Alix (her sister) are in the Superbowl Bud Light commercials. 01-Feb-2014 07:45:46

the other Gary - Karmina in Chicago, January 16th and 17th of 2014. 14-Dec-2013 09:52:42
              the other Gary - Karmina in Chicago and Park City, Utah. 17-Jan-2014 10:25:05
                           the other Gary - Bit of Everly Brothers cover by Karmina. 19-Jan-2014 00:18:13

Cara - NPR's Top 50 Albums of 2013 10-Dec-2013 15:34:09
              SteveW - I think I recognized maybe half a dozen at most 10-Dec-2013 21:52:39
                           Corranga - I have the Haim album. I haven't heard of the others, and the artists I recognised I'm not the least bit 13-Dec-2013 08:47:49
                                        Corranga - Following up on this, I decided to listen to some of this... so far only the top 2, and... 13-Dec-2013 09:39:00
              Linda J - well... I never heard of "any" of those.. & I thought I was out there when it come to music.. LoL !! ;O) (n/t) 14-Dec-2013 19:22:37
              Linda J - listened to a few.. I liked "Drone Logic" ;O) (n/t) 14-Dec-2013 21:27:11
              grace - I know this was quite some time ago but I got excited when I saw the first thing I recognized 24-Feb-2014 08:16:15

Steverino - Beatles related: a live concert by Her Majesty 10-Dec-2013 06:00:06

Cara - Bea mentioned she might not be able to be on the board so asked me to post a link for info about The Middle East band. 06-Dec-2013 21:03:51
              Bea_HC - Thanks Cara Happy to be back again!!! I īve got a lot to read :) (n/t) 17-Dec-2013 18:48:24

the other Gary - Okay....who was the Randy Coleman fan here? 06-Dec-2013 09:01:09
              Steverino - That would be me! THANK YOU for the information, Gary; I didn't know anything about it. 07-Dec-2013 05:15:58
                           the other Gary - I thought it was you Steverino, but I wasn't sure. 08-Dec-2013 08:04:14
                                        Steverino - Sorry to hear about your mom, Gary. 08-Dec-2013 19:48:21
                                                     the other Gary - Actually Chet is doing a few numbers at Room 5 tomorrow. 09-Dec-2013 09:00:03
                                                                  the other Gary - Video of the band. 09-Dec-2013 22:16:36
                                                                               Steverino - Thanks! I did enjoy it. 10-Dec-2013 05:41:34

StPaddy - R.I.P. Nelson Mandela 06-Dec-2013 07:36:28
              Steverino - He had every reason to be angry and bitter, but instead he repaid evil by being a blessing to others. 08-Dec-2013 18:08:06

grace - AOTM: I love that song! 01-Dec-2013 16:07:24
              dcrepestacker - Aye 01-Dec-2013 21:28:16
              Linda J - I have a few of their songs too.. nice, very relaxing.. ;O) (n/t) 03-Dec-2013 18:19:26
                           Steverino - I'm a fan of Bread too (+ The Wrecking Crew) 04-Dec-2013 08:28:47
                                        Steverino - Yay! Enough money was raised to clear the last hurdles for The Wrecking Crew documentary film. 28-Dec-2013 08:34:38
                                                     SteveW - This film looks really interesting! (trailer inside, plus a Carpenters connection) 28-Dec-2013 17:50:10

Steverino - Singer/Songwriter Yvonne Lyon 29-Nov-2013 05:50:18

nightcat - About She's Only Sixteen 23-Nov-2013 09:19:48
              Steverino - "Dying to Meet You" is a good song... 29-Nov-2013 03:01:07
                           nightcat - After months of having the EP in digital form, I finally have it in physical too. 03-Dec-2013 13:40:55
                                        nightcat - New MV along with something for US folk 05-Jan-2014 23:21:05

IrishHeart - Basia Trzetrzelewska 22-Nov-2013 16:55:36
              Steverino - I never followed up on her music, though my older brother had one of her CDs. 29-Nov-2013 03:28:09
                           IrishHeart - Thanks 29-Nov-2013 16:16:29

Cara - Running a bit low on AOTM suggestions. I think I have 1 left (well - 2 including the one going up tonight.). ;-) 22-Nov-2013 16:43:06
              Linda J - Been listening to a Canadian Indie band called Metric lately.. ;O) ...... 24-Nov-2013 23:50:54
              Steverino - As I've said before, I'm reluctant to offer any suggestions for AOTM. 22-Dec-2013 06:47:23

the other Gary - Priscilla Ahn released a new video. 21-Nov-2013 08:22:21
              the other Gary - Oops, forgot to put in a clickable link for the story about Shrub Man. 21-Nov-2013 08:24:24

the other Gary - ODi from Ireland. 17-Nov-2013 09:41:46
              Bea_HC - Lol you put a smile on my face with that last sentence Gary :-) 20-Nov-2013 17:41:40
              Moira_Honolulu - That was good. I think I might like this group. (n/t) 20-Nov-2013 21:58:08
                           the other Gary - Thanks for the positive comments. 21-Nov-2013 08:02:16

the other Gary - Katie Cole's new music video. 15-Nov-2013 07:39:30

Rick T. - About Totsy... 13-Nov-2013 00:01:44
              the other Gary - Hardly the same, but you might find Ruby Friedman interesting. 15-Nov-2013 07:48:57
              Steverino - "Fall Away" and the title track "Red Balloon" are also good ones by Totsy. 14-Dec-2013 09:22:46

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