The Corrs Club

For the best part of a decade (1997 - 2005), the primary place for Corrs fans to gather to share their thoughts & experiences was a messageboard known as the CorrBoard. Expertly run and created by Mark, this community was different from all the other messageboards out there. It used a simple format allowing users to scan every post made by everyone in an easy to read structure. There were no individual sections, just one simple board (later becoming 3), where anything Corrs related was a valid topic.

In its heyday the Corrboard was home to thousands of people reading & posting on the board. After only a few years of existence it developed enough reputation that the band themselves would read the board, and in the case of Jim in particular, would occasionally leave the odd post. Unsure at first whether these posts were 'the real deal' or imposters, when he met the band in person Mark had it confirmed that the band had indeed read & posted on the board.

In November 2005, Mark decided to hang up his boots, so he could dedicate more time to his own life & family. It was sad news, when Mark decided to call it a day, even though we all know websites can't last forever.

Members did not want the site to go, and TJ (who was working as a moderator for Mark at the time) offered to take over the running of the CorrBoard. However, Mark wanted a clean break from the site, so TJ had to come up with something different. The Corrs Club was born. Not being a web programmer himself, he couldn't recreate the look & feel of the CorrBoard. Fortunately, he had some Corr friends out there who know a thing or two about writing web code, and producing web logos. So work began in December 2005 to recreate that CorrBoard familiarity.

It was a few months before what you see today was ready, so TJ needed a temporary place for people to go, and ended up creating a messageboard, much like all the others out there. He tried to make it as 'homey' as possible, adopting as many features from the old CorrBoard as he could (such as the popular FOTM feature). Generally, regular users of the CorrBoard didn't really like it, but were willing to tolerate it, until we could get something more appropriate in place. It's a testament to the strong community here that fans stuck together and stuck with the board throughout the transition. It goes to show how special this group is!

The board as you see it now went live on March 1st 2006. TJ and MAH (who did most of the design/programming work for the board) were in charge, with Luke as an additional moderator. I (Cara) started helping out around May 2006 when TJ needed an additional moderator in a different time-zone who could help provide a different perspective as well as keep an eye on things when the 'regulars' were unavailable. Over the years, I've taken on more and more responsibility as Luke dropped out and TJ started to step back. Most of the regular members here know me pretty well by now!

The CorrBoard/Corrs Club has always been a special place for me so when TJ mentioned that he was ready to pass on the reins I was thrilled to be able to offer to take over. The timing in my own personal life was perfect and I'm honored that he was willing to pass the torch on to me. This transition was a bit less 'visible' to the regular board members because TJ left everything as it was and just turned it over to me. Like TJ, I'm also not a web programmer. Fortunately, MAH is still around and willing to help me out with that side of things!

I'm honored to keep the board going and look forward to continuing the CorrBoard/Corrs Club tradition!


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