CorrsClub Guidelines

  1. Be nice to each other - We are all bound to have differences of opinion from time to time. The secret is to discuss them in a civil manner. You don't have to like everyone, but on this board, you have to be nice to them. Or at least be civil.
  2. Keep it clean - Do not post messages of an explicit sexual nature. The CorrsClub is read by Corrs fans of all ages around the world. Furthermore, our web server does not permit such content on their pages, and by posting such messages, you risk having the site shut down.
  3. Don't insult the Corrs - Notice the phrase "Corrs fans" above. That doesn't mean you have to like everything they do, but if you're just coming to the CorrsClub to insult the Corrs or their fans, don't bother.
  4. Talk about the Corrs - The CorrsClub was set up to provide a forum for Corrs fans to have discussions about The Corrs. This does not mean that all discussions have to be explicitly about the Corrs, but that is the general idea, at least on the main board. The OT Board is available for non-Corrs related topics. Please use this section for other conversations and getting to know your fellow board members.
  5. Respect the Corrs privacy - Don't post articles etc. that give information about the Corrs places of residence or are obvious papparazi shots taken from afar without their knowledge. Don't share information about where they'll be, where they are, etc. unless it is related to a public appearance. They are people too and deserve some time away from the public. ;-) If they have posted something on their Twitter/Facebook/etc. it's fine to share that because they've obviously decided to share it. Or if it's a public appearance then please do share. Otherwise - basically just be respectful of them as people as well as 'stars'.
  6. Don't distribute bootleg or copyrighted stuff here - We're supposed to be fans of The Corrs. Therefore, we support the band in making a living from what they do. Distributing copyrighted material that takes away legitimate income from the band, isn't very fan-like.
    So - let's lay out the ground rules...
    1. Don't post anything that is available for purchase. Period.
      This includes (but is not limited to) copies of CDs, bonus tracks off CDs or Singles, DVD footage, etc. (Applicable to both past and future!!)
      This also includes items that were only available for purchase in certain areas of the world. In these modern times - anyone anywhere can purchase from pretty much anywhere else... If it would be taking money away from the Corrs, don't post it here.
    2. Publicly available info is fine to post.
      If a single has been released for radio play (a free medium) then it is fine to post links here. As are any snippets etc. posted by band members, producers, etc. on public forums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    3. Gig recordings/'bootlegs'.
      For the moment we are going to allow posting of these on the board. We're making an assumption that the band will take a more 'modern' approach to this than they did in the past (based on Sharon embracing it for her solo career). If this proves untrue and the band speaks out against these being shared - we will respect their wishes and discontinue allowing these to be posted. But for now - please feel free to share your gig videos & audio! :-)
    4. DVD footage should not be posted.
      If a new DVD is recorded/released - no footage from the DVD should be posted. (See Number 1 - it will be available to purchase.)
      This also includes footage from past DVDs. ;-)
    5. A note about YouTube...
      Yes - we are aware that much copyrighted material that is not allowed here under these guidelines is available on YouTube. We trust that any of our board members who want to look for it there are capable of searching on their own. They do not need you to provide them links here. This includes "Send me a private message and I can give you links" type of posts. You're welcome to trade things completely privately away from the board of corrs. ;-) But just don't use the public side of the board to do so in any way.
  7. Leave the moderating to the moderators - If you disagree with someone, or even if you just plain don't like someone, please don't take it upon yourself to scold them. That's the job of the moderators. If someone is really stepping out of line, or just getting on your nerves, please email one of the moderators and ask them to deal with it. I know some of you are really tactful and capable of handling situations like this very diplomatically, but the simplest, fairest approach to this is to leave the moderating to the moderators.
  8. Just use your common sense - Even if what you say in a post appears ok and looks fine with some people, it can still be offensive to others. So, think carefully about what you say, and if you're in any doubt, leave it out.
So those are the general guidelines. Within that framework, practically anything goes. But be warned. This is not an open public forum. It is a tightly moderated private discussion group. We welcome all newcomers, but if you can't abide by these guidelines, your messages will be deleted or your account will be blocked.

If you have any questions or comments about the CorrsClub, please send e-mail to Cara at:

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