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11-Aug-2020 17:21:55   CB   Den - Dont holdyour breath. (n/t)
10-Aug-2020 04:31:40   CB   MentariS - Very random indeed...but if this means the YouTube channel is going to be managed properly I'm all for it lol (n/t)
10-Aug-2020 04:29:42   CB   MentariS - New interview with Andrea on The Irish Sun:
09-Aug-2020 17:13:55   CB   CSCfan - Very interesting that The Corrs' official YT account started uploading videos on their channel..
08-Aug-2020 09:59:08   OT   SteveW - Typo
08-Aug-2020 07:45:22   OT   Corrsgirl1 - It's interesting to read your analysis of the song.
08-Aug-2020 00:26:50   OT   SteveW - More on Dynasty
07-Aug-2020 21:06:31   OT   SteveW - I found the Tape Notes podcast and will listen to that episode when I get a chance. Thanks! (n/t)
07-Aug-2020 16:15:45   CB   OsamaRaashid - Well, Wetten Dass seems to be the theme of these puzzling but welcome uploads
07-Aug-2020 00:49:15   CB   Jerry - Or maybe Trump is a Jimmian. (n/t)
06-Aug-2020 22:48:58   CB   Den - Too much time on his hands. (n/t)
06-Aug-2020 18:39:07   OT   Corrsgirl1 - On he guitar and singing part...
06-Aug-2020 14:00:23   OT   SteveW - I had never heard of Rina Sawayama, but I listened to Dynasty and really liked it
05-Aug-2020 20:10:26   OT   Corrsgirl1 - Does anyone else like Rina Sawayama?
04-Aug-2020 19:08:10   CB   MentariS - That was a great performance! Was pleasantly surprised to see the ukulele 😀
04-Aug-2020 19:07:22   CB   Corranga - Well that was beautiful, loved it! (n/t)
04-Aug-2020 18:29:58   CB   Corranga - Just over 30 minutes to go :) (n/t)
04-Aug-2020 18:10:13   CB   MentariS - Thanks for sharing this! The video will be out at 7 pm Irish time—near bedtime for me so that’s good :-) (n/t)
04-Aug-2020 17:30:23   CB   AB_CLOSER - Andrea Corr - Moondance (Van Morrison Cover)
04-Aug-2020 16:29:51   CB   AB_CLOSER - Yes. Is part of the article magazine.
04-Aug-2020 12:28:09   CB   CSCfan - Andrea will kick off this event! Tonight a video of her performing 'Moondance' will premiere on HotPress' YT account!
04-Aug-2020 09:56:57   CB   MentariS - Sorry, I must've misread the post (shared 14 hours ago) so I guess the video is out today (Tuesday)! (n/t)
04-Aug-2020 09:52:40   CB   MentariS - The tributes will kick off tomorrow with Andrea performing Moondance:
04-Aug-2020 09:41:43   CB   MentariS - Fat chance, but that'd be a very nice surprise! (n/t)
04-Aug-2020 07:13:57   CB   Wendy - Stunning photo, is it new? (n/t)
03-Aug-2020 16:47:16   CB   Corranga - >>Well she is THE, “Brown eyed Girl” - I came here to make the same joke! (n/t)
03-Aug-2020 15:09:19   CB   AB_CLOSER - Image
03-Aug-2020 15:08:30   CB   AB_CLOSER - And she IS beautiful, so beautiful...
03-Aug-2020 13:52:53   CB   SteveW - Maybe the mysterious long-lost 'Making of Jupiter Calling Part 2"' will appear next (wishful thinking) (n/t)
03-Aug-2020 13:52:45   CB   nightcat - It's a nice read for today, thanks for sharing. I also love the photos that came with the article/interview (n/t)

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