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24-Apr-2019 12:14:24   CB   SteveW - Fran, it would be great if you could do the production/mixing! (n/t)
24-Apr-2019 12:09:09   CB   RichardY - Only just had a chance to listen to this. Love it! Well done to everyone involved! (n/t)
23-Apr-2019 16:51:36   CB   Fran_SS - I could handle the mixing of the track :)
23-Apr-2019 11:55:56   CB   Wendy - Thanks Steve for expertly working out the keys!
23-Apr-2019 10:57:25   CB   SteveW - Harmony - instrumental version
23-Apr-2019 02:55:24   CB   SteveW - Sean, what do you play? (or sing?) (n/t)
23-Apr-2019 02:30:38   CB   SeanCorrain - I'm in ! (n/t)
22-Apr-2019 01:16:44   CB   SteveW - OK, let us know what works best for you (n/t)
21-Apr-2019 22:19:36   CB   BallerinaTay - I may play with it so see about transposing it up just a bit.
21-Apr-2019 11:18:36   CB   SteveW - Long Night tempo
21-Apr-2019 03:43:58   CB   SteveW - OK, let's go for it!
20-Apr-2019 23:04:17   CB   AB_CLOSER - WOW!!! Thanks. (n/t)
20-Apr-2019 18:00:38   CB   BallerinaTay - I’m really excited you all would like to give it a try!
20-Apr-2019 12:40:19   CB   nightcat - For me at least, the deadline for me worked because I'm sometimes quite a procrastinator😅😂 (n/t)
20-Apr-2019 12:26:38   CB   SteveW - A couple of Long NIght cover versions
20-Apr-2019 12:02:18   CB   SteveW - Scheduling
20-Apr-2019 11:46:09   CB   Wendy - I freaked out a little seeing it took almost 2 years - I didn't realise it had been that long!
20-Apr-2019 11:33:39   CB   SteveW - By the way, just to be clear...
20-Apr-2019 11:18:46   CB   Wendy - Yeah, and that last 10% is tricky because it no longer feels 'fresh'
20-Apr-2019 11:10:47   CB   SteveW - Yes, now we know we can make this work
20-Apr-2019 11:02:22   CB   OsamaRaashid - This is amazing! Great job everyone. Looking forward to the next one (n/t)
20-Apr-2019 10:49:39   CB   Wendy - It may not take as long for others...
20-Apr-2019 10:02:23   CB   Arikorr - Sounds like a great idea!!
20-Apr-2019 10:01:18   CB   SteveW - I think it's worth a shot!
20-Apr-2019 09:46:58   CB   Wendy - Ha, a massed vocal version would sound great, but so much work, like you said! (n/t)
20-Apr-2019 09:34:33   CB   Corranga - As below, I'd quite like to try something out, though I don't want to be more of a burden...
20-Apr-2019 09:24:24   CB   Corranga - haha, yes, that's part of the problem ;) (n/t)
20-Apr-2019 05:26:30   CB   SteveW - It does sound like there is a lot of heavily effected guitar
20-Apr-2019 05:18:22   CB   Wendy - Or, not tin whistle if someone else wants to do that.
20-Apr-2019 05:13:44   CB   Wendy - Or even just tin whistle if many others wanted to do backing vocals (n/t)

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