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27-Jun-2017 08:43:11   CB   SteveW - Thanks, GaelleF. I've seen those BH documentaries...
26-Jun-2017 17:35:00   CB   Yrisea - About social media
26-Jun-2017 17:23:08   CB   Yrisea - Yes I'm looking forward for the news regarding the album !! :) 2 album in 2 years would be fabulous :-) (n/t)
26-Jun-2017 16:53:42   CB   Sergio - Ok, now I know:) I wouldn't be surprised if Jim blocked you, but to be honest he did not post
26-Jun-2017 15:15:52   CB   Yrisea - Yes it was :)
26-Jun-2017 14:04:57   CB   MentariS - His Instagram posts are nothing like what he tweets - he pretty much only posts photos of the band
26-Jun-2017 13:50:07   CB   GaelleF - Most of the videos are part of the BH documentaries (there are two or three different ones)
26-Jun-2017 11:27:47   CB   sergio - it's still available for me...what did you say to him? just being curious...:) (n/t)
25-Jun-2017 15:39:13   CB   Yrisea - His Instagram page appears as unavailable to me....
25-Jun-2017 08:46:30   CB   SteveW - Track-by-track commentaries for BH (revised to fix link)
24-Jun-2017 10:53:44   CB   MentariS - The girls (Andrea and Sharon, that is...) seem to enjoy fan outreach too - though not exactly the 'technology' part :-) (n/t)
23-Jun-2017 21:01:31   CB   seancorrain - What is that boy up to ?
21-Jun-2017 17:01:10   CB   MentariS - Not the first time he tested IG's newer features... He also posted a couple of IG stories a few months back. (n/t)
21-Jun-2017 14:13:10   CB   Corranga - I was at the 2004 Newcastle gig :) (n/t)
21-Jun-2017 14:12:33   CB   Corranga - Interesting. Perhaps a test of the feature for Jim then. (n/t)
21-Jun-2017 05:45:47   CB   MentariS - Trust me, you missed nothing :-p Let's wait for more live broadcasts! (n/t)
21-Jun-2017 03:34:06   CB   seancorrain - I was at work ! I tried to catch him while he was live !
21-Jun-2017 01:03:09   CB   Robin - Guess I was lucky as they did Newcastle in 2001 and 2004 but of course they were much bigger tours than White light so
20-Jun-2017 19:32:04   CB   MentariS - Jim went live on Instagram just a few mins ago...only to end it after a wave and a smile, LOL
20-Jun-2017 16:11:10   CB   MentariS - Amazingly written and making me jealous as usual :-D well done Chris! (n/t)
20-Jun-2017 13:38:57   CB   Corranga - I think it was the best of the racecourse gigs, and Epsom is such a lovely place too. I think I can
20-Jun-2017 09:15:36   CB   Corranga - Yep, our island is quite small, but bigger than you think ;) It's about 1/3rd the size of Texas, but is long and narrow
19-Jun-2017 13:02:49   CB   RichardY - Thanks for posting this Chris - I really enjoyed reading it and it brought back some great memories!
19-Jun-2017 11:59:40   CB   MentariS - LOL Steve, I thought I was the only one who wondered the same thing! (n/t)
19-Jun-2017 03:28:36   CB   SteveW - Great article, thanks for sharing. The biggest surprise for me was...
18-Jun-2017 18:04:45   CB   Terry - Very nice reading Chris, and definately more than 5 minutes entertainment ;-)
18-Jun-2017 15:53:07   CB   Robin - Great blog Chris really enjoyed reading it. Brought back such happy memories, the racecourse gigs were brilliant. (n/t)
18-Jun-2017 10:33:36   CB   Corranga - New Blog! Almost 1 year after the gig, I finished my Epsom Downs Blog. Hopefully this will bring some good memories
17-Jun-2017 19:47:37   CB   StPaddy - Yes, as she once stated, she loves playing those up-tempo beats. (n/t)
17-Jun-2017 13:54:28   CB   Yrisea - Mike I cannot thank you enough!! :)))

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