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12-Jul-2024 16:14:27   CB   Corranga - Amazing! I'll be there along with a couple of others from here, and my wife and kid :) (n/t)
12-Jul-2024 05:08:21   CB   Nick - Im coming to London for the O2 gig.
11-Jul-2024 20:43:07   CB   Baxterianism - Lovely to see a gig write up! It’s been far too long since I too have written or read one….
09-Jul-2024 21:58:03   CB   Corranga - Fantastic pictures Richard as always. I feel encouraged to write up a gig blog too, not done one in a while
09-Jul-2024 13:08:22   CB   Yrisea - Thank you so much for posting these Richard!
09-Jul-2024 11:16:55   CB   RichardY - Photos and videos from Westonbirt Arboretum
09-Jul-2024 09:23:03   CB   Yrisea - Good to know. Thank you for posting!
09-Jul-2024 09:20:17   CB   Yrisea - Great interview, thank you for posting it!
09-Jul-2024 09:13:57   CB   Yrisea - Thank you so much for posting this Jerry!
09-Jul-2024 03:19:02   CB   Jerry - Article with lots of photos from Sunday's performance
08-Jul-2024 17:14:15   CB   Corranga - Tickets on sale this week too. Presales from Wed (o2 priority) then Live Nation (Thur)
08-Jul-2024 14:41:28   CB   avishyb - Corrs & O2
06-Jul-2024 20:48:12   CB   Den - The Tories promised many things and didn't do most of them. (n/t)
01-Jul-2024 09:55:21   CB   Corranga - Excellent, will be great to meet up again :) (n/t)
30-Jun-2024 21:06:14   CB   RichardY - I'll be there Chris, not as far to go for me! (n/t)
30-Jun-2024 08:24:31   OT   Steverino - "County Antrim" not "Country Antrim" (*turning red*)
30-Jun-2024 08:17:24   OT   Steverino - Sorry... made a mistake (again!)
30-Jun-2024 07:31:31   OT   Steverino - Another song cover from the '70s: a Carly Simon cover by singer Zolene
30-Jun-2024 06:35:15   CB   Steverino - Thanks for sharing this fascinating interview.
28-Jun-2024 12:11:07   CB   Corranga - Fingers crossed the weather is nice! I'll be there
26-Jun-2024 05:58:37   CB   mrtwenty1 - The Bookshelf with Ryan Tubridy Episode 11 | Andrea Corr
25-Jun-2024 02:16:54   CB   mrtwenty1 - 11 days to go till the First Live Gig of 2024 for our Beloved The Corrs!!!
17-Jun-2024 22:58:15   OT   Steverino - "It's Impossible," "Sam" and Upcoming Projects
10-Jun-2024 03:27:09   OT   Steverino - Leyna's "Concerning Hobbits" video
29-May-2024 07:24:25   OT   Steverino - A studio version of Richard Carpenter's song "Something in Your Eyes"
17-May-2024 15:57:04   CB   AB_CLOSER - ¡¡¡Feliz cumpleaños, Andrea!!! (n/t)
17-May-2024 14:50:45   CB   Steverino - Warm Happy Birthday wishes to dear Andrea!
17-May-2024 13:00:41   CB   Wendy - A very honest interview - I loved it! (n/t)
17-May-2024 12:41:41   CB   Wendy - I love how she's so huggy! I wish I was that huggy! (n/t)
17-May-2024 12:38:20   CB   Wendy - They were well-written, poetic songs...

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