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15-Apr-2024 18:03:30   CB   Steverino - Wow. For such a brief interview of Sharon, it got into some deep topics.
15-Apr-2024 17:50:46   CB   Steverino - Ah yes. I see. Thanks, Chris.
14-Apr-2024 19:12:19   CB   Corranga - Dave has to travel to the mainland anyway, so travel is perhaps less of a concern
14-Apr-2024 19:04:45   CB   Corranga - The EW At Your Side promo was on eBay a few weeks ago but it must have sold as I can’t see it now
14-Apr-2024 12:24:43   CB   M-Corr - Looks like Sharon was back in Dublin for a few days and did this Radio interview
13-Apr-2024 10:52:15   CB   Damon - Looking for the German ‘At your Side’ Promo Single
13-Apr-2024 07:19:29   OT   Steverino - Toss the Feathers by Caroline Adomeit, violin
13-Apr-2024 05:44:11   CB   Steverino - So, Dave, are you saying that the gigs in Europe are less expensive to attend...
07-Apr-2024 13:52:45   CB   dave - Glad I'm not a Taylor Swift fan 'Swifty' trying to get tickets for her UK dates. It seems
06-Apr-2024 07:34:21   OT   Steverino - Shoot! I put the wrong embed code for Tori's Liinda Ronstadt short. Here it is...
06-Apr-2024 07:19:45   OT   Steverino - It's getting lonely here, yet nevertheless I will venture to expand on my post on Tori Holub
26-Mar-2024 03:15:13   CB   Jerry - The song is only in the trailer, not in the movie
25-Mar-2024 10:53:35   CB   Corranga - I presume this is also why the Corrs official YouTube channel have posted the video again, in HD
25-Mar-2024 05:50:19   CB   Brandon - Breathless featured throughout trailer for Netflix movie Irish Wish.
24-Mar-2024 18:45:53   CB   Steverino - Happy Birthday and much love to Sharon!
24-Mar-2024 12:18:02   CB   dave - Note that this event is a standing festival with general admission. Tickets go on sale 28th March
22-Mar-2024 10:13:31   CB   dave - Sat 6 July added to The Corrs UK events. Tetbury Glos at the arboretum 5pm. (n/t)
21-Mar-2024 10:05:19   CB   dave - Cap Roig sold out in under 3 days ! Superb venue and probably a lot of French fans
18-Mar-2024 08:41:25   CB   corrazy_rach - Is your Cardiff ticket still available? Thanks (n/t)
17-Mar-2024 18:52:12   CB   Steverino - Lots of love and birthday wishes to Caroline!
17-Mar-2024 17:04:25   CB   dave - Marbella and Cap Roig are both seated outdoor venues Chris, I was at both last time. (n/t)
17-Mar-2024 07:49:31   OT   Steverino - As for that video that won't play... I found a version that does.
15-Mar-2024 13:51:04   CB   Corranga - What a wonderful surprise, more gigs, and in mainland Europe too! (n/t)
15-Mar-2024 13:45:04   CB   Corranga - Nice to see them doing more this year, I expect being festivals, that they'll be standing concerts too
15-Mar-2024 10:49:09   CB   Terry - And yet another festival this summer; Caproig on the 12 of July in Girona!
13-Mar-2024 21:54:11   CB   Steverino - Good job!
13-Mar-2024 11:27:36   CB   mrtwenty1 - Marabella Poster
13-Mar-2024 11:21:03   CB   mrtwenty1 - The Corrs Live in Marabella
13-Mar-2024 06:07:37   OT   Steverino - Leyna Robinson-Stone has been doing some solo work...
13-Mar-2024 05:59:01   OT   Steverino - Since we already had this discussion of Carpenters cover and I just heard this one...

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