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19-Apr-2018 13:51:07   CB   chris - Thanks for posting - it's great to see & hear them from back then :-) (n/t)
19-Apr-2018 12:06:19   CB   nightcat - Wait up, we're actually the same age! *gasp* (n/t)
19-Apr-2018 12:04:04   CB   nightcat - I sure hope so Mentari as I'm nearing the 30s club(turning 27 this year) (n/t)
19-Apr-2018 09:22:26   CB   cedic - It looks more like TSS-era Sharon to me
19-Apr-2018 05:51:32   CB   Wendy - Yes...
18-Apr-2018 16:31:12   CB   dave - It may be for a forthcoming magazine, possibly this next weekend?
18-Apr-2018 12:37:02   CB   MentariS - I don't think this photo of Sharon has been posted before:
18-Apr-2018 11:59:22   CB   SteveW - Flowers on Edith Grove
18-Apr-2018 11:25:25   CB   Wendy - Closer used to be one of my favourite songs!
18-Apr-2018 11:22:20   CB   Wendy - BOTN lyrics
18-Apr-2018 09:56:02   CB   Wendy - The video is perhaps better quality as it was posted by the show
18-Apr-2018 09:52:43   CB   Wendy - Sorry, saw that it was posted months ago
18-Apr-2018 09:49:00   CB   Wendy - Runaway on Hey Hey It's Saturday
17-Apr-2018 16:04:55   CB   dave - LTLY and Heaven Knows are 2 of my all time fave Corrs songs, the lyrics on Closer are subtle too. (n/t)
17-Apr-2018 05:13:46   CB   SteveW - BOTN vocal
17-Apr-2018 03:42:13   CB   Wendy - I love how Andrea sings! In general.
16-Apr-2018 16:28:56   CB   dave - I had asumed that the Corr siblings themselves were automatically given a copy
16-Apr-2018 11:12:52   CB   GaelleF - Yup, totally. Old cd, in cardsleeve (hard to maintain a good condition) from New Zealand (not many copies)
16-Apr-2018 10:54:44   CB   Corranga - I'm @corranga_chris though I only post photos I take, and usually only after gigs...
16-Apr-2018 10:39:59   CB   MentariS - A few off the top of my head:
16-Apr-2018 09:30:20   CB   Wendy - Thanks Steve!
16-Apr-2018 08:43:08   CB   nightcat - Instagram Corrs fanpages?
14-Apr-2018 16:11:40   CB   dave - £40 is about a tenth of what that single was selling for at one time, certainly a bargain at that price. (n/t)
14-Apr-2018 15:12:58   CB   Corranga - Yes, it's the rarest released CD supposedly, plus obviously being first album many will have been binned over the years
14-Apr-2018 14:33:11   CB   SteveW - Why the premium price for this CD? Is it just because of rarity? (n/t)
14-Apr-2018 13:07:11   CB   GaelleF - Yeah, the value is dropping now the Corrs is not in the limelight anymore. (n/t)
14-Apr-2018 13:03:01   CB   Corranga - Someone got a Corrs bargain. Closer CD finished for £40 this morning on eBay
13-Apr-2018 21:17:36   CB   SteveW - Feedback
13-Apr-2018 11:04:24   CB   MentariS - Thanks Steve! (n/t)
13-Apr-2018 10:35:08   CB   Corranga - Nice post / reminder. I have the song as mp3, and have now bought the CD too. Good addition to my collection. (n/t)

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