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18-Aug-2018 19:15:39   CB   Leslie - Loved this. Thanks for posting! (n/t)
18-Aug-2018 10:43:17   CB   nightcat - Thanks for posting Steve! It's a nice blast from the past
17-Aug-2018 16:11:39   CB   MentariS - In case anyone (especially you, Mathias 😉) is interested here are my videos from Celine’s gig:
17-Aug-2018 15:14:27   CB   MentariS - Listen to this cool Everybody Loves Guitar podcast featuring Anto:
17-Aug-2018 11:48:26   CB   dave - Working OK today - must have been a local glitch. (n/t)
17-Aug-2018 10:17:24   CB   SteveW - Corrs on Saturday Night Live
16-Aug-2018 20:04:40   CB   airbusgore - I can only access it through Google Chrome (n/t)
16-Aug-2018 17:09:48   CB   Klaus - I have the same problem today (n/t)
16-Aug-2018 14:25:02   CB   dave - Anyone else unable to access Instagram today ? (n/t)
16-Aug-2018 11:07:31   CB   Robin - Kind of you to say Den, maybe in some small way my campaigning has helped. Just pleased that at long last something has
15-Aug-2018 12:02:02   CB   Corranga - Yep - this is less knee jerk, and more publicity gaining with the threat of legislation coming in, but is welcome either
15-Aug-2018 09:35:52   CB   dave - Well I'm sure his letters must have helped, but it seems to have been driven equally
14-Aug-2018 23:28:23   CB   den - in reaponse to Robin’s campaign? (n/t)
13-Aug-2018 14:00:55   CB   dave - Ticketmaster is to voluntarily close down its secondary sites Seatwave and GetMeIn
12-Aug-2018 09:49:12   CB   dave - Of course The Corrs own rendition of this was a cover of a song written by Jimmy MacCarthy
12-Aug-2018 06:30:12   CB   SteveW - nice cover of No Frontiers
05-Aug-2018 16:44:05   CB   nightcat - I love it nexi! Since I don't have Instagram, I'll just watch the vid some several times 😁 (n/t)
05-Aug-2018 16:41:02   CB   nightcat - Oh dave I'm ROTFL-ing because of your post 😂
05-Aug-2018 16:37:18   CB   nightcat - My condolences to them.
05-Aug-2018 00:46:23   OT   Steverino - 'Keeping Time' with the Ennis Sisters
04-Aug-2018 05:13:57   CB   Steverino - Yes, a sad passing. I wish comfort to all her family. (n/t)
03-Aug-2018 10:07:42   CB   dave - As it seems that the proposed third album is to be released in Spain, then I can understand
02-Aug-2018 13:53:57   CB   Corranga - I too love that from RAH Steve. Much like Sharon's instrumentals mentioned above, I get that hair standing on end
02-Aug-2018 10:42:48   CB   SteveW - My favorite Corrs instrumental
02-Aug-2018 07:35:25   CB   MentariS - Deepest condolences (n/t)
02-Aug-2018 05:47:36   CB   Wendy - I love some of The Corrs instrumentals!
02-Aug-2018 05:44:11   CB   Wendy - Andrea's voice is so warm on this :)
31-Jul-2018 20:53:53   CB   den - I’m sure we will see more of the Corrs, when they need some more money 😜 (n/t)
31-Jul-2018 20:46:19   CB   den - Happy Birthday Jim, the years certainly roll by. (n/t)
31-Jul-2018 20:45:01   CB   den - Yes I met Lillian she was lovely and as Dave says very welcoming. (n/t)

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