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24-Aug-2017 09:21:20   CB   Terry - Congratulations!
23-Aug-2017 14:52:39   CB   Nick - 36 here. (n/t)
23-Aug-2017 13:30:49   CB   corrazy_rach - 31 here and with a little Corrs fan on the way ;) (n/t)
23-Aug-2017 07:36:42   CB   commonwombat - Rather than put it all on the record company, ask the question "just how hard were THEY willing to work it ?"
22-Aug-2017 20:19:14   CB   dave - I'm between the youngest and oldest..! (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 17:57:49   CB   OsamaRaashid - I'm 25 (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 17:54:18   CB   OsamaRaashid - Thanks for this great news! (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 14:52:16   CB   Terry - Perfect news :-)
22-Aug-2017 14:46:55   CB   Terry - I'm Jim's age
22-Aug-2017 13:29:41   CB   MentariS - You sing you lose :-p (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 13:21:20   CB   Taliesin - So, I'm the only one from Canada!! (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 12:49:05   CB   yrisea - It seems they are all away on vacation...
22-Aug-2017 12:43:49   CB   yrisea - Aw, you are so young now! so young, so young... ;-) (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 12:41:29   CB   Taliesin - I'm from Canada
22-Aug-2017 12:37:44   CB   DrFunkenstein - I'm closer to Jim's age...49 (but soon to be 50). (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 06:11:08   CB   BallerinaTay - 26 (will be 27 in September)
22-Aug-2017 06:08:43   CB   BallerinaTay - Oh my goodness!! What wonderful news! I hope this holds true! (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 00:53:26   CB   MentariS - Dave, your post makes me think how much the opening lines of Harmony still ring true to this very day... (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 00:48:59   CB   MentariS - 22 here - among the youngest I know in the fanbase actually :-p (n/t)
22-Aug-2017 00:46:36   CB   MentariS - OMG!!!!!!! AMEN TO THAT!!!!! However.....
21-Aug-2017 23:41:06   CB   Robin - Unfortunately I am 72 awful even thinking about it. I still love the Corrs. (n/t)
21-Aug-2017 21:48:30   CB   Corranga - The 9 year thought did cross my mind Dave! (n/t)
21-Aug-2017 21:26:40   CB   CorrMac - Let's just hope their record label give them a bit more promotion this time ...
21-Aug-2017 21:17:26   CB   SteveW - Ages of board members
21-Aug-2017 21:09:42   CB   MC - I'm 39. (n/t)
21-Aug-2017 21:09:16   CB   MC - Excellent news! (n/t)
21-Aug-2017 20:34:03   CB   Yrisea - Soon 30 :) (end of october)....
21-Aug-2017 20:31:40   CB   Yrisea - Omg!!! Thank you so so much Matthias!!!!...
21-Aug-2017 18:08:48   CB   Corranga - I'm 35 and Erica is 33, Juliette is 3 ;)
21-Aug-2017 17:11:07   CB   Taliesin - Very good news!

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