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23-May-2017 17:02:25   CB   den - Thinking pf evwryone affected (n/t)
23-May-2017 15:01:48   CB   SeanCorrain - I am so sorry that this has happed to Manchester.
23-May-2017 15:01:12   CB   Robin - Yes hope any Corrs fans in area are all safe. So sorry for all those affected by this horrific doing. Like you Dave I
23-May-2017 15:00:09   CB   SeanCorrain - I like the sound of the new record from Jim's description
23-May-2017 08:23:38   CB   dave - My thoughts and condolences go out to all those affected by last night's bombing,
23-May-2017 05:33:02   CB   scott - My very first thoughts were of Dave who mentioned his travels to gigs earlier in his posts.
23-May-2017 03:50:20   CB   MentariS - To all CorrsClub members in and around Manchester - hope you all stay safe (n/t)
21-May-2017 20:30:08   CB   Nick - They like to prepare things quietly. Last time they announced a Sept comeback in July, with a full tour and album ready. (n/t)
21-May-2017 13:04:30   CB   MC - Yep, confirmed news would be great. (n/t)
21-May-2017 11:51:00   CB   CSCfan - This interview orginally appeared in the February edition of Acoustic Magazine..
20-May-2017 15:43:02   CB   DutchDenise - Anyway, I'm patient, and it sounds really interesting and promising ... (n/t)
20-May-2017 12:55:01   CB   MC - He's talking about the follow-up to WL; it's a bit difficu lto discern the timeframe for the album from this interview. (n/t)
20-May-2017 09:13:03   CB   dave - So we're back to not knowing again if this is indeed talking about the delayed 2017 release ?
20-May-2017 07:06:44   CB   MentariS - Looks like it but the full article was published yesterday - I saw Jim tweet it a couple of hours after I posted this. (n/t)
20-May-2017 05:26:12   CB   MC - I don't know.... I'm not too optimistic for a new album this year. Maybe a single towards the latter part of the year. (n/t)
20-May-2017 05:25:09   CB   MC - Yeah, I'm pretty sure that it is. The recording was done in October, if I remember correctly. (n/t)
20-May-2017 03:27:53   CB   Wendy - I'm thrilled to hear the new sound with the guidance of T Bone Burnett! (n/t)
20-May-2017 02:50:08   CB   robin - I still feel the best solution is for the government to put a complete ban on any secondary ticketing and to me
19-May-2017 22:15:12   CB   CorrMac - I'm pretty sure that interview took place towards the end of last year ...
19-May-2017 16:35:19   CB   Jerry - Uh, isn't that interview from last year? (n/t)
19-May-2017 15:27:21   CB   dave - Well at least we know it will be 2018 now, so we can get on with the rest of the year ! (n/t)
19-May-2017 14:19:38   CB   corrazy_rach - Yay!!!
19-May-2017 14:11:42   CB   MentariS - Just realised the full link is in the caption of the post. (n/t)
19-May-2017 14:10:01   CB   MentariS - At last, some very interesting update about the upcoming Album No. 7!!!! New interview from Jim:
19-May-2017 12:03:47   CB   Corranga - A nominated name would work. I think in this instance it was brought in after the fact. I don't know if the box offic
19-May-2017 11:22:12   CB   RichardY - Maybe they should allow you to specify what name should be printed on the ticket when you purchase it.
19-May-2017 08:03:37   CB   dave - Strict enforcement is the answer Chris, I have been to some gigs in Europe where
18-May-2017 21:43:43   CB   Corranga - That's my thoughts too Dave, will be interesting to see if the event staff actually do anything
18-May-2017 09:35:48   CB   dave - I mentioned former messageboard member Cecilia Danell (FoggyNotion) recently,
18-May-2017 01:36:48   CB   MC - Hope you had a wonderful day, Andrea! :-) (n/t)

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