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26-Jun-2022 22:05:26   CB   Baxterianism - Thank you for sharing such kind words on my efforts so far…
26-Jun-2022 18:56:39   OT   Steverino - I try, Steve, but I'd be happy if more of the posts here were not by me!
26-Jun-2022 18:39:04   CB   Steverino - That was very cool, Wendy! Myrkur only recently came on my "radar."
26-Jun-2022 18:10:49   CB   Steverino - Fascinating interview. Thank you for all your work to schedule interviews and produce CorrsCast.
08-Jun-2022 17:43:17   CB   Baxterianism - Glad to hear it was enjoyed! Im fairly new to discord myself too but we will figure it out :) (n/t)
08-Jun-2022 10:33:44   CB   SteveW - Great episode as always!
31-May-2022 14:43:27   CB   Wendy - Sharon was photographed with Johnny Depp at the Jeff Beck gig...
31-May-2022 14:40:16   CB   nightcat - thanks for the link, just entered the server (n/t)
30-May-2022 18:43:09   CB   Baxterianism - it does have a discord but this is not intended to replace CorrsClub for discussion! …
30-May-2022 16:25:53   CB   nightcat - This episode has been a delight to listen to like the previous ones so far, thanks for sharing here!
30-May-2022 11:31:04   CB   Wendy - Jason Flom was a delight! And...
30-May-2022 07:29:38   CB   Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 8 - Interview with Jason Flom
25-May-2022 14:22:15   CB   Wendy - I thought it was in a more recent interview than that. But...
25-May-2022 14:21:21   CB   Wendy - I enjoyed this, thanks for sharing! (n/t)
25-May-2022 13:43:04   CB   Wendy - Danish musician Myrkur playing along to Erin Shore...
22-May-2022 22:16:14   CB   SteveW - short Sharon interview on BBC Cakey Tea
17-May-2022 17:41:53   CB   Robin - Robin
17-May-2022 11:47:31   CB   dave - Sharon Corr will be supporting Jeff Beck next month
10-May-2022 14:56:47   CB   CSCfan - Maybe 'All The Way Home'? (n/t)
09-May-2022 22:41:36   CB   SteveW - multiple continents
09-May-2022 12:48:11   CB   Wendy - Corrs interview question...
05-May-2022 19:56:59   CB   Baxterianism - No apology needed! I listen to all podcasts while actively doing other things :) (n/t)
04-May-2022 13:57:29   CB   SteveW - I enjoyed this interview, too
04-May-2022 00:05:26   CB   Wendy - This was a fun interview!...
30-Apr-2022 23:39:21   CB   Wendy - Thanks for clearing things up!...
29-Apr-2022 13:58:53   CB   SteveW - Thanks, looking forward to listening to this
29-Apr-2022 00:54:48   CB   Jerry - Sharon on Chris Difford podcast
25-Apr-2022 12:47:34   CB   Baxterianism - Really glad to hear my voice isn't distracting from the content! Thanks so much (n/t)
25-Apr-2022 12:46:50   CB   Baxterianism - Thank you so much for listening and the feedback…
25-Apr-2022 12:45:55   CB   Baxterianism - … getting to ask a question you’ve wanted to hear the answer for over 20 years seems to do to my voice …

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