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30-Sep-2022 23:36:27   CB   Baxterianism - Correct with the first guess. Runaway was first and also possibly the one we know the least about (n/t)
30-Sep-2022 05:39:54   CB   Steverino - Wow! Hard to believe that many years have come and gone, but the album still sounds great! (n/t)
29-Sep-2022 18:02:13   OT   Steverino - YouTube's Rick Beato (and how he reminds me of SteveW)
28-Sep-2022 23:19:44   CB   SteveW - Terrific episode as always
27-Sep-2022 04:31:32   CB   SteveW - very brief interview with Caroline re: Australia gig
26-Sep-2022 18:29:29   CB   Baxterianism - Thank you for listening Wendy, Ill check out your comments on the discord server. (n/t)
26-Sep-2022 14:49:38   CB   nightcat - Happy 27th Anniversary to the Forgiven Not Forgotten album!
24-Sep-2022 15:05:53   CB   JohnLnyc - Great info
24-Sep-2022 10:08:55   OT   SteveW - Yes, Bertolf Lentink/Her Majesty -- that's who I was thinking of
24-Sep-2022 02:12:21   CB   Steverino - I knew nothing about this, but the performance might have been connected with LAUNCH magazine
23-Sep-2022 14:47:40   CB   dave - I sold my Monaco gig poster (very rare item) and a lot of other stuff a few years back.
23-Sep-2022 14:42:51   CB   dave - I got that too and blocked the sender (n/t)
23-Sep-2022 12:39:28   CB   AB_CLOSER - Amazing!!! Thanks. (n/t)
23-Sep-2022 11:18:04   CB   Wendy - This was great, thank you! I've written more in the Discord. (n/t)
22-Sep-2022 23:28:10   CB   SteveW - Launch NY gig
22-Sep-2022 17:00:38   CB   nightcat - The Corrs - Runaway, live at Isle of Wight Festival 2016 official upload
21-Sep-2022 16:45:04   CB   DrFunkenstein - My copy of this show says it was a prviate show for Warner (Brothers maybe?), but that's all I can offer (n/t)
19-Sep-2022 15:39:42   CB   JohnLnyc - Thanks
19-Sep-2022 09:42:25   CB   baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 10 - Interview with Mark Gerard
18-Sep-2022 05:08:40   CB   SteveW - I remember someone saying that this was a private event of some kind
17-Sep-2022 17:40:37   CB   JohnLnyc - Some help
13-Sep-2022 19:30:11   OT   Steverino - Thanks for listening, Steve. As to your question...
10-Sep-2022 04:54:57   OT   SteveW - Enjoyed all of these songs by Nomden
06-Sep-2022 08:22:14   OT   Steverino - Diederik Nomden (aka Nomden, aka Royal Parks) -- The Analogues
06-Sep-2022 07:46:03   CB   Steverino - I'm so glad to hear they're bound for Australia, and I'm happy for all the fans there! (n/t)
02-Sep-2022 16:58:26   CB   Robin - Glasgow gig
30-Aug-2022 13:08:34   CB   nightcat - I bet that's the only reason Jim can come with the rest of the band to Australia *side eyes Jim* (n/t)
30-Aug-2022 09:52:31   CB   MentariS - I messaged One World Entertainment on Instagram about the issue and it worked for me afterwards…
29-Aug-2022 19:21:58   CB   Corranga - It was supposed to be the first time i saw them live
29-Aug-2022 17:44:01   CB   JohnLnyc - Nope

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