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13-Dec-2017 23:26:07   CB   den - I wasnt one of them Dave - it will make it more burocratic to go and see the Corrs in Europe! (n/t)
13-Dec-2017 22:08:58   CB   dave - And supposedly 52% of our population think its brilliant Den and voted to cut ourselves off from Europe.
13-Dec-2017 21:22:47   CB   den - Everything's difficult here! (n/t)
13-Dec-2017 18:53:14   CB   dave - Its so easy... buying a gig ticket in France.. why is it such a hassle in UK ?
13-Dec-2017 08:44:06   CB   Chanh - Link to that interview from 2000, thx Dave for remembering. Long time ago
12-Dec-2017 19:53:02   CB   dave - Make sure to watch the whole programme, Saoirse Ronan and Pat Shortt are very funny. (n/t)
12-Dec-2017 18:32:43   CB   cedic - Feedback
12-Dec-2017 15:51:28   CB   SeanCorrain - God sends, all of you !
12-Dec-2017 14:11:47   CB   Nick - I just watched it online from the RTE website. (n/t)
12-Dec-2017 12:28:24   CB   neleh - Thanks Damon, was hoping signed copies of JC would pop up!
12-Dec-2017 07:59:27   CB   SteveW - I still see it on the RTE website
12-Dec-2017 07:19:30   CB   MentariS - You can watch it on your mobile devices using the RTÉ Player app
12-Dec-2017 06:06:16   CB   SeanCorrain - Oh No !!! I missed the Late Late Show
12-Dec-2017 04:13:52   CB   Steverino - That's okay! It happens.
12-Dec-2017 00:01:53   CB   Jerry - The shipping on my order from Royal Albert Hall to the US was £17.50
11-Dec-2017 23:50:06   CB   den - I bought a signed copy of White Light but the pound was healthier then. Its a case of if ya want it pay up so
11-Dec-2017 16:26:14   CB   SeanCorrain - An absolutely embarrassing confession
11-Dec-2017 16:19:10   CB   Corranga - Those postage prices are a little crazy, especially when they only allow 3 per order
11-Dec-2017 13:54:33   CB   dave - Thanks Mathias, I actually went to the main website and managed
11-Dec-2017 13:51:55   CB   GaelleF - for both vinyl and cd (n/t)
11-Dec-2017 12:41:31   CB   shyart - Cheaper shipping to the US? (n/t)
11-Dec-2017 12:01:59   CB   GaelleF - I'm sure he recycled the part about Andrea and Caroline, I read it before sometime ago ! (n/t)
11-Dec-2017 11:59:14   CB   MentariS - Thanks Mathias. Not much mention of their new music, but still very interesting reading nonetheless.
11-Dec-2017 11:35:01   CB   CSCfan - Thanks for the heads-up Dave! Here's the complete article..
11-Dec-2017 10:09:39   CB   MentariS - 16€ for shipping within Europe?? That's outrageous... (n/t)
11-Dec-2017 04:49:50   CB   shyart - My shipping was €13.50 for
10-Dec-2017 22:50:15   CB   GaelleF - Indeed, 16€ for shipping, good lord ! (n/t)
10-Dec-2017 18:53:37   CB   CSCfan - You're again our star Miguel! Thanks for that nice (Sharon would disagree :p) surprise :D (n/t)
10-Dec-2017 17:20:32   CB   SteveW - I'm in the US, and it doesn't work for me either
10-Dec-2017 17:08:10   CB   CorrMac - I ordered mine before I saw this! Postage is a bit steep ... (n/t)

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