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14-Oct-2019 20:29:15   CB   Corranga - Shame its in Dublin, would have loved to have a copy signed in person. (n/t)
14-Oct-2019 19:42:55   CB   sergio - OK, just realized that the Corrs fan page is actually @thecorrsfanpage on IG:)
14-Oct-2019 18:34:40   CB   sergio - they nailed it indeed (n/t)
14-Oct-2019 17:55:21   CB   MentariS - Andrea to do some book signing at Dubray Books Grafton St, Dublin this Saturday (Oct 19):
14-Oct-2019 14:19:59   CB   MentariS - Speaking of fanpages, @the_corrs_music on IG posted this very well made video edit using the audiobook sample:
14-Oct-2019 12:31:31   CB   sergio - Andrea thanks fan page on Instagram for promotion
14-Oct-2019 06:39:10   CB   SteveW - You're right, Andrea left out "Scientology" in the Tokyo gig
14-Oct-2019 05:28:06   CB   MentariS - Both articles left me stunned
14-Oct-2019 05:13:02   CB   MentariS - I haven't watched the Gay Byrne interview in years, but I do remember...
14-Oct-2019 05:11:58   CB   MentariS - I think he did write it himself, Steve. The lyrics certainly...
14-Oct-2019 04:36:34   CB   SteveW - Yes, I think it was The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne
14-Oct-2019 04:01:37   CB   Wendy - I remember that too...
14-Oct-2019 02:55:52   CB   SteveW - Andrea was asked about this in an interview...
13-Oct-2019 22:48:21   CB   Wendy - Thanks! I wonder how Jim came to have such different views to the girls. (n/t)
13-Oct-2019 22:01:26   CB   Corranga - She comments on competition for schools in London in the mail interview
13-Oct-2019 21:50:55   CB   dave - The Irish Independent one was the better of the two I think. Interesting that it
13-Oct-2019 18:37:14   CB   Corranga - If you are unhappy with me referring to members of the US government administration sheep, I will remove it
13-Oct-2019 18:17:14   CB   Corranga - I wasnt sure if I should keep posting things so close to release...
13-Oct-2019 18:02:05   CB   Corranga - Having now read the article, its very good. Covers a fair bit that the book does, plus more actually. Nice read (n/t)
13-Oct-2019 17:11:17   CB   nightcat - I also feel you Wendy, reading these interviews and revelations made me cry 😭😭 (n/t)
13-Oct-2019 17:09:52   CB   nightcat - I suppose it won't hurt too much to expand the potential audience in my opinion (n/t)
13-Oct-2019 16:59:19   CB   Corranga - It was pretty embarrassing having to buy that rag, I hope no one I know seen me
13-Oct-2019 12:43:29   CB   Wendy - These articles make me feel sad.
13-Oct-2019 11:42:58   CB   dave - Both of them are interesting articles but I'm going to wait a while before reading the book. (n/t)
13-Oct-2019 07:10:37   CB   MentariS - Another article on The Irish Independent:
13-Oct-2019 06:11:43   CB   Damon - Andrea’s Daily Mail Article
13-Oct-2019 02:14:59   CB   SteveW - It takes time to swim all the way over (n/t)
12-Oct-2019 20:54:06   CB   GaelleF - Ordered from Amazon France and they say it will come around November 5th ! Geez... Two weeks to cross the Channel... (n/t)
12-Oct-2019 01:11:34   CB   MentariS - Andrea on the cover of this Sunday’s You magazine:
10-Oct-2019 15:35:14   CB   eieio - Discussing social and political topics....................

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