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03-Jun-2023 18:21:40   CB   Steverino - Not bad at all, Jerry!
02-Jun-2023 06:12:24   CB   Jerry - I have seen them 3 times and Sharon nce
01-Jun-2023 04:20:01   CB   Steverino - I joined the CorrBoard in 2005, and still I have NEVER seen the Corrs perform in person! *sigh*
28-May-2023 21:57:56   OT   Steverino - The band from Norway called 'Darling West'
11-May-2023 22:55:20   CB   Den - It was London 😀 (n/t)
03-May-2023 08:59:41   CB   Baxterianism - Tjank you for such kind comments on the work so far and of course for listening!
30-Apr-2023 19:16:50   CB   Steverino - Thanks, Simon. What you do is brilliant investigative work.
27-Apr-2023 19:28:28   CB   Baxterianism - Thanks for the share and its great to see subtitles for those who’s first language isn't english! (n/t)
27-Apr-2023 16:41:46   CB   AB_CLOSER - The Corrs - Kiss Of Life - Live at London 2016 multicam (subtítulos inglés español)
26-Apr-2023 10:42:05   CB   dave - Ticketmaster - the main reason I no longer go to UK gigs !
03-Apr-2023 08:15:28   CB   Baxterianism - Corrscast Episode 12 out now - Interviews with Sharon Ullman & Robert Brinkmann
03-Apr-2023 08:11:46   CB   Baxterianism - I’m attending Aberdeen, London and Ipswich. Would love to see others there (n/t)
31-Mar-2023 17:54:54   CB   Corranga - Ok, scratch that, I'm in for the tour...! (n/t)
30-Mar-2023 15:22:49   CB   Corranga - I was half considering doing the full UK tour, but ended up arguing with the TicketMaster website
30-Mar-2023 08:24:32   CB   Corranga - Nice, which gig are you going to? Is it allocated seats? (n/t)
29-Mar-2023 19:14:18   CB   Den - Just bagged myself a ticket for Sharon's UK Tour. There are some benefits to
28-Mar-2023 17:39:34   CB   AB_CLOSER - Thank you so much. (n/t)
28-Mar-2023 17:38:02   CB   AB_CLOSER - Bigger gifts...
28-Mar-2023 17:34:39   CB   AB_CLOSER - Part 2: Editing frame by frame. Ereasing Andrea.
27-Mar-2023 18:13:35   CB   Corranga - ...and even more. I've updated the tour dates spreadsheet which is posted in the pinned topic above, and in here too
27-Mar-2023 13:28:50   CB   Corranga - More UK Sharon gigs!
26-Mar-2023 21:53:15   CB   Baxterianism - Ticket booked! (n/t)
24-Mar-2023 22:44:07   CB   Corranga - Amazing effort, the time and attention you put in us clear to see
24-Mar-2023 12:13:40   CB   AB_CLOSER - Happy Birthday Sharon! (n/t)
24-Mar-2023 09:33:22   CB   Corranga - Sharon is playing a solo gig in Aberdeen, Scotland in July.
20-Mar-2023 12:06:11   CB   MentariS - So happy for you and the PH fans!! You guys deserve this x (n/t)
20-Mar-2023 06:20:31   CB   nightcat - a Corrs fan on Twitter made a countdown site for the band's Manila concerts
20-Mar-2023 02:07:47   CB   AB_CLOSER - Part 1: Editing frame by frame.
20-Mar-2023 02:06:59   CB   AB_CLOSER - Long Night (thecorrsclub cover version). How the video was made.
20-Mar-2023 02:00:19   CB   AB_CLOSER - Photo

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