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24-Mar-2017 14:58:54   CB   RichardY - Happy Birthday Sharon! Hope you are having a great day. (n/t)
24-Mar-2017 13:42:14   CB   Corranga - Nooo Terry. I don't need them. I definitelydon't need them ;)
24-Mar-2017 13:31:36   CB   Corranga - We saw Keith and Anto up near the back of one of the grandstands with some of the crew.
24-Mar-2017 13:28:13   CB   Corranga - Happy Birthday Sharon! (n/t)
24-Mar-2017 13:27:50   CB   Corranga - Ha! A bit too much of a trip for me unfortunately Dave. (n/t)
24-Mar-2017 10:42:24   CB   MC - Have a very happy birthday, Sharon! :-) (n/t)
24-Mar-2017 09:46:11   CB   dave - Yes, Best Wishes Sharon - have a great day, which I'm sure you will. (n/t)
24-Mar-2017 09:42:47   CB   Robin - Happy Birthday Sharon have a great day. (n/t)
24-Mar-2017 02:45:41   CB   MentariS - Happy 47th birthday to our beautiful fiddler Sharon - hope you have a fabulous day! (n/t)
23-Mar-2017 16:21:55   CB   dave - LOL... can I expect to meet you in Redon then Chris ? (n/t)
23-Mar-2017 14:44:12   CB   Corranga - Ok, I'm on my 5th or 6th listen through on the album. I think it's safe to say thanks Dave, i like them!! (n/t)
22-Mar-2017 19:49:09   CB   Terry2 - Listening enjoyment.
22-Mar-2017 17:02:16   CB   MentariS - Band members betting on the horse racing...this is just the mental image I need :-D (n/t)
22-Mar-2017 14:54:31   CB   Corranga - Knowledgeable is one way to put it... I'm sure Richard and I (and probably some others) discussed the item in question
22-Mar-2017 14:03:38   CB   Terry2 - Tunes, to help you breathe more easily?
22-Mar-2017 08:19:58   CB   SteveW - Doesn't have to be original music; it would be fun to hear your covers band as well (n/t)
22-Mar-2017 02:33:11   CB   Terry2 - Song project
21-Mar-2017 23:12:02   CB   BallerinaTay - Sounds super fun!
21-Mar-2017 22:13:14   CB   Terry2 - Band Music
21-Mar-2017 15:06:30   CB   dave - She lists Slash as one of her influences certainly. They are a new band, only formed
21-Mar-2017 13:36:31   CB   Wendy - For those who don't play instruments, Gerry's Reel could be good...
21-Mar-2017 13:26:17   CB   Corranga - I've given it a listen and I'm quite impressed. Their talent is as a band is incredible, and I love that they have
21-Mar-2017 13:06:01   CB   dave - I'm hoping to buy the CD on March 31 from her merchandising stand,
21-Mar-2017 11:53:35   CB   Corranga - I watched some of the cover videos and certainly cannot deny her talent. Their album Hard Blues Shot is on spotify too
21-Mar-2017 11:45:41   CB   Corranga - Sounds like a great idea, though, of course, I don't play anything ;) (n/t)
21-Mar-2017 10:41:35   CB   MC - Glad to have you posting! :-) (n/t)
21-Mar-2017 07:00:43   CB   MAH - That sounds like a great idea!
21-Mar-2017 04:53:18   CB   SteveW - Joint board cover song project?
21-Mar-2017 03:15:21   CB   Wendy - I'd be up for making a joint cover song and hearing other's music.
21-Mar-2017 03:05:46   CB   Wendy - Thanks! I've visited this site for years but had never posted much before. (n/t)

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