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20-Oct-2017 08:03:44   CB   SteveW - Thanks for the reminder -- I totally forgot about this in all the RAH excitement (n/t)
20-Oct-2017 07:10:27   CB   MentariS - Link to The Chris Evans' Breakfast Show on Radio 2:
20-Oct-2017 06:52:14   CB   sergio - Listening to these snippets I think this album will be incredible...the rhythm in Blutter Flutter
20-Oct-2017 04:51:10   CB   Jackie21 - And Im loving Butter Flutter already with the 1-minute clip in YT!
20-Oct-2017 04:46:03   CB   Jackie21 - I love the acoustic Summer Sunshine!
20-Oct-2017 03:18:41   CB   SteveW - Fantastic acoustic version of Summer Sunshine with Andrea on piano
20-Oct-2017 03:05:34   CB   SteveW - I really like this 1-minute clip of Butter Flutter
20-Oct-2017 03:04:21   CB   BallerinaTay - Finally! What a beautiful song!
20-Oct-2017 02:44:56   CB   SteveW - Agree on the cajon -- IMO the sound is too thin; it doesn't have the resonance of a real drum kit (n/t)
20-Oct-2017 02:38:50   CB   SteveW - It's from the Cantata 147; was that what you were remembering?
20-Oct-2017 02:35:32   CB   SteveW - clips from RAH on YT
20-Oct-2017 02:28:42   CB   Wendy - Yes, I think that's it!
20-Oct-2017 02:22:44   CB   SteveW - Few more thoughts -- Stuttgart
20-Oct-2017 01:00:05   CB   den - Brilliant show at the RAH tonight, definetly one of the best in 100 odd gigs that I've been to, (n/t)
20-Oct-2017 00:42:08   CB   SteveW - here's a version on youtube
20-Oct-2017 00:39:20   CB   SteveW - Wendy, are you thinking of 'Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring' by Bach? (n/t)
20-Oct-2017 00:33:11   CB   Wendy - The instrumental reminds me of...
20-Oct-2017 00:13:29   CB   nabil - Setlist!
19-Oct-2017 23:24:11   CB   Nyoman - Got listened the live version of Road to Eden, and I think I love it. (n/t)
19-Oct-2017 23:22:13   CB   Wendy - It's so pretty, thanks!
19-Oct-2017 22:56:31   CB   Ferrinho - Can't wait to hear everybody! Such a shame I'm in the IS right now!
19-Oct-2017 22:52:28   CB   Ferrinho - Can't wait to hear everybody! Such a shame I'm in the IS right now!
19-Oct-2017 22:30:35   CB   BallerinaTay - A clip posted by The Corrs News for those of us who couldn't make it to the concert.
19-Oct-2017 22:20:59   CB   GaelleF - Lots of new songs from what I heard : bulletproof lovĂ©, butter flutter... (n/t)
19-Oct-2017 21:54:59   CB   moonbeams - Thank you!!
19-Oct-2017 21:51:12   CB   Leslie - Looking forward to hearing concert reports from the lucky folks who went to RAH gig! Thx to all who shared live video (n/t)
19-Oct-2017 19:01:16   CB   Nyxlapsi - Haha if there was one feedback I was looking forward to getting
19-Oct-2017 18:32:19   CB   Carolineinspiredmetodrum - There's a show?
19-Oct-2017 17:49:07   CB   DrSJF16 - On our way
19-Oct-2017 17:15:54   CB   Leslie - Have fun everyone! How I wish Star Trek "Transporters" were real today. (n/t)

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