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19-Aug-2019 04:52:48   CB   SteveW - Great question (re: non-album tracks)
19-Aug-2019 01:37:21   CB   Wendy - What are your favourite Corrs' songs that aren't on a Corrs album?
16-Aug-2019 19:27:01   CB   dave - Thanks, I was pretty sure it was one of those two. (n/t)
16-Aug-2019 17:24:56   CB   AB_CLOSER - One night - Una noche
16-Aug-2019 16:34:26   CB   dave - Wasn't Long Night (or Una Noche) the video where Andrea wasn't there ?
15-Aug-2019 23:54:29   CB   SteveW - Long Night video effect
15-Aug-2019 13:22:19   CB   SteveW - Love the Wetten Dass promo video of Long Night
12-Aug-2019 14:32:37   CB   Corranga - Yes, my email address is indeed still the same (n/t)
11-Aug-2019 04:28:30   CB   johnj - Hi SteveW. The effect at 2:36 is probable done with chroma key, also known as
11-Aug-2019 03:57:10   CB   johnj - Oops: try this!
11-Aug-2019 03:40:48   CB   johnj - This video is much better.
11-Aug-2019 03:09:54   CB   johnj - Assuming your email address is still the same? (n/t)
11-Aug-2019 03:07:20   CB   johnj - Hi Chris, That's massive news, probably the best news I'v seen on this great website.
10-Aug-2019 23:10:06   CB   Crickets - On the Spanish TV
09-Aug-2019 08:23:59   CB   SteveW - Long Night trivia question answer
06-Aug-2019 14:13:01   CB   SteveW - Another Hitchcock connection in the Long Night video
06-Aug-2019 13:58:26   CB   MentariS - Good catch as always Steve, I didn't notice the similarities before
06-Aug-2019 13:10:08   CB   SteveW - Yes, dolly zoom! (rolling the camera back while zooming in, or vice-versa)
06-Aug-2019 12:25:13   CB   MentariS - For question No. 1, are we talking about the dolly zoom?
06-Aug-2019 03:48:26   CB   SteveW - Long Night video and trivia questions
05-Aug-2019 17:15:33   CB   nightcat - Oh why yes you're welcome to share *sends popcorn over* (n/t)
05-Aug-2019 12:22:56   CB   Corranga - Having experienced the Corrs infront of a variety of different audiences, at a variety of different venues
05-Aug-2019 03:39:40   CB   MentariS - Allow me to share that popcorn... (n/t)
04-Aug-2019 14:04:25   CB   nightcat - Hmmm the plot thickens....*grabs popcorn* (n/t)
04-Aug-2019 09:35:54   CB   CSCfan - Yeah... the JC 'era' was just shrouded in mystery.....
03-Aug-2019 09:53:23   CB   SteveW - Tour finances
03-Aug-2019 09:35:40   CB   SteveW - Wow! Can't wait to hear more about this (n/t)
03-Aug-2019 08:55:31   CB   CSCfan - Did you guys know there were definately plans to do a global tour for 'White Light'?
03-Aug-2019 08:44:37   CB   SteveW - For JC, they have still never released part 2 of the EPK! We saw part 1, then nothing. (n/t)
03-Aug-2019 08:43:21   CB   CSCfan - Well the run up to WL and JP were kinda totally the opposite...

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