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23-Jun-2018 14:19:13   CB   nightcat - There's already so few of us still active on this site which is why we gotta support one another. 😊
22-Jun-2018 23:01:55   CB   Terry2 - Mixing Cake
21-Jun-2018 16:58:09   CB   BallerinaTay - You all are so nice!
21-Jun-2018 11:12:09   CB   SteveW - I'd be up for doing another one, too
21-Jun-2018 09:46:18   CB   Wendy - Yes, thanks NightCat! (n/t)
21-Jun-2018 09:45:53   CB   Wendy - Terry, what is your favourite cake?
20-Jun-2018 14:04:34   CB   GaelleF - Well, she's spending quite a lot of time in Barbados and going to events, I can't say I'm surprised she's happy
19-Jun-2018 22:15:05   CB   Robin - Yes at long last something is being done. Well done Ed Sheeran. (n/t)
19-Jun-2018 17:46:23   CB   nightcat - Yes you're right dave, she really looks like happiness 😍
19-Jun-2018 17:37:56   CB   nightcat - Just dropped by here Wendy to say that I got your email reply. Glad my track made the cut this time. 😀
19-Jun-2018 13:46:52   CB   Terry2 - Harmoneeee
19-Jun-2018 09:11:09   CB   dave - I see this whole Viagogo / Ed Sheeran thing was one of the top stories on ITV News yesterday.
19-Jun-2018 09:06:22   CB   dave - Yes she looks very happy and content with her life in that screenshot. Maybe without the pressures
19-Jun-2018 08:11:55   CB   MentariS - Thanks for sharing, she looks noticeably fresher (and younger) than she did in the original Meaning of Life interview
18-Jun-2018 20:42:49   CB   dave - I can't view it either, but I guess there's nothing new... (n/t)
18-Jun-2018 04:45:00   CB   Wendy - Got it, thanks BallerinaTay! I've just emailed you back. (n/t)
17-Jun-2018 22:17:34   CB   BallerinaTay - Wendy I sent my vocal tracks to the email you provided! The song sounds great so far! (n/t)
17-Jun-2018 18:44:14   CB   GaelleF - Unfortunately the RTE player doesn't allow me to watch :( but thanks anyway ! (n/t)
16-Jun-2018 23:35:03   CB   Wendy - Totally agree about reverb.
16-Jun-2018 16:36:37   CB   SteveW - Sounds great with vocals
16-Jun-2018 15:53:51   CB   Robin - Yes a new one on me too. Hope your France gigs were good, sounds like you will be in for a busy October. I am back
16-Jun-2018 08:06:45   CB   Wendy - Harmony collaboration: UPDATE!
16-Jun-2018 02:46:21   CB   Wendy - Yes, please still send your contributions! Not too late! (n/t)
15-Jun-2018 23:05:37   CB   BallerinaTay - Harmony Fan Project
15-Jun-2018 21:39:25   CB   dave - Not Corrs related but - Is Steampunk a derivative of the Goth culture, or a stand alone
15-Jun-2018 10:42:44   CB   SteveW - Thanks for posting and for the convenient indexing! (n/t)
15-Jun-2018 09:10:42   CB   Corranga - I know the Stag quite well. Been in there a few times. Glad you're enjoying seeing them :)
14-Jun-2018 00:50:09   CB   M-Corr - To Save People time....
14-Jun-2018 00:20:59   CB   M-Corr - Andrea Appears in RTE TV Programme.
11-Jun-2018 23:44:30   CB   Robin - Yes same last night Terry. (n/t)

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