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19-Sep-2021 04:53:08   CB   Wendy - Thank you! (n/t)
19-Sep-2021 04:52:51   CB   Wendy - Updated lyrics...
18-Sep-2021 08:49:40   CB   Crickets - Pleasant surprise
18-Sep-2021 08:17:58   CB   Jerry - i think it is meteors strike the earth. (n/t)
17-Sep-2021 13:18:54   CB   Wendy - Lyrics...
17-Sep-2021 05:27:16   CB   neleh - New Music - Running on Rooftops
09-Sep-2021 10:46:58   CB   Corranga - Unsurprisingly, the answer to the question no one asked is that the Festivalbar 98 compilation album
07-Sep-2021 21:58:49   CB   Baxterianism - Thank you so much for taking the time and conveying how much you enjoyed the …
07-Sep-2021 09:07:58   CB   Baxterianism - Thank you so much for your ‘rambling’ your comments are really insightful and …
07-Sep-2021 08:35:57   CB   Baxterianism - A future episode covers the reason the track wasn’t used….
06-Sep-2021 19:41:36   CB   JohnLnyc - “close—air”
06-Sep-2021 17:41:16   CB   Steverino - I agree! That was excellent, Simon. Well done and thank you.
06-Sep-2021 07:45:09   CB   OzQueen - Aw, thanks Steve! It was honestly purely selfsh haha, I just wanted Corrs lyrics to enjoy!
05-Sep-2021 17:44:59   CB   Steverino - Corrs lyrics are a welcome addition to my tweet stream.
05-Sep-2021 17:40:51   CB   SteveW - Yes, I was also glad to hear the story behind the pronunciation of "close-air" (n/t)
05-Sep-2021 14:38:17   CB   JohnLnyc - Good points
05-Sep-2021 08:32:56   CB   Baxterianism - Thanks for the link to the article! It’s sadly a little inaccurate .. but then its been 26 years!…
05-Sep-2021 07:59:17   CB   SteveW - I grew up in the 80s, and I remember albums coming out about a month after the lead single
05-Sep-2021 07:49:57   CB   SteveW - Enjoyed this article; interesting to hear David Foster's take on these records (n/t)
05-Sep-2021 04:31:27   CB   JohnLnyc - PS See page 10
05-Sep-2021 04:29:14   CB   JohnLnyc - In his own words
04-Sep-2021 22:27:58   CB   JohnLnyc - Didn’t fit
04-Sep-2021 08:31:15   CB   JohnLnyc - It’s marketing
03-Sep-2021 08:47:58   CB   Baxterianism - Hahaha! More a happy lining on an unhappy time for many. The sentiment is very kind. Thank you! (n/t)
03-Sep-2021 03:02:46   CB   OzQueen - haha it was a nice way to spend some time! it made me really nostalgic (n/t)
03-Sep-2021 00:27:00   CB   Wendy - If Covid brought us a Corrs podcast, then it was all worth it! (Dark humour) (n/t)
02-Sep-2021 10:37:52   CB   Wendy - Following! Ha, I like that this is your snapping activity. (n/t)
01-Sep-2021 14:17:07   CB   OzQueen - twitter bots for corrs lyrics
01-Sep-2021 09:20:23   CB   SteveW - Enjoyed this video; I had not seen it either (n/t)
31-Aug-2021 12:57:54   CB   Corranga - I recognise the outfits but not sure if it's from stills or not a couple of decades later!

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