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20-Feb-2019 20:13:24   CB   Robin - Cant recall ever hearing any artist covering a Corrs song. The only exception being Rebecca the scottish singer i follow
20-Feb-2019 19:41:48   CB   Taliesin - I saw "Musical Box" last week and I love that.
19-Feb-2019 18:12:08   CB   Corranga - I guess that means there will at least be 1 duet during the upcoming tour.
19-Feb-2019 18:10:24   CB   Corranga - I feel *almost* the same as Dave. I think perhaps there is room somewhere for bands to play covers
19-Feb-2019 18:07:22   CB   Corranga - Terry is right, I forgot about those. Photo is still on the merch website, though they are sold out
19-Feb-2019 15:08:27   CB   dave - The Corrs are eligible to be their own tribute band.. LOL
19-Feb-2019 14:05:03   CB   Terry2 - The name of the fan.
19-Feb-2019 06:47:05   CB   nightcat - Thanks for the replies guys 😅
18-Feb-2019 20:21:15   CB   chris1957 - Concerts
18-Feb-2019 12:49:39   CB   Corranga - I'm not sure we've ever really had a name as such, perhaps due to nothing ever being
17-Feb-2019 20:05:39   CB   dave - As far as I know we just call ourselves Corrsclubbers here, the others you mention
17-Feb-2019 17:20:49   CB   nightcat - I've been meaning to ask this: is the fanbase called HardCorrFans or CorrsCrowd?..
16-Feb-2019 23:39:22   CB   dave - Just back at hotel from the last of the 4 Spanish gigs I attended - bloody awesome.
15-Feb-2019 16:01:51   CB   Robin - We all travel some miles to follow our music. Enjoy Chris. (n/t)
15-Feb-2019 13:26:45   CB   Corranga - Conversely, we are heading to Newcastle, I'm seeing Chvrches at the o2 Academy on Monday night :)
14-Feb-2019 22:34:51   CB   dave - Dido is virtually unheard of now in UK - every band or artist 'has their time'
14-Feb-2019 16:57:05   CB   Robin - I am in Scotland tonight for Side by Side gig. Rebecca just released new single today so exciting day. (n/t)
14-Feb-2019 05:21:45   CB   SteveW - Any Dido fans? I'm going to see her in Philadelphia in June
13-Feb-2019 18:25:32   CB   dave - Currently in Zaragoza Spain - just left the soundcheck and only an hour to gig time !
12-Feb-2019 12:44:45   CB   Corrpulent - We might as well wish Cara a Happy Birthday, if she's looking in. All the best. (n/t)
07-Feb-2019 08:37:30   CB   MentariS - Vonda Shephard said she and Sharon is currently writing a song called "Made of Rain":
06-Feb-2019 19:37:00   CB   SteveW - I thought Andrea was playing a full-size guitar...
06-Feb-2019 12:13:48   CB   dave - I think Andrea may have some competition on the ukelele - check this out !
01-Feb-2019 11:13:41   CB   Corranga - Since they are are family, I don't know if they will ever really disband as such, but certainly, they aren't working
30-Jan-2019 19:58:54   CB   SteveW - interview with Sharon in the Belfast Telegraph
30-Jan-2019 16:13:09   CB   dave - They are all very active in their private lives, as can be seen on Instagram. The band
30-Jan-2019 11:29:17   CB   mikeyCF - have the corrs disbanded again?
26-Jan-2019 14:28:44   CB   Eclair - Old corrs cds song books video and dvd available, send offers
24-Jan-2019 12:24:16   CB   DrFunkenstein - Check PM (n/t)
18-Jan-2019 21:00:47   CB   Corranga - Keith isn't playing with her (n/t)

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