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25-Jan-2020 17:31:21   CB   SteveW - Brilliant analysis, Steverino. Thanks so much for postimg. (n/t)
24-Jan-2020 09:50:29   CB   SteveW - Nice interview, thanks for posting (n/t)
24-Jan-2020 00:49:34   CB   MentariS - Andrea’s HotPress interview is now available online:
22-Jan-2020 12:18:02   CB   SteveW - Delta Goodrem
22-Jan-2020 11:54:18   CB   Wendy - Is Coldplay big in the US? (n/t)
22-Jan-2020 02:48:12   CB   Mark - Because it's not crap? :) (n/t)
21-Jan-2020 22:35:07   CB   Steverino - Good points made by everyone. The U.S. market is tough to break from the 'outside'.
20-Jan-2020 14:28:12   CB   Wendy - Maybe because Delta was on Neighbours! She's had a lot more hits in Australia...
19-Jan-2020 20:23:26   CB   CSCfan - Delta's 'Born To Try' was also a moderate hit in Europe, but she's considered as a 'one hit wonder' here (unfortunately) (n/t)
18-Jan-2020 23:30:23   CB   Wendy - I assumed their music didn't appeal to US audiences...
18-Jan-2020 13:56:04   CB   dave - I'm in Southern Spain at the moment and heard Una Noche (with Alejandro Sanz)
18-Jan-2020 13:52:38   CB   dave - They spent a lot of time in the US, and toured extensively. Their music was possibly
18-Jan-2020 08:40:52   CB   Corranga - Old Town (Home) was played on BBC Radio 2 one day this week. UKs most listened to radio station (n/t)
17-Jan-2020 07:55:50   CB   MentariS - I love these stories about hearing Corrs songs in public :-)
17-Jan-2020 07:52:03   CB   MentariS - That makes sense, I always find it curious too...
16-Jan-2020 18:00:23   CB   Taliesin - The only way to listen to the Corrs in Canada(specially Quebec) is with a CD or on my phone. (n/t)
16-Jan-2020 17:03:20   CB   CSCfan - In order to achieve more succes, there was only one option: stay in the US for a longer period of time.
16-Jan-2020 03:27:36   CB   SteveW - Why weren't the Corrs more popular in the US?
15-Jan-2020 20:07:21   CB   BallerinaTay - I still hear Corrs songs here in the US from time to time.
15-Jan-2020 18:44:42   CB   Jerry - Depressing for those of us who live in the USA (n/t)
15-Jan-2020 15:37:30   CB   nightcat - Even till now I find it odd that The Corrs are popular pretty much everywhere else except the US of A. (n/t)
15-Jan-2020 13:49:16   CB   SteveW - My story about "What Can I Do"
15-Jan-2020 13:03:48   CB   sergio - Just heard ‘What can I do’ on a Serbian radio station at work. (n/t)
08-Jan-2020 09:07:58   OT   SteveW - Indian-Flamenco is not a combination I had ever heard before
08-Jan-2020 08:56:04   CB   SteveW - I heard Old Town in a store recently
08-Jan-2020 08:48:16   CB   Corranga - Hearing any Corrs on the radio / TV is a miracle these days, still, a lovely experience that never gets old. Thanks
08-Jan-2020 01:25:10   CB   nightcat - Just sharing: while going home from school last night, I heard Angel on the radio
06-Jan-2020 18:53:31   OT   Steverino - I greatly appreciate your post, Steve - I enjoyed listening to Anoushka Shankar
04-Jan-2020 17:44:23   CB   Steverino - A short video of Sharon uploaded by Institut Marquès
04-Jan-2020 03:52:44   OT   SteveW - Here's a piece by Anoushka Shankar that I've been listening to lately

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