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14-Dec-2018 16:42:07   CB   Nick - Its also similar to Asia's "Heat of The Moment" and Video Killed the Radio Star. I think its on purpouse, an homage to..
14-Dec-2018 15:05:41   CB   dave - Stacey Dooley was tailormade for the lead role in My Fair Lady / Pygmallion !
14-Dec-2018 10:38:42   CB   Corranga - You're probably right about them wanting Jim, but unfortunately not for any reasons we'd want, and definitely not the
12-Dec-2018 19:42:04   CB   CorrMac - There are strong similarities with part of "Unconditional" from White Light with ...
12-Dec-2018 18:56:30   CB   SteveW - The Stones' own Jumpin Jack Flash is kind of an homage to the guitar riff from Satisfaction...
12-Dec-2018 18:33:03   CB   Corrpulent - If someone were to use the guitar riff from Satisfaction I think they’d be in trouble…
12-Dec-2018 17:29:30   CB   Mark - *blushing* (n/t)
12-Dec-2018 15:53:37   CB   CSCfan - That's what makes you beautiful [Mark]....;) (n/t)
11-Dec-2018 20:22:38   CB   Mark - There's only so much you can do with 3 chords... :)
11-Dec-2018 20:20:02   CB   Mark - You need to think bigger, CorrMac...
11-Dec-2018 20:19:06   CB   Mark - Thanks Dave. Merry Christmas. :) (n/t)
09-Dec-2018 03:54:53   CB   SteveW - Summer Sunshine question
08-Dec-2018 14:30:37   CB   CorrMac - No Corrs connection at the moment Mark ...
07-Dec-2018 16:48:25   CB   Robin - Yes that was a fantastic gig one of my best. We were outside the arena from about 10am in glorious sunshine which was
07-Dec-2018 10:25:11   CB   dave - No Corrs connection Mark but an extremely popular current TV programme here in UK.
07-Dec-2018 08:53:10   CB   Corranga - I think the only DVD after Best Of is the All The Way Home / Live in Geneva from 2005
06-Dec-2018 23:21:35   CB   Mark - Since I have no idea what you're talking about... :)
05-Dec-2018 09:35:07   CB   airbusgore - cheers dave (n/t)
03-Dec-2018 19:39:40   CB   dave - Yep, it will probably be Lauren.. or Ashley ! As for 'our favourite band'
03-Dec-2018 14:12:20   CB   CorrMac - Will be interesting to see who misses out on the final ...
03-Dec-2018 00:34:58   CB   SteveW - Thanks, Corrpulent -- that perfectly answered my question
02-Dec-2018 18:57:42   CB   dave - By far the best source is eBay where there are loads of them, sceondhand usually
02-Dec-2018 16:39:11   CB   airbusgore - Corrs DVDs
02-Dec-2018 11:47:55   CB   dave - WOW... what a performance from Faye & Giovanni last night, truely outstanding. Stacey would
01-Dec-2018 16:04:35   CB   Corrpulent - Caroline as Miss Havisham... It's unlikely Caroline would be jilted at the altar. (n/t)
30-Nov-2018 16:46:34   CB   Corrpulent - This pdf file about using sharping levers might be helpful…
30-Nov-2018 10:19:40   CB   nightcat - I'm not too eager on the song either, but if others like it then that's fine. (n/t)
28-Nov-2018 19:04:21   CB   SteveW - Thanks for posting! Interesting video...
28-Nov-2018 15:43:02   CB   MentariS - Link:
28-Nov-2018 14:59:51   CB   MentariS - Andrea said on IG that a video of A Hed An Nos (her duet with Alan Stivell) can be viewed later today (n/t)

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