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22-Feb-2018 19:34:43   CB   dave - Yes, and the Guardian newspaper slagged him off for that choice. (n/t)
22-Feb-2018 17:36:49   CB   cedic - Interestingly enough, this year's Brits host
22-Feb-2018 10:10:03   CB   dave - You know you're old when The Brit Awards no longer excites and entertains, and you
22-Feb-2018 08:48:05   CB   MentariS - New post from the official account about the giveaway:
21-Feb-2018 15:42:26   CB   dave - It was the postage that was costly, not the cd which I accept was good value.
21-Feb-2018 15:09:05   CB   MentariS - This. (n/t)
21-Feb-2018 15:05:31   CB   GaelleF - Exactly, exactly... (n/t)
21-Feb-2018 11:52:01   CB   Corranga - Not disrespect meant Dave, but part of my issue is that the signed CDs weren't a lot of money.
20-Feb-2018 16:06:46   CB   dave - Its either old news, or they're giving away signed cds that we paid Warner Ireland
20-Feb-2018 14:48:05   CB   MentariS - My thought exactly, Chris
20-Feb-2018 10:29:15   CB   Corranga - Not that Dave's comments need backed up in any way, but I completely agree. John very much likes to be there but not
20-Feb-2018 10:22:44   CB   Corranga - Another social media fail? They signed the CDs which were sold by the website AGES ago
19-Feb-2018 22:16:46   CB   CSCfan - Andrea will be taking part in a new Irish folk album project by Sligo band 'Dervish'...
19-Feb-2018 10:09:15   CB   MentariS - Well it's very easy to tap the wrong option on an IG story poll anyway :-p (n/t)
18-Feb-2018 23:42:01   CB   Wendy - Thanks! He seems very motivated.
18-Feb-2018 15:27:19   CB   dave - Yes, I've met him on a few occasions.
18-Feb-2018 13:00:43   CB   SteveW - 6% of people actually voted no?!? (n/t)
18-Feb-2018 12:58:13   CB   MentariS - Signed CD giveaway planned by the band?
18-Feb-2018 12:16:11   CB   Wendy - Do you know him personally? It sounds as though you've met him.
18-Feb-2018 11:50:49   CB   dave - Wendy & Steve, yes John is definitely not your 'average manager', and as a musician himself
18-Feb-2018 06:02:24   CB   SteveW - I had the same thought about Andrea's rocking back and forth -- how does she sing while doing that?
17-Feb-2018 23:39:18   CB   Wendy - Yes, I like the faster rehearsal version too!
17-Feb-2018 23:36:58   CB   Wendy - Does John have a big say in how and what they play? (n/t)
17-Feb-2018 15:36:33   CB   dave - John Hughes shadowing their every move as usual... (n/t)
17-Feb-2018 13:43:16   CB   SteveW - rehearsal video of One Day Like This
16-Feb-2018 13:20:45   CB   SteveW - correction: I think it's from the rehearsal for the Royal Variety Performance (n/t)
16-Feb-2018 13:07:33   CB   Corranga - ahhh, I wondered who he was. I stared at the photo thinking there was something familiar about him
16-Feb-2018 08:38:39   CB   SteveW - Thanks. That photo is from the Royal Variety Performance in December 2015...
16-Feb-2018 08:31:11   CB   Corranga - Tabloid error, and a tweet which reminded her of when she was making music. I don't think it's worth reading any deeper
16-Feb-2018 07:49:39   CB   Bea_HC - The original was posted by Caroline. Maybe Sharon was just sharing a memory (n/t)

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