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30-Oct-2020 20:07:41   CB   JohnLnyc - Not bad
30-Oct-2020 13:24:10   CB   dave - Well I wasn't aware that fans 'had rumoured a tour' or that Caroline had a solo album...
30-Oct-2020 05:15:45   OT   Steverino - Their next live concert will be on November 8...
29-Oct-2020 18:40:32   CB   SteveW - Thanks for posting! Nothing new but a nice and positive article nonetheless (n/t)
29-Oct-2020 18:28:00   CB   AB_CLOSER - pressreader
29-Oct-2020 17:52:11   CB   CSCfan - Does anyone has access to the full article?
27-Oct-2020 16:33:35   CB   SteveW - I agree that Laura's version sounds more like the FM version
27-Oct-2020 12:08:09   CB   dave - I actually thought her version was closer to the original Steve, but then I don't have your
27-Oct-2020 12:03:02   CB   dave - Hi Robin, surprisingly Laura and her band have been managing to do some gigs in France
26-Oct-2020 20:39:13   CB   SteveW - Nice cover of Dreams
26-Oct-2020 19:04:12   CB   Robin - Hi Dave hope all good with you. Great version of Dreams by Laura, really like it. Guess you will be
24-Oct-2020 12:29:03   CB   dave - Another cover of Dreams, by an artist I currently follow. How do you think it compares
21-Oct-2020 22:57:18   CB   SteveW - I like your Beatles cover songs ideas
21-Oct-2020 22:43:21   CB   SteveW - Definitely better than her makeup in the In Blue days
20-Oct-2020 15:35:14   CB   Corranga - Oh, Beatles covers, that's a good idea!
19-Oct-2020 16:53:13   CB   JohnLnyc - No voice correction required!
18-Oct-2020 16:46:16   CB   Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for sharing. I like the part near the end where she talks about how the make up sometimes made her feel
18-Oct-2020 11:44:02   CB   MentariS - Andrea on makeup artist Gucci Westman's latest tutorial video:
13-Oct-2020 09:50:21   CB   SteveW - Beatles songs
13-Oct-2020 09:12:58   OT   SteveW - That's a lovely rendition of No Frontiers.
13-Oct-2020 04:55:19   OT   Steverino - You're welcome, Steve. I really liked the flute harmonies on the Billy Joel cover too.
10-Oct-2020 11:04:21   CB   MentariS - Not sure if this counts, but Andrea covered John Lennon’s No 9 Dream for Lifelines...
10-Oct-2020 09:34:33   CB   SteveW - a Beatles cover -- very nicely done
10-Oct-2020 06:46:31   CB   MentariS - Here's a video of her performance posted by @the_corrs_music on Instagram:
08-Oct-2020 09:43:56   CB   SteveW - Andrea to perform on NSPCC virtual Surprise Ball
06-Oct-2020 08:55:47   CB   Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for posting. I haven't heard these before.
05-Oct-2020 20:05:40   CB   JohnLnyc - Sharon’s Third Record Status?
05-Oct-2020 11:24:37   CB   Corranga - Alan Stivell and Andrea - A Hed an Nos - All Through The Night
05-Oct-2020 07:45:31   CB   MentariS - The highlight of the video for me is that she cut her hair *that* short! (n/t)
04-Oct-2020 22:34:57   CB   SteveW - Sharon on The Great Big Irish Thank You (television show)

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