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09-Dec-2019 22:27:38   CB   dave - There was the dreamy duet by Andrea and Laurent Voulzy - 'All I Have To Do Is Dream'
09-Dec-2019 20:12:51   CB   Corranga - Ah! Annoyingly, I read "performed" as "performed live" Never mind. (n/t)
09-Dec-2019 08:13:57   CB   SteveW - I forgot about Mna Na hEireann! Good one! (n/t)
09-Dec-2019 06:25:42   CB   nexi_exi17 - Mna Na hEireann and She Moved Through The Fair
09-Dec-2019 03:38:25   CB   SteveW - Yes, that's the other song I was thinking of! (n/t)
09-Dec-2019 03:07:52   CB   AB_CLOSER - Wild Horses: Sharon Corr & Don Mescall -- Rolling Stones & Andrea Corr
09-Dec-2019 00:52:32   CB   SteveW - Good catch on You've Got a Friend; I didn't know about that one
08-Dec-2019 19:47:44   CB   Chanh - I think it is "You've got a friend" by Carole King (n/t)
08-Dec-2019 15:11:21   CB   Corranga - Easy Trivia Answer to Steve's question: What other songs have been performed by both Sharon and Andrea as solo artists?
07-Dec-2019 22:18:43   CB   Corranga - It's Jim's signature, but it's not ball pen, it's printed on the pick, I have a few of them, in a couple of different
07-Dec-2019 21:56:58   CB   HGN2001 - I think you're right. I just compared it to my signed IN BLUE CD.
07-Dec-2019 21:04:54   CB   SteveW - Cool artifact! Isn't that Jim's signature?
07-Dec-2019 20:55:55   CB   HGN2001 - An old Corrs artifact from 2004
07-Dec-2019 19:51:56   CB   sergio - I have just learnt that Belfast Child was inspired by the trad song ‘She moves through the fair’. (n/t)
07-Dec-2019 01:45:17   CB   SteveW - sergio, I really like the Simple Minds song you posted, which has a Corrs connection (plus trivia question)
06-Dec-2019 15:15:22   CB   sergio - sorry, I repost with embedded videos
06-Dec-2019 15:09:05   CB   sergio - Thanks for sharing these songs Steve, Jane Siberry is strikingly sounds like Kate Bush who is one of my favourite artist (n/t)
06-Dec-2019 15:01:25   CB   sergio - My favourite dreamy songs
06-Dec-2019 11:28:25   CB   SteveW - More ethereal music
06-Dec-2019 11:06:44   CB   SteveW - Ethereal songs by male artists
06-Dec-2019 10:44:43   CB   SteveW - Dreamy, ethereal music
05-Dec-2019 15:05:44   CB   nightcat - I don't know if this song counts as dreamy for you but for me at least, it does.
05-Dec-2019 08:48:54   CB   Wendy - Appreciation for how Corrs' songs sound "dreamy"...
04-Dec-2019 13:07:49   CB   MentariS - Thank you for sharing. Great photos and looks like it was such a beautiful event. (n/t)
04-Dec-2019 13:07:04   CB   MentariS - All I can say here is that I wish her all the very best (n/t)
04-Dec-2019 12:40:16   CB   Wendy - Yes, it's sad :( But Sharon looks happy and well...
04-Dec-2019 08:47:48   CB   nightcat - Thanks for sharing the links! Lovely event and Andrea's presence sure is a bonus (n/t)
04-Dec-2019 06:06:27   CB   SeanCorrain - looks like Sharon and Gavin have officially split
04-Dec-2019 03:35:24   CB   SteveW - a couple of articles on the Light Up a Life event
03-Dec-2019 21:04:04   CB   Corranga - Incredible, what a wonderful event. (n/t)

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