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26-Jan-2023 14:34:47   CB   Mark - Thanks for sharing that Steve... nice analysis! And nice song.
24-Jan-2023 02:56:42   CB   commonwombat - More background re Cliff
16-Jan-2023 12:49:16   CB   Baxterianism - Thanks Mathias! (n/t)
16-Jan-2023 08:18:47   CB   Alastair - Aha brilliant! (n/t)
15-Jan-2023 14:23:58   CB   CSCfan - Lovely article in the Dundalk Democrat about.... Simon (Baxterianism)!
14-Jan-2023 10:18:51   CB   AB_CLOSER - Caroline and Jim were notably absent from the video for the single "Long Night". (n/t)
13-Jan-2023 23:39:57   CB   AB_CLOSER - She was on holiday in Australia.
13-Jan-2023 15:33:03   CB   SteveW - Johnlnyc, thanks for the very informative explanation
13-Jan-2023 14:56:56   CB   SteveW - Sharon missing
12-Jan-2023 23:52:41   CB   SteveW - Cliff Richard
11-Jan-2023 12:58:06   CB   Corranga - Fantastic posts as always Steve. I'm a little late to the (Christmas) party, but, despite recoding the whole show on my
11-Jan-2023 12:35:42   CB   Corranga - How did I miss that answer! I clearly have to go off and immediately re-familiarise myself with their music! (n/t)
05-Jan-2023 16:36:39   CB   DrFunkenstein - I don't recall her missing a show, but I do recall a scene from the All the Way Home documentary
04-Jan-2023 17:42:52   CB   Baxterianism - Thanks for your reply John, Super helpful as Ive had flue for a few days and really hadnt the energy to ...
04-Jan-2023 17:37:16   CB   Baxterianism - Thank you so much for these kind words, It's a joy to create and I'm so glad its also a joy to receive! (n/t)
02-Jan-2023 00:12:28   CB   Johnlnyc - A very interesting saga
01-Jan-2023 22:10:09   CB   JohnLnyc - Not likely
30-Dec-2022 23:24:44   OT   SteveW - That's a fantastic cover of Goodbye to Love
30-Dec-2022 23:06:44   OT   Steverino - Some recent music by previous "AOTM," English singer Harriet
30-Dec-2022 22:01:27   CB   Steverino - Wow! That was very enlightening. I loved hearing the demos, too.
28-Dec-2022 09:27:10   CB   SteveW - More trivia: Corrs minus one (help needed)
28-Dec-2022 04:44:56   CB   SteveW - Enjoyed the episode, as usual. I have many questions!
27-Dec-2022 14:33:52   CB   AB_CLOSER - Thanks!!! I love demo tracks! Heaven Knows (8:30) Leave Me Alone (17:56) (n/t)
27-Dec-2022 10:07:01   CB   SteveW - more on Saviour's Day
27-Dec-2022 08:59:36   CB   SteveW - Mentari, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading this.
27-Dec-2022 07:53:18   CB   Baxterianism - Thank you for listening. Glad you enjoyed! (n/t)
26-Dec-2022 23:55:43   CB   SteveW - another nice touch in Saviour's Day
26-Dec-2022 23:37:02   CB   SteveW - Andrea and Cliff Richard on "Saviour's Day" (Andrea's vocal range)
26-Dec-2022 17:50:02   CB   Punky - Another excellent interview! And, my favorite demo tracks to date! So lovely! (n/t)
26-Dec-2022 08:23:56   CB   Baxterianism - CorrsCast episode 11 - Interview with G. Marq Roswell

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