Welcome to our recordings page!
Below you'll find recordings some of our members have made of various Corrs songs.
Each line tells you what kind of recording it is - just click on the name/link to hear the recording.

A note about the "Multi-Instrument" recordings - this could mean anything...
For example, most of my (Cara's) stuff will be multi-layered piano recordings.
Since I have an electric piano some layers might sound like strings or voices.
Some recordings might really feature multiple instruments and/or voices!!

If you are willing to supply any recordings you've made we'd love to have them!

Just email any contributions to us at

We also have a supply of backing tracks you can use to create your own recordings. Visit that page here: Backing Tracks

Available Recordings:
Song Title And Link Category Thanks to:
Baby Be BraveMulti-InstrumentCecilia (moonbeams)
Brid Og Ni MhailleMulti-InstrumentSandra (sandracl2)
Dimming of the DayMulti-InstrumentCecilia (moonbeams)
Dream Of YouMulti_InstrumentCecilia (moonbeams)
Forgiven, Not ForgottenMulti-InstrumentNiraj
Give Me A ReasonGarageBandSteveW
Haste to the Wedding (Part 1)Tin WhistleJérôme
Lifting Me2 Pianos/GarageBandSteveW
Love To Love YouAlbum Version with Piano Added in GarageBandSteveW
The Minstrel BoyPianoCara
The Minstrel BoyTin WhistleCara
My Lagan LoveGarageBandSteveW
Mystery Of YouGarageBandSteveW
No Good For MePianoNiraj
Old HagDrumCara
Only When I SleepMulti-InstrumentNiraj
Rebel HeartPianoMiguel
Return From FingallMulti-InstrumentCara
Return From FingallTin WhistleCara
Silver StrandMulti-InstrumentCara
Silver StrandTin WhistleJérôme
Toss The FeathersMulti-InstrumentNiraj (with Salome Gonzalez & Paulina Kozielska)

More coming! Maybe? Ask your musically gifted friends to record your favorite tunes! And check back often!

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