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Forgiven, Not Forgotten Borrowed Heaven Ten Feet High
Talk On Corners Home Sharon's Solo Album

I've added some whistle music taken from the disfrutaloscorrs website before they shut down. I've credited them for anything
I'm using here. However, if you see something that you know you created, please let me know and I'd be happy to credit you instead!

Please note now that some piano pages may not contain music. For a quick reference, the pictures showing a full piano will not contain actual music.
The picture of the partial keyboard links to a pdf with actual music. For an explanation of why and a quicker summary of what's available click here.

SongPianoViolinWhistleGuitarThanks to:
Along With The GirlsCara
Carraroe JigN/AN/ACara
Erin Shore - IntroCara
Erin ShoreN/AN/ACara
Haste to the Wedding (Part 1)N/AN/ADLC
Haste to the WeddingN/AN/ADLC
Joy of LifeN/AN/ACara
The Minstrel BoyN/ACara
Old HagN/AN/A?? Unknown
Paddy McCarthyN/ACara
Pebble In The BrookN/AN/ACara
Rebel HeartN/ACara
Return From FingallN/ACara
Silver StrandN/ACara
Toss The FeathersN/ACara
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Forgiven, Not Forgotten
SongPianoViolinWhistleGuitarThanks to:
Forgiven, Not ForgottenCara
Heaven KnowsCara
Leave Me AloneN/ACara
Love To Love YouN/ACara
Secret LifeN/ACara
The Right TimeCara
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Talk On Corners
SongPianoViolinWhistleGuitarThanks to:
Don't Say You Love MeN/AN/AN/ACara
Hopelessly AddictedN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
I Never Loved You AnywayN/ACara
IntimacyN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Little WingN/ACara
Love Gives, Love TakesN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
No Good For MeN/ACara
Only When I SleepN/ACara
Queen of HollywoodN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
So YoungN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
What Can I DoN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
When He's Not AroundN/ACara
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In Blue
SongPianoViolinWhistleGuitarThanks to:
All In A DayN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
All The Love In The WorldN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
At Your SideN/ACara
BreathlessN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Give It All UpN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Give Me A ReasonN/ACara
Hurt BeforeN/ACara
IrresistableN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
No More CryN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
One NightN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
RadioN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
SayN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Somebody For SomeoneN/ACara
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Borrowed Heaven
SongPianoViolinWhistleGuitarThanks to:
AngelN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Baby Be BraveN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Borrowed HeavenN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Confidence For QuietN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Even IfN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
GoodbyeN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
HideawayN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Long NightN/ACara
Summer SunshineN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Time Enough For TearsN/AN/AN/ACara
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SongPianoViolinWhistleGuitarThanks to:
Black is the ColourN/AN/AN/ADLC
Brid Og Ni MhailleN/AN/AN/ADLC
Buachaill On EirneN/AN/AN/ADLC
Dimming of the DayN/AN/AN/AN/ACara
Moorlough ShoreN/AN/AN/ADLC
My Lagan LoveN/AN/AN/ADLC
Old TownN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Peggy GordonN/AN/AN/ADLC
Spancill HillN/AN/AN/ADLC
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SongPianoViolinWhistleGuitarThanks to:
Everybody HurtsN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
Jim's Surprise Pt. 1N/ADLC
Jim's Surprise Pt. 2N/ADLC
Make You MineN/AN/AN/ACara
No FrontiersN/AN/AN/ACara
Would You Be HappierN/AN/ACara, DLC (Whistle)
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Ten Feet High
SongPianoViolinWhistleGuitarThanks to:
Anybody ThereN/AN/AN/AMaag & ZeoD (DLC)
Hello BoysN/AN/AN/AMaag & ZeoD (DLC)
I DoN/AN/AN/AMaag & ZeoD (DLC)
Shame On You - Instrumental PartN/AN/AN/AMaag & ZeoD (DLC)
Shame On You - Piano VersionN/AN/AN/AMaag & ZeoD (DLC)
Stupidest Girl In The WorldN/AN/AN/AMaag & ZeoD (DLC)
This Is What It's All AboutN/AN/AN/AMaag & ZeoD (DLC)
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Sharon's Solo Album
SongPianoViolinWhistleGuitarThanks to:
It's Not A DreamN/AN/AN/ADan
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