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Steverino - An unusual place to find a fine album... 02-Mar-2013 17:41:27
              The other Gary - Interesting story Steverino. 03-Mar-2013 09:21:39
                           Steverino - Thanks for your information regarding Chris Pierce. 03-Mar-2013 18:25:57
                                        The other Gary - Thanks for that information Steverino. 07-Mar-2013 10:09:14

Rick T. - Can't go wrong here! 28-Feb-2013 03:55:59
              The other Gary - I really enjoy Jeff and Megan. 28-Feb-2013 08:09:49
              Steverino - That's a great story about how "It Stopped Raining" came about. 02-Mar-2013 16:42:15
                           Rick T. - It's official....Jeff Campbell won the 2nd annual Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter Contest! 05-Mar-2013 18:56:43
                                        The other Gary - Might catapult his career. 07-Mar-2013 09:39:03
                                                     The other Gary - Back from the show. 08-Mar-2013 10:19:16
                                                                  Rick T. - I'm so glad you had a great time at the show, Gary! 18-Mar-2013 17:17:27
                                                                               The other Gary - Yeah, I did see Meiko. 29-Mar-2013 08:20:43
                                                                                            Rick T. - Hilarious moment from Megan's show Thurs. in Chicago... 30-Mar-2013 07:15:38

Steverino - Holly Cole 26-Feb-2013 02:54:46
              SteveW - I'd never heard of Holly Cole, but I liked this song a lot 28-Feb-2013 21:30:49
              Linda J - Hi Steve.. Just saw Holly "Live" last night, actually.. She was amazing! ;O) ... 25-Mar-2013 01:30:10
              Linda J - sorry too, ..I only just saw this post "now" ..on March 24th.. :Oo ... 25-Mar-2013 01:35:20
                           Cara - Yes! You definitely do need to stop by more often!! ;-) 25-Mar-2013 04:21:44
                                        Linda J - here again today.. LoL !! ;O) 25-Mar-2013 19:05:46
                                                     Rick T. - Hi Linda, I don't imagine you saw it, but I'd posted something a while back that I thought you might enjoy... 25-Mar-2013 19:26:29
                                                     Steverino - Linda! Great you could make it *lol* 26-Mar-2013 06:32:29
                                                                  Linda J - ;O) 26-Mar-2013 20:47:07

Steverino - Emily Smith, folkie of lowland Scotland, and her anniversary release: TEN YEARS 23-Feb-2013 04:27:18
              The other Gary - Thanks Steverino. Emily is very, very good indeed. 01-Mar-2013 07:55:17
                           Steverino - I do appreciate the feedback, Gary. 02-Mar-2013 02:11:22
              Steverino - Emily Smith (part 2) 01-Mar-2013 08:08:30

Rick T. - Chelsea Williams on the Today Show tomorrow, Thurs. the 21st. 20-Feb-2013 15:50:12
              Steverino - I won't be able to watch Chelsea, but I hope that she finds many new fans. 21-Feb-2013 03:25:20
                           The other Gary - I need my eyes checked, at first I thought it said the Tonight Show. 21-Feb-2013 05:35:23
                                        Rick T. - I missed Chelsea's appearance, myself. LOL! 28-Feb-2013 04:15:24
                                                     The other Gary - Shhhh...I'm not supposed to be ogling these women! 28-Feb-2013 08:36:29

Steverino - Pure McCartney: A Paul McCartney 70th Birthday Concert DVD 20-Feb-2013 04:58:57
              Rick T. - You're right, Steve. Both the production and performance is outstanding on this. 26-Feb-2013 16:32:33

Cara - Random update on my recording project... 16-Feb-2013 17:00:34
              Cara - And it sounds fantastic!! :-D I'm so pleased with it! :-) 17-Feb-2013 02:06:43
                           The other Gary - Best of luck, sounds like things are going well. 17-Feb-2013 07:13:15
              Linda J - Wow.. ;O) 17-Feb-2013 23:39:20
              Cara - If anyone is interested... 18-Feb-2013 00:15:16
                           Steverino - That came out great, Cara! It sounds like the soundtrack to a good film! 18-Feb-2013 00:43:25
                           SteveW - Sounds great! And yes, the sound quality is terrific. 18-Feb-2013 03:29:24
                                        Cara - It's a slightly altered version of Vanessa Carlton's "Home". 18-Feb-2013 04:03:36
                                                     Cara - P.S. You see - the problem was - we couldn't find anything we liked... 18-Feb-2013 04:09:00
                                                     SteveW - I actually like Vanessa Carlton... 18-Feb-2013 04:21:09
                                                                  Cara - To be honest, I didn't know her (by name at least) at all. 18-Feb-2013 04:51:12
                                                                               The other Gary - Sounds good. 18-Feb-2013 07:38:34
                                                                                            CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - glad its working out Cara 20-Feb-2013 15:50:16
                                                                                                         Cara - I know... Sorry! ;-) 21-Feb-2013 02:04:01
                           Cara - Thanks Steve, Steve, Gary, & Linda! :-) 19-Feb-2013 02:55:09
                           grace - This sounds fantastic! 23-Feb-2013 12:03:20
                                        Cara - Thanks Grace! :-) 23-Feb-2013 13:42:28
                                                     Rick T. - It sounds fantastic, Cara! Great job on both the performance and the recording! :) 26-Feb-2013 16:12:45
                                                                  Cara - Thanks Rick! :-) 26-Feb-2013 23:37:35

SteveW - Nolwenn Leroy 16-Feb-2013 09:13:58
              Steverino - Yes, I've been a fan of Nolwenn since 2005 17-Feb-2013 05:45:44
                           The other Gary - Thanks for the update. 17-Feb-2013 07:48:56
                           Steverino - More on Nolwenn 17-Feb-2013 08:59:55
                           nightcat - Steverino,thanks for posting her Runaway cover I've been looking for it everywhere.. 17-Feb-2013 12:45:01
                                        Steverino - You're welcome, Nightcat! 17-Feb-2013 18:41:31
              SteveW - Good to see other Nolwenn fans here! 17-Feb-2013 18:39:24
                           Steverino - Steve, yes indeed it's good to know another American fan of Nolwenn. 17-Feb-2013 19:22:44
                                        SteveW - Histoire Naturelle Tour DVD/CD 18-Feb-2013 04:02:55
                           nightcat - I think NY had it lucky when Sharon and Nolwenn hit their shores at the same week. 17-Feb-2013 19:34:58
                           nightcat - Late reply but here goes 27-Feb-2013 19:57:03
                                        nightcat - And that last post was supposed to be for SteveW 28-Feb-2013 05:12:42
                                        SteveW - Songs in non-English languages 01-Mar-2013 13:35:14
                                                     Steverino - I agree with both of you about the French version of HN sounding better than the English version. 02-Mar-2013 03:37:31
                                                                  SteveW - More music in different languages 03-Mar-2013 23:20:39
                                                                               Steverino - Wow, that's pretty astounding how Reich was able to compose that. 04-Mar-2013 02:10:23

The other Gary - Another redone track of Karmina's "Convinced" by Endigo. 16-Feb-2013 09:00:30
              Rick T. - That was a pretty cool remix, Gary. 27-Feb-2013 04:16:36

The other Gary - Thank you Steve W for bringing up Nolwenn Leroy. 16-Feb-2013 08:52:52

The other Gary - I want you to listen to this song please. 14-Feb-2013 08:55:06
              carolineinspiredmetodrum - I Likev It 14-Feb-2013 11:20:59
              SteveW - Nice song. Reminds me a bit of "Breathe Me" by Sia (the song used in the TV show Six Feet Under) 14-Feb-2013 20:59:49
                           The other Gary - I twittered Saba asking her who played keyboard. 16-Feb-2013 08:42:20
                                        Rick T. - I really liked this tune, Gary. 26-Feb-2013 16:09:28
                                                     SteveW - Rick, that's cool that you play mallet percussion 03-Mar-2013 07:26:16
                                                                  Rick T. - I hadn't heard of Mike Mainieri. 11-Mar-2013 19:16:11
                                                                               SteveW - I've read about polyrhythms... 13-Mar-2013 23:54:37

The other Gary - Valentine's Day video from Katie Cole and Morgan Tobias. 14-Feb-2013 08:31:37
              Steverino - Haha, I got a laugh out of that video! Thanks, Gary. 19-Feb-2013 00:25:04
              Rick T. - Haha! That was cute, Gary. :) 26-Feb-2013 15:48:44

Cara - I could use some more AOTM suggestions. ;-) 08-Feb-2013 02:08:32
              Linda J - Canadian jazz singer, Holly Cole.. I'm seeing her Live again this March.. ;O) .... 09-Feb-2013 21:03:50

Cara - RE: Halestorm 02-Feb-2013 01:32:11
              PatrickMcColl - The band rocks 02-Feb-2013 18:50:12
                           Rick T. - Glad you like them, Patrick. You're welcome. This message inside will at least be of interest to Linda... 03-Feb-2013 01:02:14
                                        The other Gary - Rick T. always tells me about acts I'm not familiar with. 06-Feb-2013 07:28:05
                                                     Rick T. - Well thank you, Gary. The feeling is certainly mutual. :) 12-Feb-2013 16:13:29

The other Gary - Well...I've seen Gemma Hayes several times. 30-Jan-2013 07:30:30
              Rick T. - This tune of Gemma's is pretty dark and moody. I kinda like it. Also... 31-Jan-2013 15:57:57
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - good exampe of how Gemma's recordings 01-Feb-2013 00:18:30
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - its just the youtube upload 01-Feb-2013 00:28:51
                                        CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - can anyone make out what the male backing vocalist is singing? Google brought up nothing 01-Feb-2013 00:47:20
                                                     Rick T. - I did a little bit of work on it, using one of my audio editors... 01-Feb-2013 03:40:14
                                                                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - thanks 01-Feb-2013 16:35:04

grace - First Aid Kit 20-Jan-2013 13:07:20
              Jason Parry - They really are fantastic 20-Jan-2013 14:22:44
                           Rick T. - They sure have stunning harmonies. 25-Jan-2013 16:34:16
                                        Rick T. - I couldn't help but think of "Ghost Town" by Shiny Toy Guns... 25-Jan-2013 16:38:54
                                        Jason Parry - That's a fantastic video, Rick, thanks... 25-Jan-2013 17:19:33
              Linda J - Nice.. I hadn't heard of them.. But, they don't sound like ABBA ..LoL !! ;O) 29-Jan-2013 21:41:51
                           grace - Lol, their music's entirely different of course... 02-Feb-2013 20:52:07
              Steverino - They're very talented. I like their music, too. 17-Feb-2013 17:14:07

Cara - Best (free) programs to record music to my computer? 19-Jan-2013 18:16:42
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I would reccomend Audacity (maybe what you already have) 19-Jan-2013 19:00:15
                           Cara - Thanks! Audacity is what I had before! :-) 19-Jan-2013 19:58:41
                                        Cara - Although also - I could really record the first layer on the piano itself and play that back while... 19-Jan-2013 20:21:06
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I'd say thats the best way to do it 19-Jan-2013 22:25:14
                                        CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I'm fairly confident you have an ASIO driver if your computer is fairly (less than 6 years) old 19-Jan-2013 22:21:14
                                                     Cara - My computer is only about 2 years old - but is a laptop. But, I'm sure it'll be fine. 20-Jan-2013 01:31:34
                                                                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - A laptop might give you trouble 20-Jan-2013 13:12:33
                                                                               Cara - Not sure - none of mine are color-coded. :-P It definitely has a thing for an external mic to be connected. 20-Jan-2013 15:24:10
                                                                                            CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I didn't realise you were using a Mic to record your piano 20-Jan-2013 17:11:52
                                                                                                         Cara - Thanks! I'll try that first and see how it goes. :-) 20-Jan-2013 20:51:39
                                                                                                                      Cara - P.S. I think most of the recordings on the Fan Recordings page were done with my camera... 20-Jan-2013 20:52:56
              SteveW - I'm a complete novice when it comes to audio editing... 19-Jan-2013 23:59:08

CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Music Tech Question(s) 13-Jan-2013 00:50:36
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - smaller image 13-Jan-2013 00:53:06
              Cara - No problem re: the image. :-) 13-Jan-2013 02:10:31
              SteveW - No idea, either 13-Jan-2013 02:33:17
                           Cara - I'm not even 100% sure I understand the question! ;-) 13-Jan-2013 02:42:46
                                        The other Gary - I'm just guessing here. 13-Jan-2013 07:29:35
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - thanks gary. I don't quite understand what you mean by brick walling though 13-Jan-2013 12:14:02
                                                                  Rick T. - In your last post here, what you're describing is "normalizing". 13-Jan-2013 16:42:22
                                                                               CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - cheers Rick, i dont think mp3Gain does compression 13-Jan-2013 23:53:02
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - reply from program writer 14-Jan-2013 16:24:06
                           Rick T. - Surely interesting. Glad you got the answer you were looking for. 24-Jan-2013 14:31:36
                                        Rick T. - Btw, have you heard of Sonic Visualiser? 31-Jan-2013 17:44:32
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - will defo look into this some time soon. thanks :) 31-Jan-2013 23:56:21

SteveW - AOTM: Katie Melua 12-Jan-2013 10:53:47
              The other Gary - I've seen Katie on a few of her U.S. excursions. 13-Jan-2013 07:52:52
                           SteveW - Interesting -- I didn't know Katie had played in the US 13-Jan-2013 08:05:10
                                        Jason Parry - Good recommendation. Here's a collaborative effort by the last two AOTM's :) 13-Jan-2013 21:43:33
                                                     Jason Parry - Of a song we all know of course! 13-Jan-2013 21:43:45
                                                                  SteveW - Here's my favorite version of Blue Bayou 14-Jan-2013 00:29:16
                                                     Jason Parry - Sorry I got Jones & Melua mixed up..whoops! 14-Jan-2013 17:16:36
                                                                  SteveW - No worries, they are somewhat similar! And Jones was a past AOTM (suggested by Grace, IIRC) 14-Jan-2013 20:58:16
                                        The other Gary - Katie at the time was trying to break into the U.S. market. 14-Jan-2013 06:23:34
                                                     Rick T. - This post inspired me today to finally watch one of two Katie DVDs that I have. 18-Jan-2013 02:37:37
                                                                  SteveW - Wow, that was a cool video 18-Jan-2013 03:01:51
                                                                               Rick T. - Let me know if you end up watching the DVD, Steve. I REALLY enjoyed it. 19-Jan-2013 16:24:47
                                                                                            SteveW - Got it! Thanks, Rick 20-Jan-2013 07:37:52
                           Steverino - I had not listened to her for awhile but really like Katie Melua 17-Feb-2013 23:57:01

Cara - I could use more AOTM suggestions! :-) 12-Jan-2013 02:57:22
              The other Gary - I'll be sure to nag you. 13-Jan-2013 07:55:37
                           Cara - I'm thinking that it would have been this one: 13-Jan-2013 14:55:26
                                        The other Gary - Thanks for that information Cara. 14-Jan-2013 06:28:34
                                                     Cara - No problem! 14-Jan-2013 14:05:12
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - speaking of Mccarley... Were you guys disappointed with her second album? 14-Jan-2013 16:11:16
                                        The other Gary - Interesting you say that about Erin's second CD. 15-Jan-2013 06:04:39
              nightcat - I'll think of somebody *checks list of artists/bands I became a fan of recently* 13-Jan-2013 18:25:40

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