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Cara - RE: Halestorm 02-Feb-2013 01:32:11
              PatrickMcColl - The band rocks 02-Feb-2013 18:50:12
                           Rick T. - Glad you like them, Patrick. You're welcome. This message inside will at least be of interest to Linda... 03-Feb-2013 01:02:14
                                        The other Gary - Rick T. always tells me about acts I'm not familiar with. 06-Feb-2013 07:28:05
                                                     Rick T. - Well thank you, Gary. The feeling is certainly mutual. :) (n/t) 12-Feb-2013 16:13:29

The other Gary - Well...I've seen Gemma Hayes several times. 30-Jan-2013 07:30:30
              Rick T. - This tune of Gemma's is pretty dark and moody. I kinda like it. Also... 31-Jan-2013 15:57:57
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - good exampe of how Gemma's recordings 01-Feb-2013 00:18:30
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - its just the youtube upload 01-Feb-2013 00:28:51
                                        CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - can anyone make out what the male backing vocalist is singing? Google brought up nothing (n/t) 01-Feb-2013 00:47:20
                                                     Rick T. - I did a little bit of work on it, using one of my audio editors... 01-Feb-2013 03:40:14
                                                                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - thanks (n/t) 01-Feb-2013 16:35:04

grace - First Aid Kit 20-Jan-2013 13:07:20
              Jason Parry - They really are fantastic 20-Jan-2013 14:22:44
                           Rick T. - They sure have stunning harmonies. 25-Jan-2013 16:34:16
                                        Rick T. - I couldn't help but think of "Ghost Town" by Shiny Toy Guns... 25-Jan-2013 16:38:54
                                        Jason Parry - That's a fantastic video, Rick, thanks... 25-Jan-2013 17:19:33
              Linda J - Nice.. I hadn't heard of them.. But, they don't sound like ABBA ..LoL !! ;O) (n/t) 29-Jan-2013 21:41:51
                           grace - Lol, their music's entirely different of course... 02-Feb-2013 20:52:07
              Steverino - They're very talented. I like their music, too. 17-Feb-2013 17:14:07

Cara - Best (free) programs to record music to my computer? 19-Jan-2013 18:16:42
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I would reccomend Audacity (maybe what you already have) 19-Jan-2013 19:00:15
                           Cara - Thanks! Audacity is what I had before! :-) 19-Jan-2013 19:58:41
                                        Cara - Although also - I could really record the first layer on the piano itself and play that back while... 19-Jan-2013 20:21:06
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I'd say thats the best way to do it 19-Jan-2013 22:25:14
                                        CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I'm fairly confident you have an ASIO driver if your computer is fairly (less than 6 years) old 19-Jan-2013 22:21:14
                                                     Cara - My computer is only about 2 years old - but is a laptop. But, I'm sure it'll be fine. 20-Jan-2013 01:31:34
                                                                  CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - A laptop might give you trouble 20-Jan-2013 13:12:33
                                                                               Cara - Not sure - none of mine are color-coded. :-P It definitely has a thing for an external mic to be connected. 20-Jan-2013 15:24:10
                                                                                            CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I didn't realise you were using a Mic to record your piano 20-Jan-2013 17:11:52
                                                                                                         Cara - Thanks! I'll try that first and see how it goes. :-) 20-Jan-2013 20:51:39
                                                                                                                      Cara - P.S. I think most of the recordings on the Fan Recordings page were done with my camera... 20-Jan-2013 20:52:56
              SteveW - I'm a complete novice when it comes to audio editing... 19-Jan-2013 23:59:08

CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Music Tech Question(s) 13-Jan-2013 00:50:36
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - smaller image 13-Jan-2013 00:53:06
              Cara - No problem re: the image. :-) 13-Jan-2013 02:10:31
              SteveW - No idea, either 13-Jan-2013 02:33:17
                           Cara - I'm not even 100% sure I understand the question! ;-) (n/t) 13-Jan-2013 02:42:46
                                        The other Gary - I'm just guessing here. 13-Jan-2013 07:29:35
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - thanks gary. I don't quite understand what you mean by brick walling though 13-Jan-2013 12:14:02
                                                                  Rick T. - In your last post here, what you're describing is "normalizing". 13-Jan-2013 16:42:22
                                                                               CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - cheers Rick, i dont think mp3Gain does compression 13-Jan-2013 23:53:02
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - reply from program writer 14-Jan-2013 16:24:06
                           Rick T. - Surely interesting. Glad you got the answer you were looking for. 24-Jan-2013 14:31:36
                                        Rick T. - Btw, have you heard of Sonic Visualiser? 31-Jan-2013 17:44:32
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - will defo look into this some time soon. thanks :) (n/t) 31-Jan-2013 23:56:21

SteveW - AOTM: Katie Melua 12-Jan-2013 10:53:47
              The other Gary - I've seen Katie on a few of her U.S. excursions. 13-Jan-2013 07:52:52
                           SteveW - Interesting -- I didn't know Katie had played in the US 13-Jan-2013 08:05:10
                                        Jason Parry - Good recommendation. Here's a collaborative effort by the last two AOTM's :) 13-Jan-2013 21:43:33
                                                     Jason Parry - Of a song we all know of course! (n/t) 13-Jan-2013 21:43:45
                                                                  SteveW - Here's my favorite version of Blue Bayou 14-Jan-2013 00:29:16
                                                     Jason Parry - Sorry I got Jones & Melua mixed up..whoops! (n/t) 14-Jan-2013 17:16:36
                                                                  SteveW - No worries, they are somewhat similar! And Jones was a past AOTM (suggested by Grace, IIRC) (n/t) 14-Jan-2013 20:58:16
                                        The other Gary - Katie at the time was trying to break into the U.S. market. 14-Jan-2013 06:23:34
                                                     Rick T. - This post inspired me today to finally watch one of two Katie DVDs that I have. 18-Jan-2013 02:37:37
                                                                  SteveW - Wow, that was a cool video 18-Jan-2013 03:01:51
                                                                               Rick T. - Let me know if you end up watching the DVD, Steve. I REALLY enjoyed it. 19-Jan-2013 16:24:47
                                                                                            SteveW - Got it! Thanks, Rick 20-Jan-2013 07:37:52
                           Steverino - I had not listened to her for awhile but really like Katie Melua 17-Feb-2013 23:57:01

Cara - I could use more AOTM suggestions! :-) 12-Jan-2013 02:57:22
              The other Gary - I'll be sure to nag you. 13-Jan-2013 07:55:37
                           Cara - I'm thinking that it would have been this one: 13-Jan-2013 14:55:26
                                        The other Gary - Thanks for that information Cara. 14-Jan-2013 06:28:34
                                                     Cara - No problem! (n/t) 14-Jan-2013 14:05:12
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - speaking of Mccarley... Were you guys disappointed with her second album? 14-Jan-2013 16:11:16
                                        The other Gary - Interesting you say that about Erin's second CD. 15-Jan-2013 06:04:39
              nightcat - I'll think of somebody *checks list of artists/bands I became a fan of recently* (n/t) 13-Jan-2013 18:25:40

Jason Parry - Thanks for the AOTM. M. Ward is a fantastic singer/songwriter 06-Jan-2013 17:37:27
              grace - Things like this? 07-Jan-2013 09:39:35
                           Jason Parry - Yeah! :) (n/t) 08-Jan-2013 21:49:17
                           SteveW - Very nice -- I enjoyed this video (I'm always about a week behind on the AOTM) (n/t) 13-Jan-2013 02:34:04

grace - Some interesting stuff for all you music nerds out there 06-Jan-2013 15:59:40
              SteveW - This was interesting -- thanks for posting, Grace 12-Jan-2013 10:09:20
                           grace - What do you hear in #1? 14-Jan-2013 10:36:19
                                        SteveW - Sounds like "no way" or "no wing" to me (n/t) 14-Jan-2013 22:33:34

MAH - This is an absolutely brilliant t-shirt! (IMHO*) 01-Jan-2013 14:53:14
              Steverino - Very cool! I MEAN IT. (n/t) 18-Feb-2013 17:46:42

Cara - Garbage 29-Dec-2012 02:35:10
              Jason Parry - Great band...I loved Bleed Like Me but not enjoying the new one as much 29-Dec-2012 21:20:13
                           Cara - I just got it for Christmas and have only listened a couple of times. But you're right... 30-Dec-2012 00:24:10
                                        grace - Oooh... I love Cherry Lips :-) 30-Dec-2012 04:13:46
              Corranga - Ah Garbage :) Loved them since their first album in 95/96, I like the new album a lot, but agree they aren't 31-Dec-2012 20:18:03
                           The other Gary - I like the band too. 01-Jan-2013 09:59:25
                                        Rick T. - I had an opportunity to see Garbage at The Metro in Chicago recently, but I missed out. 13-Jan-2013 02:30:33
              soyoung - cool reverse wings with sharp teeth 03-Jan-2013 04:13:13

Cara - We're going to take a week off from the Artist of the Moment. 22-Dec-2012 01:34:14
              Steverino - Merry Christmas to all my fellow music nerds. Thanks, Cara, for reviving interest in this forum. 23-Dec-2012 21:54:22
                           Linda J - Thank you, Steve.. & Cara.. kind words, & lovely videos.. ;O) ... 25-Dec-2012 17:53:28
                           Cara - Aww... You're welcome! I'm glad people are still interested in visiting here! Merry Christmas!! (n/t) 26-Dec-2012 02:09:37
                                        Linda J - ;O) (n/t) 26-Dec-2012 21:25:29
              grace - Happy holidays everyone! (n/t) 27-Dec-2012 10:13:25
                           Maureen - Happy holidays!!!! ;O) (n/t) 27-Dec-2012 21:16:51

Steverino - RE: Green Children - I found this interview of Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan 17-Dec-2012 15:31:51
              Rick T. - Thanks for posting the interview. I enjoyed that very much. 19-Dec-2012 08:53:07

The other Gary - Now for something lighter.... 15-Dec-2012 08:49:29
              Rick T. - Very nice, reworked cover they did. 19-Dec-2012 08:37:37
                           The other Gary - Yes, I did see Emm about 3 or 4 years ago. 19-Dec-2012 09:06:55
                                        The other Gary - Jingle Snow, funny Christmas song mash up. 21-Dec-2012 09:12:31

The other Gary - A chance to see Kina Grannis and Karmina. 14-Dec-2012 09:26:46
              The other Gary - Kina's fans must be the wealthy. 16-Dec-2012 06:58:48
                           Rick T. - I did catch Kina's Stageit show, Gary. 19-Dec-2012 08:20:57
                                        The other Gary - I watched the webcast too, Rick T. 20-Dec-2012 07:32:53
              The other Gary - Jan. 6, Karmina and Megan Slankard have stageit webcasts. 06-Jan-2013 08:42:39

The other Gary - Holiday songs! 09-Dec-2012 07:17:37
              Steverino - Good idea, Gary! I'll submit this one of "In The Bleak Midwinter" 09-Dec-2012 19:47:25
              Steverino - I'm also part Swiss, so I'm "representin'" with Oesch's Die Dritten! 09-Dec-2012 20:38:16
                           The other Gary - I liked both sets of videos Steverino. 10-Dec-2012 09:00:43
                                        Rick T. - I agree, great idea, Gary. 11-Dec-2012 08:13:56
                                                     The other Gary - Now I'll bring one up out of right field, Rick T. 11-Dec-2012 08:47:09
                                                                  Rick T. - Wow! That was pretty outstanding, Gary. 11-Dec-2012 18:16:04
                                                                  Steverino - A graceful transition, Gary, in keeping with the theme of "wordless songs". 12-Dec-2012 04:10:14
                                                                               Rick T. - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the Gill/McDonald performance, Steve. :) (n/t) 19-Dec-2012 07:17:57
                                        Rick T. - Here's one I love... 11-Dec-2012 08:30:47
              SteveW - The Animals' Christmas 11-Dec-2012 10:36:25
                           Steverino - Great one, Steve. Jimmy Webb is a genius; add "Galveston" and "Wichita Lineman" to his credits. (n/t) 12-Dec-2012 04:16:28
                           Rick T. - An excellent choice for this thread, Steve W. 19-Dec-2012 07:29:08
              Steverino - Also from Canada... the Good Lovelies! 12-Dec-2012 04:43:04
                           nightcat - How about a list of holiday albums from Time? LOL-worthy title too ;) 12-Dec-2012 06:51:16
                                        The other Gary - nightcat, npr just interviewed Tracey Thorn last weekend. 13-Dec-2012 09:12:20
                                                     The other Gary - Since nightcat brought up Sufjan Stevens..... 13-Dec-2012 09:27:42
                                                                  Rick T. - I remember having watched these Priscilla Ahn videos on your channel, Gary. 19-Dec-2012 08:07:01
                                                     nightcat - Thanks for posting the interview Rick,also thought she sounds quite good. 13-Dec-2012 11:26:10
                           The other Gary - The Hotel Cafe now has tickets for the Good Lovelies for purchase. 15-Dec-2012 06:50:25
                                        SteveW - $8 x 156 people = $1248 15-Dec-2012 19:14:14
                                                     The other Gary - Unfortunately, Steverino I'm sure the Hotel Cafe takes a cut too. 16-Dec-2012 07:26:36
                                                                  Steverino - I think you meant SteveW. I'll mention one other consideration... 16-Dec-2012 16:57:53
                                                                               SteveW - Good point -- I bet the Corrs are glad Jean Kennedy Smith was in the audience that day. 17-Dec-2012 02:48:55
                                        Steverino - Thanks, Gary! I have my ticket purchased. 15-Dec-2012 20:13:13
                                                     The other Gary - CD Baby is pretty cool. 18-Dec-2012 05:26:53
                           Rick T. - I'd never heard of the Good Lovelies before, 19-Dec-2012 07:58:27
              Corrpulent - Here's a favourite of mine... 14-Dec-2012 04:34:42
                           The other Gary - Katie Cole and Kim Divine. 14-Dec-2012 09:10:25
                           Steverino - Thanks for that beautiful one by Órla and Meav! 15-Dec-2012 19:51:30
                                        The other Gary - Chloe Matharu very talented traditional singer. 16-Dec-2012 07:14:37
                                                     Rick T. - Chelsea Williams and Asia Whiteacre - "Christmas Island" 22-Dec-2012 00:08:07
                                                                  Rick T. - Listen to the new Christmas EP from The SongBirds 22-Dec-2012 00:29:33
                                                                               The other Gary - Kris and Alix, "It's Christmas Time Again" (video). 24-Dec-2012 07:01:33
                                                                               Steverino - Thanks, Rick! Their recording sounds like a record made in the 1940's. Amazing. 26-Dec-2012 05:00:11
                                                                                            Steverino - Another group that I would consider part of this 'revival' of old time music: The Henry Girls 26-Dec-2012 05:43:17
                                                                                                         Rick T. - Glad you enjoyed the Songbirds, Steve. 13-Jan-2013 02:20:04
                                                                                                                      Rick T. - I actually found out about The Henry Girls fairly recently from a tweet by you, Steve. ;-) 13-Jan-2013 03:39:25

SteveW - Brief thoughts on the Blue Nile 09-Dec-2012 04:13:13
              The other Gary - Years ago I first heard of the Blue Nile via Linn Products. 09-Dec-2012 07:08:53
                           Corranga - Given the time between albums, you can see why they want good quality!! 10-Dec-2012 08:49:20

CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Does anyone know why chrome doesn't indent the thread entries? 07-Dec-2012 20:43:49
              Cara - The fix is MAH. :-P (n/t) 08-Dec-2012 01:01:39
                           The other Gary - A lit bit of info about Chrome. 08-Dec-2012 08:28:58
                                        Corranga - The non-indenting thing is due to interpretation of web standards 10-Dec-2012 09:19:27
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - maybe chrome is doing it technically... 10-Dec-2012 16:14:04
                                                                  Cara - We'll see if we can do anything about it - but it'll probably be a few months before we have the time to... 10-Dec-2012 18:39:35

StPaddy - My AO(all)TM: 03-Dec-2012 09:01:44
              The other Gary - I'm impressed. How did you hear about him? 03-Dec-2012 09:45:20
                           StPaddy - Gary, I found Mike´s youtube channel as I was searching... 03-Dec-2012 14:16:17
              SteveW - I'm impressed, too. Great singing. 03-Dec-2012 21:14:11
              Steverino - I came across Mike Massé a few years ago at YouTube. 08-Dec-2012 00:15:18
                           Rick T. - I'm also really impressed with Mike. 19-Dec-2012 07:09:47

Maureen - Hello all....long time that I posted here 02-Dec-2012 19:57:38
              Cara - Maureen!!!! :-D Hi! ;-) 02-Dec-2012 20:27:21
                           Maureen - Hi Cara 02-Dec-2012 20:38:11
                                        Cara - Oh I've got lots of plans. ;-) 14-Dec-2012 02:59:52
              Steverino - Hi Maureen! Nice to see your post. 03-Dec-2012 01:00:35
                           The other Gary - It's a Corrs Club O/T board renaissance! 03-Dec-2012 09:47:21
              Linda J - Helloooo, Mauweenie, my dear 'ol friend.. How's you ?? ;O) (n/t) 04-Dec-2012 20:42:49
                           Steverino - No, I'm not Maureen, but Happy Holidays to you, Linda. 14-Dec-2012 02:28:27
                                        Maureen - Hey all.... 19-Dec-2012 20:48:26
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Hi Maureen; Don't think we've "met" before... 19-Dec-2012 22:49:42
                                                     Cara - Cara has no idea how to go about developing an app. :-P Sorry. You'll have to stick with the browser. ;-) 20-Dec-2012 00:33:32
                                                     Linda J - ;O) (n/t) 23-Dec-2012 00:45:25
                                        Linda J - awww, I'm still here, ..miss you too, Steve.. just not much to say, I guess.. LoL!! ;O) (n/t) 23-Dec-2012 00:43:56
                                                     Maureen - Hey Linda!!!! How are you? And whally??? (n/t) 27-Dec-2012 21:18:14
                                                                  Linda J - I'm ok, dear.. Whally's pulled a muscle in his wing, trying to rest, & not fly.. ;O) 30-Dec-2012 01:35:15
                                                                               Cara - Aww... Poor Whally!! :-( (n/t) 30-Dec-2012 03:47:11
                                                                               Linda J - awww, thanks Cara.. he's on the mend.. was up to his old tricks again yesterday.. ;O) (n/t) 31-Dec-2012 15:00:28
                                                                               Maureen - Haha! Poor Whally 03-Jan-2013 16:59:57

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