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The other Gary - Pretty funny video. 30-Jul-2011 22:39:07
              Corrpulent - That is quite funny. I'm glad there were no nerds harmed. 06-Aug-2011 04:52:54

Steverino - The Tuttles with A.J. Lee 26-Jul-2011 08:45:24

LisaJ - Amy Winehouse died. Sad, but sadly inevitable. 23-Jul-2011 18:59:05
              Cara - I heard that. And I have to agree with you, sad, but sadly inevitable. 23-Jul-2011 20:22:58
              Steverino - A terrible shame that addiction claims another life: in this case, an artist well-respected in wide circles. 24-Jul-2011 04:44:56

Steverino - Zolene, 18 year-old singer from County Antrim, Northern Ireland 21-Jul-2011 06:57:02
              Steverino - Some videos of Zolene... 21-Jul-2011 07:14:45
                           Rick T. - I'd never heard of Zolene before... 07-Sep-2011 18:18:21
              Corrpulent - She does have a great voice. Thanks for the introduction. 23-Jul-2011 00:40:07
                           Steverino - Glad you liked it, Corrpulent. 23-Jul-2011 04:09:20
                                        The other Gary - Nice find! 23-Jul-2011 09:24:30
                                                     Steverino - Hey, thanks for pointing that out! :) 24-Jul-2011 17:41:26

Rick T. - Chelsea Williams and Nathan McEuen [live]........(for Steve :) 19-Jul-2011 18:20:18
              Steverino - Hi Rick! Thank you. Great song from Chelsea and Nathan! 21-Jul-2011 03:42:26
                           The other Gary - I'm having trouble finding a live performance by Chelsea. 23-Jul-2011 09:43:54
                                        Steverino - Yes, I do wish I could *plan* on catching one of her busking gigs. 24-Jul-2011 18:57:18
                                                     Steverino - My bad! Forgot to mention Paul Cartwright on the fiddle. 25-Jul-2011 03:52:38
                                                     Steverino - Here's a live version of "Lowlands" (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) with the Salty Suites 10-Sep-2011 23:39:48

Rick T. - Anybody heard of Paolo Nutini, here? 19-Jul-2011 18:15:23
              Cara - I know I've heard of him but I can't think of where I heard about him at the moment. 20-Jul-2011 01:30:44
                           The other Gary - I've a friend in the U.K. who is a fan of his. 23-Jul-2011 09:50:17

grace - I just found this undiscovered JEWEL! 16-Jul-2011 08:09:00

The other Gary - "Sweet Talk" live by Jenni Alpert in Ventura. 12-Jul-2011 07:54:23
              Rick T. - Very nice song, and great harmonies! 14-Jul-2011 17:10:55
              Steverino - Gary, you did a fine job, on the spot, with the Flip recorder. Nice performance from Jenni. 21-Jul-2011 03:45:44

Rick T. - Only Love - Anggun 06-Jul-2011 18:46:37
              Ocean - wooow, thanks for posting :) 07-Jul-2011 13:53:45
                           Rick T. - Hi there, Maryam. You're very welcome for the video. 08-Jul-2011 06:30:15
                                        The other Gary - Thanks Rick, I haven't been keeping up with Anggun. 12-Jul-2011 07:59:42
                                                     Rick T. - Well-said, Gary. I agree wholeheartedly. 14-Jul-2011 17:04:47
                                                     Steverino - I agree entirely and, when I discovered this fact... 21-Jul-2011 15:00:00
              Ocean - just heard the Indonesian version today :) love it......,btw, i saw her on Talk show last nite 21-Aug-2011 12:54:55

Rick T. - Kina Grannis covering "Michicant", by Bon Iver 06-Jul-2011 17:19:11
              Steverino - Both marvelous covers, Rick. 24-Jul-2011 21:03:50

The other Gary - Another "cute" music video by Clara C 02-Jul-2011 09:30:36
              Steverino - Nice one! 03-Jul-2011 14:13:48
                           Rick T. - I enjoyed that, Gary. Thanks for sharing. I've got a few people in mine I'll be sharing that with, as well. 06-Jul-2011 17:22:52

Ocean - "whatever u do.. 29-Jun-2011 15:04:36
              CarolineInspiredmeToDrum - Andrea looks intimidating 29-Jun-2011 15:24:02
                           grace - Yeah, she looks like a ghetto girl, lol 01-Jul-2011 06:00:24

grace - Does anybody have a list of previous videos of the moment? 28-Jun-2011 08:09:23
              Cara - I don't sorry. :-( I don't remember the one you're talking about either. Hopefully someone else does! 28-Jun-2011 15:49:27
                           grace - It was really cool and it's one of the first ones posted here, it's a shame I didn't take note of it :( 30-Jun-2011 14:24:13
                                        Steverino - Grrrrr! Sorry, Grace. I don't remember that far back! 03-Jul-2011 14:53:10
                                                     grace - Dementors, huh? They must have been the ones driving all the people away... 07-Jul-2011 14:35:28

The other Gary - The Webb Sisters from the U.K. 27-Jun-2011 07:51:01
              The other Gary - Whoa! Check out their encore from that show. 27-Jun-2011 08:03:38
                           The other Gary - A more pop Corrs-like song from the Webb Sisters. 03-Jul-2011 09:57:58
                           Rick T. - There were great,, Gary! Thanks again for having turned me onto them a while back. Btw... 06-Jul-2011 17:26:31
                                        Rick T. - Uh...I think I'd meant to say that "Those" (videos) were great. Wow, don't know what happened there. LOL! 06-Jul-2011 18:05:16
                                                     The other Gary - No worries Rick T. They were on the Glastonbury telecast. 12-Jul-2011 07:21:08
              Steverino - Until your post, I didn't know about the Webb Sisters. 21-Jul-2011 03:50:02
                           The other Gary - I was really fortunate to see them live. 23-Jul-2011 10:19:19

Steverino - Cara Dillon: Disney "Tinkerbell III" Story 26-Jun-2011 05:02:43
              Rick T. - Thanks for posting this, Steve! What a great story from behind the scenes. :) 06-Jul-2011 17:36:58

Cara - The Jarrita's Question 22-Jun-2011 20:09:48
              The other Gary - Sorry you didn't care for it. 23-Jun-2011 09:37:45
                           The other Gary - Check out their complete product list. 23-Jun-2011 09:41:57
                                        Cara - Thanks for the link. They do have a lot of interesting stuff! 23-Jun-2011 15:38:54
                                                     The other Gary - No worries Cara, but check out this event. 23-Jul-2011 09:55:59
                                                                  Cara - That'd be fun to attend! Too bad it's not anywhere close to me! *lol* 23-Jul-2011 18:31:21

ocean - Hi everyone :) 22-Jun-2011 16:23:11
              Steverino - Hi Maryam!!! 25-Jun-2011 13:33:45
                           Ocean - Hi Steve :) 29-Jun-2011 14:51:11
                                        Steverino - Thank you! 03-Jul-2011 15:14:40
                                                     Ocean - thank you :) 07-Jul-2011 13:55:24

The other Gary - Please check out Rebecca Jordan, especially if you're in New York. 21-Jun-2011 08:48:34
              Steverino - Hi Gary! Thank you for the introduction. 25-Jun-2011 14:22:55
                           Steverino - Just found out from a tweet today... 26-Jun-2011 04:30:42
                                        The other Gary - I saw that, but it's a bit too early for me. 26-Jun-2011 09:55:35

Steverino - Six days without a post here. Can we make it seven? Oops! I just wrecked our chances. 18-Jun-2011 03:27:30
              Cara - *lol* You can probably find longer spans than 6 days in recent history... 18-Jun-2011 03:46:11
                           Steverino - Hi Cara! 18-Jun-2011 17:14:37
                                        Linda J - I'm here.. Nice words, Steve.. ;O) 19-Jun-2011 18:12:12
                                                     Steverino - Hi Linda! :-) Great that you still drop by. 20-Jun-2011 05:49:03
                                                                  Linda J - Yes.. just ordered it from amazon.. & it was shipped this past weekend............. 20-Jun-2011 16:10:15
                                                                               Steverino - I received it a few days ago, but haven't yet watched the DVD. 22-Jun-2011 06:43:30

Steverino - R.I.P. Andrew Gold (1951-2011) 11-Jun-2011 20:50:11
              Steverino - I got my hands on his album by his imaginary 60's psychedelic band - a little masterpiece. 21-Jul-2011 04:07:13
              Steverino - Andrew Gold's work with Linda Ronstadt 21-Jul-2011 04:17:36

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