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The other Gary - The Webb Sisters from the U.K. 27-Jun-2011 07:51:01
              The other Gary - Whoa! Check out their encore from that show. 27-Jun-2011 08:03:38
                           The other Gary - A more pop Corrs-like song from the Webb Sisters. 03-Jul-2011 09:57:58
                           Rick T. - There were great,, Gary! Thanks again for having turned me onto them a while back. Btw... 06-Jul-2011 17:26:31
                                        Rick T. - Uh...I think I'd meant to say that "Those" (videos) were great. Wow, don't know what happened there. LOL! (n/t) 06-Jul-2011 18:05:16
                                                     The other Gary - No worries Rick T. They were on the Glastonbury telecast. 12-Jul-2011 07:21:08
              Steverino - Until your post, I didn't know about the Webb Sisters. 21-Jul-2011 03:50:02
                           The other Gary - I was really fortunate to see them live. 23-Jul-2011 10:19:19

Steverino - Cara Dillon: Disney "Tinkerbell III" Story 26-Jun-2011 05:02:43
              Rick T. - Thanks for posting this, Steve! What a great story from behind the scenes. :) 06-Jul-2011 17:36:58

Cara - The Jarrita's Question 22-Jun-2011 20:09:48
              The other Gary - Sorry you didn't care for it. 23-Jun-2011 09:37:45
                           The other Gary - Check out their complete product list. 23-Jun-2011 09:41:57
                                        Cara - Thanks for the link. They do have a lot of interesting stuff! 23-Jun-2011 15:38:54
                                                     The other Gary - No worries Cara, but check out this event. 23-Jul-2011 09:55:59
                                                                  Cara - That'd be fun to attend! Too bad it's not anywhere close to me! *lol* (n/t) 23-Jul-2011 18:31:21

ocean - Hi everyone :) 22-Jun-2011 16:23:11
              Steverino - Hi Maryam!!! 25-Jun-2011 13:33:45
                           Ocean - Hi Steve :) 29-Jun-2011 14:51:11
                                        Steverino - Thank you! 03-Jul-2011 15:14:40
                                                     Ocean - thank you :) (n/t) 07-Jul-2011 13:55:24

The other Gary - Please check out Rebecca Jordan, especially if you're in New York. 21-Jun-2011 08:48:34
              Steverino - Hi Gary! Thank you for the introduction. 25-Jun-2011 14:22:55
                           Steverino - Just found out from a tweet today... 26-Jun-2011 04:30:42
                                        The other Gary - I saw that, but it's a bit too early for me. 26-Jun-2011 09:55:35

Steverino - Six days without a post here. Can we make it seven? Oops! I just wrecked our chances. (n/t) 18-Jun-2011 03:27:30
              Cara - *lol* You can probably find longer spans than 6 days in recent history... 18-Jun-2011 03:46:11
                           Steverino - Hi Cara! 18-Jun-2011 17:14:37
                                        Linda J - I'm here.. Nice words, Steve.. ;O) 19-Jun-2011 18:12:12
                                                     Steverino - Hi Linda! :-) Great that you still drop by. 20-Jun-2011 05:49:03
                                                                  Linda J - Yes.. just ordered it from amazon.. & it was shipped this past weekend............. 20-Jun-2011 16:10:15
                                                                               Steverino - I received it a few days ago, but haven't yet watched the DVD. 22-Jun-2011 06:43:30

Steverino - R.I.P. Andrew Gold (1951-2011) 11-Jun-2011 20:50:11
              Steverino - I got my hands on his album by his imaginary 60's psychedelic band - a little masterpiece. 21-Jul-2011 04:07:13
              Steverino - Andrew Gold's work with Linda Ronstadt 21-Jul-2011 04:17:36

Corrpulent - If you liked Paul Potts & Susan Boyle, you'll likely enjoy this fellow from Korea's Got Talent... 10-Jun-2011 23:11:51
              Steverino - Thanks for sharing that. That contestant's story is an amazing one. 11-Jun-2011 20:15:29

Steverino - Some photos from California travels 04-Jun-2011 18:56:28
              Cara - Cool!! You have some great pictures as always! :-) (n/t) 04-Jun-2011 19:59:54
              Corrpulent - Very nice. Thanks for sharing. (n/t) 04-Jun-2011 21:48:06
                           Steverino - Thank you both! :) The weather was perfect. 05-Jun-2011 15:25:39
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - wow! Some great pic there. amazing (n/t) 05-Jun-2011 17:42:22
                           The other Gary - Excellent work Steverino. 06-Jun-2011 08:20:52
                                        Steverino - Thanks a million, guys! (n/t) 11-Jun-2011 20:16:30

The other Gary - Sounds like Karen Carpenter, U.K. singer Rumer. 23-May-2011 06:08:13
              The other Gary - Link for the NPR interview of Rumer. 23-May-2011 06:10:41
              Steverino - Thanks for the introduction, Gary! She DOES sound like Karen Carpenter. 24-May-2011 03:04:27

The other Gary - Can you spare a few bucks and have a sense of adventure? 09-May-2011 08:34:13

SoYoung - Had a hard day? Relax with this video. 07-May-2011 03:40:34
              SoYoung - Random Music thread: Lily Allen - Chinese 29-May-2011 07:56:19

ilia566 - how's everyone here!!???;o) 06-May-2011 14:04:14
              Linda J - ;O) (n/t) 09-May-2011 00:29:28
                           ilia566 - heeey,linda,what's upppp? (n/t) 11-May-2011 12:45:22
              Cara - Hi! I'm still around but the OT board is pretty quite these days. ;-) 09-May-2011 01:37:11
                           ilia566 - thanks dear,Bo) 11-May-2011 12:44:49
                                        Cara - Thanks! (n/t) 11-May-2011 15:50:06

corranga - Stevie Nicks new album - great stuff! 05-May-2011 22:58:58

The other Gary - Priscilla Ahn will be on Thursday's Tonight Show. 05-May-2011 07:04:00
              Cara - I just set my DVR to record it. :-) (n/t) 05-May-2011 16:08:20
              Cara - Just thought I'd say that I recorded the show... 07-May-2011 05:02:38
                           The other Gary - You can watch on Hulu for a couple of weeks. 07-May-2011 09:29:21
                                        The other Gary - NPR interview from Saturday, May 20, 2011. 22-May-2011 10:23:39

dave - So, did you all enjoy the Royal Wedding - I thought it was brilliant ! (n/t) 30-Apr-2011 21:51:15
              Cara - Well, I didn't get up in the middle of the night to watch live but I'm pretty sure I've seen it all now in various clips 30-Apr-2011 23:33:50
                           dave - Yep, it was also a clever move to delay the honeymoon - put the paparazzi off the scent ! 01-May-2011 11:16:29
                                        Cara - I hadn't thought of it that way but I bet you're right and that's at least part of what they were thinking! (n/t) 02-May-2011 03:12:45
              SoYoung - Yeah, I saw the double kiss, too tired to get up that early for the ceremony. 14-May-2011 03:29:47

MAH - Historic day today. Don't forget to watch ... 29-Apr-2011 06:31:46
              dave - LOL - I thought you mean't The Royal Wedding ! (n/t) 29-Apr-2011 16:31:20
                           MAH - (A) Well, am now watching that, as the launch is scrubbed :-( (n/t) 29-Apr-2011 20:48:53
                                        dave - Yep, I think you'll find the Royal family keep to a better schedule than NASA ! (n/t) 30-Apr-2011 16:59:51

Linda J - BOO !!!! ;O) (n/t) 25-Apr-2011 00:41:03
              Cara - Boo! ;-) (n/t) 25-Apr-2011 02:16:55
              Steverino - *waving* Hi Linda!!! :-) (n/t) 25-Apr-2011 02:52:11
              Ocean - Bee! (n/t) 27-Apr-2011 16:38:32

The other Gary - More trance music with vocals by Kyler England. 22-Apr-2011 08:48:34

The other Gary - Moving on to orange soda..... 22-Apr-2011 08:13:42
              MAH - Actually, the number of posts is limited to 40; the number of replies to replies to replies ... is what is restricted to 22-Apr-2011 10:11:24
                           Cara - The mixes for making juice in a container at home? :-/ (n/t) 22-Apr-2011 14:17:30
              Cara - Hm... I've seen that in the stores (although I don't know if they have it around here). 22-Apr-2011 14:16:11
                           The other Gary - Jarritos mandarin is less tart than Orangina. 24-Apr-2011 06:24:04
                                        Cara - I'll look for it next time I'm out shopping and let you know what I think if I find any. 24-Apr-2011 17:49:47
                                                     corranga - Also continuing from Cara's thoughts on European fanta below which I just read - yes the mainland stuff is better 02-May-2011 10:33:15
                                        corranga - European Fanta has real orange flavour, and probablt cane sugar. It taste completely different to the 02-May-2011 10:24:47
                                        Cara - I found Jarritos at one store yesterday (it's the first time I've remembered to look...) but they didn't have the orange 02-May-2011 16:01:00
                                                     SoYoung - kroger has all the flavors Cara. It is good, mandarin and clementine oranges are the sweetest 13-May-2011 21:42:58
                                                                  Cara - Hmm... I don't think Kroger exists in this part of the country. 13-May-2011 22:09:17

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