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Steverino - Beatles related: a live concert by Her Majesty 10-Dec-2013 06:00:06

Cara - Bea mentioned she might not be able to be on the board so asked me to post a link for info about The Middle East band. 06-Dec-2013 21:03:51
              Bea_HC - Thanks Cara Happy to be back again!!! I īve got a lot to read :) 17-Dec-2013 18:48:24

the other Gary - Okay....who was the Randy Coleman fan here? 06-Dec-2013 09:01:09
              Steverino - That would be me! THANK YOU for the information, Gary; I didn't know anything about it. 07-Dec-2013 05:15:58
                           the other Gary - I thought it was you Steverino, but I wasn't sure. 08-Dec-2013 08:04:14
                                        Steverino - Sorry to hear about your mom, Gary. 08-Dec-2013 19:48:21
                                                     the other Gary - Actually Chet is doing a few numbers at Room 5 tomorrow. 09-Dec-2013 09:00:03
                                                                  the other Gary - Video of the band. 09-Dec-2013 22:16:36
                                                                               Steverino - Thanks! I did enjoy it. 10-Dec-2013 05:41:34

StPaddy - R.I.P. Nelson Mandela 06-Dec-2013 07:36:28
              Steverino - He had every reason to be angry and bitter, but instead he repaid evil by being a blessing to others. 08-Dec-2013 18:08:06

grace - AOTM: I love that song! 01-Dec-2013 16:07:24
              dcrepestacker - Aye 01-Dec-2013 21:28:16
              Linda J - I have a few of their songs too.. nice, very relaxing.. ;O) 03-Dec-2013 18:19:26
                           Steverino - I'm a fan of Bread too (+ The Wrecking Crew) 04-Dec-2013 08:28:47
                                        Steverino - Yay! Enough money was raised to clear the last hurdles for The Wrecking Crew documentary film. 28-Dec-2013 08:34:38
                                                     SteveW - This film looks really interesting! (trailer inside, plus a Carpenters connection) 28-Dec-2013 17:50:10

Steverino - Singer/Songwriter Yvonne Lyon 29-Nov-2013 05:50:18

nightcat - About She's Only Sixteen 23-Nov-2013 09:19:48
              Steverino - "Dying to Meet You" is a good song... 29-Nov-2013 03:01:07
                           nightcat - After months of having the EP in digital form, I finally have it in physical too. 03-Dec-2013 13:40:55
                                        nightcat - New MV along with something for US folk 05-Jan-2014 23:21:05

IrishHeart - Basia Trzetrzelewska 22-Nov-2013 16:55:36
              Steverino - I never followed up on her music, though my older brother had one of her CDs. 29-Nov-2013 03:28:09
                           IrishHeart - Thanks 29-Nov-2013 16:16:29

Cara - Running a bit low on AOTM suggestions. I think I have 1 left (well - 2 including the one going up tonight.). ;-) 22-Nov-2013 16:43:06
              Linda J - Been listening to a Canadian Indie band called Metric lately.. ;O) ...... 24-Nov-2013 23:50:54
              Steverino - As I've said before, I'm reluctant to offer any suggestions for AOTM. 22-Dec-2013 06:47:23

the other Gary - Priscilla Ahn released a new video. 21-Nov-2013 08:22:21
              the other Gary - Oops, forgot to put in a clickable link for the story about Shrub Man. 21-Nov-2013 08:24:24

the other Gary - ODi from Ireland. 17-Nov-2013 09:41:46
              Bea_HC - Lol you put a smile on my face with that last sentence Gary :-) 20-Nov-2013 17:41:40
              Moira_Honolulu - That was good. I think I might like this group. 20-Nov-2013 21:58:08
                           the other Gary - Thanks for the positive comments. 21-Nov-2013 08:02:16

the other Gary - Katie Cole's new music video. 15-Nov-2013 07:39:30

Rick T. - About Totsy... 13-Nov-2013 00:01:44
              the other Gary - Hardly the same, but you might find Ruby Friedman interesting. 15-Nov-2013 07:48:57
              Steverino - "Fall Away" and the title track "Red Balloon" are also good ones by Totsy. 14-Dec-2013 09:22:46

ryan - ATTENTION: RickT....Maryam and myself will be at the City Winery for Sharon Corr's gig..... 12-Nov-2013 02:15:18
              Rick T. - Hey Ryan, I got your message on the main board, and did respond. 13-Nov-2013 00:05:08
                           ryan - i emailed you. 13-Nov-2013 04:22:45

Steverino - Radio Peterborough and one valiant effort for local radio 05-Nov-2013 04:10:38
              the other Gary - Sounds good Steverino, I'm all for it! 05-Nov-2013 07:35:52
                           Steverino - Yes, I think you to be a Facebook to do it. 05-Nov-2013 14:51:33
                                        Steverino - Shoot! Two typos in one line, haha! I haven't had my coffee yet. 05-Nov-2013 15:09:41
              Cara - I wanted to listen - but it's such an unfortunately awkward time! 05-Nov-2013 08:10:39
                           Steverino - That's okay, Cara. 05-Nov-2013 15:06:42
                                        Cara - That's a shame. :-( I can understand taking pride in having a live show - but it'd be nice to be able to listen &... 05-Nov-2013 21:06:48
                                        Cara - P.S. I gave them a like because I do really love the idea! Hope to catch his show sometime! 06-Nov-2013 13:19:48
                                                     Steverino - Thanks, Cara. I'll see if I can ask about a "play again" (never hurts to ask!) 07-Nov-2013 04:59:13
                                                                  Steverino - Cara, I checked and... 08-Nov-2013 01:24:31
              nightcat - I haven't even listened to Keith's show on that radio station.... 05-Nov-2013 18:01:00
                           Steverino - Thanks for the support, Nightcat! Very kind of you. 06-Nov-2013 05:38:49
                                        Rick T. - Per your request, I gave them a "Like", as well, Steverino. :) 06-Nov-2013 05:40:36
                                                     Steverino - Much grass, Rick! I appreciate it. 06-Nov-2013 14:55:44
              Steverino - I had fun listening last night... 10-Nov-2013 18:08:28
                           nightcat - Must have been a marvelous tweeting time for you Steve 10-Nov-2013 19:13:43
                                        the other Gary - Thanks about telling us about e-mails for support. 15-Nov-2013 07:55:06
              Steverino - Listening to the final hour of FM broadcast right now. 30-Nov-2013 23:02:37

the other Gary - Not a lot of info about Liz Akhavan. 02-Nov-2013 10:14:56
              Corrpulent - Trivia question... You mention the Twin Cities. Does anyone know where the Quad Cities are? (without Googling it) 06-Nov-2013 03:39:49
                           Cara - Well - I know. But then, I was born and raised in the Twin Cities. :-) 06-Nov-2013 13:18:19
                                        Corrpulent - The one you're trying to think of is... 06-Nov-2013 16:41:50
                           SteveW - I've been to the Quad Cities, although I couldn't name all of them 06-Nov-2013 17:54:49
                                        Corrpulent - I've crossed the Centennial Bridge between Davenport and Rock Island... 06-Nov-2013 18:32:23
                                                     Cara - A lot of tolls are that way in the US. 06-Nov-2013 18:57:56
                                                                  Corrpulent - It says you have a sensitive conscience... 06-Nov-2013 20:33:23
                                                                               Cara - Aww... Thanks. ;-) 06-Nov-2013 20:36:32

Steverino - Rebecca Sier and the band Mindpark 02-Nov-2013 07:34:54
              the other Gary - She sounds real good Steverino. 02-Nov-2013 10:33:45
                           Steverino - Glad you liked the one you heard, Gary. 05-Nov-2013 05:27:55
              Bea_HC - She sounds really good plus her spanish is pretty good too. I was curious about 06-Nov-2013 15:51:34

Moira_Honolulu - Hi Everybody 01-Nov-2013 09:47:01
              nightcat - Hi there! Any chance you're from the old Corrboard? 01-Nov-2013 18:05:21
                           Cara - She used to be just "Moira" but needed a new password etc. 01-Nov-2013 18:12:50
                                        Moira_Honolulu - Cara have you ever seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind? Your response totally reminded me of that movie 01-Nov-2013 20:43:42
                                                     Cara - You know - I think I did but can't remember for sure or if I just know the title. :-P 01-Nov-2013 22:59:28
                                                     grace - Welcome back Moira! :) 03-Nov-2013 16:59:11
              Steverino - Hi Moira! Great to see you at the board again. 02-Nov-2013 05:06:30
                           the other Gary - I remember Moira. 02-Nov-2013 10:35:38
                                        queenoftheroad - I remember you too, welcome back! ^^ 02-Nov-2013 20:24:25
              Linda J - Hellooooo, Moira.. ;O) .... 02-Nov-2013 21:24:34
                           Moira_Honolulu - Linda grocery items are so expensive here. I went to Safeway ang got $70.00 worth of stuff and it was almost nothing. 04-Nov-2013 07:00:18
                                        Linda J - awww, sorry Moira.. :O/ ..... 04-Nov-2013 17:35:44
                                                     Moira_Honolulu - Linda next time your in Hawaii we should get together, If your on Oahu! 05-Nov-2013 08:04:52
                                                                  Linda J - ok, Moira.. ;O) ... 05-Nov-2013 17:32:34
                                                                               Moira_Honolulu - Your in luck, I live in Manoa, which isn't really a city and I am about 5 minutes from the Manoa valley 14-Nov-2013 09:32:59
                                                                                            Linda J - ;O) 19-Nov-2013 19:47:40
                                                                                                         Maureen - Hi Moira!!!! Welcome back! How are you? 19-Nov-2013 21:09:26
                                                                                                                      Linda J - Hi Mauweenie, welcome back.. How are you, my dear ?!!!!! ;O) 20-Nov-2013 22:22:19
                                                                                                                                   Maureen - I'm fine :) and you? And Whally? Still alive? 22-Nov-2013 06:43:33

Steverino - Some new live performances from Mary Fahl in connection with her new LOVE & GRAVITY album 28-Oct-2013 00:29:12
              SteveW - Enjoyed these Mary Fahl videos; thanks for posting 02-Nov-2013 17:22:42

the other Gary - About XY Unlimited. 26-Oct-2013 08:17:41

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