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CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Boyce Avenue: Birmingham 16 June 2012 26-Feb-2012 22:50:08
              The other Gary - You faked me out...I had no idea they were from Florida. 27-Feb-2012 07:00:08
              ocean - i love them. i downloaded around 30 of their videos. 02-Mar-2012 16:38:27

The other Gary - Meiko's live show at Saint Rocke is going to be streamed live tonight. 09-Feb-2012 05:23:59

The other Gary - Livestream of Diane Birch's Joe's Pub set from Jan. 30, 2012 03-Feb-2012 07:43:08

The other Gary - U.K. singer Rumer is touring the states. 20-Jan-2012 07:31:01
              The other Gary - I just saw Rumer perform and she's a wonderful singer. 25-Jan-2012 09:00:27
                           Cara - She'll be here next week. Too bad it's a night that I can't make it. :-( (n/t) 25-Jan-2012 15:12:16
                                        The other Gary - I had hoped Steverino went to see her in San Francisco. 29-Jan-2012 06:16:25
                                                     Cara - *lol* Well, I really do wish I could go! It's just a very bad night. ;-) (n/t) 30-Jan-2012 17:01:37
                                                                  The other Gary - CBS Sunday Morning did a piece on Rumer. 03-Feb-2012 06:53:44
                                                                               Jason Parry - I saw her purely by chance 14-Feb-2012 22:11:43
                                                                                            The other Gary - Thanks for the comment Jason. 27-Feb-2012 07:02:12
                                                     Steverino - Really love Rumer! I have some signed CD singles. 28-Apr-2012 21:42:41
                                                                  Steverino - Second Rumer album about to be released 22-May-2012 06:31:36

Caroline - Am I the first one to post a thread on the OT board in 2012? Where is everybody? 16-Jan-2012 19:49:29
              Cara - Well, it's possible! It's been pretty dead lately!! 16-Jan-2012 22:08:18
                           The other Gary - I do check the boards, but I don't want to hog the o/t board. 17-Jan-2012 01:09:19
                                        Cara - It'd be fun to have a 'Band of the Month' instead of a the You Tube of the Month for this page... 17-Jan-2012 16:06:33
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I think thats a great idea Cara 17-Jan-2012 18:43:51
                                                     Steverino - I like the idea in theory but say "no way" in practice. 19-Jan-2012 03:30:58
                                                                  Cara - Well, that's why I was thinking it'd have to be me doing it. ;-) 19-Jan-2012 14:43:24
                           Linda J - Hi, Caro.. I do lurk occasionally.. but, as Cara says,'s pretty dead here.. :O/ Cara................. 17-Jan-2012 21:14:02
              ilia566 - hi,great,how are you??? B-)) (n/t) 20-Jan-2012 19:14:45
                           Caroline - I'm fine. I am very busy at home with two children. So I am not around as often as I used to be. (n/t) 03-Feb-2012 19:34:51
              ocean - Hi Caroline *waves from fb* :D (n/t) 12-Feb-2012 14:54:41

The other Gary - Ryanhood great duo from Tucson, Arizona. 27-Dec-2011 08:55:33

The other Gary - Live Christmas music video I took. 21-Dec-2011 08:52:29

Rick T. - Give this song a listen and tell me who the artist makes YOU think of... 02-Dec-2011 17:42:16
              Brandon - I like it. The artist doesn't immediately remind me of anyone though. (n/t) 05-Dec-2011 19:52:29
                           Brandon - Sting was the first person to come to mind. (n/t) 07-Dec-2011 16:37:33
                                        The other Gary - I've looked at the video a couple of times. 08-Dec-2011 07:09:27
                                                     Rick T. - Yep, Sting's the one I was hoping someone would mention. 12-Dec-2011 17:21:08
              Brandon - Isn't it something how big this song got on youtube? (n/t) 10-Apr-2012 16:17:31
              Cara - Have you seen this? (Cover by Walk Off The Earth) 10-Apr-2012 17:35:04
                           Brandon - Yes I have seen that! They're great as well. 21-Apr-2012 10:16:51
                                        Brandon - Trying one more time to post videos. 21-Apr-2012 10:23:00
                                        Cara - I think that video has kindof skyrocketed their popularity. ;-) But it's just so cool! 21-Apr-2012 20:13:48

The other Gary - Video of Jen playing Friday night. 20-Nov-2011 09:16:17
              The other Gary - Version of video with better audio. 23-Nov-2011 09:18:12
                           Rick T. - Great video, Gary! Jen really is fantastic on the guitar. 27-Nov-2011 23:47:15

ryan - hi everybody, i'm back and it's great to be back :) updates........ 15-Nov-2011 04:23:49
              Linda J - Nice to see you here, Ryan.. I haven't been around much either.. But, so happy for you & Maryam.. ;O) (n/t) 15-Nov-2011 15:17:40
                           ryan - thank you Linda :) (n/t) 15-Nov-2011 22:52:54
                           Steverino - Hi Linda! Nice to see your post as well. 20-Nov-2011 00:13:53
                                        Linda J - Thanks, Steve.. How are you?? ;O) (n/t) 27-Nov-2011 00:47:14
              Steverino - Ryan, thanks for the update and wonderful photos. Congratulations to you both on all the happy and momentous milestones. 20-Nov-2011 00:11:53
                           The other Gary - Congratulations to the newlyweds. 20-Nov-2011 08:51:44
                                        ryan - thanks for your words and compliments on the wedding outfits Gary :) i remember you too :) (n/t) 22-Nov-2011 05:28:47
                           ryan - haha, Steve, thanks for that kind, thoughtful and very funny post :D the dust is settling and i will have more time here (n/t) 22-Nov-2011 05:27:40
                                        The other Gary - Thanks ryan....I've been around here forever. 22-Nov-2011 06:52:20
                                                     Maureen - Hi you all....and congrats to Maryam and Ryan! (n/t) 23-Nov-2011 17:27:26
                                                                  ryan - hiya Maureenie :D and thank you (n/t) 23-Nov-2011 18:40:47
                                                                  Cara - *waves* Hi Maureen!!!! (n/t) 23-Nov-2011 18:51:39
                                                                               Maureen - Hi Cara *waves* ... ehm....did you get my e-mail? (n/t) 25-Nov-2011 09:24:52
                                                                                            Cara - I did!! Sorry - I'll respond soon! I've been super busy! (n/t) 25-Nov-2011 12:56:24
                                                                  Linda J - Helloooo, dear.. ;O) (n/t) 27-Nov-2011 00:47:58
                                                                               Maureen - Hi Linda!!! *waves* sill hanging around eh? (n/t) 27-Nov-2011 21:44:12
                                                                                            Linda J - I am.. but, not so much here.. LoL !! ;O) (n/t) 27-Nov-2011 22:29:35
                                                     ryan - thank you again Gary :) (n/t) 23-Nov-2011 18:41:09
                                                                  Rick T. - Thank you for the update, Ryan. Very nice photos of the both of you, too. :) 27-Nov-2011 23:40:05
                                                                               Ocean - Hi......everyone....thank you for all your kind words :) i miss you all, i miss being here 28-Nov-2011 04:07:00
                                                                               ryan - Maryam and I would like to meet with you Rick sometime next year :) (n/t) 28-Nov-2011 04:35:40
                                                                                            Rick T. - I'd like that, as well, Ryan. :) (n/t) 02-Dec-2011 17:35:02

The other Gary - This might be the music video to end all music videos. 03-Nov-2011 10:07:39
              The other Gary - Yikes! Youtube says it's had over two and one-quarter million views in a week. 11-Nov-2011 10:38:00
                           Corrpulent - I'm glad so many people are watching it after all the work they did. Thanks for posting. (n/t) 11-Nov-2011 23:14:22
                                        Corrpulent - 39,347 likes, 386 dislikes on YouTube. I wonder how 386 people could dislike it. (n/t) 13-Nov-2011 00:09:43
              Steverino - Such an incredible feat of patience and hard work - and a fine song as well! (n/t) 13-Nov-2011 06:12:44
                           Rick T. - Kina will be performing this song on Ellen on Tues. Try to catch it, if you're able. Also,... 13-Nov-2011 06:51:05
                                        Rick T. - I'm so jealous that you've seen Kina live, Gary. Did you enjoy her performance? (n/t) 13-Nov-2011 06:53:24
                                                     The other Gary - Yes I did like Kina's performance. 20-Nov-2011 08:48:23
                                                                  Rick T. - Thanks for the Jelly Belly factory visit link, Gary. 27-Nov-2011 23:29:20
              SoYoung - Enjoyed that video. So many jelly beans! (n/t) 15-Nov-2011 21:42:50
                           The other Gary - I forgot to mention I just saw Kina's friend Jane Lui. 20-Nov-2011 08:59:50

The other Gary - Rick T. (or anybody else) ever see/hear Xoe Wise or Matt Ryd? 30-Sep-2011 08:26:24
              Rick T. - Hmmm...can't say I've ever heard of either of them. 13-Nov-2011 07:45:08

The other Gary - Priscilla Ahn doing a livestream sing/chat Friday at 4pm EDT. 30-Sep-2011 08:18:06
              The other Gary - Priscilla Ahn Livestream replay link. 01-Oct-2011 10:25:14
                           Rick T. - Thank you so much for posting this, Gary. I've saved the stream and will watch it when I'm able. (n/t) 13-Nov-2011 07:12:19

Ocean - anyone here listen to Secrets in Stereo? 28-Sep-2011 14:14:00
              ryan - i do :P (n/t) 07-Oct-2011 07:02:23
                           Steverino - Good answer! :D (n/t) 09-Oct-2011 21:28:31
                                        MAH - Heh! (n/t) 10-Oct-2011 20:11:26

The other Gary - REM breaks up. 22-Sep-2011 07:17:05
              Rick T. - I found out about this in a tweet earlier yesterday. I guess I didn't even know they were still together. ;-) (n/t) 22-Sep-2011 18:54:10
              Cara - I know. It's kindof sad... :-( Definitely the end of an era! (n/t) 22-Sep-2011 19:43:52

Rick T. - Paige DeChausse (singer from my hometown!) 19-Sep-2011 06:25:49
              The other Gary - Nice performance of "At Last" Rick T. 19-Sep-2011 09:16:40
                           Rick T. - Blues is definitely one of the many things Chicago is known for. :) 22-Sep-2011 18:13:04
                                        Rick T. - The Paige DeChausse Band covering Grace Potter & the Nocturnals 22-Sep-2011 18:34:46

Steverino - 9/11 10-Sep-2011 19:30:49
              Cara - Thanks Steve. 10-Sep-2011 21:56:35
                           Steverino - Yes, it is hard to believe ten years have passed. 11-Sep-2011 04:38:31
                                        Cara - Well... 11-Sep-2011 04:48:25
              Rick T. - Very nice song, Steve. Yes, it's so hard to believe that it's been a decade ago. (n/t) 19-Sep-2011 02:30:03

Rick T. - Meytal Cohen (drummer!) 08-Sep-2011 18:48:42
              The other Gary - Funny you should mention her. 09-Sep-2011 08:09:23
                           Rick T. - Oh that would've been cool! 19-Sep-2011 02:25:46
                                        The other Gary - Jen's tandem skydive video. 19-Sep-2011 09:34:46
                                                     Rick T. - Wow! She IS really little! 22-Sep-2011 18:51:17
                                                                  The other Gary - Jen is really tiny. 30-Sep-2011 08:11:46

Rick T. - Megan Slankard 07-Sep-2011 18:42:25
              Rick T. - "My Hallelujah" - Live Megan video from last night (taken by my buddy) 25-Sep-2011 17:41:15

Steverino - YOU MAY NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPINESS IS... 29-Aug-2011 04:32:19
              Steverino - First track from the album made public today! 03-Oct-2011 13:26:52
                           Cara - Wow! That's fast "customer service" to get it all done just yesterday and release it today! 03-Oct-2011 14:59:14
                                        Steverino - The full album should be out by the end of the year. Here's the actual CD: 30-Oct-2011 20:52:07
              Steverino - First purchaseable single (iTunes worldwide) is called "Lost" 13-Nov-2011 05:49:39

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