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Wendy - I think The Corrs are working towards something... 05-Mar-2020 11:39:00
              MentariS - Me too... I seriously want to know what’s going on... 05-Mar-2020 16:22:35
              BallerinaTay - Ooooh I sure hope they are! 05-Mar-2020 16:48:07
                           nightcat - Something might be up this year? Time to visit here a biiit more often then haha 06-Mar-2020 10:39:37
                                        Klaus - Concert tour in the time of Corona? 06-Mar-2020 13:31:36
                                                     Wendy - Perhaps they could do a live worldwide broadcast like Coldplay!... 09-Mar-2020 04:23:32
              rmssw - It’s also 20 years since In Blue this year. As old as that makes me feel, it’s a good reason to tour 06-Mar-2020 23:55:46
                           Corranga - Of course I always hope they are working on something, but I wonder if Caroline is simply 12-Mar-2020 12:31:43
              SeanCorrain - I've been thinking so too ! 14-Mar-2020 22:54:01

dave - OK so The Corrs are not a 'girl band' as such, but which 'all girl' group had the highest 28-Feb-2020 18:59:51
              SteveW - Hint? Are they a UK band? 29-Feb-2020 12:09:54
              CorrMac - Are we talking about "real" bands or just a singing group?! 29-Feb-2020 23:42:46
              Terry2 - Girl Bands 01-Mar-2020 09:56:58
                           Terry2 - Girl Bands 01-Mar-2020 10:21:46
                           SteveW - I would have guessed the Spice Girls, too 01-Mar-2020 18:22:36
                                        Terry2 - Girl Band 02-Mar-2020 16:14:43
              Jerry - My research suggests ... 01-Mar-2020 23:09:55
              DrFunkenstein - The Bangles probably, as far as an instrument playing all-girl band and not just singing group. The Go-Go's had some 02-Mar-2020 15:19:01
                           dave - Its BANANARAMA - I was as surprised as everyone else. Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward 03-Mar-2020 14:58:12
                                        Wendy - I recognise their songs but don't know a thing about them!... 04-Mar-2020 12:55:51
                                        SteveW - I would not have guessed Bananarama, as they were not huge in the US 04-Mar-2020 21:12:42
                                                     dave - Understandable if they were not big in the US. However they were huge in Japan 05-Mar-2020 12:23:00
                                                                  nightcat - Futher proof imo of how the US is a totally different planet music-wise, I only know one Bananarama song... 06-Mar-2020 10:43:23
                                                                               JohnLnyc - They did well in the US 24-Jun-2020 20:33:53
                                                                               JohnLnyc - They did well in the US 25-Jun-2020 15:29:51
                                        CorrMac - So ... not a 'real' band then! At least they weren't a manufactured group. 13-Mar-2020 22:49:35
                                        JohnLnyc - Strange but true 24-Jun-2020 20:50:43
              DrFunkenstein - It may just be symantics, but if they don't paly instruments, IMHO they are a "girl group" and not a "girl band". 04-Mar-2020 16:49:59
                           Corranga - I don't think its semantics, at least its important to me ;) 12-Mar-2020 12:29:40

Chanh - official website 17-Feb-2020 10:44:05
              Mrrob69uk - Website 17-Feb-2020 13:30:21
                           dave - Yes, its highly unlikely IMO that The Corrs will return as a 'family band' - they are all now 17-Feb-2020 15:44:45
              Mrrob69uk - On holiday 17-Feb-2020 18:25:54
                           Wendy - I'm surprised the paparazzi still take photos of Andrea... 18-Feb-2020 01:55:25
                                        nightcat - Yeah. you would think the paps would skip Andy for more famous folk, but no. 😅😅 21-Feb-2020 04:16:40
                                        Corranga - I'd look at it the other way around. The paparazzi style photographers are probably local, and simply check out the 21-Feb-2020 09:12:16
              Wendy - I'm looking forward to Sharon's solo album... 18-Feb-2020 01:57:07
              Damon - Jim replies on an Instagram post when asked about a tour to... 22-Feb-2020 02:42:12
                           MentariS - Saw that too. Never lose hope guys 😅😂 22-Feb-2020 05:22:52
                           Mrrob69uk - Tgat was me on instagram asking! 22-Feb-2020 12:14:34
                                        MentariS - Well done for asking Rob! And very kind of Jim for replying too :-D 22-Feb-2020 14:07:50

SteveW - Heard in a store 16-Feb-2020 07:05:58
              Wendy - That would have been exciting! 17-Feb-2020 06:58:36
                           nightcat - Last Friday(Valenties Day)I went to a nearby mall, saw around some violinists and a cello player playing... 17-Feb-2020 09:41:15
              Terry2 - Heard it where? 17-Feb-2020 15:18:30
                           Wendy - In one of Andrea's recent interviews, she made a remark... 18-Feb-2020 01:50:51
              DrFunkenstein - I have heard many Corrs songs at different stores here in the US...Breathless (of course), Dreams, Angel, 18-Feb-2020 16:45:44

MentariS - Andrea’s HotPress interview is now available online: 24-Jan-2020 00:49:34
              SteveW - Nice interview, thanks for posting 24-Jan-2020 09:50:29
              Steverino - Thanks for that, MentariS. Interesting interview and I was unaware of her literary award. 09-Feb-2020 19:42:55

SteveW - Why weren't the Corrs more popular in the US? 16-Jan-2020 03:27:36
              CSCfan - In order to achieve more succes, there was only one option: stay in the US for a longer period of time. 16-Jan-2020 17:03:20
                           MentariS - That makes sense, I always find it curious too... 17-Jan-2020 07:52:03
                           dave - They spent a lot of time in the US, and toured extensively. Their music was possibly 18-Jan-2020 13:52:38
              Wendy - I assumed their music didn't appeal to US audiences... 18-Jan-2020 23:30:23
                           CSCfan - Delta's 'Born To Try' was also a moderate hit in Europe, but she's considered as a 'one hit wonder' here (unfortunately) 19-Jan-2020 20:23:26
                                        Wendy - Maybe because Delta was on Neighbours! She's had a lot more hits in Australia... 20-Jan-2020 14:28:12
                           SteveW - Delta Goodrem 22-Jan-2020 12:18:02
              Steverino - Good points made by everyone. The U.S. market is tough to break from the 'outside'. 21-Jan-2020 22:35:07
                           SteveW - Brilliant analysis, Steverino. Thanks so much for postimg. 25-Jan-2020 17:31:21
                                        Steverino - Thanks, Steve. I watched some of the Grammys a few weeks ago... 09-Feb-2020 19:24:40
                                                     SteveW - I know what you mean, Steverino. 10-Feb-2020 03:37:47
                           dave - Interesting that you mention Robbie Williams Steverino, he is married to American Ayda Field 26-Jan-2020 15:31:23
                                        Steverino - I suspect you're exactly right about that, Dave. 09-Feb-2020 19:26:53
              Mark - Because it's not crap? :) 22-Jan-2020 02:48:12
                           Wendy - Is Coldplay big in the US? 22-Jan-2020 11:54:18
                                        DrFunkenstein - Yes, Coldplay is one of the most popular British bands here in the US! I personally prefer Keane to Coldplay... 10-Feb-2020 18:57:26
              Servantez - Ok. This is going to hurt but hear me out... 11-Apr-2020 10:59:18
                           SteveW - Definitely agree with you on the lyrics for Irresistible ("Make you mine-able") 11-Apr-2020 12:46:37
                           JohnLnyc - Late to the dance 25-Jun-2020 19:19:58

nightcat - Just sharing: while going home from school last night, I heard Angel on the radio 08-Jan-2020 01:25:10
              Corranga - Hearing any Corrs on the radio / TV is a miracle these days, still, a lovely experience that never gets old. Thanks 08-Jan-2020 08:48:16
                           SteveW - I heard Old Town in a store recently 08-Jan-2020 08:56:04
              sergio - Just heard ‘What can I do’ on a Serbian radio station at work. 15-Jan-2020 13:03:48
                           SteveW - My story about "What Can I Do" 15-Jan-2020 13:49:16
                                        nightcat - Even till now I find it odd that The Corrs are popular pretty much everywhere else except the US of A. 15-Jan-2020 15:37:30
                                                     Jerry - Depressing for those of us who live in the USA 15-Jan-2020 18:44:42
                                                                  BallerinaTay - I still hear Corrs songs here in the US from time to time. 15-Jan-2020 20:07:21
                                                                               Taliesin - The only way to listen to the Corrs in Canada(specially Quebec) is with a CD or on my phone. 16-Jan-2020 18:00:23
              MentariS - I love these stories about hearing Corrs songs in public :-) 17-Jan-2020 07:55:50
                           Corranga - Old Town (Home) was played on BBC Radio 2 one day this week. UKs most listened to radio station 18-Jan-2020 08:40:52
                                        dave - I'm in Southern Spain at the moment and heard Una Noche (with Alejandro Sanz) 18-Jan-2020 13:56:04

dave - There are some great Instagram posts that Sharon has put up about her stay in NYC 02-Jan-2020 10:06:30
              MentariS - Good to see that she's having a good time :-) 03-Jan-2020 06:56:37

dave - There was interesting coverage today on BBC News Channel about the UK music industry. 01-Jan-2020 12:18:38
              Corranga - It is an interesting subject, I wonder how much companies like Spotify have cleaned up their act 01-Jan-2020 14:08:15

MentariS - Happy New Year, CorrsClubbers! Here’s to more great stuff from our favourite band in 2020 🎊🍻 31-Dec-2019 17:11:52
              Robin - Happy New Year to everyone at Corrsclub, hope you all have a great year. Maybe a Corrs gig, you never know. 01-Jan-2020 00:16:28
              Steverino - Happy New Year and welcome to the Twenties, Corrs Club! 01-Jan-2020 00:25:57
                           nightcat - Happy New Year CorrsClubbers! Now I feel oh so old haha 01-Jan-2020 07:37:30

dave - The size of those wine glasses.... no wonder Baby Corr is sleepy. 29-Dec-2019 14:04:28
              MentariS - LOL—good one Dave 😂 then again if I had to cook for at least 19 people I wouldn’t take anything smaller than those! 29-Dec-2019 14:49:58

MentariS - Andrea posted a very lovely photo from the family Christmas dinner on Instagram: 29-Dec-2019 12:11:07
              Steverino - Nice! So wonderful that they were able to get together on Christmas. 01-Jan-2020 00:24:53

AB_CLOSER - Happy Xmas. Andrea Corr and a galaxy of stars share their festive season with you ( 23-Dec-2019 17:25:21
              MentariS - Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all CorrsClubbers! Hope you all are having a good one :-) 25-Dec-2019 11:31:29
              Steverino - A very Merry Christmas, Corr fans! 25-Dec-2019 16:38:40
                           SteveW - Welcome back, Steverino -- hope we'll hear more from you in 2020! :-) 26-Dec-2019 02:19:45
                                        Steverino - Thank you, kind sir! :-) 28-Dec-2019 02:58:40
              Wendy - Seasons Greetings Corrs Clubbers! 27-Dec-2019 10:03:55
                           nightcat - Belated Merry Christmas CorrsClubbers! Hope this week has been good for all of you 28-Dec-2019 06:28:32

Robin - Andrea is on radio 2 at 10am today. Graham Norton show, its on 10am for 3 hours so dont know what time she will be on. 21-Dec-2019 09:48:08
              dave - Just listened on replay - couldn't find Andrea anywhere on the show. 22-Dec-2019 12:26:51
              Wendy - Couldn't find it, BUT I found this interview with Andrea from 29 Nov by Jo Good on BBC 23-Dec-2019 09:54:24
                           Robin - Sorry about that but there was a picture of Andrea in TV magazine saying she was on the show. 23-Dec-2019 10:34:59

Den - Dowloaded Andreas audio book onto my phone.... 19-Dec-2019 21:36:16
              Corranga - It's a lovely read, for us longer term fans, it almost feels like we are being dragged along with her 21-Dec-2019 13:18:30
                           Wendy - Does Andrea talk about the making of the music at all? 23-Dec-2019 14:00:26
                                        CSCfan - She does. 23-Dec-2019 20:12:26
                                                     Wendy - Oh, that's really sad. 24-Dec-2019 08:51:24
                                                                  Robin - Yes i thought that too Wendy. Actually she was only about eight miles from where i live. 24-Dec-2019 16:09:05
              SteveW - Just got Andrea's book for Christmas 25-Dec-2019 07:07:30
                           Klaus - I‘ve just finished reading Barefoot Pilgrimage. 01-Jan-2020 15:52:31

dave - Laura Cox Band need a new bass guitarist asap - helps if you can speak French but 19-Dec-2019 19:52:11
              Corranga - What is the existing bass player doing? He is a very talented player 20-Dec-2019 23:33:37
                           dave - Christophe is going on to other musical activities, he's a very well known bassist 21-Dec-2019 11:31:55
                                        dave - Oooops... He is of course Francois Delacoudre. Mistyped the name. 21-Dec-2019 11:34:26

CSCfan - Andrea to grace the cover of Hotpress Mag's Xmas special.. 17-Dec-2019 17:34:40
              MentariS - You beat me to it! And I just purchased a copy online to be shipped all the way to Jakarta... 17-Dec-2019 18:07:15
                           SteveW - I was just about to post it when I saw that you two had beaten me to it! 17-Dec-2019 18:36:20
                                        Leslie - Glad her book has gotten visibility. Andrea seems surprised by it all! 17-Dec-2019 22:14:26
                                                     nightcat - I believe us fans are just as surprised as Andrea ahaha 18-Dec-2019 10:23:55
                                                                  MentariS - Honestly? That's very true lol :-) it's cool to see the book has made such an impact! 18-Dec-2019 10:25:08
                                                     MentariS - Agreed. I think it's amazing that her book has been critically acclaimed - such testament to her talent as a writer! 18-Dec-2019 10:24:01
                                                                  dave - There are 2 ways to interpret the phrase 'critically acclaimed' - one being that the 19-Dec-2019 12:21:49

MentariS - New interview with Sharon by Barry Egan on The Irish Independent: 15-Dec-2019 10:11:56
              CSCfan - Thanks for sharing! I don't think I ever saw that video of Sharon performing 'Dream A Little Dream' before.. 16-Dec-2019 11:43:23
                           Leslie - It is a fantastic performance of that song. 17-Dec-2019 21:59:14
                           MentariS - It's my favourite solo performance of hers - well, apart from her gig that I did go to :-) 18-Dec-2019 10:25:51
              Steverino - Thanks for this post. Bless Sharon, she does a lot of good with her talent and fame. 25-Dec-2019 17:12:29
              Steverino - A short video of Sharon uploaded by Institut Marquès 04-Jan-2020 17:44:23

AB_CLOSER - Fantastic photoshoot! FNF lesguzman photographer (1995). 13-Dec-2019 01:28:37
              dave - Not often that 'new' photos from the FNF era appear - all seem to have been done in America. 13-Dec-2019 11:26:00
                           Leslie - Love these pictures. Seems like the shoot was special for the photographer too 17-Dec-2019 22:11:29

HGN2001 - An old Corrs artifact from 2004 07-Dec-2019 20:55:55
              SteveW - Cool artifact! Isn't that Jim's signature? 07-Dec-2019 21:04:54
                           HGN2001 - I think you're right. I just compared it to my signed IN BLUE CD. 07-Dec-2019 21:56:58
                                        Corranga - It's Jim's signature, but it's not ball pen, it's printed on the pick, I have a few of them, in a couple of different 07-Dec-2019 22:18:43

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