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Cara - Caught this on a blip of the TV tonight - and I feel like we ahould probably know this person?!? ;-) 09-Nov-2016 22:18:33
              MC - Ha! Didn't realize that TCC has an IG account either - will have to follow. (n/t) 10-Nov-2016 05:16:34
                           Cara - I just set it up. :-P Mostly because it's easier to throw a photo up there and then post a link. ;-) (n/t) 10-Nov-2016 17:29:33
                                        MC - Glad I hadn't missed it for too long... Of course, I still forgot to follow. ;-) (n/t) 11-Nov-2016 05:08:19

MentariS - A short clip from the studio posted by Anto: 04-Nov-2016 05:11:04

SeanCorrain - Sharon's Dublin Mansion is for Sale 01-Nov-2016 16:14:11
              SteveW - The house in the photos is not Sharon's, right? The article is bit confusing... 01-Nov-2016 18:00:37
                           MC - Yes, you're correct. 02-Nov-2016 04:29:34
                                        SteveW - The larger house (not Sharon's) originally was listed at 8.9M euros and is now listing at just over half that price!?! 02-Nov-2016 04:57:51
                                                     MC - I don't know first hand, but I've heard that they have, or at least in Dublin they have. (n/t) 02-Nov-2016 10:40:57
                                                                  SeanCorrain - Jim's the only one still living in Ireland correct ? 03-Nov-2016 15:52:02
                                                                               MentariS - Yes, you are correct. Andrea lives in London, Caroline in Somerset, and Sharon in Andorra*. 03-Nov-2016 16:49:45
                                                     Corranga - I'm sure there was a report some years ago about Jim loosing a LOT of money on the housing market 15-Nov-2016 11:13:03
              scott - Taxes and real estate 04-Nov-2016 03:28:24
                           Corranga - I don't think Ireland taxes entertainers more than anyone else earning that amount of money. Certainly, the choice to 15-Nov-2016 11:11:16

MentariS - Last year she was Snow White, and this year she's the Little Mermaid... 31-Oct-2016 10:15:36
              Ballerinatay - Oh, how fun! (n/t) 01-Nov-2016 03:04:11
              scott - Still a cutie! 01-Nov-2016 03:37:46

M-Corr - Update on the New Album….. 30-Oct-2016 17:04:53
              Leslie - Interesting. (n/t) 30-Oct-2016 20:50:00
              MentariS - I wonder what direction they are going for with Album No. 7... 31-Oct-2016 01:48:57
                           MC - But don't forget, T-Bone Burnett has had a lot of success. 31-Oct-2016 04:32:53
              MC - If it's true, I'd love to hear what T-Bone would do with their sound. Very interesting. (n/t) 31-Oct-2016 04:25:09
              SteveW - Intriguing... thanks for posting this! (n/t) 31-Oct-2016 07:32:45
                           Corranga - Great to see they are continuing with thr traditions of their recent albums and working with another producer 31-Oct-2016 10:04:46
              DrFunkenstein - "World" tour? Ha! (n/t) 31-Oct-2016 12:52:13
              Sergio - First it sounds as a wise choice. I would not think we can expect something really weird... 31-Oct-2016 13:58:36
                           Sergio - Oops...just found out that Grace Potter actually scrapped all the sessions made with 31-Oct-2016 14:20:54
              SeanCorrain - T Bone is GREAT ! 31-Oct-2016 19:32:11
              Jerry - There's a new book out about T Bone 31-Oct-2016 19:57:21
                           Jerry - A better link and a speech he gave recently 31-Oct-2016 20:07:33
              Wendy - Exciting! He's produced the Punch Brothers and music on first series of Nashville 08-Nov-2016 00:09:00
              DutchDenise - Really curious and expecting a stripped down album 09-Nov-2016 15:16:28
                           dave - Well I guess its all completed and waiting for release? Latest Instagram posts 17-Nov-2016 11:41:17
                                        MC - It's possible, but I guess it's also possible that they're waiting to move on to the next step. We don't know for sure 18-Nov-2016 10:44:21

MentariS - First studio clip from Anto and Jim! 26-Oct-2016 02:11:56
              Punky - Listen closely at the beginning of the that Andrea singing in the background? (n/t) 26-Oct-2016 03:55:14
                           MC - I hadn't noticed... but I'll have to take another listen when I can. (n/t) 26-Oct-2016 04:18:28
              Nyoman - Loving the melody, hopefully it will turn out to be a catchy tune. (n/t) 26-Oct-2016 05:03:02
              OsamaRaashid - Didn't know about The Stylistics before this. I thought they were trying to replicate the sound of a sitar :-D (n/t) 26-Oct-2016 08:08:19
                           dave - Oh... and I should have added, I was around when the Stylistics were at the top of their game - 27-Oct-2016 20:46:30
                                        robin - yes you are right Dave remember them well Betcha by golly wow and i'm stone in love with you spring to mind. (n/t) 27-Oct-2016 22:05:30
                                                     scott - Help 28-Oct-2016 01:13:52
                                                                  dave - Don't know who wrote their stuff but it was at the height of the Motown sound - 30-Oct-2016 11:15:56
              dave - Really like that, Anto replied its his 'intro demo', and I guess that's Jim on piano ? (n/t) 27-Oct-2016 20:43:38

corrazy_rach - Closer single - finally!!!! 25-Oct-2016 15:39:21
              dave - Well done Rachel - Australia is the place to find one, did you get it there. Mine came 25-Oct-2016 20:02:10
                           corrazy_rach - Thanks Dave! Yes they're from Melbourne too. So happy :) (n/t) 25-Oct-2016 23:12:52
                                        Corranga - Well done. I think that's one Corrs item I'll never have as my budget never stretches that far :) (n/t) 29-Oct-2016 18:33:54
                                                     Chanh - Is it correct that their is a misprint on the backside of the single? 02-Nov-2016 12:25:55
                                                                  dave - Yes that is correct. (n/t) 02-Nov-2016 15:00:58
                                                                               Chanh - Thanks Dave (n/t) 02-Nov-2016 16:37:37
                                                                                            dave - Be aware if you're bidding on that particular one that it's in poor condition. 02-Nov-2016 17:00:31
                                                                                                         Chanh - Thx, but I am not bidding on it. Too expansive and I am not that collector who needs all of them. (n/t) 03-Nov-2016 09:09:56
                                                                                                                      dave - I see it went for £82, cheap for a Closer cd but it was in poor condition. I've seen them 05-Nov-2016 12:17:26

dave - Sound system at The Corrs Lorient gig.. 22-Oct-2016 15:16:02

scott - Hi 22-Oct-2016 01:05:39
              dave - Yep she's fine, posts mainly on Twitter and Instagram. Very busy with her 22-Oct-2016 15:02:13
                           scott - Good 22-Oct-2016 15:42:14
                                        CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - ... and this is why i love this boards (n/t) 27-Oct-2016 22:56:06
                                        Corranga - I can confirm she is fine - she, Marc and Kate are in my living room opposite me at the moment :) (n/t) 29-Oct-2016 18:34:59

seancorrain - White Light is Listed at US for order ... 18-Oct-2016 02:09:26
              MC - It's an import, but that's an interesting find. 18-Oct-2016 04:22:34
                           dave - Anyone in the world still wanting to buy White Light CD, remember 19-Oct-2016 19:10:41
                                        dave - Currently priced at £5 on for the CD album. (n/t) 19-Oct-2016 19:14:50

Robin - Amusing story with loose Corrs connection. Once a week I pick my four year old grandson George from 17-Oct-2016 23:17:30
              MC - LOL, very cute! (n/t) 18-Oct-2016 04:19:59
              Terry - Sure has some similarities :-)) 18-Oct-2016 08:16:03
                           Erica - That's lovely :) bet it makes him feel so special! Awesome Grandadding :) (n/t) 18-Oct-2016 08:45:00
              Terry2 - The Running Man 18-Oct-2016 13:52:35
              RichardY - I can certainly imagine you doing this Robin - you definitely seem to have a competitive streak! 18-Oct-2016 21:13:36
                           robin - Thanks everyone (n/t) 18-Oct-2016 23:10:02
                                        Corranga - As soon as you said 'guess what' I knew what was coming :) Great little story that I think sums you 20-Oct-2016 08:52:22
              Lonneke - Hahahaha, I can totally picture this! Awesome :) (n/t) 22-Oct-2016 17:58:47
              den - ive got 9 grandchildren most not at school yet. Given tHat I was out of breath after 50 yarda at Kew ai should follow 25-Oct-2016 21:27:23

SteveW - full-length HD video of Koln gig 16-Oct-2016 03:55:45
              Corinna - Thanks for sharing this link! (n/t) 16-Oct-2016 10:37:58
                           Eduardo - Video removed =/ 03-Nov-2016 20:56:46

rich2862 - Just finished reading David Foster's 2008 book "Hitman" , a memoir,.... 14-Oct-2016 00:41:30
              seancorrain - That's exciting and he is CORRECT This band is a once in a lifetime act. You'll never have another Corrs (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 23:39:01

SeanCorrain - I have been thinking about this for some time. 11-Oct-2016 19:08:47
              BallerinaTay - I agree completely. While I love all of their hits with a passion there are some of their non hits that 11-Oct-2016 19:32:31
              MC - That's something that I've discussed with fellow fans for years. I'm in complete agreement with you. (n/t) 12-Oct-2016 04:37:39
              SteveW - I was happy when they added Buachaill on Eirne, a long-time favorite of mine. Moreover... 12-Oct-2016 08:08:17
                           corrazy_rach - I agree, but... 12-Oct-2016 11:11:50
                                        Corranga - I've discussed this over the years a number of times, and the band themselves have commented on it 12-Oct-2016 12:47:32
                                                     SeanCorrain - Good point. 12-Oct-2016 18:03:21
                                                     commonwombat - Whilst I, too, would like to see a more adventurous set-list from time to time; I think that a couple of key points 13-Oct-2016 00:06:25
                                                                  SteveW - Totally agree on Fiachra Trench. Love his tasteful and understated orchestral arrangements. (n/t) 13-Oct-2016 03:50:16
                                                                  MentariS - Always agree with you, Wombat, when it comes to Fiachra Trench 13-Oct-2016 11:17:08
                                        SeanCorrain - OMG No Good for Me !!!! great choice ! ! ! 12-Oct-2016 17:58:26
                           SeanCorrain - I agree with you most definitely ! 12-Oct-2016 17:55:12
                           Corrpulent - There are two versions of Radio we've never heard... 12-Oct-2016 23:41:08
                                        Robin - I am just so delighted to be in front of the stage seeing the Corrs perform I am more than happy with whatever songs 13-Oct-2016 03:07:16
                                                     GaelleF - I'd love them to get rid of some of the (IMO) worn-out songs, which we've heard million of times. 14-Oct-2016 08:10:49
              sergio - I absolutely agree with you SeanCorrain on this. My 2 cents on this... 14-Oct-2016 09:01:28
                           dave - I've held back so far to see what other folks views are on this topic. 14-Oct-2016 11:50:34
                                        airbusgore - What we need is a Corrboaders Private Concert with prearranged setlist? (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 16:25:59
                                                     Sergio - I would be fully satisfied if we'd just have a beer or two and do some singing together:))) (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 18:39:14
                                                                  dave - LOL at airbusgore and Sergio... in your dreams guys ! (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 19:17:49
                                                     seancorrain - you're on to some brilliance here ! (n/t) 15-Oct-2016 23:39:50
                                                     MC - And it would be livestreamed for those of us who can't attend. ;-) (n/t) 16-Oct-2016 06:13:51
              corrazy_rach - No Good For Me 16-Oct-2016 00:05:18
              SteveW - It's not just casual fans who want to hear the hits, though 16-Oct-2016 03:34:35
                           Terry - Totally agree there Steve 16-Oct-2016 17:05:51

MentariS - New (adorable!) photo of Sharon and Anto in the studio: 10-Oct-2016 13:39:37
              MentariS - And one of the drummer... 10-Oct-2016 13:52:12
                           dave - Looks like they're busy getting our 'Xmas present' ready (n/t) 10-Oct-2016 21:51:13
                                        robin - Great to see pics in the studio, have been thinking that all has gone very quiet. (n/t) 11-Oct-2016 14:45:13
                                                     Terry - These pics are the perfect medicine for us suffering white light tour withdrawal symptoms :-) 11-Oct-2016 19:36:09
                                                                  commonwombat - Two thoughts immediately spring to mind from those two pics 13-Oct-2016 05:39:47
                                                                               MentariS - A drumstick? Are you sure it's not the bodhrán instead? ;-) 13-Oct-2016 06:11:01
                                                                                            commonwombat - Bass lines are something that can easiy be added/often are at a later date where tracks are near to "finished products" 13-Oct-2016 06:49:05
                                                                  dave - Don't think I'll be doing any more running Terry - Achilles tendon on one leg 13-Oct-2016 12:02:36
                                                                               MentariS - Ah, but won't the Corrs successfully cure all that? ;-) (n/t) 13-Oct-2016 12:18:50
                                                                                            Terry - I'm sure they will (temporarily at least); adrenaline works wonders ;-) 13-Oct-2016 21:48:42
              BallerinaTay - I'm getting more excited by the minute! :-) (n/t) 11-Oct-2016 19:33:16

dave - Anyone else think that Petula Clark's new single sounds very similar to one of Andrea's 30-Sep-2016 13:45:46
              airbusgore - Ha. My mother shouted from Kitchen when she was on the one show asking whether it was Andrea singing! (n/t) 01-Oct-2016 06:12:36
              scott - WOW! 03-Oct-2016 21:56:48
                           dave - She was extremely popular in UK back in the late 50s early 60s Scott - 'Downtown' being 04-Oct-2016 09:36:11
                                        robin - I had a couple of Petula cds she did some really good songs mostly written by Tony Hatch. I know a place, the other 04-Oct-2016 11:17:29
                                        scott - 50s-60s 04-Oct-2016 12:21:05
                                                     dave - LOL... I'm back to Juke Boxes and 7" singles Scott ! I remember Tony Hatch as a songwriter 04-Oct-2016 13:52:39
                                                                  scott - Dave 04-Oct-2016 14:21:56
                                                                               robin - yes i had loads of 45s and also went out and played records on a juke box. Also recall listening to the hit parade show 04-Oct-2016 17:31:59
                                                                                            dave - The very first records I can ever remember were 78s by Percy French and John McCormack, used to play 04-Oct-2016 19:25:16
                                                                                                         scott - War baby 04-Oct-2016 20:15:36
                                                                                                                      Robin - Frightening to think how long ago we are talking. My first ever record was Living doll by Cliff but I also remember a 04-Oct-2016 22:13:32
                                                                                                                                   scott - The Everlys 04-Oct-2016 23:43:49
                                                                                                                      dave - Great stuff Scott... (n/t) 05-Oct-2016 10:13:25
                                                                  HGN2001 - How about a genuine Corrs 45 RPM record? 09-Oct-2016 21:31:07
                                                                               dave - Nice item Harry, there are some other Corrs vinyl discs out there, but not many. (n/t) 09-Oct-2016 22:06:22
                                                                               MC - There are a few others, too. 10-Oct-2016 05:42:42

Robin - I do what I like playing in the Rovers on Coronation street tonight. This is at least the third time a Corrs song has 26-Sep-2016 23:37:23
              CorrMac - They obviously have good taste then! :lol: (n/t) 27-Sep-2016 17:25:00

corrazy_rach - Love this! All Andrea needs is a piano... so good! 25-Sep-2016 14:45:02
              dave - Yes, the acoustic versions she did for that album are very good. (n/t) 26-Sep-2016 10:10:28
                           corrazy_rach - I love the acoustic versions even more than the album :) (n/t) 26-Sep-2016 11:15:16
                                        dave - Tend to agree - have you seen the videos of her and Anto together - brilliant. 26-Sep-2016 15:47:35
                                                     corrazy_rach - Yes Dave, they're brilliant!! Would LOVE to go to a small venue :) (n/t) 30-Sep-2016 07:11:23

queenoftheroad - Currently copying all my cd's onto my computer, and just a couple of minutes ago it was Home's turn. I have fond 24-Sep-2016 14:48:43
              Crickets - I LOVE HOME 25-Sep-2016 00:18:11
                           SteveW - Home is one of my favorites as well 25-Sep-2016 07:28:57
                                        sergio - Those 3 tracks are my favourites as well on Home. I think I even nominated MLL and PG in our favourite songs poll 27-Sep-2016 09:26:50
                                                     SteveW - Favorite songs poll 28-Sep-2016 00:11:31
                                                                  Cara - I was just thinking yesterday it would be fun to redo now we've had longer with White Light and seen some live etc. 28-Sep-2016 13:11:19

dave - Just ealised its a 'Quarter of a Century' since The Corrs auditioned for The Commitments movie. (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 12:21:56
              MentariS - I've watched that film plenty of times and still haven't managed to spot Caroline :-p (n/t) 20-Sep-2016 13:34:18
                           AB_CLOSER - Caps 20-Sep-2016 16:40:40
                                        AB_CLOSER - More caps 20-Sep-2016 16:48:03
                                                     AB_CLOSER - More caps edited 20-Sep-2016 16:53:02
                                                                  dave - Thanks for putting those caps up, until now I'd never been able to find Caroline 20-Sep-2016 19:07:04
                                                                  GaelleF - To be really honest, I was always convinced it was her, but now I'm not that sure anymore... (n/t) 21-Sep-2016 13:50:23
              scott - Odd isn't it? 24-Sep-2016 00:11:25
                           GaelleF - Indeed ! My sister used to be a fan of the film and recorded it from TV, then got the VHS, before I knew the Corrs. (n/t) 24-Sep-2016 18:05:43
                                        dave - I found The Corrs' music first and then looked for anything on VHS/DVD. There wasn't much 24-Sep-2016 19:09:51

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