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SteveW - brief White Light Tour promo video 17-Apr-2016 06:32:06
              dave - This whole week long celtic festival seems fantastic, seriously thinking of going for the whole week. 17-Apr-2016 08:59:00
              Punky - Here's what I find exciting about this video, Steve... 17-Apr-2016 22:15:47
                           SteveW - Punky, I was wondering exactly the same thing! 17-Apr-2016 22:52:29
                                        MC - I suppose, if they're happy with the footage, they could release through the website like Sharon did for hers. (n/t) 18-Apr-2016 02:09:07
                                        Corranga - They filmed for the big screens at the side of the stage. Perfect for short promo clips like this, but a full gig? I'm 18-Apr-2016 08:24:42
                           MC - They were clearly clips that were recorded professionally, but couldn't the shots have been done by the videographers... 18-Apr-2016 02:07:47
                                        Drsjf16 - A DVD would be amazing 18-Apr-2016 18:25:03
              DutchDenise - Love this clip, and obviously would love a DVD too! (n/t) 18-Apr-2016 19:03:05
                           chris1957 - DVD? 20-Apr-2016 19:54:26

Phoenix89 - Mastercard Priceless Madrid 16-Apr-2016 05:45:00
              dave - That must have been done before the show, because they certainly didn't do 16-Apr-2016 09:01:04

Michael1 - Corrs website - 15-Apr-2016 19:34:10
              Phoenix89 - I believe the person you're looking for is Cara. (n/t) 16-Apr-2016 05:10:23
                           Michael1 - Hi, I meant the owner of the website I linked in the original post ( Thank you though (n/t) 16-Apr-2016 18:13:22
                                        Cara - I don't know who runs that one - sorry! (n/t) 16-Apr-2016 20:33:16

MentariS - Do we have Japan-based members here? If so I hope you all stay safe in the wake of the earthquake in the southern region (n/t) 15-Apr-2016 17:44:55
              shion - Thanks for mentioning this. I'm from Japan but I live in Tokyo! (n/t) 17-Apr-2016 18:45:02
                           robin - yes hope everybody ok (n/t) 17-Apr-2016 22:03:27

MentariS - Cute Instagram photo of Andrea and "Keithy" posted by Caroline: 15-Apr-2016 15:11:11
              dave - Apparently enjoying tapas in Madrid if the hashtags were anything to go by. (n/t) 15-Apr-2016 15:37:34
              Phoenix89 - If anyone notice, 16-Apr-2016 05:09:11
                           MentariS - Yep. She often posts photos of Andy and Sharon but it's always her sisters who post pictures of her... (n/t) 16-Apr-2016 12:34:00

dave - The Corrs are playing a standing gig a Festival Interceltique, Lorient France, 13 July 15-Apr-2016 11:04:56
              den - is this a full set Dave? (n/t) 15-Apr-2016 12:24:07
                           dave - Come on Den - get 'off the fence' - you know you want to go... (n/t) 16-Apr-2016 09:03:38
              Corranga - 13th of August not July.. (n/t) 15-Apr-2016 13:58:01
                           dave - you are quite correct Chris, yes its 13 AUGUST, not July - thanks for that. (n/t) 15-Apr-2016 14:02:15
              dave - No idea Den, it starts at 10pm and is part of a week's festival. Each band seems 15-Apr-2016 13:59:26
                           Corranga - Google translate of the French describes it as Grand Closing Concert 15-Apr-2016 14:03:27
                                        dave - Yep, already got ticket Chris. (n/t) 15-Apr-2016 14:27:43
                                                     dave - 'Support act' is an Irish/American band called Solas. Venue is the Fisherman's Slipway 16-Apr-2016 09:43:54

SteveW - brief radio interview on Magic in the Morning ("You may not be able to get rid of us") 13-Apr-2016 22:45:27
              MC - Seems as though that was recorded last week (Thursday or Friday, I think) when they were in London. 14-Apr-2016 03:58:53
                           dave - That reference to playing the London Palladium before Xmas may well be where 14-Apr-2016 11:35:26
                                        MC - They just played the London Palladium last week for a taping of Live at the Palladium, I believe. 15-Apr-2016 04:43:27

dave - '- - - - - - - and the band played on....!' 13-Apr-2016 09:40:57
              MC - LOL, I've heard of things happening before but never actually witnessed anything myself at a gig. (n/t) 13-Apr-2016 10:51:35
                           dave - Another was Sharon and the cricket or grasshopper... 13-Apr-2016 16:09:15
              MentariS - I've always wondered what musicians should do when nature calls in the middle of a gig..... 13-Apr-2016 16:44:32
              Corrpulent - We use euphemisms on this side of the pond... 14-Apr-2016 01:10:56
                           dave - LOL... yes its always amused me how Americans 'pretty things up' - Andrea however 14-Apr-2016 11:38:11
              HGN2001 - Corrs in Sydney 2001 18-Apr-2016 14:26:06
                           dave - Thanks Harry - I think they also had a complete 'power outage' at one of the NZ gigs on that tour. (n/t) 18-Apr-2016 18:39:58

dave - Andrea 'multi-tasking' whilst Jim bombs her photo...hope you've all seen this ! 12-Apr-2016 11:49:07
              MentariS - *heart melts* And this is a 41-year-old woman with two children :-D (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 11:59:50
                           dave - The Corrs are like 'Peter Pan & Wendy' - they never grow up ! (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 12:07:23
              corrazy_rach - Just curious - what is Andrea apologising for her in her comments? 12-Apr-2016 12:24:18
                           Bea_HC - I donīt know for sure but one of the comments is complaining about the way tickets were sold 12-Apr-2016 13:08:30
                                        dave - Interesting - I hadn't actually read any of those comments, but 12-Apr-2016 14:15:18
                                                     Phoenix89 - This 12-Apr-2016 14:55:49
                                        Phoenix89 - Wow. Unbelievable. It's kinda disrespectful towards The Corrs. 12-Apr-2016 14:37:23
                                                     GaŽlleF - Indeed, fans shouldn't attack them like this and Andrea shouldn't have to apologise, however... 12-Apr-2016 15:40:36
                                                                  Phoenix89 - That's very frustrating! No wonder there're complaints. 12-Apr-2016 16:05:15
                                                                               GaelleF - And it shouldn't be expressed on her Instagram page, it's out of order. It's wrong. (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 18:28:07
                                                                                            corrazy_rach - Thanks, I wasn't sure what was going on there... and not fair to personally blame her for ticket sales! (n/t) 13-Apr-2016 00:36:50
                                                                                                         scott - Andrea's reaction 13-Apr-2016 05:36:13
                                                                                                                      Erica - I agree people shouldn't be rude but who the hell else are we meant to complain to?? 13-Apr-2016 06:25:24
                                                                                                                                   commonwombat - Feedback on such issues to the artists themselves (IF civilly voiced) can have a positive effect in that they 13-Apr-2016 08:37:32
                                                     Corranga - Disrespectful or not, if you are willing to have a social media account 13-Apr-2016 14:39:57
                                                                  dave - I kinda wish I'd never posted the little GIF that started all this, as I'd not read any 13-Apr-2016 15:33:44
                                        MentariS - If that's the worst they have ever encountered on social media, I'd say The Corrs are extremely lucky... 13-Apr-2016 16:41:41
              seancorrain - Anyone notice Andrea replied to one of the fans in comments (didn't look good) I think someone insulted her. 14-Apr-2016 05:02:53
                           seancorrain - AH !!! excuse me :) the answer was stated above (apologies) (n/t) 14-Apr-2016 05:13:07

corrazy_rach - Caroline and Sharon speaking Spanish! :) 12-Apr-2016 00:23:24
              Phoenix89 - If I'm not mistaken, Caroline lived in Majorca Spain (I'm confuse btwn Majorca and Mallorca...FORGIVE ME!) 12-Apr-2016 06:20:10
                           Bea_HC - Translation 12-Apr-2016 10:09:08
                                        Phoenix89 - Thanks a lot for the translation. 12-Apr-2016 11:24:35
              dave - When.... years ago. (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 10:59:54
                           Bea_HC - Just saw some mistakes obviously itīs your spanish is very good not youīre and these 10 years not this 12-Apr-2016 11:20:46
                                        corrazy_rach - Thanks so much for your kindness in translating! :) Much appreciated! (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 12:19:22
                                                     StPaddy - Thanks for the translation, Bea! And now in German, please! ;) (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 12:25:39
                                                                  Bea_HC - Hahahahaha Iīll do that tomorrow Mike. I think Iīve made enough mistakes today :-D (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 12:45:44
              Phoenix89 - I just watched the interview 12-Apr-2016 16:50:49
                           Corranga - Strange not to answer "I used to live in...." or even "I got married in...." when asked if they live in Spain. (n/t) 13-Apr-2016 14:43:05
              HaNnAhCoRr - Can't get the link to work, anyone know where I can watch this? (n/t) 04-Jun-2016 21:50:38

dave - This was the 'restart' of Radio after Sharon's problems with her keyboard. 11-Apr-2016 21:12:26
              Phoenix89 - "That's what you get for playing live" 12-Apr-2016 00:25:17

dave - This gives a good idea of how close we were to the stage on Friday evening 11-Apr-2016 19:24:52
              dave - And there is a clear shot of Jim's guitar - is it the new Avalon acoustic Jim ? (n/t) 11-Apr-2016 19:27:38

SteveW - Who messed up in IDWIL in Cadena 100? 11-Apr-2016 10:38:46
              MentariS - Looks like either of the guitarists (or both) 'at fault' here 11-Apr-2016 11:04:23
              Bea_HC - Hi SteveW the setlist was BOTN, IDWIL Runaway & Breathless (n/t) 11-Apr-2016 11:29:16
                           dave - Yes Steve, I see what you mean now about the guitar parts in IDWIL, after watching 11-Apr-2016 12:03:29
                                        SteveW - I saw Jim's tweet about his Avalon guitar, but... 11-Apr-2016 12:34:59
                                                     dave - It looked brand new Steve, and very similar to the photo he tweeted - I wish he'd let us know. (n/t) 11-Apr-2016 15:41:36
              GaŽlleF - Andrea gestures her tinwhistle close to her mouth a couple of times while looking at Sharon, sort of telling her, erm 12-Apr-2016 08:32:25
                           Drsjf16 - Cheeky smile 12-Apr-2016 19:12:43
                                        dave - So true - I think Andrea said at Stuttgart "spot the mistakes" at the end of the show, 12-Apr-2016 19:47:39
                                                     Phoenix89 - After finishing with Runaway during Stuttgart gig 13-Apr-2016 00:23:22

Nyoman - Good quality videos from La Noche De Cadena gig. 11-Apr-2016 10:15:59
              Phoenix89 - Wow!! This is what I've been waiting for! Thanks a lot! (n/t) 11-Apr-2016 10:55:31
              dave - The sound is far better on these vids than it was 'down on the floor', so I assume 11-Apr-2016 11:56:43
                           GaŽlleF - That's what we call midi-skirt, it's mid-ankle-length on purpose Dave ;) (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 09:47:58
                                        dave - Thanks Gaelle. 12-Apr-2016 11:05:22
                                                     GaŽlleF - Haha, yeah I understand what you mean. Sharon being so lean, it doesn't shock me much, but I get the idea. (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 11:33:44
              chris1957 - CadenaVideos 11-Apr-2016 14:32:43
              corrazy_rach - Love Andrea's 'wow' moment at the end of Runaway :) (n/t) 12-Apr-2016 01:18:33
                           Jackie21 - Glad Andrea used the rest of the stage during Breathless.. If I was a fan Id be fervently wishing that 12-Apr-2016 13:52:16

dave - Just back now from Madrid and the two gigs there. Priceless Showcase was superb, 10-Apr-2016 19:20:04
              den - Thanksbfor your feedback Dave, it's appreciated. Glad you had a good and interesting time at the gigs. (n/t) 10-Apr-2016 19:49:00
              SteveW - photos from Cadena 100 (link) 10-Apr-2016 19:58:24
                           dave - Some good photos there Steve.. (n/t) 10-Apr-2016 22:11:47
                           SteveW - (Just to be clear, these are not my photos -- I just found them online) (n/t) 10-Apr-2016 22:18:09
              MC - Sounds like the first show was amazing. Glad you got to go, Dave! :-) 10-Apr-2016 20:23:01
                           robin - I had a feeling you would get into priceless show Dave sounds fantastic. (n/t) 10-Apr-2016 21:37:42
                           dave - I've got a feeling they might do more of these Marie, the band and fans both seem 10-Apr-2016 21:59:35
                                        MC - I hope you're right, Dave. 10-Apr-2016 23:51:58
                                                     Jackie21 - Thanks for sharing dave. Im enticed with all the free flowing beer and tapas and finger foods! (n/t) 11-Apr-2016 10:14:35
                                                                  dave - Yes, that was totally unexpected Jackie and did a lot to 'creating an atmosphere'. (n/t) 11-Apr-2016 11:24:34
                                                                               chris - Priceless videos 11-Apr-2016 16:02:21
                                                                                            chris - apologies - i've just realised someone already posted details of the priceless videos - i don't know how i missed it! (n/t) 11-Apr-2016 16:05:00
                                                                                            SteveW - I didn't know about filtering by upload date. Very useful; thanks, chris. (n/t) 11-Apr-2016 17:23:00
                                                     Nyxlapsi - I live in Quebec 11-Apr-2016 15:51:26
              DrFunkenstein - Dave, do you recall the setlist from the Priceless Showcase? I think has the dates 13-Apr-2016 12:35:20
                           dave - Purely from memory, as I didn't grab a setist - 13-Apr-2016 19:26:38
                                        DrFunkenstein - Thanks, Dave! (n/t) 13-Apr-2016 20:05:04
                                        MC - Wasn't Stay in there, too? (n/t) 14-Apr-2016 03:57:51
                                                     dave - I honestly don't recall that Marie... but it might have been. There was a mad rush 14-Apr-2016 11:44:51
                                                                  dave - Marie, you're quite correct about Stay - I'd forgotten the ukelele of course. (n/t) 14-Apr-2016 15:17:33
                                                                               MC - I thought so. Unfortunately, that's the one song that I haven't seen any video from. 15-Apr-2016 04:46:09

Phoenix89 - Are there going to be video or audio for last night concert? Anyone? (n/t) 09-Apr-2016 14:16:21
              Nyoman - The Showcase in Madrid? There are plenty of videos on youtube. 09-Apr-2016 14:57:56
                           Nyoman - And short interview from Telemadrid 09-Apr-2016 15:47:43
                           MC - Oooh, fabulous! I haven't checked yet. :-) 09-Apr-2016 17:02:02
                           SteveW - Sharon sings while playing violin on Ellis Island 10-Apr-2016 03:55:36
              Leslie - Thanks to those posting videos and pics. The Leather Pants have multiplied! (n/t) 09-Apr-2016 17:31:23
              Phoenix89 - I notice on instagram 09-Apr-2016 23:46:50
                           Nyoman - Only found these so far 10-Apr-2016 01:00:34
                                        Nyoman - And IDWIL (remix) playback performance and short interview from 10-Apr-2016 01:14:29
                                        Phoenix89 - There's a clip of them performing Runaway too. I hope someone will upload the full video of the performances (n/t) 10-Apr-2016 05:21:48
                                                     SteveW - Brief video from the crew's point of view 10-Apr-2016 07:54:09

MentariS - Nice interview on The Irish Independent: 09-Apr-2016 10:10:11
              Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for posting, cute interview. (n/t) 09-Apr-2016 11:15:09

robin - Some pics of tonights gig on Corrs instagram. sounds like an amazing night. (n/t) 09-Apr-2016 00:12:12
              Nyoman - More photos 09-Apr-2016 00:41:31

Robin - Enjoy Madrid Dave look forward to hearing about it. (n/t) 08-Apr-2016 17:23:43

Bea_HC - The Corrs on spanish tv tomorrow 08-Apr-2016 16:41:51
              chris - Hi - thanks for letting us all know. Unfortunately....... 10-Apr-2016 09:35:31

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