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Erica - Thank you to my wonderful Corr buddies! My mini Corr fan was lovingly looked after the whole time and she loved the gig! 24-Jul-2016 17:54:57
              den - How did York compare to Kew? Did tgey do a full set? (n/t) 24-Jul-2016 21:26:44
                           robin - Same set as Epsom no kiss of life. Another awesome amazing gig. (n/t) 25-Jul-2016 09:48:58
              robin - She is such a little cutie and was soooo good. In a few years she will be racing us all to the front. (n/t) 25-Jul-2016 09:21:00
              Corranga - No problem, I aim to please ;) Being serious, Erica is absolutely right, it was great and she enjoyed it too :) (n/t) 25-Jul-2016 09:58:59
              Lonneke - I must have misunderstood... I thought you brought her to keep us entertained... :p (n/t) 28-Jul-2016 18:10:50

Corrsgirl1 - Intimacy Catherine Duc Infinite Remix, any info on this? 24-Jul-2016 12:46:09
              MC - I saw that it was remixed, too, but I don't have any info about it. (n/t) 24-Jul-2016 15:13:23
              BallerinaTay - I saw it as well but don't know if it's official. (n/t) 24-Jul-2016 18:31:06
                           Corranga - There is obviously some sort of licencing agreement, otherwise it wouldn't be available on Spotify etc. 25-Jul-2016 09:55:34
                                        SteveW - It didn't sound all that different to me -- more synths, and heavier drums 25-Jul-2016 10:44:37
              Michael1 - Very strange for this to be released 19 years after the song came out! But I quite like it... 26-Jul-2016 19:55:58
                           Corranga - Some of her music is heavily Celtic influenced, could simply be that she is a fan, and had the opportunity... 27-Jul-2016 13:15:45

Sergio - Just reporting that I've heard Sharon's Everybody's got to learn at a petrol station 24-Jul-2016 10:26:28

soomee85 - I'm heading to York 23-Jul-2016 15:01:27
              dave - As soon as you get inside the racecourse, go straight to the stage barrier Soomee, 23-Jul-2016 15:10:56
                           soomee85 - Sounds perfect! 23-Jul-2016 15:44:06
                                        Drsjf16 - Major error! 23-Jul-2016 17:06:54
                                                     soomee85 - That's too bad 24-Jul-2016 00:30:28
                                                                  Drsjf16 - Not as bad as I thought! 24-Jul-2016 21:39:32

Eclair - What time are peops getting to York tomorrow? I wanna be there for 10 (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 17:14:28
              den - Enjoy the show in York everyone, if its as good as Kew it will be a blast! (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 00:16:49
                           dave - I see from Instagram that the Hall family have already claimed best spot.. LOL (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 13:42:24
                                        Corranga - There was 4 of us running to the barrier ;) (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 13:54:22
                                                     dave - I guess Robin beat you then... LOL (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 15:12:33
                                                                  den - and Louise? (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 23:10:41

Terry - Support act(s) Belsonic announced: KT Tunstall ('suddenly I see'), and Declan O'Rourke (?) 21-Jul-2016 18:13:23
              dave - LOL..yes, Ten Millenia won't be missed but Jean Martine was OK, her lead guitarist 21-Jul-2016 19:34:58
                           DutchDenise - Oh cool, Declan O'Rourke, wish I could go there! Very typical style and deep voice (n/t) 21-Jul-2016 20:11:26
                           Corranga - Never heard of Declan, but KT should be good. I quite liked the Ten Millennia bass and rhythm guitar, but that's all.. (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 12:10:32

dave - York on Saturday - does the 39 ticket allow you to get to the stage barrier, and 20-Jul-2016 16:44:44
              airbusgore - Who knows? Concert has to end 1900 - 1930 and you must be in before last race, 20-Jul-2016 20:13:18
              Eclair - concert due to start at 5.30 the whole day finishes at 7.30... 20-Jul-2016 22:47:18
              robin - Sure it will Dave i got an early bird ticket allowing access to grandstand and paddock but county stand also gives 20-Jul-2016 23:35:06
                           dave - Thanks guys, email reply from York confirmed what you've said, cheapest 25 ticket 21-Jul-2016 14:09:15
                                        Drsjf16 - County stand also 22-Jul-2016 08:23:57
                                                     dave - Basically 'as early as possible' is the rule for any standing concert, 22-Jul-2016 08:56:53
                                                                  Eclair - What time are people getting there for? I'm aiming between 10 and 11 (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 10:20:03
                                        robin - assume you now going Dave thought you wouldnt be able to resist. See you there. (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 11:39:07
                                                     dave - No, too difficult to get to for me Robin, I was just curious about the details. 22-Jul-2016 16:27:41
                                                                  den - Dave, youve seen them all over the world and York was too difficult? lol (n/t) 23-Jul-2016 23:34:14
                                                                               dave - It all comes down to flights Den - Luzern on Wednesday is easier to get to for me. (n/t) 24-Jul-2016 08:54:23

Corranga - New Blog and Gallery! Kew Gardens (link inside) 19-Jul-2016 17:54:54
              Robin - Brilliant pics Chris and a really enjoyable read. It was certainly an amazing day. (n/t) 20-Jul-2016 00:23:21
                           nightcat - Great read Chris! I'm also glad that the gig also served as family time for you. 20-Jul-2016 04:51:07
              MC - Very nice! :-) (n/t) 20-Jul-2016 05:24:56
              Terry - Very nice write-up and pics! Really enjoyed reading!! (n/t) 20-Jul-2016 10:00:29
              M-Corr - Great Blog post to match a great gig, good to meet you there Chris. (n/t) 21-Jul-2016 01:28:13
              SteveW - Enjoyed reading this; thanks for sharing (n/t) 22-Jul-2016 07:21:29

M-Corr - A Few PICTURES from Kew. 18-Jul-2016 23:44:41
              MC - Very nice! (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 05:52:34
                           Corranga - Great photos from a great gig :) (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 09:10:42
              dave - Andrea's face looks just like it was 20 years ago in that last photo. At the Poupet gig 19-Jul-2016 11:38:50

Phoenix89 - any video from poupet festival? (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 04:47:05
              MC - There are some clips posted on YT, but I haven't seen any full videos yet. (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 05:17:30
                           dave - I rated Poupet as the best Corrs gig of the White Light tour that I'd been to - until Kew ! 18-Jul-2016 20:58:36
                           SteveW - The Poupet videos posted on youtube by Reference Corrs are very good 22-Jul-2016 00:53:18
                                        dave - The venue were very strict about 'professional' video cameras at Poupet, 22-Jul-2016 09:04:45

RichardY - A video and a few photos from Kew Gardens 17-Jul-2016 22:58:25
              MC - Thank you so much, Richard! :-) (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 05:17:01
              dave - Some superb photos there Richard, especially the group one. (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 21:07:00
                           robin - Thanks Richard brilliant pics terrific reminder of a brilliant day. (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 00:13:40
              Corranga - The TTF shots are especially good, great lighting for photos and the band responding well to the crowd (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 09:11:55
              SteveW - RichardY, I love this photo of Caroline -- brilliant! 22-Jul-2016 00:56:23

mrrob69uk - So the Kew gig was amazing! For those who stayed at the Novotel... 17-Jul-2016 22:52:22
              M-Corr - If that was the Novotel in Brentford . 18-Jul-2016 22:17:24

robin - Another amazing gig just get better and better if thats possible. A fantastic night and the Corrs certainly seemed 17-Jul-2016 08:47:38
              Corranga - It was a great gig, one of the best this year, great to meet so many people and of course to have my family there too 17-Jul-2016 10:29:15
                           den - Great to see you to Robin and everyone else too. it was a really enjoyable day. Nice to see 17-Jul-2016 12:32:28
              Rooster28 - Thought it was a great gig too! Liked Kew Gardens as a venue as well. (n/t) 17-Jul-2016 18:36:43
              Terry - Had an amazing night, what a gig!! Really nice to meet you Robin... 17-Jul-2016 19:31:43
              RichardY - Had an absolutely awesome day yesterday - I think that was up there as maybe the best gig I've been to this year! 17-Jul-2016 22:11:27
              Lonneke - Yes! Awesome gig! One of best best this year! Great meeting all of you (again) :) (n/t) 17-Jul-2016 23:06:21
              dave - That 500 metre sprint nearly killed me though Robin - just about recovered now after 48 hours ! 18-Jul-2016 21:11:18
                           robin - Yes its all so worth it Dave but certainly a long sprint, be a while before we have one as long as that. Brilliant that 19-Jul-2016 00:10:20
              goops1071 - Kew Setlist 19-Jul-2016 13:09:21
                           StPaddy - Kew Setlist 19-Jul-2016 15:59:23
                                        goops1071 - Kew Setlist 19-Jul-2016 16:39:10

corrazy_rach - Is Kew still being filmed tonight??! Have fun everyone! (n/t) 16-Jul-2016 09:21:35
              MC - Jim has not confirmed either way thus far. He never said that it was being filmed, though. 16-Jul-2016 12:32:42
                           Corranga - I don't think it was filmed, not enough cameras. Hard to tell as a dslr can get very good video footage nowadays.. (n/t) 17-Jul-2016 10:31:07
                                        dave - I think it was filmed for a possible video, there was a fully professional Sony camcorder on tripod 18-Jul-2016 21:23:42
                                                     RichardY - There was a screen to the left of the stage Dave and one further back in the arena so not sure if it was filmed. 18-Jul-2016 23:06:08
                                                                  MC - Did they play LTLY? (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 05:53:35
                                                                               Terry - No they didn't 19-Jul-2016 07:38:14
                                                                                            dave - And finished by 10.20pm Terry. Yes its a pity that was left out. Heaven Knows 19-Jul-2016 11:46:27
                                                                                            MC - I had seen a pic on IG of the setlist from the show, and LTLY was blacked out. 19-Jul-2016 14:33:06
                                                                  Terry - Screen video snippet 19-Jul-2016 10:53:27
                                                                  dave - OK Richard, I didn't see those screens from my position. So we may or may not get a DVD. (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 11:43:51
                                                                               Terry - I must say I also only noticed the (rather gigantic) sidescreen on the way out, looking backwards 19-Jul-2016 13:42:43
                                                                                            dave - How true Terry - I swear to god I'll never run that far or fast again to nab front row. 19-Jul-2016 16:00:03
                                                                                                         Terry - My god that faulty reader! Not good for the heartregion.... 19-Jul-2016 17:32:54
                                                                                            RichardY - We were so busy concentrating on running that I think we ran right past Caroline and Jim and didn't notice them!!! (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 17:44:25
                                                                  dave - OK Richard, I didn't see those screens from my position. So we may or may not get a DVD. (n/t) 19-Jul-2016 11:43:52

Gillian - See you at Kew! 16-Jul-2016 08:52:32
              den - See you at Kew Gilly (n/t) 16-Jul-2016 10:40:09
              dave - Saw you at Kew Gilly ! You didn't come to the pub afterwards... ? (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 21:25:48

emeraldisle98 - Any Corrs fans living in northeast London/Essex attending the Kew Gardens Concert? 14-Jul-2016 23:37:05

SteveW - Videos from Stuttgart acoustic gig on youtube 14-Jul-2016 16:39:41
              Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for sharing! These videos are so great. Wish I could have been there. (n/t) 14-Jul-2016 19:06:28
              Corrsgirl1 - White Light has changed lyrics 14-Jul-2016 19:07:47
                           Corrsgirl1 - Oh it's 'Glare' not 'End' (n/t) 14-Jul-2016 19:09:35

corrazy_rach - Thinking of walking down the aisle to Runaway at my upcoming wedding - which version would be best!? (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 02:49:19
              MentariS - Unplugged :-) and what a great choice of song for your wedding! Hopefully everything goes well. (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 02:52:37
              seancorrain - There was a stringapella remix that came out in the 90's 13-Jul-2016 02:59:24
                           Corranga - Stringapella - instrumental songs work best at weddings imo, and, depending on your audience, no sniggering teenagers 13-Jul-2016 07:59:15
                                        SteveW - There's a stringapella remix of Runaway? I knew there was one for WCID... 13-Jul-2016 09:25:52
                                                     sergio - I have a vague memory that a remix of Runaway exist but not sure whether it is a Stringapella or Tin-Tin Out 13-Jul-2016 12:24:41
                                                                  SteveW - There was a Tin Tin Out remix of Runaway that was on the TOC special edition in the US (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 12:34:02
                                                     seancorrain - I've heard Angel (once) I think the most rare Corrs song I've heard in a store was Paddy McCarthy ! 13-Jul-2016 17:39:18
                                                     Corranga - You're right, it's WCID... I think I was thinking about the acoustic version which is on a version of TRT single? 14-Jul-2016 09:33:45
              MC - Original. And congratulations! :-) (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 05:34:14
              BallerinaTay - Congrats! 13-Jul-2016 17:40:31
                           Robin - Great song choice Rach. Many congratulations and have a brilliant day. (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 21:26:32
              corrazy_rach - Thanks for all your comments everyone! I think it'll have to be the original - I can't find this 'stringapella' version? (n/t) 16-Jul-2016 09:21:10
                           CorrMac - Try these links ... 16-Jul-2016 21:49:54

den - Anyone driving to Kew, if so where are you parking? (n/t) 11-Jul-2016 00:41:57
              Corranga - Me (or Erica) and I am also interested in an answer to this! Not figured out where to park either :( (n/t) 11-Jul-2016 08:31:06
              dave - Info from See Tickets and Kew themselves strongly advise against driving to the venue. 11-Jul-2016 08:34:29
              RichardY - You could park in Richmond and get the Overground or District line to Kew Gardens station 11-Jul-2016 13:47:07
                           dave - Try this website - times & charges vary, but there are carparks at Kew and Richmond 11-Jul-2016 14:55:10
                                        dave - One of the best things I invested in this year is a TFL smartcard account - 11-Jul-2016 15:02:34
                                                     dave - Another good option is to use an 'offpeak day-return Travel Card' ticket from a mainline 11-Jul-2016 15:09:23
                                                                  airbusgore - As it's a Saturday off peak or super off peak (NR) fares should apply ALL day. (n/t) 11-Jul-2016 17:24:57
                                                                               Corranga - I don't think you need to register a payment card with TFL nowadays, I just used my contactless credit card 11-Jul-2016 23:00:35
                                                                                            den - but was it cheaper Chris? i think im going to zpark at Richmond station and preboook its only 1 stop away-thanks Richard (n/t) 11-Jul-2016 23:07:36
                                                                                                         Corranga - I believe so, yes. info from TFL doesn't say aything about registering a card... 12-Jul-2016 12:37:23
                                                                                                                      dave - Yes, looks like they've changed the small print. You don't have to sign up for 12-Jul-2016 14:28:44
                                                                                                                                   mrrob69uk - Kew 12-Jul-2016 22:10:23
              den - ive booked a place at at Richmond station for 15. it takes the worry out as its only 1 stop from Kew. (n/t) 12-Jul-2016 22:37:01
                           den - Car Park space I mean (n/t) 12-Jul-2016 22:38:15
                                        mrrob69uk - Kew 12-Jul-2016 22:48:34
                                                     den - yes it was (n/t) 12-Jul-2016 22:57:23

seancorrain - To Anyone who follows Keith Duffy on Instagram 09-Jul-2016 18:54:46
              Sergio - Anto is in Silverstone...:) (n/t) 09-Jul-2016 21:14:41
              MC - I wouldn't read anything into his photo, and I wouldn't assume anything about the band from it. 10-Jul-2016 05:12:40
                           StPaddy - Keith just took a week off to visit some friends in California, 10-Jul-2016 08:48:57
                                        MC - Just watched that video right after I posted! (n/t) 10-Jul-2016 12:18:43

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