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dave - What ever happened to that Brand Irish thing that Sharon was involved with, 10-May-2016 11:14:14
              MC - It premiered in NYC, but I'm not sure if it was ever shown on any TV channels. (n/t) 11-May-2016 04:29:14

Phoenix89 - The Corrs back to least half of them... 07-May-2016 00:47:43
              MentariS - Photos of Andrea and Sharon reliving their good ole days of working at a pub: 07-May-2016 14:22:36
                           dave - Well at least they can go back to their former jobs if they give up the music.. (n/t) 07-May-2016 14:32:49

nightcat - So I randomly checked out The Corrs Spotify profile.... 06-May-2016 02:49:29
              Corranga - That's really impressive. I suspect the raise and fall of old albums in the charts that we saw then WL was released was 06-May-2016 12:03:20
                           nightcat - That's pretty odd. 06-May-2016 12:54:53
                                        Corranga - Ahh, I'm not using the client. I use the website via a browser with an ad blocker installed, free with no ads... (n/t) 06-May-2016 21:34:28

Corranga - The CorrsOnline Newsletter - Volume 4 #6 - some old news :) 03-May-2016 16:34:19
              dave - The Belfast awards night brings back memories for me and another COL / Corrboard 03-May-2016 19:19:30
                           chris - Please excuse my ignorance - but is the fan club page this one?: 04-May-2016 10:27:40
                                        StPaddy - No, itīs this one: 04-May-2016 10:44:35
                                                     chris - Thanks for your help, Mike. (n/t) 04-May-2016 10:54:12
                                                                  Corranga - No, it's neither. This is an old email news letter that was sent from which was the biggest fansite 04-May-2016 12:59:13
                                                                               Corranga - ...and having just re-read Dave's post - yes it's that one ;) (n/t) 04-May-2016 13:00:19
                                                                               sergio - Surfing through these archive pages my mind went back so many years...and I even noticed that I was online 05-May-2016 08:25:40
                                                                                            Corranga - ha, yes I was doing that too. It's a real shame that the MB database was lost.. (n/t) 05-May-2016 09:17:24
                                                                               Phoenix89 - I read one of the post from Corrsonline 05-May-2016 11:44:49
                                                                                            dave - Yes, she used to be a heavy smoker - now hopefully given up the habit. 05-May-2016 12:47:43
                                                                                                         Phoenix89 - Wow!! Really? That's shocking. I can't picture her smoking. Haha 05-May-2016 13:41:54
                                                                                            sergio - Even Andrea was seen least it is mentioned in a book about Gavin Friday as far as I can recall 05-May-2016 14:23:25
                                                                                                         sergio - to be was in Neil McCormick's 'Killing Bono' (n/t) 05-May-2016 14:27:15
                                                                                                         dave - Well if that's the worst thing The Corrs have done - maybe they are 'Squeaky Clean' 05-May-2016 16:15:36
                                                                                                                      Jackie21 - Was a member of Corrsonline too way back.. I spend all my free period in college to browse through the site and use 06-May-2016 08:44:40
                                                                                                                                   nightcat - Before I discovered CC, Corrsonline was my go-to fansite for news on the band. 06-May-2016 09:39:31
                                                                                                                                   Corranga - Daniel is on my facebook list. We don't actively keep in touch, but as one of the old crew I guess he accepted my 06-May-2016 12:08:46
                                                                               dave - Mikko was at the Dublin gig back in January, but unfortunately we didn't meet up. (n/t) 06-May-2016 14:13:10
                                                                                            Corranga - I saw someone that I think might have been him. I never met him in real life though so maybe it wasn't him 06-May-2016 21:36:46

airbusgore - Do What I like currently be playedin Rovers Corrie (2030) ! (n/t) 02-May-2016 20:23:46
              HaNnAhCoRr - Hahaha did u notice it was one section of it on repeat? It was also playing on Fridays episodes, someone is a fan!! (n/t) 02-May-2016 21:34:28
                           dave - At least it shows 'Corrie' is up to date, and not one of the interminable 'repeats'... (n/t) 03-May-2016 11:59:27
                                        robin - will be interesting to see if its on in the next Rovers scene. (n/t) 03-May-2016 17:51:32
              HaNnAhCoRr - Meant to this post sooner, but a couple of episodes ago... 23-May-2016 22:38:40

corrazy_rach - Access to videos, Instagram etc... so good these days! :) 02-May-2016 14:33:19
              dave - Thoroughly agree, things are much easier to access nowadays. Back in the 90s 02-May-2016 15:29:28
              Robin - Yes it's fantastic seeing and hearing everything that's happening in Corrs world and making us really feel part of it 02-May-2016 20:19:12
                           Corranga - I almost agree :) The activity of the band on social media is fantastic compared to last time 03-May-2016 08:39:48
                                        MC - I tend to agree with you, Chris. 03-May-2016 10:39:39
                                                     dave - Yes, remember The Corrs Rock site well - how about Corrnucopia, that was another. (n/t) 03-May-2016 11:24:13
                                                                  MC - Forgot about Corrnucopia! Yep, that was another daily check. (n/t) 04-May-2016 04:11:40
                                        Terry2 - The sociability of media. 03-May-2016 13:57:38
                                                     Corranga - haha, it could be grumpy old age, I don't know. Being part of the Corrs online community back in the highlight of their 03-May-2016 16:29:56

Chanh - The Right Time 02-May-2016 11:15:44
              dave - I never managed to visit the Hotpress Music Hall of Fame before it closed in Dublin. 02-May-2016 15:37:24
                           Chanh - Here are some more pics from the museum 02-May-2016 23:21:55

StPaddy - Listen to Radio M80 complete Interview 02-May-2016 11:03:45
              dave - Thanks for putting that up Mike. Listening again to Gerry's Reel, 02-May-2016 12:20:12
              corrazy_rach - Thanks for sharing this! Made that extra hour of work I had to do so much easier :) (n/t) 02-May-2016 14:27:06

Phoenix89 - Well well well..who just made an appearance on instagram today... 01-May-2016 18:38:02

nightcat - Can we compile all the Blenheim Palace shoot pics in this thread?? 01-May-2016 13:42:27
              Phoenix89 - Okay. I know you said shoot...but here are the promotional clip for their upcoming gig at Blenheim Palace 01-May-2016 14:54:11

dave - Anyone have the 'wet toga' picture of the band from about 10/12 years ago ? 30-Apr-2016 20:51:52
              AB_CLOSER - "Wet toga" picture. 30-Apr-2016 23:04:36
                           nightcat - Jim looks fierce here rawr, but as for the rest of the pic..... 01-May-2016 02:18:57
                           dave - Thanks AB (n/t) 01-May-2016 08:58:20
                           SteveW - Worst photo shoot ever 01-May-2016 09:11:07
                                        Phoenix89 - Yeah agree with that 01-May-2016 11:33:31
                                                     dave - OK - a 'toga' is a classical Greek/Roman item of clothing from 2/3000 years ago 01-May-2016 12:52:58
              MikeFromMelbourne - I have to say i still love this photo. i even want the tshirt jim's wearing :) 01-May-2016 03:37:07
                           Corranga - The photo was used officially to promote the album. There was a printed flyer that used it. 03-May-2016 12:39:36
                                        Leslie - There was indeed another from the now infamous photo shoot. 'Twas the "white toga" picture (can someone locate it?) 03-May-2016 14:13:23

dave - Don't forget...9am tomorrow to buy your Belfast gig tickets from 28-Apr-2016 22:01:39
              Corranga - Done :) Ģ36.75 after fees for a standing gig is good. See you there :D (n/t) 29-Apr-2016 08:58:32
                           dave - No you won't - passing on this one as I'll be in Spain. (n/t) 29-Apr-2016 11:58:09
                                        den - lol (n/t) 29-Apr-2016 22:41:15
              airbusgore - Premier Inn Titanic Quarter must be brand new as 30-Apr-2016 06:21:21
                           dave - Belfast quite good for hotels. There are a number of Premier & Travelodge, all walking distance 30-Apr-2016 12:50:00
                                        corranga - I booked a private room in a hostel for Ģ30. It's 40 minutes walk away, but I don't think that's unreasonable 30-Apr-2016 13:25:21
                                                     dave - Enjoy the gig Chris - its an ideal one for UK CorrsClubbers, cheap ticket, hotel 30-Apr-2016 13:53:03

robin - Got ticket today for Corrs at Bolesworth castle yay. Anyone else going. (n/t) 28-Apr-2016 15:34:44
              den - where is that Robin and on what date? (n/t) 28-Apr-2016 18:08:04
                           corranga - Carfest North 28-Apr-2016 18:11:56
                           Robin - Sat 30th July Den and venue is at Tattenhall, Chester. If you go to carfest you will see all info. (n/t) 28-Apr-2016 18:45:25
                                        den - ah now I recognise it. cant make it as on hols im afraid (n/t) 28-Apr-2016 20:04:13
                                                     dave - and your hols Den...they get in the way of everything. (n/t) 28-Apr-2016 21:58:23
                                                                  Corranga - I think he secretly doesn't like The Corrs now, and books his holidays accordingly ;) (n/t) 29-Apr-2016 08:38:28
                                                                               dave - No, I can remember this being an 'issue' 15 years ago... LOL (n/t) 29-Apr-2016 12:00:11
                                                                  den - I know Dave; I think they do it on purpose! (n/t) 29-Apr-2016 14:04:02

dave - The Corrs will play at the Suikerrock Festival in Tienen, on Sunday 31 July replacing Roxette who were originally billed (n/t) 28-Apr-2016 12:08:55
              dave - Sorry, date is Sunday 31 July at the Suikerrock Festival in Tienen, they are 28-Apr-2016 12:13:56
                           MentariS - Right on Jim's birthday :-D I hope there'll be a surprise of some sorts for the guy on stage! (n/t) 28-Apr-2016 14:54:25
                                        Corranga - ahhha, I nearly managed to fix Dave's post and delete his 2nd one, but then Mentari replied.... (n/t) 28-Apr-2016 14:56:46
                                                     Cara - *lol* Editing is always an adventure. ;-) (n/t) 01-May-2016 12:52:56

robin - just in case anybody missed it Corrs on tonight at london paladium 8pm ITV (n/t) 27-Apr-2016 17:16:50
              robin - sorry Chris just noticed you posted this earlier in the day on the original post. Enjoy everybody. (n/t) 27-Apr-2016 17:27:45
                           chris - no problem :-) (n/t) 27-Apr-2016 17:31:37

dave - The band are also playing the Starlight Club in Marbella on 16 August, tickets on sale now 26-Apr-2016 11:57:50
              dave - Link doesn't work for some reason, so search Starlight Marbella (n/t) 26-Apr-2016 11:59:46
              MentariS - Link: 26-Apr-2016 14:45:33

dave - To Lonneke - did you get my message OK. (n/t) 26-Apr-2016 10:51:35

Nyoman - The Corrs will play Belsonic -Titanic Belfast on August 18. 25-Apr-2016 23:59:22
              dave - This seems to be a standing general admission gig and reasonably priced 26-Apr-2016 08:45:52

Phoenix89 - Radio 25-Apr-2016 08:41:28
              CorrMac - I like Radio ... but wish they would play it like they did for "Live in London" again ... 25-Apr-2016 10:42:08
              SteveW - I also like the more rock/electronic version of Radio 25-Apr-2016 11:29:26
              dave - Andrea's vocals were probably more prominent in that Madrid performance 25-Apr-2016 12:01:05
                           SteveW - Here's a really stripped-down version of Radio 25-Apr-2016 12:15:40
                           Phoenix89 - Aware with the keyboard problems that they were having that day... 25-Apr-2016 13:55:49
                                        nightcat - Radio is one of my fave Corrs songs. I slightly prefer the electronic/rock version. It stirs my blood hehe. (n/t) 26-Apr-2016 08:00:21
              MikeFromMelbourne - Radio is my absolute favorite song in general for life. And thanx for those links Andreas vocals for the 01-May-2016 03:38:42
                           Phoenix89 - Glad you like that Mike. (n/t) 01-May-2016 11:34:31

chris1957 - Little Wing....... 23-Apr-2016 21:17:48
              chris1957 - Little Wing 23-Apr-2016 21:19:20

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