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RichardY - Ticket problems for Corrs fans who bought tickets via Eventim for tonight's gig in Vienna 02-Jun-2016 16:26:52
              GaelleF - THat REALLY sucks ! (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 18:54:32
              seancorrain - That happened to me in Portland OR on the Borrowed Heaven Tour 03-Jun-2016 01:38:16

Phoenix89 - Anyone knows about Caroline's recent interview with the Lunch Box? 02-Jun-2016 01:56:55
              MC - Yes, it's been in the news box at the top of the page. ;-) 02-Jun-2016 02:14:29
                           MentariS - It's very nice that she speaks more in interviews these days :-) Very fitting for the Comeback Mastermind! (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 07:45:15
                           Phoenix89 - I didn't realize it as it's been so long since I last log in here. Hehe (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 12:10:27

Erica - A lovely Hamburg guest entry to the gig blog by Marlies :D 01-Jun-2016 09:03:08
              Corrsgirl1 - :D :D Thanks for posting it on your wonderful blog! (n/t) 01-Jun-2016 11:36:19
                           Robin - Yes excellent blog really enjoyed it. (n/t) 01-Jun-2016 22:08:08
                                        Corrsgirl1 - Thank you Robin! (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 09:04:14
              Corranga - A fun blog as always Marlies, great read :) (n/t) 05-Jun-2016 14:26:52

SteveW - green and red tin whistles 01-Jun-2016 08:19:58
              Terry - But apparently the C or D key is not dependent on the whistlecolour she uses 01-Jun-2016 08:53:40
                           Cara - A C whistle is larger than a D. :-) (n/t) 01-Jun-2016 09:22:28
                           Robin - Amazing after watching Andrea play tin whistles for 17 years, never thought there was any difference between them and 01-Jun-2016 21:40:32
                                        Cara - Whistle comparison 02-Jun-2016 00:44:39
                                                     Cara - On a side note - I can just barely reach the bottom hole on the C whistle - I'd struggle to play anything that... 02-Jun-2016 00:47:27
                                                                  Robin - Many thanks Cara much appreciated. I will be looking with interest to see which whistle Andrea uses at next gig. (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 09:45:48
                                                     SteveW - Given how close the C and D tin whistles are in size... 03-Jun-2016 06:08:27
                                                                  RichardY - I can confirm that both of Andrea's whistles were green in Vienna on Thursday. 04-Jun-2016 22:14:13

Cara - Blenheim - Does anyone know if there's a support act before the Corrs? (n/t) 31-May-2016 19:44:11
              den - im sure there was one advertised cant remember who (n/t) 31-May-2016 20:04:08
              robin - Yes support is Jack Savoretti dont know anything about him. Think he is on 7.30 but not sure what time Corrs will start. (n/t) 31-May-2016 20:05:59
                           robin - trying to find out what time Corrs are on, if i do will post. Hope you feeling better Cara (n/t) 31-May-2016 20:08:17
                                        Cara - Thanks! :-) 01-Jun-2016 09:17:52
                           airbusgore - If they stick to earlier formats - should be 2030. (n/t) 01-Jun-2016 19:48:55

MentariS - German tour YouTube videos 31-May-2016 15:28:32
              Terry - Nice! 31-May-2016 15:48:31
                           nightcat - Thanks for sharing these vids! 01-Jun-2016 10:44:42
              Steverino - Thanks for all the work you put in to compile those videos for us! 02-Jun-2016 17:37:15
                           MentariS - You're welcome. Yes, the song provokes quite some emotion especially given what's been happening in the world... 07-Jun-2016 09:38:01

Terry - Frankfurt Gig: absolutely Fabulous !!!! 30-May-2016 18:34:41
              marileen - Hope to see you there, Terry! 30-May-2016 20:33:10
                           Terry - Might be something we could plan Marileen! 31-May-2016 15:22:24
                                        marileen - I hope the email address I have is still working! 31-May-2016 17:30:37
                                                     Terry - Slim chance of that emailaddress working 31-May-2016 19:47:10
                                                                  marileen - I have sent you a message. 31-May-2016 20:02:48
              Corrsgirl1 - Lovely write-up ! I'm glad you had a blast :D (n/t) 31-May-2016 09:06:24
                           Terry - Thanks! (n/t) 31-May-2016 15:27:03
              IrishHeart - Frankfurt show 31-May-2016 22:03:19
                           Terry - It sure was! 01-Jun-2016 07:15:59

MentariS - Some very good photos from the Frankfurt gig from Getty Images and Frankfurter Neue Presse on DisfrutaLosCorrs' Fb: 30-May-2016 17:43:48

MentariS - Sharon and Caroline exploring Cologne (photos from Sharon's IG): 30-May-2016 13:36:31
              Corrpulent - Cologne Cathedral is awe-inspiring... 30-May-2016 20:51:40

Robyn - Newbie going to Haydock from Scotland 30-May-2016 00:11:56
              Robin - Hi Robyn I'm going to Haydock and am sure a few of us from Corrs Club will also be there. Will be delighted to see you 30-May-2016 00:20:54
                           Corranga - Hi Robyn, I'm going down to Haydock from Dundee. 30-May-2016 10:08:58
              MC - Welcome, Robyn! (n/t) 30-May-2016 00:49:33
              MentariS - Welcome aboard, Robyn! So now we have Robyn and Robin on the board? ;-) (n/t) 30-May-2016 12:23:55
                           Robyn - Thanks guys so nice of you all 30-May-2016 15:46:05
              RichardY - I'm going to Haydock Robyn and will no doubt be with some of the others who've posted above! Hope to see you there! (n/t) 30-May-2016 20:42:06

corrazy_Rach - Kiss of Life at Berlin... wwwwwww, love it!! 29-May-2016 13:48:06
              corrazy_Rach - Love to Love You.. awesome!! 29-May-2016 13:52:03
                           Leslie - Love this. So happy they've left this song in the setlist. (n/t) 30-May-2016 03:38:08
                                        SteveW - One of my favorites, too. And excellent sound quality on these videos. 01-Jun-2016 08:09:44

Robin - Would be great to hear from anybody who went to Hamburg or Berlin. (n/t) 28-May-2016 02:13:23
              Corrsgirl1 - My Hamburg story 28-May-2016 07:57:30
                           dave - From posts and pics on Twitter, it looks like Berlin was a superb gig - 28-May-2016 09:24:48
                                        Corinna - both gigs were fab but the atmosphere was better in Berlin + larger audience (n/t) 28-May-2016 09:31:55
                                                     Robin - Great to hear sounds like two more fantastic gigs. (n/t) 28-May-2016 09:39:40
                                                     dave - Yes Corrina - its the audience 'that makes the show' - The Corrs themselves 28-May-2016 11:17:42
                           MC - Glad you had a good time! :-) (n/t) 28-May-2016 14:03:36
                                        Corrsgirl1 - Thanks! (n/t) 28-May-2016 17:16:16
                           SteveW - Enjoyed reading this; thanks for sharing! (n/t) 28-May-2016 17:23:03
                                        Corrsgirl1 - Thank you! (n/t) 28-May-2016 18:00:55
                           nightcat - Thanks for sharing this, glad you had a wonderful time! 29-May-2016 10:48:28
                                        Corrsgirl1 - Nice to hear people like reading it :) Hope all the people stuck at home get to see the band live sometime soon! (n/t) 29-May-2016 12:43:28
                           Leslie - Enjoyed reading your story. So glad you got to go! (n/t) 30-May-2016 03:54:41
                                        Corrsgirl1 - Thank you! (n/t) 30-May-2016 09:04:03
                           MentariS - Excellent writeup!! Maybe another one for Erica's gig blog? :-D 30-May-2016 12:26:40
                                        Corrsgirl1 - Hahaha thanks! I have been thinking of sending the concert part to Erica (not sure if the rest is that interesting for 30-May-2016 13:23:05
              den - did they play at the same venues as 2004? (n/t) 28-May-2016 23:31:12
                           Robin - Oct 2004 they played Stuttgart, Hanover, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin just prior to their UK gigs. it seems so 29-May-2016 02:20:20
                                        den - what i mean Robin is did they use the aame venues in Hamburg and Berlin? (n/t) 29-May-2016 12:19:30
                                                     robin - Sorry Den two venues the same Olympiahalle Munich and Festhalle Frankfurt but Hamburg and Berlin different 29-May-2016 15:30:32
                                                                  den - Thanks Robin I went to both in 2004 and remeber them well. Had a photo round the back with Andyat 29-May-2016 15:43:36
                                                                               Robin - Yes I remember Oberhausen well as apart from being a fantastic gig, Lonneke and I collided when running down the 30-May-2016 00:26:18
                                                                                            den - lol Robin (n/t) 30-May-2016 22:39:41
                                                                  Chanh - Colour Line Arena and Barclaycard Arena are the same. Just a new name. (n/t) 30-May-2016 09:24:03
                                                                  SteveW - It's impressive that they can fill the same arenas now that they did in 2004 when they were near their peak (n/t) 01-Jun-2016 08:06:53

dave - Two superb pics from Hamburg, for those of you who don't visit Instagram. 27-May-2016 08:53:46
              dave - Links... 27-May-2016 08:57:33
                           dave - Second one again...! 27-May-2016 09:00:30
                                        dave - And again....!!! 27-May-2016 09:03:00
              MentariS - Sharon seems to be on a roll these days :-) (n/t) 27-May-2016 12:04:12
                           Corranga - Nice shots. I hope all who went loved the gig (and the other German gigs happening soon) 27-May-2016 13:54:07
                                        Terry - Really great pics....get me really excited....driving of to Frankfurt tomorrow.... (n/t) 27-May-2016 22:12:48
                                                     marileen - Have fun, Terry! 28-May-2016 09:27:44
                                                                  Terry - I remember Marileen! Especially your confetti for TTF :-)) 28-May-2016 17:28:16
                                                                  Corrsgirl1 - Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it :D (n/t) 28-May-2016 19:06:24

airbusgore - Blenheim ticket arrived today and for your info bus S3 will be running extras 26-May-2016 19:39:24
              robin - yes got mine today so its real yay (n/t) 26-May-2016 20:34:48
              dave - Glad to hear tickets are being mailed out.. (n/t) 26-May-2016 21:12:54
              den - mine hasnt arrived yet. did you have to sign for it Robin and did you order from See Tickets? (n/t) 26-May-2016 21:34:53
                           robin - got mine from ticketline and it just came normal post, no signature needed. (n/t) 26-May-2016 22:17:23
                                        den - thanks Robin (n/t) 26-May-2016 22:26:36
                                        den - mine arrived today (n/t) 27-May-2016 15:58:41
              chris1957 - Blenheim 27-May-2016 08:22:35
              chris1957 - S3 bus 27-May-2016 10:39:31
                           dave - After the concert finishes, hang around 'down the front' of the stage Chris, 27-May-2016 11:49:55
                           airbusgore - That is the last service bus from Chipping Norton there should be plenty of 28-May-2016 06:06:50
              Cara - Haven't gotten ours yet... We still have to figure how/when we'll manage to get there too! 27-May-2016 12:54:19
                           den - I am parking mu Motoorhome on a site next to Blenheim. Spending the weekend there. (n/t) 27-May-2016 17:08:58
                                        Robin - I am planning to park in Woodstock and walk from there as its only about half a mile. Will then be driving back to 30-May-2016 00:32:13

MentariS - ICMYI - follow Anto (@antodrennanguitar) on Instagram: 26-May-2016 09:37:01

robin - pic of tonights gig on Corrs daily instagram and 2 short videos on the corrs germany instagram. (n/t) 25-May-2016 22:17:25
              den - do you have a link Robin? (n/t) 25-May-2016 23:41:42
                           robin - just went into instagram and put the corrs daily in search. found the_corrs_germany by chance in instagram so if you put 25-May-2016 23:56:31
              MentariS - Links to Instagram pages 26-May-2016 09:42:11

CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Schiller & Andrea Corr - Pale Blue Eyes 25-May-2016 22:03:29
              seancorrain - LOVE this remix. I have included it on playlists for years ! 25-May-2016 23:21:21
              Leslie - This is a great remix. Is that Andrea talking at the end? (n/t) 30-May-2016 03:53:52

Corrsgirl1 - Merchandise pics 25-May-2016 18:02:43
              MentariS - I fixed the links for you Marlies :-) (n/t) 26-May-2016 09:40:28
                           Corrsgirl1 - Thank you! Doing stuff like this from a phone never seems to work... (n/t) 26-May-2016 13:59:54
              Corranga - The grey shirt was at the UK gigs, but perhaps sold out for Dublin, I can't remember 27-May-2016 13:58:29
                           corrsgirl1 - Maybe it was gone in Dublin or I thought it was too boring or something. Got one now and I really like it :) (n/t) 27-May-2016 17:50:40

Terry - So what do you guys think; will the setlist for the upcoming german gigs be exactly the same as the UK ones? 24-May-2016 11:35:09
              Corranga - I think it will be largely the same. Certainly previous tours have shown The Corrs to be creatures of habit 24-May-2016 13:03:07
              Corrsgirl1 - I expect them to be the same. I'll try to keep track of the setlist tomorrow and report back! (n/t) 24-May-2016 13:07:35
                           Robin - Yes will be very surprised if there are any changes. It has gone down so well so far and I guess the Corrs themselves 24-May-2016 14:03:34
                                        dave - Minor changes only I'd guess. Maybe in the acoustic section, or I'd love them to 24-May-2016 14:43:35
                                                     Terry - Heaven Knows would be pretty high on my "wish come true" list as well 24-May-2016 15:16:19
              MC - It wouldn't surprise me if it's identical to the UK/Irish tour. 25-May-2016 04:51:56
                           dave - I wonder if there will be a support act for their German shows - it was Myslovic back 25-May-2016 14:34:10
                                        airbusgore - Think this answers your question (n/t) 25-May-2016 17:56:11
                                        Jackie21 - Though Im not going to any of the gigs, Im excited to hear the new guitars of Jim and Anto will 26-May-2016 04:08:25
              Nyoman - Looks like the setlist would be the same as the UK tour 25-May-2016 18:29:29
                           Nyoman - Videos and pics from Barclaycard Arena gig, Hamburg last night. 26-May-2016 15:00:34
                                        Nyoman - Ray Scavi, I meant..really sorry for that typo. :-/ (n/t) 26-May-2016 15:04:26
                                                     MC - It's fixed. (n/t) 27-May-2016 02:09:18
                                                                  Nyoman - Thx. :-) (n/t) 27-May-2016 05:13:19

Corrsgirl1 - Anyone going to Hamburg next week? 22-May-2016 21:56:33
              MC - It was meant to be! ;-) 22-May-2016 22:22:57
                           Corrsgirl1 - Too bad you can't go! (n/t) 22-May-2016 23:13:18
                                        MC - That's okay. Hopefully they'll make it over to NYC or NJ in the near future. :-) (n/t) 23-May-2016 04:42:20
                                                     Corrsgirl1 - Yes, hopefully they will tour more outside of Europe. I hope you get to see them live somewhere near you soon! (n/t) 23-May-2016 08:25:08
                                                                  MC - It'd be nice, but I'm lucky enough to have seen them a number of times already. Just not recently. :-) (n/t) 24-May-2016 04:30:37
              MentariS - There's no bus going from my city to Hamburg so unfortunately I can't go :-( but I wish you all the fun there!! 23-May-2016 05:25:52
                           Corrsgirl1 - Hahaha thank you for your decision-making comment. I hope they come to Indonesia soon so you can see them too! (n/t) 23-May-2016 08:26:36
                                        Corranga - I love your spontaneity. A Corrs gig for me is usually planned out like a well oiled machine :) (n/t) 24-May-2016 13:04:42
                                                     Corrsgirl1 - It's because they refuse to come to the Netherlands. I keep thinking "I can't go to an other country just for a concert" 24-May-2016 13:26:49
                                                                  dave - Yes, that's what I like about Europe, its just basically 'one big country' nowadays - 24-May-2016 14:48:44
                                                                               Corrsgirl1 - Yep it really is. Only after reading your comment I thought "hey maybe is should go find my passport" 24-May-2016 16:30:59
                                                                                            dave - I do a lot of motorcycling in Europe and the border area around Belgium/ Luxembourg/ France/ Germany 24-May-2016 19:29:35

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