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MentariS - Review of the Belfast gig on Culture Hub magazine: 20-Aug-2016 18:22:26
              Alastair - A good positive review... 21-Aug-2016 21:24:58
                           Corranga - Haha, I as thinking the same. They didn't close with Breathless either, but never mind, I suppose some artistic 21-Aug-2016 21:27:31

MentariS - Quick interview with Jim and Andrea and snippets from Starlite Marbella: 17-Aug-2016 14:15:47
              SteveW - What's happening at 0:40-0:48? 17-Aug-2016 22:43:43
                           GaelleF - And indeed, even in the second video, there is something wrong with the song (Caro finishes her solo, but you keep 18-Aug-2016 08:51:09
                                        SteveW - Yes, I hear it there too, GaelleF 18-Aug-2016 10:30:39
                                                     CSCfan - A problem with the video I reckon, the delay is there the whole song in the vid from the show's YT channel.. (n/t) 19-Aug-2016 18:10:33
              GaelleF - Another video with interview and the intro of the show, amazing ! 18-Aug-2016 08:48:35
                           nightcat - If the intro already excites me even from watching it on video 18-Aug-2016 17:06:09
                                        SteveW - It's definitely much more exciting than the intro at Hyde Park, with Sharon plucking the violin and Caroline on bodhran (n/t) 18-Aug-2016 19:37:44
                           Leslie - The video is great, too bad about the audio issue. (n/t) 18-Aug-2016 17:12:40
                                        dave - There are better versions of that intro on Twitter, with video and audio in synch. 25-Aug-2016 16:27:51

den - I hope everyone has a blast in Belfast - have a fantastic time. :D (n/t) 17-Aug-2016 11:56:37
              Corranga - It was a really day filled with awesome fans and topped off by a great gig. Fantastic way to top off the tour :) (n/t) 19-Aug-2016 14:36:06
              corrazy_rach - Thank you it was absolutely amazing :) (n/t) 26-Aug-2016 11:02:59

soomee85 - The Corrs at Cap Roig festival 16-Aug-2016 14:44:41
              Corranga - Great videos, they capture the crowds enjoyment as well as the gig itself 16-Aug-2016 15:46:55
              MentariS - Thank you for uploading the videos, these are excellent! I LOL-ed at Andrea and Jim during TTF :-D (n/t) 16-Aug-2016 17:41:10
              MC - Thanks for the videos! Glad you had a good time and welcome to the board. :-) (n/t) 16-Aug-2016 22:38:29
              SteveW - Brief interview with Andrea and song snippets from Cap Roig 17-Aug-2016 01:13:48
              Robin - Brilliant videos and very welcome to the board. Look forward to hearing more from you. (n/t) 17-Aug-2016 08:51:15
              RichardY - Great videos - thanks for sharing! Good to see a stage that is so close to people at the front and a reasonable height! 17-Aug-2016 16:37:34
                           dave - Cap Roig was the best of 'the final four' IMO. (n/t) 25-Aug-2016 16:29:41

Corranga - So... Who is going to Belfast? 16-Aug-2016 12:07:32
              MC - That's the last night of the tour - enjoy! You'll be in for something special. :-) (n/t) 16-Aug-2016 13:12:32
              Terry - Count me in! :-)) 16-Aug-2016 17:58:06
                           Robin - So disappointed that I can't be there for their last gig. Will be thinking about you all in the queue and then 16-Aug-2016 22:04:53
                                        corrazy_rach - I am! Beyond excited :) (n/t) 17-Aug-2016 11:43:10
                                        Terry - Before you know it you'll be running along again Robin 18-Aug-2016 10:24:22
              RichardY - I'm going!! See you tomorrow. (n/t) 17-Aug-2016 16:41:02
              Terry - Venue! 17-Aug-2016 20:38:01
                           Corranga - Looks good Terry. See you later today, just leaving the house shortly- uuurghh! - early morning flights... :( (n/t) 18-Aug-2016 04:12:32

MentariS - Photos from the Lorient gig on Festival Interceltique de Lorient's Facebook page: 14-Aug-2016 08:44:40
              Nyoman - And took photos with their audiences as well 14-Aug-2016 11:37:10
                           Robin - Saw you managed usual spot for lorient gig Dave and even your flag featured. Looked good crowd hope you had brill time. (n/t) 15-Aug-2016 09:48:21
                                        dave - Yes, brilliant gig Robin. 25-Aug-2016 16:37:21
              MentariS - And a video!! 15-Aug-2016 12:48:03
                           Corranga - Nice snippets of the gig in that video, I wonder how much of it was recorded... 16-Aug-2016 15:53:01
                                        MentariS - Nice snippets indeed - I'm so happy to finally watch the Caroline intro in HQ! It looks so amazing <3 (n/t) 16-Aug-2016 16:39:34
                                                     dave - That French Navy pipe band were amazing, playing for nearly an hour. Everything from 25-Aug-2016 16:48:01

SeanCorrain - Lets Play a Game ! (See details inside) 12-Aug-2016 19:34:14
              Corrpulent - Mine... 13-Aug-2016 23:06:46
                           SteveW - That's quite a setlist, Corrpulent! 17-Aug-2016 22:50:41
                                        Corrpulent - That’s an incisive observation… 18-Aug-2016 02:51:20

MentariS - Meet & Greet contest at Belsonic Belfast on the event's Facebook page: 11-Aug-2016 15:04:31

corrazy_rach - Regarding Runaway as wedding song... 10-Aug-2016 18:47:54
              Terry - Congratulations for you newlyweds!! 10-Aug-2016 20:34:45
              BallerinaTay - Congrats to you both! Great song choice! (n/t) 10-Aug-2016 20:51:07
              robin - Many congratulations Rach. Have brilliant time in Belfast. (n/t) 10-Aug-2016 22:07:42
                           Corranga - Congratulations :) Listening to Runaway will now be even more special for you. Erica and I married exactly 3 years ago 10-Aug-2016 23:05:04
                                        Robin - Happy anniversary Chris and Erica (n/t) 10-Aug-2016 23:56:11
                                        MentariS - Happy anniversary Chris and Erica! It's always nice to see couples brought together by The Corrs <3 (n/t) 11-Aug-2016 05:36:18
              scott - Congr (n/t) 11-Aug-2016 01:42:57
                           scott - Many more 11-Aug-2016 01:48:24
              MentariS - Congrats on your wedding Rach! Perfect choice for a first dance song :-D which version did you end up using? (n/t) 11-Aug-2016 05:35:16
              MC - Congratulations, Rach! :-) (n/t) 11-Aug-2016 07:30:59
                           nightcat - Congrats Rach! May you and your hubby stay together and in love. 11-Aug-2016 17:33:14
                                        corrazy_rach - Thanks everyone! We had a magical day and used the original Runaway version :) (n/t) 12-Aug-2016 22:27:55

dave - Is TheCorrs_uk an official band page on Facebook? I get very confused about 07-Aug-2016 09:24:51
              Bea_HC - Facebook says: 07-Aug-2016 11:17:15
              StPaddy - TheCorrs_UK is a fan page, Dave. 07-Aug-2016 12:33:55
                           dave - Thanks - yes I can't understand why The Corrs Official Facebook page 07-Aug-2016 13:13:18
                                        Sergio - I think each thecorrs_'nation' site/nickname covers a fan from that particular country (n/t) 07-Aug-2016 20:57:29
              SteveW - An easy way to determine which sites are official... 07-Aug-2016 14:17:44
                           dave - true Steve ! (n/t) 07-Aug-2016 16:01:04

SteveW - Amusing tour review from a 'metal head' 06-Aug-2016 05:34:27
              Corranga - Great review that I, and I'm sure many others here will relate to. Certainly sums up how I feel still after each and 08-Aug-2016 09:10:35
                           dave - 'Tis very addictive Chris, that's for sure.. (n/t) 08-Aug-2016 12:03:15
              SeanCorrain - I have to agree (obviously) haha 08-Aug-2016 19:12:15

SteveW - Jim to be on Cool FM Northern Ireland shortly 05-Aug-2016 12:25:51
              dave - Just listened to it - bsically confirming what we already know about the new album, 05-Aug-2016 12:44:44
              SteveW - Jim on U105 with Carolyn Stewart just after 2pm 05-Aug-2016 13:04:34
                           MentariS - Too soon if you ask me...but if it keeps them in the business, no complain from me! (n/t) 05-Aug-2016 13:13:40
                           dave - Surprised me too Steve, though I knew they'd been working on it for some time. 05-Aug-2016 13:14:22
                                        SteveW - That begs the question: is WL even going to be released in the US before a new album comes out? (n/t) 05-Aug-2016 13:20:02
                                                     dave - Seems unlikely now Steve. Its release may be something the band have no say in, 05-Aug-2016 13:52:42
                                                                  commonwombat - Dave is essentially correct. In the old days, they had the "push" from Atlantic HO which was DID open a number of 05-Aug-2016 14:37:50
                                                                  MC - It probably doesn't make sense for them to invest that much time into trying to "break" America anymore. 06-Aug-2016 07:26:57
                                                     dave - Correction - I should have said that White Light was released by Warner Music UK 05-Aug-2016 14:00:53
                                                                  dave - Listened to the U105 interview, essentially the same as Cool FM, 05-Aug-2016 15:03:05
                                                                               commonwombat - Its not cheap for a promoter to bring an artist/band + retinue "long haul" whereas the overheads aren't nearly as big 06-Aug-2016 03:38:00
              MentariS - Jim to be on BBC Ulster at 1530: 05-Aug-2016 14:45:46
                           dave - Very good interview and Jim remained 'the Master of Cool' when an unexpected 05-Aug-2016 16:40:34
                                        MentariS - What exacty is that unexpected subject Dave? (n/t) 05-Aug-2016 16:47:27
                                                     SteveW - Yes, please do tell, you can't leave us hanging like that, Dave! :-) (n/t) 05-Aug-2016 20:50:56
                                                                  SteveW - Here's a link to the interview... he was asked about 9/11 and discussed it for a couple of minutes 06-Aug-2016 05:09:41
              Lonneke - The new album is not just going to be a "White Light Special Edition" is it? 05-Aug-2016 15:12:59
                           Corranga - I think they need to stay in the limelight a little more now than they have in the past 10 year, so more gigs next year 05-Aug-2016 16:30:07
                                        MC - There are bands and artists who tour annually. 06-Aug-2016 07:30:54
                                                     CorrMac - If a new album is likely to be ready (say) early in the New Year 06-Aug-2016 21:33:38

SteveW - brief interview for Spanish radio 05-Aug-2016 00:59:51
              scott - Spanish 05-Aug-2016 02:09:42
                           SteveW - You can go to and paste in the URL to (very roughly) translate the entire page. However... 05-Aug-2016 03:24:48
                                        scott - Spanish 05-Aug-2016 04:36:53
              MC - Nice find! It was probably recorded when they were there a few months ago. (n/t) 05-Aug-2016 06:03:35
              SteveW - Looks like this interview was recorded in April earlier this year 05-Aug-2016 07:29:24
                           Corranga - Great detective work there with the outfits. 05-Aug-2016 09:03:24

Corranga - The setlist from Suikerrock 2016 yesterday is on - not a full set but looks longer than Car Fest was 01-Aug-2016 11:39:51
              DutchDenise - Don't forget that there hasn't been any promotion for White light in Belgium ... 01-Aug-2016 12:08:48
                           Corranga - Of course, good point, though perhaps this appearance in itself would have been some promotion. Is it the sort of event 01-Aug-2016 12:48:21
                                        DutchDenise - Yeah, I'm not quite sure what would work best over here; but still think radio en tv works well to get attention. 01-Aug-2016 14:16:54
              MC - Interesting that they chose to drop WL, given that not only is that the name of the album, but it's the name of the tour 01-Aug-2016 21:50:56

den - Congrats on being the new Fotm Chris, much deserved! (n/t) 31-Jul-2016 23:16:58
              Robin - Yes many congratulations Chris very well deserved indeed. (n/t) 31-Jul-2016 23:20:28
              MC - Congratulations, Chris! A well-deserved honor. (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 05:33:12
              MentariS - Congrats Chris! Thank you for your dedication to the band and the fanbase! (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 06:51:28
                           Corranga - Aww, thanks everyone. What can I say? Its the people that make this place, and I'm really glad you are all part of my 01-Aug-2016 08:59:02
                                        nightcat - Congrats Chris on being FOTM, you deserve it for putting up with the site(and us lol!)for so long! 01-Aug-2016 09:29:32
                                        sergio - Congrats Chris! Well deserved without doubt! Keep it up man!:) (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 11:05:04
              RichardY - Congratulations Chris and very well deserved! 01-Aug-2016 14:24:15
              Lonneke - Congratulations, Chris! And let's not forget all the lovely photos he takes and shares on Instagram :) (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 16:06:27
                           MentariS - Oh yes! Those photos are absolutely gorgeous and I'm always looking forward to more after each gig he's attended :-D (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 16:12:19
                                        dave - Well deserved Chris.. catch up with you in Belfast. (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 16:35:20
                                        Corranga - haha, yes I'm a little late with CarFest, but they are coming soon! The high stage wasn't great for photos mind... (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 18:54:25
              SteveW - Congratulations, Chris, and thanks for keeping the stay-at-home crowd updated (n/t) 02-Aug-2016 03:27:48
                           nightcat - Stay-at-home crowd is called Team Stuck At Home if you ask me. (n/t) 02-Aug-2016 12:29:15
                                        MentariS - Count me in :'-( (n/t) 02-Aug-2016 13:10:22
                                        SteveW - Yes, that's what I meant! Couldn't remember the exact name! 02-Aug-2016 13:25:13
              M-Corr - Congrats Chris, very well deserved. (n/t) 02-Aug-2016 21:55:05
              Corrsgirl1 - Congrats!! Your name deserves to be up there :D (n/t) 05-Aug-2016 07:44:35

Cara - I tried... 31-Jul-2016 23:04:04
              nightcat - Cara! I sent an email ages ago about AOTM. Did you guys have by any chance seen it yet?? 01-Aug-2016 01:53:22
                           Cara - I did! And I tried to put it up last night. But it's in the same file as the picture etc. :-( But as soon as I can! ;-) (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 16:58:12
              Lonneke - Well, I suppose "easier" in Marc's world is not necessarily easier for other people :p (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 16:03:58
                           Cara - Exactly. ;-) (n/t) 01-Aug-2016 17:02:15

den - So how was Car Fest - did they headline? (n/t) 31-Jul-2016 21:48:19
              Robin - Corrs played for just under an hour and were amazing as ever. We got a great surprise as after they had signed off as 31-Jul-2016 23:30:00
                           den - thanks Robin, glad you enjoyed. (n/t) 31-Jul-2016 23:43:25
                           Corranga - Chris Evans tried to talk the Kaiser Chiefs into another song, with the same 'One More' chant that the crowd echoed at 01-Aug-2016 11:29:44
                                        dave - The only 'double encore' I remember was at one of the Bonn gigs in 2004/5 01-Aug-2016 14:20:48
                                                     Corranga - This wasn't really a double encore as such Dave, as due to the short set list, the band didn't leave the stage 01-Aug-2016 15:46:36
                                                                  MC - At the time, I remember fans who were there saying that the crowd chanted so much for an extra song that they came back 01-Aug-2016 21:53:52
                                                                               SteveW - extra song and backing tracks 02-Aug-2016 03:26:16
                                                                               SteveW - confirms that there was an extra encore of HTTW in Bonn 2004 02-Aug-2016 03:36:14
                                                                  SteveW - Ole Ole Ole 02-Aug-2016 03:12:14
                                        RichardY - I think all the songs are correct but I'm pretty sure What Can I Do was the second song after I Do What I Like 01-Aug-2016 14:47:36
                                                     robin - Yes all songs definitely correct Chris. What can i do was second then Radio followed by joy of life runaway then bring 01-Aug-2016 16:19:38

Robyn - Giving away a ticket to Belfast if anyone would like it 31-Jul-2016 19:32:01

MentariS - Happy birthday Jim - thank you for keeping us updated on social media and hope you have a fabulous day! (n/t) 31-Jul-2016 05:20:47
              Robin - Happy birthday Jim have a great day. Thanks so much for keeping us fans updated, really appreciated. (n/t) 31-Jul-2016 10:32:08
              M-Corr - Happy Birthday Jim! (n/t) 31-Jul-2016 23:26:38

Phoenix89 - Anyone knows about the band's interview at Luzern Blue Balls? (n/t) 29-Jul-2016 07:06:40
              Nyoman - It's on youtube 29-Jul-2016 13:49:24
                           dave - The actual interview was about twice as long, they also mentioned a low point 29-Jul-2016 20:25:52
                                        robin - Did they play a full set Dave (n/t) 29-Jul-2016 23:07:38
                                                     dave - Yes a full set Robin. Katie Melua was playing a separate show in an adjacent hall. 30-Jul-2016 08:58:21
                                                                  Chanh - Hi Dave! 30-Jul-2016 11:08:49
                                                                               dave - Nice to speak with you Chanh, Sina and Yvonne during those long hours of waiting, 30-Jul-2016 11:43:02
                                                                  Robin - Similar at carfest Dave. Three of us Chris Richard and I at the barrier for hours before anyone else appeared. Never 31-Jul-2016 10:26:47
                                                                               dave - Yep, I noticed the stage from pics - ridiculous. The one in Luzern was at waist height 31-Jul-2016 15:16:08
                                                                                            robin - Only possible reason for their thinking maybe that they feel people fiurther back will get a better view if the stage is 31-Jul-2016 16:49:09
                                                                                                         Terry - How many songs did you get Robin? (n/t) 31-Jul-2016 17:41:55
                                        scott - Who is the leader of the band? 30-Jul-2016 00:12:53
                                                     Phoenix89 - There's no actual leader 30-Jul-2016 03:55:01
                                                     MC - I don't think there is a leader... they make decisions together. (n/t) 30-Jul-2016 05:29:20
              SteveW - Here's more from the interview that wasn't in the other video 02-Aug-2016 03:37:30
                           MC - Thank you; don't know how I missed this. (n/t) 02-Aug-2016 05:12:50
                           dave - Right at the end of that clip Steve is where Andrea drops her there any more 02-Aug-2016 09:55:03

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