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nightcat - Happy 27th Anniversary to the Forgiven Not Forgotten album! 26-Sep-2022 14:49:38
              Steverino - Wow! Hard to believe that many years have come and gone, but the album still sounds great! 30-Sep-2022 05:39:54

nightcat - The Corrs - Runaway, live at Isle of Wight Festival 2016 official upload 22-Sep-2022 17:00:38
              AB_CLOSER - Amazing!!! Thanks. 23-Sep-2022 12:39:28

baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 10 - Interview with Mark Gerard 19-Sep-2022 09:42:25
              Wendy - This was great, thank you! I've written more in the Discord. 23-Sep-2022 11:18:04
                           Baxterianism - Thank you for listening Wendy, Ill check out your comments on the discord server. 26-Sep-2022 18:29:29
              SteveW - Terrific episode as always 28-Sep-2022 23:19:44
                           Baxterianism - Correct with the first guess. Runaway was first and also possibly the one we know the least about 30-Sep-2022 23:36:27
              Steverino - I enjoyed this interview with interesting Corrs history for us fans. 02-Oct-2022 21:09:31
                           Baxterianism - Thanks for listening It's a great shame that aspect ratios crop certain elements these days. Mark... 03-Oct-2022 22:11:35
              Johnlnyc - Another interesting podcast 08-Oct-2022 17:18:19

JohnLnyc - Some help 17-Sep-2022 17:40:37
              SteveW - I remember someone saying that this was a private event of some kind 18-Sep-2022 05:08:40
                           JohnLnyc - Thanks 19-Sep-2022 15:39:42
                           DrFunkenstein - My copy of this show says it was a prviate show for Warner (Brothers maybe?), but that's all I can offer 21-Sep-2022 16:45:04
                                        SteveW - Launch NY gig 22-Sep-2022 23:28:10
              Steverino - I knew nothing about this, but the performance might have been connected with LAUNCH magazine 24-Sep-2022 02:12:21
                           JohnLnyc - Great info 24-Sep-2022 15:05:53

Baxterianism - The Corrs - One Night Only Concert announced! 28-Aug-2022 23:55:36
              Wendy - Amazing! However, the performance is 2 hrs north of Sydney... 29-Aug-2022 00:42:31
                           Baxterianism - Two hours from Sydney. Ouch. Still processing this myself… wonders how many tickets will get sold 29-Aug-2022 00:52:47
              SteveW - Meet and greet 29-Aug-2022 02:03:56
                           Wendy - $550 for the meet and greet! Ouch. 29-Aug-2022 14:08:28
                                        JohnLnyc - Meet and greet not typical… 29-Aug-2022 16:12:41
              MentariS - Anyone who's going - are you able to sign up for presale access at all? 29-Aug-2022 02:48:56
                           Jerry - There is an American Express presale a day before the One World presale. 29-Aug-2022 04:17:57
                           Baxterianism - I have the same issue my end to 29-Aug-2022 09:06:57
                                        MentariS - I messaged One World Entertainment on Instagram about the issue and it worked for me afterwards… 30-Aug-2022 09:52:31
              SteveW - interview with Sharon discussing Australia concert 29-Aug-2022 02:51:43
                           nightcat - now this is a shocker to start off the week 😳 29-Aug-2022 03:16:47
                                        nightcat - I forgot to add on my previous reply's first paragraph... 29-Aug-2022 03:41:37
                           Jerry - She did say, "This is a good place to START OFF AGAIN." 29-Aug-2022 04:43:39
                                        CSCfan - Yeah! She also said new dates in 2023 aren’t set yet and they’re still… 29-Aug-2022 07:29:41
              Alastair - Wow! Great news 29-Aug-2022 08:32:42
              JohnLnyc - Going in “style” 29-Aug-2022 14:22:27
                           JohnLnyc - In style packages 29-Aug-2022 14:34:17
              Jerry - Hmm, won't Jim have to be vaccinated to enter Australia? 29-Aug-2022 16:34:36
                           JohnLnyc - Nope 29-Aug-2022 17:44:01
                                        nightcat - I bet that's the only reason Jim can come with the rest of the band to Australia *side eyes Jim* 30-Aug-2022 13:08:34
              Steverino - I'm so glad to hear they're bound for Australia, and I'm happy for all the fans there! 06-Sep-2022 07:46:03

nightcat - Released the BBC on 27 Aug 2022 Available for 28 days! The Corrs performing at Glasgow's SECC in 2001 28-Aug-2022 12:59:55
              AB_CLOSER - Thanks!!! 28-Aug-2022 16:46:10
              SteveW - Thanks for posting this; looking forward to listening. Audio quality sounds quite good. 29-Aug-2022 01:53:16
              Alastair - Great, I was actually at that concert! 29-Aug-2022 08:25:26
                           Corranga - It was supposed to be the first time i saw them live 29-Aug-2022 19:21:58
                                        Robin - Glasgow gig 02-Sep-2022 16:58:26

Den - Just to say I've started to receive messages from... 23-Aug-2022 13:04:09
              Mark - Obviously a fake, Den. Everyone knows you haven't attended many Corrs gigs. 26-Aug-2022 21:12:43
                           dave - I got that too and blocked the sender 23-Sep-2022 14:42:51

SteveW - Andrea singing Runaway at a wedding 16-Aug-2022 09:54:23
              Wendy - Aw, so lovely... 21-Aug-2022 11:48:39
              Mark - Wow... she was working as a wedding singer? I guess she didn't save much money from her days with the Corrs. 26-Aug-2022 21:11:38
                           nightcat - thanks for sharing this Steve! well if I had the funds I'd book a Corr or all of them LOL 28-Aug-2022 12:52:01

Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 9 - Interview with Bob Clearmountain 25-Jul-2022 07:24:00
              SteveW - Fantastic episode as always. Question on drumming... 26-Jul-2022 12:13:19
                           JohnLnyc - Hope this helps 26-Jul-2022 18:06:05
                                        Baxterianism - Thanks for such a thoughtful and balanced reply John, couldn’t have written better if I tried. Really appreciate it 31-Jul-2022 13:51:43
                                        SteveW - Agree with JohnLnyc's informative post... 06-Aug-2022 11:46:53
                                                     JohnLnyc - So far….. 07-Aug-2022 17:17:34
                                                                  Baxterianism - What an incredible overview… 08-Aug-2022 08:47:40
                                                                               JohnLnyc - Well we almost have a finished record! 08-Aug-2022 16:06:34
              Steverino - Excellent interview! There quite was a substantial surprise in this podcast, too. 09-Aug-2022 00:15:59

JohnLnyc - Breathless cover 01-Jul-2022 19:41:37
              JohnLnyc - I’ll get this right soon I hope 01-Jul-2022 19:43:44
                           Steverino - She sings it splendidly. Great cover... and she's definitely got the "In Blue" hair! ;-) 01-Jul-2022 23:48:58
                                        JohnLnyc - Very nice! 02-Jul-2022 00:54:04
                                                     Steverino - I knew I'd seen her before... 05-Jul-2022 16:46:19
                                                                  SteveW - I listened to a few other songs by imy2, and they were all pretty good 07-Jul-2022 05:53:17
                                        SteveW - Enjoyed Stella McCoy's Corrs medley 03-Jul-2022 04:18:09
                                                     Steverino - Stella McCoy's introduction to her Corrs medley 03-Jul-2022 21:31:05
                                                                  SteveW - Stella McCoy introduction 04-Jul-2022 05:57:12
              SteveW - That was an excellent cover of Breathless 03-Jul-2022 04:00:34
              Brandon - Thanks for sharing. You've made me into a new fan. 07-Jul-2022 07:30:34

Den - 17 years ago on 1st July I went to Monaco to watch the Corrd i the Sporting Club. 2 nights running. 30-Jun-2022 19:23:22
              Robin - Robin 01-Jul-2022 01:24:17
              SteveW - Monaco 03-Jul-2022 03:47:24
                           dave - I sold my Monaco gig poster (very rare item) and a lot of other stuff a few years back. 23-Sep-2022 14:47:40

Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 8 - Interview with Jason Flom 30-May-2022 07:29:38
              Wendy - Jason Flom was a delight! And... 30-May-2022 11:31:04
                           nightcat - This episode has been a delight to listen to like the previous ones so far, thanks for sharing here! 30-May-2022 16:25:53
                                        Baxterianism - it does have a discord but this is not intended to replace CorrsClub for discussion! … 30-May-2022 18:43:09
                                                     nightcat - thanks for the link, just entered the server 31-May-2022 14:40:16
              SteveW - Great episode as always! 08-Jun-2022 10:33:44
                           Baxterianism - Glad to hear it was enjoyed! Im fairly new to discord myself too but we will figure it out :) 08-Jun-2022 17:43:17
              Steverino - Fascinating interview. Thank you for all your work to schedule interviews and produce CorrsCast. 26-Jun-2022 18:10:49
                           Baxterianism - Thank you for sharing such kind words on my efforts so far… 26-Jun-2022 22:05:26

Wendy - Danish musician Myrkur playing along to Erin Shore... 25-May-2022 13:43:04
              Steverino - That was very cool, Wendy! Myrkur only recently came on my "radar." 26-Jun-2022 18:39:04

SteveW - short Sharon interview on BBC Cakey Tea 22-May-2022 22:16:14
              Wendy - I enjoyed this, thanks for sharing! 25-May-2022 14:21:21
              Steverino - Thanks for this. Sharon is always so personable and gracious in such interviews. 02-Jul-2022 17:19:51

dave - Sharon Corr will be supporting Jeff Beck next month 17-May-2022 11:47:31
              Robin - Robin 17-May-2022 17:41:53
              Wendy - Sharon was photographed with Johnny Depp at the Jeff Beck gig... 31-May-2022 14:43:27

Wendy - Corrs interview question... 09-May-2022 12:48:11
              SteveW - multiple continents 09-May-2022 22:41:36
              CSCfan - Maybe 'All The Way Home'? 10-May-2022 14:56:47
                           Wendy - I thought it was in a more recent interview than that. But... 25-May-2022 14:22:15

Jerry - Sharon on Chris Difford podcast 29-Apr-2022 00:54:48
              SteveW - Thanks, looking forward to listening to this 29-Apr-2022 13:58:53
              Wendy - This was a fun interview!... 04-May-2022 00:05:26
              SteveW - I enjoyed this interview, too 04-May-2022 13:57:29

Baxterianism - CorrsCast - Episode 7 - Interview with Guzman 18-Apr-2022 16:20:16

Baxterianism - CorrsCast - Episode 7 - Interview with Guzman 18-Apr-2022 08:44:03
              Johnlnyc - The saga continues 18-Apr-2022 22:02:29
                           Baxterianism - Thank you so much for listening and the feedback… 25-Apr-2022 12:46:50
              SteveW - Great episode again 20-Apr-2022 06:04:50
                           Baxterianism - Really glad to hear my voice isn't distracting from the content! Thanks so much 25-Apr-2022 12:47:34
              Wendy - Your tone of voice when you asked about the ball... 25-Apr-2022 01:13:53
                           Wendy - How much would that ball fetch on ebay? ;) 25-Apr-2022 01:15:06
                           Baxterianism - … getting to ask a question you’ve wanted to hear the answer for over 20 years seems to do to my voice … 25-Apr-2022 12:45:55
              Wendy - Question about the grass... 25-Apr-2022 01:21:03
                           Baxterianism - … the grass was mentioned at it was indeed fake grass they brought to make a maze :) 25-Apr-2022 12:41:36
                                        Wendy - Thanks for clearing things up!... 30-Apr-2022 23:39:21
                                                     Baxterianism - No apology needed! I listen to all podcasts while actively doing other things :) 05-May-2022 19:56:59

SteveW - interview with Sharon on Spotlight with Lisa Cannon 16-Apr-2022 11:17:30
              Jerry - Highlights 17-Apr-2022 00:50:39

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