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den - Just passed Blackrock and the Lansdowne Road Stadium on the Dart. (n/t) 26-Oct-2018 12:28:52
              dave - A Dublin city break Den... ? (n/t) 28-Oct-2018 09:59:10
                           den - My son has bought a house on the coast in Dublin Dave. (n/t) 29-Oct-2018 22:06:14
                                        dave - Interesting Den, north or south of the city. I know the Blackrock to Bray coast well 30-Oct-2018 16:18:47
                                                     den - its a full move Dave, fortunately his partner had the capital all in euro’s so not affected by the £ 31-Oct-2018 23:44:11
                                                                  dave - Have to say I'm a bit jealous Den, I should have made the move there when prices were rock bottom. (n/t) 01-Nov-2018 12:13:05
                                                                               dave - I have elderly relatives in Killiney, not far from where Bono lives. Gran had a house 01-Nov-2018 12:16:52
                                                                                            den - He lives at Glenageary village near Dalkey Dave its really nice there 5 mins from the sea (n/t) 01-Nov-2018 22:11:09

MentariS - Andrea's other song with Alan Stivell "Aardaigh Cuan" is now available on Spotify: 26-Oct-2018 07:15:30
              CSCfan - Wow, that acapella part in the beginning <3 Thanks for posting! (n/t) 29-Oct-2018 10:33:49
              Wendy - Pretty! (n/t) 04-Nov-2018 09:17:05

SteveW - Not where I was expecting to see the Corrs 24-Oct-2018 09:32:08
              MentariS - Holy crow, that's some design! 24-Oct-2018 09:51:16
                           dave - I imagine they gave their permission for the photo to be used - the guy wearing it looks rather embarrased though. 24-Oct-2018 10:22:52
                                        CorrMac - Wonder how many they would sell if they made them available on t'internet?! (n/t) 24-Oct-2018 19:14:54
                                                     dave - not a lot.... (n/t) 24-Oct-2018 20:41:32
                                                                  dave - The football shirts are not real, just graphics being used as a joke in Ireland at the moment. 25-Oct-2018 10:42:04
                                                                               CorrMac - Shame as I reckon a few Corrs fans might want the Dundalk ones!! (n/t) 25-Oct-2018 15:16:41
                                                                                            Corranga - Corrs fans might want the Dundalk ones, but would Dundalk fans want them!? 26-Oct-2018 08:56:01

MentariS - A little note addressed to Corrs fans posted on Andrea’s Instagram... 19-Oct-2018 13:39:24
              corrsgirl1 - Great news!! I hope it includes some live performances since I'll be back in Europe :) 19-Oct-2018 14:42:17
                           nightcat - Yes at this point we'll take anything haha. 19-Oct-2018 15:19:41
                                        BallerinaTay - Okay, that's pretty exciting news from a Corr themselves! I'm excited to see what they do! (n/t) 19-Oct-2018 16:42:49
              SteveW - Perhaps not coincidentally, today is the 1st anniversary of the RAH gig (n/t) 19-Oct-2018 17:47:32
              CSCfan - Thanks for posting! And so lovely she replied to you <3 It's a good sign, though I don't think.. 19-Oct-2018 20:29:55
                           dave - Well they do read various comments on this and other sites so I suppose Andrea 19-Oct-2018 21:45:00
                           nightcat - Wait, Andrea replied to Steve? Did this happen on Instagram or Twitter?? (n/t) 20-Oct-2018 14:53:28
                                        Chanh - No, she replied to Mentari. (n/t) 20-Oct-2018 15:04:02
                                                     nightcat - Oh ok, thanks for clarifying it. Well if a Corr replied(again)to a social media post of mine I'd freak out and gethaha. (n/t) 20-Oct-2018 15:15:59
                                                                  MentariS - Trust me, I nearly dropped my phone when I received the notification :-) (n/t) 20-Oct-2018 16:11:17
                           MentariS - Yeah, I’m more than glad she took the time to address my question—finally some closure after three years of wondering. (n/t) 20-Oct-2018 16:12:34
                                        nightcat - Mentari, what did you ask Andrea and what was her reply? (n/t) 21-Oct-2018 07:26:33
                                                     MentariS - Screenshot inside 21-Oct-2018 08:50:15
                                                                  nightcat - Thanks Mentari! I actually tried looking for her reply but failed so I decided to ask you 😅😂 (n/t) 21-Oct-2018 18:08:26

Robin - Had replacement hip yesterday and guess what they kindly put Corrs music on an iPad for me to listen to while I was 19-Oct-2018 10:26:53
              dave - Speedy recovery Robin - its my knees that have given out so may ask you to keep me a spot ! (n/t) 19-Oct-2018 12:24:10
                           Robin - Thanks Dave yes it will be easy to keep you a spot as I will be at front so quick!!!! (n/t) 19-Oct-2018 13:01:20
                                        nightcat - Have a great recovery Robin! it's always nice to hear Corrs music in public. 19-Oct-2018 15:14:34
              RichardY - Hope everything went well Robin and I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. 20-Oct-2018 12:54:39
              MentariS - Speedy recovery, Robin! 22-Oct-2018 08:45:56
              CorrMac - Yes, get well soon Robin :) 23-Oct-2018 22:10:52
                           Robin - Thanks everyone for your good wishes, much appreciated. (n/t) 24-Oct-2018 00:04:32
                                        SteveW - Hope you'll soon be racing to the front row of a nearby Corrs gig, Robin (n/t) 24-Oct-2018 09:34:06
                                        Corranga - As with the others, I wish you a speedy recovery Robin. I don't think there will be much rushing to the front of Sharon 26-Oct-2018 08:58:39
              den - Get well soon Robin you will soon be running for that front spot again! (n/t) 26-Oct-2018 12:30:14

SteveW - Sharon appearing at a Don Mescall gig 17-Oct-2018 11:02:04

SteveW - Harp observation/question 14-Oct-2018 10:35:23
              Corrpulent - This pdf file about using sharping levers might be helpful… 30-Nov-2018 16:46:34
                           SteveW - Thanks, Corrpulent -- that perfectly answered my question 03-Dec-2018 00:34:58

SeanCorrain - To everyone outside of Ireland, wanting to see the performance from last night !! 13-Oct-2018 18:20:02
              dave - Thanks for posting the link Sean, it worked fine for me too on Google Classic. (n/t) 14-Oct-2018 09:47:17
              rich2862 - Awesome performance. Thanks. I used Firefox. (n/t) 15-Oct-2018 20:38:29
              Nick - Its on Youtube 16-Oct-2018 13:22:18

nexi_exi17 - Tomorrow Friday, Andrea & Caroline will perform for the Late Late Show 11-Oct-2018 17:03:44
              CorrMac - Good news but ... 11-Oct-2018 21:32:38
              MentariS - Thanks for the info Miguel, don’t think I’ll be able to watch it live so hopefully there’ll be a video uploaded (n/t) 12-Oct-2018 07:09:12
              CorrMac - Link to Ryan Turbridy's Instagram post inside ... 12-Oct-2018 20:07:17
                           MentariS - Maybe it’s just her dress? :-) (n/t) 13-Oct-2018 11:54:08
                                        CorrMac - Must have been that and/or the way she was standing! (n/t) 13-Oct-2018 21:26:19
              SteveW - watch online 12-Oct-2018 22:10:20
                           CorrMac - Hope you're getting a better live stream than I am ... 12-Oct-2018 22:12:42
                                        SteveW - I'm on a high-speed connection at work, and I keep getting dropouts too 12-Oct-2018 22:16:37
                                                     CorrMac - Last week's program was so I hope this one will be available by tomorrow :) (n/t) 12-Oct-2018 22:17:37
              Nyoman - What an irish song! Really love the energy of it. 13-Oct-2018 00:07:22
                           SteveW - Did they play any Corrs songs, or just trad songs? 13-Oct-2018 00:16:43
                                        Nyoman - They only did one collaboration (traditional irish song?) at the end of the show, no corr song though. 13-Oct-2018 00:23:15
              SteveW - Andrea and Caroline on Late Late Show -- posted online 13-Oct-2018 07:28:37
                           CorrMac - Also available on Late Late Show YouTube channel, link inside :) 13-Oct-2018 11:37:53
                                        MentariS - Thank you very much!!! (n/t) 13-Oct-2018 11:54:28
                           nightcat - I can always count on SteveW to post some things I don't notice till after the fact. 13-Oct-2018 12:12:30
                                        dave - Well according to Andrea's Instagram pics - its Cloochy who makes her look great ! (n/t) 15-Oct-2018 08:55:27
                           Mark - Thank you Steve... really enjoyed that :) (n/t) 14-Oct-2018 00:24:24

BrianB - Sorry to hear about Lillian. Condolences to the family - Here's a photo from the good old days. 07-Oct-2018 21:49:41
              dave - Nice to see a post from you again Brian - yes 'Aunt Lillian' was a great lady. (n/t) 14-Oct-2018 09:51:27

dave - A rare mention of Jim Corr and a recent picture - he looks well. 28-Sep-2018 12:08:20
              den - Well done Jim (n/t) 30-Sep-2018 23:49:36

MentariS - Sharon looks absolutely gorgeous at the Vanity Fair Personality of the Year gala in Madrid: 28-Sep-2018 08:55:23
              dave - Aging well...into her second career as a 'fashionista' I guess. (n/t) 28-Sep-2018 11:50:42

SteveW - Since there's not much Corrs news going on at the moment... 24-Sep-2018 02:49:10
              rich2862 - Corrs in the USA 24-Sep-2018 20:44:49

MentariS - Can you solve this riddle on DisfrutaLosCorrs’ IG? 13-Sep-2018 12:14:16
              SteveW - Here's an excerpt of the song, which features Sharon 14-Sep-2018 08:40:06

mikeyCF - has The corrs disbanded again? 09-Sep-2018 15:13:47
              CSCfan - I think at this point, everything they're doing is a labour of love. 10-Sep-2018 10:35:07
                           nightcat - 2018 looks like a lowkey year for any Corr band activity so I'm hoping for some news next year. 12-Sep-2018 09:10:07
                                        Nick - I wish they filmed (and released) some of the UK concerts of the WL tour. (n/t) 12-Sep-2018 15:02:35
                           chris1957 - Small venues 13-Sep-2018 14:14:53
                                        SeanCorrain - It's crazy to think ONE YEAR AGO they released "Son of Soloman" 15-Sep-2018 23:11:58
                                                     Robin - It will forever remain a mystery to me that there has been complete silence since RAH unless they tell us one day. (n/t) 17-Sep-2018 09:47:14
                                                                  Klaus - What do you think? 17-Sep-2018 11:54:16
                                                                               Taliesin - Interesting, but why and with who? (n/t) 17-Sep-2018 17:39:26
                                                                                            Klaus - I´m not familiar with the music business, 17-Sep-2018 20:31:49
                                                                               CSCfan - My guess is that... 18-Sep-2018 08:49:48
                                                                  SeanCorrain - Should Sharon Tour again in the states, and I get to meet her again, I will ask what happened. lol (n/t) 18-Sep-2018 00:50:05
                                                                               dave - The Corrs have always worked 'in mysterious ways' right since their inception back in the 1990s. 26-Sep-2018 19:52:51

Robin - Three years ago today we were all excited in anticipation of seeing the Corrs on stage at Hyde Park and how brilliant it 09-Sep-2018 01:28:37
              nightcat - Good times Robin, good times. 12-Sep-2018 09:12:27
              SteveW - That was the first time I ever saw them play live (on the livestream) 13-Sep-2018 08:08:39
                           nightcat - Like you Steve, I became a fan after their hiatus... 13-Sep-2018 08:57:07
                           MentariS - I too became a fan after their hiatus, and seeing them live for the first time (on livestream)... 14-Sep-2018 06:22:34
              SteveW - Hyde Park intro 13-Sep-2018 09:52:15

dave - So who's doing which of Sharon's gigs next March - I've booked London and Milton Keynes. 05-Sep-2018 20:07:47
              den - Milton Keynes (n/t) 05-Sep-2018 23:37:38
              RichardY - MK and London for me as well. (n/t) 06-Sep-2018 07:29:45
                           Corranga - Not quite figured out who is doing what yet, but either Erica or I will be at each of the mainland UK gigs (n/t) 06-Sep-2018 09:09:38
                                        Robin - Sage Gateshead for me, a rarity to have a gig only 10 miles away. (n/t) 06-Sep-2018 09:12:58
                                                     dave - MK surprised me - after 4 days of presale and 2 of public sale, there was still 06-Sep-2018 11:56:12
                                                                  Corranga - There were 2 front row seats for MK I believe Richard got one too, as you say, 4 days after presale 08-Sep-2018 20:35:47
                                                                               dave - Great to hear you guys will be at MK Chris, and btw I'll see you at Laura's Edinburgh gig too. (n/t) 26-Sep-2018 19:58:33

HGN2001 - Nice to see The Corrs on this NME list. 02-Sep-2018 01:37:01
              Corranga - Yes, 98 was certainly their year here in the UK. 02-Sep-2018 10:55:18

SeanCorrain - Has anyone created / edited / mastered an audio recording of RAH 2017 ? 01-Sep-2018 01:50:44
              DrFunkenstein - PM (n/t) 05-Sep-2018 12:11:59
                           nightcat - I'd be interested in downloading this as a bootleg should you choose to make it available. (n/t) 12-Sep-2018 09:07:14

SteveW - Sharon is playing a solo gig with Vonda Shepard on March 4, 2019 29-Aug-2018 00:07:31
              SteveW - According to the article, this is the opening gig of a joint tour of the UK and Ireland (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 05:39:45
              dave - Interesting that they talk of 'their band' - and yes tickets for the first date go on sale tomorrow at £35 (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 11:59:03
                           Corranga - This makes me very happy :) (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 13:32:48
                                        SteveW - I guess this means the Corrs are probably not touring this year (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 14:18:05
                                                     dave - It shows Sharon's overiding passion for music and wanting to be 'involved' as much as possible. 29-Aug-2018 15:52:12
                                                                  SteveW - Vonda Shepard is, in addition to being a singer/songwriter in her own right, married to Mitchell Froom 29-Aug-2018 16:15:15
                                                                  Taliesin - Something must have happen. 29-Aug-2018 17:51:45
                                                                               dave - Possibly Warner weren't willing to bankroll a Corrs tour, after all the sales of Jupiter Calling 29-Aug-2018 20:11:08
                                                                               MentariS - Ditto, Taliesin (n/t) 30-Aug-2018 07:24:35
                                                                               Taliesin - Something must have happen. II 30-Aug-2018 12:47:24
              Corranga - The linked page on the Stables / venue website is gone.. (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 19:23:09
                           dave - A Gateshead date has been added as well as the Milton Keynes opener, tickets on sale Friday. (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 20:06:24
                           dave - Still there on the venue calendar for Milton Keynes - link here... 29-Aug-2018 20:49:29
                           RichardY - New link for the Milton Keynes gig 29-Aug-2018 20:50:03
              RichardY - Further dates now listed in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow 29-Aug-2018 21:08:55
                           Corranga - Manchester on my birthday :) (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 21:12:41
                                        RichardY - Also dates in Belfast and Dublin on March 13th and 14th 29-Aug-2018 21:18:58
                           dave - I wonder if these are seated or standing venues - gonna be busy at 10am on Friday. (n/t) 29-Aug-2018 21:42:49
                                        Corranga - I've updated the tour dates sheet in the pinned post above 29-Aug-2018 21:46:03
                                                     dave - I've just looked at Gateshead as an example - Sage Two is a small 400 seat venue, 30-Aug-2018 19:46:02
                                                     dave - Hi Chris, I justed checked on See Tickets - the London and Glasgow venues are general admission. (n/t) 30-Aug-2018 20:18:02
                                                                  Corranga - I think Oran Mor in Glasgow was unassigned seating the last time she played there. (n/t) 30-Aug-2018 20:20:35
                                                                  RichardY - Union Chapel was definitely unreserved seating when Andrea played there (n/t) 31-Aug-2018 09:47:55
                                                                               Corranga - Conversely, Oran Mor was standing when Andrea played there, but I spoke to Sharon's manager 31-Aug-2018 12:02:21
                                                                                            dave - I just bought a general admission for Islington gig, OK if its unreserved seating or standing 01-Sep-2018 09:17:53

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