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Corranga - New Gig Blog and gallery! Belfast - Last gig of the 2016 White Light tour! Link Inside.. 27-Aug-2016 16:06:48
              robin - Brilliant blog Chris really enjoyed reading it. So pleased you met the band very well deserved. Reading your blog I 27-Aug-2016 19:39:41
              Terry - Excellant blog and pics Chris: really enjoyable read! 27-Aug-2016 21:36:38
                           Corranga - Thanks Terry, absolutely - a real roller coaster of emotions, and one I won't forget for a while :) (n/t) 28-Aug-2016 15:23:17
              MC - Fabulous review, Chris. I'm so glad you got into the M & G! :-) (n/t) 28-Aug-2016 05:50:50
              Corrsgirl1 - Great blog, I enjoyed reading it. So amazing you got to meet the band, you deserve it! (n/t) 28-Aug-2016 07:00:26
              corrazy_rach - Loved reading this Chris! Thanks so much! Really great to meet you :) (n/t) 29-Aug-2016 00:27:56
              Lonneke - Always love your blogs :) (n/t) 30-Aug-2016 18:47:56
              RichardY - Great blog Chris! So many fantastic memories from an amazing day! (n/t) 30-Aug-2016 22:23:26

dave - Finally returned from the gigs, after motorcycling to Marbella and back (with a side trip to Belfast !) 25-Aug-2016 10:22:53
              Mark - Sounds awesome Dave... I wish they'd come to the US... even if it's only a couple shows! (n/t) 25-Aug-2016 18:41:24
                           dave - Nice to know you're still visiting the board Mark, hopefully you guys will get another Corrs gig sometime. (n/t) 25-Aug-2016 19:20:08
                                        dave - OMG look at the heinous mistake I just typed 'OO'..instead of 'RR'.. (n/t) 25-Aug-2016 19:21:41
                                                     MC - Fixed - can't let that go! ;-) (n/t) 25-Aug-2016 20:25:31
                                                                  Mark - Hi Dave... hi Marie :) (n/t) 26-Aug-2016 22:20:18
                                                                               MC - Hi Mark! Hope all is well with you & yours. Maybe we'll get our chance for a Corrs meetup in NYC/NJ at some point! :-) (n/t) 27-Aug-2016 05:51:31
                                                                                            Mark - That would be awesome... just waiting for the Corrs to come back here :) (n/t) 02-Sep-2016 18:36:23
                                                                                                         MC - Me, too. I'll be optimistic - never say never! ;-) (n/t) 03-Sep-2016 13:17:09
                                                     nightcat - Just saying: 'oo' means 'yes' in my language. LOL ;-P 28-Aug-2016 12:01:20
              Alastair - Great write up Dave... 25-Aug-2016 19:40:01
                           Corranga - I remember seeing Sharon and Runrig on the same bill too and thinking that would have been good. I think Runrig were 26-Aug-2016 08:34:31
              corrazy_rach - Thanks Dave! 26-Aug-2016 10:59:04
              Corrsgirl1 - Seems like you has an awesome summer full of amazing gigs! Thanks for sharing these stories! (n/t) 28-Aug-2016 07:04:24
              Lonneke - Great memories :) (n/t) 30-Aug-2016 18:49:17

corrazy_rach - Belsonic Belfast - Thursday 18th August - AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! 25-Aug-2016 03:35:42
              Corranga - Amazing! It was great to meet you, and possibly the perfect gig for you to see as you could only see one :) 25-Aug-2016 09:10:21
              MentariS - Amazing that you came all the way from Australia - and it's impressive how caring Andrea is to practically all fans! 25-Aug-2016 09:28:39
                           dave - Sharon is equally as caring in my experience, in fact they all are. (n/t) 25-Aug-2016 15:18:44
              Robin - Sorry I didn't get to meet you Rach, glad you had such a brilliant time and what a bonus to meet Andrea. You so deserved 25-Aug-2016 10:18:37
              Terry - Really nice to have met you Rachel! Good to hear you had a blast (didn't doubt that for a second though :-) ) 25-Aug-2016 15:10:13
              Alastair - Amazing end to your trip, well deserved! 25-Aug-2016 19:33:25
              SteveW - Great story; thanks for sharing. Thanks also to M-Corr, RichardY, and Dave for their stories and photos. (n/t) 25-Aug-2016 23:19:08
              corrazy_rach - Thanks everyone! It was a dream come true :) (n/t) 26-Aug-2016 11:00:18
                           dave - So the last time you'd seen them live Rach was 2001 in Melbourne ? I was there too, both nights at the Rod Laver arena 26-Aug-2016 19:03:01
                                        corrazy_rach - Melbourne 2001 26-Aug-2016 21:46:00
                                                     robin - Thats really impressive Rach a fan since 1995 definitely not met anyone who has been a fan longer than you. I first saw 27-Aug-2016 00:19:41
                                                     dave - Hey, that's cool about the bunny ears - puts you in the same league as Brian who gave her the slippers 27-Aug-2016 10:42:39
              Corrsgirl1 - Lovely gig story! Andrea sounds so nice! (n/t) 28-Aug-2016 07:09:54
              Lonneke - It was nice meeting you Rachel, I love your photo with Andrea! (n/t) 30-Aug-2016 18:51:10
              RichardY - It was great to meet you too Rachel! Hope to see you at another gig some time! (n/t) 30-Aug-2016 22:10:19

BallerinaTay - Corrs performance at the 1996 Summer Olympic games in Atlanta? 23-Aug-2016 21:46:25
              Chanh - It wasn't during the opening or closing ceremony. They performed in a studio for german tv channel "ZDF". 23-Aug-2016 22:30:10
                           BallerinaTay - Oh okay. Very cool. Thank you Chanh for the info and video. :-) (n/t) 24-Aug-2016 00:23:58
                           Alastair - Worth gold, silver and bronze! (n/t) 24-Aug-2016 07:50:51
              scott - Time marches on. 24-Aug-2016 01:38:11

Phoenix89 - oops! 23-Aug-2016 05:38:35
              SteveW - Great catch -- I don't think I've ever seen anything like that happen before! (n/t) 23-Aug-2016 20:54:56
              dave - Seem to recall way back that cymbal makers Zildjan commented that Caro could break a cymbal 25-Aug-2016 15:25:30
                           Phoenix89 - she gave out so much energy while drumming... 26-Aug-2016 16:41:56

Eduardo - [Snippet] In Love So Deep 22-Aug-2016 15:33:56
              Corrsgirl1 - Thank you for sharing! I've heard Charice's version before but not the version by the Corrs themselves. 22-Aug-2016 16:09:50
                           MentariS - Thank you very much for sharing Eduardo! Always nice to listen to some hidden gems from our favourite band :-) 22-Aug-2016 16:25:55
              Corranga - It wasn't written for Charise, it was written over a decade before she recorded it, there was a David Foster link 22-Aug-2016 22:35:34
              MC - Thank you! :-) (n/t) 23-Aug-2016 04:31:55
              Phoenix89 - nice finding!! 23-Aug-2016 04:58:51
              SeanCorrain - I can hear that TOC / Dreams vibe mentioned 23-Aug-2016 17:49:30
                           SteveW - Agree with the Dreams vibe 23-Aug-2016 18:17:58
                                        Corranga - Yes, if you look at it that way, it does sound more TOC. I classify anything recorded for, but dropped from TOC as 24-Aug-2016 09:20:13
                                                     dave - Chris, your mention of Somebody Else's Boyfriend reminds me that Caroline 24-Aug-2016 21:57:29
                                                                  Corranga - I always thing that's a strange concept (excluding songs in case the audience don't know them) yet continue to play 25-Aug-2016 09:32:44
              BallerinaTay - What a neat find! 23-Aug-2016 20:51:07
                           SeanCorrain - Make You Mine Was From the TOC Recording Sessions with David Foster (n/t) 23-Aug-2016 23:45:48
                                        dave - Make You Mine did at least find its way onto the Australian release of Best Of The Corrs 25-Aug-2016 19:35:26
                                                     MentariS - Make You Mine is available on all editions of the Best of CD. It's Lifting Me that's only released on the OZ version. (n/t) 26-Aug-2016 07:45:49
                                                                  dave - Thanks Mentari, I knew it was one or the other. Actually got my Best Of CD out to check 26-Aug-2016 08:45:32
              OsamaRaashid - Very nice find Eduardo. It sounds good :-) (n/t) 24-Aug-2016 08:35:24
              GaelleF - The lyrics of the verse are different too, really strange ! (n/t) 24-Aug-2016 09:42:10
              SteveW - some connections between In Love So Deep and other Corrs songs 24-Aug-2016 11:20:07
                           Corranga - Great post Steve, even if I don't understand it, I can hear exactly what you mean, thanks! (n/t) 24-Aug-2016 21:10:12
              MikeFromMelbourne - Hmmm i can't seem to hear the snippet. it keeps showing me the Instant Dejavu sample by britney :( 27-Aug-2016 02:30:08

M-Corr - A few PHOTOS from Belfast Last Thursday. 22-Aug-2016 00:23:24
              MC - Gorgeous! (n/t) 22-Aug-2016 05:50:52
              Corranga - Great photos, thanks for posting - great to see you again :) (n/t) 22-Aug-2016 10:40:37
              Robin - Excellent photos thanks for sharing them. (n/t) 22-Aug-2016 12:27:46
              Lonneke - Thanks, wonderful memories :) (n/t) 22-Aug-2016 18:45:05
              Alastair - Cheers M 22-Aug-2016 23:37:49
              M-Corr - Great to meet the usual suspects in Belfast, Chris, Lonneke and Alastair…. 24-Aug-2016 22:50:39
                           corrazy_rach - Love the pics! Thanks for sharing :) (n/t) 26-Aug-2016 11:02:04

RichardY - Photos and videos from Belfast - amazing gig! 21-Aug-2016 22:39:35
              Alastair - "Like" 22-Aug-2016 00:11:55
              MC - Thanks! From all accounts that I've heard, it certainly sounds like Belfast was amazing. :-) (n/t) 22-Aug-2016 05:50:18
              robin - thanks Richard brill videos and photos as always. Must have been an awesome gig. (n/t) 22-Aug-2016 09:56:53
              Corranga - Fantastic set of photos and video despite the less than ideal lighting. Not sure what I did with the camera, but my 22-Aug-2016 10:42:10
              Lonneke - Great photos, thanks! Was nice meeting you, Alastair. (n/t) 22-Aug-2016 18:44:36
                           Alastair - Was a pleasure meeting all you front row regulars ;-) 22-Aug-2016 23:41:23
                                        RichardY - Good to meet you too Alastair - hope to see you at another gig soon! (n/t) 23-Aug-2016 13:24:35
                                                     dave - Great photos Richard, especially of Andrea. The group one of us in the pub 25-Aug-2016 16:05:57
                                                                  corrazy_rach - Love the photos Richard, good work!! :) (n/t) 26-Aug-2016 11:01:08

Robin - As the Corrs gigs come to a close time to say thank you. I have been fortunate to go to all the UK gigs except O2 as it 20-Aug-2016 22:02:34
              CorrMac - Beautifully put Robin :) Was great to meet you (and a few more of the ... 21-Aug-2016 10:16:50
              Corranga - Well said Robin, it's been a real pleasure spending time with you as always, and of course the gigs! 21-Aug-2016 10:56:04
              RichardY - Couldn't agree more Robin it's been an amazing tour that has provided so many fantastic memories! 21-Aug-2016 22:18:18
                           Lonneke - Thanks to you too, Richard :) (n/t) 22-Aug-2016 18:43:27
              Lonneke - Well said! :) 22-Aug-2016 18:42:45

MentariS - Review of the Belfast gig on Culture Hub magazine: 20-Aug-2016 18:22:26
              Alastair - A good positive review... 21-Aug-2016 21:24:58
                           Corranga - Haha, I as thinking the same. They didn't close with Breathless either, but never mind, I suppose some artistic 21-Aug-2016 21:27:31

MentariS - Quick interview with Jim and Andrea and snippets from Starlite Marbella: 17-Aug-2016 14:15:47
              SteveW - What's happening at 0:40-0:48? 17-Aug-2016 22:43:43
                           GaelleF - And indeed, even in the second video, there is something wrong with the song (Caro finishes her solo, but you keep 18-Aug-2016 08:51:09
                                        SteveW - Yes, I hear it there too, GaelleF 18-Aug-2016 10:30:39
                                                     CSCfan - A problem with the video I reckon, the delay is there the whole song in the vid from the show's YT channel.. (n/t) 19-Aug-2016 18:10:33
              GaelleF - Another video with interview and the intro of the show, amazing ! 18-Aug-2016 08:48:35
                           nightcat - If the intro already excites me even from watching it on video 18-Aug-2016 17:06:09
                                        SteveW - It's definitely much more exciting than the intro at Hyde Park, with Sharon plucking the violin and Caroline on bodhran (n/t) 18-Aug-2016 19:37:44
                           Leslie - The video is great, too bad about the audio issue. (n/t) 18-Aug-2016 17:12:40
                                        dave - There are better versions of that intro on Twitter, with video and audio in synch. 25-Aug-2016 16:27:51

den - I hope everyone has a blast in Belfast - have a fantastic time. :D (n/t) 17-Aug-2016 11:56:37
              Corranga - It was a really day filled with awesome fans and topped off by a great gig. Fantastic way to top off the tour :) (n/t) 19-Aug-2016 14:36:06
              corrazy_rach - Thank you it was absolutely amazing :) (n/t) 26-Aug-2016 11:02:59

soomee85 - The Corrs at Cap Roig festival 16-Aug-2016 14:44:41
              Corranga - Great videos, they capture the crowds enjoyment as well as the gig itself 16-Aug-2016 15:46:55
              MentariS - Thank you for uploading the videos, these are excellent! I LOL-ed at Andrea and Jim during TTF :-D (n/t) 16-Aug-2016 17:41:10
              MC - Thanks for the videos! Glad you had a good time and welcome to the board. :-) (n/t) 16-Aug-2016 22:38:29
              SteveW - Brief interview with Andrea and song snippets from Cap Roig 17-Aug-2016 01:13:48
              Robin - Brilliant videos and very welcome to the board. Look forward to hearing more from you. (n/t) 17-Aug-2016 08:51:15
              RichardY - Great videos - thanks for sharing! Good to see a stage that is so close to people at the front and a reasonable height! 17-Aug-2016 16:37:34
                           dave - Cap Roig was the best of 'the final four' IMO. (n/t) 25-Aug-2016 16:29:41

Corranga - So... Who is going to Belfast? 16-Aug-2016 12:07:32
              MC - That's the last night of the tour - enjoy! You'll be in for something special. :-) (n/t) 16-Aug-2016 13:12:32
              Terry - Count me in! :-)) 16-Aug-2016 17:58:06
                           Robin - So disappointed that I can't be there for their last gig. Will be thinking about you all in the queue and then 16-Aug-2016 22:04:53
                                        corrazy_rach - I am! Beyond excited :) (n/t) 17-Aug-2016 11:43:10
                                        Terry - Before you know it you'll be running along again Robin 18-Aug-2016 10:24:22
              RichardY - I'm going!! See you tomorrow. (n/t) 17-Aug-2016 16:41:02
              Terry - Venue! 17-Aug-2016 20:38:01
                           Corranga - Looks good Terry. See you later today, just leaving the house shortly- uuurghh! - early morning flights... :( (n/t) 18-Aug-2016 04:12:32

MentariS - Photos from the Lorient gig on Festival Interceltique de Lorient's Facebook page: 14-Aug-2016 08:44:40
              Nyoman - And took photos with their audiences as well 14-Aug-2016 11:37:10
                           Robin - Saw you managed usual spot for lorient gig Dave and even your flag featured. Looked good crowd hope you had brill time. (n/t) 15-Aug-2016 09:48:21
                                        dave - Yes, brilliant gig Robin. 25-Aug-2016 16:37:21
              MentariS - And a video!! 15-Aug-2016 12:48:03
                           Corranga - Nice snippets of the gig in that video, I wonder how much of it was recorded... 16-Aug-2016 15:53:01
                                        MentariS - Nice snippets indeed - I'm so happy to finally watch the Caroline intro in HQ! It looks so amazing <3 (n/t) 16-Aug-2016 16:39:34
                                                     dave - That French Navy pipe band were amazing, playing for nearly an hour. Everything from 25-Aug-2016 16:48:01

SeanCorrain - Lets Play a Game ! (See details inside) 12-Aug-2016 19:34:14
              Corrpulent - Mine... 13-Aug-2016 23:06:46
                           SteveW - That's quite a setlist, Corrpulent! 17-Aug-2016 22:50:41
                                        Corrpulent - That’s an incisive observation… 18-Aug-2016 02:51:20

MentariS - Meet & Greet contest at Belsonic Belfast on the event's Facebook page: 11-Aug-2016 15:04:31

corrazy_rach - Regarding Runaway as wedding song... 10-Aug-2016 18:47:54
              Terry - Congratulations for you newlyweds!! 10-Aug-2016 20:34:45
              BallerinaTay - Congrats to you both! Great song choice! (n/t) 10-Aug-2016 20:51:07
              robin - Many congratulations Rach. Have brilliant time in Belfast. (n/t) 10-Aug-2016 22:07:42
                           Corranga - Congratulations :) Listening to Runaway will now be even more special for you. Erica and I married exactly 3 years ago 10-Aug-2016 23:05:04
                                        Robin - Happy anniversary Chris and Erica (n/t) 10-Aug-2016 23:56:11
                                        MentariS - Happy anniversary Chris and Erica! It's always nice to see couples brought together by The Corrs <3 (n/t) 11-Aug-2016 05:36:18
              scott - Congr (n/t) 11-Aug-2016 01:42:57
                           scott - Many more 11-Aug-2016 01:48:24
              MentariS - Congrats on your wedding Rach! Perfect choice for a first dance song :-D which version did you end up using? (n/t) 11-Aug-2016 05:35:16
              MC - Congratulations, Rach! :-) (n/t) 11-Aug-2016 07:30:59
                           nightcat - Congrats Rach! May you and your hubby stay together and in love. 11-Aug-2016 17:33:14
                                        corrazy_rach - Thanks everyone! We had a magical day and used the original Runaway version :) (n/t) 12-Aug-2016 22:27:55

dave - Is TheCorrs_uk an official band page on Facebook? I get very confused about 07-Aug-2016 09:24:51
              Bea_HC - Facebook says: 07-Aug-2016 11:17:15
              StPaddy - TheCorrs_UK is a fan page, Dave. 07-Aug-2016 12:33:55
                           dave - Thanks - yes I can't understand why The Corrs Official Facebook page 07-Aug-2016 13:13:18
                                        Sergio - I think each thecorrs_'nation' site/nickname covers a fan from that particular country (n/t) 07-Aug-2016 20:57:29
              SteveW - An easy way to determine which sites are official... 07-Aug-2016 14:17:44
                           dave - true Steve ! (n/t) 07-Aug-2016 16:01:04

SteveW - Amusing tour review from a 'metal head' 06-Aug-2016 05:34:27
              Corranga - Great review that I, and I'm sure many others here will relate to. Certainly sums up how I feel still after each and 08-Aug-2016 09:10:35
                           dave - 'Tis very addictive Chris, that's for sure.. (n/t) 08-Aug-2016 12:03:15
              SeanCorrain - I have to agree (obviously) haha 08-Aug-2016 19:12:15

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