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MentariS - Cute selfie posted on Keith's Instagram! 07-Apr-2016 19:02:59
              MC - Looks like they may have filmed an episode of "Live at the Palladium" and that's why the band was there. (n/t) 08-Apr-2016 04:54:12

MC - The Corrs are going to be on Spain's M80 radio tomorrow. 07-Apr-2016 10:58:09
              chris1957 - Time? 07-Apr-2016 14:57:15
                           Bea_HC - They'll be there recording the show and doing a meeting with some lucky fans but 07-Apr-2016 15:25:39
                                        Phoenix89 - Is it a viewable interview like the one they had for Radio Berlin? (n/t) 07-Apr-2016 15:47:19
                                                     Bea_HC - Donīt know if itīs going to be exactly like the german show but thereīll be videos 07-Apr-2016 20:07:07
                                                                  Phoenix89 - Great!!!! Hopefully someone is kind enough to share the video with is later. (n/t) 08-Apr-2016 01:53:08
                                                                               Bea_HC - Some pics posted on twitter thanks to M80 08-Apr-2016 16:28:40
                                                                                            Bea_HC - The show is going to be broadcasted in 2 weeks Sunday the 24th at 21:00 UK time 10-Apr-2016 22:32:34
                                                                                                         dave - Looks like there was a small audience there - wonder if it was an open Q&A session? (n/t) 11-Apr-2016 15:48:10

Phoenix89 - Press morning from Blenheim Palace 06-Apr-2016 14:22:07
              dave - Thanks for posting. In all their recent photos I can't get over how happy and laughing 06-Apr-2016 14:58:22
                           Robin - yes it's the same on stage where they all seem so happy and relaxed and really enjoying themselves which is brilliant. (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 15:44:52
                           Phoenix89 - Agree. I'm also delighted to see them being 06-Apr-2016 18:33:11
              Den - Where were these photos posted? (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 17:48:43
                           Drsjf16 - Instagram and Oxford Mail 06-Apr-2016 17:53:03
                                        dave - Clickable link.. 06-Apr-2016 19:36:30
                                        den - ah the good old Oxford Mail (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 22:38:15
                           Phoenix89 - The one that I posted here, 06-Apr-2016 18:23:49
                                        den - Thanks (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 22:36:16
              Leslie - <3 (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 18:15:39
                           nightcat - I first seen these pics on Twitter this morning, fine stuff to wake up to. 07-Apr-2016 08:48:28
                                        dave - The interview is in next week's Oxford Mail 'Guide' apparently, so if anyone 07-Apr-2016 19:12:25

dave - Looks like the band are at Blenheim palace today doing some promo, 06-Apr-2016 11:50:03
              Robin - Great seeing the band there, makes me really excited for the gig. (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 12:19:31
              den - Wish I had known, it's not far from here (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 12:19:50
                           den - me too Robin (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 12:20:50

dave - The Corrs are playing Monaco on 26 July at the Sporting Club Summer Festival, 06-Apr-2016 09:38:22
              SteveW - Wow, that's a pricey gig! (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 10:20:07
                           dave - Well.. it is the Sporting Club Monte Carlo. When we were there in 2005 06-Apr-2016 10:29:45
                                        SteveW - Monte Carlo venue 06-Apr-2016 10:37:03
                                                     GaelleF - No, it is just a (luxurious) music venue with tables. The room is indeed beatiful but no casino action going on ;) (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 10:46:49
                                                     dave - The Casino is nearby Steve. It did feature in a Bond movie and tuxedos are 'the norm'. (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 11:42:08
                                                                  Corranga - Ohhhhh. I'd LOVE to go back... The venue also has a fancy sliding opening roof. (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 12:11:42
                                                     Erica - OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! 06-Apr-2016 12:12:09
                                                                  Robin - Yes I would so love to go but unless we come up on the lottery it's just a dream. (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 12:22:01
                                                                  Cara - Funnily enough we'll have the exact same two problems. ;-) (n/t) 06-Apr-2016 17:29:29
              den - I went yo both nights and it was certainly an experience. Take plenty of dosh I think a bottle of water is about 30 euro 06-Apr-2016 12:24:01
                           Corranga - I have some photos from last time around in my desk drawer here at work - scans of old shots coming up... :O 06-Apr-2016 12:34:46
                                        dave - Yep... very happy memories. Too expensive to do it again, but I'll be at Luzern 06-Apr-2016 14:26:14
                                        Phoenix89 - Omg!! Caroline is sooooo gorgeous in the photo! 06-Apr-2016 16:58:18
              Leslie - Oh man, I'd LOVE to go, but it's either Blenheim or this. 06-Apr-2016 18:29:52
                           nightcat - This talk reminds me of.. 07-Apr-2016 09:37:23
                           Phoenix89 - "current family situation"?? What's with that btw? (n/t) 08-Apr-2016 01:54:31
                                        Leslie - The band has made it clear they're working their music around their family schedules. Andrea, esp, has v young children. (n/t) 08-Apr-2016 23:33:51
                                                     Phoenix89 - Oh. Thanks for clearing it up! Haha. Totally forgot about that. I was thinking of bad things. Haha. (n/t) 09-Apr-2016 03:03:38

SteveW - Been a bit quiet lately. Here's a trivia question... 04-Apr-2016 10:47:05
              SteveW - Forgot one obvious song. So there are at least five songs (and probably more) (n/t) 04-Apr-2016 10:53:22
                           Corranga - I can only think of 5 (answers inside...) 04-Apr-2016 15:59:20
                                        StPaddy - not exactly a "performance", but.... 04-Apr-2016 18:13:03
                                                     SteveW - I'm not sure which is more cool -- that Sharon is behind Paul McCartney, or that she's next to Kermit the Frog (n/t) 04-Apr-2016 19:21:35
                                        SteveW - At least one more Beatles-related song performed by the Corrs 04-Apr-2016 19:35:06
                                                     Corranga - She's not great with Happy Xmas. At the Bush Hall she had a lyrics cheat sheet ;) (n/t) 04-Apr-2016 23:35:01
                                                     MC - You've got me stumped. What is it, Steve? 05-Apr-2016 04:38:45
                                                                  SteveW - Hints 05-Apr-2016 06:22:16
                                                                               Corradore - Could it be Far East Man, co-written by George Harrison and Ronnie Wood? 05-Apr-2016 08:17:01
                                                                                            SteveW - Yes! Is this the only song co-written by a Beatle and a Rolling Stone? (n/t) 05-Apr-2016 09:05:42
                                                                                                         MC - Ah... I didn't realize that was written by a Beatle! (n/t) 05-Apr-2016 10:42:11
                                                                                                                      SteveW - I had never even heard of this song until it was mentioned on the board a while ago 05-Apr-2016 12:39:55
                                                                                                         Corradore - Not sure about that Steve, 05-Apr-2016 18:17:11
                                                                               Corranga - Ahh, very good. I really need to get the.. 05-Apr-2016 08:19:47
              SteveW - Speaking of Happy Xmas... 05-Apr-2016 23:19:16
                           robin - The Corrs do Happy Xmas beautifully, I think it really suits them. going back to long and winding road at 05-Apr-2016 23:32:36
                                        dave - I've never been impressed by The Corrs' attempts at slow ballards, they just 06-Apr-2016 09:26:17
                                                     SteveW - better version of The Long and Winding Road 06-Apr-2016 10:29:37
                                                                  Corranga - Yep, that version of TLAWR is much better. Bit odd seeing only 3 of them though. 06-Apr-2016 14:57:54

Adam - New album 03-Apr-2016 02:58:19
              MC - You can order it as an import album through Amazon in the United States, but it hasn't been released here. 03-Apr-2016 04:58:01

seancorrain - Are there ANY plans for White Light to be released in North America ? 01-Apr-2016 19:21:53
              BallerinaTay - I'm wondering the same. I too am waiting to purchase to give them US support. I sure hope it's soon. (n/t) 01-Apr-2016 20:30:03
              MC - Initially, Jim had intimated that it would be released in March. 01-Apr-2016 20:59:58
                           dave - He didn't say which year though ! They've probably been overwhelmed by 04-Apr-2016 20:14:59

Cara - White Light Survey Results 01-Apr-2016 15:44:37
              MentariS - "who is it that has refrained from listening/watching anything?!?!" LOL! But I happen to know a few... 01-Apr-2016 16:04:21
                           Cara - *lol* Well I figured I had to include it as an option but I didn't expect it to get SO many votes. I couldn't resist!;-) (n/t) 01-Apr-2016 16:27:05
              Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for doing this Cara, it's really interesting to see what others think of all the songs. 01-Apr-2016 16:20:29
              Phoenix89 - It seems like Kiss of Life is the most favored song from the album judging that the song 01-Apr-2016 16:46:15
              den - Great survey Cara. Sorry I didnt take part but I've been in enjoying an internet free holiday in 01-Apr-2016 17:22:10
                           robin - yes great survey Cara thanks for doing it. I thought Harmony would be the song most of us would like to see live. (n/t) 01-Apr-2016 19:00:55
              MC - Credit given, Cara. ;-) 01-Apr-2016 20:57:21
                           nightcat - Somebody here commented that maybe the band operates like Queen Elizabeth II on fan discussions 02-Apr-2016 12:50:54
                                        MentariS - Well, at least they still remember that this board exists :-) 02-Apr-2016 15:44:28
                                                     MC - I'm pretty sure they do. ;-) (Or at least some of them do!) (n/t) 02-Apr-2016 16:02:42
              Leslie - Well done, Cara! Interesting results. (n/t) 03-Apr-2016 03:38:46
              SteveW - Enjoyed reading these results; very interesting. Thanks for running the poll, Cara! (n/t) 04-Apr-2016 09:51:05

Phoenix89 - I need a confirmation on this. Anyone? 01-Apr-2016 07:01:19
              commonwombat - Does this notice show which promoter is organising this tour ? That is standard with all tour notices. 01-Apr-2016 07:12:32
                           MentariS - Haha, the cowboy. Pretty damn sure most Indonesians (myself included) still bold a grudge against that individual :-p (n/t) 01-Apr-2016 07:34:33
              MentariS - All I can say is AMEN! (n/t) 01-Apr-2016 07:25:03
              Cristina - Where is that information from?? (n/t) 01-Apr-2016 07:32:31
              MentariS - Here's a 'confirmation'. (note: You might want to check on your calendar first) 01-Apr-2016 07:40:28
              SteveW - An Asian tour would not surprise me, but this ad looks like someone playing with Photoshop. 01-Apr-2016 07:48:03
              Phoenix89 - Okay. Ignore me guys. This is just an April Fool joke. Took me 9 minutes to realize that it's just a joke 01-Apr-2016 08:03:23
                           neleh - Phew, I was hoping to see Singapore on that list! 01-Apr-2016 16:17:59

chris1957 - Not a Corrs song 31-Mar-2016 08:51:02
              Jackie21 - What do you mean by that chris1957? (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 09:19:30
                           nightcat - Chris, you mean same titles but completely different songs?? Got confused by that myself a few times. @_@ (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 09:42:23
                                        Corranga - Del Shannon, Bon Jovi, The Outfield, Nine Inch Nails... :) (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 13:59:07
                                                     robin - Del Shannon had a number one hit with runaway in 1961. Showing my age unfortunately. (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 16:56:32
                                                                  den - bit before my time Robin (n/t) 01-Apr-2016 19:11:35
                           chris1957 - Not a Corrs song 01-Apr-2016 12:57:52
              Drsjf16 - I've heard actual Corrs songs! 31-Mar-2016 20:51:35

Cara - White Light Survey 30-Mar-2016 17:15:40
              MC - Very intersting, Cara! (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 20:07:04
              BallerinaTay - Voted :-) (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 21:05:27
              CorrMac - Very challenging - and I surprised myself too! Will be interesting to see the final results :) (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 22:12:16
                           Robin - I have voted look forward to seeing results. Will be interesting to see which is preferred song to hear live. (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 23:24:06
                                        Cara - I'm a bit surprsied how that one is coming out already! (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 23:33:07
              SteveW - Voted... looking forward to seeing the results (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 23:07:56
              Cara - Interesting so far with 39 responses! :-) 30-Mar-2016 23:33:54
              Phoenix89 - Surprising results 31-Mar-2016 00:27:51
                           Jackie21 - Very cool Cara! And unexpected results except how IDWIL did on the survey. ;-) (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 00:46:40
                           Corranga - I'd probably agree that Unconditional could be the 2nd Breathless - that's a large part of why I personally don't 31-Mar-2016 08:17:10
                                        Phoenix89 - Every song in this album has a Corr/Irish elements in them. As for Unconditional, we can already hear 31-Mar-2016 08:33:33
                                        MentariS - Unconditional could've been heaps better with a slightly different production methinks. I find... 31-Mar-2016 09:10:06
                                                     Cara - I listen to the beginning but then get bored partway through and skip the rest. *lol* 31-Mar-2016 09:36:07
                                                     znake - UNCONDITIONAL deserves better :( 01-Apr-2016 04:29:38
                                        Cara - That's pretty much my feeling! 31-Mar-2016 09:32:44
              MikeFromMelbourne - Awesome survey Cara with some interesting results :) (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 06:51:36
                           Corranga - How can we get to the results without voting again ! (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 08:18:59
                                        Cara - I'm not sure if you can... Might have to wait for me. :-P But I could be wrong... I just don't know how to do it. ;-) (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 09:34:06
                                        nightcat - Just done from responding, wow respondents now at 68. 31-Mar-2016 09:46:44
              OsamaRaashid - Voted. Looking forward to final results (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 12:56:53
              airbusgore - Thanks for keeping the momentum come back alive (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 16:26:02

MikeFromMelbourne - If you had to delete 3 songs from each studio album which would they be????? 30-Mar-2016 08:55:19
              Corranga - Oh, I can see this topic being a hit ;-) I'm up for the challenge 30-Mar-2016 09:44:03
                           MikeFromMelbourne - Hey Chris, interesting answers so far. And yeh FNF really was the toughest as imo the album is quite perfect haha. (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 10:03:09
              MentariS - Hmm, what a challenge! So here's mine... 30-Mar-2016 10:15:20
                           Corranga - This is really interesting so far with only the 3 of us responding! Your response to Lifelines is most interesting 30-Mar-2016 13:54:33
                                        Cara - Ohhh... Solo Albums too? That will be harder! And like Chris I'd have to listen to Lifelines to find 3 to keep... ;-) 30-Mar-2016 14:10:57
                                                     MC - For solo albums... 30-Mar-2016 20:00:19
                                        MentariS - How could I forget about Christmas Night? I'd take Raindrops over CN any day - the latter feels REALLY out of place! (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 14:45:37
              Cara - Ohh... Very interesting 30-Mar-2016 13:57:51
                           Nabil - Love this topic, was just thinking about this yesterday when on a road trip I 30-Mar-2016 14:12:44
                                        Nabil - Whoops - from DOY, it should be "It's Not a Dream" instead of "DOY", which is my favorite track from that album! (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 14:19:31
                                                     Jackie21 - Id stick to the group albums since I didnt listen much to the solos.. 30-Mar-2016 14:45:20
                                                     MentariS - LOL, we had exactly the same picks with DOY then :-D the title track is one of my favourites too. (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 14:46:24
              BallerinaTay - Wow this is interesting! 30-Mar-2016 16:42:25
              OsamaRaashid - My List 30-Mar-2016 18:48:22
              MC - This is tough.... 30-Mar-2016 19:53:18
                           Robin - I will start by saying I love every single song Corrs have ever done so this is really difficult for me but here goes. 30-Mar-2016 23:14:39
              MikeFromMelbourne - Wow Awesome to see so many contribute!! It's really amazing to me to hear which songs people dislike. 31-Mar-2016 06:44:51
                           Nuril - this question made me really crazy. i dont think i can answer! 31-Mar-2016 07:55:13
              chris1957 - Deleting songs 31-Mar-2016 08:44:26
                           nightcat - I'm not answering this, too hard even for me! I'll just read everyone else's answers. (n/t) 31-Mar-2016 09:50:38

airbusgore - Anyone else doing York races? Geez price of hotels in York is outrageous! (n/t) 29-Mar-2016 21:37:15
              dave - That's why I'm not doing it ! Try Premier Inn or Travelodge.. (n/t) 29-Mar-2016 21:51:00
                           dave - Ye Old Red Lion at Holme-On-Spalding-Moor is 15 miles from York Ģ39 with Expedia. 29-Mar-2016 22:07:33
              Robin - Yes I am going but just driving there and back on the day. It's the nearest gig to me the Corrs have ever done with the 29-Mar-2016 22:34:04
              carolineinspiredmetodrum - i studied in York. almost like a home from home 29-Mar-2016 23:11:27
                           Corranga - We will be there, but are staying about an hour from the races, at Scotch Corner travelodge which is on the way home 30-Mar-2016 09:31:35
                                        dave - Races... ? Its 'The Corrs factor' pushing prices up in York... LOL (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 11:12:13
                                                     Drsjf16 - I'm going too 30-Mar-2016 16:39:10
                                        Robin - I managed to get premier inns near Cambridge and at Haydock which is walking distance from the racecourse. However both 30-Mar-2016 22:41:47

dave - The Corrs are doing a Mastercard Priceless night showcase in Madrid 8 April, 29-Mar-2016 09:32:41
              Cristina - You can still win some tickets. 29-Mar-2016 09:49:11
                           dave - Only if you have a Spanish postal address - won't work with a UK one. However 29-Mar-2016 14:27:24
              Corranga - Mastercard one night, Barclaycard the next... (n/t) 29-Mar-2016 12:55:24

zairean - Sisterhood Goal 28-Mar-2016 16:21:37
              zairean - the end of the video.. (n/t) 28-Mar-2016 19:04:28
              Phoenix89 - Wow. They've melted my heart. Hahaha. I've always love the interaction between those two.. 29-Mar-2016 01:11:34

Phoenix89 - Remember when Caroline was "accused" as secret jumper sniffer? 27-Mar-2016 20:52:55
              MC - LOL, I remember that "accusation!" (n/t) 28-Mar-2016 02:48:02
              SteveW - Here's the interview where Andrea 'accuses' Caroline of sniffing her jumper 30-Mar-2016 07:49:56
              MentariS - So Andrea is the thumb-sucker, Caroline the Sharon the only sister with no odd habit whatsoever? :-p (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 10:16:58
                           MC - Or did they just not call her out on it? :-P (n/t) 30-Mar-2016 19:55:19

dave - This was a nice 'birthday pic' posted yesterday.. 26-Mar-2016 12:43:38

MentariS - Quick sharing: First time finding The Corrs in an in-flight entertainment music library :-) 25-Mar-2016 04:44:53
              Corrsgirl1 - That's so cool! Must have made the flight a lot better! (n/t) 25-Mar-2016 13:42:59
                           MentariS - Well, that was the first time I had a REAL good sleep on a flight - straight after listening to WL a couple of times :-D (n/t) 27-Mar-2016 19:00:46
              Corranga - Surely you have noise cancelling headphones to drown out the engine drone ;-) 25-Mar-2016 14:16:16
                           MentariS - The headphones weren't that good - not that I minded the engine drone! Made the whole thing better if you ask me ;-) (n/t) 27-Mar-2016 19:00:01
                                        Jackie21 - That airline should be your preferred one Mentari! What a nice surprise. :-) (n/t) 29-Mar-2016 04:02:03

den - Have a great Easter break everyone especially to the Corrs. I can't wait to see them again in the summer! (n/t) 24-Mar-2016 21:48:10

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