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dave - Jim has just tweeted - "we're looking into filming Kew Gardens, would love all our fans 19-Jun-2016 19:34:05
              den - Thats great Dave, sounds as if its going to be fun. (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 20:29:52
              Lonneke - Sounds like another marketing stunt, Jim is getting good at this, lol. (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 22:02:48
              Servantez - That's an odd choice. Blenheim Palace would be a much better location IMO. (n/t) 23-Jun-2016 11:30:20
                           Cara - I wish they would do Blenheim. Mostly just because I'm going to that one but... ;-) (n/t) 23-Jun-2016 13:32:13
                                        CorrMac - I'm guessing Blenheim wasn't considered because ... 23-Jun-2016 13:45:41

Phoenix89 - IOW 19-Jun-2016 06:19:28
              chris - IoW interview & performance of Breathless on Sky in the UK: 19-Jun-2016 11:45:14
                           Phoenix89 - Thanks guys 20-Jun-2016 12:01:59
              Nyoman - Breathless IOW performance is on youtube, but the vid quality is pretty low, while the sounds is not bad. 19-Jun-2016 12:06:57
              Nyoman - Good quality of Breathless IOW on youtube, thx to Disfrutaloscorrs. 22-Jun-2016 14:58:48

Corranga - Photos on Instagram from Haydock and Newmarket by me :) 19-Jun-2016 01:45:05
              RichardY - Great photos Chris! I might have to join the G7X club! 19-Jun-2016 11:05:32
                           Corranga - It is a great little camera, but then so is the Sony and the Nikon ;) (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 18:00:59
              Lonneke - Awesome! (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 22:05:07

MentariS - Baby Corr and her side job (Instagram post): 18-Jun-2016 17:46:35
              Norma - This reminds me of Andrea doing this in San Diego many years ago! 20-Jun-2016 23:43:42

robin - amazing gig at newmarket Corrs fantastic as always.They were restricted by time constraints so didnt do Stay or Love 18-Jun-2016 01:03:39
              Servantez - What a fantastic gig. Great to meet you guys, hope to see you again sometime. Have fun tomorrow. (n/t) 18-Jun-2016 01:32:01
                           Robyn - Glad you had a great night, looking for to Haydock later as well travelling from Glasgow now 18-Jun-2016 10:43:16
                                        RichardY - We are on the barrier in front of the stage Robyn if you want to come and find us. (n/t) 18-Jun-2016 16:23:00
                                                     Robyn - Thanks just on my way shouldn't be much longer (n/t) 18-Jun-2016 16:43:19
                           RichardY - Yes it was a fantastic gig and a really good crowd.It was great to meet you too! Hope to see you at another gig soon. (n/t) 18-Jun-2016 12:57:36
              den - what time did they come on stage, was there a support act? what time did u queue from? im thinking of Epsom next week. (n/t) 18-Jun-2016 11:29:55
                           RichardY - There was no support act Den and they came on around 9.25 after the last race. 18-Jun-2016 13:01:31
                                        den - thanks Richard. (n/t) 18-Jun-2016 13:50:39
                                        MC - What did they end up cutting? (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 06:10:27
                                                     RichardY - They cut out Lough Erin, Stay, Buachaill and Love To Love You (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 11:26:10
                                                                  MC - That's too bad, although it makes sense that those are the ones they cut. (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 17:35:17
                                        dave - Newmarket was by far the better gig for me, though the stage was ridiculously high, 19-Jun-2016 13:34:08
                                                     MC - Maybe last night's had some issues due to getting to the venue late because of Andy's driving. ;-) 19-Jun-2016 17:37:52
                                                                  dave - LOL...yes, you never quite know with The Corrs' sense of humour - good fun though. (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 18:49:48
                                                                               MC - They all certainly have great senses of humor! ;-) (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 21:49:52
                                        dave - There was no queue at either venue Den, most people being racegoers. 19-Jun-2016 13:39:12

MentariS - Interesting to see a song from WL will be on an indie film soundtrack. Which song do you guys reckon is it? 17-Jun-2016 14:01:47
              CorrMac - As the article refers to "one of their hit singles from ... White Light" ... 17-Jun-2016 16:15:05
              MC - Strange Romance; Jim just tweeted it to me because I asked him. :-) (n/t) 17-Jun-2016 18:53:18
                           CorrMac - That would work :lol: 18-Jun-2016 09:53:51
                                        MC - Tend to think they're just referring to it as a "hit single" rather than it actually being released as a single. 18-Jun-2016 12:33:38

SteveW - One year ago today... 16-Jun-2016 13:36:25
              Cara - :-) (n/t) 16-Jun-2016 16:23:15
              OsamaRaashid - It sure was an exciting time. Can't believe it's been a year already (n/t) 16-Jun-2016 18:36:33
              DrFunkenstein - It has been an unbelievably exciting time for those of us that didn't become fans until after 2005, when the undeclared 16-Jun-2016 18:59:57
              MC - It sure has been exciting! :-) (n/t) 16-Jun-2016 21:29:32
              Lonneke - That's funny, cos now we know how those bits actually turned out in the music. Back then we were clueless! (n/t) 19-Jun-2016 22:04:01
                           nightcat - Ahh that time when we lived on snippets, sure gave me reason to check the Corrs side of Twitter more often hehe (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 12:18:11

sergio - For those going to Haydock Park chance to win Meet & Greet entry (competition until 4:30 pm today) 15-Jun-2016 13:26:59
              RichardY - Thanks Sergio I've given it a try! Fingers crossed!! (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 14:11:15
                           Robyn - Thanks given it a shot worth a try :) (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 14:28:06
                           dave - Just missed the deadline...curses. (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 17:04:38
              airbusgore - New,arket asked me whether I wanted to pay another Ģ40 to upgrade to VIP with a ChANCE! in a raffle to meet them in them (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 16:37:45
              RichardY - The competition winner has been announced as Shirley Nield - congratulations Shirley! (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 18:11:39
                           sergio - Congrats to Shirley! Actually there was (is?) another competition regarding the Newmarket gig 16-Jun-2016 09:14:59

Crickets - New longer version of BOTN 15-Jun-2016 00:27:58
              Crickets - Video (embed here) 15-Jun-2016 00:29:08
              SteveW - Extended live version of BOtN 16-Jun-2016 03:37:42

seancorrain - Jim just tweeted me - Said "Belsonic could be our last gig for a wee while" 14-Jun-2016 19:02:58

airbusgore - Newmarket Corrs times 14-Jun-2016 13:01:21
              robin - Newmarket say that the Corrs will come on about 9.30 and it will end about 11pm. Hope i am wrong but suspect that the 14-Jun-2016 18:01:00
                           Servantez - Do you have to be there when the horse races start (4PM) or is it ok to arrive at 6/7PM? (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 20:20:19
                                        Corranga - What you mean you don't want to watch the horse racing?! ;) (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 20:46:08
                                                     Servantez - Not really... :) (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 20:52:31
                                                     Servantez - I'm working that day, so I won't be able to get there before 7PM... (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 21:05:50
                                                                  Cara - I think you can arrive later. 14-Jun-2016 22:14:46
                                                                               Servantez - I don't think other people would appreciate me standing right at the front. I'm 6'6" - some people get pi***d off :) 14-Jun-2016 23:03:38
              Servantez - They messaged me back. Ticket collection points will be open all evening, so it's OK to arrive late. (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 20:27:40

corrazy_rach - Yippee!!! I just booked Belfast!!!!!! SO excited!!!! :) Who else is going? (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 10:17:55
              Corrsgirl1 - So cool, have fun! I recently went to Belfast and it's a nice city to visit.Will not be there for the show unfortunately (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 12:09:09
                           Robyn - Im hoping to go to this one as well hopefully convince my friend to go with me :D (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 13:46:01
              Terry - I'm going :-)))) 14-Jun-2016 14:28:10
                           corrazy_rach - Yay! So exciting. What time do you think we'll have to get there? I bought VIP but not sure if that means anything! (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 14:30:35
                                        Terry - Not sure about that yet... 14-Jun-2016 16:07:45
                           dave - You guys will probably be at the last Corrs gig currently scheduled, 14-Jun-2016 14:33:28
                                        Terry - Yeah, that seems to be the case :-( So we'll have to make this one really count!! 14-Jun-2016 16:03:56
                                                     dave - Well, its a fact of life really Terry... if you want to see The Corrs, you've got to travel. 14-Jun-2016 19:56:43
                                                                  Terry - That's for sure :-) (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 21:22:07
                                                                               dave - Just decided I'm going too, as its the last one ! 15-Jun-2016 10:13:15
                                                                                            airbusgore - Thank goodness Dave. I thought you were going off them not making Belfast, lol (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 16:35:26
              RichardY - I'm going - I bought a ticket as soon as Jim said it might be the last gig for a while! (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 18:14:37
                           dave - See you down the front Richard... (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 19:08:36

Phoenix89 - New drum fills for Dreams 13-Jun-2016 17:46:23
              SteveW - drum fills in Dreams 14-Jun-2016 03:20:56
                           StPaddy - New Fill-In transcribed 14-Jun-2016 09:12:35
                                        MC - Thanks! (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 10:38:05
                                        SteveW - Does the snare hit in (parentheses) represent a 'ghost note' -- a light hit on the snare? 14-Jun-2016 10:48:45
                                                     StPaddy - Steve, yes, thatīs a so called "ghost note" which is significantly less accentuated 14-Jun-2016 11:17:29
                                                     Cara - Fixed the image - or at least I think I have. ;-) (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 22:18:00
                           Phoenix89 - ooookay...another song perhaps w/new drum fills? 15-Jun-2016 08:02:59
                                        SteveW - more new Caroline drumming; also, did Sharon make a mistake in TtF? 15-Jun-2016 14:37:08
                                                     MentariS - Yeah Steve, looks like it was a mistake on her part. And she didn't seem to realise it in the slghtest :-) (n/t) 15-Jun-2016 16:29:52
                                                                  SteveW - Sharon does turn around quickly and look at Andrea at 5:36, as if to say, "Whoops, did I miss something?" (n/t) 16-Jun-2016 03:43:57
                                                     Phoenix89 - also... 16-Jun-2016 04:26:24
                                                     CorrMac - Think this was the one where Jim's guitar may have come unplugged ... 16-Jun-2016 21:50:54
                                                                  Phoenix89 - *correction for my previous reply 17-Jun-2016 03:50:52

MentariS - [Edited] Jim: Belfast gig on August 18 'probably our last concert in Ireland for quite a while' 12-Jun-2016 10:11:24
              SteveW - I guess that means no North American tour? :-( 12-Jun-2016 10:17:22
                           commonwombat - They no longer have the "head office" support from the label which opens the necessary mainstream media doors 12-Jun-2016 14:59:32
                           MC - Honestly, I think a lot of things need to fall into place in order for them to do a NA tour. 12-Jun-2016 15:29:47
              den - Hopefully not another 10 years. (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 11:03:52
              Corrsgirl1 - aww that's sad. Hopefully they will start working on a new album after taking a bit of a break. 12-Jun-2016 11:42:21
                           MC - I was thinking about new music too, LOL! :-) (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 15:30:16
              MentariS - This is probably my optimistic self talking but methinks they're not ludicrous enough to take a hiatus so quickly... 12-Jun-2016 12:10:01
                           Sergio - I agree. They definitely 'deserve' a break, back with their families. I just hope that they being musicians 12-Jun-2016 12:55:38
              carolineinspiredmetodrum - rephrased it to say last in Ireland (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 12:58:13
                           Jackie21 - A bit sad about that tweet of Jim's but we all know things have changed a lot over the 12-Jun-2016 15:27:58
                           MC - Where did you see that he rephrased it to say the last in Ireland? (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 15:33:52
                                        MentariS - He wrote it on his Facebook (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 20:25:14
                                                     MC - Ok, thanks. (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 23:25:07
              BallerinaTay - Oh no! I really hope that they are just taking a small break to rest and be with family. 12-Jun-2016 16:41:10
                           commonwombat - What we may want and what actually happens doesn't always coincide. Whilst they may want it released in the US, 12-Jun-2016 18:31:29
                                        Terry2 - Dreams and all that stuff. 12-Jun-2016 19:20:18
                                        BallerinaTay - While that may be true I think that they will release WL here and possibly do a small promotion. 12-Jun-2016 23:40:05
                                                     MC - Time will tell.... (n/t) 13-Jun-2016 00:32:16
                                                     commonwombat - Anything IS possible but I do stress that there is one core difference. Right thru BH, they had Atlantic/Warner 13-Jun-2016 10:39:26
                           nightcat - The band deserves this break for sure, I just hope it won't last another decade. 12-Jun-2016 18:39:12
              GaelleF - Beginning of September is start of school for all the kids, that's quite an important moment of the year. (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 18:25:40
              MentariS - CORRECTION: Jim wrote on his Facebook that it will be their 'last concert in IRELAND for quite a while' 12-Jun-2016 20:22:30
                           commonwombat - Certainly a clarification, and it frankly makes sense. IRE is a very small market and only a few locations 12-Jun-2016 20:49:16
                           den - thats a small but imprtant difference. it would be helpful if Jim could clarify. (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 21:41:04
                           DrFunkenstein - Well, if htey hit a world tour in the fall and winter, then get back in the studio, it may be next summer's festivals 13-Jun-2016 12:58:38
                                        dave - If its any comfort to hear.. Jim did say to me after the Vienna gig on 2 June 13-Jun-2016 20:51:11
                                                     Sergio - Thanks Dave, this really sounds promising (n/t) 13-Jun-2016 20:57:30
                                                                  StPaddy - Jimīs answers: 14-Jun-2016 14:00:10
                                                     CorrMac - AFAIK "the times, they are a changing" was Bob Dylan ;) (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 07:02:20
                                                                  dave - Thanx CorrMac, couldn't remember if it was Donovan or Dylan... (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 10:30:40

Nyoman - Andrea Corr and Gary Kamp performed Starman, paid tribute to David Bowie at IOW Festival 2016 11-Jun-2016 16:53:57
              Nyoman - Full video on Youtube 11-Jun-2016 17:06:01
                           Terry - Caroline's drumkit and bodhran already on stage? 12-Jun-2016 06:22:16
                                        MC - They played on Saturday. (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 06:23:23
                           SteveW - Is John Giddings the host at the beginning? 13-Jun-2016 02:38:19
                                        Corradore - That is indeed John Giddings, Steve (n/t) 13-Jun-2016 03:10:32

MentariS - Looks like the band's been chilling a bit before the IOW appearance tomorrow: 10-Jun-2016 17:01:38

sergio - Report on the Cork gig in Irish Examiner with video 10-Jun-2016 09:01:00
              SteveW - Those were very positive and enthusiastic reviews 10-Jun-2016 09:11:51
                           sergio - Yeah, having gone through all the pics and tweets it must have been a mind blowing gig... 10-Jun-2016 10:40:20
                                        Alastair - It was indeed fantastic.. 10-Jun-2016 11:16:53
                                                     nightcat - It's always a diffrent feel when the band plays in home soil 10-Jun-2016 12:29:38

corrazy_rach - My dilemma! European gigs early August?! 10-Jun-2016 07:08:55
              corrazy_rach - Further questions - Are Marbella or Belfast full gigs or just a few songs? Thanks! (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 08:26:51
                           Corranga - I believe/expect the Belfast gig to be a full gig. I'll be there :) (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 11:07:03
              Corranga - Also, remember to check the upcoming tour sticky right below the POTW - 13th Aug they are playing a festival in France 10-Jun-2016 11:09:18
              corrazy_rach - Thanks Corranga! 10-Jun-2016 14:38:37
                           Terry - Regarding VIP area Belsonic Belfast: 10-Jun-2016 15:28:49
                                        corrazy_rach - Thanks Terry! So general admission isn't seated? Thanks! (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 23:27:10
                                                     Terry - The whole thing is standing! (n/t) 11-Jun-2016 06:01:26
              corrazy_rach - Thanks Terry! I might book Belfast incase there's no other dates announced?! (n/t) 11-Jun-2016 11:42:52
                           Corranga - Yep, Belfast is a standing gig :) The VIP area will be a waste of money (from my perspective) 11-Jun-2016 14:22:11
                                        corrazy_rach - Thanks 11-Jun-2016 15:25:37
                                                     MC - If I had to take a guess... this may be it for the summer. (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 06:22:48
                                                                  Corranga - I'd guess the same. Most of the events they are doing are part of some festival or other, the sort of things that are 12-Jun-2016 08:55:00
                                                                               MC - Jim posted on Twitter that the Belfast show is probably the last for quite a while. (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 15:17:26
                                        Terry2 - VIP 12-Jun-2016 19:31:04
              corrazy_rach - Woohoo! All booked for Belfast! :) (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 14:31:14

M-Corr - Just back from the Cork Gig. Great to meat everyone. Hope to post some pic's tomorow. (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 03:15:45
              M-Corr - That should read Meet not Meat, well it is nearly 3am :-) (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 03:17:17
              MC - From what I've seen, it looks like it was quite a gig! :-) (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 04:23:51
              Alastair - Good to meet you buddy 10-Jun-2016 11:12:46
                           M-Corr - Nice to meet you too Alaistair, I think we stopped into that .. 10-Jun-2016 14:15:25
              M-Corr - A few PHOTOS from last nights GIG in CORK... 10-Jun-2016 14:49:50
                           M-Corr - Forgot to mention a big thank you to my traveling companions… 10-Jun-2016 15:01:12

mrrob69uk - Blenheim Palace! 08-Jun-2016 22:19:19
              Leslie - That's an amazing surprise gift! (n/t) 08-Jun-2016 23:18:19
              scott - not a frequient replier 09-Jun-2016 02:07:31

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