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Eduardo - Bring on the night (Original Demo Version) 23-Feb-2019 23:53:54
              SeanCorrain - Link ? 24-Feb-2019 02:00:02
                           Eduardo - I could, but I'm not sure it's allowed to do it here. But you can find a link on reddit. 24-Feb-2019 11:33:55
                                        CorrMac - I'd love to know how to find that link ... not getting anywhere atm 24-Feb-2019 15:16:24
              Corranga - That's an amazing find. Nice quality too. I wish they'd release these sort of things as a bonus CD or something.. 24-Feb-2019 13:51:08
                           corrsgirl1 - Given that it's not a commercial release it should be fine to share it right? 24-Feb-2019 20:03:55
                                        Corranga - I agree, clickable link in here 24-Feb-2019 20:27:38
                                                     dave - So much nicer than the final 'polished' version - I always prefer my music 'in the raw' 25-Feb-2019 08:35:10
                                                                  Corranga - Absolutely. I said it would be nice if they released these, Fleetwood Mac released demos of songs from Rumours on a 2nd 25-Feb-2019 12:42:56
              corrsgirl1 - The 2nd verse always sounded cut short to me...and now we know it was. 24-Feb-2019 20:07:40
                           Corranga - ...and I agree with this too! It feels so much more natural, like an album version over a single version for instance... 24-Feb-2019 20:28:41
                           Eduardo - By the way, what does she sing before "friends like you and me"? 24-Feb-2019 20:36:48
                                        corrsgirl1 - Sounds like " the broken one still here" 25-Feb-2019 20:38:34
              MentariS - I'm a bit late to the party, but thank you so much for sharing this gem!!! 26-Feb-2019 05:23:21
              Leslie - Love this. Thanks for sharing. Wish they'd release more demos. 26-Feb-2019 15:47:43
              Eduardo - The person also shared a TV Instrumental 27-Feb-2019 20:08:51
              SteveW - Really interesting to hear these versions; thanks for sharing 04-Mar-2019 11:13:47

nightcat - I've been meaning to ask this: is the fanbase called HardCorrFans or CorrsCrowd?.. 17-Feb-2019 17:20:49
              dave - As far as I know we just call ourselves Corrsclubbers here, the others you mention 17-Feb-2019 20:05:39
              Corranga - I'm not sure we've ever really had a name as such, perhaps due to nothing ever being 18-Feb-2019 12:49:39
                           nightcat - Thanks for the replies guys 😅 19-Feb-2019 06:47:05
                                        Terry2 - The name of the fan. 19-Feb-2019 14:05:03
                                                     Corranga - Terry is right, I forgot about those. Photo is still on the merch website, though they are sold out 19-Feb-2019 18:07:22

dave - Currently in Zaragoza Spain - just left the soundcheck and only an hour to gig time ! 13-Feb-2019 18:25:32
              SteveW - Any Dido fans? I'm going to see her in Philadelphia in June 14-Feb-2019 05:21:45
                           Robin - I am in Scotland tonight for Side by Side gig. Rebecca just released new single today so exciting day. 14-Feb-2019 16:57:05
                                        Corranga - Conversely, we are heading to Newcastle, I'm seeing Chvrches at the o2 Academy on Monday night :) 15-Feb-2019 13:26:45
                                                     Robin - We all travel some miles to follow our music. Enjoy Chris. 15-Feb-2019 16:01:51
                           dave - Dido is virtually unheard of now in UK - every band or artist 'has their time' 14-Feb-2019 22:34:51
                                        dave - Just back at hotel from the last of the 4 Spanish gigs I attended - bloody awesome. 16-Feb-2019 23:39:22
                                                     chris1957 - Concerts 18-Feb-2019 20:21:15
                                                                  dave - The Corrs are eligible to be their own tribute band.. LOL 19-Feb-2019 15:08:27
                                                                               Corranga - I feel *almost* the same as Dave. I think perhaps there is room somewhere for bands to play covers 19-Feb-2019 18:10:24
                                                                                            Taliesin - I saw "Musical Box" last week and I love that. 20-Feb-2019 19:41:48
                                                                                                         Robin - Cant recall ever hearing any artist covering a Corrs song. The only exception being Rebecca the scottish singer i follow 20-Feb-2019 20:13:24
                                                                                                                      dave - There was a Corrs tribute band way back in the late 90s. Corranga may remember them 21-Feb-2019 09:00:14
                                                                                                                                   Corranga - Yes I remember the Corrs tribute act. I never saw them, but remember their website, and some photos. 24-Feb-2019 16:51:18
                                                                                                                      Terry2 - Tributes 21-Feb-2019 10:28:42
                                                                                                                      SteveW - *We* covered a Corrs song -- Harmony! 21-Feb-2019 12:05:25
                                                                               Terry2 - I have 10 minutes and am at a loose end, so will have a mini rant! 21-Feb-2019 11:31:27
                                                                                            dave - Interesting views there Terry. I did say that I disliked Tribute bands, however covers bands 21-Feb-2019 13:42:10
                                                                                                         Terry2 - Showbands 21-Feb-2019 20:16:50

Corrpulent - We might as well wish Cara a Happy Birthday, if she's looking in. All the best. 12-Feb-2019 12:44:45

MentariS - Vonda Shephard said she and Sharon is currently writing a song called "Made of Rain": 07-Feb-2019 08:37:30
              Corranga - I guess that means there will at least be 1 duet during the upcoming tour. 19-Feb-2019 18:12:08
                           Jerry - Here's what Vonda says about duets 26-Feb-2019 00:10:53

dave - I think Andrea may have some competition on the ukelele - check this out ! 06-Feb-2019 12:13:48
              SteveW - I thought Andrea was playing a full-size guitar... 06-Feb-2019 19:37:00

SteveW - interview with Sharon in the Belfast Telegraph 30-Jan-2019 19:58:54

mikeyCF - have the corrs disbanded again? 30-Jan-2019 11:29:17
              dave - They are all very active in their private lives, as can be seen on Instagram. The band 30-Jan-2019 16:13:09
              Corranga - Since they are are family, I don't know if they will ever really disband as such, but certainly, they aren't working 01-Feb-2019 11:13:41

Eclair - Old corrs cds song books video and dvd available, send offers 26-Jan-2019 14:28:44

Eclair - Do we know who will play with Sharon yet when she does her tour? 13-Jan-2019 15:04:39
              dave - I think its just her and Vonda Shepard. However, what the makeup of their band i 13-Jan-2019 15:39:49
              Corranga - Keith isn't playing with her 18-Jan-2019 21:00:47

corrsfan01 - Hi there 11-Jan-2019 08:30:59
              dave - Search disfrutalos corrs on Google, they are also very active on Facebook. 11-Jan-2019 19:34:14
                           corrsfan01 - thanks dave. 11-Jan-2019 22:58:16
                                        dave - Maybe they are just on Facebook nowadays - the old style fansites are disappearing 12-Jan-2019 11:01:31
              AB_CLOSER - mp3 Concerts 12-Jan-2019 18:34:22
                           Corranga - I thought I'd add that, sharing of bootlegs PROVIDING THERE IS NO official way to purchase, here, is ok. 16-Jan-2019 09:24:24
              DrFunkenstein - Check PM 24-Jan-2019 12:24:16

den - Happy New Year to you all; not long now until Sharon’s gigs. Hope to see some of you then. 31-Dec-2018 10:21:28
              dave - Same to you Den. I'll be at MK and London so see you there. 31-Dec-2018 14:21:11
                           dave - This is what you're missing Den - but you gotta like Rock & Roll ! 31-Dec-2018 21:26:38
                                        Robin - Happy New Year to everyone at Corrs Club. Hope to meet up with some of you this year. 01-Jan-2019 00:45:10
                                                     nightcat - Happy New Year CorrsClubbers!! Hope to continue chatting with all of you. 01-Jan-2019 02:19:56
              MentariS - Happy New Year everyone! 01-Jan-2019 06:52:50
              Wendy - HNY! My year began with a disagreement over The Corrs :( 02-Jan-2019 09:54:15
                           SteveW - "slutifying"? That's a pretty low blow, and not at all accurate 02-Jan-2019 12:15:40
                                        Wendy - Exactly! If anything, they probably drew people into traditional Irish music... 02-Jan-2019 14:12:57
                           nightcat - Sending hugs to you Wendy. Wow, just wow. I hope I never meet these "people" 👿 02-Jan-2019 14:14:23
                                        Wendy - Thanks, I needed that hug! 02-Jan-2019 22:41:06
                           Corranga - Some people just aim to be rude! I suspect the Irish are actually much like the Scottish 03-Jan-2019 11:30:03
              Alastair - Happy New Year all ! 03-Jan-2019 00:10:13
              Corranga - Happy New Year everyone! 03-Jan-2019 11:30:21

nightcat - Just popped here to say Merry Christmas to all CorrsClubbers! Have a great and relaxing holiday. 24-Dec-2018 09:54:54
              MentariS - Happy Christmas everyone, and hope you all have an enjoyable holiday! 24-Dec-2018 10:22:59
                           Robin - Happy Christmas to everyone at Corrs Club. Hope you all have a great time. 24-Dec-2018 13:11:58
              airbusgore - Thank you. Nice piccie of Andrea on Instagram 24-Dec-2018 20:10:04
                           dave - Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. 25-Dec-2018 10:24:47

SteveW - favorite Corrs songs survey 24-Dec-2018 05:30:35
              Robin - It will be interesting to see if there is a lot of change in the top songs after a year with no activity. 24-Dec-2018 13:14:34

dave - Sharon sings at the British Embassy in Madrid - short clip.. 21-Dec-2018 21:53:44
              MentariS - Thanks for posting Dave, nice little video and for a good cause too 24-Dec-2018 13:12:49
                           dave - She moves in exclusive circles does our Shaz...LOL. Move to Madrid, sure call in on the ambassador, 24-Dec-2018 14:33:04

chris - Fleetwood Mac: A Musical History - on BBC4 in the UK, tonight..... 21-Dec-2018 17:46:33
              dave - They didn't - but interesting to hear Stevie Nicks singing Dreams. I was lucky enough 21-Dec-2018 21:36:24
                           SteveW - Dreams 22-Dec-2018 13:06:25
                                        dave - It is Stevie Nicks voice that I preferred Steve and I also like the lazy dreamy original. 22-Dec-2018 14:43:35

dave - Did any other UK folk watch the recent Channel 5 series 'Our Yorkshire Farm' - 19-Dec-2018 11:59:06

dave - Interesting to hear last night that Strictly's Faye Tozer is 43. So Steps were younger than The Corrs 15-Dec-2018 10:16:02
              dave - What an amazing result - Stacey won ! After she and Kevin were placed fourth 15-Dec-2018 21:26:12
                           CorrMac - Yes, I'm more than happy with the result, even though we voted for ... 15-Dec-2018 22:09:39
              nightcat - Mind if a non-UK folk like me steps in for a bit? Faye is actually 43 now?? 19-Dec-2018 08:14:58
                           dave - Yes, so a year younger than Baby Corr. There was an interview this week in which 19-Dec-2018 11:46:51
              Corranga - I was never a Steps fan, but my friends little brother was, andyour timeline is a bit off Dave 20-Dec-2018 12:55:05

SteveW - Summer Sunshine question 09-Dec-2018 03:54:53
              Mark - There's only so much you can do with 3 chords... :) 11-Dec-2018 20:22:38
                           CSCfan - That's what makes you beautiful [Mark]....;) 12-Dec-2018 15:53:37
                                        Mark - *blushing* 12-Dec-2018 17:29:30
                           CorrMac - There are strong similarities with part of "Unconditional" from White Light with ... 12-Dec-2018 19:42:04
                                        SteveW - Similar songs 16-Dec-2018 03:42:33
                                        CSCfan - "Unconditional" also sounds similar to Taylor Swift's "Style.. :) 17-Dec-2018 19:44:26
                                                     SteveW - I wasn't familiar with that Taylor Swift song (which is rather catchy), but yes, very similar 18-Dec-2018 14:03:38
              Corrpulent - If someone were to use the guitar riff from Satisfaction I think they’d be in trouble… 12-Dec-2018 18:33:03
                           SteveW - The Stones' own Jumpin Jack Flash is kind of an homage to the guitar riff from Satisfaction... 12-Dec-2018 18:56:30
                                        Nick - Its also similar to Asia's "Heat of The Moment" and Video Killed the Radio Star. I think its on purpouse, an homage to.. 14-Dec-2018 16:42:07

airbusgore - Corrs DVDs 02-Dec-2018 16:39:11
              dave - By far the best source is eBay where there are loads of them, sceondhand usually 02-Dec-2018 18:57:42
                           airbusgore - cheers dave 05-Dec-2018 09:35:07
              Corranga - I think the only DVD after Best Of is the All The Way Home / Live in Geneva from 2005 07-Dec-2018 08:53:10
                           Robin - Yes that was a fantastic gig one of my best. We were outside the arena from about 10am in glorious sunshine which was 07-Dec-2018 16:48:25

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