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AB_CLOSER - Andrea Corr confirms The Corrs are ‘talking’ about a reunion tour 21-Nov-2019 23:16:49
              MentariS - Hopes have been raised... 22-Nov-2019 08:42:24
              AB_CLOSER - Andrea Corr says The Corrs have no plans to go on tour again but insists they’re talking about it 22-Nov-2019 09:50:14

SteveW - Andrea on RTE Late Late Show last month 21-Nov-2019 00:09:03

MentariS - Barefoot Pilgrimage has won the Popular Non-Fiction Book of the Year category at the An Post Irish Book Awards: 20-Nov-2019 21:51:11
              SteveW - Some photos of Andrea accepting the award 20-Nov-2019 23:09:58
                           Wendy - Wonderful! I wonder what she said in her speech! 20-Nov-2019 23:32:15
                                        MentariS - Here’s a video of her acceptance speech posted by @the_corrs_music on IG: 25-Nov-2019 12:24:50
              MentariS - The book has now been shortlisted for the Irish Book of the Year award. Vote here: 21-Nov-2019 02:06:16
                           CorrMac - Thanks - I've voted, of corrs! 21-Nov-2019 21:33:34

dave - Andrea making another public appearance on Dec 1 at Our Lady's Hospice, 18-Nov-2019 14:18:12

SteveW - Andrea on Sunday with Miriam 17-Nov-2019 12:54:11
              Wendy - That was great, thanks! It was interesting to hear Andrea say... 18-Nov-2019 06:51:05
                           Wendy - Interview starts about 28:26 18-Nov-2019 06:52:02
              Mrrob69uk - This sounds promising 18-Nov-2019 11:13:38
                           Wendy - Let's hope they do a 25 Year anniversary concert for FNF! 18-Nov-2019 14:34:16
                                        nightcat - Thanks for sharing the interview! Guess I'll have my fingers crossed then on that tour 20-Nov-2019 12:50:27

AB_CLOSER - Andrea Corr to hold book signing in dundalk this saturday 12-Nov-2019 18:43:06

sergio - Just seen a TV program about the Scottish Highlands with a beautiful score with strong Celtic touch in it 09-Nov-2019 15:09:40
              sergio - Obviously he might be well known for the most of you from the UK&Ireland:) I have never heard of him so far... 09-Nov-2019 15:30:41

MentariS - Am currently in Malaysia for a GAA tournament and Runaway was among the songs played in between matches today :-) 09-Nov-2019 08:48:44
              SteveW - What's GAA? Is it like rugby? 09-Nov-2019 09:26:47
                           dave - There are two main GAA sports, Hurling and Football. Hurling is like a vicious Hockey 10-Nov-2019 11:52:32
                                        dave - I should also have explained that the GAA was set up at the time of Irish independence 10-Nov-2019 11:59:03
                                                     SteveW - Thanks for the explanation of GAA sports. I'd never heard of cammogie and skittles 11-Nov-2019 02:05:44
                                        MentariS - Yes, and GAA clubs overseas are often the best way for Irish expats to socialise with their countrymen 15-Nov-2019 09:13:26
                                                     dave - Ireland may be a small country, but due to our prodigious birth rate - we are everywhere on the planet ! 15-Nov-2019 19:46:12

SeanCorrain - All The Way Home Docu 08-Nov-2019 17:40:42
              Corranga - I don't know where you'd find it online, but resolution wise, you're not likely to find anything beyond 11-Nov-2019 22:44:53

SteveW - Dave Fanning interview with Andrea 04-Nov-2019 22:57:27
              Wendy - Great interview! 04-Nov-2019 23:40:58
                           SteveW - It's striking how much Andrea has changed in interviews over the years 05-Nov-2019 02:20:48
                                        Wendy - I have so much to say about this Aussie interview! 05-Nov-2019 10:23:40
                                                     SteveW - I love this interview and performance 05-Nov-2019 15:33:21
                                                                  Wendy - Yes, Sharon handled it well! 06-Nov-2019 07:11:41

MentariS - RIP Gay Byrne, who did a very in-depth interview with Andrea on The Meaning of Life back in 2012 04-Nov-2019 15:29:19
              sergio - RIP. I’ve been chasing that interview for years now 04-Nov-2019 16:27:08
              MentariS - Andrea will join a Late Late Show tribute to Gay tonight at 9:35 pm Ireland time: 05-Nov-2019 16:22:58
                           SteveW - Did anyone catch this? Did Andrea perform or say anything notable? 06-Nov-2019 09:08:46
                                        MentariS - Here’s a clip posted by @thecorrsfanpage on IG: 06-Nov-2019 10:56:22
                                        MentariS - Here’s a clip of her and other Irish musicians performing The Parting Glass on the show: 06-Nov-2019 12:09:36
                                                     sergio - It is quite a worthy performance remembering someone who was liked by so many people. 06-Nov-2019 19:19:24

dave - For U2 fans... with a bit of a Corrs connection. 03-Nov-2019 15:11:08
              sergio - I think I might have just passed by this place in 2011 visiting the West Coast of the US. I remember we stopped at 10-Nov-2019 15:06:11

Wendy - People on twitter are writing about a cover of Breathless by US artist Caroline Polachek 03-Nov-2019 00:19:44
              Wendy - Here's video from a different performance 03-Nov-2019 00:22:58
                           Wendy - And another performance 03-Nov-2019 00:25:22
                                        SteveW - I like the slightly ominous vibe of this cover version 03-Nov-2019 02:51:32
                                                     Wendy - Yeah, that chord change is unexpected! 03-Nov-2019 08:46:30
                                                     Wendy - Found another performance of it... 03-Nov-2019 09:01:38

MentariS - Barefoot Pilgrimage has been shortlisted for the An Post Irish Book Awards (link to vote inside): 25-Oct-2019 15:43:27
              Corranga - Thanks voted! 26-Oct-2019 18:43:06
                           Robin - Just voted but like you Chris never read so this is a first. 26-Oct-2019 20:44:36

Wendy - Andrea Corr interview on The Irish Times Women's Podcast 25-Oct-2019 00:32:52
              MentariS - Thanks Wendy, I enjoyed the interview very much. A bit long (47 mins), but very much worth listening to. 27-Oct-2019 04:36:39
                           Wendy - Yes, it felt like it was Andrea at her most honest/relaxed... 28-Oct-2019 02:14:13
                                        Leslie - Fantastic interview. It was like listening in to 2 friends talking... 28-Oct-2019 18:52:14
                                                     Jerry - My book from Amazon UK arrived yesterday. Amazon US is still saying available December 3. 28-Oct-2019 22:48:57
                                                                  Leslie - I pre-ordered from Amazon UK... 29-Oct-2019 04:45:44
                                                                               Jerry - I preordered it on October 8. 29-Oct-2019 05:27:10
              sergio - Interesting interview. Personally I think I have slightly different interpretations to hers on several topics she 30-Oct-2019 18:52:14

SteveW - The RAH gig was two years ago today 19-Oct-2019 11:12:51
              Klaus - Yes, that is true., and i liked the RAH a lot better than the WL gigs in London and Frankfurt. 19-Oct-2019 14:14:17
                           nightcat - I was away when this concert happened so bless the internet for letting me watch videos of the band on RAH 2017. 19-Oct-2019 16:05:48
              CorrMac - I think you're forgetting that Sharon joined in on the intro about half-way through ... 19-Oct-2019 16:38:07
                           SteveW - RAH Intro 28-Oct-2019 03:31:08
              Corranga - Fingers crossed, next year will see some more activity. Andrea's book is excellent, but it's not music :) 26-Oct-2019 17:49:00

MentariS - In case anyone's interested I wrote a post about my reaction to Andrea's memoir on my blog: 19-Oct-2019 08:12:29
              Wendy - I could relate to a lot of that... 19-Oct-2019 09:40:40
                           nightcat - While I can't relate to the miscarriages part, I can certainly relate to dark days and fear of losing loved ones. 19-Oct-2019 16:03:28
                                        MentariS - Yes, her honesty is refreshing and those who've supported her (especially Brett) are admirable 20-Oct-2019 14:03:32
                           MentariS - Yeah, I was unsure if I had to write about it either but I decided to go ahead anyway and it was very difficult. 20-Oct-2019 14:02:46
              SteveW - Thanks for the thoughtful review/reaction post -- I enjoyed reading it 19-Oct-2019 16:09:17
                           MentariS - Thanks for reading Steve :-) 20-Oct-2019 14:11:01
              Corranga - Beautiful read, and of course, similar to my own feelings as I read (just captured in a better way than I could manage!) 26-Oct-2019 18:42:17
                           MentariS - Thanks for your kind words Chris! Interesting to see plenty of people relating to what I felt :-) 27-Oct-2019 04:33:02

MentariS - Andrea on the Irish Independent: It's time to get rid of any stigma associated with fertility issues 18-Oct-2019 13:58:41

dave - Recent Instagram exchange amused me. Someone commented on Sharon's 18-Oct-2019 13:33:26
              CorrMac - No, they're not competetive ... :lol: 18-Oct-2019 14:57:45
                           nightcat - Yep, not at all hahahahahahahaha 19-Oct-2019 16:04:06
              MentariS - The sisters are among the best things that ever happened to Instagram 😂😂 20-Oct-2019 14:13:56

MentariS - Andrea to appear on The Late Late Show this Friday: 17-Oct-2019 18:07:11
              SteveW - She's supposedly going to discuss whether a tour will happen in 2020 17-Oct-2019 22:56:17
                           Mrrob69uk - Really? 18-Oct-2019 08:05:22
                                        SteveW - Saw it on Instagram, no idea how reliable it is 18-Oct-2019 09:01:08
                                                     Mrrob69uk - Exciting! 18-Oct-2019 09:18:45
                                                     MentariS - Interesting... 18-Oct-2019 09:35:09
                                                     SteveW - Tour in 2020? 18-Oct-2019 10:50:39
                                                                  dave - The Late Late is a live show with audience, been there a few times in the past, 18-Oct-2019 11:02:08
                                                                  CorrMac - Just watched the interview with Andrea on the Late Late Show. 18-Oct-2019 22:31:15
                           MentariS - Andrea’s segment has just finished and there was no mention of the rumoured tour at all 18-Oct-2019 22:31:31
                                        Corranga - No surprises there. If it was happening, we would know by now 18-Oct-2019 22:35:58
              MentariS - Here’s an excerpt from her segment last night: 19-Oct-2019 10:16:54
              MentariS - Her interview was very well received apparently, according to this article: 20-Oct-2019 14:15:11

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