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Wendy - What's your favourite Corrs' instrumental section? 25-Sep-2019 12:58:12
              SteveW - Great question! I don't know if this is what you have in mind... 25-Sep-2019 17:56:26
                           Wendy - Instrumental intros count too! 26-Sep-2019 00:23:20
              CorrMac - My favourite instrumental bit of a song is something that they only play live ... 25-Sep-2019 20:03:57
                           Wendy - That live instrumental section in BOTN was great! 26-Sep-2019 00:28:53
                           SteveW - Yes, I love the live version of BOTN too! 28-Sep-2019 01:14:19
              SteveW - More favorite instrumental parts 28-Sep-2019 01:29:37
                           Wendy - Yes, that section in Somebody for Someone is nice 29-Sep-2019 07:22:46
                                        nightcat - better late than never I guess, here's two of my fave instrumental intros 01-Oct-2019 16:25:59
                                                     SteveW - I love Goodbye, too, especially Anto's outro solos in the live versions 01-Oct-2019 18:53:25
                                                                  Corranga - Great example Steve, though for some of us that particular example raises emotions a fair bit 04-Oct-2019 09:37:53
                                                                               dave - Yep, remember it all very clearly Chris - we must have been mad 04-Oct-2019 16:08:03
              Terry2 - Instrumental Sections 05-Oct-2019 00:03:26
              SteveW - Summer Sunshine 07-Oct-2019 15:04:23

Corranga - My Corrs collection still growing / collecting in general 25-Sep-2019 09:03:34
              dave - Not collecting Corrs stuff anymore.. but did buy a Laura Cox hoodie at a gig in France 25-Sep-2019 20:23:30
              CorrMac - I have a look from time to time ... 25-Sep-2019 20:26:30
              Arikorr - I love collecting Corrs stuff... 25-Sep-2019 21:16:33
                           dave - Once you start looking for singles and promos, that's serious stuff - literally hundreds 27-Sep-2019 09:55:45

nightcat - Hello! Yes I'm still alive, it's just that I'm lurking more than posting lately 😅. Have a great day CorrsClubbers!! 25-Sep-2019 01:17:52
              Corranga - I think there are a few of us checking in now and again looking for new content, but not necessarily generating much 25-Sep-2019 08:57:30
                           Robin - Still check in every day, its quieter then during the ten year gap. We did of course have solo tours of Andrea and 25-Sep-2019 12:16:52
              MentariS - Good to see you still alive and kickin'! Same with me - I'm lurking more than posting lately for obvious reasons 27-Sep-2019 10:18:41
                           nightcat - And just in case anyone here wants or needs to chat with me, twitter is the key: @nightcat2609 02-Oct-2019 15:04:38

dave - As new posts are rarer than hen's teeth here - nip over to The Corrs Fan Club on Facebook 24-Sep-2019 19:23:16
              nightcat - Oh yes! They still count as treats to the eyes 😍😍 25-Sep-2019 01:21:09

rmssw - As a US fan, I’m desperately hoping the rumors are true. 13-Sep-2019 03:01:43
              dave - There are lots of areas that would like to see them again, SE Asia, Australia & NZ.. etc. 13-Sep-2019 08:46:04
                           rmssw - It’s definitely frustrating being a fan. They’ve never been great at public relations 13-Sep-2019 15:01:57
                                        Wendy - I feel like the Corrs are just making music for themselves now 14-Sep-2019 01:20:15
                                                     Corranga - I think its a bit harsh to say they dont care what fans think 14-Sep-2019 22:48:39
                                                                  Wendy - Poor choice of wording on my behalf... 22-Sep-2019 01:55:02
                                                                               MentariS - I have to agree with you, Wendy 27-Sep-2019 10:26:56
                                        Corranga - They may not be a name on everyones lips but Ireland isn't that big a place. 14-Sep-2019 22:52:33
                           Wendy - Do Americans think the rest of the world is unsafe? 14-Sep-2019 01:16:17
                                        Corranga - This is an interesting question. I don't know the answer, but the perception that the media gives of America 17-Sep-2019 08:52:36
                                                     eieio - Key words............"in the press". 17-Sep-2019 15:21:57
                                                                  Corranga - I think you’ve misread my post somewhere. I was simply posting what I see as the beginning of a discussion 17-Sep-2019 21:48:26
                                                                               eieio - This is how you start a "discussion"? 28-Sep-2019 15:21:31
                                                                  Wendy - It's not a competition :) 18-Sep-2019 05:57:41
                                                                               eieio - Discussing social and political topics.................... 10-Oct-2019 15:35:14
                                                                                            Corranga - If you are unhappy with me referring to members of the US government administration sheep, I will remove it 13-Oct-2019 18:37:14
                                                                                                         eieio - I'm not unhappy about anything............ 16-Oct-2019 14:23:40
                                                                                                                      Corranga - Safety 16-Oct-2019 19:47:12

SteveW - Touring logistics 05-Sep-2019 23:20:27
              Corranga - Very interesting. Mostly common sense, but lovely to read it from an actual touring artist. 06-Sep-2019 12:38:45

SteveW - Sharon in the studio 05-Sep-2019 19:34:59

dave - I'm suspicious of the claims for a large Corrs tour next year. I mean, with Sharon 04-Sep-2019 07:38:42
              Mrrob69uk - I don't believe 04-Sep-2019 13:15:20
                           Corranga - You're looking at it the wrong way... The solo material isn't a blockage on a band album 04-Sep-2019 14:33:36
                                        CorrMac - I don't think that Sharon recording a solo album necessarily means ... 04-Sep-2019 15:05:51
                                                     Corranga - For me anyway, the timing makes it seem less likely. 06-Sep-2019 12:46:12
                                                                  CorrMac - Interesting to hear Keith's view on that. 06-Sep-2019 16:32:09
                                                                               SteveW - I have a bass, and the thing is *heavy* 06-Sep-2019 19:33:28
                                                                                            SteveW - Also, Sharon may not want to sing for 3-4 hours a night, even if half of that is backing vocals 06-Sep-2019 19:34:09
                                                                                                         Wendy - Sharon's new music might be very different to The Corrs' music though 07-Sep-2019 00:20:44
                                        SeanCorrain - I've always wished they would include solo materials into Corrs tours. 10-Sep-2019 04:52:06
                                                     Wendy - Reworking the wheel - I agree! 10-Sep-2019 08:37:51
              Den - I agree Dave with Sharon doing a new album and Andrea releasing book and acting in a film I think its more likely to be 08-Sep-2019 20:28:16
                           dave - The sudden announcement of a Corrs tour next year, with the comment 'this has got their fanbase excited' 10-Sep-2019 10:06:11

SteveW - producer for Sharon's third solo album 01-Sep-2019 20:00:58
              Wendy - He produced the album of a musician I know... 01-Sep-2019 23:30:38

GabyA - Is Sharon divorced? 28-Aug-2019 14:30:13
              CorrMac - I don't know ... but I found a couple of articles (both on the same website ... 28-Aug-2019 15:19:59
                           Crickets - Since spring... 28-Aug-2019 16:04:42
                                        Leslie - If true, that is sad news. 01-Sep-2019 16:47:03
              Wendy - I've been wondering about this for a while... 29-Aug-2019 03:47:45
              Mrrob69uk - Could this be the reason.. 29-Aug-2019 09:42:29
                           Wendy - She doesn't seem to wear a wedding ring, but I don't know if she ever did 29-Aug-2019 13:24:37
                                        Wendy - Is 'Season of our Love' a breakup song? 29-Aug-2019 14:04:48
              Mrrob69uk - According to an article published today 29-Aug-2019 18:27:05
                           CSCfan - Wow... :( And very possible yeah. Here’s another article from Hola! 29-Aug-2019 23:56:47
              Den - I think this I a private matter really. If true it's very sad but I wish Sharon happiness in the future. 31-Aug-2019 01:08:48
                           Corranga - I think there is a fine balance between personal life, and fan discussion when it comes to musicians 02-Sep-2019 13:15:08
                                        MentariS - Thanks, Chris 02-Sep-2019 15:04:54
                                        Den - I agree Chris 😃 03-Sep-2019 21:59:16
                                        Wendy - I also agree with Chris, though I did wonder to myself where the line would be 04-Sep-2019 14:29:23
                                                     Leslie - I agree... 04-Sep-2019 16:47:31
                                                                  Corranga - The song writing aspect is very interesting too. It's virtually an autobiography with artistic licence applied! 06-Sep-2019 14:30:44
                                        SeanCorrain - It would make me sad to think of Sharon in that position. 10-Sep-2019 04:56:53
                                                     Wendy - Sharon looks happy enough 11-Sep-2019 05:52:56
                                                                  dave - I agree Wendy, the separation/divorce may have been amicable, Sharon anyway 13-Sep-2019 08:49:55
                                                                               SeanCorrain - Ive noticed the wedding ring is gone. 14-Sep-2019 03:39:18

SteveW - Biodiversity of nine polychaete families in the abyssal central Pacific Ocean 26-Aug-2019 10:34:07
              CorrMac - I would guess there aren't too many ... 28-Aug-2019 15:28:09

Taliesin - Andrea in a new movie? 23-Aug-2019 12:40:17
              SteveW - new movie? 23-Aug-2019 13:40:10
                           CorrMac - Seems like she might just be playing a supporting role ... 23-Aug-2019 15:06:24
                                        CSCfan - Judi also isn't mentioned in that article and on the poster... 25-Aug-2019 12:34:23

SeanCorrain - The Bridge (2005 ?) 20-Aug-2019 20:27:26
              Arikorr - The Bridge 20-Aug-2019 21:56:45
                           CorrMac - It's recently been posted on YouTube (link inside) 21-Aug-2019 13:23:51
                                        dave - Interesting, I've got a copy somewhere - direct from Richard Raymond when it 21-Aug-2019 19:56:41
                                                     Den - I was there too Dave. I remember you asked Andrea a question at the Q&A afterwards. 23-Aug-2019 20:22:39
              SteveW - Just watched The Bridge 22-Aug-2019 10:15:15
                           MentariS - Steve, you should see Pictures if it's available on iTunes Store in your region 22-Aug-2019 11:51:23
                                        Corranga - I don't tink it was ever officially released. I also have the DVD< which I got directly from Richard Raymond, though 23-Aug-2019 15:16:13

Alastair - Rare post from me! Was on a radio show at a Runrig fans reunion at the weekend, from about 5 mins in at this link... 20-Aug-2019 16:38:36
              SteveW - Nice choice -- I listened to the whole song, even though of course I've heard it hundreds of times 20-Aug-2019 18:44:34
              Corranga - Congratulations to Mary and yourself :) 23-Aug-2019 15:57:33
                           Alastair - Cheers Chris 29-Aug-2019 16:36:14

Wendy - What are your favourite Corrs' songs that aren't on a Corrs album? 19-Aug-2019 01:37:21
              SteveW - Great question (re: non-album tracks) 19-Aug-2019 04:52:48
                           Wendy - I assumed Andrea was the only Corr on Oh Brother... 19-Aug-2019 09:44:20
                                        SteveW - Oh Brother drumming, Mystery of You , Lifting Me 19-Aug-2019 10:42:43
                                                     Wendy - Was it 'Radio'? 19-Aug-2019 13:13:33
                                                                  SteveW - Radio 19-Aug-2019 14:58:27
                                                     MentariS - We had a very nice discussion about Lifting Me in my Lyrics and Writers Discussion thread a couple of years back: 20-Aug-2019 06:56:41
                                                                  SteveW - Re-read the entire thread on lyrics that Mentari linked -- great stuff! 20-Aug-2019 13:50:44
                                                                               MentariS - Indeed, Steve—those were the days :-) 20-Aug-2019 15:17:39
                           dave - As far as I know, Oh Brother was just Andrea on vox with other musicians. Lifting Me 19-Aug-2019 09:46:57
                                        dave - I quite like Remember and Somebody Else's Boyfriend too... 19-Aug-2019 09:49:02
                                                     SteveW - I also like Remember, as well as Rainy Day and Make You Mine 19-Aug-2019 16:41:59
              Wendy - Forgot to add 'One Day Like This'! 19-Aug-2019 09:51:33
                           SeanCorrain - I'm with Wendy ! " On a day like this " should have been some form of a promo single. It was popular ! 20-Aug-2019 07:20:13
                           SteveW - I like this version of One Day Like This, which appears to be from a rehearsal 21-Aug-2019 00:34:30
              neleh - 'Judy' was perfect during my emo teen phase ;p 20-Aug-2019 06:44:15
                           Wendy - Ha, I'd forgotten about Judy! 20-Aug-2019 13:16:14
              MentariS - Great thread! Here are some of my favourites... 20-Aug-2019 07:26:19
                           CorrMac - The Winner Takes It All was of course produced by ... 20-Aug-2019 10:54:41
                                        CorrMac - p.s. my favourite is the "In Blue" live version of Paddy McCarthy :) 20-Aug-2019 10:55:57
                                                     Wendy - Paddy McCarthy on In Blue 20-Aug-2019 13:45:57
                                                                  MentariS - Here’s a live performance of Paddy McCarthy (which they played at Wembley as part of the In Blue Tour): 20-Aug-2019 15:16:11
                                                                               CorrMac - It's on their "Live in London" DVD :) 21-Aug-2019 13:19:21
                           Wendy - Live in Tokyo 20-Aug-2019 13:32:58
                                        dave - Favourite non album instrumental has to be Rebel Heart. 20-Aug-2019 20:18:08
                                                     SteveW - I love Rebel Heart too, but isn't that on In Blue? 20-Aug-2019 20:34:46
                                                                  CorrMac - Well, it's track 15 on my copy of "In Blue"! 21-Aug-2019 13:21:24
                                                                               dave - Yeah, could be, I haven't looked at or listened to my Corrs cds for years. 21-Aug-2019 19:59:05
              Arikorr - Favourite non-album tracks 20-Aug-2019 21:39:06
                           Corranga - Not the time of year for it, but Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 23-Aug-2019 23:11:15
                                        SteveW - That reminds me of another performance I love: O Holy Night 25-Aug-2019 14:03:52
              Jerry - Andrea's duet with Sheryl Crow on C'mon, C'mon 25-Aug-2019 09:37:57
                           Corranga - I like C'mon, C'mon, but if you listen to the original, its very obvious that Andrea’s vocals 25-Aug-2019 16:58:06

SteveW - Long Night video and trivia questions 06-Aug-2019 03:48:26
              MentariS - For question No. 1, are we talking about the dolly zoom? 06-Aug-2019 12:25:13
                           SteveW - Yes, dolly zoom! (rolling the camera back while zooming in, or vice-versa) 06-Aug-2019 13:10:08
                                        MentariS - Good catch as always Steve, I didn't notice the similarities before 06-Aug-2019 13:58:26
                                                     SteveW - Another Hitchcock connection in the Long Night video 06-Aug-2019 14:13:01
                                                                  SteveW - Long Night trivia question answer 09-Aug-2019 08:23:59
                                                                               johnj - This video is much better. 11-Aug-2019 03:40:48
                                                                                            johnj - Oops: try this! 11-Aug-2019 03:57:10
                                                                                            SteveW - Love the Wetten Dass promo video of Long Night 15-Aug-2019 13:22:19
                                                                               johnj - Hi SteveW. The effect at 2:36 is probable done with chroma key, also known as 11-Aug-2019 04:28:30
                                                                                            SteveW - Long Night video effect 15-Aug-2019 23:54:29
                                                                                                         dave - Wasn't Long Night (or Una Noche) the video where Andrea wasn't there ? 16-Aug-2019 16:34:26
                                                                                                                      AB_CLOSER - One night - Una noche 16-Aug-2019 17:24:56
                                                                                                                                   dave - Thanks, I was pretty sure it was one of those two. 16-Aug-2019 19:27:01

DrFunkenstein - Just pondering one option about a possible 2020 tour...what if... 02-Aug-2019 13:24:35
              Corranga - I've been to more than my fair share of Sharon solo gigs, and the financial queestion is one 02-Aug-2019 15:55:41
                           DrFunkenstein - My thoughts were purely about a possible US tour; clearly Ireland, UK, and Europe are a much better market for them. 02-Aug-2019 18:34:47
                           SteveW - Tour finances 03-Aug-2019 09:53:23
              CSCfan - Did you guys know there were definately plans to do a global tour for 'White Light'? 03-Aug-2019 08:55:31
                           SteveW - Wow! Can't wait to hear more about this 03-Aug-2019 09:35:40
                                        nightcat - Hmmm the plot thickens....*grabs popcorn* 04-Aug-2019 14:04:25
                                                     MentariS - Allow me to share that popcorn... 05-Aug-2019 03:39:40
                                                                  nightcat - Oh why yes you're welcome to share *sends popcorn over* 05-Aug-2019 17:15:33

Mrrob69uk - So could it be that the 2020 rumours are... 31-Jul-2019 22:24:15
              Corranga - Would The Corrs go down well with Chieftains fans? I always got the feeling that proper Irish folk 01-Aug-2019 08:48:06
                           CorrMac - From the article it reads more like the Cheiftains are ... 01-Aug-2019 15:07:34
                                        SteveW - Would the Corrs be an opening act? 02-Aug-2019 08:14:58
                                                     dave - I doubt they would ever appear again as a support act, especially considering 02-Aug-2019 11:01:11
                                                                  Corranga - The run up to both White Light and Jupiter Calling had a flurry of posts on socisl media 02-Aug-2019 11:49:10
                                                                               CSCfan - Well the run up to WL and JP were kinda totally the opposite... 03-Aug-2019 08:43:21
                                                                                            SteveW - For JC, they have still never released part 2 of the EPK! We saw part 1, then nothing. 03-Aug-2019 08:44:37
                                                                                                         CSCfan - Yeah... the JC 'era' was just shrouded in mystery..... 04-Aug-2019 09:35:54

MentariS - Happy birthday Jim, hope you have a good day 31-Jul-2019 10:01:56
              CorrMac - Yes, Happy Birthday Jim! Surprised no-one has mentioned ... 31-Jul-2019 11:09:42
              Den - Happy Birthday Jim I hope your having a great day; your catching me up now so enjoy every moment. 31-Jul-2019 21:16:55

dave - Another act to follow if you like 1950s Boogie-Woogie is the Chris Watson Band. 29-Jul-2019 19:25:26

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