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MentariS - Finally got my copy of Jupiter Calling today (on a second order after my initial order got lost in transit...) 30-Nov-2017 17:21:13
              shyart - Received my copy a week late but it arrived and I have to say 30-Nov-2017 18:09:32

SeanCorrain - What happened to promoting the record ? 28-Nov-2017 22:57:29
              SteveW - And what happened to the EPK? 29-Nov-2017 00:55:41
                           dave - My guess on both counts is that UK promo is now finished. They sold as many records 29-Nov-2017 09:54:00
                                        commonwombat - Fully agree, you cannot manufacture market demand where it does not exist .... in this case with the mainstream media 29-Nov-2017 10:38:47
                                                     Damon - Promo isn't what it was 15-20 years ago... 29-Nov-2017 17:57:43
                                                                  MentariS - About the giveaway, I’m not holding my breath—I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s no further mention of it and... 30-Nov-2017 13:05:56
                                                     SeanCorrain - Eh ... I have to kind of disagree 29-Nov-2017 18:44:44
                                                                  GaelleF - Exactly, you can do A LOT from afar, through social media, social network, youtube... 29-Nov-2017 19:49:54
              CSCfan - I have a feeling that recording and releasing this album was more a labour of love (like "Home") and.. 29-Nov-2017 13:55:17
              Wendy - I thought they'd release more "making of" videos by now 30-Nov-2017 11:32:02
              MentariS - I gave up hoping for more promo nowadays really. However, I’m still not over how they handled the supposed EPK release 30-Nov-2017 13:01:28
                           Nabil - Thanks so much Mentari for not letting this go 30-Nov-2017 13:14:23
                                        SteveW - What I found odd about the EPK... 30-Nov-2017 16:24:14
                                                     MentariS - "What were they waiting for?" That kind of question is exactly why I've given up wondering about such things...LOL. 30-Nov-2017 16:33:45
                                        MentariS - Like I said, I'm not expecting any response to that question (that I asked in a playful manner anyway), but as you said 30-Nov-2017 16:47:14
                           Damon - The social media pages seem to be run 30-Nov-2017 14:37:48
                                        SteveW - I suspected that too 30-Nov-2017 16:17:56
                                                     Nick - the handling of the official socia media accounts seems far from professional. Its a pity, 30-Nov-2017 16:35:42
                                        MentariS - Yeah, I suspected that too. I follow both of the Hughes sisters' personal Twitter and Instagram accounts, and... 30-Nov-2017 16:38:03
                           SeanCorrain - You've said it very well. 30-Nov-2017 16:32:57
                                        Nick - Regarding the EPK.. maybe they weren't just happy with the result. (n/t) 30-Nov-2017 16:36:27
                                        GaelleF - The cost of shooting it and editing it and... nothing ! interesting... (n/t) 30-Nov-2017 20:16:33
                           Leslie - The whole EPK thing non-release was weird. I'm thinking they're holding it for next wave of promo when tour dates start. 03-Dec-2017 17:19:37

MentariS - A Corrs giveaway on Instagram? (from the band’s official Instagram story): 28-Nov-2017 08:53:16
              SteveW - Mentari, how does one see this poll? 28-Nov-2017 09:31:28
                           MentariS - Go to their profile and tap the profile picture; you’ll see a ‘story’ post with the poll as pictured 28-Nov-2017 10:12:51
                                        SteveW - Thanks, Mentari. Apparently this feature works only on the IG app 28-Nov-2017 10:28:01
                                                     MentariS - 4% now?? People...🙄🙄 (n/t) 28-Nov-2017 10:32:13

SteveW - Mostly OT question that I've been wondering about for a while 27-Nov-2017 09:56:20
              Chanh - I think they use both systems in the UK. 27-Nov-2017 10:34:01
              Chanh - The british actor was Greg Davies and sorry for double post (n/t) 27-Nov-2017 10:36:10
              dave - SteveW, we use a mix of the two systems, with a swing back toward Imperial in recent years. 27-Nov-2017 11:45:45
                           SteveW - Here in the US, I think the only thing for which we consistently use metric is soda bottles 27-Nov-2017 12:41:35
                                        Corranga - Similar to the UK in some respects. Our milk is sold in both 4 pints and 2 litre varieties based on brand 30-Nov-2017 11:03:25

mikeyCF - latest album chart position for jupiter calling 24-Nov-2017 17:21:55

dave - A Five Star review for Jupiter Calling. 22-Nov-2017 19:11:08
              Robin - Brilliant review and i agree for me JC is Corrs best ever album. (n/t) 22-Nov-2017 19:22:24
              SteveW - Nice review. A question, though... 22-Nov-2017 22:48:13
                           GaelleF - Most personal? too personal? Difficult to relate? I dunno... (n/t) 23-Nov-2017 09:03:29
              DutchDenise - Second that, find the album the best so far 24-Nov-2017 19:05:17

dave - Interesting insight into the current state of the music industry as it effects Irish artists. 21-Nov-2017 14:26:12

shyart - I couldn't tell you how Jupiter Calling is because 21-Nov-2017 06:02:19
              dave - Contact amazon uk and ask them to send another, they will normally do this free of charge. 21-Nov-2017 09:59:11
              Terry - Nothing here yet either :-( 21-Nov-2017 13:14:26
                           Klaus - I pre-ordered in september along with the RAH tickets too 21-Nov-2017 14:01:44
                                        shyart - Thank you for the suggestions. I already checked the 21-Nov-2017 15:32:36
              rmssw - Mine dispatched yesterday but it won’t arrive until December 2. 21-Nov-2017 16:24:12
                           dave - I'm getting the impression that initial sales were higher than expected here in UK 21-Nov-2017 19:21:41
              Jerry - I got mine last week (n/t) 21-Nov-2017 17:31:46

SteveW - Fairly positive American review of JC 20-Nov-2017 02:59:26
              Nick - American critics has been historically nice to The Corrs... 20-Nov-2017 03:59:32
              SeanCorrain - That is interesting, I have not watched. Is this a fan who is reviewing ? 20-Nov-2017 20:41:06
                           SteveW - I'm not sure who the reviewer is 20-Nov-2017 22:39:18
                                        dave - I listened to the whole thing and am pretty sure its a 'music blogger', she's not proficient 21-Nov-2017 10:03:14
                                                     Nick - Yeah, she surely is. Anyway, if she had many followers (not in this case, but there are others who has) 21-Nov-2017 21:34:33
                                                                  Jerry - And it will show up when people search for Taylor Swift reviews (n/t) 21-Nov-2017 22:13:36
                                                                               dave - Sure thing, Taylor would give The Corrs serious competition in a 'war of the bands' live showdown - 23-Nov-2017 11:18:27
                                                                                            Robin - Every performance the Corrs give is faultless and polished. Don't understand the connection between T Swift and Corrs. (n/t) 24-Nov-2017 18:48:48
                                                                                                         dave - Don't agree Robin, there have been plenty of performances of theirs that were far from 24-Nov-2017 20:31:06
                                                                                                                      Robin - Guess it's down to personal views, no more than that. Sorry just find it unecessary to start drawing comparisons between 25-Nov-2017 10:11:39
                                                                                                         MentariS - I’m not a Swift fan at all, but I certainly never pretend that The Corrs have never ever made mistakes in live gigs 24-Nov-2017 23:11:23
                                                                                                                      SteveW - MIstakes 25-Nov-2017 02:51:12
                                                                                                                                   SteveW - Here's an example of mistakes in a song making the performance more exciting 25-Nov-2017 03:32:12
                                                                                                                                   MentariS - Ditto Steve, and I like the examples you posted! Also, the 2001 BBC Radio 2 gig is one of my favourites... 25-Nov-2017 15:24:36
                                                                                                                                   SteveW - Question on 2001 BBC Radio 2 gig 25-Nov-2017 16:45:06
                                                                                                                                   GaelleF - BBC Radio 1 gig: it was only broadcast, in edited form, on the radio. The video recording comes from a stolen VHS 25-Nov-2017 20:49:01
                                                                                                                                   CSCfan - IIRC, the BBC Radio 2 "gig", was also broadcasted online (a "livestream"). 26-Nov-2017 11:18:38

cedic - Andrea and Caroline in another regional radio appearance, this time BBC Radio Devon 19-Nov-2017 12:54:23
              dave - Thanks for posting, good to hear that a tour can be expected. Love the bit 'ask the fans, 19-Nov-2017 13:49:14
              SteveW - Another one: Radio Wales 19-Nov-2017 14:08:03
                           CorrMac - Thanks for that - another good interview, about 15 mins? Nice to hear Caroline talking ... 19-Nov-2017 15:56:09
                           cmulas - Thanks so much for these links. I really liked both interviews of Andrea and Caroline. And yes, it is very 19-Nov-2017 22:16:06

dave - Andrea gives interesting and revealing replies to questions from the Daily Mail.. 19-Nov-2017 10:25:55
              MentariS - Interesting facts indeed. Great to know she's a fellow tennis fan :-) And yes, I'm still shaking to learn that... 19-Nov-2017 11:20:53
                           Robin - As a tennis player of 60 years think i should contact Andrea and see if she would like to be my mixed doubles partner. (n/t) 19-Nov-2017 13:10:23
              Carolineinspiredmetodrum - This is so sad 19-Nov-2017 14:28:11

den - Finally got round to buying JC. £7.99 with free postage was a bargain! (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 23:40:46

SteveW - Corrs on Compass FM 96.4 18-Nov-2017 13:54:51

SteveW - Butter Flutter and similar/unusual songs 18-Nov-2017 07:35:13
              Nick - Thank you Steve. Well, thinking of the new songs, Bulletproof Love reminds me of Jack Johnson's work. (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 11:15:54
              Sergio - I would categorize What can I Do, White Light and Humdrum also as 'un-orthodox' songs 18-Nov-2017 21:16:04

Robin - Corrs are at London palladium. To be shown next Friday 11.15 ITV guessing just one song. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:46:13
              mrrob69uk - Repeat 18-Nov-2017 00:02:27
                           Robin - That's disappointing didn't realise that.Sorry for getting everybody's hopes up. (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 00:32:31

mikeyCF - disappointed in the chart position for jupiter calling 17-Nov-2017 17:42:30
              dave - Not surprised, after initial sales raised it to #10 it was bound to slip back. 17-Nov-2017 19:24:13
                           mikeyCF - reply to dave 17-Nov-2017 21:08:47
                                        dave - OK our opinions clearly differ Mike, we'll leave it at that. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:20:42
              evaprimananda - Sold 9,258 copies (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 20:51:22
                           mikeyCF - reply to sales figure 17-Nov-2017 21:04:15
              Damon - This article even mentions the minimum promotion push... 17-Nov-2017 21:05:51
                           SeanCorrain - What do we do then ? 17-Nov-2017 21:08:39
                                        Damon - There's only so much we can do without their management doing more... 17-Nov-2017 21:17:19
                                                     dave - As in all aspects of life, the market will decide - people buy what appeals to them. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:23:44
                                                                  GaelleF - But they need to know it's there in the first place ! (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:50:23
                                                                  commonwombat - Much as some of us may wish it so; you cannot force the media to grant airtime or airplay, especially in their situation 18-Nov-2017 00:42:48
                                                                               MentariS - Thank you, wombat :-) (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 06:41:43
                                                                               dave - On the nail as usual wombat. The music industry is an 'industry' no matter how 18-Nov-2017 09:38:12
                                                                                            MentariS - "I'm certainly not crying into my beer over album sales figures... " Ditto Dave! (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 11:58:46
              Nick - It is, indeed, a "low key" project for them. Something made out of pure passion for music, not expecting a chart topper. 18-Nov-2017 05:02:04

AB_CLOSER - RAH 2017 DVD project. Requests: 17-Nov-2017 15:52:32
              AB_CLOSER - Menu 1 error 17-Nov-2017 15:56:59
              SteveW - I watched the BOTN excerpt -- very impressive. 17-Nov-2017 18:18:23
                           AB_CLOSER - Thanks SteveW (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 12:13:40
              AB_CLOSER - BOTN excerpt edit (error) 18-Nov-2017 12:14:56

dave - What are your favourite 'one liner' comments from the various recent interviews 17-Nov-2017 14:14:38

MentariS - New video of Butter Flutter edited by Andrea: 17-Nov-2017 10:56:12
              Chanh - Thx Mentari (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 11:11:29
              SteveW - Who is that playing guitar at about 0:31? Does not look like Jim or Anto. A crew member? 17-Nov-2017 11:19:11
                           SteveW - Never mind, it is Jim after all (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 11:28:19
                           MentariS - Looks like Andy recorded it using her phone’s front camera. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 12:20:00
                           OsamaRaashid - The left handed thing threw me off too. I was thinking: Wow! they "Actually" can do anything :-D (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 14:48:04
              sergio - Their FB page says 'out now' - what do they mean by this? There is no single, no official video, at the same time 17-Nov-2017 13:48:45
                           Chanh - I think "out now" is refers to Jupiter Calling not Butter Flutter (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 19:44:29
              dave - I guess this is taken with her own smartphone held in her left hand - I like it. 17-Nov-2017 14:04:37
                           CorrMac - Actually, she has her own YouTube "channel" ... 17-Nov-2017 15:33:13
                                        dave - Thanks, I've just subscribed. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 16:32:37
              Nick - I'd love to see a proper videoclip for this song. (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 05:05:44
                           MentariS - Me too Nick, so many story ideas could be made from the lyrics! (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 12:26:22

SteveW - Received my CD of JC today; who wrote which song? 16-Nov-2017 21:30:31
              Corranga - I thought the same about the Sharon playing piano songs being hers, and, yes, I believe this is the first time Andrea 17-Nov-2017 09:25:13
                           SteveW - To those who have seen the RTE broadcast of Siog: Did Andrea play keyboards on it (as indicated on the setlist)? (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 10:48:20
                                        Chanh - No, Caroline was playing piano. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 10:54:09
                                        GaelleF - Siog? Where/when/why was it played? (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 10:55:33
                                                     SteveW - referring to this thread here 17-Nov-2017 11:11:06
                                                                  GaelleF - Thanks so much, I missed that convo ! (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:51:48

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