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Gillian - See you at Kew! 16-Jul-2016 08:52:32
              den - See you at Kew Gilly (n/t) 16-Jul-2016 10:40:09
              dave - Saw you at Kew Gilly ! You didn't come to the pub afterwards... ? (n/t) 18-Jul-2016 21:25:48

emeraldisle98 - Any Corrs fans living in northeast London/Essex attending the Kew Gardens Concert? 14-Jul-2016 23:37:05

SteveW - Videos from Stuttgart acoustic gig on youtube 14-Jul-2016 16:39:41
              Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for sharing! These videos are so great. Wish I could have been there. (n/t) 14-Jul-2016 19:06:28
              Corrsgirl1 - White Light has changed lyrics 14-Jul-2016 19:07:47
                           Corrsgirl1 - Oh it's 'Glare' not 'End' (n/t) 14-Jul-2016 19:09:35

corrazy_rach - Thinking of walking down the aisle to Runaway at my upcoming wedding - which version would be best!? (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 02:49:19
              MentariS - Unplugged :-) and what a great choice of song for your wedding! Hopefully everything goes well. (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 02:52:37
              seancorrain - There was a stringapella remix that came out in the 90's 13-Jul-2016 02:59:24
                           Corranga - Stringapella - instrumental songs work best at weddings imo, and, depending on your audience, no sniggering teenagers 13-Jul-2016 07:59:15
                                        SteveW - There's a stringapella remix of Runaway? I knew there was one for WCID... 13-Jul-2016 09:25:52
                                                     sergio - I have a vague memory that a remix of Runaway exist but not sure whether it is a Stringapella or Tin-Tin Out 13-Jul-2016 12:24:41
                                                                  SteveW - There was a Tin Tin Out remix of Runaway that was on the TOC special edition in the US (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 12:34:02
                                                     seancorrain - I've heard Angel (once) I think the most rare Corrs song I've heard in a store was Paddy McCarthy ! 13-Jul-2016 17:39:18
                                                     Corranga - You're right, it's WCID... I think I was thinking about the acoustic version which is on a version of TRT single? 14-Jul-2016 09:33:45
              MC - Original. And congratulations! :-) (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 05:34:14
              BallerinaTay - Congrats! 13-Jul-2016 17:40:31
                           Robin - Great song choice Rach. Many congratulations and have a brilliant day. (n/t) 13-Jul-2016 21:26:32
              corrazy_rach - Thanks for all your comments everyone! I think it'll have to be the original - I can't find this 'stringapella' version? (n/t) 16-Jul-2016 09:21:10
                           CorrMac - Try these links ... 16-Jul-2016 21:49:54

den - Anyone driving to Kew, if so where are you parking? (n/t) 11-Jul-2016 00:41:57
              Corranga - Me (or Erica) and I am also interested in an answer to this! Not figured out where to park either :( (n/t) 11-Jul-2016 08:31:06
              dave - Info from See Tickets and Kew themselves strongly advise against driving to the venue. 11-Jul-2016 08:34:29
              RichardY - You could park in Richmond and get the Overground or District line to Kew Gardens station 11-Jul-2016 13:47:07
                           dave - Try this website - times & charges vary, but there are carparks at Kew and Richmond 11-Jul-2016 14:55:10
                                        dave - One of the best things I invested in this year is a TFL smartcard account - 11-Jul-2016 15:02:34
                                                     dave - Another good option is to use an 'offpeak day-return Travel Card' ticket from a mainline 11-Jul-2016 15:09:23
                                                                  airbusgore - As it's a Saturday off peak or super off peak (NR) fares should apply ALL day. (n/t) 11-Jul-2016 17:24:57
                                                                               Corranga - I don't think you need to register a payment card with TFL nowadays, I just used my contactless credit card 11-Jul-2016 23:00:35
                                                                                            den - but was it cheaper Chris? i think im going to zpark at Richmond station and preboook its only 1 stop away-thanks Richard (n/t) 11-Jul-2016 23:07:36
                                                                                                         Corranga - I believe so, yes. info from TFL doesn't say aything about registering a card... 12-Jul-2016 12:37:23
                                                                                                                      dave - Yes, looks like they've changed the small print. You don't have to sign up for 12-Jul-2016 14:28:44
                                                                                                                                   mrrob69uk - Kew 12-Jul-2016 22:10:23
              den - ive booked a place at at Richmond station for 15. it takes the worry out as its only 1 stop from Kew. (n/t) 12-Jul-2016 22:37:01
                           den - Car Park space I mean (n/t) 12-Jul-2016 22:38:15
                                        mrrob69uk - Kew 12-Jul-2016 22:48:34
                                                     den - yes it was (n/t) 12-Jul-2016 22:57:23

seancorrain - To Anyone who follows Keith Duffy on Instagram 09-Jul-2016 18:54:46
              Sergio - Anto is in Silverstone...:) (n/t) 09-Jul-2016 21:14:41
              MC - I wouldn't read anything into his photo, and I wouldn't assume anything about the band from it. 10-Jul-2016 05:12:40
                           StPaddy - Keith just took a week off to visit some friends in California, 10-Jul-2016 08:48:57
                                        MC - Just watched that video right after I posted! (n/t) 10-Jul-2016 12:18:43

robin - kew gig timings announced 6.40 Ten Millennia 7.30 Norma Jean Martine 8.45 Corrs. The 08-Jul-2016 21:56:46
              dave - Hopefully....And it would be nice to have LTLY and OWIS replaced by Heaven Knows, 09-Jul-2016 11:19:20
                           den - didnt somebody say the queue is walked in? (n/t) 09-Jul-2016 17:50:27
                                        robin - yes Den that guy at Epsom said that but seems a bit strange. Cant see that happening somehow once gates open but we 09-Jul-2016 23:54:05
                                                     Corranga - Walking in - as in the queue is chaperoned to the stage? Given the size of the gardens, this might well be true? 11-Jul-2016 08:33:12
                                                                  RichardY - The stage is located on the grass area to the left of the Orangery on this map (stop 7 on the yellow explorer route). 11-Jul-2016 21:51:55
                                                                               Corranga - Thanks Richard :) (n/t) 11-Jul-2016 23:02:55
                           robin - will do Dave i had better make sure my speed is up to the mark. (n/t) 10-Jul-2016 00:02:46
                                        den - which gate Robin and what time will u get in the kew? (n/t) 10-Jul-2016 13:14:19
                                                     Robin - Elizabeth gate perhaps the best bet as they told me that is a little nearer the stage. Staying at premier inn in Luton 10-Jul-2016 13:34:47
              MC - Kew Gardens is the gig that Jim had tweeted about possibly filming for a DVD, although we've never had confirmation one 09-Jul-2016 12:10:32
                           dave - I asked Jim about progress on Twitter - but no reply as yet Marie. (n/t) 09-Jul-2016 15:52:14
                                        MC - Yeah, I've seen that he's been asked about it a number of times, but hasn't responded as of yet. (n/t) 10-Jul-2016 05:10:50

dave - Nice to see in the 'latest news' post that The Corrs are confirmed as the highest selling Irish 06-Jul-2016 10:23:01
              dave - Sorry... #26 ! (n/t) 06-Jul-2016 10:24:01
              Corranga - in the UK. :) (n/t) 06-Jul-2016 12:11:12
              DrFunkenstein - That's some pretty elite company, and higher than some world famous UK acts! (n/t) 06-Jul-2016 13:18:53

Robin - Kew gig update. I emailed Kew just to double check our general admission tickets ok. Got responce from them confirming 06-Jul-2016 09:24:56
              dave - Thanks for the update Robin. (n/t) 06-Jul-2016 10:20:02
              Terry - Much appreciated info Robin! 06-Jul-2016 11:23:48
                           airbusgore - Ticket arrived today. Doors 1800. Assume can queue at inside beforehand.. (n/t) 06-Jul-2016 17:31:51
                                        Corranga - There will be a small group of Corrs Club regulars queuing I'm sure :) (n/t) 07-Jul-2016 09:02:11
                           marileen - Same here! (n/t) 10-Jul-2016 21:46:21
              Terry - Site map of Kew gig now available on Kew internetsite 06-Jul-2016 18:11:51
              RichardY - Thanks Robin see you there! (n/t) 06-Jul-2016 21:26:42

Phoenix89 - White Light 05-Jul-2016 15:09:41

airbusgore - Hadn't realised York was afternoon races meet with Corrs 1730 - 1930 (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 13:19:39
              dave - You might be lucky in that case and get a 'full set' of 1:45 hours. (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 13:56:19
              Corranga - It's 5.30 to 7 axccording to the event programme linked from the York Racecourse website 04-Jul-2016 15:10:31
                           Robin - Yes think it will be same set list as other racecourses but hopefully with Kiss of life reinstated. (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 15:21:14

dave - Andrea's AOL showcase video - you'll see some 'oldtimers' here Den ! 04-Jul-2016 12:06:57
              den - brings back some memories (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 23:01:11

Corranga - Ten Millennia confirmed as backing act at Kew 04-Jul-2016 11:29:42
              dave - I think there's also another support act as well - so we'll get three. But I hope this doesn't 04-Jul-2016 12:01:07
                           Robin - Yes other support from Norma Jean Martine a girl singer. As you say Dave let's hope for a full set. (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 12:17:02
                                        Corranga - I was wondering as I saw a page last week with Norma Jean Martine listed... (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 15:12:28

Luke - Belfast gig 03-Jul-2016 11:22:31
              dave - Its outdoor general admission Luke. Loads of hotels like Premier Inn, Travelodge, Etap 03-Jul-2016 11:37:33
                           Corrsgirl1 - When I went to Belfast (few months ago) I stayed at 03-Jul-2016 18:38:03
                                        Corranga - I'm going, and am staying in the hostel mentioned above - and probably walking too ;-) All part of the adventure! (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 11:24:23
                                                     dave - See you there - I'm staying at the Etap. (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 12:02:57

RichardY - Photos and videos from Epsom 02-Jul-2016 13:26:36
              chris - Thanks to Richard & all others who've posted videos in the last few months. Bad news though..... 02-Jul-2016 16:18:15
              MC - Thank you for sharing! Love Andrea's pictures on her setlist, LOL! (n/t) 03-Jul-2016 05:37:15
                           Corranga - Thanks for sharing, the best of the race course gigs imo (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 11:24:55

dave - Richard, Robin and Maurs... any clarification on Kew tickets yet, regarding that 02-Jul-2016 11:45:58
              RichardY - According to the Kew the Music website the reserved enclosure is at the front to the side of the stage 02-Jul-2016 12:59:10
                           dave - So nothing has changed - the guy we spoke to at Epsom said the 'dance area' was cordoned off 02-Jul-2016 13:15:38
                                        robin - Thats what Kew have told me that general admission tickets get us right in front of centre stage and that the 02-Jul-2016 14:26:24
                                                     den - thanks very much Robin your help is greqtly appreciated. xx (n/t) 02-Jul-2016 14:54:24

SteveW - Livestream on youtube, 1:00 pm UK time today 02-Jul-2016 05:43:40
              MentariS - A big live chat while watching a few Corrs gigs on YouTube to be exact. Click on the YouTube stream link in the tweet... 02-Jul-2016 06:12:24
                           Corranga - Sounds interesting, I'm stuck on a much delayed bus returning from London did Epsom right now though 02-Jul-2016 11:11:49
                                        dave - Delayed... its 36 hours after the gig Chris, are you going home via Mongolia ? 02-Jul-2016 12:15:05
                                                     Corranga - I spent the day in London yesterday, then my bus left at 11.45pm except it didn't arrive in the bus station until 12.30! 02-Jul-2016 13:12:51
                                                                  dave - LOL.. a kip at Gatwick wasn't comfortable but I was home by 0900 yesterday morning. (n/t) 02-Jul-2016 13:25:06
              Corranga - So how was the live stream event?? (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 11:25:18

Cara - Zazzle is having a sale - 20% off sitewide! If you want a CC mug/shirt/button! Link on top of page. :-) 02-Jul-2016 00:03:44

den - Really enjoyed the gig at Epsom. Freezing cold, Sharon was having a hot cuppa about every 5 minutes mainly to 01-Jul-2016 01:11:25
              MC - From the pictures that I've seen, it looked like it was extremely windy. 01-Jul-2016 04:18:03
                           Corranga - The set list was the usual race course one with 3 songs down, and an additional drop 01-Jul-2016 08:39:13
                                        MC - That's too bad. Kiss Of Life has been one of my favorites. (n/t) 01-Jul-2016 12:34:42
                                        corrazy_rach - Ohhh I hope they play Kiss of Life at Belsonic Belfast - my favourite!! (n/t) 02-Jul-2016 13:41:10
                                                     robin - Sure they will Rach, its the first time they havnt included it. They had intended to play it but unforunately they were 02-Jul-2016 15:28:26

dave - Bring waterproofs for Epsom tomorrow ! (n/t) 29-Jun-2016 19:21:44
              RichardY - Hopefully just the odd light shower tomorrow Dave! It's been cold, wet and windy here today! (n/t) 29-Jun-2016 20:59:14
                           Luke - I don't think i have too many waterproofs 29-Jun-2016 21:48:29
                                        airbusgore - Only 5% chance of shwer after 1900 according to weather page I looked at.. (n/t) 30-Jun-2016 05:44:00
                                                     Corranga - It'll be great despite the weather :) (n/t) 30-Jun-2016 08:07:25
                                                                  Corranga - It was great, and largely so was the weather! (n/t) 01-Jul-2016 08:39:50

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