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corrazy_rach - My dilemma! European gigs early August?! 10-Jun-2016 07:08:55
              corrazy_rach - Further questions - Are Marbella or Belfast full gigs or just a few songs? Thanks! (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 08:26:51
                           Corranga - I believe/expect the Belfast gig to be a full gig. I'll be there :) (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 11:07:03
              Corranga - Also, remember to check the upcoming tour sticky right below the POTW - 13th Aug they are playing a festival in France 10-Jun-2016 11:09:18
              corrazy_rach - Thanks Corranga! 10-Jun-2016 14:38:37
                           Terry - Regarding VIP area Belsonic Belfast: 10-Jun-2016 15:28:49
                                        corrazy_rach - Thanks Terry! So general admission isn't seated? Thanks! (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 23:27:10
                                                     Terry - The whole thing is standing! (n/t) 11-Jun-2016 06:01:26
              corrazy_rach - Thanks Terry! I might book Belfast incase there's no other dates announced?! (n/t) 11-Jun-2016 11:42:52
                           Corranga - Yep, Belfast is a standing gig :) The VIP area will be a waste of money (from my perspective) 11-Jun-2016 14:22:11
                                        corrazy_rach - Thanks 11-Jun-2016 15:25:37
                                                     MC - If I had to take a guess... this may be it for the summer. (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 06:22:48
                                                                  Corranga - I'd guess the same. Most of the events they are doing are part of some festival or other, the sort of things that are 12-Jun-2016 08:55:00
                                                                               MC - Jim posted on Twitter that the Belfast show is probably the last for quite a while. (n/t) 12-Jun-2016 15:17:26
                                        Terry2 - VIP 12-Jun-2016 19:31:04
              corrazy_rach - Woohoo! All booked for Belfast! :) (n/t) 14-Jun-2016 14:31:14

M-Corr - Just back from the Cork Gig. Great to meat everyone. Hope to post some pic's tomorow. (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 03:15:45
              M-Corr - That should read Meet not Meat, well it is nearly 3am :-) (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 03:17:17
              MC - From what I've seen, it looks like it was quite a gig! :-) (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 04:23:51
              Alastair - Good to meet you buddy 10-Jun-2016 11:12:46
                           M-Corr - Nice to meet you too Alaistair, I think we stopped into that .. 10-Jun-2016 14:15:25
              M-Corr - A few PHOTOS from last nights GIG in CORK... 10-Jun-2016 14:49:50
                           M-Corr - Forgot to mention a big thank you to my traveling companions… 10-Jun-2016 15:01:12

mrrob69uk - Blenheim Palace! 08-Jun-2016 22:19:19
              Leslie - That's an amazing surprise gift! (n/t) 08-Jun-2016 23:18:19
              scott - not a frequient replier 09-Jun-2016 02:07:31

Servantez - Newmarket Gig - 3 different ticket prices, do they matter if you're there just to see The Corrs? 08-Jun-2016 22:01:49
              RichardY - The stage is in the Premier Enclosure so you will get a better spot for the concert if you buy a £40 ticket 08-Jun-2016 22:07:34
                           robin - I got ticket eay back in january for grandstand and paddock as the ticket factory told me this would enable me to get 08-Jun-2016 22:25:13
                                        Robyn - Does anyone know if this is the same for Haydock, does it matter what ticket you have? hope I've got right one (n/t) 08-Jun-2016 23:19:28
                                                     RichardY - I don't think it matters for Haydock as you can access the stage from all the enclosures there. 08-Jun-2016 23:26:33
                                                                  Robyn - Thanks yeah that's the ones I bought, good to know (n/t) 08-Jun-2016 23:32:25
                                                                               Robin - Yes I got Tattersalls for Haydock, says on the racecourse website that it's the nearest area to the stage. (n/t) 09-Jun-2016 00:21:06
                           Servantez - Thanks! Will go for £40 then. Have to remeber about the dress code. (n/t) 09-Jun-2016 02:33:10
                                        den - What about Epsom? (n/t) 09-Jun-2016 11:16:45
                                                     robin - my ticket is for The Stands. spoke to jockey club who assured me it was right area for first to front stage. (n/t) 09-Jun-2016 11:27:59
                                                                  den - is there a dress code for.Epsom? (n/t) 09-Jun-2016 13:11:55
                                                                               Cara - I would assume probably yes - same as the other racecourses... (n/t) 09-Jun-2016 18:05:39
                                                                                            den - im not a betting man (n/t) 09-Jun-2016 18:48:50
                                                                               RichardY - Den this page gives details of the dress code for racing at Epsom 09-Jun-2016 21:57:21
                                                                                            den - thanks Richard (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 00:05:29
                                                     Servantez - Sadly, I can't go to Epsom gig. I'm attending Open'er Festival from 28 June - 1 July. Great line-up :) (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 00:47:33
                                                                  Corranga - Hey asll, the very first post at the top of this board 'Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates' 10-Jun-2016 12:29:24

Alastair - Cork! 08-Jun-2016 15:59:19
              RichardY - I wish I was going but couldn't really get away with taking more time off work after doing Vienna last week! 08-Jun-2016 22:02:08
                           Alastair - Cheers Richard (n/t) 09-Jun-2016 09:16:03

chris1957 - Taxi share to Blenheim 08-Jun-2016 10:57:15

MentariS - Concert DVD? Mr James Corr says they're 'working on it': 07-Jun-2016 12:19:02
              Corrsgirl1 - That would be so nice! Maybe at Blenheim? That would be an amazing place to film a dvd right? (n/t) 07-Jun-2016 12:34:21
                           MC - From what I've seen, that certainly looks to be an amazing venue. 08-Jun-2016 00:37:51
                                        Corrsgirl1 - "Could also be a concert that has yet to be announced" the long overdue Amsterdam gig ? :D (n/t) 08-Jun-2016 16:26:49
                                                     Terry - The Corrs: Live in Amsterdam........sounds good to me :-)) (n/t) 08-Jun-2016 20:41:03
                                                                  DutchDenise - I third that haha (n/t) 11-Jun-2016 13:30:09
                                                     MC - LOL, sure, why not? ;-) (n/t) 09-Jun-2016 00:41:47
              DrFunkenstein - They have been wearing the same outfits on stage for several shows, so I wonder if they have been 07-Jun-2016 13:02:59
                           GaelleF - No screens in Paris, no camera. Would suck! Such an incredible show... (n/t) 07-Jun-2016 18:18:02
                           Corranga - Having been to a few gigs, I can confirm that The Corrs, and Sharon when solo touring often wear the same outfits 10-Jun-2016 12:32:20
                                        sergio - haha, you've got a point Chris:) (n/t) 10-Jun-2016 12:47:16
              OsamaRaashid - That is very good news (n/t) 07-Jun-2016 18:32:43
              Cara - **fingers crossed** (n/t) 07-Jun-2016 18:52:19
                           Drsjf16 - Excellent news! 07-Jun-2016 19:10:39
              MC - Just saw that response. Very interesting.... makes me wonder what else is in the pipeline that they could potentially 08-Jun-2016 00:36:38
                           nightcat - Fingers and toes crossed here (n/t) 08-Jun-2016 11:21:12

Phoenix89 - Sodenberg by Sharon 06-Jun-2016 10:58:00
              MC - The actual concert, I think. They're wearing their stage clothing. (n/t) 06-Jun-2016 11:00:51
              MentariS - These are beautiful pics. The outfits are spot-on and Caroline looks all her bad-ass drummer self! (n/t) 06-Jun-2016 12:53:06
              Nyoman - Videos from youtube 06-Jun-2016 13:05:11
              SteveW - Was this part of a festival, or a full-length gig? (n/t) 06-Jun-2016 18:20:39
                           robin - A massive thank you to the Corrs for allowing us to follow them so closely on instogram. so good to see pics from gigs 06-Jun-2016 23:17:49
                           MC - Full-length gig. The setlist was posted on (n/t) 07-Jun-2016 05:23:28

MentariS - Instagram photos from Søndenborg: 05-Jun-2016 16:04:30
              Robyn - Looking good great pics (n/t) 05-Jun-2016 22:41:31
              sergio - They are pretty active again in the social media, which I welcome:) (n/t) 06-Jun-2016 08:45:18

MentariS - Probably the most adorable pic I've seen all week - The Corrs reliving their childhood: 05-Jun-2016 13:31:04
              corrazy_rach - Haha where were they?! (n/t) 05-Jun-2016 14:00:33
                           MentariS - Probably somewhere in Paris before they headed off to Denmark. (n/t) 05-Jun-2016 15:43:37
                                        nightcat - Jim looks most adorable in that pic xD (n/t) 06-Jun-2016 08:30:19
                                                     MentariS - Maybe her sisters placed that dummy on him to replace the e-cigarette :-p (n/t) 06-Jun-2016 12:34:50

GaelleF - Incredible gig in Paris, seating gig becoming a standing one , even in the balconies! They were blown away, so were we! 05-Jun-2016 07:43:31
              MentariS - A few photos from Paris: 05-Jun-2016 09:10:17
              MC - Jim posted on Twitter that he had a prior commitment with Mike Rutherford. (n/t) 05-Jun-2016 13:32:11
                           commonwombat - Yes, Greg Bone was the stand-in. "Big Brother" is back with them for the Denmark gig & will be doing double duty at IOW 05-Jun-2016 16:26:12
                                        MentariS - Some energy Big Brother has :-) (n/t) 05-Jun-2016 16:37:03
              Corrsgirl1 - Sounds like a great gig! Good to hear you had a nice time Gaelle! (n/t) 05-Jun-2016 15:02:26

RichardY - Vienna gig report with some photos & videos 04-Jun-2016 02:38:44
              MC - Thanks for the report, pictures, and videos, Richard! :-) (n/t) 04-Jun-2016 06:14:13
              Corrsgirl1 - Glad you still had a great seat since so much got mixed up with the tickets, and had a great night! Thanks for writing 04-Jun-2016 09:16:44
                           robin - Brilliant thanks Richard. sounds like another amazing gig and what a bonus to meet them. (n/t) 04-Jun-2016 09:50:30
              SteveW - Thanks for the great report; I enjoyed reading this. Also terrific pictures and videos (with excellent sound) (n/t) 04-Jun-2016 10:39:49
                           nightcat - Thanks for reporting Richard! Well appreciated. 04-Jun-2016 12:27:36
              Terry - Very nice report, pics and video's. Funny though..... 04-Jun-2016 12:56:38
              den - Great report Richard, thanks. (n/t) 04-Jun-2016 14:18:48
              Leslie - Great gig report. 04-Jun-2016 16:38:07
              sergio - Thanks Richard for your report, the brilliant pics and videos, I would just add some moments from my perspective... 04-Jun-2016 16:51:10
                           RichardY - Great to read your thoughts on the gig Sergio and it's a shame we didn't get to meet on the night. 04-Jun-2016 21:55:40
                                        Corranga - Great reports Richard and Sergio - the negative points are oh so familiar to me from other gigs too 05-Jun-2016 14:21:01
                           MC - Excellent write-up, Sergio! I'm glad you had a good time! :-) (n/t) 05-Jun-2016 03:13:48
                           sergio - Okay, so I finally managed to upload the Vienna videos made by my friend who was standing next to me... 06-Jun-2016 21:46:01
                           dave - I mentioned the 'standing ban' to Jim when we met them after the show Sergio, 14-Jun-2016 11:06:41
              Ancsa - Vienna 08-Jun-2016 12:32:03
                           RichardY - Hey Ancsa it was great to meet you in Vienna! 08-Jun-2016 21:47:25
                                        dave - Apparently Austrian audiences are very conservative about being seen to 'enjoy themselves', 14-Jun-2016 15:00:00
                                                     sergio - I would formulate this that way that they tend to follow the rules, are very disciplined people and unfortunately 14-Jun-2016 15:29:14
                                                     SteveW - Armed guards inside the venue 14-Jun-2016 22:32:23

MentariS - Happy birthday to Mr Keith Duffy! Looks like the guy's had a fantastic day: 03-Jun-2016 06:03:08
              Sergio - Happy Birthday!:) I could have wished him this personally yesterday but I was so stunned seeing him 03-Jun-2016 06:31:17
              den - Happy Birthday Keith. have a great one. see you at Epsom! (n/t) 03-Jun-2016 15:55:35

SteveW - Numbers on setlist 03-Jun-2016 04:35:58
              SteveW - Another example of numbers on the setlist 03-Jun-2016 05:59:14
                           StPaddy - Steve, I guess these are Jim´s set-lists, 03-Jun-2016 07:56:59
                                        SteveW - Mystery solved! Thanks, Michael! (n/t) 03-Jun-2016 10:29:11

RichardY - Ticket problems for Corrs fans who bought tickets via Eventim for tonight's gig in Vienna 02-Jun-2016 16:26:52
              GaelleF - THat REALLY sucks ! (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 18:54:32
              seancorrain - That happened to me in Portland OR on the Borrowed Heaven Tour 03-Jun-2016 01:38:16

Phoenix89 - Anyone knows about Caroline's recent interview with the Lunch Box? 02-Jun-2016 01:56:55
              MC - Yes, it's been in the news box at the top of the page. ;-) 02-Jun-2016 02:14:29
                           MentariS - It's very nice that she speaks more in interviews these days :-) Very fitting for the Comeback Mastermind! (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 07:45:15
                           Phoenix89 - I didn't realize it as it's been so long since I last log in here. Hehe (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 12:10:27

Erica - A lovely Hamburg guest entry to the gig blog by Marlies :D 01-Jun-2016 09:03:08
              Corrsgirl1 - :D :D Thanks for posting it on your wonderful blog! (n/t) 01-Jun-2016 11:36:19
                           Robin - Yes excellent blog really enjoyed it. (n/t) 01-Jun-2016 22:08:08
                                        Corrsgirl1 - Thank you Robin! (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 09:04:14
              Corranga - A fun blog as always Marlies, great read :) (n/t) 05-Jun-2016 14:26:52

SteveW - green and red tin whistles 01-Jun-2016 08:19:58
              Terry - But apparently the C or D key is not dependent on the whistlecolour she uses 01-Jun-2016 08:53:40
                           Cara - A C whistle is larger than a D. :-) (n/t) 01-Jun-2016 09:22:28
                           Robin - Amazing after watching Andrea play tin whistles for 17 years, never thought there was any difference between them and 01-Jun-2016 21:40:32
                                        Cara - Whistle comparison 02-Jun-2016 00:44:39
                                                     Cara - On a side note - I can just barely reach the bottom hole on the C whistle - I'd struggle to play anything that... 02-Jun-2016 00:47:27
                                                                  Robin - Many thanks Cara much appreciated. I will be looking with interest to see which whistle Andrea uses at next gig. (n/t) 02-Jun-2016 09:45:48
                                                     SteveW - Given how close the C and D tin whistles are in size... 03-Jun-2016 06:08:27
                                                                  RichardY - I can confirm that both of Andrea's whistles were green in Vienna on Thursday. 04-Jun-2016 22:14:13

Cara - Blenheim - Does anyone know if there's a support act before the Corrs? (n/t) 31-May-2016 19:44:11
              den - im sure there was one advertised cant remember who (n/t) 31-May-2016 20:04:08
              robin - Yes support is Jack Savoretti dont know anything about him. Think he is on 7.30 but not sure what time Corrs will start. (n/t) 31-May-2016 20:05:59
                           robin - trying to find out what time Corrs are on, if i do will post. Hope you feeling better Cara (n/t) 31-May-2016 20:08:17
                                        Cara - Thanks! :-) 01-Jun-2016 09:17:52
                           airbusgore - If they stick to earlier formats - should be 2030. (n/t) 01-Jun-2016 19:48:55

MentariS - German tour YouTube videos 31-May-2016 15:28:32
              Terry - Nice! 31-May-2016 15:48:31
                           nightcat - Thanks for sharing these vids! 01-Jun-2016 10:44:42
              Steverino - Thanks for all the work you put in to compile those videos for us! 02-Jun-2016 17:37:15
                           MentariS - You're welcome. Yes, the song provokes quite some emotion especially given what's been happening in the world... 07-Jun-2016 09:38:01

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