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dave - If you appreciate great rock guitar - check out Emily Hastings on YouTube and Facebook. 12-Mar-2017 22:17:08
              dave - And the Laura Cox Band - French rock band touring at the moment in France. 12-Mar-2017 22:59:40

dave - Interesting programme last night on Geri Horner (late of the Spice Girls) where 12-Mar-2017 10:40:47
              HaNnAhCoRr - I thought it was All Saints that didn't acknowledge them? Or perhaps it was both... 16-Mar-2017 08:46:45

dave - BBC announced today that the British government is to ban the use of 'automated computer buying' 11-Mar-2017 12:49:31
              robin - Yes great news and about time. I recently got letter from the minister of state for culture following letters i had 11-Mar-2017 19:00:57
              den - lets hope there is good enforcement and some procecutions (n/t) 11-Mar-2017 20:15:00
                           Corranga - Let's hope this is the start of some proper stringent rulings to help fans. (n/t) 12-Mar-2017 18:26:48

MentariS - Sharon is in NYC to celebrate Doug Yowell's (the drummer on her solo tour) birthday (photo from Doug's Instagram): 09-Mar-2017 13:43:42
              dave - Great - a really nice gesture. (n/t) 09-Mar-2017 16:12:45
                           dave - Can't help think she might be there for another reason too however, and its not 'retail therapy'. (n/t) 11-Mar-2017 12:37:07
                                        MentariS - Ditto, Dave. (n/t) 11-Mar-2017 17:13:58
                                                     MC - Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines, too. (n/t) 12-Mar-2017 06:27:00

MentariS - Win a dinner date with Jim AND support homeless groups in Dundalk: 08-Mar-2017 08:11:31
              SteveW - What did the original post say? 08-Mar-2017 10:01:24
                           MentariS - Steve, I guess this is the one: 08-Mar-2017 10:31:49
                                        SteveW - Thanks, Mentari. Seems quite sporting of Jim... 08-Mar-2017 11:32:47
                                                     MentariS - It is his personal account Steve, and not his official professional page. Quite a few fans are FB friends with him. (n/t) 08-Mar-2017 11:45:37
                                                                  Corranga - What a great little story :) (n/t) 09-Mar-2017 10:18:28

sergio - Interview with Gail Williamson, with a lot of mention of Jim. It is a good, not so tabloid-like article IMO 06-Mar-2017 14:17:59
              MentariS - At least she confirms that Jim indeed spends most of his time in England working on a new Corrs record :-) (n/t) 06-Mar-2017 15:08:38
              SteveW - That's a nice interview, and very favorable to Jim (n/t) 06-Mar-2017 19:28:50
                           MentariS - Yep, exactly what he needs now. (n/t) 08-Mar-2017 05:03:11
                                        OsamaRaashid - Why? What happened? (n/t) 08-Mar-2017 12:23:20
                                                     dave - Nothing happened, no need to worry. (n/t) 08-Mar-2017 21:15:05
                                                                  Corranga - Great interview :) Always good to hear that both parents are playing a role in their kids upbringing and future (n/t) 09-Mar-2017 10:28:25
                                                                               MentariS - It's always a challenge when your parents aren't together but I'm happy for Brandon that his parents make it work :-) (n/t) 09-Mar-2017 13:26:04
                                                     GaelleF - He had a hard time a couple of years back (personal and financial problems). (n/t) 10-Mar-2017 11:04:21
                                                                  OsamaRaashid - Yep that I know of. Thought something had happened recently (n/t) 10-Mar-2017 17:20:22

Wendy - The Spanish heritage of The Corrs 06-Mar-2017 06:03:14
              dave - Hmmm... I think she could have been likening herself on an emotional level, 06-Mar-2017 08:14:34
                           SeanCorrain - I think she is refering to what we call ourselves as "Black Irish" 06-Mar-2017 21:04:22
                                        Wendy - Very interesting! 08-Mar-2017 00:19:56
                                                     SeanCorrain - Correct :) 09-Mar-2017 14:37:32
                                                                  Wendy - Aha! It does seem like The Corrs have the skin that can tan 13-Mar-2017 01:41:36
              MC - I remember Sharon saying something about it in an interview, but only once. (n/t) 06-Mar-2017 10:56:00

Wendy - Runaway question - tin whistle key 06-Mar-2017 01:24:28
              SteveW - Runaway tin whistle key 06-Mar-2017 02:26:47
                           Wendy - Thanks! 06-Mar-2017 04:40:56
                                        SteveW - I love that part of Runaway, too. I also like the part when... 06-Mar-2017 05:21:13
                                                     Wendy - I love that bit too! It's also the bass that changes... 06-Mar-2017 05:45:40
                                                                  SteveW - What kind of gig will you be playing? Any other Corrs songs besides Runaway? (n/t) 06-Mar-2017 06:09:47
                                                                               Wendy - Deciding between Runaway and Love to Love You; probably Black is the Colour too 08-Mar-2017 00:36:20
                                                                                            SteveW - Cinematic Celtic-sounding songs 08-Mar-2017 10:23:24
                                                                                                         Corrpulent - That song is a favourite of mine… 08-Mar-2017 15:17:42
                                                                                                                      SteveW - Most of the Corrs' music videos leave me scratching my head :-) (Bring on the Night, Give Me a Reason...) (n/t) 09-Mar-2017 11:29:38
                                                                                                                                   Wendy - I always loved the Give Me A Reason video. 10-Mar-2017 07:07:55
                                                     StPaddy - She´s switching into double-time, correct, Steve! 07-Mar-2017 11:36:32
                                                                  SteveW - Thanks for the explanation, Mike! I can't think of too many double-time songs that are in 6/8 or 3/4... 08-Mar-2017 10:08:03
                                                                               Wendy - The unusual touches - that's what I like about their music 13-Mar-2017 01:29:08
                                                                                            SteveW - FNF ending 13-Mar-2017 02:52:08
                                                                                                         Wendy - Both pretty songs 16-Mar-2017 14:13:44

MentariS - Small mention of The Corrs in this (not so favourable) opinion piece on Ed Sheeran on the Irish Times: 03-Mar-2017 17:50:38
              SeanCorrain - Holy Mother of God ! they've crucified him. 03-Mar-2017 22:32:11
              SteveW - old Ed Sheeran tweet about the Corrs 04-Mar-2017 09:03:37
                           queenoftheroad - Now I love him even more. (n/t) 05-Mar-2017 12:05:03
              Corranga - Any news is good news I guess. Typical Irish press, always quick to put down home grown talents 09-Mar-2017 10:33:14

den - Is no news good news? 27-Feb-2017 22:55:32
              Robin - Not sure what to think, really thought we would have heard something before now. The band were so good at keeping us 28-Feb-2017 00:39:48
              MC - Sharon has replied to some people about the new album on IG recently, saying that's "it's a secret." 28-Feb-2017 03:39:59
                           MentariS - I like to think it's the former :-) (n/t) 28-Feb-2017 08:26:20
              CSCfan - According to the following roster by Solo.... 28-Feb-2017 09:47:55
                           MC - Mike + The Mechanics are touring in the Autumn. If Anto is playing with them, which I believe he is, that's going to 28-Feb-2017 10:47:59
                                        SeanCorrain - Maybe a festival tour through Summer, a small break and then a large tour when Anto is avail again ? 02-Mar-2017 14:27:48
                                                     MC - It's possible, but at this point, I'm not sure how large of a tour they're going to embark on. 03-Mar-2017 02:10:44
                                        mrrob69uk - From what I can see 02-Mar-2017 23:05:37
                                                     MC - That's interesting, but I would've thought spring tour dates would've been announced by now. 03-Mar-2017 02:12:25
                                                     Robin - You are right it's brilliant to have them back but the gigs last year were so amazing guess I for one can't wait for 03-Mar-2017 15:03:36
                                                                  Corranga - Interesting stuff, so there could be something behind that leaked Glastonbury line up then. 09-Mar-2017 10:38:11

rich2862 - Song on the radio 24-Feb-2017 20:58:22
              BallerinaTay - I hear their stuff often too! 25-Feb-2017 14:21:12
              SteveW - I always stop and listen too, even though I could put on the song any time I want! (n/t) 26-Feb-2017 15:35:48
                           Terry - A very recognisable habit :-) (n/t) 27-Feb-2017 17:42:58
                                        Corranga - So Young (remix) was played on my local station 2 days ago as I was driving home 09-Mar-2017 10:39:27

bikecris - Other question: is there an article backround on how the record labels didn't trust Caroline to drum for TOC? (n/t) 21-Feb-2017 14:21:07
              SeanCorrain - Was it the record label ? or was it Caroline who didn't want to drum ? 21-Feb-2017 19:40:04
                           bikecris - IDK, I remember it as being the record label. But yes, the real truth would be great. (n/t) 21-Feb-2017 21:45:40
                           Corranga - My assumption was always that it was the norm following FNF. It is just an assumption of course. (n/t) 26-Feb-2017 08:10:59
                                        Nick - i think i remember reading there was kind of a rush to get the album done, so the best option was... 26-Feb-2017 12:21:14
              SteveW - Caroline's drumming (or lack of thereof) on TOC 26-Feb-2017 15:38:48

bikecris - Less traditional question, favorite male: Keith Amto or Jim? 21-Feb-2017 14:17:26
              GaelleF - Keith all the way ! For a long time, I fantasized Caroline would end up with him lol. (n/t) 21-Feb-2017 20:59:32
                           bikecris - He's too much of a brother figure, I imagine. Thoug not nearly as innapprorpiate as much as JIM, lolol!! (n/t) 21-Feb-2017 21:48:34
              bikecris - For me, it's Anto. Sorry Jim, you're not to my taste! (n/t) 21-Feb-2017 21:47:26
                           Corranga - Keith, as he is so approachable and such a nice guy. I'm sure all 3 are, but Anto seems fairly shy 26-Feb-2017 08:07:24

bikecris - Age old question: which of our girls is the prettiest? 21-Feb-2017 14:15:38
              bikecris - For me, it's Caro all the way. I told my aunti that she's the one I'd pursue if I liked ladies. (n/t) 21-Feb-2017 21:46:45
                           eieio - made your point. (n/t) 22-Feb-2017 02:10:21
                                        bikecris - As Corrboard Linda would say, :O) ;O) (n/t) 22-Feb-2017 02:24:31

bikecris - I'd like to suggest Angel as the song of the week. It's the one that's currently making me cry. 15-Feb-2017 10:43:32
              bikecris - I know it's hard to post a reply when it comes to death, but I'm sorry is really enough. Corrs have done 15-Feb-2017 11:07:37
                           corrazy_rach - Sorry for your loss bikecris - glad Angel can be a comfort to you (n/t) 16-Feb-2017 01:59:27
                           dave - It takes three years at least to get over the death of a parent - feelings of anger, loss, inadequacy etc 16-Feb-2017 07:39:19
                                        bikecris - Thanks so much for your replies. It's definitely difficult, but having friends IRL and online is a great comfort. (n/t) 16-Feb-2017 14:53:01
              Steverino - Hi Bikecris. I'm very sorry to read this news. 23-Feb-2017 04:47:27

bikecris - I'm so sorry to hear about Gerry. I know I'm out of the loop, LOL! (n/t) 15-Feb-2017 06:11:10
              bikecris - Anyone have any insights or thoughts to share? I know they loved him very much! (n/t) 15-Feb-2017 07:46:41

bikecris - Beautiful pic of our favorite drummer girl (n/t) 15-Feb-2017 05:57:55
              bikecris - I actually would not post such a comment about anyone else. Jim is not my favorite guitarist, Sharon is not my fav 15-Feb-2017 09:41:57
                           bikecris - I can't believe no one is replying to ask my favorite fiddler or singer, but ok..... (n/t) 15-Feb-2017 10:15:36
                                        Corranga - This place isn't quite as busy as you expect it seems :) Who are your favourites? 16-Feb-2017 10:26:25
                                                     bikecris - My favorite singer are numberous, but Sia, Ana Gabriel, Lisa Lopez, Clarkson and Adele all compete with Andy in my mind. 16-Feb-2017 14:51:13
                                                     bikecris - I agree with you that the sum is amazing and way better than its parts. But LOL at Andy singing Metallica. 16-Feb-2017 15:03:35

SeanCorrain - How long ago was it now, that the band went back in to the recording studio ? 14-Feb-2017 21:28:53
              Robin - Yes thought we might have heard something by now. They did go into the studio shortly after White light tour 14-Feb-2017 21:48:03
              commonwombat - Perhaps some of us have been jumping to conclusions as to how far progressed things may be 16-Feb-2017 11:35:55

Robin - Thought it might be interesting to find out where and when we all saw the Corrs perform for the first time. Mine. was 08-Feb-2017 02:19:28
              MC - The first time I saw them was March 16, 2001 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. (n/t) 08-Feb-2017 02:25:49
              SteveW - Robin, were you a fan already when you first saw them? If not, what made you go to the gig? (n/t) 08-Feb-2017 03:40:32
                           robin - First song i heard was Runaway and loved it so bought Talk on corners and loved that so got forgiven not 08-Feb-2017 10:11:43
              Bea_HC - Mine was Salamanca, November 19th 2004. I friend of mine 08-Feb-2017 10:59:42
              Terry - Brussels 10th november 2000, 08-Feb-2017 15:46:10
                           Terry - Second try for foto insert 08-Feb-2017 15:50:27
              Corranga - 20th December 2000 at Wembley Arena 08-Feb-2017 18:57:58
                           robin - Amazing Chris i was also at that Wembley gig, my second after finsbury park. i was on Caroline's side. To think how 08-Feb-2017 21:59:31
                           RichardY - I was also around 5 rows back at that Wembley gig Chris so I may have been right next to you two 09-Feb-2017 18:12:08
                                        Corranga - Small world :) I don't think we spoke to anyone (being young and shy back then!) but recognised some Corrsonline 26-Feb-2017 08:16:07
              Corinna - 07.07.2000 in Hamburg, Germany. Why? I was already a big fan at sweet 16 ;-) (n/t) 08-Feb-2017 19:15:48
              corrazy_rach - Just on 20 years ago last week! - The St Kilda Palais in Melbourne 1997 09-Feb-2017 04:31:11
              queenoftheroad - The first Corrs-concert I went to, was in November 2004, Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, if my memory is 09-Feb-2017 07:25:50
                           Terry - Actually Ahoy was in october 2004, 09-Feb-2017 09:06:00
                                        Corranga - We were at the standing Ahoy gig in 2004 too. I remember standing near the entrance waiting and someone having pizzadelivered (n/t) 26-Feb-2017 08:20:45
                           DrSJF16 - My first concert was delayed 15 years 09-Feb-2017 09:07:30
              GaelleF - Mine was a private gig in May 2004 in London, for the release of BH. I had been a fan of them since 1997/1998, 09-Feb-2017 13:29:31
              Mark - It was August 1996, Garden State Arts Center, New Jersey, USA... I wrote this back then... 09-Feb-2017 15:16:14
                           MC - So wish I had known about them back then.... that's 10 minutes away from where I live. ;-) 09-Feb-2017 16:13:46
                                        Mark - Consider this the Corrs Club equivalent of a "Like" for your post :) (n/t) 09-Feb-2017 19:31:00
                                                     MC - LOL, thanks, Mark. Hope things are well with you & yours. :-) (n/t) 10-Feb-2017 00:27:03
              RichardY - My first time seeing them live was at Wembley Arena in January 1999 although I have been a fan since 1996 09-Feb-2017 18:08:33
              RichardY - I was at the Fleadh too Robin - I was on the barrier right in front of Andrea and I had to hang on for dear life to keep 09-Feb-2017 18:16:20
              commonwombat - Glastonbury 1999. 10-Feb-2017 05:03:22
              eieio - ..........on television in October of 2009 11-Feb-2017 17:45:22
                           dave - My first gig was at the NEC Birmingham, can't remember now if it was '99 or '00 11-Feb-2017 22:22:28
                                        corrazy_rach - Hi Dave! 12-Feb-2017 11:02:07
                                                     dave - Hi Rach, I'm not actually on Instagram, just basic access on my sister's pc. Staying with her 13-Feb-2017 00:05:26
                                        Robin - Enjoy Australia Dave. Must have been 99 as they did two gigs at N EC towards end of talk on corners tour so you were 12-Feb-2017 20:52:49
              Chris - Derngate Theatre, Northampton. 23.03.1998 - it only seems like yesterday! (n/t) 12-Feb-2017 13:29:43
                           Robin - Really enjoyed hearing where you all first saw Corrs. It's wonderful that we can all share our experiences through 12-Feb-2017 20:57:29
              Chanh - 07.07.2000 Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany 13-Feb-2017 11:19:46
              sergio - My first time was on the 2nd of July, 2004 at the Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna. Fantastic venue, brilliant gig (n/t) 13-Feb-2017 11:41:46
              SeanCorrain - Portland Oregon, Roseland Theater August 2004 14-Feb-2017 14:52:34
              bikecris - I saw them the one and only time on August 11, 2004 at the SF Warfield. I wish I could've seen them 10 more times! (n/t) 15-Feb-2017 09:55:48
                           SeanCorrain - I had bought a ticket to that show and to Saratoga Winery too ... and Los angeles lol 16-Feb-2017 14:56:13
                                        bikecris - I didn't drive at the time, I must've been 21 or so, so I couldn't rent a car to the Winery. 21-Feb-2017 22:24:03
              Steverino - I have never seen the Corrs perform in person, though I did see Sharon during her solo tour. (n/t) 23-Feb-2017 04:42:48
              chris1957 - First time saw the Corrs Perform 25-Feb-2017 21:29:33

den - i listened to a Scottish singer named Amy Bell sing Dreams on You Tube. She sang 02-Feb-2017 00:44:42
              Robin - Agree Den she sings dreams well, Seeing Stars is also good. Had never heard of her before but she has lots of songs 03-Feb-2017 09:39:14

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