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Yrisea - Videos from the Jakarta gig - some highlights 19-Oct-2023 15:30:38
              MentariS - Ooooh these are great highlights! 19-Oct-2023 15:55:41
                           Yrisea - Thank you for the translation Mentaris! 20-Oct-2023 11:33:45
              Yrisea - Don't say you love me - Jakarta 2023 20-Oct-2023 22:02:22
              Mark - They sound great... makes me smile... miss them a lot... thank you so much for sharing! 23-Oct-2023 17:48:44

MentariS - A few words from Jakarta (+ some more photos) 19-Oct-2023 11:15:50
              MentariS - Link to photos 19-Oct-2023 11:16:53
                           SteveW - Great photos! Was GMaR the only song Sharon played keyboards on? 19-Oct-2023 11:27:13
                           Yrisea - These are stunning pictures Mentaris 20-Oct-2023 11:56:50
                                        MentariS - Thank you! I tried my best :-D 20-Oct-2023 13:06:29
              Yrisea - is the mobile phone comment in reply to my message ? 19-Oct-2023 12:11:43
              Ferrinho - Thank you for the review! 19-Oct-2023 13:30:59
              Corranga - Great photos and text Mentari, thanks for sharing. 19-Oct-2023 13:37:23
                           Yrisea - Mobile phones at concert : a few thoughts and facts 20-Oct-2023 23:35:33
              Yrisea - Question : what did you (Mentaris - buy also those who watched the video of the night) think of the opening solo? 19-Oct-2023 14:28:01
                           Ferrinho - Same as Live in Lansdowne Road? 19-Oct-2023 15:09:40
                                        Yrisea - Yes, but Caroline is actually playing the solo bit live on her drums. 19-Oct-2023 15:14:28
                           MentariS - We loved it! I seriously did not see that coming since they opened last year's concert with GMAR... 19-Oct-2023 15:50:53
                                        Yrisea - Awwwww ! I'm so happy for your friend !!! :) 19-Oct-2023 17:14:12
              SteveW - This is a perfect example of the kind of post that this board is well-suited for... 20-Oct-2023 03:47:35
                           SteveW - (referring to Mentari's post on the Jakarta gig) 20-Oct-2023 03:48:32
                                        Yrisea - So true 20-Oct-2023 22:11:01
                           JohnLnyc - Agree 25-Oct-2023 16:58:21
              Steverino - It sounds like such an exciting and joyful time. Thanks for sharing your experiences! 21-Oct-2023 09:08:44

Ferrinho - Opening night Jakarta set list! 18-Oct-2023 16:14:28
              CSCfan - Don’t Say You Love Me!!!! (and the album version!) <3 18-Oct-2023 16:49:06
              Yrisea - the setlist looks exciting ! 18-Oct-2023 17:02:10
              Den - It's a pretty standard set list apart from Little Lies and perhaps one other song. 18-Oct-2023 18:05:04
              SteveW - I'm slightly surprised by the TOC-era focus of this setlist 18-Oct-2023 19:22:32
                           rmssw - Nothing from Borrowed Heaven or Jupiter Calling and only one song from White Light is disappointing 18-Oct-2023 21:07:33
                                        Steverino - Were the albums WL and JC released in Indonesia? 23-Oct-2023 06:10:45
                           Den - Absolutely agree 18-Oct-2023 23:16:28
              SteveW - Little Lies video 18-Oct-2023 19:26:01
                           Yrisea - Wait - these videos are actually from Jakarta ??? 18-Oct-2023 19:36:06
                           Yrisea - So Young 18-Oct-2023 19:49:07
                           Yrisea - Opening sequence for Jakarta 18-Oct-2023 19:55:40
                                        Corranga - Great to see new videos. Little Lies sounds good live, setlist is a little FNF / TOC focused, but i suppose 18-Oct-2023 22:13:37
                                                     Yrisea - Fair point about the best off! 18-Oct-2023 22:31:23
                                        Den - Nothing new there saw this in 2004 18-Oct-2023 23:15:35
              Jerry - Full Jakarta concert on YouTube 19-Oct-2023 06:36:02
                           Yrisea - Nice one ! thanks for sharing. Some very good pictures in the below link 19-Oct-2023 10:00:32

Yrisea - Search for old videos in reasonably good quality 17-Oct-2023 14:40:38
              Yrisea - and two more... 17-Oct-2023 14:45:42
              AB_CLOSER - Hello Yrisea. My video list: 17-Oct-2023 17:10:02
                           Yrisea - Hello AB Closer ! First of all a massive thank you 17-Oct-2023 22:03:20
                                        AB_CLOSER - For me it is a treasure, and... 17-Oct-2023 23:28:54
                                                     AB_CLOSER - Bigger captures 17-Oct-2023 23:31:17
                                                     Yrisea - thank you so very much !!!! :) 18-Oct-2023 00:00:55
              AB_CLOSER - The Corrs_1995_EPK_Interview.avi 17-Oct-2023 23:33:48
                           Yrisea - I just got it thank youuuuu 18-Oct-2023 00:04:44
              AB_CLOSER - From my backup in Drive: 18-Oct-2023 10:41:29
                           Yrisea - AB Closer - a massive, heartfelt thank you for coming through with all that 18-Oct-2023 12:10:53
              SteveW - I love the Glastonbury gig 18-Oct-2023 14:41:18
                           Yrisea - I love this show too ! I never even noticed they did not play Runaway... 18-Oct-2023 15:16:05
                                        SteveW - Yes, certainly possible that they did play Runaway but it was not broadcast 18-Oct-2023 15:44:44
              AB_CLOSER - A Day In The Life documentary for Australian Arena TV, 2000. 21-Oct-2023 14:52:27
                           Yrisea - No wayyyyyyyyy !!!! :)))) 21-Oct-2023 19:20:11
              AB_CLOSER - Talk On Corners documentary 23-Oct-2023 19:05:15
                           Yrisea - thank you so so much ABCLOSER !!! :) 23-Oct-2023 20:27:02
                           Yrisea - Hey AB_Closer 16-May-2024 12:08:02

Corranga - Password resets and new registrations are now a thing! For now email me if you'd like to register... 15-Oct-2023 22:09:31
              MikeFromMelbourne - helloooooooooooo everybody woohoo 15-Oct-2023 23:23:42
                           Yrisea - Yay !! Hello Mike:D 16-Oct-2023 00:20:07
                                        Ferrinho - Great to be back! 18-Oct-2023 16:09:25
                                                     Yrisea - Hello Ferrinho! 18-Oct-2023 19:40:03
                                                     Steverino - Welcome back, Ferrinho! 21-Oct-2023 19:28:02
                           Steverino - Glad to have you here, Mike. 21-Oct-2023 17:05:15

SteveW - short behind-the-scenes video by Andrea 12-Oct-2023 20:45:23
              Steverino - Lovely little glimpse at the rehearsals. Yes, it's wonderful to see Keith and Anto there with them! 15-Oct-2023 16:29:40
              Yrisea - Test 15-Oct-2023 21:54:19

SteveW - New website photos, new news -- looks great, Chris! 10-Oct-2023 21:17:00
              Corranga - It's a start, didn't get as much done as I wanted to last night but wanted to start small 11-Oct-2023 10:12:42
                           Baxterianism - Looking great even in the small changes made. Thank you for your time on this 11-Oct-2023 11:38:41
                                        BallerinaTay - Excellent job. Thank you for your hard work! 11-Oct-2023 16:01:55
              Mark - Awww... I'm gonna miss seeing that pic of Caroline :( 11-Oct-2023 16:26:31
                           Corranga - Don't joke too much, I can always restore the backup ;) 11-Oct-2023 17:41:51
              Steverino - I agree with Steve. Lookin' good, Chris! I appreciate initiatives for the forum that you listed. 12-Oct-2023 02:36:03
              MentariS - Excellent work Chris! Thank you very much for all your work for the board :-) 13-Oct-2023 14:36:32
                           Corranga - Progress is being made, slowly, but surely. Getting to grips with PHP is interesting 15-Oct-2023 13:20:05
                                        Yrisea - This is so great, thank you so much Chris 16-Oct-2023 00:19:17

SteveW - Little Lies behind the scenes video 09-Oct-2023 05:42:42
              Yrisea - One of the very rare occurrence for me where I prefer to original to the cover :D 04-Nov-2023 15:46:06

Crickets - The Corrs - Pink Floyd Tribite in France 08-Oct-2023 07:00:37
              Crickets - Link here 08-Oct-2023 07:01:27
                           Baxterianism - To my understanding this is a tribute concert with all tribute acts correct? 08-Oct-2023 12:24:46
                                        SteveW - This is a tribute to the Corrs (and Texas and Pink Floyd), right? 09-Oct-2023 05:55:26
                                                     Corranga - I agree, sort of a festival with different tribute acts, not the band themselves 09-Oct-2023 08:57:26
                                        Corinna - The tribute band that will be performing is called "TEXCORRS", you can find some clips on YouTube 09-Oct-2023 12:44:28

Corranga - New physical releases - a summary 06-Oct-2023 13:00:44
              BallerinaTay - Best of the Corrs 06-Oct-2023 16:07:48
              Crickets - Little Lies 08-Oct-2023 07:04:15

M-Corr - Good article in todays Irish Independent newspaper with Andrea 06-Oct-2023 09:58:49
              Corranga - It's a nice article, there are some things in there that I find a little funny though... 06-Oct-2023 11:25:00
                           M-Corr - Thanks for fixing the link above, you make some intresting points Chris. 06-Oct-2023 13:45:33
                           JohnLnyc - Physical media 06-Oct-2023 21:30:41
                                        Corranga - Certainly, I'm not the target audience for music these days 10-Oct-2023 12:00:50
              Yrisea - I'm back on CD - Andrea Corr makes several good points here 16-Oct-2023 00:42:21

MentariS - The band’s NEW cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Little Lies is now available on iTunes Store/Apple Music in Indonesia 👀 05-Oct-2023 17:29:52
              Rmssw - They teased new music on their official Facebook today with pics from the studio 05-Oct-2023 19:26:48
                           rmssw - You can change your country on desktop iTunes and preview Little Lies 05-Oct-2023 22:02:33
                                        rmssw - Another Update: It's being released at midnight around the world. Currently available throughout Europe and Asia 06-Oct-2023 00:02:34
              Jerry - Little Lies on YouTube 06-Oct-2023 08:01:19
                           Corranga - Wow, what an amazing cover! I always fear when a band I love cover a song by another band I love 06-Oct-2023 11:57:58
              JohnLnyc - I liked it (no lie) 06-Oct-2023 22:01:53
              SteveW - Little Lies thoughts 10-Oct-2023 00:04:02
                           Steverino - I'm pleased with "Little Lies" - it strikes a good balance. 12-Oct-2023 03:07:54
              chris1957 - Little lies 12-Oct-2023 15:44:29
              Yrisea - A bit late to the release party 16-Oct-2023 00:30:22

Corranga - The Future of TheCorrsClub 02-Oct-2023 14:00:31
              Baxterianism - Gulp… I think with enough control back in the hands of those willing to take it on it’s worth carrying… 02-Oct-2023 14:05:26
              Steverino - I'm not judging anyone... 04-Oct-2023 20:59:53
                           corrazy_rach - Well said and agree with everything written by Steverino! :) 05-Oct-2023 02:08:58
                           Corranga - Things have been somewhat static, and I do hope to change that. 05-Oct-2023 10:42:44
                                        Corranga - Reply from Yrisea via email 05-Oct-2023 13:08:02
                                                     Corranga - ...and my response :) 05-Oct-2023 13:17:09
              Corinna - This place is utmost nostalgic, I'd hate to see it go 05-Oct-2023 14:26:33
                           Carolineinspiredmetodrum - There is definitely value in keeping the board alive 06-Oct-2023 18:20:18
              BallerinaTay - I too would like to see… 07-Oct-2023 17:53:48
              SteveW - Future of the board 09-Oct-2023 06:27:20
              MentariS - Agree with everyone on the board remaining open if possible 13-Oct-2023 14:35:21

AB_CLOSER - -- Is it real or fake? 22-Sep-2023 20:26:42
              corranga - I don't know for certain, and am only judging based on the name... 29-Sep-2023 15:07:27
                           AB_CLOSER - Thanks Chris. "She" wrote me this message: 29-Sep-2023 19:15:14
              AB_CLOSER - FAKE 01-Oct-2023 11:45:23
                           Corranga - Thanks for feeding back, may be worth cross-posting into the facebook Sharon Corr group or similar. 02-Oct-2023 13:55:05

MrPeabody - Is anyone else going to either of the New Zealand concerts? 21-Sep-2023 02:00:31
              corrazy_rach - This might help? 21-Sep-2023 13:23:32
              Corranga - What an amazing experience that will be! I used Corrs gigs to discover more of Europe 29-Sep-2023 15:09:42

Baxterianism - Forgiven, Not Forgotten - Vinyl reissue for ‘National Album Day 2023’ 18-Sep-2023 08:51:04
              Corranga - Looking forward to it! I do wonder if the recycled vinyl aspect makes it worth ordering a couple of them for comparison 29-Sep-2023 15:10:47
                           Baxterianism - Certainly worth posting photos of what … 02-Oct-2023 14:08:05
                                        Corranga - Sounds like a plan. If they posted more pics of what it could look like, I might have ordered a couple. 04-Oct-2023 12:20:10

Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 14 - Interview with Barry McCall 18-Sep-2023 08:42:36
              SteveW - Great episode as always 09-Oct-2023 06:12:33

Jerry - I pre-ordered a few 2023 tour souvenirs 13-Sep-2023 05:21:17

MentariS - The Corrs to perform at the Melbourne Cup on 7 November: 04-Sep-2023 15:30:18
              Steverino - Exciting! Those lucky people of Melbourne! I'm happy for them. 05-Sep-2023 16:22:48
                           Corranga - Great to see the band taking advantage of Australia, and hopefully building some momentum that they'll use worldwide! 08-Sep-2023 13:53:44

RogerB - Old question: where to find who wrote which songs? 17-Aug-2023 20:39:22
              AB_CLOSER - References/Song List 18-Aug-2023 00:26:20
              Baxterianism - This is not an easy task. One I'm only just delving into with recording starting on season 2 of CorrsCast. One place t… 26-Aug-2023 06:54:51
              Yrisea - There's never a definitive answer... 04-Nov-2023 15:40:39

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