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dave - Its a bit like the 10 years 'in the Wilderness' around here.. tumbleweed blowing.. not a soul to be seen.. (n/t) 26-Jan-2017 22:17:34
              MentariS - *waves hand* (n/t) 27-Jan-2017 06:37:59
              Terry - Yeah we could really use some gigdate announcement news here ;-) 27-Jan-2017 10:31:06
              SteveW - I'm here too! 27-Jan-2017 10:31:50
              MC - Here too! :-) (n/t) 27-Jan-2017 10:53:57
                           dave - I'm gonna be off line for the whole of February, so hopefully when I'm back in March things might be 'happening'. (n/t) 27-Jan-2017 11:53:51
                                        robin - yes a long time since its been so quiet. hopefully some news soon. (n/t) 27-Jan-2017 15:30:22
              Jerry - Here in the US, we're more into fake news now anyway. (n/t) 27-Jan-2017 16:17:48
                           MC - Or alternative facts. ;-) (n/t) 28-Jan-2017 06:14:02
                                        dave - Jerry and MC, well at least your new president is providing 'the entertainment' 28-Jan-2017 19:15:39
                                                     MC - Good point. It's truly scary and very sad over here right now. (n/t) 29-Jan-2017 05:21:06
                                                                  MentariS - To Jerry and Marie and other US members - hang in there. And please do vote decent people in in the next midterms :-) (n/t) 29-Jan-2017 09:55:08
                                                                               eieio - ...................thet's exactly what we have done, thank you. (n/t) 04-Feb-2017 15:44:03
              Corranga - I'm still checking in most days too, but not much to post really.. (n/t) 27-Jan-2017 17:05:54
              corrazy_rach - I'm here too... Impatiently waiting for music or tour news like the rest of you... hehe (n/t) 28-Jan-2017 09:00:58
              queenoftheroad - Still here! ^_^ (n/t) 28-Jan-2017 21:43:56
                           DrSJF16 - Also still here - patience is a virtue :) 29-Jan-2017 09:12:39
                                        Corinna - Also still here :-) (n/t) 29-Jan-2017 11:40:45
                                        CorrMac - I check in most days too :) 29-Jan-2017 21:24:26
                                                     robin - I was kind of hoping that Corrs just might have done racecourse gigs again but guess not. Jockey club have announced 30-Jan-2017 09:57:08
                                                                  dave - Well if you know any local festivals in your areas looking for a 'headline act', 30-Jan-2017 14:18:34
                                                                               Robin - Yes it crossed my mind that they may be taking a break, if so let's hope it's a short one. (n/t) 30-Jan-2017 20:39:22
                                                                  Corranga - I think the Jockey Club gigs were one offs, They are rare enough that the organisers won't want the same act again 03-Feb-2017 23:04:38
              bikecris - What??? No one heard you, there's not a living soul around! ;) (n/t) 15-Feb-2017 06:36:54

SeanCorrain - New Independent Article Outlining the success of White Light in Album / Tour Revenue 23-Jan-2017 23:52:02

MentariS - Andrea is participating in today's Women's March in London (photo from Instagram): 21-Jan-2017 15:46:03
              Corrsgirl1 - Go Andy! (n/t) 22-Jan-2017 05:50:24
                           dave - Who is the woman with Andrea, I recognise her but can't put a name. British actress or singer ? (n/t) 22-Jan-2017 10:23:07
                                        corrazy_rach - I'm pretty sure it's Zoe Desmond... (n/t) 22-Jan-2017 13:07:36
              MentariS - What I like about her participation is that she gets neither preachy nor patronising about it 22-Jan-2017 13:43:44
                           Corranga - Yep, I agree. What doesn't help is people like Madonna making crazy suggestions that grab the press and bend the 23-Jan-2017 11:54:17
                                        MentariS - Exactly Chris, the likes of Madonna do not succeed in providing comfort/reassurance to the people who need it the most.. 23-Jan-2017 12:53:48
                                        SeanCorrain - In defense (to a point) of Madonna 23-Jan-2017 18:59:10
              bikecris - Go Andy. Glad to see one of my musical heroes there, along with my comedy hero Amy Poehler. (n/t) 15-Feb-2017 06:06:52

Roblilley - Corr's / Emma Townsend - Dreams Acetate 12" record 21-Jan-2017 13:37:18
              Corranga - Is the audio on the record different ? (n/t) 25-Jan-2017 13:50:49

Robin - A year ago today I was driving to Birmingham full of excitement and anticipation for the first Corrs gig staying 19-Jan-2017 14:15:46
              Terry - It sure has been a fantastic year, to be able to see our favorite band live again; I certainly wouldn't have thought 19-Jan-2017 18:05:58
              RichardY - Can't believe it's been a year Robin - I remember that day like it was yesterday! 19-Jan-2017 18:13:50
                           robin - Brilliant summary Richard really enjoyed it, brought back so many amazing memories. Like you i was buzzing with 19-Jan-2017 23:15:59

dave - As we're into the 'quiet season' after Xmas & New Year, when do you think a new Corrs album will appear? 18-Jan-2017 14:24:30
              robin - Guessing April/May with hopefully some gigs mid summer but maybe thats wishful thinking.Bit surprised we have heard 18-Jan-2017 15:09:56
                           MC - Unless they're pulling a Beyonce and dropping it suddenly (which I highly doubt is the case), I can't imagine that... 19-Jan-2017 02:21:12
                                        MentariS - If Album No. 7 is to be released in Q4 I hope at least in the next couple of months we'll get some real studio updates (n/t) 19-Jan-2017 08:06:25
                                                     Corranga - The tour schedules last year were very much dictated by venue availability and short time scales 19-Jan-2017 11:06:39
                                                                  dave - Maybe they are 'in the hands' of the record company when it comes to release dates. I feel sure 19-Jan-2017 11:38:25
                                                                               Chanh - I think Claire on Facebook misunderstood Jim's Tweet on twitter. 19-Jan-2017 13:18:50
                                                                                            sergio - Unless this would be the title of the record:)) (n/t) 19-Jan-2017 14:54:00
                                                                                                         dave - No, the person Jim was referring to is someone in America whose jail sentence was reduced. (n/t) 19-Jan-2017 19:37:26

Corrsgirl1 - I finally did it! (Corrs related tattoo) 18-Jan-2017 11:42:52
              MentariS - Good one Marlies! Nice choice of line and it's very well done too :-D (n/t) 18-Jan-2017 12:01:19
                           Corrsgirl1 - Thank you :) (n/t) 18-Jan-2017 12:11:23
              Terry - Nice one there, and excellent choice! (n/t) 18-Jan-2017 16:34:03
                           Corrsgirl1 - Thank you! (n/t) 19-Jan-2017 01:08:43
              Fabiola - Nice one! 18-Jan-2017 17:58:34
                           Corrsgirl1 - Thank you! 19-Jan-2017 01:09:36
              MC - Very nice! :-) (n/t) 19-Jan-2017 02:22:11
                           Corrsgirl1 - Thanks! (n/t) 19-Jan-2017 05:20:57
              Corranga - Looks good, and very fitting. I can't decide which is the bigger decision, China or the tattoo ;) (n/t) 19-Jan-2017 11:07:57
                           Corrsgirl1 - I think I gave the tattoo more thought than China 19-Jan-2017 12:36:15
              SeanCorrain - I love it ! (Nice song selection ! and perfect lyrics) (n/t) 20-Jan-2017 15:55:46
                           Corrsgirl1 - Thank you very much! (n/t) 21-Jan-2017 15:12:05
              bikecris - Wow, I'm not familiar with the song or new album, but congrats. There are many lyrics from our Corrs that 15-Feb-2017 10:10:49
                           bikecris - Oops, there's apparently no here. But still a great lyric from Angel. 15-Feb-2017 10:23:44
                           Corrsgirl1 - Those are lovely lyrics too! (n/t) 18-Feb-2017 13:02:09

Robin - Corrs related. I wrote to my local MP taking issue with the way tickets for music events are sold in the UK. My two 12-Jan-2017 19:27:43
              dave - This problem is well known to the government and there was mention of it 12-Jan-2017 19:55:33
                           robin - My personal view is that the government have the power to simply make it illegal for these other sites to sell tickets 12-Jan-2017 20:49:40
              Steverino - I applaud your activism! It's very aggravating that this is allowed to happen. 13-Jan-2017 06:24:59
                           dave - Interesting comment there Steverino. One of the problems in UK apparently 13-Jan-2017 09:53:21
                                        DrFunkenstein - Anyone else remember camping out overnight in front of the ticket outlet (box office) to get concert tickets? 13-Jan-2017 12:38:38
                                                     Robin - Yes in those days for a popular gig it was the only way to get a ticket. When the Beatles performed in Newcastle people 13-Jan-2017 14:05:07
                                        Steverino - Sounds horrendous, Dave. Hopefully, the criminal element of it (at least) gets cleaned up. 16-Jan-2017 17:19:36
              RichardY - The UK government are actively looking at this - I watched an interesting session of a parliamentary committee recently 13-Jan-2017 18:49:08
              MentariS - Similar case in Ireland apparently, with some TDs monitoring the U2 tickets controversy 19-Jan-2017 08:33:41
                           dave - With the popularity nowadays of 'live gigs' over record sales, unless some action is taken 19-Jan-2017 11:42:30

queenoftheroad - I was in a Youtube-listening kind of mood half an hour ago, and listened to Kiss of life. I really love this song. So I 12-Jan-2017 16:12:23
              Robin - Thats excellent always great to introduce new people to the Corrs. You are right kiss of life is an amazing song, 12-Jan-2017 16:29:56
              chris1957 - Discovering the Corrs 18-Jan-2017 17:46:31

dave - A week into the New Year, perhaps we could have new FOTM and POTW. (n/t) 09-Jan-2017 19:06:26
              Corranga - Hi Dave, Cara (and Marc..) are the only people who do this I believe, so it's down to finding time between 10-Jan-2017 13:05:41
                           Corranga - I should also say, people should submit photos and suggestions for FOTM to Cara to help her with the task too! (n/t) 10-Jan-2017 13:06:23
                           RichardY - Thanks Chris - I've enjoyed my long stint as FOTM but as Dave says it probably is time for a change! 10-Jan-2017 18:08:12
                                        Cara - Thanks. Nope he's not doing anything - that's just the server being busy. (n/t) 12-Jan-2017 21:05:51
              Cara - I am pestering Marc on a weekly basis to get it set up again so I can change it. ;-) 10-Jan-2017 16:15:06
                           dave - I emailed you some photos today Cara. (n/t) 10-Jan-2017 19:34:47
                                        Cara - Got them. As soon as he fixes stuff so I can update again I will be! (n/t) 12-Jan-2017 21:06:30
                           StPaddy - Cara, please feel free to take any of the photos I post on a daily basis from my Instagram. 12-Jan-2017 12:56:20
                                        StPaddy - Here´s the link again. 12-Jan-2017 12:58:57
                                                     Cara - Thanks. :-) I've just told him everyone is really impatient but he's just said 'Mmmmm'. *lol* (n/t) 12-Jan-2017 21:08:31

mrrob69uk - Castle On The Hill and The Corrs 2014 demo 06-Jan-2017 21:41:47
              Corranga - I can hear some resemblance, but perhaps not enough to be more than coincidence. More shocking 09-Jan-2017 12:56:59
                           MentariS - The song was co-written by Ed and Benjamin Levin. Ditto on the lyrics Chris... 09-Jan-2017 13:59:16
              SteveW - Definitely hear the resemblance, plus more on Ed Sheehan and the Corrs 10-Jan-2017 00:52:37
              Steverino - I did not hear any resemblance, but I am new to both songs. 11-Jan-2017 20:36:56
                           SteveW - Harmony is one of my favorites too 11-Jan-2017 22:53:34
                                        Steverino - Yes, and it carries a good message of a desire for peace. 13-Jan-2017 02:25:36
                                                     SteveW - Harmony is on the White Light album 13-Jan-2017 02:59:35
                                                                  Steverino - Sorry. I wasn't very clear. 13-Jan-2017 06:01:59
                                                                               SteveW - Miracle; the missing song 13-Jan-2017 07:43:26
                                                                  MentariS - I ranked Harmony at No. 1 in the survey you made Steve 13-Jan-2017 11:35:15

MentariS - Just thought I'd share this - quite an unexpected Corrs experience at the hospital today :-) 05-Jan-2017 12:43:12
              Corranga - Wow, what a great thing to happen when you going through such a procedure 05-Jan-2017 13:28:47
                           dave - I hope the scan showed your knee to be OK. Nice to have some Corrs therapy though. (n/t) 05-Jan-2017 16:18:04
                                        MentariS - Thanks Dave, scans show nothing major although the pain is getting unbearable. 'Corrs therapy' - now that's a cool term! (n/t) 06-Jan-2017 04:08:26
                                                     dave - Have you tried rubbing an Ibuprofen gel onto your knee Mentari, that might help. (n/t) 06-Jan-2017 11:29:05
                                                                  MentariS - Thanks for the suggestion Dave! I did purchase one today and it does help to ease the pain a little. (n/t) 06-Jan-2017 14:51:35
                           MentariS - I ALWAYS get uneasy during dental appointments so might be a good idea to play Corrs songs each time :-p (n/t) 06-Jan-2017 04:09:45
              Corrpulent - Just curious... Why would someone from Perth go to Jakarta for an MRI? (n/t) 05-Jan-2017 18:42:53
                           MentariS - I'm originally from Jakarta, just happen to study at a university in Perth :-) (n/t) 06-Jan-2017 04:04:21

MentariS - It's already 2017 in my part of the world, so happy New Year everyone! 31-Dec-2016 17:03:47
              CorrMac - It's not the New Year here yet but ... 31-Dec-2016 21:26:25
                           Corranga - ...and it's 1.20am here now and my toddler naturally wakes at around 6, so just a quick Happy New Year to you all 01-Jan-2017 01:21:35
              MC - Happy New Year! Here's to a great 2017! :-) (n/t) 01-Jan-2017 06:00:29
                           robin - Happy new year to everyone. (n/t) 01-Jan-2017 09:22:34
                                        dave - Happy New Year everyone, I didn't see it in myself though, to bed by 9pm with flu 01-Jan-2017 10:48:33
                                                     RichardY - Happy New Year everyone - and get well soon Dave! (n/t) 01-Jan-2017 11:11:47
                                                     Robin - Hope you ok soon Dave. Yes got my running shoes ready. (n/t) 01-Jan-2017 11:57:43
                                                     MC - Feel better, Dave. (n/t) 01-Jan-2017 13:13:33
                                                     scott - Sorry to hear 01-Jan-2017 22:52:16
                                                                  dave - Thanks guys, feeling a bit better today I must admit. (n/t) 02-Jan-2017 11:11:59
                                        Steverino - Happy New Year, Corrs fans - hoping 2017 is good to you all. (n/t) 11-Jan-2017 20:14:07

seancorrain - Here is a fun one. If there were ONE Corrs Song that would describe your life and your being, which one would it be ? (n/t) 30-Dec-2016 04:02:29
              MentariS - Hurt Before, although I'm not yet 25 :-) (n/t) 30-Dec-2016 07:49:03
                           dave - Secret Life.. (n/t) 30-Dec-2016 13:46:16
                           MC - Hurt Before, although I'm way older than 25, LOL! (n/t) 31-Dec-2016 05:54:03
              Punky - I Do What I Like- I can draw parallels between my life and many lines of this song! (n/t) 30-Dec-2016 14:02:45
                           Robin - So young because I hate being old but at a Corrs gig they make me feel so young. (n/t) 30-Dec-2016 20:10:05
              Ballerinatay - At Your Side 31-Dec-2016 21:50:59
                           Ferrinho - All in a day 01-Jan-2017 04:19:02
              Corrsgirl1 - I do what I like convinced me to follow my dream to move to the other side of the world, 04-Jan-2017 07:03:13

SeanCorrain - It is fun to update "relaxed" fans that The Corrs have been back for over a year now 28-Dec-2016 20:15:00
              robin - Well done Sean excellent. another happy Corrs fan. (n/t) 28-Dec-2016 21:16:50
              SteveW - Good work, Sean! :-) (n/t) 28-Dec-2016 23:38:46

MentariS - Background Vocals and Harmonies 25-Dec-2016 08:02:14
              SteveW - Backing vocals 26-Dec-2016 10:25:22
                           MentariS - Another suggestion Steve, try listening to their acoustic performance of Humdrum: 26-Dec-2016 12:22:24
                                        SteveW - Humdrum vocals 27-Dec-2016 09:22:27
                                                     MentariS - Yes, Sharon is singing the low part and Caroline the high 27-Dec-2016 13:30:57

Robin - Happy Christmas Andrea, Caroline, Sharon, Jim and all your families. Hope you all have a wonderful time and thank you 23-Dec-2016 14:07:28
              SteveW - This seems like a good time to post my favorite vocal performance by Andrea 24-Dec-2016 10:04:49
                           dave - Thanks Steve, I hadn't seen/heard that particular rendition by them - as you say, its good. 24-Dec-2016 11:36:47
                           scott - No link? 24-Dec-2016 18:33:28
                                        SteveW - The video should have been embedded in the page, but if not, here's a direct link 24-Dec-2016 19:22:01
                                                     scott - New to me 25-Dec-2016 13:08:20
              MentariS - Thanks for posting that O Holy Night performance Steve! Breathtaking vocal performance indeed. 24-Dec-2016 10:35:22
                           dave - Nice one Mentari - this song and O Holy Night are possibly some of the earliest ones 24-Dec-2016 11:43:52
                           SteveW - Mentari, I can never figure out who's singing which part 24-Dec-2016 15:03:02
                                        MentariS - Try 1:20 - 1:29 when the camera does a close-up of Caroline's face... 24-Dec-2016 15:55:28
                                                     SteveW - I would love to have a discussion on harmony vocals... 24-Dec-2016 17:24:38
                                                                  Corranga - Merry Christmas everyone, and what a great way to celebrate with a really interesting thread discussing amazing music 24-Dec-2016 22:02:47
                                                                  CorrMac - I always remember a bit from the documentary "No More Cry" ... 24-Dec-2016 22:16:17
                                                                  MC - I also have a really hard time distinguishing the voices when they're singing the backing harmonies. 25-Dec-2016 05:25:11

Robin - Happy Christmas to everyone at Corrsclub and to all Corrs fans everywhere. Hope you all have a wonderful time. (n/t) 23-Dec-2016 14:03:32
              MentariS - Happy Christmas if you celebrate, and happy holidays to everyone! (n/t) 23-Dec-2016 14:13:51
                           Sergio - Merry Everything and happy always to everyone!:) Hope next year will be exciting!:) (n/t) 23-Dec-2016 17:01:32

SteveW - Survey: format for next year (opinions sought) 22-Dec-2016 06:25:23
              MC - I would open it up to others on social media. 22-Dec-2016 11:00:20
              sergio - I would also go public with the survey next year and would switch back to the 2015 format (n/t) 22-Dec-2016 11:48:29
              Nabil - I also vote for expanding the base and for the 2015 format 22-Dec-2016 13:23:34
              scott - My 2 cents 22-Dec-2016 14:44:46
              robin - I thought survey this year was excellent but have no real strong views as to what form for next year. i tend to think 22-Dec-2016 16:54:04

SteveW - Survey results; complete voting for all songs 21-Dec-2016 09:34:30
              SteveW - notes on the voting results 21-Dec-2016 09:59:41
              SteveW - survey results, demographics and other info 21-Dec-2016 10:18:17
                           RichardY - Fascinating stuff Steve and thanks for all your hard work! 21-Dec-2016 11:57:24
                           Taliesin - I'm from Canada 22-Aug-2017 12:41:29
              Corranga - Really interesting results there, though the top 1 is perhaps a little predictable :) 21-Dec-2016 11:03:42
              Terry - Somehow I'm surprised that Runaway "only" received 44 votes out of 83 voters... 21-Dec-2016 15:34:47
                           sergio - I did not put it in my top 10. Can't tell why, its a bit of a silly thing but for me it has always been too obvious 21-Dec-2016 17:26:18
                                        sergio - of course singing it along while having an eye contact with Andrea in Vienna, was a different thing...that was magic:) (n/t) 21-Dec-2016 17:30:07
                                                     MentariS - *turns green with envy* (n/t) 23-Dec-2016 13:40:30
              SteveW - Thanks for fixing the problem with the spacing, Chris! (n/t) 22-Dec-2016 00:23:43

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