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SteveW - Survey results; complete voting for all songs 21-Dec-2016 09:34:30
              SteveW - notes on the voting results 21-Dec-2016 09:59:41
              SteveW - survey results, demographics and other info 21-Dec-2016 10:18:17
                           RichardY - Fascinating stuff Steve and thanks for all your hard work! 21-Dec-2016 11:57:24
              Corranga - Really interesting results there, though the top 1 is perhaps a little predictable :) 21-Dec-2016 11:03:42
              Terry - Somehow I'm surprised that Runaway "only" received 44 votes out of 83 voters... 21-Dec-2016 15:34:47
                           sergio - I did not put it in my top 10. Can't tell why, its a bit of a silly thing but for me it has always been too obvious 21-Dec-2016 17:26:18
                                        sergio - of course singing it along while having an eye contact with Andrea in Vienna, was a different thing...that was magic:) (n/t) 21-Dec-2016 17:30:07
                                                     MentariS - *turns green with envy* (n/t) 23-Dec-2016 13:40:30
              SteveW - Thanks for fixing the problem with the spacing, Chris! (n/t) 22-Dec-2016 00:23:43

SteveW - Survey results, #1 favorite song 20-Dec-2016 05:49:35
              SteveW - More stats: most #1 votes, most #2 votes, etc. 20-Dec-2016 05:59:10
                           sergio - Interesting that The Right Time is not in the top 20 despite the 4 4th places. It would be also interesting to 20-Dec-2016 10:42:33
                                        Robin - Firstly a massive thanks Steve for all your time and hard work you have put into this survey. I am sure I speak for 20-Dec-2016 22:58:41
                                                     MentariS - Ditto with everything Robin said (n/t) 21-Dec-2016 05:09:44
              CSCfan - Wow, nice to see "Kiss of Life" as highest new song! Totally deserved <3 21-Dec-2016 12:30:52

SteveW - Survey results, #2 favorite song 19-Dec-2016 12:21:58
              MentariS - I can't guess what the point total will be for the No. 1 song, but I think I know what song it is... (n/t) 19-Dec-2016 16:12:45
              CorrMac - From what you are saying, I'm guessing that ... 19-Dec-2016 22:06:34
                           SteveW - Thanks, CorrMac. Sorry to hear of your accident; hope you are doing better (n/t) 20-Dec-2016 01:04:23

SteveW - Survey results, age and when you became a fan 19-Dec-2016 04:38:53
              robin - will the other over 70 year old please stand up (n/t) 19-Dec-2016 08:30:44
                           scott - Age 19-Dec-2016 21:40:47
                                        Robin - Guess I was a mere boy when I went my first Corrs gig (n/t) 19-Dec-2016 21:51:44
              dave - Interesting that we've got the 'three before FNF was released' - either they are 19-Dec-2016 10:56:28
                           robin - and also strange that no fans from white light. (n/t) 19-Dec-2016 15:23:48
                                        MentariS - Given the lack of efforts in promotion through social media and the likes, I'm not too surprised... 19-Dec-2016 15:37:14
                                                     SteveW - In last year's survey, with more than twice as many respondents, we had only 1 fan from the WL era 19-Dec-2016 16:35:18
                                                                  MentariS - Ellis Island is not commercial, yes, but I think it could've found its niche due to its subject matter... 19-Dec-2016 16:39:07

MentariS - Instagram update: Looks like the drummer is spending Christmas right here in Indonesia... 19-Dec-2016 03:21:44
              Nyoman - Bali? Wow, never thought before she would pay a visit, but it's nice knowing that. Thx. (n/t) 19-Dec-2016 09:48:38
                           MentariS - If she's so impressed with the island...come to think of it, I wouldn't mind a Corrs gig in Bali instead of Jakarta :-p (n/t) 19-Dec-2016 15:39:01

gandalf - About dvd white light tour 2016 18-Dec-2016 19:41:21
              MC - There was talk of a White Light DVD, but I'm assuming that it didn't work out. 19-Dec-2016 03:02:02
                           dave - There's also the copyright issue to consider. The venues may have put a block on any official 19-Dec-2016 11:07:15
                                        Corranga - I suspect it's down to the financing. We know almost for certain that they didn't properly record a gig 21-Dec-2016 11:12:40

dave - Enjoy !! Ciaran Gribbin and Sharon jammin' back stage 18-Dec-2016 10:53:17
              dave - Or.. it might be Cadburys.... (n/t) 18-Dec-2016 10:56:52
              Corranga - Love it! One of my festive favourites, I can almost imagine it with some tin whistle in there... I wonder if Jim could 21-Dec-2016 11:15:33
                           dave - Not sure about that Chris - but it does need Irish accents to do it justice, just as Sharon & Ciaran have shown 21-Dec-2016 19:46:46
                                        SteveW - It's an old performance -- see videos here 21-Dec-2016 23:54:08
                                                     MC - That performance was from Christmas 2009. 22-Dec-2016 10:52:46

SteveW - Survey results, #3 favorite song 18-Dec-2016 07:11:37
              dave - Though I'm tired of Radio, that clip did bring back happy memories of that great gig 18-Dec-2016 11:04:09
                           robin - So much for my last post saying that all songs on top ten were moving up. Radio always gets great reception at their 18-Dec-2016 17:06:38
              sergio - So I guess no surprise for 1st and 2nd and I'm pretty sure about the order as well:) (n/t) 18-Dec-2016 18:53:01

SteveW - Survey results, #4 favorite song 17-Dec-2016 12:46:00
              dave - Their only UK #1 (n/t) 17-Dec-2016 13:26:18
              robin - This means that the songs so far in the top ten have all moved up from last year. (n/t) 17-Dec-2016 22:19:17

SteveW - Survey results, #5 favorite song 16-Dec-2016 18:44:59
              MC - I'll state the obvious - Runaway has to be in there. ;-) (n/t) 17-Dec-2016 05:14:10
              Robin - What a jump and for me a song with a special meaning. At Glasgow this year I managed to stand in front of the stage for 17-Dec-2016 13:52:25

SteveW - Survey results, favorite album 16-Dec-2016 05:42:54
              GaelleF - I didn't pick any from Home, because they are only covers. I only voted for Corrs-penned songs. (n/t) 16-Dec-2016 14:06:32
              Robin - Interesting that Borrowed heaven down the list and the fact that the Corrs themselves didn't feature any songs 17-Dec-2016 13:45:25

SteveW - Survey results, #6 favorite song 15-Dec-2016 17:38:34
              robin - Absolutely fantastic live, a shame it was occasionally left out on the tour when the setlist was cut. (n/t) 15-Dec-2016 18:27:06

SteveW - Survey results, #7 favorite song 14-Dec-2016 21:57:19
              Robin - Yes indeed, must admit a long while since I have listened to it. Corrs songs have certainly stood the test of time as 14-Dec-2016 23:04:44
              dave - Conor Brady standing in for Anto who I think was on tour with Genesis at the time. (n/t) 15-Dec-2016 13:54:23
              airbusgore - Legend. Now where did I dream this top twenty is their set list for their next gig? (n/t) 15-Dec-2016 16:57:10
              Leslie - Love this song and this performance is so good! (n/t) 15-Dec-2016 20:13:31

SteveW - Survey results, countries represented 14-Dec-2016 13:09:02

SteveW - Survey results, #8 favorite song 14-Dec-2016 00:22:26
              dave - Although I didn't vote, I'm glad to see this song placing in the Top Ten, 14-Dec-2016 12:10:05
              Robin - Interesting that numbers 10, 9, and 8 have all climbed from last year and all three are older songs. Just a shame more 14-Dec-2016 14:58:59
                           SteveW - That's a good observation, Robin. The same is going to be true of number 7... (n/t) 14-Dec-2016 21:50:52

SteveW - Survey results, #9 favorite song 13-Dec-2016 06:15:51
              Robin - Yes amazing performance. Wish I had been there but it was the year before I got into the Corrs. (n/t) 13-Dec-2016 09:09:37

SteveW - Survey results, #10 12-Dec-2016 16:41:54

SteveW - Survey results, 20-11 12-Dec-2016 02:12:27
              SteveW - Note that half of last year's top 10 finished between 11-20 this year, so half of this year's top 10 will be new (n/t) 12-Dec-2016 03:55:15
                           Ballerinatay - Very interesting! Thanks for doing this Steve! (n/t) 12-Dec-2016 04:54:08
              sergio - Really interesting to see how the weighted ranking impacts the final ranks of the songs. 12-Dec-2016 10:44:58
                           SteveW - Overall, using the weighted ranking didn't make a big difference. 12-Dec-2016 11:34:17
                                        sergio - ok, great! it would be interesting to drill down in the statistics:) (n/t) 12-Dec-2016 13:11:17
              OsamaRaashid - Really strange to see Goodbye on #20 (n/t) 12-Dec-2016 18:53:25
                           Robin - Surprised Ellis Island has dropped 7 places. Top ten should be very interesting. (n/t) 12-Dec-2016 22:52:20
                                        SteveW - I was surprised about Ellis Island too. At one point it was in the top 3 early in the voting. 12-Dec-2016 23:50:58
                                                     robin - Me too i loved both White light and Ellis island so much live on their tour. (n/t) 13-Dec-2016 01:10:42

SteveW - Last day to vote in the favorite songs survey 11-Dec-2016 05:39:45
              Robin - Let's hope for a flood of late voters. Thanks for all your efforts Steve. (n/t) 11-Dec-2016 12:56:23
              OsamaRaashid - Done 11-Dec-2016 18:25:18
                           robin - I guess the fact that we all find it so difficult makes the final results all the more interesting. (n/t) 11-Dec-2016 20:31:23
                                        OsamaRaashid - Agreed (n/t) 12-Dec-2016 18:54:23

SteveW - Favorite songs survey 05-Dec-2016 02:59:29
              sergio - Awesome, thank you Steve! Just submitted my vote! (n/t) 05-Dec-2016 08:42:57
              Robin - Great idea Steve, will do my vote tonight. Will be really interesting to see how it compares to last year. (n/t) 05-Dec-2016 09:13:12
              SteveW - Do we want this to be a survey of just our board, or should we promote this as widely as possible? (n/t) 05-Dec-2016 10:06:04
                           sergio - Tricky question, but AFAIC I would not go 'as widely as possible' because I fear the results might be spoilt in a way 05-Dec-2016 10:35:05
                                        robin - yes i agree think it would be best to stick with our board only. Firstly it will give us a true comparison with 05-Dec-2016 12:15:11
              Terry - Nice job Steve! Just voted! 05-Dec-2016 15:58:18
              BallerinaTay - Voted! 05-Dec-2016 22:16:11
              queenoftheroad - Done! (n/t) 06-Dec-2016 06:05:11
                           Robin - Done mine, so difficult but enjoyable. Found myself numerous times thinking can't leave that song out but then there are 06-Dec-2016 22:51:49
              SteveW - So far we have 36 responses (last year we had 177) (n/t) 06-Dec-2016 23:36:35
                           Robin - It would be nice if we could reach 200 as the more we get the more meaningful the results are. (n/t) 07-Dec-2016 00:32:20
                                        SteveW - We're not on pace to get as many votes as last year, and the number of new votes is slowing down. 07-Dec-2016 02:46:38
                           MC - It's a great idea to rank the songs, but it's difficult. That's why I haven't done one. 07-Dec-2016 04:45:47
                                        SteveW - Agreed that ranking the songs is a challenge, and may have lowered the response rate 07-Dec-2016 05:54:49
                                                     Robin - I think you have got it spot on as it is Steve. It will be a shame if voters are less than last time after all your 07-Dec-2016 12:37:32
                                                     sergio - I'm curious if the mysterious 4 fans from pre-FNF era would show up this year as well:) (n/t) 07-Dec-2016 13:28:13
                                                                  SteveW - So far the 4 pre-FNF fans have not voted. I'm hoping they were really Jim, Sharon, Andrea, and Caroline! (n/t) 07-Dec-2016 13:35:24
                                                                               MentariS - YES PLEASE! :-) (n/t) 07-Dec-2016 15:39:09
                                                                               sergio - I would not say it would be unrealistic to assume so:) (n/t) 07-Dec-2016 17:09:09
                                                     MentariS - Already voted, and I agree that the challenging nature of this survey probably lowers the response rate 07-Dec-2016 15:27:17
              RichardY - I've voted - look forward to seeing if there are any significant changes from the results from last year! (n/t) 07-Dec-2016 12:34:26
                           dave - I'm not voting because I think the situation is totally different from last year. 07-Dec-2016 15:46:48
                                        SteveW - dave, you can still vote even if you're not trying to show support for older album tracks to appear in gigs 07-Dec-2016 16:47:16
                                        sergio - :) I would not see this voting as a statement in this aspect. It's fun, it's for us fans, come on, we need your vote!:) (n/t) 07-Dec-2016 17:12:57
              scott - Survey (n/t) 08-Dec-2016 00:12:54
                           scott - Did it! 08-Dec-2016 00:22:56
                                        corrazy_rach - Done! Can't help it but my favourites change all the time! :) (n/t) 08-Dec-2016 05:06:20
              SteveW - Up to 61 votes now. Anyone else? Make your voice heard! :-) (n/t) 09-Dec-2016 05:38:03
                           dave - I wonder if the dramatic decline in number of people voting is an indication 09-Dec-2016 11:57:58
                                        MentariS - I personally don't see fewer participants indicating anything so complex. I guess it simply means that the board has... 09-Dec-2016 12:57:56
                                                     SteveW - We're missing large groups of people compared to last year. For example... 09-Dec-2016 14:01:25
                                                                  Corranga - I haven't done it yet as I simply haven't had the time with work and preparing for xmas.. 09-Dec-2016 15:05:14
                                                                  MentariS - In case this survey hasn't been posted on The Corrs Fan Club on Facebook, I can post it there if you'd like, Steve (n/t) 09-Dec-2016 16:03:04
                                                                               SteveW - I'm ok either way on whether or not to publicize the survey 09-Dec-2016 18:37:35
                                                     robin - yes agree with you Mentari its gone very quiet and i suppose not too much to talk about but at least we can all look 09-Dec-2016 15:12:25
                                        sergio - Yeah, the hype around the band is much less obviously. Might be interesting to know the thinking 09-Dec-2016 14:48:47
                                                     Robin - I will be a bit surprised if it's released before April. At this stage we don't really know how far they have got with 09-Dec-2016 19:00:09

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