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Eclair - iTunes UK son of Solomon was made available to buy for 99p at midnight just gone (n/t) 21-Sep-2017 01:24:31
              Yrisea - It is on Spotify now !! :-))) (n/t) 21-Sep-2017 06:14:38
              Yrisea - Well done team Corrs :D happy waking up gift โ™กโ™กโ™ก (n/t) 21-Sep-2017 06:15:25

MentariS - Any sign of Son of Solomon being released on Radio 2 or anything like that? 21-Sep-2017 00:15:25
              CorrMac - It's not on their playlist for next week at the moment ... 21-Sep-2017 07:02:09
                           Corranga - You can also see when they were last played on BBC Radio stations here [link inside] 21-Sep-2017 08:36:49

CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Son as in male offspring or Son as in Song?? :o (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 20:35:30
              Yrisea - Son not Song i think no? (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 20:54:43
                           CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - i think they're using son as an abbreviation of song (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 20:59:41

SeanCorrain - I am kind of going nuts here. 20-Sep-2017 19:12:35
              Corranga - It's not available in the UK yet either, though I guess there is a placeholder in iTunes. 20-Sep-2017 19:50:22
                           SeanCorrain - Itunes / Spotify and all others have no new content from The Corrs past 2005. 20-Sep-2017 20:14:35
              Taliesin - I do :-( (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 20:37:11
              Yrisea - I only heard the few samples available thanks to our great fan network :-))... 20-Sep-2017 20:58:03
                           SeanCorrain - I just want to know if it is planned. 20-Sep-2017 22:33:35
                                        Yrisea - Look at below piece of article... 20-Sep-2017 22:38:44
              rmssw - I definitely agree. It's frustrating being a US fan post-hiatus 21-Sep-2017 00:26:29
                           commonwombat - Whilst for your sakes; I'd like to be proven wrong; I suspect that its highly unlikely there will be ANY US release 21-Sep-2017 02:29:56
                                        CSCfan - As a repetition and follow-up to an earlier post; we live in 2017. 21-Sep-2017 14:55:38
                                                     Corranga - I completely agree. The cost of putting the album out there internationally, even if just on iTunes much be very small. 21-Sep-2017 15:22:48
                                                                  Yrisea - Is the single not available in the USA on spotify or Itunes?? :( 21-Sep-2017 15:25:00
                                                                               Taliesin - It is in Canada, in Itune Store! (n/t) 21-Sep-2017 16:29:24
                                                                               SeanCorrain - No it is not. It is only available to listen to on 22-Sep-2017 18:43:52
                                                                                            Yrisea - Digital release restrictions : a bit of research to understand 26-Sep-2017 12:49:43
                                                                  commonwombat - Whilst I completely agree this would be the situation we would want to see 22-Sep-2017 04:17:42
                                                     commonwombat - Dear Mr "I'm so in tune with today"; I'm not disputing what arguably SHOULD be done 21-Sep-2017 23:01:05
                                                                  SeanCorrain - Who is this for ? me ? 22-Sep-2017 18:51:44
                                                     MentariS - Let's break this off now, shall we? 22-Sep-2017 04:43:19
                                                                  commonwombat - Sure; for my part I will readily withdraw the snarky "shot" at CSC fan 22-Sep-2017 07:50:19
                                                                               CSCfan - post was in no way meant to be condescending, at least not to you... 22-Sep-2017 14:38:42
              SeanCorrain - It seems as though the concensus has concluded that it does not require the same costs to digitally release. 22-Sep-2017 18:46:16
                           commonwombat - Wish there was a nice easy answer !! 23-Sep-2017 02:59:33

MentariS - Full lyrics of Son of Solomon as transcribed by me (NOTE - can't guarantee this is 100% correct but I did my best): 20-Sep-2017 15:56:52
              CSCfan - Thank you so much for transcribing Mentari! Can't wait to hear the whole song :D (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 16:02:30
              MentariS - SLIGHT CORRECTION: 20-Sep-2017 16:20:23
                           GreenViolin - Maybe "I seek and you, you find me?" =) (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 16:26:10
                                        MentariS - That makes WAY more sense! Thanks for pointing that out. 20-Sep-2017 16:28:02
                                                     GreenViolin - No problem at all =) 20-Sep-2017 16:30:36
              MentariS - More revision: 20-Sep-2017 16:33:35
                           sergio - Lyrics-wise I feel a slight a connection to "Kiss of Life"... (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 21:01:08
                                        SteveW - Yes, it reminded me of KoL too -- very passionate (n/t) 21-Sep-2017 01:11:06
                                        MentariS - Exactly, both songs have allegories of some sorts representing physical love and intimacy as well as biblical references 21-Sep-2017 01:44:25
                                                     SteveW - It's also rhythmically similar to Harmony 21-Sep-2017 02:03:39
              yrisea - cannot hear the song yet :(.... 20-Sep-2017 16:49:22
              MentariS - Interesting biblical references in the lyrics... 20-Sep-2017 17:08:12
                           Sergio - The song of songs is about feelings, emotions between bride and groom. Allegedly written by King Solomon (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 17:21:29
                                        Yrisea - I honestly don't get the lyrics... 20-Sep-2017 21:05:08
                                                     sergio - Well, if Andrea took inspiration from the Song of Songs, then this song really can have multiple interpretation 20-Sep-2017 22:06:55
                                                                  Yrisea - Thank you for the insight Sergio. I do not have this biblical reference so I'm oblivious to it. Need to take a look (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 22:21:23
                           MentariS - Not sure how reliabe is Wikipedia when it comes to these things, but I found this: 20-Sep-2017 17:27:31
                                        SteveW - Here's a version of the Bible verse in modern English language 20-Sep-2017 17:32:13
                           cedic - Just going from memory here: 20-Sep-2017 17:34:51
                           BallerinaTay - As a Christian myself I immediately understood the lyrics. 21-Sep-2017 02:34:47
              MentariS - Revision (thanks JuliaSebber for helping me out with this!): 21-Sep-2017 02:54:05
                           Yrisea - Might be "I will follow you, follow you *along" (n/t) 21-Sep-2017 11:46:19

Leslie - Sample of "Son of Solomon: up on Itunes. (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 15:36:55
              MentariS - The whole song is now available on iTunes in Indonesia and the Philippines!! (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 15:39:54
                           Leslie - Yes, whole song should be available now. (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 15:41:16
                           Leslie - What do you think, Mentari? I've only heard the sample. 20-Sep-2017 15:43:59
                                        MentariS - It's not what you'd expect from an opening track, but it's a very nice surprise and I ADORE it!!! 20-Sep-2017 16:07:55
                                                     sergio - totally agree, I have the same feelings. fantastic song, really demonstrates their musical talent and versatility (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 21:35:24
                                        Nyoman - Love the song, the irish feel of it is very obvious when the instrumental played! (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 16:11:39
                                        Corranga - So, you've found the advantage of being in Indonesia/ the US whilst us UK fans don't even have the sample ;) (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 16:15:43
                                                     MentariS - Haha...I guess that's the thing Chris. WL too came out on iTunes in Indonesia the night before the official release date (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 16:21:28
                                                                  yrisea - A nice way to "redeem" themselves to their asian fans :) well deserved :D enjoy!! 20-Sep-2017 17:05:45
                                                     SteveW - Chris, in iTunes go to "Change Country" near the bottom of the window 20-Sep-2017 16:43:34
                                                                  SteveW - If that doesn't work, here's a shorter clip on Twitter 20-Sep-2017 16:47:39
                                                                               Corranga - The instrumental break makes me really happy, amazing!! (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 17:26:25
                                                                                            CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - this is sounding promising. (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 19:18:43
                                                                                            Yrisea - It is really really beautiful indeed. What a melody! I'm speechless. Can't wait for the whole album now!! โ™ก (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 21:06:42
                                                                               SteveW - You can listen to the 1:30 clip from iTunes here on the FanatiCorrs FB page 20-Sep-2017 17:41:09
                                                                  Corranga - I believe iTunes removes all of your credit if you switch regions though, so won't do that. 20-Sep-2017 17:22:19
              GreenViolin - This sounds AMAZING 20-Sep-2017 16:06:55
                           neleh - A plus point for Singapore as well :p 20-Sep-2017 16:54:18
              SteveW - Wow, definitely not what I was expecting 20-Sep-2017 16:51:39
                           SteveW - More thoughts 20-Sep-2017 17:17:18
                                        Yrisea - Thanks for this SteveW...first impression too: 20-Sep-2017 17:51:57
                                                     sergio - Finally I got to listen to the sample...and I love this melody, its enchanting, a bit oriental, moody yet 20-Sep-2017 21:25:42
                                                                  sergio - towards the end of the sample it's really exciting when Andrea gives the beat with her breathing...:) (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 21:30:16
                                                                  Yrisea - Hey I did have this thought about WMS :D (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 22:43:20
                                        SteveW - Correction: not in key of C, probably D Dorian mode 20-Sep-2017 18:05:12
                           Yrisea - They did state this was recorded in one go no? 20-Sep-2017 18:02:26
                                        SteveW - "T-Bone had the band play live with minimal overdubs" 20-Sep-2017 18:11:52
                                                     Yrisea - They did not hole about that :-)))... 20-Sep-2017 18:12:47
              OsamaRaashid - Instrumental part and the overall vibe is amazing. Lyrics are unintelligible to me yet 20-Sep-2017 18:50:53
              corrsgirl1 - I absolutely love the instrumental part, it's amazing! 20-Sep-2017 23:06:02
                           corrsgirl1 - After a few more listens I now really love it. The first part just takes a few listens. Amazing song! (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 23:11:38
              corrazy_rach - So happy!! Full version available in Australia on iTunes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!! (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 23:15:17
                           Jackie21 - Philippines represent! Amazing song again from our favorite band! 21-Sep-2017 00:50:09
              BallerinaTay - I'm not sure how I feel about the melody. This one might take me several listens to warm up to it. 21-Sep-2017 02:37:26

Corranga - LTLY during WL tour - and 5 other songs [in response to Dave, and set list changes below] 20-Sep-2017 09:31:29
              SteveW - I love that snippet of Summer Sunshine by Andrea on piano 20-Sep-2017 09:49:49
                           dave - WYBH is another one I'd like to hear at a gig. (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 11:18:30
              Yrisea - To have a better idea, refer to my post beliw 20-Sep-2017 11:38:24
                           Yrisea - I have reposted it* sorry (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 11:38:53

MentariS - Andrea's Instagram post just now: "Son of Solomon movie. Watch tomorrow." 20-Sep-2017 09:25:45
              corrsgirl1 - I'm on holiday with a friend right now. Feel so bad for her since she'll have to deal with me 20-Sep-2017 10:11:00
              MentariS - The band's newest Facebook post: "See more at 10 am [UK time I assume?] tomorrow." 20-Sep-2017 11:06:50
                           dave - Interesting - looks like Andy 'Spielberg' Corr is in charge of video clips again, 20-Sep-2017 11:27:12
                                        Yrisea - Haha she does love playing around with her phone :)) (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 11:35:57
                           Yrisea - Now we're talking :-) (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 11:35:19
              SeanCorrain - I am feeling some strong ties to the band getting really artistic with this record 20-Sep-2017 19:16:57
              Carolineinspiredmetodrum - Shot almost a year ago (n/t) 21-Sep-2017 13:53:56

sergio - Based on the band's Instagram account we might get a surprise on Thursday!!:)) (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 20:47:29
              sergio - (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 20:48:21
                           SteveW - Notice that this is one of the same shoes that Caroline and Andrea wear in a recent photo 19-Sep-2017 21:12:49
              Yrisea - Sergio my hero of the day :-))) ... 19-Sep-2017 22:00:21
                           Yrisea - This *teasing (Samsung, stop being so lame please). (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 22:01:54
              MentariS - The RAH gig will be on a Thursday, tomorrow's Thursday (at least where I am)..... 20-Sep-2017 02:23:28
                           Yrisea - We might be jumping to conclusion too quickly.... 20-Sep-2017 08:20:59
                                        dave - I think its just one of a series that are going some way to explaining the album & song titles. 20-Sep-2017 09:16:37
                                        cedic - I think that if it was just a little bit of fun, then 20-Sep-2017 09:26:41
                                        Corranga - I'd guess we'll be getting a single confirmation, with it possibly hitting Youtube / Spotify, or at least a short teaser (n/t) 20-Sep-2017 09:33:03
                                                     CSCfan - My guess is we'll probably get a little Andy-made video, like we got 2 years ago during recordings/rehearsals.... 20-Sep-2017 13:16:09

dave - Ever thought of 'hiring The Corrs', well a local family just hired Take That for a private party 18-Sep-2017 19:29:57
              Yrisea - You could try and hire The Corrz :D.... 18-Sep-2017 22:03:55
              Corranga - We discussed it years ago on Corrsonline as a semi-serious notion. 19-Sep-2017 13:21:42
                           dave - Yep, I remember it well Chris. 19-Sep-2017 14:07:48
                                        SteveW - I might have the energy and enthusiasm -- just not the money! :-) (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 14:15:47
                           CSCfan - By coincidence I visited one of these sites a few weeks ago Chris... 19-Sep-2017 14:28:46
                                        Corranga - Did you make a booking Mathias? ;) (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 14:44:00
                                                     CSCfan - See RAH Chris ;) 19-Sep-2017 14:54:04
                                                                  Corranga - ๐Ÿ˜‚ (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 15:30:16
                                        SteveW - Only US $40K-$75K? That's much lower than I would have expected 19-Sep-2017 15:44:16
                                                     Yrisea - They did play this one private gig way back for 200k... 19-Sep-2017 16:40:30
                                                     dave - Yes that price seems extremely low to me, especially as its across the Atlantic for them 19-Sep-2017 16:46:17
                                                                  commonwombat - Agree fully Dave; you would put your proposition (if you were serious) to Giddings who handles all their bookings (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 19:41:28

dave - With my rather leftfield weird sense of humour applied to the 'ticket issue'.. here's a possible scenario.. LOL 17-Sep-2017 11:05:46
              Terry - ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ 17-Sep-2017 17:15:09
                           CSCfan - I reckon it's a combination of a showcase (for the new album) and either... 17-Sep-2017 18:16:04
                                        cedic - It's a gig of two halves, with an interval, isn't it? 18-Sep-2017 01:34:16
                                                     dave - Yes, I hadn't considered that cedic, we've been assuming it will be new songs, 18-Sep-2017 09:02:03
                                                                  Corranga - I think at this point, most Corrs gigs are a bit of a greatest hits compilation though Dave, 18-Sep-2017 10:40:50
                                                                               dave - Maybe we can hope for some 'B sides' and unreleased tracks...! (n/t) 18-Sep-2017 12:08:54
                                                                                            Chanh - I would love to hear "No Good For Me", one of my all time favourite. 18-Sep-2017 12:46:24
                                                                                                         yrisea - I love NGFM too, would be welcomed back... 18-Sep-2017 14:36:37
                                                                                            Corranga - That would be good too, though the Corrs were never all that good at releasing B-Sides 18-Sep-2017 12:56:29
                                                                                                         sergio - I think some of them were just demos, eg Once in a lifetime is certainly the demo of "The Right Time" 18-Sep-2017 13:46:12
                                                                                                                      Yrisea - Discovered Rainy Day by chance recently while looking for... 18-Sep-2017 14:23:16
                                                                                                         dave - Paddy McCarthy was a great upbeat instrumental which I loved during the IB tour. 18-Sep-2017 14:18:24
                                                                                                                      yrisea - Although I totally agree with you Dave... 18-Sep-2017 14:30:10
                                                     CorrMac - "Special" could mean taking a leaf out of their compatriot's book ... 18-Sep-2017 16:31:37
                                                                  Yrisea - It is :)!....on the topic of new songs.... 18-Sep-2017 16:37:59
              Corranga - Haha. There might be some truth to that !! (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 18:03:18
                           CorrMac - OK, own up, who's been singing out of tune?! Can't have been me I can't sing that high :lol: (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 22:03:31
              yrisea - This made me laugh a lot Dave, thanks for the good chuckle :D 18-Sep-2017 14:37:18
              CSCfan - Found another description of the show.... 18-Sep-2017 20:52:34
                           dave - No mention of B sides on unreleased tracks, so I guess platinum singles means 18-Sep-2017 21:02:08
                                        Yrisea - On the topic of overplayed tunes 18-Sep-2017 21:34:45
                                                     Corranga - I'm sure one of them one named The Right Time as a song they were fed up with in an interview. 19-Sep-2017 07:32:44
                                                                  SteveW - Sharon's quote on The Right Time; overplayed songs 19-Sep-2017 11:59:37
                                                                               yrisea - Thank you steve, this section of the corrsclub (Reference) is super interesting :)... 19-Sep-2017 12:45:11
                                                                                            SteveW - I think one of the best song reference pages is the one for No More Cry 19-Sep-2017 14:33:58
                                                                               CSCfan - Tnx for that Steve! And totally get your point, IMO, they should... 19-Sep-2017 12:45:21
                                                                                            dave - I mentioned this point of performing lesser know songs to Caroline at the Marbella gig 19-Sep-2017 14:15:34
                                                                                                         CSCfan - Lol, maybe hand them (or John) over a list with all of those songs next time Dave ;) Who knows! (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 14:30:13
                                                                                                                      Corranga - During the WL tour, it was mentioned that LTLY was one of 6 songs that they were reworking for the acoustic set 19-Sep-2017 14:47:55
                                                                                                                                   dave - Was Heaven Knows one of them Chris ? (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 15:05:13
                                                                                                                                   Yrisea - If you go back to Sharon Instagram at this time.... 19-Sep-2017 16:45:51
                                                                                                                                   Yrisea - White light set list drafts picture for those interested: 19-Sep-2017 16:54:55
                                                                                                                      dave - Been there..done that..Mathias. They do not like change, they stick to a setlist like glue, 19-Sep-2017 15:03:25
                                                                                                                                   commonwombat - They certainly have tended to be BUT they have also tinkered around with certain numbers when touring different markets 19-Sep-2017 20:03:02
                                                                                                         sergio - Dave, wasn't it also you who told us that when mentioning the idea of a more courageus setlist to Andrea she responsed 19-Sep-2017 17:26:10
                                                                                                                      Yrisea - Sergio I think she said that in an interview... 19-Sep-2017 18:06:18
                                                                                                                                   sergio - ok, that might well be:) This board or an official documentary, it's almost the same:) (n/t) 19-Sep-2017 18:32:58
                                                                                                                      dave - Yes that's true Sergio, but I think the band underestimate the knowledge of those 19-Sep-2017 20:17:28

mikeyCF - roll on november 10th 17-Sep-2017 10:29:01
              Sergio - Based on what I have heard from TBB what we can expect is certainly some 17-Sep-2017 11:17:26
                           dave - I wonder if Sharon will be 'lead vocals' on one song - I'd like that, she has a great voice. (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 11:58:33
                           SteveW - "bluesy" would be a new direction for the band 17-Sep-2017 12:25:56
                                        Sergio - I kind of think of the mood of Andrea's Lifelines, but with adding a heavier guitar to it 17-Sep-2017 13:38:01

carameleyedcorr - Spare ticket for RAH? Asking for a long-time ;-) 17-Sep-2017 08:44:53
              corrazy_rach - Contact thecorrs_uk on Instagram :) (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 11:09:39
              dave - Wow... that's a name from the past, I remember you from CorrsOnline. I might be able to help 17-Sep-2017 11:17:14
                           carameleyedcorr - I think I met you Dave (amongst other fans) at a gig in Belfast many years ago.... 17-Sep-2017 13:04:53
                                        dave - Check your email inbox Caramel. (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 14:15:35
              Corranga - Hi from another old time Corrsonliner. Hope you can find a ticket, it's going to be a great gig! (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 15:39:46

Robin - I have sent a strong email to the Minister of state for culture complaining about the ticketing for this concert and 16-Sep-2017 18:14:20
              Yrisea - Well done Robin ! This is a terrible practice indeed and incredibly frustrating... 16-Sep-2017 18:16:43
                           dave - Its been the same for 200 years in UK, way back in Georgian times 'touts' were plying 16-Sep-2017 18:45:57
                                        Robin - Unfortunately there is no way I can afford to pay 250 pounds for a ticket and am sure many other loyal Corrs fans 16-Sep-2017 19:30:29
                                                     Terry - Totally agreeing on that Robin; 250 for a frontrow seat is utter frustration and outragious :-( 16-Sep-2017 20:36:44
                                                                  CorrMac - I think that part of the problem for us fans is that the RAH is not an arena ... 16-Sep-2017 22:18:20
                                                                               dave - Interesting points you've raised there CorrMac. This RAH show is not a 'regular gig' 17-Sep-2017 09:49:20
                                                     dave - The seat I'm offering you is at a price substantially below that figure Robin. I will email you 16-Sep-2017 21:08:09
                                                                  Cara - Just a note to say that I don't have access to the message. ;-) But if Robin logs in to check his messages he'll see it. 16-Sep-2017 22:24:16
                                                                               Robin - Have sent you email with my address. Thanks Cara (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 22:28:32
                                                                                            dave - To Robin, I emailed you the details, check your inbox. (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 11:10:18
              Yrisea - To finish up on this topic... 18-Sep-2017 14:55:15
                           dave - I've still got the Row 4 available... (n/t) 18-Sep-2017 15:08:04
                                        ak03le - Spare ticket (Row 3) 18-Sep-2017 15:35:20
                                                     lopiko - Can you Contact me about the ticket? 18-Sep-2017 22:53:29
              Yrisea - Metallica has ran into problems due to reselling websites... 26-Sep-2017 10:20:09

MentariS - There will be a mention of The Corrs on BBC Radio Ulster's The Lynette Fay Show: 16-Sep-2017 16:14:38
              Yrisea - Thank a million ! Juste saw this, tuning in !!!! :))))) (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 17:50:57
              Yrisea - So Lynette just started with Breathless....not sure wether she is meant to play the new single or not actually ^^ (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 18:09:47
                           Yrisea - So Lynette is not going to play any new song, just a few tracks from the band to celebrate the new record :D (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 18:14:27
                                        Leslie - Yeah, she isn't playing anything but oldies,classics & requests. O well, I've enjoyed listening to N Irish accent. (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 18:23:40
                                                     Yrisea - To be fair, she did play a new single.... 16-Sep-2017 18:28:07
              Carolineinspiredmetodrum - Listening on tunein radio (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 23:26:36
              Carolineinspiredmetodrum - So son of Solomon is the new single by the sounds of it (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 23:30:38
                           Carolineinspiredmetodrum - Mentioned 12 minutes and 30 seconds in (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 23:39:29

MentariS - So far only the duration of Son of Solomon appears on iTunes (4:21) 16-Sep-2017 08:00:37
              Yrisea - Well spotted! (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 10:34:59
              Yrisea - Sharon posted a printscreen of it on Instagram too (hint, hint...) (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 10:36:41
                           MentariS - I KNOW, this is so exciting!! She said nothing about it being the first single but it's definitely a possibility!! (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 11:05:34
                                        dave - Are Song of Solomon and Song of Syria the same thing ? (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 11:34:13
                                                     CSCfan - No they're different songs Dave :) Hope they'll release the 1st single soon! (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 11:36:09
                                                     MentariS - No, Song of Syria is listed in the tracklist as SOS (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 13:05:31
                                                                  Corranga - Which I think is just fan trolling. I mean how do we shorten them both to SOS! (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 13:18:00
                                                                               Yrisea - Hahahahaha :'))))) so true !! :D (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 14:05:54
                                                                               MentariS - I guess the band still checks on this board once in awhile and is well aware of our habit of abbreviating song titles :p (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 14:56:24
                                                                                            dave - They certainly do visit here, so be careful what you say.... LOL (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 18:50:53

rich2862 - On a little different track....just watched the "White Light" concert from ..... 15-Sep-2017 22:45:43
              Carolineinspiredmetodrum - I found the multi camera upload. Will watch later as buy your recommendation ;) (n/t) 16-Sep-2017 23:28:38
                           rich2862 - It's a concert lasting an hour and 45 mins...plan ahead....but worth it. (n/t) 17-Sep-2017 01:42:45

dave - On a completely different subject - any rock guitar addicts amongst us, check this out ! 15-Sep-2017 21:08:42
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - fantastic. thanks for the post (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 22:19:58
                           dave - If Caroline Inspired You.... see what Sina Fendt and her dad can do.. 16-Sep-2017 10:22:24

dave - Robin - do you need a ticket or have you got one OK. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 16:35:34
              Robin - Thanks for thinking of me Dave really appreciate it. Not got ticket yet as not sure whether I can make it due to prior 16-Sep-2017 02:27:24

Chanh - Do you think, they will record the show for a bluray release? (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 08:57:14
              CSCfan - They really, REALLY should... Maybe if we all ask Jim on Twitter ;) (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 09:14:33
                           CorrMac - I'd be happy with a DVD ... :D (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 11:24:19
                                        Corranga - No, I don't think they will.... 15-Sep-2017 15:13:08
              Nick - They missed the chance of recording a great arena show during the UK tour, i hope theyll do. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 13:08:51
                           dave - Best thing would be for the BBC or a production company to film the entire show, 15-Sep-2017 16:15:49
                                        Yrisea - The BBC filming and broadcasting would be amazing!!! :) back to basics! 15-Sep-2017 17:31:22
                                                     dave - I honestly think album sales are less important now than the income from live shows. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 19:12:50
                                                                  Yrisea - I'm more thinking in terms of album ranking as it is measured against sales no? (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 19:47:44
                                                                               Corranga - I Dave is absolutely right so I thought I'd do some fast and uneducated research with a bit of guesswork on the side. 15-Sep-2017 20:45:02
                                                                                            Yrisea - Yes - however I doubt that this is taken into account in album charts. (n/t) 15-Sep-2017 21:52:31
                                                                                            CorrMac - I agree. In the past, making a profit on the gigs was less important ... 15-Sep-2017 22:08:36
                                                                                                         Corranga - I think the bands priorities have to factor in too. They want as many people to be able to see them 16-Sep-2017 08:25:33
                                                                                                                      dave - A good 'chart position' doesn't bring in money, but bums on seats is a guaranteed earner. 16-Sep-2017 09:07:16
                                                                                                                                   commonwombat - They're a guaranteed "earner" for some parties; primarily the promoter ... but not always the artists 16-Sep-2017 14:38:53
                                        commonwombat - But would the Beeb, or any of the other prime media, be interested NOW ? Understand the enthusiasm and the notional case 16-Sep-2017 15:01:55
                                                     CSCfan - Well we live in 2017 and a recording doesn't necessarily have to translate into releasing a DVD/BR anymore... 16-Sep-2017 15:47:06
                                                                  Yrisea - I wish their live DVD were available digitally...i no longer have a DVD player... 19-Sep-2017 19:27:06

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