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Damon - If anybody has a spare tour book from the Albert Hall they’re wanting to sell... 21-Oct-2017 01:27:09
              Damon - I forgot to say, name your price! (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 01:58:54
                           Baxterianism - I managed to get a spare - get in touch :) (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 09:45:14
                                        Damon - Amazing Baxterianism! Best news!... 21-Oct-2017 13:17:56
                                                     Baxterianism - Add me on Facebook :) 21-Oct-2017 17:23:33
              Corranga - It's a beautiful programme too, not the usual tour book being specifically for that gig only. (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 12:04:05
                           MentariS - As I wrote on Fb, I'm still not over the little stories behind the new songs especially one (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 12:45:40
                                        sergio - Mentari, is it available online as well? (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 13:03:22
                                                     MentariS - I saw photos of the pages inside the programme posted by several fan accounts on Instagram (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 13:18:26
                                                                  sergio - got you, thanks (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 13:21:03
                                        IrishHeart - Program stories 21-Oct-2017 20:06:41
                                                     nabil - I second the request to share program stories somehow whoever has access!! 21-Oct-2017 20:13:01
                                                     SteveW - Welcome back, IrishHeart! Long time no see :-) (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 08:53:37
              CSCfan - Requesting the same! I also missed out on the show program... :( (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 21:24:05

rich2862 - Great concert as usual, new songs terrific, but one aspect did annoy me... 21-Oct-2017 01:04:28
              GaelleF - I remember I was very annoyed at the purple lighting during the WL tour, very unaesthetic, both in real life and camera (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 10:25:37

Corranga - [RAH content] I found a video of me! Well, I'm 95% sure it's me, I've never seen myself from this angle! 20-Oct-2017 22:27:51
              MAH - Yup ... 21-Oct-2017 00:07:12
                           dave - Good job you've had a haircut in recent years Chris - or the guy wouldn't have been able to video ! (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 09:59:54
                                        Corranga - Haha, yes. the old pony tail still comes up in Corrs conversation. Most that know me in my working life don't even 21-Oct-2017 12:05:02
              Corranga - I just watched this back again. You know that feeling when your hair stands on end, and that shiver down your back 21-Oct-2017 14:23:44
              Steverino - That video gives me some small sense of being in the audience at a Corrs concert 22-Oct-2017 06:14:48
              CorrMac - Yes, that's definitely you Chris ... 23-Oct-2017 10:45:50

lopiko - OOhh look, I found a wire 20-Oct-2017 19:05:35
              lopiko - its been long, did i forget how to post pics? 20-Oct-2017 19:07:06
                           Corranga - ...and my shoulder (in white on the right) :) (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 23:58:32

lopiko - A video from last night 20-Oct-2017 18:25:48
              sergio - wow, thanks for the upload, amazing song:) (köszi szépen, irigyellek:) 20-Oct-2017 18:59:18
              Wendy - The opening piano was sublime - who was playing? (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 22:29:56
                           lopiko - I think it was Jim, 20-Oct-2017 23:34:13
                                        SteveW - It certainly sounds like Jim 21-Oct-2017 00:42:10
              SteveW - Interesting that they opened with softer low-key songs this time... 20-Oct-2017 22:41:39
              Corranga - Probably should have checked the new threads before posting the one above - oops. I was just watching some videos on 21-Oct-2017 00:02:38
                           dave - It was definitely Jim. Andrea was on piano during Summer Sunshine 21-Oct-2017 10:02:51
                                        Corranga - They certainly got their monies worth out of that piano, siblings do tend to share though right? :) (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 12:05:59

carameleyedcorr - What a brilliant night! 20-Oct-2017 13:29:34
              HaNnAhCoRr - Sounds like a special night, does anyone remember the set list? :) (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 15:20:47
                           carameleyedcorr - I think this is it... 20-Oct-2017 15:29:38
                                        allfadeaway - Dear Life? 20-Oct-2017 15:49:28
                                                     SteveW - videos from RAH 20-Oct-2017 18:55:06
                                        SteveW - here's a photo of the actual setlist 20-Oct-2017 17:17:48
                                                     Corranga - Interesting that they changed the order of Butter Flutter and OWIS. We did see them swap the setlists over 21-Oct-2017 00:09:30
                                                                  SteveW - They switched the order of So Young and INLYA? 21-Oct-2017 00:44:24
                                                                               dave - She did the band introductions in the second half, can't remember between which songs though. (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 10:07:39
                                                                  dave - I guess what happens is that we get 2 hour gigs Chris with an interval - I'm happy with that. (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 10:06:01
                           Erica - Chris and Lon got setlists so I'm sure they'll post them up sooner or later *I'm not jealous, honestly* (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 15:46:20
              Klaus - A great show 20-Oct-2017 16:36:36
              Lonneke - Was great seeing you again! Hopefully it won't be another 13 years before we meet up again! (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 00:46:05

corrazy_rach - A great review and some fab pics! 20-Oct-2017 12:29:16
              MentariS - Great photos - and I wish they really did play All the Love In the World like the review mentions :-p (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 12:52:54

Erica - Sound like they're playing carfest next year! 20-Oct-2017 10:17:13
              Robin - You are right Erica they will have to do it now. Guess you felt the same as me last night not being at RAH. (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 12:20:52
                           Erica - I'm gutted and heartbroken and just a mess... pretty much normal ;) Kids suck :p (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 15:43:34
                                        Lonneke - I missed you guys! Really wish you two had been there... (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 00:51:12

MentariS - Link to The Chris Evans' Breakfast Show on Radio 2: 20-Oct-2017 07:10:27
              SteveW - Thanks for the reminder -- I totally forgot about this in all the RAH excitement (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 08:03:44
              MentariS - The Corrs are there now! (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 08:08:46
              MentariS - They performed Runaway, and......dang, Chris Evans has a copy of JC with him!!! *turns green with envy* (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 08:44:20
              MentariS - They're performing SOS now - the more I listen to this song the more I enjoy it! (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 08:58:09
              MentariS - Last song for the day (I think) - a cover of Elbow's One Day Like This (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 09:34:53
              Nyoman - Video of live performance One Day Like This is now available to watch online 20-Oct-2017 13:19:14
                           SteveW - it's on youtube, too 20-Oct-2017 14:18:25
                                        sergio - its a performance to the highest standards (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 14:28:40
                                        Corranga - It's Looking Like A Beautiful Day 21-Oct-2017 13:10:56
              SteveW - The last song falls into a nice range for Andrea 20-Oct-2017 14:31:47
                           cedic - Agreed, I loved hearing the harmonies clearly 20-Oct-2017 17:32:19
              Nyxlapsi - Runaway : 2:02:00; SOS : 2:22:00 20-Oct-2017 14:32:59
              SteveW - A connection of sorts between One Day Like This and Runaway 20-Oct-2017 19:35:48
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Andrea was so critical of her self. poor thing, I really felt for her 25-Oct-2017 21:22:34

SteveW - clips from RAH on YT 20-Oct-2017 02:35:32
              SteveW - I really like this 1-minute clip of Butter Flutter 20-Oct-2017 03:05:34
              SteveW - Fantastic acoustic version of Summer Sunshine with Andrea on piano 20-Oct-2017 03:18:41
                           Jackie21 - I love the acoustic Summer Sunshine! 20-Oct-2017 04:46:03
                                        Jackie21 - And Im loving Butter Flutter already with the 1-minute clip in YT! 20-Oct-2017 04:51:10
                                        SteveW - Summer Sunshine 20-Oct-2017 08:20:38
                           Wendy - That's exactly what I thought too! (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 12:48:35
                           Wendy - I meant - her piano playing reminded me of when she played Hello Boys (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 12:49:46
              sergio - Listening to these snippets I think this album will be incredible...the rhythm in Blutter Flutter 20-Oct-2017 06:52:14
              HaNnAhCoRr - Andrea looks so relieved it is over, she perhaps must have felt a bit nervous haha (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 12:23:04

den - Brilliant show at the RAH tonight, definetly one of the best in 100 odd gigs that I've been to, (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 01:00:05
              Wendy - From the videos I've seen of RAH, they look and sound fabulous! 20-Oct-2017 12:52:53

BallerinaTay - A clip posted by The Corrs News for those of us who couldn't make it to the concert. 19-Oct-2017 22:30:35
              Wendy - It's so pretty, thanks! 19-Oct-2017 23:22:13
                           Wendy - The instrumental reminds me of... 20-Oct-2017 00:33:11
                                        SteveW - Wendy, are you thinking of 'Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring' by Bach? (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 00:39:20
                                                     SteveW - here's a version on youtube 20-Oct-2017 00:42:08
                                                                  Wendy - Yes, I think that's it! 20-Oct-2017 02:28:42
                                                                               SteveW - It's from the Cantata 147; was that what you were remembering? 20-Oct-2017 02:38:50
                                                                                            Wendy - It's definitely that piece of music I was thinking of... 20-Oct-2017 12:58:14
              BallerinaTay - This song must be "Dear Life" 20-Oct-2017 19:40:43

Leslie - Looking forward to hearing concert reports from the lucky folks who went to RAH gig! Thx to all who shared live video (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 21:51:12
              GaelleF - Lots of new songs from what I heard : bulletproof lové, butter flutter... (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 22:20:59
                           Ferrinho - Can't wait to hear everybody! Such a shame I'm in the IS right now! 19-Oct-2017 22:52:28
                           Ferrinho - Can't wait to hear everybody! Such a shame I'm in the IS right now! 19-Oct-2017 22:56:31
              Nyoman - Got listened the live version of Road to Eden, and I think I love it. (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 23:24:11
                           nabil - Setlist! 20-Oct-2017 00:13:29

mikeyCF - anyone going to the show tonight? 19-Oct-2017 15:33:52
              airbusgore - What show? 19-Oct-2017 16:01:04
                           Leslie - Was there some kind of show? 19-Oct-2017 17:13:42
                                        Carolineinspiredmetodrum - There's a show? 19-Oct-2017 18:32:19

MentariS - Cute group selfie of the sisters RAH posted by Caroline on IG: 19-Oct-2017 15:31:33
              SteveW - And Anto warming up on IG 19-Oct-2017 16:14:31

corrazy_rach - Have fun at the RAH everyone!!!!!! 19-Oct-2017 12:30:38
              KingRichard76 - Many thanks 19-Oct-2017 14:12:53
              SteveW - Have a great time everyone! Will someone please post a setlist? (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 15:06:48
              Terry - Thanks guys!! (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 16:17:58
              Rooster28 - Thanks! Heading up shortly... 19-Oct-2017 16:38:56
              Leslie - Have fun everyone! How I wish Star Trek "Transporters" were real today. (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 17:15:54
                           DrSJF16 - On our way 19-Oct-2017 17:49:07

Nyxlapsi - A little present for my fellow HardCorr fans :) 19-Oct-2017 03:41:43
              Nyxlapsi - I hope I'm not breaking any rules... 19-Oct-2017 03:42:43
                           SteveW - Thank you for sharing! Excellent sound quality. (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 08:43:59
                                        Nyxlapsi - Haha if there was one feedback I was looking forward to getting 19-Oct-2017 19:01:16
                           GaelleF - Thanks !!! (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 10:46:53
              corrazy_rach - Thanks for this! :) (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 13:09:25
              SteveW - Few more thoughts -- Stuttgart 20-Oct-2017 02:22:44
                           Corranga - Thanks for sharing, I'm up too late again, so I'll listen another time :) Looking forward to it! (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 23:52:36
                                        Nyxlapsi - The link is up for one week only. Let me know if it's down by the time you wish to download it :) (n/t) 25-Oct-2017 19:02:18
                           Nyxlapsi - The sound of the recording was really good 25-Oct-2017 19:03:26
                                        nightcat - Um Nyxlapsi if it's not too much trouble, can you please put the link up again? (n/t) 04-May-2018 03:38:58

CSCfan - Here's what The Corrs' official FB page says about the RAH gig.... 19-Oct-2017 02:45:02
              Corranga - Singing along will be difficult unless the song title can be represented by SOS! (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 07:51:34
              SteveW - How are you supposed to sing along to a "world debut" of a song?! (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 08:05:41
                           Yrisea - Good question Steve... 19-Oct-2017 08:22:25
                           Wendy - You could if there was a really singable chorus... 19-Oct-2017 08:29:38
                                        Yrisea - I'm surprised about the band risk taking approach this time round... 19-Oct-2017 09:59:22
              Cristina - release some more tickets? 19-Oct-2017 13:27:12
                           MentariS - Good point... (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 16:46:55

Wendy - Do we Corrs fans have a nickname? For example... 19-Oct-2017 00:05:30
              GreenViolin - Here in Brazil we call ourselves Fanaticorrs =) I love Hardcorr fans though! (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 01:41:29
                           Leslie - I like HardCorr Fans as it is accurate, esp for those of us sticking w/them through 10 yrs of silence! ;) (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 02:15:40
              Yrisea - How about the Corrmunity? :-) (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 06:22:31

MentariS - Mystery of You lyrics (from DisfrutaLosCorrs): 18-Oct-2017 16:05:47
              dave - I think it should be 'cool September rain'.. (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 16:39:17
                           Yrisea - I hear cool september rain too. (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 16:49:35
              GaelleF - I hear « they scream so loud » (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 19:37:58
              Leslie - I hear "I feel the warmth, it grows inside" and " I realize, no part{?] is true. But you're for me and I'm for you." (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 23:24:18
                           Leslie - or rather "you're for me, I'm for you." (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 23:29:14
                           Leslie - "Alone in the crowd, your eyes they scream so loud" (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 23:34:52
              Wendy - Some more lyric ideas for Mystery of You 19-Oct-2017 01:57:35
                           SteveW - I wonder who wrote Mystery of You? This is a rather sophisticated song... 19-Oct-2017 08:29:02
                           allfadeaway - Mystery of you lyrics 20-Oct-2017 15:34:08

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