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dave - Here's an early appearance - Danish TV show back in 1996. Click on pic for short video 04-Jan-2018 10:18:16
              SteveW - Here is the full video of The Right Time on Danish TV 1996, with LTLY too 04-Jan-2018 10:32:09
                           dave - Thanks for that Steve, LTLY has always been one of my favorites. Live vocals & instruments 04-Jan-2018 11:26:29
                                        SteveW - LTLY Is one of my favorites as well 04-Jan-2018 17:59:47
                                                     dave - Good point about the lack of leads & pedals, so lets say they are 'going through the motions' 04-Jan-2018 20:16:03
                                                                  SteveW - Example of Andrea singing slightly different lyrics 04-Jan-2018 21:40:47
                                                                               CSCfan - Well it's not thát impressive... Andrea rarely (or never) uses autotune on her vocals on the albums, so... 05-Jan-2018 15:20:55
                                                                                            SteveW - Yes, I agree with you; that's the part that's impressive 06-Jan-2018 03:03:15
                           Wendy - Andrea looks so comfortable on stage here! 06-Jan-2018 00:30:36

Leslie - SOS played in background of scene on Eastenders on BBC1, 3rd January. 04-Jan-2018 01:10:45

SeanCorrain - No Go Baby -- Question 01-Jan-2018 21:30:47
              dave - Yes, Andrea mentioned she'd had two in the notes accompanying the RAH concert programme. (n/t) 01-Jan-2018 21:36:35
              cedic - Andrea said she had 01-Jan-2018 21:51:52
                           SeanCorrain - I really respect and admire Andrea for writing that song. 01-Jan-2018 22:03:55
              SteveW - Andrea's quote on No Go Baby 01-Jan-2018 22:58:35
              Wendy - I wondered if the second verse referred to being in hospital 02-Jan-2018 00:23:51
                           Nick - Yes, she may be referring as being in the hospital, as a missed misscarriage is (according to 02-Jan-2018 00:57:35
                                        Wendy - Thanks - I hadn't heard of a "missed miscarriage" before... 02-Jan-2018 01:52:30
              MentariS - No Go Baby, along with her interview with the Daily Mail, shows what a strong woman Andrea really is 02-Jan-2018 05:31:36
              Corrpulent - Another woman talking about her miscarriage… 02-Jan-2018 13:07:01
                           SteveW - "Long Island Medium" (off-topic) 02-Jan-2018 14:33:28
                                        Wendy - Yes, I suspect she isn't really a "medium" (n/t) 03-Jan-2018 08:02:54
                                        Corrpulent - Nice to see that Ross and Carrie are skeptical... 03-Jan-2018 14:12:14
                                        corrsgirl1 - Off topic but I love Oh no Ross and Carrie! It's the only podcast I listen to . (n/t) 06-Jan-2018 10:53:48
                                                     SteveW - Glad to see another Ross and Carrie fan on the board! (n/t) 09-Jan-2018 04:53:25
              MentariS - A bit off topic, but Irish presenter Kathryn Thomas recently talked about her miscarriages on The Late Late Show; 06-Jan-2018 19:16:01
              anniii - I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and I cannot listen to this song... 08-Jan-2018 11:14:16

SteveW - All the Way Home 01-Jan-2018 06:22:39
              Corranga - I haven't watched it for a while, but remember it being quite sad 03-Jan-2018 11:12:22
                           SteveW - Yes, much of ATWH was rather bittersweet 03-Jan-2018 13:13:22
                                        dave - Those were very confusing times as a Corrs fan - we just didn't know what the future held, 03-Jan-2018 15:59:49

dave - Has anyone managed to find the Imelda May show yet on RTE One, it was supposed to start 30 mins ago. (n/t) 31-Dec-2017 22:46:58
              SteveW - RTE Player is not working for me 31-Dec-2017 23:22:51
                           SteveW - Was anyone able to watch this entire show? 01-Jan-2018 00:34:55
              Nyoman - The Corrs performed SOS on The Imelda May New Year's Eve Special. 01-Jan-2018 01:04:51
                           Robin - Many thanks for posting (n/t) 01-Jan-2018 01:19:42
                           CSCfan - Tnx for the video! They also performed 'Bulletproof Love' but no sign of it yet.. (n/t) 01-Jan-2018 12:30:04
              SteveW - The entire Imelda May show is online now 01-Jan-2018 02:28:38
                           CorrMac - I'm having problems too, despite normally being able to watch on the RTE player. 01-Jan-2018 04:11:56
                                        dave - I've been getting exactly the same notices as you CorrMac, it does seem the RTE 01-Jan-2018 12:44:17
              allfadeaway - The episode is on RTE Player but will not play 01-Jan-2018 08:07:51
                           SteveW - I filled out the 'Contact' form on their web page 01-Jan-2018 08:54:51
                                        allfadeaway - I have tweeted them! 01-Jan-2018 11:03:35
                                                     dave - It seems that RTE have split their Player service into free to view and subscription, 01-Jan-2018 16:02:42
              GaelleF - Anyone been able to watch it / record it? arghh ! (n/t) 05-Jan-2018 15:30:50

MentariS - Happy New Year everyone, wish you all a great 2018! (n/t) 31-Dec-2017 17:38:06
              Robin - Happy New Year to you all and all the very best for 2018 (n/t) 01-Jan-2018 00:28:55
              CSCfan - Happy New Year to you too! And best wishes to everyone... hopefully we'll see a very Corrful 2018! (n/t) 01-Jan-2018 12:30:41

dave - A rarely heard duet between Andrea and French singer Laurent Voulzy, 31-Dec-2017 11:58:13
              dave - I finally got the remix version to work - this is the one I prefer. 31-Dec-2017 12:06:27
              CSCfan - Thanks for sharing Dave! The song is also featured on 'Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection'. 31-Dec-2017 15:34:29
                           dave - possibly because Andrea wanted it on there... (n/t) 31-Dec-2017 19:07:28
                           Corranga - This was also released as a promotional CD for the collectors out there 03-Jan-2018 11:15:40
              SteveW - Nice harmonies on this song 01-Jan-2018 00:57:11
                           dave - No you're quite correct Steve, I thought one was a remix because it sounds a lot clearer 01-Jan-2018 13:34:07

SteveW - Full voting results 30-Dec-2017 22:35:40
              SteveW - Results by region 31-Dec-2017 03:29:51
              SteveW - Demographics 31-Dec-2017 03:32:56
                           Sergio - What strikes me is how few votes we have from Ireland, their home country and another very 31-Dec-2017 11:49:23
                                        SteveW - Sergio, you can see the results from the 7 pre-FNF fans in the 'Results by when you became a fan' post 01-Jan-2018 10:21:36
              SteveW - Results by album 31-Dec-2017 04:21:07
              SteveW - Results by age 31-Dec-2017 05:33:44
              SteveW - Results by when you became a fan 31-Dec-2017 05:50:12
              SteveW - Anything else you want to see? Let me know 31-Dec-2017 05:53:10
                           dave - The individual song positions are quite random from year to year, but what is very clear 31-Dec-2017 10:46:07
                                        Robin - Firstly a massive thanks Steve for all your hard work and efforts in making this survey so enjoyable, great that 31-Dec-2017 16:57:22
                                        SteveW - Comparing earlier vs later albums 01-Jan-2018 23:36:11
              Corranga - Hi Steve - I can't fix it, there is a bug in the board code that prevents it at the moment, sorry :( (n/t) 31-Dec-2017 10:50:19
              SteveW - Gainers and losers 01-Jan-2018 12:07:14
              cedic - Interesting that SOS is the lowest of the Jupiter Calling songs 01-Jan-2018 21:23:22

SteveW - Favorite songs survey, #1 30-Dec-2017 22:03:13
              Corranga - Is it BECAUSE this is the 3rd year, and people are voting for different songs? 31-Dec-2017 10:55:17
              Wendy - Here's a question for everyone: What do YOU love about Runaway? 31-Dec-2017 12:19:21
                           SteveW - What I love about Runaway 01-Jan-2018 11:16:54

SteveW - Favorite songs survey, #2 30-Dec-2017 21:49:37

dave - Reminder - the New Year show featuring The Corrs starts at 1020pm on RTE One 30-Dec-2017 20:18:03

SteveW - Favorite songs survey: Favorite album 30-Dec-2017 15:43:08
              SteveW - Favorite album results from 2016 30-Dec-2017 16:00:59

SteveW - Favorite songs survey, #3 30-Dec-2017 08:03:32
              dave - Yes, I hadn't heard that mix either. I prefer its more earthy sound and the echo backing vocals 30-Dec-2017 11:40:24
                           neleh - Wow! I guess this was a prior mix to the final album version? (n/t) 30-Dec-2017 15:42:02

Eduardo - Jupiter Calling is up this week at the UK Charts 30-Dec-2017 01:14:10
              mikeyCF - reply to eduardo 30-Dec-2017 18:34:06
              Eduardo - It up another 22 places this week! 05-Jan-2018 18:50:53
                           Jerry - Might be in part because the price on Amazon is now £3.99 (n/t) 05-Jan-2018 19:07:03
                                        Eduardo - And Bulletproof Love is getting some airplay from BBC Radio 2. (n/t) 06-Jan-2018 10:43:27

SteveW - Favorite songs survey, #4 29-Dec-2017 21:24:39
              Robin - Interesting jumps from 14 to 10 to 4. Also funny that Angel has shot up despite them not performing it on White light 29-Dec-2017 21:58:00
              commonwombat - Almost certainly the highest ranking "non single" on this list, no doubt due to its effectiveness as a live number 30-Dec-2017 00:41:10
                           SteveW - Good point on Anto's contribution to QoH. Also, it's a chance for Andrea to really let loose... 30-Dec-2017 06:46:04
                                        dave - Interesting point there about Anto, another band I follow have the bass guitarist and drummer 30-Dec-2017 11:30:59
                                                     dave - Btw, I do realise Anto is lead guitar so wasn't directly making a comparison here. 30-Dec-2017 11:33:24

dave - London theatre costs in 1760, not much changes Robin.. 29-Dec-2017 19:55:28
              Robin - Yes interesting Dave and as you say nothing has changed. Enjoy your Laura Cox gigs, I am planning some trips to 29-Dec-2017 21:32:23
                           dave - Glad to hear it Robin, there are currently some amazing bands out there. (n/t) 29-Dec-2017 21:38:08

SteveW - Favorite songs survey: When did you become a fan? What is your age? 29-Dec-2017 16:24:54
              Terry - Interesting age data! There are more fans aged 30 through 39 than all the other age spans together!... 29-Dec-2017 18:19:19
                           sergio - I suppose the majority of the 30-39 bucket are around 35-39. In 2-3 years time, the 40-49 will be the most populous (n/t) 29-Dec-2017 20:13:11
                           SteveW - I was surprised by how few new fans there were 29-Dec-2017 21:10:06
                                        MentariS - I guess most new fans follow the band on Instagram and (to a degree) Facebook, if you go on Instagram for example... 30-Dec-2017 08:15:10
              Robin - Glad there is one other person over 70. Horrible! (n/t) 29-Dec-2017 21:34:40

SteveW - Favorite songs survey, #5 29-Dec-2017 11:48:16

SteveW - Favorite songs survey, #6 28-Dec-2017 21:55:19

SteveW - Favorite songs survey: where are you from? 28-Dec-2017 05:55:31

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