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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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    21-Mar-2019 18:39:51
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    dave - Just curious, did anyone notice Jim, Andrea or Caroline at Sharon's recent gigs. 18-Mar-2019 15:55:07
                  M-Corr - No Siblings at the Dublin Gig that I noticed. (n/t) 18-Mar-2019 21:15:21
                  Corranga - Not at any of the mainland gigs - though the most likely was London which you were at of course Dave. (n/t) 19-Mar-2019 12:04:46
                               dave - Yep, I asked Sharon at MK if Andrea was coming to the London gig, 19-Mar-2019 20:17:14

    MentariS - Happy birthday Caroline, and happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! 17-Mar-2019 10:55:33
                  Robin - Happy Birthday Caroline have a great day. (n/t) 17-Mar-2019 15:11:28

    M-Corr - A few PICTURES from Sharons Dublin gig 14th March 2019 16-Mar-2019 22:02:09
                  dave - Yep, I remember the high stage there. Nice pics, were the flowers from the audience ? (n/t) 17-Mar-2019 11:40:01
                               M-Corr - Yes the flowers came from the Audience. (n/t) 18-Mar-2019 21:12:49
                  SteveW - Great photos, thanks for posting (n/t) 17-Mar-2019 23:29:30
                  nightcat - Thanks for these pics! Everybody's looking great here (n/t) 18-Mar-2019 04:57:13
                  Corranga - Nice photos, I like the poster too, similar to the ones we saw, but different font, thanks for posting. (n/t) 18-Mar-2019 14:52:07
                               dave - And I'm pretty sure in that case where they came from M-Corr. (n/t) 19-Mar-2019 20:19:25

    M-Corr - Great Gig in Dublin tonight. Pics to follow tomorrow. (n/t) 15-Mar-2019 02:36:40
                  Corranga - Glad to hear it, sad to have missed it, and not met up with you again, but a line had to be drawn somewhere. (n/t) 15-Mar-2019 09:23:30

    dave - Best Wishes to Sharon, Vonda and all those going to tonight's Dublin gig. 14-Mar-2019 20:13:02

    Robin - Brilliant Sharon gig at sage last night. Great to catch up with Lonneke, Chris, Erica and not forgetting Juliette who 11-Mar-2019 15:14:28
                  Corranga - Hi Robin, a pleasure as always. Glasgow was fantastic, we were surprised when we went in to see no seats! 12-Mar-2019 12:48:29

    dave - There is an article on Sharon's tour in today's Irish Independent. 09-Mar-2019 14:35:32
                  SteveW - This was a good interview, well worth the time to register (n/t) 11-Mar-2019 09:19:47
                               Alastair - Looking forward to seeing Sharon tonight! It’s been a while... (n/t) 11-Mar-2019 09:26:24

    SteveW - Irish Examiner interview with Sharon 09-Mar-2019 00:07:06
                  dave - Nice interview - to be perfectly honest I'm happy with things as they are. Sharon 09-Mar-2019 10:48:53

    Eduardo - Harmony (Orchestral Mix) 08-Mar-2019 15:07:20
                  Corranga - The differences in Andrea's vocals would be near impossible to make I guess 08-Mar-2019 18:14:02
                  SteveW - Thanks for posting this, Eduardo -- very interesting to hear (n/t) 13-Mar-2019 02:35:00

    Servantez - Lovely gig tonight in Birmingham. So glad I managed to recognise someone from the board :D. It was great meeting you ;-) (n/t) 06-Mar-2019 23:17:55
                  Lonneke - It was nice chatting to you! :) And I really enjoyed the gig as well! (n/t) 09-Mar-2019 00:00:56

    SteveW - brief clip of Sharon rehearsing Cooley's Reel posted by Vonda Shepard 05-Mar-2019 15:29:36
                  dave - Not as good as Milton Keynes the previous night. Problem with London is the ludicrous 06-Mar-2019 14:47:31
                               SteveW - Can you (or anyone else who was there) tell us more about the gig? 06-Mar-2019 18:30:36
                                            dave - OK Steve, they started the gigs with both girls coming onstage, Vonda at grand piano 06-Mar-2019 19:19:06
                                            den - Steve I posted this on my facebook page and it gives a flavour of what it was like on Monday in Milton Keynes..... 06-Mar-2019 22:14:04
                                                         SteveW - Dave and Den, thanks for the excellent recaps 08-Mar-2019 13:52:38
                                                                      dave - Sharon said much of the preparation work had been done on I think FaceTime 08-Mar-2019 14:09:20
                                                                      CSCfan - Very likely by reading the music ;) (n/t) 08-Mar-2019 14:17:13
                                            Corranga - There is a video on YouTube from Union Chapel that's around an hour long. 08-Mar-2019 18:16:47
                  den - Intresting to hear Dave. I thought Lomdon was a capital city open for business lol (n/t) 06-Mar-2019 16:19:19

    dave - Sharon and Vonda seem to have visited various BBC radio stations today according to social media. (n/t) 01-Mar-2019 20:17:27
                  dave - Anyone got a link to the BBC radio interviews they did on Friday ? (n/t) 02-Mar-2019 21:39:17
                               Arikorr - BBC Interviews 03-Mar-2019 10:49:56
                                            dave - Thanks for those links. (n/t) 03-Mar-2019 16:10:33

    Corranga - Sharon's UK tour (with Vonda) The countdown has begun (sort of!) The first gig is 1 week today in Milton Keynes 25-Feb-2019 12:44:58
                  dave - Any chance of grabbing a lift with you Chris from Woburn Sands rail station up to 25-Feb-2019 19:19:22
                               Corranga - We ca probably sort something out Dave, though I haven't planned how we are getting to gigs, parking etc. yet 26-Feb-2019 18:10:18
                                            dave - I'll contact you on Facebook at the weekend Chris. 26-Feb-2019 19:11:25
                                            Cara - We definitely won't be training to MK as you have to go down to London then back up from here. ;-) 01-Mar-2019 17:34:26
                                                         dave - Just looked at The Stables website Cara, there are pics showing a reasonably large carpark 01-Mar-2019 20:15:12
                  Jerry - Possible list of songs included? 02-Mar-2019 19:28:45
                               Corranga - I've put the list of songs Sharon sung, or that were duets in Milton Keynes on 08-Mar-2019 18:20:09

    Cara - ADMIN Issues! And the hugest of apologies!! 24-Feb-2019 19:45:48
                  Cara - Also - see some of you in Milton Keynes? ;-) (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 19:46:37
                  Corranga - Welcome along new folk - please say Hi! :) -Chris (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 20:22:54
                  Violinroses - Thank you ! 24-Feb-2019 21:43:35
                               SteveW - Welcome aboard, Violinroses! Hope to hear more from you and the other new members (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 21:47:35
                               Robin - Yes welcome Violinroses, hope you enjoy being part of our fantastic community. Look forward to hearing from you. (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 22:06:44
                               MentariS - Welcome aboard! Good to have some new members :-D (n/t) 25-Feb-2019 10:25:12
                                            nightcat - Welcome to the new members! It's always nice to see people joining and interacting here. (n/t) 25-Feb-2019 14:35:06
                  Carolineinspiredmetodrum - Howdy newbies (n/t) 26-Feb-2019 20:53:17
                  Arikorr - New member 26-Feb-2019 22:24:49
                               Corranga - I'll be in both London and Manchester with a couple of others from here, looking forward to it :) (n/t) 03-Mar-2019 13:29:42

    Eduardo - Bring on the night (Original Demo Version) 23-Feb-2019 23:53:54
                  SeanCorrain - Link ? 24-Feb-2019 02:00:02
                               Eduardo - I could, but I'm not sure it's allowed to do it here. But you can find a link on reddit. (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 11:33:55
                                            CorrMac - I'd love to know how to find that link ... not getting anywhere atm (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 15:16:24
                  Corranga - That's an amazing find. Nice quality too. I wish they'd release these sort of things as a bonus CD or something.. (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 13:51:08
                               corrsgirl1 - Given that it's not a commercial release it should be fine to share it right? 24-Feb-2019 20:03:55
                                            Corranga - I agree, clickable link in here 24-Feb-2019 20:27:38
                                                         dave - So much nicer than the final 'polished' version - I always prefer my music 'in the raw' 25-Feb-2019 08:35:10
                                                                      Corranga - Absolutely. I said it would be nice if they released these, Fleetwood Mac released demos of songs from Rumours on a 2nd 25-Feb-2019 12:42:56
                  corrsgirl1 - The 2nd verse always sounded cut short to me...and now we know it was. 24-Feb-2019 20:07:40
                               Corranga - ...and I agree with this too! It feels so much more natural, like an album version over a single version for instance... (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 20:28:41
                               Eduardo - By the way, what does she sing before "friends like you and me"? (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 20:36:48
                                            corrsgirl1 - Sounds like " the broken one still here" (n/t) 25-Feb-2019 20:38:34
                  MentariS - I'm a bit late to the party, but thank you so much for sharing this gem!!! 26-Feb-2019 05:23:21
                  Leslie - Love this. Thanks for sharing. Wish they'd release more demos. (n/t) 26-Feb-2019 15:47:43
                  Eduardo - The person also shared a TV Instrumental 27-Feb-2019 20:08:51
                  SteveW - Really interesting to hear these versions; thanks for sharing 04-Mar-2019 11:13:47

    nightcat - I've been meaning to ask this: is the fanbase called HardCorrFans or CorrsCrowd?.. 17-Feb-2019 17:20:49
                  dave - As far as I know we just call ourselves Corrsclubbers here, the others you mention 17-Feb-2019 20:05:39
                  Corranga - I'm not sure we've ever really had a name as such, perhaps due to nothing ever being 18-Feb-2019 12:49:39
                               nightcat - Thanks for the replies guys 😅 19-Feb-2019 06:47:05
                                            Terry2 - The name of the fan. 19-Feb-2019 14:05:03
                                                         Corranga - Terry is right, I forgot about those. Photo is still on the merch website, though they are sold out 19-Feb-2019 18:07:22

    dave - Currently in Zaragoza Spain - just left the soundcheck and only an hour to gig time ! 13-Feb-2019 18:25:32
                  SteveW - Any Dido fans? I'm going to see her in Philadelphia in June 14-Feb-2019 05:21:45
                               Robin - I am in Scotland tonight for Side by Side gig. Rebecca just released new single today so exciting day. (n/t) 14-Feb-2019 16:57:05
                                            Corranga - Conversely, we are heading to Newcastle, I'm seeing Chvrches at the o2 Academy on Monday night :) 15-Feb-2019 13:26:45
                                                         Robin - We all travel some miles to follow our music. Enjoy Chris. (n/t) 15-Feb-2019 16:01:51
                               dave - Dido is virtually unheard of now in UK - every band or artist 'has their time' 14-Feb-2019 22:34:51
                                            dave - Just back at hotel from the last of the 4 Spanish gigs I attended - bloody awesome. 16-Feb-2019 23:39:22
                                                         chris1957 - Concerts 18-Feb-2019 20:21:15
                                                                      dave - The Corrs are eligible to be their own tribute band.. LOL 19-Feb-2019 15:08:27
                                                                                   Corranga - I feel *almost* the same as Dave. I think perhaps there is room somewhere for bands to play covers 19-Feb-2019 18:10:24
                                                                                                Taliesin - I saw "Musical Box" last week and I love that. 20-Feb-2019 19:41:48
                                                                                                             Robin - Cant recall ever hearing any artist covering a Corrs song. The only exception being Rebecca the scottish singer i follow 20-Feb-2019 20:13:24
                                                                                                                          dave - There was a Corrs tribute band way back in the late 90s. Corranga may remember them 21-Feb-2019 09:00:14
                                                                                                                                       Corranga - Yes I remember the Corrs tribute act. I never saw them, but remember their website, and some photos. (n/t) 24-Feb-2019 16:51:18
                                                                                                                          Terry2 - Tributes 21-Feb-2019 10:28:42
                                                                                                                          SteveW - *We* covered a Corrs song -- Harmony! 21-Feb-2019 12:05:25
                                                                                   Terry2 - I have 10 minutes and am at a loose end, so will have a mini rant! 21-Feb-2019 11:31:27
                                                                                                dave - Interesting views there Terry. I did say that I disliked Tribute bands, however covers bands 21-Feb-2019 13:42:10
                                                                                                             Terry2 - Showbands 21-Feb-2019 20:16:50

    Corrpulent - We might as well wish Cara a Happy Birthday, if she's looking in. All the best. (n/t) 12-Feb-2019 12:44:45

    MentariS - Vonda Shephard said she and Sharon is currently writing a song called "Made of Rain": 07-Feb-2019 08:37:30
                  Corranga - I guess that means there will at least be 1 duet during the upcoming tour. 19-Feb-2019 18:12:08
                               Jerry - Here's what Vonda says about duets 26-Feb-2019 00:10:53

    dave - I think Andrea may have some competition on the ukelele - check this out ! 06-Feb-2019 12:13:48
                  SteveW - I thought Andrea was playing a full-size guitar... 06-Feb-2019 19:37:00

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