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  • New album: JUPITER CALLING (out Nov 10) (13-Sep)
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  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten to be released on vinyl on May 26, 2017! (10-May)
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    The Corrs Fan of the Month for September


    By popular recommendation this month we'd like to thank Richard for his efforts to share photos and videos with everyone here. We all love seeing them but especially for those fans who weren't able to attend any gigs appreciate the chance to see a bit of the amazing performances.

    We know how much time it takes to organize, upload, edit and share all of your fabulous photos and videos - not only did you take that time but you did them very quickly after each gig. Thank you so much for helping us all experience the Corrs comeback in such wonderful fashion!

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    19-Jan-2019 08:01:37
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                               Cara - Upcoming Tour/Gig Dates
                                                 [ 10 replies ] Latest reply: 06-Feb-2016 10:58:11
                               Cara - Board Discography Project
                                                 [ 3 replies ] Latest reply: 15-Nov-2015 21:23:11
                               Cara - Guidelines, FAQ, & References
                                                 [ 1 reply ] Latest reply: 02-Jul-2012 15:36:39

    Eclair - Do we know who will play with Sharon yet when she does her tour? (n/t) 13-Jan-2019 15:04:39
                  dave - I think its just her and Vonda Shepard. However, what the makeup of their band i 13-Jan-2019 15:39:49
                  Corranga - Keith isn't playing with her (n/t) 18-Jan-2019 21:00:47

    corrsfan01 - Hi there 11-Jan-2019 08:30:59
                  dave - Search disfrutalos corrs on Google, they are also very active on Facebook. (n/t) 11-Jan-2019 19:34:14
                               corrsfan01 - thanks dave. 11-Jan-2019 22:58:16
                                            dave - Maybe they are just on Facebook nowadays - the old style fansites are disappearing 12-Jan-2019 11:01:31
                  AB_CLOSER - mp3 Concerts 12-Jan-2019 18:34:22
                               Corranga - I thought I'd add that, sharing of bootlegs PROVIDING THERE IS NO official way to purchase, here, is ok. 16-Jan-2019 09:24:24

    den - Happy New Year to you all; not long now until Sharon’s gigs. Hope to see some of you then. (n/t) 31-Dec-2018 10:21:28
                  dave - Same to you Den. I'll be at MK and London so see you there. 31-Dec-2018 14:21:11
                               dave - This is what you're missing Den - but you gotta like Rock & Roll ! 31-Dec-2018 21:26:38
                                            Robin - Happy New Year to everyone at Corrs Club. Hope to meet up with some of you this year. (n/t) 01-Jan-2019 00:45:10
                                                         nightcat - Happy New Year CorrsClubbers!! Hope to continue chatting with all of you. 01-Jan-2019 02:19:56
                  MentariS - Happy New Year everyone! (n/t) 01-Jan-2019 06:52:50
                  Wendy - HNY! My year began with a disagreement over The Corrs :( 02-Jan-2019 09:54:15
                               SteveW - "slutifying"? That's a pretty low blow, and not at all accurate (n/t) 02-Jan-2019 12:15:40
                                            Wendy - Exactly! If anything, they probably drew people into traditional Irish music... 02-Jan-2019 14:12:57
                               nightcat - Sending hugs to you Wendy. Wow, just wow. I hope I never meet these "people" 👿 (n/t) 02-Jan-2019 14:14:23
                                            Wendy - Thanks, I needed that hug! (n/t) 02-Jan-2019 22:41:06
                               Corranga - Some people just aim to be rude! I suspect the Irish are actually much like the Scottish 03-Jan-2019 11:30:03
                  Alastair - Happy New Year all ! (n/t) 03-Jan-2019 00:10:13
                  Corranga - Happy New Year everyone! (n/t) 03-Jan-2019 11:30:21

    nightcat - Just popped here to say Merry Christmas to all CorrsClubbers! Have a great and relaxing holiday. (n/t) 24-Dec-2018 09:54:54
                  MentariS - Happy Christmas everyone, and hope you all have an enjoyable holiday! (n/t) 24-Dec-2018 10:22:59
                               Robin - Happy Christmas to everyone at Corrs Club. Hope you all have a great time. (n/t) 24-Dec-2018 13:11:58
                  airbusgore - Thank you. Nice piccie of Andrea on Instagram (n/t) 24-Dec-2018 20:10:04
                               dave - Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. (n/t) 25-Dec-2018 10:24:47

    SteveW - favorite Corrs songs survey 24-Dec-2018 05:30:35
                  Robin - It will be interesting to see if there is a lot of change in the top songs after a year with no activity. (n/t) 24-Dec-2018 13:14:34

    dave - Sharon sings at the British Embassy in Madrid - short clip.. 21-Dec-2018 21:53:44
                  MentariS - Thanks for posting Dave, nice little video and for a good cause too (n/t) 24-Dec-2018 13:12:49
                               dave - She moves in exclusive circles does our Shaz...LOL. Move to Madrid, sure call in on the ambassador, 24-Dec-2018 14:33:04

    chris - Fleetwood Mac: A Musical History - on BBC4 in the UK, tonight..... 21-Dec-2018 17:46:33
                  dave - They didn't - but interesting to hear Stevie Nicks singing Dreams. I was lucky enough 21-Dec-2018 21:36:24
                               SteveW - Dreams 22-Dec-2018 13:06:25
                                            dave - It is Stevie Nicks voice that I preferred Steve and I also like the lazy dreamy original. 22-Dec-2018 14:43:35

    dave - Did any other UK folk watch the recent Channel 5 series 'Our Yorkshire Farm' - 19-Dec-2018 11:59:06

    dave - Interesting to hear last night that Strictly's Faye Tozer is 43. So Steps were younger than The Corrs 15-Dec-2018 10:16:02
                  dave - What an amazing result - Stacey won ! After she and Kevin were placed fourth 15-Dec-2018 21:26:12
                               CorrMac - Yes, I'm more than happy with the result, even though we voted for ... 15-Dec-2018 22:09:39
                  nightcat - Mind if a non-UK folk like me steps in for a bit? Faye is actually 43 now?? 19-Dec-2018 08:14:58
                               dave - Yes, so a year younger than Baby Corr. There was an interview this week in which 19-Dec-2018 11:46:51
                  Corranga - I was never a Steps fan, but my friends little brother was, andyour timeline is a bit off Dave 20-Dec-2018 12:55:05

    SteveW - Summer Sunshine question 09-Dec-2018 03:54:53
                  Mark - There's only so much you can do with 3 chords... :) 11-Dec-2018 20:22:38
                               CSCfan - That's what makes you beautiful [Mark]....;) (n/t) 12-Dec-2018 15:53:37
                                            Mark - *blushing* (n/t) 12-Dec-2018 17:29:30
                               CorrMac - There are strong similarities with part of "Unconditional" from White Light with ... 12-Dec-2018 19:42:04
                                            SteveW - Similar songs 16-Dec-2018 03:42:33
                                            CSCfan - "Unconditional" also sounds similar to Taylor Swift's "Style.. :) (n/t) 17-Dec-2018 19:44:26
                                                         SteveW - I wasn't familiar with that Taylor Swift song (which is rather catchy), but yes, very similar 18-Dec-2018 14:03:38
                  Corrpulent - If someone were to use the guitar riff from Satisfaction I think they’d be in trouble… 12-Dec-2018 18:33:03
                               SteveW - The Stones' own Jumpin Jack Flash is kind of an homage to the guitar riff from Satisfaction... 12-Dec-2018 18:56:30
                                            Nick - Its also similar to Asia's "Heat of The Moment" and Video Killed the Radio Star. I think its on purpouse, an homage to.. 14-Dec-2018 16:42:07

    airbusgore - Corrs DVDs 02-Dec-2018 16:39:11
                  dave - By far the best source is eBay where there are loads of them, sceondhand usually 02-Dec-2018 18:57:42
                               airbusgore - cheers dave (n/t) 05-Dec-2018 09:35:07
                  Corranga - I think the only DVD after Best Of is the All The Way Home / Live in Geneva from 2005 07-Dec-2018 08:53:10
                               Robin - Yes that was a fantastic gig one of my best. We were outside the arena from about 10am in glorious sunshine which was 07-Dec-2018 16:48:25

    MentariS - Andrea said on IG that a video of A Hed An Nos (her duet with Alan Stivell) can be viewed later today (n/t) 28-Nov-2018 14:59:51
                  MentariS - Link: 28-Nov-2018 15:43:02
                  SteveW - Thanks for posting! Interesting video... 28-Nov-2018 19:04:21

    dave - Go Stacey.... 9/10/10/10...but unfortunately, like Hamilton in F1, nobody is going to beat Ashley. (n/t) 25-Nov-2018 10:38:23
                  dave - OMG... Ashley ended up in the dance off, obviously the public are getting 25-Nov-2018 21:21:37
                               CorrMac - I think that the main problem for Ashley is that the judges are "fawning" over her ... 25-Nov-2018 21:38:33
                                            dave - So true - I'd definitely like Stacey to win, she's such a character, but I think its unlikely. 26-Nov-2018 15:22:03
                                                         dave - WOW... what a performance from Faye & Giovanni last night, truely outstanding. Stacey would 02-Dec-2018 11:47:55
                                                                      CorrMac - Will be interesting to see who misses out on the final ... 03-Dec-2018 14:12:20
                                                                                   dave - Yep, it will probably be Lauren.. or Ashley ! As for 'our favourite band' 03-Dec-2018 19:39:40
                  Mark - Since I have no idea what you're talking about... :) 06-Dec-2018 23:21:35
                               dave - No Corrs connection Mark but an extremely popular current TV programme here in UK. 07-Dec-2018 10:25:11
                                            Mark - Thanks Dave. Merry Christmas. :) (n/t) 11-Dec-2018 20:19:06
                               CorrMac - No Corrs connection at the moment Mark ... 08-Dec-2018 14:30:37
                                            Mark - You need to think bigger, CorrMac... 11-Dec-2018 20:20:02
                                                         Corranga - You're probably right about them wanting Jim, but unfortunately not for any reasons we'd want, and definitely not the 14-Dec-2018 10:38:42
                                                                      dave - Stacey Dooley was tailormade for the lead role in My Fair Lady / Pygmallion ! 14-Dec-2018 15:05:41
                                                                      CorrMac - I stopped following Jim on social media because of that, shortly after ... 15-Dec-2018 22:17:41

    dave - Sharon and Don Mescall play live tomorrow Thur 22 at 9.30pm on TG4 Irish television. 21-Nov-2018 14:28:31
                  MentariS - Video on YouTube: 23-Nov-2018 03:20:36
                               Nyoman - thx for the video. 23-Nov-2018 03:55:51
                               SteveW - Thanks for posting this. My thoughts... 25-Nov-2018 02:36:12
                                            dave - Interesting comments there Steve. My own thoughts exactly, though for the last few days 25-Nov-2018 10:35:36
                                            CSCfan - I think number 2 is more of a video recording/transfer mistake... 25-Nov-2018 16:16:12
                                            MentariS - I quite like the song, but agree that it's rather dull and unexciting. Then again... 26-Nov-2018 06:29:08
                                                         nightcat - I'm not too eager on the song either, but if others like it then that's fine. (n/t) 30-Nov-2018 10:19:40

    dave - Apparently Andrea was mentioned in an article in the Irish Independent Life magazine 19-Nov-2018 11:25:13
                  AB_CLOSER - Youtube 19-Nov-2018 18:44:30

    MentariS - I played my first GAA tournament over the weekend in Thailand, and Breathless was performed at the afterparty 19-Nov-2018 01:29:45
                  dave - Interesting - Breathless is probably the most played Corrs track around the world, 19-Nov-2018 11:37:23

    dave - As things are ludicrously quiet around here....listen to this... 13-Nov-2018 11:38:40
                  dave - Second link should be a capital I on the end, lets try again... 13-Nov-2018 11:57:26
                  Robin - Have watched quite a lot of Laura Cox live performances over the past few weeks including at one gig where she 13-Nov-2018 14:06:35
                               dave - Yep, playing amongst the audience is a regular thing - as Chris & Erica discovered. (n/t) 13-Nov-2018 15:36:08
                                            Robin - Nice touch (n/t) 13-Nov-2018 15:45:41
                                            Corranga - You can see us in this video of the Edinburgh gig. 16-Nov-2018 14:03:48
                                                         Robin - Yes spotted you all, no difficulty getting to the front. What a shame the place wasn't full, sounds a great gig. (n/t) 16-Nov-2018 19:26:44
                                                                      dave - Basically there was a lack of promotion Robin, those that did attend the gigs 16-Nov-2018 22:23:11
                                                                                   Robin - Glad to hear they will be returning to U.K. I would certainly like to see them perform live as enjoying watching their 17-Nov-2018 11:58:35
                                                         CorrMac - Just realised where that gig was ... 17-Nov-2018 09:50:54
                                                                      Corranga - You never know, The Corrs are the oddity in taste for some of us. ;) (n/t) 18-Nov-2018 18:16:59
                                                                                   dave - A bit like Marmite... but that's the great thing about music, there's something for all tastes. (n/t) 18-Nov-2018 21:07:49

    MentariS - Sharon's duet with Don Mescall "Stormy Weather Friend" is now available on Spotify: 06-Nov-2018 08:13:12

    dave - Andrea has put up some Instagram pics of herself & Caroline and their kids going out for Halloween. (n/t) 31-Oct-2018 20:32:31
                  nightcat - I've seen the pics, gosh being an undead vampire suits Andrea perfectly😍😂 01-Nov-2018 06:44:26
                               MentariS - I have to agree, Andy really rocks that vampire look! 01-Nov-2018 09:51:51
                                            dave - Caroline looks stunning in those pics.... (n/t) 01-Nov-2018 12:09:20
                                                         Corrpulent - Caroline as Miss Havisham... It's unlikely Caroline would be jilted at the altar. (n/t) 01-Dec-2018 16:04:35

    dave - Not really Corrs related but... Strictly is now into the important stages - are you a Stacey or Faye supporter. 28-Oct-2018 09:55:08
                  CorrMac - If I had to choose between them, I would choose ... 29-Oct-2018 12:22:13
                               dave - Yes I think Sharon is a potential contestant and I'm convinced Strictly is more exciting than F1, 29-Oct-2018 16:27:28
                                            dave - Yeah... Stacey is back on form, brilliant last night. 2 days less practice due to injury, but she nailed it ! (n/t) 04-Nov-2018 11:20:24
                                                         dave - Blackpool tonight - Go Stacey ! (n/t) 17-Nov-2018 11:31:23

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