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Baxterianism - Appearing on This Morning (ITV for UK) tomorrow morning after Radio 2 29-Nov-2023 15:56:40
              Corinna - UK tour is "in discussion"...fingers crossed. Hoping for news soon. 2024 is on our doorstep. 30-Nov-2023 12:06:41

Den - So are they appearing on Zoe Ball later this week. 27-Nov-2023 21:07:39

Baxterianism - CorrsCast 2023 Tour discussion special episode 25-Nov-2023 09:56:16
              SteveW - About halfway through and am enjoying the episode 27-Nov-2023 03:25:36
                           Baxterianism - So glad this is a way you can experience the band. And now mastering to a louder standard with you in mind 27-Nov-2023 17:31:45

avishyb - the Corrs rehearsals 2017 vs 2023 - find the differences :-) 11-Nov-2023 22:50:24
              Corranga - Is the music on the 2017 video the original that Andrea posted? 15-Nov-2023 12:50:54
                           AB_CLOSER - andreacorrofficial (instagram) 16-Nov-2023 23:30:44

dave - Tonight on BBC2 at 7pm. Villages By The Sea features the location used in The Boys and Girl from County Clare 09-Nov-2023 14:08:21

AB_CLOSER - Judy (live version)!!! 08-Nov-2023 19:50:29
              SteveW - Wow, this was great 08-Nov-2023 20:02:47
                           Corranga - It does sound like a Sharon song, like last month when they posted a video with Remember as the backing track 10-Nov-2023 10:00:58
              MentariS - This is an amazing video - especially the kiss and hug at the end! Love it 10-Nov-2023 00:57:49
              Steverino - That's a sweet video! I've always liked "Judy" (and the concept of the "Non Album Bonus Track") 19-Nov-2023 17:06:11

MikeFromMelbourne - Melbourne newspaper The Age review of the show last night. Link and text below. 07-Nov-2023 06:24:43
              MikeFromMelbourne - Left out the last part of the review 07-Nov-2023 06:26:35
              avishyb - Review from the Perth gig 07-Nov-2023 08:14:09
                           MikeFromMelbourne - thanks for sharing avishyb that was an awesome write up of the night and perfectly captured the vibe 07-Nov-2023 11:09:01

MikeFromMelbourne - Some highlights of the Melbourne gig 07-Nov-2023 06:14:21
              Steverino - Thanks for the write-up, Mike! 16-Nov-2023 00:22:47

avishyb - Home live 05-Nov-2023 12:53:21
              avishyb - I know they also played 'Buachaill On Eirne' on the 'While Light' tour... 05-Nov-2023 13:04:29
                           Corranga - In 2005 they played 05-Nov-2023 13:54:48
                           Yrisea - "Buachaill On Eirne" by The Corrs Live in Dublin, 2016 05-Nov-2023 14:58:46
                                        SteveW - I love Home as well 05-Nov-2023 19:39:00
                                                     Yrisea - Very interesting to hear your thoughts on Home and acoustic settings Steve! 05-Nov-2023 23:04:35
              Yrisea - They played a few songs from Home on this occasion in 2005 05-Nov-2023 14:51:05
              AB_CLOSER - My Home album videos (Drive): 05-Nov-2023 17:01:18
                           Yrisea - Whoah :D Thank you so much AB Closer !!!! 05-Nov-2023 17:52:00

MikeFromMelbourne - The Corrs In Adelaide last night were amazing!!! 02-Nov-2023 22:26:34
              Yrisea - Sounds like you had a lot of fun !! 03-Nov-2023 11:07:24
                           corrazy_rach - It was a brilliant night! I was there from Melbourne too. Loved every minute!! 03-Nov-2023 12:04:40
                           MikeFromMelbourne - I secretly wished it could be a Groundhog Day situation so I could relive the show again and again and again and again. 03-Nov-2023 15:08:21
              Yrisea - Some nice pictures from TCO Instagram here from the Adelaide gig 04-Nov-2023 10:37:41
                           MikeFromMelbourne - thanks for the photo link Yrisea and thank Steverino, glad to share it! 05-Nov-2023 03:10:56
              Steverino - Sounds wonderful! 04-Nov-2023 16:19:54
              Yrisea - Some more pictures posted here for those interested 05-Nov-2023 15:31:10

MikeFromMelbourne - Another little taped promo video from the Today show in Australia 01-Nov-2023 12:49:26
              Steverino - Thanks, but I can't watch... the video is geo-blocked here in the U.S. 01-Nov-2023 15:47:30
                           MikeFromMelbourne - arghhhhhhh bugger that's so annoying!!! 01-Nov-2023 19:50:44
              Yrisea - Thank you for the heads up Mike ! I hope it gets posted on YouTube. Seems like this is going really well 02-Nov-2023 00:50:28
              SteveW - here's a version of the video that I was able to see in the US 06-Nov-2023 09:38:15
                           Yrisea - Thank you very much for posting the link Steve! 06-Nov-2023 10:48:35

JLnyc2 - Excellent analysis of Andrea vocal. 30-Oct-2023 18:39:53
              Yrisea - Great analysis 30-Oct-2023 21:08:06
                           SteveW - Everybody Hurts 11-Nov-2023 00:56:42

Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 15 - Interview with Andy Murray 30-Oct-2023 09:40:45
              Yrisea - That's my favourite episode so far !! or my new favourite one ! 30-Oct-2023 20:19:23
                           Baxterianism - Thank you for your kind words regarding the latest episode. I’ll be sure to pass your thanks on to Andy… 30-Oct-2023 21:35:57
              Yrisea - One quick question : are we sure that's Andrea singing at the end ? 30-Oct-2023 20:32:03
                           Baxterianism - Glad the episode was enjoyed! At what point in the episode do you mean? 30-Oct-2023 21:33:03
                                        Yrisea - Circa 1:10:17 in the episode, the Little Wing song 30-Oct-2023 21:39:20
                                                     Baxterianism - That is indeed Andrea :) 30-Oct-2023 22:16:37
                                                                  Yrisea - Ok - I want to believe it but I do not recognize her voice or singing ? 30-Oct-2023 22:33:28
              Yrisea - A few thoughts on the episode (spoilers ahead) 31-Oct-2023 11:51:14
                           Baxterianism - Replies to your questions about the episode etc.. 05-Nov-2023 21:08:53
                                        Yrisea - thank you very much Simon 05-Nov-2023 21:54:49
                                                     Baxterianism - I asked Andy your question… 05-Nov-2023 22:23:23
                                                                  Yrisea - oh, thank you so much ! You shouldn't have ! that's really so cool 05-Nov-2023 22:35:29
                                                                               Baxterianism - Glad you like the details as much as I did! Feel free to throw me your copy of little wing from Hamburg and ill edit... 06-Nov-2023 08:27:31
              SteveW - Andrea singing Little Wing and other comments on the latest CorrsCast episode 05-Nov-2023 04:27:06
                           SteveW - More on Andrea sounding strange on Little Wing 05-Nov-2023 04:43:35
                                        Yrisea - Corrected change of speed 05-Nov-2023 12:16:53
                                                     Yrisea - I think I solved the "mystery" so to speak... 05-Nov-2023 15:21:01
                                                                  Yrisea - Sorry for the triple message (it's a shame we can't edit messages), just to clarify... 05-Nov-2023 15:50:21
                                                                               Baxterianism - I love that the community have been able to solve this mystery fully before Ive even found time to reply!... 05-Nov-2023 20:53:42
                                                                  Baxterianism - ...Please feel free to link me to a slower version in the best quality you have and i'll try some cleanup and replace... 05-Nov-2023 21:46:38
                                                                               Yrisea - Sure! Hope that helps : 06-Nov-2023 10:20:49
                                                                                            Baxterianism - Thank you. If I get the edit done I’d like to think you in the show notes. How would you like to be named? 07-Nov-2023 08:22:59
                                                                                                         Yrisea - A bit late seeing this one but there is really no need... 16-May-2024 12:03:54
                                                     SteveW - Yes, now that sounds like Andrea! 05-Nov-2023 19:19:43
                           Baxterianism - Thanks for this helpful feedback SteveW - I had similar feedback on the first few episodes and now... 05-Nov-2023 20:49:19
                           Baxterianism - SteveW, Ive just re uploaded the episode and matched the standard loudness of -16 LUFS. Let me know... 07-Nov-2023 12:29:33

MikeFromMelbourne - What's the absolute best version of No Frontiers? 29-Oct-2023 01:44:08
              Yrisea - Great question 29-Oct-2023 14:08:28
                           Corranga - It's Geneva for me due to the obvious emotional attachment, but removing personal bias 30-Oct-2023 14:00:41
              MentariS - Agreed with Yrisea, I'd pick the Lansdowne Road one too - it's the crowd's reaction that does it for me :-) 29-Oct-2023 15:38:59
              HGN2001 - I'm partial to the Corrs UNPLUGGED version. 04-Dec-2023 17:24:33
                           SteveW - No Frontiers on Unplugged 15-Jan-2024 12:24:27

MikeFromMelbourne - The Corrs are going to be on the Australian TV news show "The Project" tonight. 27-Oct-2023 07:31:44
              Corranga - Great, more promotion surely has to be a good thing! I look forward to watching somehow :) 27-Oct-2023 08:48:56
              MikeFromMelbourne - it was a lovely interview with all of the gang. 27-Oct-2023 09:30:37
              MikeFromMelbourne - here's the interview on YouTube 27-Oct-2023 09:35:11
                           Yrisea - thank you so much for the heads up and posting Mike 27-Oct-2023 13:16:14
                           Corranga - Linked YouTube 27-Oct-2023 15:56:12
                                        dave - Works OK Chris, thanks for posting the link. Must say they all still look pretty good, considering they are now in thei 27-Oct-2023 21:22:16
              Yrisea - Also, little throwback : 27-Oct-2023 13:22:14
                           JLnyc2 - Thanks 27-Oct-2023 17:32:38
                           SteveW - Enjoyed the Cilla Black video, thanks for sharing 06-Nov-2023 14:49:46

MentariS - Videos from Perth 25-Oct-2023 18:52:04
              Yrisea - Looks like you had a blast MentariS ! 26-Oct-2023 11:26:16
                           MentariS - Just Jakarta and Perth for me, and honestly I still can't believe I've gone to three Corrs gigs in less than a year! 28-Oct-2023 12:58:34
              Yrisea - Pictures from Perth posted by TCO account : 26-Oct-2023 19:36:30

Yrisea - A few pictures shared by The Corrs official acounts from the tour so far 24-Oct-2023 16:40:51
              Corranga - I think the cake was from fans. An amazing effort! Photos look great too 25-Oct-2023 14:50:54
                           Yrisea - These fans are something else ! 27-Oct-2023 15:07:39

SteveW - Manila, night 1 22-Oct-2023 05:19:23
              awaytofly - Good to see them mixing things up! 22-Oct-2023 14:46:40
                           Corranga - Interesting that it's an addition, perhaps the set was slightly shorter than they expected? 22-Oct-2023 16:13:06
                                        MentariS - No, Natalie and Toni are only backing at the Australian and NZ gigs 22-Oct-2023 18:36:04
              Yrisea - Setlist for Manila + a few thoughts 23-Oct-2023 20:17:29
                           awaytofly - Thank you Yrisea! I am glad HTTW made a return after a long time to their setlists 23-Oct-2023 22:23:41


Yrisea - Minor Detail 20-Oct-2023 12:09:39
              SteveW - I'm old enough to remember hearing this song when it came out... 23-Oct-2023 07:58:58
              Corranga - I quite like it. From what I recall, their music was all released on vinyl and as I don't have a record player 23-Oct-2023 09:50:05

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