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AB_CLOSER - -- Is it real or fake? 22-Sep-2023 20:26:42
              corranga - I don't know for certain, and am only judging based on the name... 29-Sep-2023 15:07:27
                           AB_CLOSER - Thanks Chris. "She" wrote me this message: 29-Sep-2023 19:15:14
              AB_CLOSER - FAKE 01-Oct-2023 11:45:23
                           Corranga - Thanks for feeding back, may be worth cross-posting into the facebook Sharon Corr group or similar. 02-Oct-2023 13:55:05

MrPeabody - Is anyone else going to either of the New Zealand concerts? 21-Sep-2023 02:00:31
              corrazy_rach - This might help? 21-Sep-2023 13:23:32
              Corranga - What an amazing experience that will be! I used Corrs gigs to discover more of Europe 29-Sep-2023 15:09:42

Baxterianism - Forgiven, Not Forgotten - Vinyl reissue for ‘National Album Day 2023’ 18-Sep-2023 08:51:04
              Corranga - Looking forward to it! I do wonder if the recycled vinyl aspect makes it worth ordering a couple of them for comparison 29-Sep-2023 15:10:47
                           Baxterianism - Certainly worth posting photos of what … 02-Oct-2023 14:08:05
                                        Corranga - Sounds like a plan. If they posted more pics of what it could look like, I might have ordered a couple. 04-Oct-2023 12:20:10

Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 14 - Interview with Barry McCall 18-Sep-2023 08:42:36
              SteveW - Great episode as always 09-Oct-2023 06:12:33

Jerry - I pre-ordered a few 2023 tour souvenirs 13-Sep-2023 05:21:17

MentariS - The Corrs to perform at the Melbourne Cup on 7 November: 04-Sep-2023 15:30:18
              Steverino - Exciting! Those lucky people of Melbourne! I'm happy for them. 05-Sep-2023 16:22:48
                           Corranga - Great to see the band taking advantage of Australia, and hopefully building some momentum that they'll use worldwide! 08-Sep-2023 13:53:44

RogerB - Old question: where to find who wrote which songs? 17-Aug-2023 20:39:22
              AB_CLOSER - References/Song List 18-Aug-2023 00:26:20
              Baxterianism - This is not an easy task. One I'm only just delving into with recording starting on season 2 of CorrsCast. One place t… 26-Aug-2023 06:54:51
              Yrisea - There's never a definitive answer... 04-Nov-2023 15:40:39

M-Corr - Andrea Corr on RTE radio 1 29-Jul-2023 23:40:58
              Corranga - Thanks for posting, some interesting words there 08-Aug-2023 13:32:37
              Baxterianism - Thank you for posting. Super interesting to hear 09-Aug-2023 10:30:45

Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 13 out now - Interview with Ciarán Tanham 17-Jul-2023 09:03:25
              Steverino - My hat is off to Ciarán Tanham for all his amazing work with the band. 13-Aug-2023 05:23:13
                           Baxterianism - Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. Really appreciate this. 27-Aug-2023 18:00:25

dave - You're probably already aware, but John Giddings of Solo Music Agency 07-Jul-2023 11:19:16
              MentariS - He is, I saw him in Sydney for the band’s Hunter Valley concert last year 11-Jul-2023 16:29:48
                           corrazy_rach - He seemed to be managing the meet and greet night in Sydney too 16-Jul-2023 14:09:13

Baxterianism - Sharon has just cancelled her entire UK and EU for this year… 16-Jun-2023 19:28:59
              pinkcorr - Really disappointed, and for the forst time in over twenty years I feel lied too and let down 16-Jun-2023 20:07:45
                           Corranga - Yep, i think it’s low ticket sales too, a real shame as i’d gone all in with tickets for 8 UK gigs! 17-Jun-2023 19:23:58
                                        SteveW - That's too bad about Sharon's tour being cancelled 18-Jun-2023 04:23:13
                                                     Corranga - Not speaking Spanish may be the limiting factor for me, but Sala Clamores, from what I can see 19-Jun-2023 13:05:57
                                                                  dave - I was at Andrea's gig at Sala Clamores, it is indeed a small theatre 03-Jul-2023 13:46:43
              Den - Corrs gigs will pay better. 19-Jun-2023 23:03:31
                           Corranga - They have to do gigs for them to pay better though :D 23-Jun-2023 17:00:02
                           dave - I gave up on The Corrs after their extortionate prices for the O2 and RAH gigs in London, 03-Jul-2023 13:52:05
                                        SteveW - Sharon's gig prices 09-Oct-2023 06:09:07

MentariS - The Corrs have announced a concert in Jakarta on 18 October!!!!!! 16-Jun-2023 09:15:31
              RichardY - That’s fantastic - thought of you as soon as I saw the news! 16-Jun-2023 19:56:59
                           MentariS - Indeed! I've got my ticket for Perth this year but you're right that there's nothing like watching them at home... 17-Jun-2023 13:29:33
                                        Corranga - Also thought of you straight away, really glad they're heading your way with less need for you to travel this time :) 19-Jun-2023 13:03:27
              MentariS - Got my ticket!! Looks like they're selling fast too 👀 21-Jun-2023 04:20:18

SteveW - "Making of Jupiter Calling" EPK video 16-Jun-2023 05:02:05
              SteveW - It's been so long since I've posted that I forgot to make the URL a clickable link -- sorry 16-Jun-2023 10:58:13
              AB_CLOSER - Thank you very much!!! 16-Jun-2023 23:28:08

Corranga - Sharon's Aberdeen gig on 12th July has been cancelled :( 07-Jun-2023 15:18:41
              Corranga - I'm not holding out much hope for the September tour looking at seats still available at the Scarborough gig... 07-Jun-2023 15:29:25
                           Baxterianism - This is such a shame. I was hoping for a corrs fix live in person next month… i called 07-Jun-2023 16:47:06
                                        Corranga - Yep, a real shame. I was looking forward to it too 09-Jun-2023 23:32:00

AB_CLOSER - The Corrs - Kiss Of Life - Live at London 2016 multicam (subtítulos inglés español) 27-Apr-2023 16:41:46
              Baxterianism - Thanks for the share and its great to see subtitles for those who’s first language isn't english! 27-Apr-2023 19:28:28

Baxterianism - Corrscast Episode 12 out now - Interviews with Sharon Ullman & Robert Brinkmann 03-Apr-2023 08:15:28
              Steverino - Thanks, Simon. What you do is brilliant investigative work. 30-Apr-2023 19:16:50
                           Baxterianism - Tjank you for such kind comments on the work so far and of course for listening! 03-May-2023 08:59:41

Den - Just bagged myself a ticket for Sharon's UK Tour. There are some benefits to 29-Mar-2023 19:14:18
              Corranga - Nice, which gig are you going to? Is it allocated seats? 30-Mar-2023 08:24:32
                           Corranga - I was half considering doing the full UK tour, but ended up arguing with the TicketMaster website 30-Mar-2023 15:22:49
                                        Corranga - Ok, scratch that, I'm in for the tour...! 31-Mar-2023 17:54:54
                                                     Baxterianism - I’m attending Aberdeen, London and Ipswich. Would love to see others there 03-Apr-2023 08:11:46
                                        dave - Ticketmaster - the main reason I no longer go to UK gigs ! 26-Apr-2023 10:42:05
                           Den - It was London 😀 11-May-2023 22:55:20

AB_CLOSER - Happy Birthday Sharon! 24-Mar-2023 12:13:40

Corranga - Sharon is playing a solo gig in Aberdeen, Scotland in July. 24-Mar-2023 09:33:22
              Baxterianism - Ticket booked! 26-Mar-2023 21:53:15
                           Corranga - More UK Sharon gigs! 27-Mar-2023 13:28:50
                                        Corranga - ...and even more. I've updated the tour dates spreadsheet which is posted in the pinned topic above, and in here too 27-Mar-2023 18:13:35
              Steverino - I joined the CorrBoard in 2005, and still I have NEVER seen the Corrs perform in person! *sigh* 01-Jun-2023 04:20:01
                           Jerry - I have seen them 3 times and Sharon nce 02-Jun-2023 06:12:24
                                        Steverino - Not bad at all, Jerry! 03-Jun-2023 18:21:40
                                                     Jerry - I only heard of them by accident 04-Jun-2023 01:07:48

nightcat - a Corrs fan on Twitter made a countdown site for the band's Manila concerts 20-Mar-2023 06:20:31

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