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cattybaby86 - Mention of our favourite band on the telly!!! 10-Mar-2016 21:24:06

Erica - A beautiful guest entry from the lovely Renata Motta :D 10-Mar-2016 08:34:12
              SteveW - Great story; glad you were able to make your dreams come true (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 09:28:12
              Corrsgirl1 - amazing story Renata! 10-Mar-2016 10:12:29
              zairean - beautiful story 10-Mar-2016 15:01:11
              Lonneke - Great blog! And a lovely person, was nice meeting you, Renata :) (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 19:09:54
                           Robin - Brilliant blog Renata amazing story. So pleased for you. (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 23:32:02
                                        nightcat - I'm very glad for you Renata! It was totally worth flying halfway around the world wasn't it? :-D (n/t) 11-Mar-2016 10:58:51
                                                     dave - Great blog entry Renata and a well deserved band meeting. It was a pleasure 11-Mar-2016 17:12:38

Eclair - The corrs vip tumbler glass had made it to eBay for £70 (n/t) 09-Mar-2016 23:44:39
              Corranga - There is one on there for 65+p&p with the box and lanyard, it previously ended for 70 with no sale. 10-Mar-2016 08:48:41

chris1957 - Should there be be a 'b' side CD? 09-Mar-2016 19:59:11
              Corranga - 5 or 6 years ago, yes. Now, no. 09-Mar-2016 20:14:01
                           Robin - Don't really see such a cd working at this point. There are of course some brilliant songs but these are all available 09-Mar-2016 21:45:48
              Servantez - New songs please. (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 03:32:34
              MC - Die-hard fans would like it, but I can't see it as a feasible release. 10-Mar-2016 04:33:14
              CSCfan - Love it. But it doesn't have to be a CD (hello 2016)... it could be an iTunes exclusive EP or.. 10-Mar-2016 13:48:45
              BallerinaTay - I'd personally love a CD of unreleased songs and rarites: eg Mystery Of You. A download only would work for me. :) (n/t) 11-Mar-2016 04:05:37

MentariS - Andrea's IG posts from Stuttgart: 09-Mar-2016 18:32:31
              Lonneke - Why does it look like Caroline is choking her with a lanyard?? Hahahaha!! (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 18:25:06
                           dave - Andrea was wearing her lanyard 'back to front' with the laminate on her back - 11-Mar-2016 19:27:51

SteveW - Setlist thoughts 09-Mar-2016 10:15:33
              BallerinaTay - Agreed. Not only about the setlist but about seeing the concert. 09-Mar-2016 17:33:24
                           Corranga - Well put. It is amazing that their new and old songs gel together so well. (n/t) 09-Mar-2016 20:18:05
                                        Robin - Yes it's a brilliant set list flowing so well from start to finish. A few surprises from what some of us expected but 09-Mar-2016 21:39:55

chris1957 - Stuttgart rehearsals 08-Mar-2016 22:54:38
              Nyoman - Here they are the pics 08-Mar-2016 23:39:20
              den - Andrea doesn't look very pleased to be there. (n/t) 09-Mar-2016 02:50:21
                           Drsjf16 - Is the concert being broadcast? 09-Mar-2016 18:12:39
                                        chris1957 - Stuggart 09-Mar-2016 19:46:53
              Nyoman - Videos and Pics 10-Mar-2016 00:36:15
                           SteveW - Wow, the acoustic version of White Light is fantastic (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 08:07:58
                           HaNnAhCoRr - Thanks a lot for posting 10-Mar-2016 08:47:00
                           SteveW - More video snippets and photos at Cristina's IG site 10-Mar-2016 09:21:04
                                        chris1957 - Concert broadcast 10-Mar-2016 14:25:51
                                                     pmb - pics from Stuttgart on swr website 10-Mar-2016 15:42:10
                                                                  SteveW - Michael, are you in these photos? 11-Mar-2016 05:59:11
                                                                               StPaddy - Hmm, I think I was out for another beer. :) 11-Mar-2016 08:00:46
                                                     SteveW - The SWR1 Twitter account says it will be broadcast on March 20 at 20:00 10-Mar-2016 19:59:24
                                                                  StPaddy - Yes, I confirm. Here´s the link you should check on March 20 11-Mar-2016 08:20:03
                                                                               pmb - swr1 is on satellite but... 11-Mar-2016 10:56:39
                                                                               chris1957 - Broadcast 11-Mar-2016 11:29:17

IrishHeart - Question on So Young live 08-Mar-2016 18:30:24
              HaNnAhCoRr - It's something that they have been doing for years, always at the same point of the song but no idea why :/ (n/t) 08-Mar-2016 21:03:25
                           Corranga - Andrea made funny faces at Sharon at this point during a few gigs, I guess it's now just something they do 08-Mar-2016 21:05:43
              HaNnAhCoRr - I sometimes wonder if it's anything to do with Andrea forgetting the words during their Glastonbury gig some years back. 10-Mar-2016 08:30:16
                           SteveW - Here's the video of Andrea missing the second verse of So Young ("That's the instrumental verse") 10-Mar-2016 09:10:01
                                        Robin - Yes Steve you are right. It all started for me that night, my first time seeing the Corrs live, an absolutely amazing 12-Mar-2016 23:07:38

RUDOLF - THE CORRS 07-Mar-2016 21:27:13
              Nuril - LOL. i just cant help myself from laughing. 07-Mar-2016 23:04:20
              MentariS - Hi Sarah, as Cara has pointed out a couple of times - this is a fan site, so you can interact with other fans but... 08-Mar-2016 05:36:45
              Cara - I'll send her an email everyone and try to explain one last time... ;-) (n/t) 08-Mar-2016 09:24:48
                           Cara - I"m not sure she's seen the previous replies... ;-) (n/t) 08-Mar-2016 09:31:37

MikeFromMelbourne - Does anyone have stems for the studio version of Radio??? 07-Mar-2016 10:22:59

RUDOLF - THE CORRS 06-Mar-2016 19:27:32
              Cara - Hi Sarah - As we've let you know before - this is a fan site so unfortunately we can't pass any comments... 06-Mar-2016 23:26:58
              Servantez - Also, can we STOP writing in ALL CAPITALS please ;) No need to scream and shout ;) (n/t) 07-Mar-2016 02:38:41
                           Nuril - this just made my day. hmmm me likey! 07-Mar-2016 10:07:44

chris1957 - New single 06-Mar-2016 16:56:54
              Corranga - It's download only. I think actual CD singles are a thing of the past now, which is a shame, but the way of it now 06-Mar-2016 20:27:55
                           CorrMac - Can someone let me in to the secret of where the remix can be downloaded from? 06-Mar-2016 21:34:38
                                        MC - It should eventually be available on iTunes, I would imagine. 06-Mar-2016 22:22:58
              MC - Physical CDs that you may find are promo copies. (n/t) 06-Mar-2016 22:20:20
                           Nuril - WHERE IS THE MV????? IM DYING TO SEEE!!!!! it's already 7th March here... 07-Mar-2016 10:05:24
                                        MC - Who said that the video was going to be released on the 7th? 07-Mar-2016 10:56:35
                                                     Nuril - they said they will release the single on 6th march... saw it somewhere 07-Mar-2016 11:02:25
                                                                  MC - It was released to radio in the UK on the 4th... but there wasn't anything about a video. (n/t) 08-Mar-2016 04:16:46
                                                     MentariS - Neither had I. (n/t) 07-Mar-2016 11:29:11
              znake - I want this version !!! 08-Mar-2016 19:09:57
                           Cara - I've had to delete your other post... Please see our guidelines linked at the top of the main page. ;-) (n/t) 08-Mar-2016 19:21:57

zairean - Andrea and Jim being adorable 06-Mar-2016 16:17:08
              chris1957 - Where was this? 06-Mar-2016 16:45:14
              Bea_HC - It was during the BH tour... 06-Mar-2016 17:48:53
              carolineinspiredmetodrum - awsome. thanks for posting! (n/t) 08-Mar-2016 21:33:53

Damon - Only When I Sleep (unmixed) 06-Mar-2016 05:11:51
              SteveW - the OWIS "unmixed" version is supposedly identical to the album version 06-Mar-2016 06:04:31
                           Damon - Someone else said that about the WCID 'unmixed' but I found it pretty raw and different (n/t) 06-Mar-2016 08:00:43
                                        SteveW - I've never heard it myself (n/t) 06-Mar-2016 08:33:18
              Fran_SS - Hi Damon, Steve is right, that version is nothing different from the album version 06-Mar-2016 08:42:44
                           Corranga - I own the CD. By my memory, Fran is right. (n/t) 06-Mar-2016 09:56:56
                                        Damon - I found the old topic about this and Chris you gave detailed descriptions of the tracks... 06-Mar-2016 11:27:53
                                                     Corranga - I think the best way to describe it is like a slightly different equaliser setting, more flat than raw. 06-Mar-2016 13:52:09

Phoenix89 - Una Noche/ One Night 05-Mar-2016 18:00:53
              Cristina - Alejandro Sanz made the spanish adaption of the lyrics. 05-Mar-2016 18:46:45
                           SteveW - Yes, Caroline wrote the music and Andrea and Caroline wrote the lyrics 05-Mar-2016 22:19:56
                                        Corranga - Una Noche is one of my few Corrs skip songs. I don't like the way Alejandro sings out of time with the music... (n/t) 06-Mar-2016 09:58:38
              Phoenix89 - Wow! Thanks guys. I kinda have a feel that the songs are written by Andrea but I didn't expect 08-Mar-2016 10:24:58
                           Phoenix89 - And no wonder I like the Eng version lyrics more. :-) :-) :-) (n/t) 08-Mar-2016 10:51:49

dave - The Corrs are playing Paris 4 June. Tickets go on sale Tue 8 March at 10am. (n/t) 04-Mar-2016 15:21:27
              dave - Tickets from priced 48-72 euros. Venue is the Grand Rex in Paris. (n/t) 04-Mar-2016 17:07:42
                           Corranga - Beautiful venue. Also some mad travelling for them with Denmark the next day! (n/t) 04-Mar-2016 20:43:18
                                        dave - For the techies & trucks... I'd imagine the band would fly. 05-Mar-2016 11:11:59
              Mahe64 - Ticket 16-Mar-2016 17:29:21

Erica - Guest Entry pt 2 from Lon :D 04-Mar-2016 15:03:04
              Corrsgirl1 - Nice piece! Fun to read about the other concerts! (n/t) 04-Mar-2016 19:09:49
                           Robin - Another great read Lonneke, really enjoyed it. (n/t) 04-Mar-2016 23:12:52
              scott - I love these blog posts. (n/t) 05-Mar-2016 01:41:36
                           scott - More on the love of the subject 05-Mar-2016 02:03:34
                                        nightcat - These blog posts sure help me almost feel like I've also experienced all this. 06-Mar-2016 01:52:14
              Corranga - I love it! Fantastic read and mostly true 06-Mar-2016 20:32:32
                           dave - LOL... so true Chris. When I look back at the airports & train stations I slept 06-Mar-2016 21:29:16
                                        robin - glad i am still young and dont have such problems. (n/t) 06-Mar-2016 22:37:15
                                                     Erica - Robin, you are a force of nature! :D (n/t) 07-Mar-2016 07:47:57

MentariS - The Corrs to play a summer fest in France: 03-Mar-2016 13:22:05
              dave - Looks like a very nice venue, mix of standing & seated in a woodland setting. 03-Mar-2016 19:54:13
                           Robin - Yes you are right about venue Dave looks really good. (n/t) 03-Mar-2016 20:47:16
                                        dave - Cheap flights too Robin with Flybe from Birmingham to Nantes - £44 outbound 03-Mar-2016 21:15:45

Phoenix89 - The Corrs Unplugged 03-Mar-2016 08:13:42
              Nuril - they did perform Radio twice, one for the MV (shorter), and the other one 03-Mar-2016 09:39:46
              SteveW - Unplugged and cleaning up live albums 04-Mar-2016 16:25:12

dave - Anyone else on here going to the Cadena 100 show in Madrid early April ? 01-Mar-2016 21:01:29
              MC - Nope, but would love to as that happens to be on my birthday. ;-) (n/t) 02-Mar-2016 05:15:19
                           Robin - Me too but it's our wedding anniversary on the 10th (n/t) 02-Mar-2016 08:59:07
                                        dave - This concert btw will be broadcast live on radio station Cadena 100 on 9th April. 03-Mar-2016 10:32:42

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