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dave - Well I finally got around to buying the JC album, I went for the signed copy and 26-Dec-2017 11:46:10

SteveW - Favorite songs survey 2017: results 11–20 26-Dec-2017 03:12:05
              SteveW - There's a nice mix of songs here, covering all of their studio albums except IB and Home 26-Dec-2017 13:27:40
              nabil - More observations 26-Dec-2017 14:47:48
                           Sergio - I was also surprised to see both IDWIL and KOL in the top 20. I like Jupiter Calling way more 26-Dec-2017 19:24:17

allfadeaway - My Corr’s Bettakulcha presentation 25-Dec-2017 13:49:19
              SteveW - Enjoyed your presentation -- well done! 25-Dec-2017 15:18:58
                           allfadeaway - Thanks Steve! 25-Dec-2017 21:28:02
                                        SteveW - For instance, no one has asked them an obvious question... 25-Dec-2017 23:24:29
                                                     Wendy - Yes, interviewers just want to talk about their looks or their parents... 26-Dec-2017 01:10:24
                                                                  SteveW - What questions would you want to ask the band? 26-Dec-2017 01:40:06
                                                                               Leslie - Steve, Q#2, about why they work with different producers is THE question I’ve been wanting someone to ask for yrs! (n/t) 29-Dec-2017 02:45:56
                                                                                            SteveW - If I ever get to interview any of the band, I'll be sure to ask that! 29-Dec-2017 03:19:03
                                                                                                         CSCfan - Great question... and of course they got to work with Olle Romo, coz of Mutt Lange.. 29-Dec-2017 14:01:10
                                                                                                                      SteveW - Mutt Lange 29-Dec-2017 14:32:35
                                                                                                                                   CSCfan - Interesting info Steve, thanks! 29-Dec-2017 21:06:56
                                                                                                                                   MentariS - Good point about the vocal arrangements on IB, Steve 30-Dec-2017 08:07:28
                                                                                                                                   SteveW - Sharon's backing vocalists 30-Dec-2017 08:52:15
                                                                                                                                   MentariS - Steve, that's the main reason why I wasn't too keen on Sharon (and Andrea) performing Corrs songs in their solo shows 30-Dec-2017 10:01:04
                                                                                                                      MentariS - Here's the band talking about producers in the first part of The Making of Borrowed Heaven (fast forward to 2:37): 30-Dec-2017 07:56:11
                                                                                                                                   SteveW - Making of BH documentary and BH EPK songs in stereo! 30-Dec-2017 08:36:40
                                                                               MentariS - Questions I'd like to ask the band in an interview: 30-Dec-2017 09:45:51
                                                                                            SteveW - Mentari, these are great questions. Hope you get to ask them of the band someday! (n/t) 31-Dec-2017 08:21:31
                                                                                                         MentariS - Amen to that Steve, and thank you very much! (n/t) 31-Dec-2017 09:38:03
                                                                               Wendy - My questions (from the top of my head) 31-Dec-2017 12:46:10
                                                                                            SteveW - These are all fantastic questions, too 01-Jan-2018 11:25:04

den - Happy Christmas everyone - have a great day! (n/t) 25-Dec-2017 01:31:17

CSCfan - Kinda O/T, but... wanted to wish everyone on the CC a very happy Xmas! May it be a Corrful one..;) (n/t) 24-Dec-2017 10:59:12
              SteveW - A couple of Corrs Christmas carols 24-Dec-2017 20:27:54
              Robin - Yes Happy Christmas to everyone at Corrs Club and to Corrs fans all over the world. (n/t) 24-Dec-2017 20:30:25
              MentariS - Happy Christmas to all who celebrate, and merry holidays everyone! 25-Dec-2017 05:43:17
                           dave - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on the board. (n/t) 25-Dec-2017 11:32:30

SteveW - Last day to vote in the favorite songs survey 23-Dec-2017 00:25:59
              Robin - Come on uk very disappointing that only a few fans have voted after all Steve's hard work. All sounds very tight 23-Dec-2017 01:36:41
              SteveW - Only 4 votes separates #1 and #2. Also, only 1 vote separates #3 and #4. 23-Dec-2017 11:30:57
              SteveW - Voting is now closed. I will post the results starting on Dec 26 24-Dec-2017 00:15:36
              MentariS - Steve, thank you very much for the hard work 25-Dec-2017 05:39:18
                           SteveW - I actually didn't include any JC songs in my top 10 25-Dec-2017 06:24:55

Taliesin - Bulletproof Love is on the BBC radio 2 playlist (n/t) 21-Dec-2017 16:58:45
              CorrMac - Where did you see that? The one I can see is out of date at the moment: 21-Dec-2017 17:12:33
                           Taliesin - The link 21-Dec-2017 17:33:32
              CorrMac - Radio 2 have finally updated their playlists! As from Tuesday 26th December, 22-Dec-2017 22:34:22
                           CSCfan - I believe C-list = 5 plays a week and A-list 15-20 plays a week. Love BL, but 'Butter Flutter' would've been.. 22-Dec-2017 22:41:00

dave - The competition link... 19-Dec-2017 19:20:29

dave - Your chance to win a superb signed guitar.. 19-Dec-2017 16:18:54

SteveW - Favorite songs survey 2017 18-Dec-2017 04:33:51
              SteveW - Here are the results from last year, FYI 18-Dec-2017 09:43:08
                           cedic - I notice that a song I voted for this year didn't even manage a double-digit score in 2016! 18-Dec-2017 16:50:02
                                        cedic - Also predicting Summer Sunshine and Mystery of You to make big jumps 18-Dec-2017 16:53:35
              Robin - Thanks very much Steve for organising survey again which is really enjoyable to do. Results are always 18-Dec-2017 12:49:33
              SteveW - After 36 votes so far, Runaway is not #1. Will we have a new winner this year? (n/t) 18-Dec-2017 14:06:07
              corrsgirl1 - Why is Unplugged not listed as an era for the When did you become a fan question? 18-Dec-2017 14:32:25
                           corrsgirl1 - And of course thanks for putting so much work! The results are always very interesting. 18-Dec-2017 14:36:35
                                        Robin - You can imagine how i feel having to list my age 70-79 awful. You are still a youngster. (n/t) 18-Dec-2017 14:57:53
                           SteveW - That never even occurred to me! 18-Dec-2017 15:31:14
                                        CSCfan - Considering TOC was released in 1997 and IB in 2000, I'd definately consider Unplugged as a seperate era... 18-Dec-2017 16:42:27
                                                     allfadeaway - Unplugged was the album that made me fall in love with The Corrs! 18-Dec-2017 20:59:44
                                                                  allfadeaway - Does anyone have a link to Sing and Young Tom Ennis/ Morning Star? 18-Dec-2017 21:23:35
                                                                               SteveW - Young Tom Ennis/ Morning, Unplugged, I Don't Know 18-Dec-2017 22:26:58
                                                                                            allfadeaway - Great Steve thank you! 19-Dec-2017 20:34:32
                                                                                            dave - Thanks for the link to The Morning Star / Young Tom Ennis, I'd never heard that piece before. 20-Dec-2017 09:38:54
                                                                                                         GaelleF - It was a concert at Wembley Arena in 1999, part of the Talk on Corners tour. The wizard part is the name of the bootleg. (n/t) 22-Dec-2017 10:32:23
                                                                                                                      dave - Thanks Gaelle - its a lovely piece, wonder why they've not played it since. (n/t) 24-Dec-2017 19:10:25
              SteveW - After one day, we have 81 votes, almost as many as all of last year 19-Dec-2017 08:00:35
                           SteveW - Just passed 100 votes. No song has been chosen by even 40% of respondents. (n/t) 19-Dec-2017 12:04:01
                                        SteveW - Now at 153 votes after 2 days. Voting is very close; only 7 songs have been chosen by even 25% of voters (n/t) 20-Dec-2017 11:16:17
              Terry - This is getting more and more difficult with the growing number of songs to choose from! :-) 20-Dec-2017 09:49:37
                           CorrMac - Indeed! Agonised for ages over which songs to leave out ... 20-Dec-2017 10:53:05
              Wendy - So hard to choose! And I'd totally forgotten about early songs like... 21-Dec-2017 15:40:35

shyart - My signed LP arrived today! Glad I 16-Dec-2017 17:45:56
              cmulas - I got mine too! :) Happy!! (n/t) 18-Dec-2017 21:16:07

MentariS - Photo from the filming of RTÉ New Year special with Imelda May posted by DisfrutaLosCorrs on Facebook: 16-Dec-2017 00:45:18
              CSCfan - Tnx for posting! Judging from Jim's guitar, they probably performed 'Bulletproof Love' (at least)..or.. 16-Dec-2017 22:03:42

den - Got my signed copy of Jupiter calling 😀 (n/t) 15-Dec-2017 23:40:08

SeanCorrain - I finally had my first listen to Jupiter Calling ! 15-Dec-2017 18:16:57
              SteveW - Enjoyed reading your thoughts, Sean. Agree that this album is a departure for the band. (n/t) 17-Dec-2017 02:56:32

dave - Its so easy... buying a gig ticket in France.. why is it such a hassle in UK ? 13-Dec-2017 18:53:14
              den - Everything's difficult here! (n/t) 13-Dec-2017 21:22:47
                           dave - And supposedly 52% of our population think its brilliant Den and voted to cut ourselves off from Europe. 13-Dec-2017 22:08:58
                                        den - I wasnt one of them Dave - it will make it more burocratic to go and see the Corrs in Europe! (n/t) 13-Dec-2017 23:26:07
                                                     Robin - After spending countless hours communicating with MP's minister for culture and other bodies i have now given 14-Dec-2017 09:56:07
                                                                  airbusgore - Hopefully the Corrs will play Racecourses again next Summer. So much 14-Dec-2017 10:42:53
                                                     Terry - And it will probably also be more difficult to see the Corrs in the UK for us Europeans I fear.... 14-Dec-2017 17:55:40
                                                                  Klaus - I do not think that the Brexit will change much for tourists 15-Dec-2017 16:18:31
                                                                               dave - I hope you are correct Klaus, I visit mainland Europe throughout the year for concerts and holidays 16-Dec-2017 11:04:32
                                                                               eieio - f Brexit does not make a visa mandatory for people entering G.B., it should. (n/t) 21-Dec-2017 23:14:15
                                                                                            dave - Why.. we never insisted on visas before UK joined the EEC in 1976. How are you going to stop 26-Dec-2017 09:22:53

SeanCorrain - Oh No !!! I missed the Late Late Show 12-Dec-2017 06:06:16
              MentariS - You can watch it on your mobile devices using the RTÉ Player app 12-Dec-2017 07:19:30
              SteveW - I still see it on the RTE website 12-Dec-2017 07:59:27
                           Nick - I just watched it online from the RTE website. (n/t) 12-Dec-2017 14:11:47
                           SeanCorrain - God sends, all of you ! 12-Dec-2017 15:51:28
                                        dave - Make sure to watch the whole programme, Saoirse Ronan and Pat Shortt are very funny. (n/t) 12-Dec-2017 19:53:02

SeanCorrain - An absolutely embarrassing confession 11-Dec-2017 16:26:14
              Steverino - That's okay! It happens. 12-Dec-2017 04:13:52

Damon - Signed 'Jupiter Calling' Vinyl & CD available at Warner Music (link inside) 10-Dec-2017 15:37:16
              CorrMac - I ordered mine before I saw this! Postage is a bit steep ... (n/t) 10-Dec-2017 17:08:10
                           GaelleF - Indeed, 16€ for shipping, good lord ! (n/t) 10-Dec-2017 22:50:15
                                        shyart - My shipping was €13.50 for 11-Dec-2017 04:49:50
                                        MentariS - 16€ for shipping within Europe?? That's outrageous... (n/t) 11-Dec-2017 10:09:39
                                                     shyart - Cheaper shipping to the US? (n/t) 11-Dec-2017 12:41:31
                                                                  GaelleF - for both vinyl and cd (n/t) 11-Dec-2017 13:51:55
              Corranga - Those postage prices are a little crazy, especially when they only allow 3 per order 11-Dec-2017 16:19:10
              den - I bought a signed copy of White Light but the pound was healthier then. Its a case of if ya want it pay up so 11-Dec-2017 23:50:06
              Jerry - The shipping on my order from Royal Albert Hall to the US was £17.50 12-Dec-2017 00:01:53
              neleh - Thanks Damon, was hoping signed copies of JC would pop up! 12-Dec-2017 12:28:24

dave - Not Corrs but worth a mention. Amazing cortege for French rock star Johnny Hallyday 10-Dec-2017 13:03:44

dave - Apparently there's a brief mention of Sharon Corr in today's Irish Independent, 10-Dec-2017 11:48:38
              SteveW - link 10-Dec-2017 13:28:17
              CSCfan - Thanks for the heads-up Dave! Here's the complete article.. 11-Dec-2017 11:35:01
                           MentariS - Thanks Mathias. Not much mention of their new music, but still very interesting reading nonetheless. 11-Dec-2017 11:59:14
                                        GaelleF - I'm sure he recycled the part about Andrea and Caroline, I read it before sometime ago ! (n/t) 11-Dec-2017 12:01:59
                           dave - Thanks Mathias, I actually went to the main website and managed 11-Dec-2017 13:54:33
                                        Chanh - Link to that interview from 2000, thx Dave for remembering. Long time ago 13-Dec-2017 08:44:06

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