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Nyoman - Sharon Corr looked radiant at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Madrid, Spain - 10 Jul 2018 14-Jul-2018 23:47:17
              MentariS - Thanks for posting these. I must say her dress here is far better than the one she wore at the Vogue anniversary event. 18-Jul-2018 07:08:39

dave - Subtle changes creeping in to the UK ticket selling 'industry'. Just bought one from See 13-Jul-2018 21:49:11
              Corranga - The face value is probably 2.99 more than it used to be to include the service charge :) 19-Jul-2018 15:52:47

dave - From a post on Disfrutaloscorrs it would seem that Sharon is currently writing, 12-Jul-2018 11:33:27
              MentariS - Been suspecting this for quite awhile...interesting 12-Jul-2018 11:56:39
              SteveW - Here's an English translation of the article from the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair magazine 12-Jul-2018 15:08:26
                           Corranga - Seems a nice article. Moving to Spain and working on a new album, and (as it if was needed!) confirmation 12-Jul-2018 15:23:26
                                        dave - As it seems that the proposed third album is to be released in Spain, then I can understand 03-Aug-2018 10:07:42
                           MentariS - Thanks for the translation, Steve. Guess my wait to see the whole band will be a little longer than expected then... 12-Jul-2018 15:41:45
                           dave - Thanks Steve, that article updates us nicely about what is happening both with Sharon's own career 12-Jul-2018 16:06:26
                           SeanCorrain - Thank you for translating this 12-Jul-2018 16:47:53
                                        Robin - Guess it will be some time before we see the Corrs again, let's hope it won't be another long break but who knows. 12-Jul-2018 21:12:40
                                                     SeanCorrain - I agree with you. 13-Jul-2018 01:04:33
                                                                  dave - Maybe the record company dropped JC and ran, I don't think its fair to blame 13-Jul-2018 10:27:36
                                                                               Terry2 - The Sound of Silence. 13-Jul-2018 13:19:39
                                                                                            MentariS - Ditto, Terry2 13-Jul-2018 14:05:52
                                                                                            Robin - Yes I agree with you Terry. Its a little disappointing that there has been complete silence from the band and they 13-Jul-2018 20:44:26
                                                                                            Wendy - It was the "promise of more" that is more frustrating than the silence... 14-Jul-2018 05:56:53
                                                                                                         dave - Busy with family lives - puts it in a nutshell Wendy. That's my feeling too. We tend to be focused 14-Jul-2018 10:17:05
                                                                                                         SteveW - I'm up for the Corrs Club band world tour... where's the first gig? 14-Jul-2018 10:28:07
                                                                                                                      Leslie - RAH! ;) 16-Jul-2018 15:50:23
                                                                                                                                   SteveW - RAH sounds great. Now we just need to expand our setlist to more than one song :-) 16-Jul-2018 15:56:31
                                                                                                                      MentariS - I wouldn't mind an Asian/Australian tour for this ;-) 18-Jul-2018 07:09:33
                                                     Corranga - Another band I'm looking to buy tickets for are touring next Feb, tickets on sale Friday. Just goes to show how much 17-Jul-2018 09:26:42

dave - Caroline's daughter Georgina has done a great piece of artwork at school - go to 09-Jul-2018 19:32:31
              Robin - Yes very talented indeed. We were at gig in Douai when Andrea announced the arrival of Georgina. How time flies. 09-Jul-2018 23:48:40
              MentariS - Gotta love proud mum moments like this :-) And yes, it's an excellent artwork indeed! 10-Jul-2018 06:03:56
                           dave - I like the reply from her school teacher to 'come and collect it' as its in the staff office.. LOL 10-Jul-2018 08:37:57
                                        Robin - We might see her at Wimbledon in the future. 10-Jul-2018 09:06:29
                                                     MentariS - As a tennis fan, I so would love to see this!! 10-Jul-2018 09:13:50
                                        MentariS - Haha yeah, I find that comment from Georgina's schoolteacher pretty amusing. 10-Jul-2018 09:14:34
              SteveW - Speaking of daughters, can you spot the Corrs connection in this article? 10-Jul-2018 09:37:28
                           MentariS - Yep, some of the styrofoams were decorated by Anto's daughter Regan. He posted a photo of the cups on IG some weeks ago. 10-Jul-2018 10:14:51
                                        SteveW - In addition to being a biologist, she does impressive scientific illustrations 10-Jul-2018 10:48:16
              Corranga - Lovely artwork. The paper cups are a neat idea too, really cool. 10-Jul-2018 14:23:10

SeanCorrain - Summer Concert Series. 07-Jul-2018 21:09:03
              SeanCorrain - (correction in spelling / thank you for auto correct my dear apple computer) 07-Jul-2018 21:09:59
              Robin - I have seen Ed Sheeran, Anne Marie, Paloma Faith, Paul Heaton and Jacque Abbott, Side by Side Scottish duo 4 times. 08-Jul-2018 00:51:07
              MentariS - Celine Dion is currently touring Asia and I went to see her Jakarta gig last night. What an incredible artist. 08-Jul-2018 03:09:57
                           CSCfan - Aww so glad you went to see her Mentari! Can't believe (she couldn't either lol) it was her first time there! 09-Jul-2018 11:34:15
                                        MentariS - Well, as she said on stage that night she does live so far away ;-) 10-Jul-2018 05:53:35
                           MentariS - In case anyone (especially you, Mathias πŸ˜‰) is interested here are my videos from Celine’s gig: 17-Aug-2018 16:11:39
              sergio - I've already seen Metallica and Alice in Chains in Budapest this year. 10-Jul-2018 13:12:58
                           Corranga - I'm trying to concentrate on using my cars (driving for fun) and being more active in car clubs this year 10-Jul-2018 14:15:19
                                        Corranga - ...I missed Haim who we saw live last month too... 12-Jul-2018 15:21:30
                                        SeanCorrain - WooHoo !!! Garbage ! 12-Jul-2018 16:51:59
                                                     Corranga - I've been a fan since the first album (so longer than the Corrs), but didn't manage to see them until 2012 13-Jul-2018 10:09:16

Wendy - Harmony collaboration: UPDATE! The song so far... 04-Jul-2018 13:30:45
              Wendy - FINAL CALL FOR PARTS! 04-Jul-2018 13:38:00
              BallerinaTay - That sounds so good!!! 04-Jul-2018 16:05:41
                           nightcat - I agree with BallerinaTay, it does sound good!! 😍 04-Jul-2018 16:55:26
                                        Wendy - Thanks BallerinaTay and NightCat! 05-Jul-2018 13:01:52
                                                     cmulas - Sounds great Wendy! I loved it! :) 17-Jul-2018 08:29:29

moonbeams - 3 Corrs Tapes for sale! 02-Jul-2018 13:51:11
              moonbeams - The images didn't show for some reason, so here they are as links: 02-Jul-2018 13:54:43
                           corranga - Images fixed, good luck with your sale :) 10-Jul-2018 14:10:32
                                        moonbeams - Thanks Corranga, I haven't had an interest yet so they're going to the charity shop next week with... 18-Jul-2018 14:33:40

GaelleF - Still possible to send a contribution to the fan project? 29-Jun-2018 15:52:30
              Wendy - Yes! Not too late. 30-Jun-2018 00:09:10
                           nightcat - Oh I believe I haven't told you where I'm from Wendy. 30-Jun-2018 06:53:51
                                        Wendy - Countries 01-Jul-2018 04:59:05
                           GaelleF - I'm from France and I just sent you 2 files. As I said in my email, feel free to discard it cos I heard the other 03-Jul-2018 09:24:46
                                        Wendy - Got them, thanks! 04-Jul-2018 12:17:02

TJ - Looking For A Good Home 29-Jun-2018 14:28:23
              GaelleF - Wow TJ sorry to hear about your loss. Living too far from you unfortunately, but that's some kind offer :) 29-Jun-2018 15:54:06
              Robin - Great to hear from you TJ after all this time. I am sending you an email. 29-Jun-2018 20:55:08
                           TJ - Nice to be back amongst old friends... 30-Jun-2018 11:45:55
                                        Robin - Sorry TJ will send it tonight. 30-Jun-2018 12:26:51
                                        dave - Nice to see a post from you TJ, though sorry about your loss, its always difficult when parents finally pass away. 07-Jul-2018 21:46:06
              queenoftheroad - It's good to hear from you, TJ. I'm sorry for your loss. 03-Jul-2018 06:08:15
              Corranga - Hi TJ, I saw your post on FB about transferring your fathers number plate to your car and thought it was a 10-Jul-2018 14:30:15

Fran_SS - Andrea concert in Madrid, 2007 27-Jun-2018 15:43:06
              Wendy - Amazing! 28-Jun-2018 01:07:14
                           Corranga - Thanks for sharing this gem. I must remember to download and give this a listen later 28-Jun-2018 13:46:02
              SteveW - Thanks, Fran_SS, looking forward to listening to this. I didn't know Brid Og Ni Mhaille had ever been done live. 02-Jul-2018 10:56:34
                           Fran_SS - You're welcome, guys 02-Jul-2018 11:15:22
                                        SteveW - Speaking of Ten Feet High live... 02-Jul-2018 11:41:47
                                                     Robin - Yes agreed. I was there that night. Andrea did 4 brilliant gigs in U.K. Including Oran Mor in Scotland which was a 03-Jul-2018 00:23:48
                                                     chris1957 - Ten feet high 04-Jul-2018 20:27:26
                                                                  SteveW - Thanks, that's a beautiful performance of TFH 05-Jul-2018 11:23:06
                                                                  Wendy - I've always liked that TFH performance. 05-Jul-2018 13:05:54
                                        dave - That Madrid gig was really special, so glad I got along to it. I particularly liked 07-Jul-2018 21:49:53
              nabil - Any chance to download this now? The wetransfer link says the file has been deleted today ... 10-Jul-2018 15:31:49
                           Fran_SS - Yeah, it's one of those links that expires in a week from the moment ththe content is uploaded 13-Jul-2018 12:05:54
              Fran_SS - New download link, for those who weren't quick enough ;) 15-Jul-2018 18:00:33
                           MentariS - Thanks Fran! Much appreciated <3 18-Jul-2018 07:08:05

SteveW - Singing styles (continued) 27-Jun-2018 09:27:40
              Wendy - Vocal styles 27-Jun-2018 13:02:35
                           SteveW - Thanks for the explanation, Wendy; very interesting... 27-Jun-2018 14:10:51
                                        Wendy - Vocal turns 28-Jun-2018 01:00:54
                                                     BallerinaTay - This is very interesting... 03-Jul-2018 16:43:36

BallerinaTay - Harmony Fan Project 15-Jun-2018 23:05:37
              Wendy - Yes, please still send your contributions! Not too late! 16-Jun-2018 02:46:21
                           Wendy - Harmony collaboration: UPDATE! 16-Jun-2018 08:06:45
                                        SteveW - Sounds great with vocals 16-Jun-2018 16:36:37
                                                     Wendy - Totally agree about reverb. 16-Jun-2018 23:35:03
                                                     Terry2 - Harmoneeee 19-Jun-2018 13:46:52
                                                                  Wendy - Terry, what is your favourite cake? 21-Jun-2018 09:45:53
                                                                               SteveW - I'd be up for doing another one, too 21-Jun-2018 11:12:09
                                                                                            BallerinaTay - You all are so nice! 21-Jun-2018 16:58:09
                                                                                                         nightcat - There's already so few of us still active on this site which is why we gotta support one another. 😊 23-Jun-2018 14:19:13
                                                                                                                      SteveW - nightcat, your part sounded good! if anyone else would like to contribute backing vocals or anything else... 26-Jun-2018 08:21:47
                                                                                                                                   nightcat - Awwww thanks Steve how kind of you! 26-Jun-2018 16:56:59
                                                                                                                                   StPaddy - Is there anyplace we can hear what it sounds like with all the clubbers that have contributed so far? 26-Jun-2018 19:50:26
                                                                                                                                   GaelleF - I'd like to send my take (which you can feel free to discard, I'm not great really), where can I do it? 29-Jun-2018 15:37:25
                                                                                                         Wendy - That's great BallerinaTay! 27-Jun-2018 05:45:52
                                                                               Terry2 - Mixing Cake 22-Jun-2018 23:01:55
                                                                                            Wendy - Cakes and mixing Corrs 27-Jun-2018 06:10:36
              BallerinaTay - Wendy I sent my vocal tracks to the email you provided! The song sounds great so far! 17-Jun-2018 22:17:34
                           Wendy - Got it, thanks BallerinaTay! I've just emailed you back. 18-Jun-2018 04:45:00
                                        nightcat - Just dropped by here Wendy to say that I got your email reply. Glad my track made the cut this time. πŸ˜€ 19-Jun-2018 17:37:56
                                                     Wendy - Yes, thanks NightCat! 21-Jun-2018 09:46:18
                                                                  Robin - Sounds brilliant, can't wait to hear the finished product. You have all done a wonderful job, great vocals Wendy. 28-Jun-2018 00:27:53
                                                                               Wendy - Thanks Robin! 04-Jul-2018 13:54:46

dave - Not Corrs related but - Is Steampunk a derivative of the Goth culture, or a stand alone 15-Jun-2018 21:39:25
              Robin - Yes a new one on me too. Hope your France gigs were good, sounds like you will be in for a busy October. I am back 16-Jun-2018 15:53:51
                           Corranga - Not sure if it is the same thing, I think steam punk is a fashion / trend whilst the others are more deeply routed 27-Jun-2018 13:09:20
                                        dave - Thanks for the lengthy reply Chris, I'd sort of grasped what the Goth thing was all about, 09-Jul-2018 19:28:59

M-Corr - Andrea Appears in RTE TV Programme. 14-Jun-2018 00:20:59
              M-Corr - To Save People time.... 14-Jun-2018 00:50:09
                           SteveW - Thanks for posting and for the convenient indexing! 15-Jun-2018 10:42:44
              GaelleF - Unfortunately the RTE player doesn't allow me to watch :( but thanks anyway ! 17-Jun-2018 18:44:14
                           dave - I can't view it either, but I guess there's nothing new... 18-Jun-2018 20:42:49
              MentariS - Thanks for sharing, she looks noticeably fresher (and younger) than she did in the original Meaning of Life interview 19-Jun-2018 08:11:55
                           dave - Yes she looks very happy and content with her life in that screenshot. Maybe without the pressures 19-Jun-2018 09:06:22
                                        nightcat - Yes you're right dave, she really looks like happiness 😍 19-Jun-2018 17:46:23
                                        GaelleF - Well, she's spending quite a lot of time in Barbados and going to events, I can't say I'm surprised she's happy 20-Jun-2018 14:04:34

Robin - Not really Corrs related but saw Ed Sheeran with support act Anne Marie last night, crowd 55,000 at Newcastle football 11-Jun-2018 10:34:36
              Terry - Seen him april last year in Amsterdam; amazing artist, and all by himself! (and his loopstation) 11-Jun-2018 17:52:30
                           Robin - Yes same last night Terry. 11-Jun-2018 23:44:30
                                        dave - I see this whole Viagogo / Ed Sheeran thing was one of the top stories on ITV News yesterday. 19-Jun-2018 09:11:09
                                                     Robin - Yes at long last something is being done. Well done Ed Sheeran. 19-Jun-2018 22:15:05

nightcat - Since it's tumbleweed season yet again in Corrland, how about a quiz for fun? 03-Jun-2018 16:18:54
              CSCfan - Also had SS! lol 04-Jun-2018 10:42:01
                           SteveW - Summer Sunshine for me too! 04-Jun-2018 11:09:09
              Steverino - I came up with "Only When I Sleep" as my song. 10-Jun-2018 04:41:08

SteveW - Board cover song project -- UPDATE! 31-May-2018 06:53:40
              Wendy - Tin whistle note 01-Jun-2018 02:06:16

SteveW - Sharon sings "Dream a Little Dream" with trumpeter Chris Norton 29-May-2018 11:24:49

Robin - Driving home from Forfar a couple of weeks ago having been to Side by Side gig passed within a mile 28-May-2018 18:59:49
              Corranga - Haha, yes at 1am perhaps youd be less than welcome :) 01-Jun-2018 09:41:26
                           Robin - Gig was at the Stag, my first visit to Forfar. Yes I did go A90 so very close to you. Fancy that! 02-Jun-2018 08:43:46
                                        dave - Off to my first 2 gigs of this year in France next week Robin - you can't beat live music ! 02-Jun-2018 18:23:02
                                                     Robin - You are certainly right there Dave there is nothing better than live music. Enjoy your gigs, assume Laura Cox.. 02-Jun-2018 19:44:26
                                                                  dave - Yes, its actually the 3rd & 4th gigs... wish it was possible to edit/delete on here. 03-Jun-2018 11:58:34
                                        Corranga - I know the Stag quite well. Been in there a few times. Glad you're enjoying seeing them :) 15-Jun-2018 09:10:42

Robin - Enjoyed many hours of live music with the Biggest Music Weekend. A great mix of artists across 4 locations with 27-May-2018 22:40:48
              Corranga - Completely missed this, despite being 20 miles away from Perth / Scone Palace. 28-May-2018 09:31:48

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