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SeanCorrain - Do we know what happened to the SOS EPK Video ? 25-Oct-2017 19:24:18
              MentariS - Nothing further has been said about it and the teaser clip on IG/Fb was taken down a few days ago (n/t) 25-Oct-2017 19:34:45
                           SeanCorrain - Oh no ! 25-Oct-2017 19:38:16
              Leslie - Wondered that too. Seems like the powers that be decided to postpone until closer to JC release? (n/t) 30-Oct-2017 22:50:06
                           SeanCorrain - I wonder if they will release it on release day ? 06-Nov-2017 15:39:00

nabil - After listening to higher-quality versions of the RAH performance of the new Jupiter Calling tracks ... 25-Oct-2017 15:08:59
              SteveW - Excited about the new songs 25-Oct-2017 17:25:32
              SeanCorrain - I have been excited for this new sound ever since learning Tbone Burnett was involved 25-Oct-2017 18:53:35
                           dave - Not personally convinced yet that Burnett was the right producer for The Corrs, 26-Oct-2017 08:56:40
                                        nabil - I hear you Dave 26-Oct-2017 12:45:41
                                                     dave - Interesting that you too Nabil sense a 'muddy sound' in the lyrics, maybe its the use of 2 inch 26-Oct-2017 14:53:22
                                                                  nabil - I think you might be right! It's funny isn't it how more advanced recording techniques 26-Oct-2017 20:17:37
                                                                               dave - It will be interesting to compare the sound clarity of the CD against the vinyl, 26-Oct-2017 22:17:34
                           nabil - Sean, I love WL too! 26-Oct-2017 21:35:10
                                        MentariS - I love WL for almost exactly the same reason, and one of the things that make The Corrs so appealing to me is... 27-Oct-2017 10:18:50

mikeyCF - where is the promo for jupiter calling apart from the RAH show&chris evans? 25-Oct-2017 12:51:04
              dave - Usually in the week of release. (n/t) 25-Oct-2017 13:30:18
              Corranga - I don't think we're going to see a huge amount of promo, they will be making there money from the gigs, not the album 25-Oct-2017 14:08:06
              CorrMac - Not sure but it could still be half-term for some of their kids this week ... 25-Oct-2017 15:50:23
                           nabil - Based on the IG accounts, they are all off adventuring now - Sharon in Spain, Caroline in Venice etc. (n/t) 25-Oct-2017 16:05:34
                                        Nick - They probably have a week or two off after the RAH concert, and then come back to London to start promo (n/t) 25-Oct-2017 19:38:38

rwelliot - Rare Corrs T-Shirts 24-Oct-2017 17:25:35
              rwelliot - Corrs T-Shirts at eBay 25-Oct-2017 18:03:27
                           Corranga - Are you willing to ship to the UK? (n/t) 26-Oct-2017 09:29:29

Chanh - As english is not my native language can anybody here explain me 23-Oct-2017 18:28:42
              MentariS - Another non-native English speaker here - I googled it too and it’s certainly *not* what I expected to see 23-Oct-2017 18:33:16
                           Corranga - I warned everyone in my blog not to Google it! That's certainly not what was in my mind! (n/t) 23-Oct-2017 19:38:08
                                        MentariS - I wish I’d read your blog beforehand - also why oh why did I google it just before lunchtime? 23-Oct-2017 20:15:18
              Sergio - Same here. What is this song about? I could not make it out from the concert video. Maybe we get closer 23-Oct-2017 19:17:53
              SteveW - Well, I am a native English speaker, and I had never heard of this term 23-Oct-2017 19:32:10
                           KingRichard76 - Broad minded chap here... 23-Oct-2017 19:38:49
              MentariS - To those who were at the RAH gig - does the chorus of the song go like this: 23-Oct-2017 19:38:34
                           Sergio - I've heard butter flutter in my head. Actually there is a peanut butter named Flutter Butter. 23-Oct-2017 20:03:52
                           cedic - I wasn't there either but 23-Oct-2017 20:11:18
                                        Sergio - Yeah, my guess is this might just refer to butterfly which flutters with its wing. Or a type of butterfly which i 23-Oct-2017 20:17:07
                                                     Sergio - Because butterfly flutters in my breast would be a bit hard to sing:) (n/t) 23-Oct-2017 20:22:24
                                                                  Jackie21 - I really think the flutter refers to that feeling of giddiness.. just a guess.. 24-Oct-2017 01:16:08
                                                                               Wendy - Butter flutter in my breath 24-Oct-2017 03:42:41
                                                                                            Wendy - It also seems to be a nickname for butterfly, if look further down the google list 24-Oct-2017 03:57:14
              queenoftheroad - MUWHAHAHAHA!!! XD I had no idea what it meant either, read this post, got curious an HAD to Google! I'm 24-Oct-2017 11:02:06
              Chanh - When I interpret it the hashtag under Andys new post correctly 24-Oct-2017 13:34:56
                           MentariS - I guess that wink emoji at the end of the caption is meant for us then :-)) (n/t) 24-Oct-2017 13:44:56
                                        SteveW - Can we infer from this that Andrea wrote the song, or at least wrote the lyrics? (n/t) 24-Oct-2017 14:01:21
                                                     sergio - For some reason I have always had this feeling. She's keen to play with words in her lyrics 24-Oct-2017 14:12:51
                                                                  sergio - LOL...this topic has been fluttering so much in my mind that at first blink I read 24-Oct-2017 14:37:43
                                                                               MentariS - HAHAHAHAHA 😂😂 (n/t) 24-Oct-2017 15:13:52
                                                     Wendy - Yes, I guess you were right that this is an Andrea song! (n/t) 25-Oct-2017 10:25:22

dave - Excellent review by Renowned For Sound 23-Oct-2017 15:28:42
              dave - Click on Live Reviews if you get the Error 404. (n/t) 23-Oct-2017 15:31:20

dave - There's a Closer CD single for sale on eBay at the moment, rare chance to buy one. (n/t) 23-Oct-2017 14:47:42
              Corranga - Whilst it is rare, and they don't come up I think it's a little over priced compared to the last few that have 23-Oct-2017 16:08:33

Luke - How times have changed 22-Oct-2017 21:21:21
              GaelleF - Sheree was actually there ! 22-Oct-2017 21:24:58
                           GaelleF - And I have never met a Corr either... People always get in front of me and stuff and I don't struggle my way up front 22-Oct-2017 21:26:23
                                        dave - Interesting reflections there Luke. Yes a certain amount of determination is required 23-Oct-2017 10:28:49
                                                     Jackie21 - Very well said dave.. It takes a lot of guts to say Hi to your favorite band! 23-Oct-2017 11:43:39
                                                                  Corranga - Nice post Dave, and one I agree with for the most part. I'm also a shy, quiet person - something that some of those who 23-Oct-2017 12:57:21
                                                                               Sergio - I think I am similar to you, although I try to deliberately be more open. My objection is that in most cases 23-Oct-2017 13:42:57
                                                                                            Corranga - You can always fall back on asking for an autograph or a photo. 23-Oct-2017 16:12:40
                                                                                            Corranga - Put another way, in my case it tends to be more like 23-Oct-2017 16:14:15
                                                                                                         Luke - I agree Chris 23-Oct-2017 19:54:05
                                                                                                                      dave - Oh they know us alright Luke and many of our names... LOL (n/t) 23-Oct-2017 20:45:10
                                                                                                                                   BrianB - I'm still around Luke. I don't do gigs anymore because I cannot justify the best part of a week's wages on a concert 01-Nov-2017 23:22:08
                                                                                                                                   Corranga - Hey Brian. We got parking behind the college of music for £10 this time around 02-Nov-2017 09:47:50

KingRichard76 - A few thoughts and a link to my video from the RAH gig 22-Oct-2017 14:54:40
              dave - Nice report Richard, you certainly had a good seat looking along the full length of the stage. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 15:15:51
              Corranga - Great videos, from a wonderful perspective. Something you don't get at most venues! 23-Oct-2017 16:15:28

Corranga - New Gig Blog - TOC Anniversary - The Royal Albert Hall 22-Oct-2017 13:27:23
              Corranga - Oh, and there is a photo gallery at the bottom if you can't be bothered to read it :) (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 13:29:31
              carameleyedcorr - Brilliant blog! 22-Oct-2017 13:56:49
              Chanh - Wow Chris, Thank you for this blog. It is like reliving the night of this 22-Oct-2017 15:06:07
                           Corranga - Yes, I saw some crew making videos with phones, near me on the left of the stage, and also up behind the stage (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 15:18:44
              CorrMac - Chris, thanks for the blog, it was a great read as always ... 22-Oct-2017 17:26:51
                           Corranga - Thanks Mike. If you do finish it, you can send it on to me, at this point I've basically comindeered the site (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 18:20:08
                           dave - Gotta join you in the 'Caroline appreciation society' Mike, she looked stunning on Thursday night. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 18:39:15
                                        CorrMac - Dave, you and others may not believe me but ... 22-Oct-2017 22:29:22
                                                     dave - Mike, if you appreciate good drummers, take a look at Sina Fendt on Youtube, Sina-Drums. And for rock guitarists 23-Oct-2017 10:51:57
                                                                  CorrMac - Don't get me started on drummers ... 23-Oct-2017 17:34:11
              Robin - Brilliant blog as always Chris, really enjoyed it. Glad everyone had a fab time, can't believe I wasn't there. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 18:01:49
                           dave - We couldn't believe it either - "where's Robin" echoed around the hall. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 18:42:08
                           Corranga - The Gig Monsters, couple from the race course gigs last year were asking after you too. See you next time Robin! (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 21:55:13
              M-Corr - Great Blog post, as always pleasure to meet you again Chris. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 20:59:26
              Terry - Please keep up the "droning"; its brilliant reading material :-) 23-Oct-2017 18:28:22
              RichardY - Great blog as always Chris - thanks for sharing! (n/t) 23-Oct-2017 21:13:54
              Lonneke - Great blog, Chris :) You listing all those people at the end is an external backup of your memory, isn't it? 23-Oct-2017 22:18:26
                           Corranga - The whole blog is an external backup of my memory, which sees to work in short term better than long term!! (n/t) 24-Oct-2017 08:56:38
              MentariS - Chris, what a WONDERFUL read. I enjoyed it so much, and felt honoured to have a mention... 24-Oct-2017 10:59:47
                           Corranga - The song by songs were getting a little tricky by the end. I mean, I can't just say "They played Runaway - again. The 24-Oct-2017 13:08:51
                                        dave - Your comments on the venue - its really worth taking the guided tours which operate every day. 24-Oct-2017 14:52:45
                                                     Corranga - I think I would have enjoyed the tour Dave, but I think we got there a little late to do so, well, that and we had to 24-Oct-2017 15:23:09
              CSCfan - Great read and beautiful pics Chris! Thanks for your awesome blog (and mention)! 24-Oct-2017 15:33:38
              SteveW - Great recap, Chris -- enjoyed reading this, especially the song-by-song descriptions. A question... 26-Oct-2017 02:44:47
              Terry2 - Chris's Mighty Blog 26-Oct-2017 09:58:02

Corranga - [Gig recording] The whole RAH gig (audio) is on YouTube 21-Oct-2017 22:57:59
              SteveW - Little Wing 22-Oct-2017 10:21:53
              SteveW - And Erin Shore, too 22-Oct-2017 10:28:54
                           dave - I asked Caroline about this version of Erin Shore and she said it was how they played 22-Oct-2017 11:50:08
                                        SteveW - It's also how Sharon played it in her solo gigs. (how did you get to talk to Caroline?) (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 11:53:33
                                                     dave - At the afterparty. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 12:20:52
                                                                  SteveW - Was this Miguel's afterparty at the Bar 190, or a different event? 22-Oct-2017 12:51:25
                                                                               dave - No it was the official afterparty in the RAH. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 15:18:15
                           nexi_exi17 - They played Lough Erin Shore with the drums a lot of time.. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 23:22:04
                                        SteveW - You are right, Miguel -- I got Erin Shore confused with the first (slower) half of Joy of Life 23-Oct-2017 00:12:11
              SteveW - this is my favorite performance of Summer Sunshine ever! (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 10:35:44
                           Wendy - Yeah, I like the Summer Sunshine arrangement too! 22-Oct-2017 12:26:36
                                        Terry - I sure hope they keep this one in for the upcoming tour; got me goosebumps all over from start till end! 22-Oct-2017 13:39:56
              SteveW - Wow, first time hearing the entire song of Dear Life -- goosebumps. (And another song in 6/8 time) (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 10:48:38
              SteveW - love the jazzy scale Jim throws into his piano solo in Joy of Life 22-Oct-2017 10:56:55
                           Corranga - I noticed whilst clapping along that less of an adjustment was required during the transition into Trout - I presume 22-Oct-2017 12:01:13
                                        SteveW - I'm not sure which one of my posts you're replying to; my comment on the tempo was referring to... 22-Oct-2017 12:55:50
              SteveW - didn't recognize So Young from the new intro -- I was trying to figure out, what song is this?! 22-Oct-2017 11:23:35
              SteveW - awesome show; happy for all who got to go, wish I could have been there (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 11:47:51
                           Wendy - Wish I could have gone too! Australia is too far away from the RAH! (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 12:32:46
              Corinna - Has the video been removed? I really enjoyed the first songs. Thank you. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 15:04:00
                           SteveW - the full video is back -- the poster took it down to add more videos and has now uploaded a new version 23-Oct-2017 11:36:12
                                        Sergio - Thanks Steve, ggod catch! Finally managed to finish it up till the end this time. The uploader 23-Oct-2017 13:30:09
                                        Corinna - Thanks for letting us know! Great! (n/t) 23-Oct-2017 16:22:38
                                        dave - That is a great job done by sourcing videos from a number of different people around the venue, 24-Oct-2017 09:29:11
              chris1957 - Video 23-Oct-2017 21:04:18
                           Jerry - It's still there. New link inside. 23-Oct-2017 21:39:38

RichardY - Photos from the Royal Albert Hall 21-Oct-2017 21:27:20
              Corrpulent - Very good quality photos. Nicely done. (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 22:11:58
              AB_CLOSER - What an amazing night! What an amazing photos!!! (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 22:28:20
              lopiko - OMG, thise photos are breathtakingly amazing. Can I ask 21-Oct-2017 22:50:21
                           RichardY - Thanks! I use a Canon Powershot G7X Mark II camera which is great for gigs as it is good in low light. 23-Oct-2017 20:17:59
              SteveW - Great photos; thanks for sharing. The one of Caroline on drums in yellow light is amazing. 21-Oct-2017 23:21:03
                           SteveW - Another great shot is the one with Andrea and Jim... 22-Oct-2017 00:20:18
              Corranga - These are amazing, I'm a bit jealous! Great to see photos from another angle that don't look like they could be mine 21-Oct-2017 23:55:00
                           RichardY - Thanks Chris - after the gigs last summer I guess it does make a change for us to have photos from different angles! (n/t) 23-Oct-2017 20:32:10
              Steverino - Thank you for sharing these splendid photos! (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 06:37:22
                           dave - As I was sitting next to you Richard, you can see why I don't bother taking my own pics ! 22-Oct-2017 10:01:23
                                        RichardY - Thanks Dave - I was really pleased with how my photos came out as the light was quite challenging at times! 23-Oct-2017 20:28:37
              Terry - Perfect photos of a perfect night! Thanks for sharing these and help reliving the memories! 22-Oct-2017 10:03:28
                           corrazy_rach - Great photos Richard, thanks for sharing! (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 11:51:29
              Corinna - Great photos, thank you for sharing! Couldn't be there but the pictures and videos make up for it a bit. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 15:05:08
              Mark - Richard - those photos are awesome... thanks so much for sharing! For those of us... 27-Oct-2017 18:57:54

RichardY - Couple of videos from the Royal Albert Hall 21-Oct-2017 18:29:19
              Chanh - Thank you so much Richard (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 19:19:24
              AB_CLOSER - ¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!! Se ven genial. (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 20:19:36
              nabil - Thank you so much Richard! Love Butter Flutter, reminds me a bit of Sharon's Dream of You. And Son of Solomon really is 21-Oct-2017 20:24:10
              Wendy - These are great thanks! Seems like Sharon... 22-Oct-2017 00:02:11
                           SteveW - Butter Flutter and other song titles 22-Oct-2017 00:12:40
                                        Wendy - Good point that Butter Flutter... 22-Oct-2017 12:09:53
                                        Wendy - Sharon's violin slides 22-Oct-2017 12:18:49
                                                     dave - I reckon its a Sharon song too Wendy, certainly a title she would choose.. (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 12:24:54
                                                     SteveW - Portamento/glissando 22-Oct-2017 12:48:07
                                                                  Wendy - Sharon also does the violin slide on One Day Like This 26-Oct-2017 00:30:33
                                                                               SteveW - tin whistle in One Day Like This 26-Oct-2017 02:32:17
                                                                                            Wendy - If she switched whistles, she'd be able to get the notes... 05-Nov-2017 07:40:54
                                                     CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - this album is looking more promising than WL 23-Oct-2017 01:13:31
              Sergio - Butter flutter has already massively grown on me. I love the rhythm 22-Oct-2017 16:37:03
              CorrMac - Thanks for posting your photos and videos Richard ... 22-Oct-2017 17:04:43

Nyoman - Road to Eden 21-Oct-2017 14:57:40
              lopiko - I love this song a lot too, but I can't help with the lyrics, 21-Oct-2017 23:01:39
              Steverino - Lyrics that I hear... 22-Oct-2017 05:56:18

mikeyCF - Does anyone have a spare royal albert hall programme to sell? 21-Oct-2017 13:52:15
              SeanCorrain - I second that 23-Oct-2017 15:54:28

dave - This is how crazy it can all get - outside the BBC... 21-Oct-2017 11:55:42
              Corranga - Some familiar faces in there. It was a great show, I'm glad I was listening on the radio and not part of 21-Oct-2017 12:03:17
              Chanh - I was there and the real fans were not the problem. 21-Oct-2017 12:34:57
                           Corranga - Yes, I've seen it before, when someone pulls out a pile of 20+ things to be signed, and of corrs they are so nice that 21-Oct-2017 13:24:58
                                        dave - There is a well known fan in that vid that I've had words with too, in Spain he pulled 21-Oct-2017 15:13:11
              den - To be honest ive witnessed this kind of thing in London before and it's off-putting. These autogyraph hunters 21-Oct-2017 19:41:23
                           dave - It was one of the reasons I didn't bother going there Den as I knew what it was going to be like. 21-Oct-2017 21:19:12
                                        carameleyedcorr - Now I live in London, I have considered perhaps venturing down to a studio when the band are doing promo.... 21-Oct-2017 22:03:17
                                                     lopiko - I live in Dublin, and when they appeared in the Late Late Show 21-Oct-2017 22:59:36
                                                                  den - I agree (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 23:37:48
                                                                  dave - London and New York are the 2 worst places I've experienced this. Many of those autograph hunters 22-Oct-2017 10:17:59
                                                                               carameleyedcorr - I seriously never even knew that was a thing! 22-Oct-2017 14:04:16
              KingRichard76 - Vultures 22-Oct-2017 21:57:28

Damon - If anybody has a spare tour book from the Albert Hall they’re wanting to sell... 21-Oct-2017 01:27:09
              Damon - I forgot to say, name your price! (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 01:58:54
                           Baxterianism - I managed to get a spare - get in touch :) (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 09:45:14
                                        Damon - Amazing Baxterianism! Best news!... 21-Oct-2017 13:17:56
                                                     Baxterianism - Add me on Facebook :) 21-Oct-2017 17:23:33
              Corranga - It's a beautiful programme too, not the usual tour book being specifically for that gig only. (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 12:04:05
                           MentariS - As I wrote on Fb, I'm still not over the little stories behind the new songs especially one (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 12:45:40
                                        sergio - Mentari, is it available online as well? (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 13:03:22
                                                     MentariS - I saw photos of the pages inside the programme posted by several fan accounts on Instagram (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 13:18:26
                                                                  sergio - got you, thanks (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 13:21:03
                                        IrishHeart - Program stories 21-Oct-2017 20:06:41
                                                     nabil - I second the request to share program stories somehow whoever has access!! 21-Oct-2017 20:13:01
                                                     SteveW - Welcome back, IrishHeart! Long time no see :-) (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 08:53:37
              CSCfan - Requesting the same! I also missed out on the show program... :( (n/t) 22-Oct-2017 21:24:05

rich2862 - Great concert as usual, new songs terrific, but one aspect did annoy me... 21-Oct-2017 01:04:28
              GaelleF - I remember I was very annoyed at the purple lighting during the WL tour, very unaesthetic, both in real life and camera (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 10:25:37

Corranga - [RAH content] I found a video of me! Well, I'm 95% sure it's me, I've never seen myself from this angle! 20-Oct-2017 22:27:51
              MAH - Yup ... 21-Oct-2017 00:07:12
                           dave - Good job you've had a haircut in recent years Chris - or the guy wouldn't have been able to video ! (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 09:59:54
                                        Corranga - Haha, yes. the old pony tail still comes up in Corrs conversation. Most that know me in my working life don't even 21-Oct-2017 12:05:02
              Corranga - I just watched this back again. You know that feeling when your hair stands on end, and that shiver down your back 21-Oct-2017 14:23:44
              Steverino - That video gives me some small sense of being in the audience at a Corrs concert 22-Oct-2017 06:14:48
              CorrMac - Yes, that's definitely you Chris ... 23-Oct-2017 10:45:50

lopiko - OOhh look, I found a wire 20-Oct-2017 19:05:35
              lopiko - its been long, did i forget how to post pics? 20-Oct-2017 19:07:06
                           Corranga - ...and my shoulder (in white on the right) :) (n/t) 20-Oct-2017 23:58:32

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