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dave - On Twitter there is a site called TheCorrsUK - is it affiliated to Warner in the way that 15-Mar-2016 11:33:29
              MentariS - Nope - both @TheCorrsUK and @TheCorrsAU are fan accounts with no direct affiliation to the label whatsoever. 15-Mar-2016 12:25:15

Cara - Just to say (again - I'm so sorry!!) I realize I haven't done updates in weeks... 14-Mar-2016 17:30:22
              Robin - Don't worry Cara absolutely no problem. Hope you are feeling better and soon fully recovered. (n/t) 14-Mar-2016 17:49:20
              den - life is vwry hectic without all these things Cara and you do have a young child so I am amazed you get any time to 14-Mar-2016 19:55:28
                           Corranga - WHAT :O I thought it was actually still December! ;-) 14-Mar-2016 20:10:43
                                        Cara - *lol* You forgot work, volunteer stuff, household maintenance/cleaning... ;-) (n/t) 15-Mar-2016 08:31:01
              MC - No worries, Cara. :-) 15-Mar-2016 04:24:16
              Cara - Thanks everyone! ;-) 15-Mar-2016 08:28:47

dave - Well, that Cap Roig ticket sale was a farce - over half gone in a presale, nothing decent 14-Mar-2016 10:07:43
              MC - Over here, only certain tickets are available for pre-sales. 14-Mar-2016 10:46:16
                           dave - True MC, though this was the 'public sale' today. On the ticket site you could see each 14-Mar-2016 11:00:02

dave - Looks like an interesting programme next Wednesday on BBC about the 1916 Easter Rising 12-Mar-2016 10:47:02

chris1957 - Promotion give awys 12-Mar-2016 10:38:21
              MC - There was a promo for Give Me A Reason that was given away in the UK back in 2001. 12-Mar-2016 13:56:09
              Corranga - If you're collecting to get all of the different versions, Lifting Me was available as both a plastic case and a card 14-Mar-2016 09:05:30

MentariS - Question about Wikipedia 11-Mar-2016 15:41:48
              Corranga - I'll look into this as I have a ton of photos from recent gigs (n/t) 11-Mar-2016 19:03:20
              CorrMac - Would be interested in finding out what is involved in creating an account ... 13-Mar-2016 16:07:51
                           Corranga - I had a record tour regarding photos taken, though much of this is due to my new camera being faster at taking photos 14-Mar-2016 09:07:52
                           MentariS - Go to and click on 'Create Account' on the top right of the page... 14-Mar-2016 10:18:07
                                        CorrMac - Thought it would be more complicated than that ... I'll maybe have a go tonight :) (n/t) 14-Mar-2016 11:36:54
                                                     dave - Would it not be better to add up-to-date pictures to the Wiki pages already there, 14-Mar-2016 12:45:22
                                                                  Corranga - Dave, anyone can edit a wikipedia page, the account is what you create to be able to do this. 14-Mar-2016 13:00:57
                                        Corranga - Ok, just for you, I've added an up to date Caroline photo, though I also stuffed the page layout up a bit, but I did it 14-Mar-2016 13:02:24
                                                     MentariS - I'm not sure either Chris, but you might want to give this a try: 14-Mar-2016 15:13:18
                                                                  Corranga - I meant, less about how to replace the existing photo, and more whether it is considered polite / acceptable 14-Mar-2016 20:12:18

dave - Many thanks to StPaddy (Mike) for the opportunity to attend the Stuttgart radio show. 11-Mar-2016 15:36:03
              MentariS - Glad you had a good time Dave, and from your post (and other stuff I've seen) looks like the gig was fantastic! (n/t) 11-Mar-2016 15:43:56
              den - Glad you had a good time Dave (n/t) 11-Mar-2016 17:13:27
                           Robin - Looks and sounds like an amazing concert. These small venues are so good. (n/t) 12-Mar-2016 00:54:02

StPaddy - The Corrs to play at Cap Roig Festival in Spain, August 15 11-Mar-2016 10:34:37
              Corranga - Added to list, thanks. (n/t) 11-Mar-2016 10:46:39

Erica - Gig blog part 3 from Lonneke :D 11-Mar-2016 09:14:26
              Robin - Another brilliant blog Lonneke brings back such happy memories. (n/t) 12-Mar-2016 09:42:45
                           dave - Great stuff Lonneke. (n/t) 12-Mar-2016 15:47:15

StPaddy - Short report of the Stuttgart gig (in German language) from the SWR1 website 11-Mar-2016 08:59:17
              dave - Even though I don't understand much German - the level of excitement comes over well. (n/t) 12-Mar-2016 10:25:49

MentariS - Post-gig interview in Stuttgart (video): 11-Mar-2016 08:40:56
              dave - Thanks for that Mentari, brought back pleasant memories for me. Have you all noticed 11-Mar-2016 15:57:07
                           MentariS - I have, and I've also noticed that Caz's world-famous sparkly sneakers are missing this time! :-p 11-Mar-2016 16:00:54
              MC - I've seen clips posted on IG, but does anyone have a full videos that they are willing to post on YT? (n/t) 12-Mar-2016 06:38:40
                           dave - Full videos may appear after March 20 when the show will be broadcast on radio. 12-Mar-2016 10:36:41
                                        MC - So it's just a radio broadcast and not a videocast? (n/t) 12-Mar-2016 13:55:15
                                                     dave - Just a radio broadcast as far as we know, but there is undoubtedly 'fan footage' 12-Mar-2016 15:45:02
                                                                  MC - From all of the comments that I've seen, the show was amazing. 12-Mar-2016 16:33:23

Phoenix89 - FINALLY! 11-Mar-2016 02:41:04
              MikeFromMelbourne - that is sooo awesome!!! i'd probs drive off the road if i heard that in the car on the radio in Australia haha :) (n/t) 11-Mar-2016 07:46:40

cattybaby86 - Mention of our favourite band on the telly!!! 10-Mar-2016 21:24:06

Erica - A beautiful guest entry from the lovely Renata Motta :D 10-Mar-2016 08:34:12
              SteveW - Great story; glad you were able to make your dreams come true (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 09:28:12
              Corrsgirl1 - amazing story Renata! 10-Mar-2016 10:12:29
              zairean - beautiful story 10-Mar-2016 15:01:11
              Lonneke - Great blog! And a lovely person, was nice meeting you, Renata :) (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 19:09:54
                           Robin - Brilliant blog Renata amazing story. So pleased for you. (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 23:32:02
                                        nightcat - I'm very glad for you Renata! It was totally worth flying halfway around the world wasn't it? :-D (n/t) 11-Mar-2016 10:58:51
                                                     dave - Great blog entry Renata and a well deserved band meeting. It was a pleasure 11-Mar-2016 17:12:38

Eclair - The corrs vip tumbler glass had made it to eBay for £70 (n/t) 09-Mar-2016 23:44:39
              Corranga - There is one on there for 65+p&p with the box and lanyard, it previously ended for 70 with no sale. 10-Mar-2016 08:48:41

chris1957 - Should there be be a 'b' side CD? 09-Mar-2016 19:59:11
              Corranga - 5 or 6 years ago, yes. Now, no. 09-Mar-2016 20:14:01
                           Robin - Don't really see such a cd working at this point. There are of course some brilliant songs but these are all available 09-Mar-2016 21:45:48
              Servantez - New songs please. (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 03:32:34
              MC - Die-hard fans would like it, but I can't see it as a feasible release. 10-Mar-2016 04:33:14
              CSCfan - Love it. But it doesn't have to be a CD (hello 2016)... it could be an iTunes exclusive EP or.. 10-Mar-2016 13:48:45
              BallerinaTay - I'd personally love a CD of unreleased songs and rarites: eg Mystery Of You. A download only would work for me. :) (n/t) 11-Mar-2016 04:05:37

MentariS - Andrea's IG posts from Stuttgart: 09-Mar-2016 18:32:31
              Lonneke - Why does it look like Caroline is choking her with a lanyard?? Hahahaha!! (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 18:25:06
                           dave - Andrea was wearing her lanyard 'back to front' with the laminate on her back - 11-Mar-2016 19:27:51

SteveW - Setlist thoughts 09-Mar-2016 10:15:33
              BallerinaTay - Agreed. Not only about the setlist but about seeing the concert. 09-Mar-2016 17:33:24
                           Corranga - Well put. It is amazing that their new and old songs gel together so well. (n/t) 09-Mar-2016 20:18:05
                                        Robin - Yes it's a brilliant set list flowing so well from start to finish. A few surprises from what some of us expected but 09-Mar-2016 21:39:55

chris1957 - Stuttgart rehearsals 08-Mar-2016 22:54:38
              Nyoman - Here they are the pics 08-Mar-2016 23:39:20
              den - Andrea doesn't look very pleased to be there. (n/t) 09-Mar-2016 02:50:21
                           Drsjf16 - Is the concert being broadcast? 09-Mar-2016 18:12:39
                                        chris1957 - Stuggart 09-Mar-2016 19:46:53
              Nyoman - Videos and Pics 10-Mar-2016 00:36:15
                           SteveW - Wow, the acoustic version of White Light is fantastic (n/t) 10-Mar-2016 08:07:58
                           HaNnAhCoRr - Thanks a lot for posting 10-Mar-2016 08:47:00
                           SteveW - More video snippets and photos at Cristina's IG site 10-Mar-2016 09:21:04
                                        chris1957 - Concert broadcast 10-Mar-2016 14:25:51
                                                     pmb - pics from Stuttgart on swr website 10-Mar-2016 15:42:10
                                                                  SteveW - Michael, are you in these photos? 11-Mar-2016 05:59:11
                                                                               StPaddy - Hmm, I think I was out for another beer. :) 11-Mar-2016 08:00:46
                                                     SteveW - The SWR1 Twitter account says it will be broadcast on March 20 at 20:00 10-Mar-2016 19:59:24
                                                                  StPaddy - Yes, I confirm. Here´s the link you should check on March 20 11-Mar-2016 08:20:03
                                                                               pmb - swr1 is on satellite but... 11-Mar-2016 10:56:39
                                                                               chris1957 - Broadcast 11-Mar-2016 11:29:17

IrishHeart - Question on So Young live 08-Mar-2016 18:30:24
              HaNnAhCoRr - It's something that they have been doing for years, always at the same point of the song but no idea why :/ (n/t) 08-Mar-2016 21:03:25
                           Corranga - Andrea made funny faces at Sharon at this point during a few gigs, I guess it's now just something they do 08-Mar-2016 21:05:43
              HaNnAhCoRr - I sometimes wonder if it's anything to do with Andrea forgetting the words during their Glastonbury gig some years back. 10-Mar-2016 08:30:16
                           SteveW - Here's the video of Andrea missing the second verse of So Young ("That's the instrumental verse") 10-Mar-2016 09:10:01
                                        Robin - Yes Steve you are right. It all started for me that night, my first time seeing the Corrs live, an absolutely amazing 12-Mar-2016 23:07:38

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