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MentariS - The Corrs to play a summer fest in France: 03-Mar-2016 13:22:05
              dave - Looks like a very nice venue, mix of standing & seated in a woodland setting. 03-Mar-2016 19:54:13
                           Robin - Yes you are right about venue Dave looks really good. (n/t) 03-Mar-2016 20:47:16
                                        dave - Cheap flights too Robin with Flybe from Birmingham to Nantes - £44 outbound 03-Mar-2016 21:15:45

Phoenix89 - The Corrs Unplugged 03-Mar-2016 08:13:42
              Nuril - they did perform Radio twice, one for the MV (shorter), and the other one 03-Mar-2016 09:39:46
              SteveW - Unplugged and cleaning up live albums 04-Mar-2016 16:25:12

dave - Anyone else on here going to the Cadena 100 show in Madrid early April ? 01-Mar-2016 21:01:29
              MC - Nope, but would love to as that happens to be on my birthday. ;-) (n/t) 02-Mar-2016 05:15:19
                           Robin - Me too but it's our wedding anniversary on the 10th (n/t) 02-Mar-2016 08:59:07
                                        dave - This concert btw will be broadcast live on radio station Cadena 100 on 9th April. 03-Mar-2016 10:32:42

chris1957 - MAGIC 01-Mar-2016 16:41:37
              Phoenix89 - Raduo stations at my country does play their songs. But mostly their old songs like WCID, OWIS.. Still haven't heard 02-Mar-2016 07:53:15
                           Norma - I heard Runaway in Petco in Queens last Saturday while doing cat adoptions. :-D (n/t) 03-Mar-2016 22:40:16
                                        MC - And I heard ATLITW in Stop & Shop here in New Jersey last Friday! ;-) (n/t) 04-Mar-2016 04:36:51
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - yep Magic are playing the new single 07-Mar-2016 21:37:03

chris1957 - German radio concert? 29-Feb-2016 16:15:31
              chris1957 - German radio concert 29-Feb-2016 16:27:01
              dave - The radio station is SWR 1 Baden Wurttemburg. Probably best to go to their website 29-Feb-2016 16:28:59
                           Bea_HC - This website announces a date and hour 29-Feb-2016 17:02:19
                                        chris1957 - Concert 29-Feb-2016 17:10:47
                                                     Bea_HC - From what I can understand they don't mention anything about broadcasting it. 29-Feb-2016 20:15:15
                                                                  Corrsgirl1 - Nope, no mention about a broadcast of the show. (n/t) 29-Feb-2016 20:58:40
                                                                               Corranga - This will be an amazing gig, and it's the day after my birthday too. I'm not going though :( (n/t) 01-Mar-2016 08:33:35
              chris1957 - SWR1 02-Mar-2016 16:24:01
                           StPaddy - I´m pretty sure there will be, Chris. 02-Mar-2016 17:38:13
                                        MC - Did you win tickets to the concert, Mike? (n/t) 03-Mar-2016 10:46:18
                                                     StPaddy - Yes. 03-Mar-2016 12:27:24
                                                                  Corrsgirl1 - Congrats on winning! And so nice to share the spare ticket, to bad Stuttgart is a bit to far for me :( (n/t) 03-Mar-2016 12:46:48
                                                                  abanhara - Would so go! 03-Mar-2016 13:20:30
                                                                  dave - To StPaddy - Hi Mike, do you still have that ticket available, 03-Mar-2016 16:22:40
                                                                               StPaddy - Yes, I still have it. Email sent. (n/t) 03-Mar-2016 17:58:58
                                                                                            dave - Thank you so much. (n/t) 03-Mar-2016 19:55:30
                                                                                                         Norma - Ah, beat me to it, Dave! 03-Mar-2016 22:44:20
                                                                  MC - Congratulations! Make sure you let us know how the show is! :-) 04-Mar-2016 04:35:31
                                                                               dave - I doubt there's a single Corrs event anywhere in the world at which CC is not represented. (n/t) 04-Mar-2016 10:22:38
                                                                                            nightcat - Got that right Dave, if ever the band swings by my area again I'll be part of the CC reps :-D (n/t) 06-Mar-2016 01:34:45

Corranga - Jim Corr just tweeted, they are on with Lorraine Kelly tomorrow 28-Feb-2016 17:07:42
              chris - thanks for letting us know (n/t) 28-Feb-2016 19:45:08
              robin - Thanks Chris was sure they would be on lorraine sometime. have had it on automatic record for last two months. (n/t) 28-Feb-2016 19:56:32
              chris1957 - Lorraine 28-Feb-2016 20:49:42
                           Corranga - Haha, I posted about it and forgot to set the box to record it :) (n/t) 28-Feb-2016 22:48:45
                           SteveW - I was wondering if this would be a real live performance or playback... 28-Feb-2016 23:10:07
                                        robin - Yes Steve it was 2005 and last time they were on lorraine. it was release of heart like a wheel/old town as a single. 29-Feb-2016 00:01:53
                                                     den - They are on at 9.10am I understand (n/t) 29-Feb-2016 08:55:28
                                                                  dave - Pity the interview and song were both cut short due to Oscar coverage. (n/t) 29-Feb-2016 09:26:23
              chris1957 - Oops! 29-Feb-2016 09:25:15
              SteveW - Here's the URL for the Lorraine show with video 29-Feb-2016 10:48:16
                           SteveW - Found the link for IDWIL 29-Feb-2016 10:50:03
                                        SteveW - IDWIL performance on Lorraine 29-Feb-2016 11:12:51
                                                     SteveW - vocal range in IDWIL 29-Feb-2016 16:08:01
                                                                  Nyxlapsi - I was VERY impressed with this performance 02-Mar-2016 15:18:40
                                                                               SteveW - Agreed; this is a strong vocal performance by Andrea. It's also a fun song for watching Caroline... 06-Mar-2016 06:25:16
                           Nyoman - Remix version with live lead vocal from Andrea, nice! 29-Feb-2016 11:21:18
                                        dave - Must say I prefer the original version of IDWIL rather than this remix. But that's 29-Feb-2016 15:13:12
                           CorrMac - Seems like ITV think that Scotland isn't part of the UK ... 29-Feb-2016 16:16:21
                                        neleh - Youtube links 29-Feb-2016 16:20:01
                                                     Terry - Thanks a lot for those :) 29-Feb-2016 22:04:19
                                        Corranga - I used to have the STV player issue a lot in the past too, mainly trying to watch British Touring Car Championship races 01-Mar-2016 08:32:41
                           Phoenix89 - As usual, I always have problem watching their vids that are from site that only allows limited view 29-Feb-2016 16:17:39
                                        nightcat - Another non-UK resident appreciates the YT links 01-Mar-2016 11:12:39
                                                     Corranga - I appreciate the YT links too having not got around to watching until now, it's helped my lunch break along ;) 01-Mar-2016 12:20:18

Phoenix89 - Pepsi Ads 28-Feb-2016 12:17:43
              Terry - Lifting Me; one of my favorite non-album tracks :) 28-Feb-2016 12:28:38
                           Phoenix89 - Wow. Thanks. 28-Feb-2016 16:10:42
                                        Terry - Yeah, I realised that àfter posting :-p (n/t) 28-Feb-2016 18:29:22
                           Phoenix89 - I tried that link but 404 Not Found error appear. :( (n/t) 29-Feb-2016 04:21:59
                                        MC - Try it now. 29-Feb-2016 04:26:24

zairean - it's time for throwback 28-Feb-2016 03:37:57
              seancorrain - Thank you ! I'd never seen this one before !. Hilarious ! and such a free spirited performance. (n/t) 29-Feb-2016 07:12:13
                           zairean - you're welcome sean :-) (n/t) 29-Feb-2016 13:17:47
                                        Drsjf16 - Wow 29-Feb-2016 20:42:52
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - I love the way Andrea sings the Bass line during Keith's solo 19-Mar-2016 13:52:08

chris1957 - Corrs at the BBC 27-Feb-2016 20:54:28
              chris - Great idea, Chris - perhaps many of you out there will be wiling to contact the BBC.... 27-Feb-2016 22:10:03
              den - I agree, it is. (n/t) 27-Feb-2016 23:26:15
              chris1957 - Done it! 28-Feb-2016 21:00:14
                           chris - The reply BBC have sent me 04-Mar-2016 08:22:19
                                        chris1957 - BBC 04-Mar-2016 14:13:47
                                                     Corranga - I have nothing to add here other than, I was considering changing my username to my actual name... ;) 04-Mar-2016 20:49:25
                                                                  chris1957 - People called Chris 05-Mar-2016 15:50:19

dave - Many of you know about 'The Corrs Fan Club' on Facebook, but if you don't 27-Feb-2016 14:48:33
              chris1957 - Facebook 27-Feb-2016 19:15:11
                           Corranga - The facebook group is great for photos and brief discussion or questions, but this place is still better for longer 29-Feb-2016 12:05:22
                                        dave - Agreed.... (n/t) 29-Feb-2016 15:14:55

chris - Corrs Videos 27-Feb-2016 12:16:50
              Servantez - Singles list (most of their singles did get a video - except the Home era). 27-Feb-2016 22:17:53
              Servantez - You can also find some (very) limited information on their old website... 27-Feb-2016 22:27:20
              Servantez - And of course: I Know My Love with The Chieftains, Oh Lala with Rod Steward (though you can only hear them playing 27-Feb-2016 22:47:22
                           chris - Thanks very much for all the info, Servantez ....... 28-Feb-2016 08:41:24
                                        Servantez - Yeah, it's a shame the videos (questions from fans and track commentaries) don't work anymore. (n/t) 29-Feb-2016 14:14:56

Phoenix89 - interview 26-Feb-2016 23:53:03
              StPaddy - Brisant Video 27-Feb-2016 01:09:42
                           Terry - Thanks for the link, but somehow I can't get the video to play :( 27-Feb-2016 10:52:58
                                        StPaddy - Hmm, just checked it, and it works fine with me. (n/t) 27-Feb-2016 11:53:39
                                        AB_CLOSER - You need a vpn service or a german ip. (n/t) 27-Feb-2016 11:58:33
                                        Nyoman - You might need Google Chrome browser with extension "Hola" installed on it. 27-Feb-2016 13:12:24
                                                     MentariS - Yep, or anonymoX if you use Firefox (n/t) 27-Feb-2016 14:36:27
                                                     Corranga - I believe Hola was found to be doing some dodgy connection usage, you might want to change your vpn choice.. 27-Feb-2016 23:01:10
              Corrsgirl1 - I used to have to watch Brisant for German I hated that show! 27-Feb-2016 13:39:20
                           AB_CLOSER - Video for download 27-Feb-2016 17:42:12
                                        Terry - Thanks a lot; seen it now :) 27-Feb-2016 20:37:17

Jerry - Good White Light review from Australia 26-Feb-2016 23:47:02
              commonwombat - Being a NewsCorp (Murdoch) outlet; this review will be in all Murdoch capital city tabloids in AUS. 27-Feb-2016 05:39:28
              MentariS - Courier Mail? Better than nothing I guess :-) (n/t) 27-Feb-2016 14:38:04
                           commonwombat - If its in the Curious Snail, then it will be in Telegraph (Syd), Herald-Sun (Melb) & Advertiser (Ade) as well as the 27-Feb-2016 18:28:45
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - thanks for posting. these are my thoughts exactly 29-Feb-2016 23:52:07

MentariS - The Corrs to play in Sønderborg, Denmark on June 5 (?): 26-Feb-2016 09:24:24
              MentariS - Another article about the Sønderborg gig - apparently tickets are on sale on February 27: 26-Feb-2016 09:30:08
                           Corranga - Looks like Hamburg is the closest airport with decent connections, but is still 2 and a bit hours by car away. (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 10:53:11
                                        commonwombat - There is am airport at Sonderborg but one suspects it only takes aircraft of limited capacity 26-Feb-2016 11:56:49
              Bea_HC - It has been confirmed 26-Feb-2016 13:04:00
              Lonneke - Is this going to be standing or seated? Or do we not know this until ticket sale starts? (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 23:52:44
                           dave - The impression I get is that its an outdoor Summer Festival, but I could be wrong. (n/t) 27-Feb-2016 10:22:15

Erica - Looooooove this :D Guest entry part 1 by the wonderful Lonneke :) 26-Feb-2016 09:19:26
              nightcat - First post out of five parts?? I gotta tune in to this (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 09:59:42
              Corrsgirl1 - Nice blog Lonneke, I can't wait to read about the rest of your adventures. (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 10:00:51
              MC - Excellent! (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 10:53:15
                           Robin - Great read Lonneke can't wait for next part. (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 18:39:50
              Lonneke - Add the risk of not adding much to all that has already been posted... 26-Feb-2016 23:44:34
              SteveW - Loved reading this and all the other blog posts by everyone 27-Feb-2016 05:54:11
                           Corranga - I too am enjoying the intersections especially as my memory kicks in and adds some more. Great blog Lonneke (n/t) 27-Feb-2016 09:11:46

Phoenix89 - Major throwback - Brit Awards 26-Feb-2016 04:14:02
              SteveW - I enjoyed this performance, although it's clearly not Andrea's finest moment on the whistle :-) (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 04:53:34
                           MentariS - That Andrea moment sure is a gem :-p not something she'd do in this era with two babies watching anyway! (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 05:55:07
                                        sergio - omg...haven't seen this can see from Andrea's eyes that she's on a different train...:) (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 19:36:27
                           Cara - But if you actually listen to most of the HTTW performances it's not actually that much worse!! 27-Feb-2016 00:09:54
              Corradore - I recall reading somewhere 26-Feb-2016 07:57:07
                           MentariS - She was a *bit* tipsy during the performance. I'm surprised she didn't mess up with the lyrics of Runaway though! (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 08:00:00
                                        Jackie21 - Sharon's facial expressions throughtout HTTW said it all.. Caro's drumming was beastly. 26-Feb-2016 15:05:15
                                                     dave - Yes, they'd all been 'celebrating' before coming on stage, I think its quite funny ! 26-Feb-2016 20:14:43
                           Phoenix89 - Yes, I remember reading from one of the fans that she was a little bit tipsy. Guess they were celebrating since they won 26-Feb-2016 23:56:15

MentariS - Lyric video of I Do What I Like on The Corrs' Facebook: 25-Feb-2016 14:45:41
              sergio - IMO these flashing lights are not too healthy to watch...unless you want to have a trip... 25-Feb-2016 15:55:11
                           MentariS - I like this one better than the one for BOTN, but I do think the making of this video was rather haphazard :-) 25-Feb-2016 15:59:15
              Terry2 - Video 25-Feb-2016 17:11:44
                           MentariS - "Is that just the screensaver from windows media player with some words over the top?" Thanks for summing it up :-D (n/t) 25-Feb-2016 17:17:13
                           seancorrain - It is a place holder :) 26-Feb-2016 02:14:04
              Cara - I personally think it's better than the BOTN one but... Yes, could be a bit nicer. ;-) (n/t) 25-Feb-2016 17:53:33
                           chris1957 - Video 25-Feb-2016 18:01:01
                                        Nuril - omg, it has street light graphic, just like i imagined! (n/t) 25-Feb-2016 21:31:18
              Damon - It's the album version isn't it? I wonder what edit will be used in the actual video (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 00:23:48
              MC - I really, really wish they'd put the videos on YT. 26-Feb-2016 04:53:41
                           MentariS - Tell me about it. I did leave a comment on the Facebook post asking if they still remembered their YouTube password :-) (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 05:55:44
                                        CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it harder to download from facebook? Maybe thats why they avoid YT (n/t) 29-Feb-2016 23:23:25
                                                     OsamaRaashid - I've never had any problem downloading from fb 01-Mar-2016 06:38:10
                                                                  MentariS - Exactly. They could always upload it on YouTube and then share the link on Fb/Twitter. Really, these days... 01-Mar-2016 10:21:42

Erica - New gig blog guest entry!!! Awesome adeventures :D mini tour by our wonderful webmaster Cara :D 25-Feb-2016 09:08:50
              Corrsgirl1 - Nice entry Cara! I enjoy reading about all the shows you saw. 25-Feb-2016 10:24:14
              Lonneke - Great read! :)) (n/t) 25-Feb-2016 21:39:01
              MC - Loved it! :-) (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 04:52:26
                           nightcat - I read this yesterday but forgot to comment, oopsie. 26-Feb-2016 09:54:03

Jerry - Corrs on Graham Norton show will be shown on BBC America next week 24-Feb-2016 22:31:31
              BallerinaTay - Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. :) (n/t) 24-Feb-2016 23:25:44
              MC - Yay! Thanks! (n/t) 25-Feb-2016 02:56:57

Drsjf16 - The Corrs @ York Racecourse 24-Feb-2016 19:52:17
              Robin - Welcome to the board, enjoy your time here. I am going to York so would be good to meet you. (n/t) 24-Feb-2016 20:26:56
                           robin - I was at Nottingham for the in blue concert which had to be rescheduled along with others as Andrea had a severe ear 24-Feb-2016 21:13:13
              Pinkcorr - We'll be there too!! 24-Feb-2016 21:48:58
                           Drsjf16 - Pinkcorr - yes 26-Feb-2016 08:18:05
              MC - Welcome to the board! :-) (n/t) 25-Feb-2016 02:55:46
              MentariS - Welcome aboard :-D (n/t) 25-Feb-2016 06:26:40
                           Corranga - Welcome along. I'll be there with my wife Erica (also on here) (n/t) 25-Feb-2016 07:26:24
                                        dave - Anyone going to the Newmarket gig ? Keep me a place please as I'll be 25-Feb-2016 17:10:18
                                                     robin - I will be there Dave see you down at the front. (n/t) 25-Feb-2016 21:07:56
                                                                  dave - OK Robin.. keep me a space on the barrier. (n/t) 26-Feb-2016 20:16:15
              soomee85 - I'll be there too! 28-Feb-2016 23:05:10

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