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MentariS - Andrea is featured in this video message (along with other Irish stars) posted on Niall Horan’s Instagram: 28-Apr-2020 09:12:01
              Corranga - Did they use "where the streets have no name" as the music because we'll all have forgotten post lock down? 11-May-2020 16:37:47
                           MentariS - They should have, really! 12-May-2020 09:50:46

Nabil - Harmony - demo/extended version 26-Apr-2020 05:11:50
              SteveW - Thanks for posting; this is a fantastic version of Harmony 29-Apr-2020 07:04:26
                           Corranga - I believe the 'Corrs sub' that is referred to is the Corrs sub reddit, that was around for a short period before being 11-May-2020 16:42:56

Robin - Hi everyone at Corrsclub. Hope you are all staying safe and managing ok during this strange time. From a music. From a 14-Apr-2020 20:25:41
              nightcat - Many local bands and musicians where I am are holding onlne shows often, just have to keep tabs on their schedules 15-Apr-2020 07:33:23

Wendy - The Corrs - 'I Don't Know' (unreleased) 12-Apr-2020 05:23:47
              SteveW - I Don't Know and Simon Phillips 29-Apr-2020 07:36:11

Wendy - Harmony cover - isolated chorus vocals 10-Apr-2020 14:04:20
              SteveW - This sounds awesome; thanks for posting it, Wendy! 10-Apr-2020 20:36:25
              AB_CLOSER - Wow! Thank you Wendy! 10-Apr-2020 23:30:15
                           Wendy - Thanks! 11-Apr-2020 00:47:16
              Wendy - Full Harmony cover - finally posted it on Instagram 11-Apr-2020 01:05:22
                           Terry2 - Harmoneeee 11-Apr-2020 09:25:00
                                        Wendy - We were ahead of the curve! 12-Apr-2020 05:05:02
                                                     nightcat - Thanks Wendy for this! And happy Easter to everyone here! Stay safe and sane 12-Apr-2020 07:56:02
              MentariS - Harmony cover and remote collaboration 12-Apr-2020 12:21:59
                           Wendy - Great work! It's nice to hear an acoustic version of Summer Sunshine. 13-Apr-2020 00:37:01
                           SteveW - This is an excellent cover; I enjoyed it 13-Apr-2020 23:22:56
              GaelleF - Yes, post it on youtube ! it's cool ! I don't even hear myself really, but the finale result is really good ! 14-Apr-2020 18:16:48
                           Wendy - Hmm, I'll have to look at the original file... 15-Apr-2020 03:40:31

MentariS - Taylor Swift has a special Women's History Month playlist on Spotify, and Breathless is included: 27-Mar-2020 17:27:23
              Corrsgirl1 - As a Taylor Swift fan I was so excited when I saw this. And Breathless is the first song on this list! 27-Mar-2020 19:30:27
              Wendy - I'd like to hear Taylor do a Corrs cover! 28-Mar-2020 03:54:48
                           dave - Whether one likes or dislikes her songs/music, Taylor is actually a very good singer. 28-Mar-2020 10:30:06

Den - Hoping all our Corrs Club friends are keeping safe during this difficult time with Corona Virus. 20-Mar-2020 06:38:15
              Corranga - All fun and games Den, set up my 'office' in my dining room at home 20-Mar-2020 16:21:02
                           Den - Teĺl me about it. Ive worked at home for 15 years and the technology has always been a struggle. 22-Mar-2020 23:02:23
                                        SteveW - Working from home 23-Mar-2020 01:46:12
                                                     nightcat - Glad to hear from you all. From my corner of earth... 23-Mar-2020 16:45:38
                                                     MentariS - From the country with the highest Covid-19 fatality rate... 23-Mar-2020 17:45:08
                                                                  Wendy - I just listened to 'Runaway' for comfort! ... 24-Mar-2020 02:13:46
              Jerry - I was just told that I will be working at home at least through May 1 24-Mar-2020 15:49:04
                           dave - Good thing I'm now retired as working from home would have been impossible for an airplane mechanic ! 24-Mar-2020 16:00:24
                                        SteveW - I bet that's a job where you can take your work home with you :-) 24-Mar-2020 23:42:11
                                                     SteveW - *can't, not can 25-Mar-2020 00:30:42

CorrMac - Looks like Sharon will be a 'virtual' guest on the Late Late Showthis week ... 19-Mar-2020 22:12:56
              MentariS - Very interesting, thanks for the info! 19-Mar-2020 22:21:08
              MentariS - Just finished watching Sharon’s segment. She looked exhausted but it’s probably... 21-Mar-2020 00:13:40
                           Wendy - Yes, that's the most worried/tired I've seen her look... 21-Mar-2020 02:43:05
                                        SteveW - What did Sharon say? Did she sing/play as well? 21-Mar-2020 05:48:22
                                                     SteveW - I found a video of Sharon's appearance 21-Mar-2020 09:52:05
                                                                  Wendy - That's all I saw - just an update on living in Spain during COVID-19 21-Mar-2020 12:07:57
                                                                               CorrMac - Yes, basically the whole programme seemed to be a coronavirus 'special' 21-Mar-2020 12:25:39
                                                                                            dave - She looked really scared to me, which is not surprising having 2 kids to look after 21-Mar-2020 21:42:49

MentariS - Happy St Patrick’s Day to everyone from me in isolation, and happy birthday to Caroline!! ☘️🇮🇪 17-Mar-2020 06:10:30
              nightcat - Happy St. Patrick's Day from another CorrsClubber in isolation too, and yes Happy Birthday Caroline!☘🍀🇮🇪 17-Mar-2020 11:32:42
              Corranga - Happy Birthday Caroline, happy St Paddy’s everyone else! 17-Mar-2020 20:04:05

SteveW - Long Night project 16-Mar-2020 05:28:25
              BallerinaTay - I was just thinking that this would be a nice time to work on the project. 16-Mar-2020 05:53:35
                           SteveW - BallerinaTay, are you still up for doing the lead vocals? 16-Mar-2020 06:41:48
                                        BallerinaTay - I sure am! 16-Mar-2020 16:43:44
              Nabil - Re: a semitone up 16-Mar-2020 23:15:19
                           SteveW - Transposing a semitone up 17-Mar-2020 04:10:10
                                        Nabil - Ah very helpful, thanks Steve for linking to that old thread 20-Mar-2020 02:35:04
              SteveW - Long Night instructions 17-Mar-2020 04:39:07
                           BallerinaTay - Steve, would it be easier for you for me to... 17-Mar-2020 21:21:34
                                        SteveW - BallerinaTay, the first way is better 17-Mar-2020 21:40:36

Nick - For the Spotify Users: 15-Mar-2020 22:27:55
              nightcat - Not my playlist but I think it's worth a share 17-Mar-2020 11:31:12
                           nightcat - My dream Corrs setlist 17-Mar-2020 12:30:46
                                        SteveW - Love your playlist. Only change I'd make is to leave out Bono :-) 17-Mar-2020 12:42:50
                                                     nightcat - Of course I'm not including Bono in my gig, just them and the sidemen playing onstage are enough 😂 17-Mar-2020 13:06:43
                                                                  Corranga - I don't mind Bono, having seen them perform together live, I'd leave him in, even if only for the memory... 20-Mar-2020 16:23:34

Corranga - Laura Cox Live at Rockpakast, nice professionally filmed gig recommended by Dave 15-Mar-2020 18:16:34
              dave - Thanks Chris, that works for me - I thought everyman and his dog were on Facebook nowadays. 15-Mar-2020 20:13:37

pmb - Pointlless celebs 14-Mar-2020 20:12:20
              SeanCorrain - More detail please ! 14-Mar-2020 22:55:30
                           dave - Its a quiz show on BBC One TV channel in the UK. 15-Mar-2020 12:47:11
              CorrMac - I've just had a look on BBC iPlayer ... 15-Mar-2020 13:23:28

Corranga - CorrsClub COVID19 isolation appeal - we want you..... (to post) 14-Mar-2020 11:29:09
              MentariS - Great idea Chris! As the Indonesian government seems to be following the path of their UK/US counterparts... 14-Mar-2020 14:51:19
              SteveW - Thanks for getting us started, Chris! Here's a question on drumming 14-Mar-2020 15:13:17
                           Nabil - Drumming 16-Mar-2020 23:19:39
                                        SteveW - Great list; I think I would recognize all of those except Little Wing and Say 17-Mar-2020 06:52:16
              SeanCorrain - This is Sean, signing in from US lock-in 14-Mar-2020 22:52:34
              Jerry - We could all start singing My Corona 14-Mar-2020 23:40:35
                           Corranga - I wish I could work from home, but data security prevents me from doing so 15-Mar-2020 00:40:05
              Wendy - Here in Australia... 15-Mar-2020 01:01:30
                           nightcat - Here in good ol Philippines... 15-Mar-2020 12:54:15
                                        nightcat - and too add, those who can work from home are doing it. Those who can't have little choice... 15-Mar-2020 12:59:57
                                                     nightcat - Correction: our lockdown is only for the capital region and it's on for a month. 15-Mar-2020 14:22:44
                           dave - How about 'We gotta get out of this place' by The Animals - it was a huge hit in 1965. 15-Mar-2020 12:57:40
                                        nightcat - Bee Gees' Stayin Alive also looks like a suitable song for this pandemic 15-Mar-2020 13:05:26
              Terry2 - Coronation Chicken Virus? 15-Mar-2020 15:57:37
              IrishHeart - Couch Choir 08-Apr-2020 23:38:07
                           SteveW - Hi IrishHeart, haven't heard from you in a while :-) 09-Apr-2020 01:33:02

SteveW - Lovely twitter post today by Jim on Gerry's birthday 11-Mar-2020 11:52:23
              Wendy - Yes, that was a nice post... 12-Mar-2020 02:09:50
                           Corranga - Lovely post and picture. Oddly i missed that one, as i do still follow Jim on social media 14-Mar-2020 11:15:09
              corrazy_rach - What an amazing rainbow, how special that must've been! 12-Mar-2020 10:06:03

Wendy - I think The Corrs are working towards something... 05-Mar-2020 11:39:00
              MentariS - Me too... I seriously want to know what’s going on... 05-Mar-2020 16:22:35
              BallerinaTay - Ooooh I sure hope they are! 05-Mar-2020 16:48:07
                           nightcat - Something might be up this year? Time to visit here a biiit more often then haha 06-Mar-2020 10:39:37
                                        Klaus - Concert tour in the time of Corona? 06-Mar-2020 13:31:36
                                                     Wendy - Perhaps they could do a live worldwide broadcast like Coldplay!... 09-Mar-2020 04:23:32
              rmssw - It’s also 20 years since In Blue this year. As old as that makes me feel, it’s a good reason to tour 06-Mar-2020 23:55:46
                           Corranga - Of course I always hope they are working on something, but I wonder if Caroline is simply 12-Mar-2020 12:31:43
              SeanCorrain - I've been thinking so too ! 14-Mar-2020 22:54:01

dave - OK so The Corrs are not a 'girl band' as such, but which 'all girl' group had the highest 28-Feb-2020 18:59:51
              SteveW - Hint? Are they a UK band? 29-Feb-2020 12:09:54
              CorrMac - Are we talking about "real" bands or just a singing group?! 29-Feb-2020 23:42:46
              Terry2 - Girl Bands 01-Mar-2020 09:56:58
                           Terry2 - Girl Bands 01-Mar-2020 10:21:46
                           SteveW - I would have guessed the Spice Girls, too 01-Mar-2020 18:22:36
                                        Terry2 - Girl Band 02-Mar-2020 16:14:43
              Jerry - My research suggests ... 01-Mar-2020 23:09:55
              DrFunkenstein - The Bangles probably, as far as an instrument playing all-girl band and not just singing group. The Go-Go's had some 02-Mar-2020 15:19:01
                           dave - Its BANANARAMA - I was as surprised as everyone else. Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward 03-Mar-2020 14:58:12
                                        Wendy - I recognise their songs but don't know a thing about them!... 04-Mar-2020 12:55:51
                                        SteveW - I would not have guessed Bananarama, as they were not huge in the US 04-Mar-2020 21:12:42
                                                     dave - Understandable if they were not big in the US. However they were huge in Japan 05-Mar-2020 12:23:00
                                                                  nightcat - Futher proof imo of how the US is a totally different planet music-wise, I only know one Bananarama song... 06-Mar-2020 10:43:23
                                                                               JohnLnyc - They did well in the US 24-Jun-2020 20:33:53
                                                                               JohnLnyc - They did well in the US 25-Jun-2020 15:29:51
                                        CorrMac - So ... not a 'real' band then! At least they weren't a manufactured group. 13-Mar-2020 22:49:35
                                        JohnLnyc - Strange but true 24-Jun-2020 20:50:43
              DrFunkenstein - It may just be symantics, but if they don't paly instruments, IMHO they are a "girl group" and not a "girl band". 04-Mar-2020 16:49:59
                           Corranga - I don't think its semantics, at least its important to me ;) 12-Mar-2020 12:29:40

Chanh - official website 17-Feb-2020 10:44:05
              Mrrob69uk - Website 17-Feb-2020 13:30:21
                           dave - Yes, its highly unlikely IMO that The Corrs will return as a 'family band' - they are all now 17-Feb-2020 15:44:45
              Mrrob69uk - On holiday 17-Feb-2020 18:25:54
                           Wendy - I'm surprised the paparazzi still take photos of Andrea... 18-Feb-2020 01:55:25
                                        nightcat - Yeah. you would think the paps would skip Andy for more famous folk, but no. 😅😅 21-Feb-2020 04:16:40
                                        Corranga - I'd look at it the other way around. The paparazzi style photographers are probably local, and simply check out the 21-Feb-2020 09:12:16
              Wendy - I'm looking forward to Sharon's solo album... 18-Feb-2020 01:57:07
              Damon - Jim replies on an Instagram post when asked about a tour to... 22-Feb-2020 02:42:12
                           MentariS - Saw that too. Never lose hope guys 😅😂 22-Feb-2020 05:22:52
                           Mrrob69uk - Tgat was me on instagram asking! 22-Feb-2020 12:14:34
                                        MentariS - Well done for asking Rob! And very kind of Jim for replying too :-D 22-Feb-2020 14:07:50

SteveW - Heard in a store 16-Feb-2020 07:05:58
              Wendy - That would have been exciting! 17-Feb-2020 06:58:36
                           nightcat - Last Friday(Valenties Day)I went to a nearby mall, saw around some violinists and a cello player playing... 17-Feb-2020 09:41:15
              Terry2 - Heard it where? 17-Feb-2020 15:18:30
                           Wendy - In one of Andrea's recent interviews, she made a remark... 18-Feb-2020 01:50:51
              DrFunkenstein - I have heard many Corrs songs at different stores here in the US...Breathless (of course), Dreams, Angel, 18-Feb-2020 16:45:44

MentariS - Andrea’s HotPress interview is now available online: 24-Jan-2020 00:49:34
              SteveW - Nice interview, thanks for posting 24-Jan-2020 09:50:29
              Steverino - Thanks for that, MentariS. Interesting interview and I was unaware of her literary award. 09-Feb-2020 19:42:55

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