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airbusgore - Anyone else still waiting on tickets for Kew and York? (n/t) 29-Jun-2016 18:07:51
              dave - I bought Kew a week ago through See tickets - 'print at home' - no problem. However 29-Jun-2016 19:18:57
              Robin - I ordered mine from see tickets seconds after they went on sale and have been chasing them up so last week see tickets 29-Jun-2016 20:02:16
                           airbusgore - Thx. Have tracked order and says they are still awaiting ticket delivery. (n/t) 29-Jun-2016 20:47:19
              Corranga - Pretty sure I'm still waiting for York (n/t) 04-Jul-2016 11:25:58

Luke - Remembered my login! Amazing i can post again 28-Jun-2016 13:09:41
              Corranga - Welcome back Luke! (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 13:14:02
              dave - Welcome back Luke - maybe we'll get some more oldtimers back.. (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 14:23:39
                           den - Old timers? (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 19:10:38
                                        dave - Mr Judd, Mr Bacon, Ms Stray, Ms Ridgeway.. et all.. (n/t) 29-Jun-2016 08:34:50

dave - I have 2 free tickets to give away for The Corrs at Epsom this Thursday - 28-Jun-2016 10:54:08
              Luke - Me too!! Guess the same competition 28-Jun-2016 13:08:42
                           Corranga - Typical, I only just bought 2 tickets in the last 10 days or so ;) (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 13:13:28
              RichardY - I also won 2 free tickets so there must be a lot of runners up! 28-Jun-2016 13:33:34
                           dave - Well, we've got enough free tickets amongst us then to get most of Corrsclub there ! (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 14:22:01
                                        dave - Just offloaded my two... (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 16:24:41
              Luke - I have just had mine emailed through, should anyone want them ? reply below (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 19:13:44
                           dave - Put them on The Corrs Fan Club page on Facebook - they'll be snapped up. (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 19:34:23
                                        Norma - I wanna go, but I can't!! WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! (n/t) 29-Jun-2016 18:02:06

Phoenix89 - All the way home 28-Jun-2016 07:36:31
              nightcat - I've seen it. (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 07:48:18
                           Corranga - I'm in it ;-) 28-Jun-2016 09:16:27
                                        Corranga - I remember now why I didn't watch it too often - I had forgotten how sad it was :( 28-Jun-2016 09:36:22
                                                     dave - Yes, its a very good documentary. I'm in the Ischgl crowd too. We were completely 28-Jun-2016 10:03:50
                                                     sergio - I was also there in Ischgl! I remember it was a splendid night with the Alps surrounding, stars sparkling both on 28-Jun-2016 11:21:49
              MentariS - My favourite quote from the doco: "THEN Caroline got pregnant..." -John Hughes 28-Jun-2016 10:06:25
              MC - Yes, although I haven't watched it in ages. (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 11:58:53
                           seancorrain - I love that documentary 28-Jun-2016 16:02:31

den - Only 4 days to Epsom; bring it on! (n/t) 26-Jun-2016 21:07:38
              Robin - Yes can't come soon enough. Guess it will be same set list as Newmarket and Haydock (n/t) 26-Jun-2016 22:19:52
                           den - What songs were left off Robin? (n/t) 26-Jun-2016 23:35:10
                                        Robin - With me stay, love to love you and Buachaill on Eirne. Really love Stay so really miss that one. (n/t) 27-Jun-2016 00:08:02
                                                     Corranga - ...but they did Toss The Feathers ;) (n/t) 27-Jun-2016 15:04:44
                                                                  dave - Which is not an easy thing to do... (n/t) 28-Jun-2016 11:03:11

Corranga - IDWIL and GMAR from Haydock - YouTube - Not the best quality though... 26-Jun-2016 20:19:34
              MC - Thank you! :-) (n/t) 26-Jun-2016 22:00:19

dave - There must be a simple answer, but obviously not. 26-Jun-2016 15:42:22
              den - I agree Dave its that simple. it was a shame given that it was a super gig in a wonderful setting. I bet 26-Jun-2016 16:00:03
                           Corranga - I have heard that the fines for running over are very, very expensive. I'm speculating, but perhaps venue staff 26-Jun-2016 20:15:27
                                        den - Easy way to avoid fines, start 15 minutes earlier. Simples! (n/t) 26-Jun-2016 21:29:24
              MC - I remember hearing that the band had the sound from their instruments cut while they were playing TTF during one of the 26-Jun-2016 22:15:34
                           dave - In that case Marie, maybe the 'industry' worldwide need to look at how they time 27-Jun-2016 08:48:14
                                        Corranga - I think scope creep is the problem. It wouldn't work. If you added 15 minutes at the start, artists would simply add 2 27-Jun-2016 09:05:19
                                                     dave - Yes, there was an encore gap Chris. (n/t) 27-Jun-2016 09:45:43
                                                     Norma - There wasn't much of a gap before they came back out. 29-Jun-2016 18:09:25

SteveW - The first time I have ever heard Anto speak... (very brief) 26-Jun-2016 01:34:29
              Corranga - He does seem really shy though. When we've met him and Keith, Keith will hand around and chat for a while and he quietly 26-Jun-2016 10:43:11
                           commonwombat - I recall him fielding the occ question when he was accompanying Shaz during her initial rounds of UK radio in 2009 26-Jun-2016 22:57:53

RichardY - Photos and videos from Blenheim Palace 25-Jun-2016 15:36:23
              Corrsgirl1 - Great videos! Looks like an amazing gig. I'm glad you all had a wonderful time :) (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 16:48:03
              MC - Thank you! (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 16:58:16
              MC - Has Kiss Of Life always been played that late in the set? 25-Jun-2016 16:59:52
                           RichardY - It's been around the same place in the set list all year although they played it after Dreams at the gigs in January (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 19:13:01
                                        MC - Thanks! (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 19:13:50

den - Blenheim gig ends prematurely due to curfew! 24-Jun-2016 23:03:22
              Lonneke - No way!?! (n/t) 24-Jun-2016 23:59:53
              den - Yep, the band were ahocked and I got tge impresaion Jim wasnt at all pleased. (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 00:10:07
                           MentariS - I assume they weren't warned of the curfew beforehand? If that's the case someone should've told them in advance! (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 07:21:32
                                        MC - I can't imagine that they didn't know. (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 12:06:15
              SteveW - Why the curfew? Is the venue located in a residential area? (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 00:57:57
                           RichardY - The town of Woodstock is just outside the grounds of Blenheim Palace so residents there would have heard the gig. 25-Jun-2016 02:22:00
                                        MC - That's too bad. :-( 25-Jun-2016 04:22:41
                                        dave - The advertised 'finish time' given by Nocturne was 1045pm, but the gig stopped at 1040 - 25-Jun-2016 19:00:32
                                                     MC - Then it really wasn't the advertised curfew... someone "in power" made them stop playing. :-( 25-Jun-2016 19:13:03
              chris1957 - Blenheim 25-Jun-2016 06:45:59
                           robin - another fabulous gig in wonderful surroundings. so pleased that the full acoustic set returned. Stay is so beautiful. (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 08:38:42
                                        den - it was funny to see Andrea's reaction to the crowds laughter just sfter she introduced Ellis Island. She 25-Jun-2016 12:19:53
                                                     dave - She actually said emigration, not imigration - the crowd weren't listening ! (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 19:03:28
                                                                  mrrob69uk - Nice to meet you guys... 25-Jun-2016 22:16:25
                                                                               RichardY - Good to meet you too! I was to the left of you in the front row. What a great night!! See you at Kew! (n/t) 26-Jun-2016 14:13:33
                                                                                            dave - Who were the two girls immediately to your left Richard, they were well 'into it' 26-Jun-2016 15:00:54
                                                                                                         RichardY - I didn't get their names I'm afraid but they were definitely having a great time! 26-Jun-2016 20:11:07
                           MC - Glad to hear it! :-) (n/t) 25-Jun-2016 12:05:06
                           chris1957 - Ellis Island 25-Jun-2016 12:24:28
              Cara - Great night! Baby Girl enjoyed her 2nd Corrs gig as well. :-) 25-Jun-2016 18:12:59
                           dave - Having given further thought, I'm now pretty sure this occured due to 'crowd control' 26-Jun-2016 09:21:13
                                        chris1957 - Crowd control 26-Jun-2016 10:55:08
                                        Cara - We were just in front of the barriers they'd set up... 27-Jun-2016 22:40:13

seancorrain - Any Front Row kids want to do us USA fans a favor ! ? 24-Jun-2016 16:40:47

den - Everything cool here at Blenheim. to those travelling by car there is normally heavy traffic around tge venue. Huge 24-Jun-2016 13:39:05
              Corranga - Enjoy everyone :) (n/t) 24-Jun-2016 16:38:37
              Corrsgirl1 - I hope you all have a Corrific (stealing that one!) time. This venue looks amazing, I'm sure it will be a brilliant gig! (n/t) 24-Jun-2016 19:25:04

den - BBC say light tain between 4 and 6 for Blenheim so bring something to sit on. BBC weatger is normally useless so come 23-Jun-2016 15:26:50
              dave - Also note that umbrellas are not allowed in the concert seating area, so its 23-Jun-2016 15:35:33
                           Cara - I'm assuming that toddler snacks will not be taken from me... Usually that's exempt from "no outside food" rules. 24-Jun-2016 10:33:52
              chris1957 - Weather 23-Jun-2016 17:17:26
                           den - that tallies with my information. would be nice if it stays dry for the gig. (n/t) 23-Jun-2016 22:30:22

RichardY - Photos and videos from Newmarket and Haydock Park 22-Jun-2016 23:12:10
              MC - Thank you so much, Richard. 22-Jun-2016 23:41:26
                           robin - Brilliant pics Richard (n/t) 23-Jun-2016 08:49:03
              Corranga - Great photos! I really need a hair cut :O On the subject of video, I did attempt to video both gigs, and have footage 23-Jun-2016 12:13:44
                           MC - If you get the time, anything that you could upload is appreciated, Chris. :-) (n/t) 23-Jun-2016 12:49:40

Nick - Breathless IOW 2016 official video 22-Jun-2016 14:30:32
              DutchDenise - Thanks for that, made me scroll through Youtube Corrs 2016 vids for an hour after lol ... and still can't stop (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 17:42:04
              Phoenix89 - thanks 23-Jun-2016 05:29:59
              SteveW - brief IOW interview video 23-Jun-2016 08:35:06

robin - Blenheim palace announced. 7.30 jack savoreti 8.15 interval 9.00 Corrs finish approx 10.30 (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 10:14:51
              Corranga - 1.5 hours, so probably the same cut down set list from Newmarket and Haydock - I won't be there, but am looking forward 22-Jun-2016 10:21:39
                           robin - yes guess same set list as racecourses. It does also say 11pm curfew so might just get an extra couple but thats 22-Jun-2016 10:38:02
                                        Corranga - The racecoures were advertised as 9.30 to 11 as well. The Arena gigs, obviously they started earlier. I wish (spoilers) 22-Jun-2016 11:43:48
                                                     robin - I missed Stay and Andrea with her Ukelele really loved that. (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 12:29:33
                                                                  dave - Maybe they have a standard 90 minute 'commercial package' which they sell to 22-Jun-2016 15:20:18
                                                                  Norma - Oh god, I love Stay and Andrea on the uke. I hope they play that! Pleeeeeeeease! (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 18:17:09
                                                                               dave - Almost the whole of their 'acoustic set' was dropped too - I really missed that, 22-Jun-2016 19:12:23
                                                                                            Norma - Oh nooooooooo!!! That was such a highlight of the concert! :-( Fingers crossed! 22-Jun-2016 19:16:28
                                                                                                         dave - The email I got at 1730 today from Nocturne says "we will endeavour to finish by 1045" 22-Jun-2016 19:56:50
                                                     dave - Chris, I'd swop LTLY for Heaven Knows, Closer or Secret Life... (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 19:59:14
              chris1957 - Blenheim times 23-Jun-2016 17:11:13
              mrrob69uk - So ridiculously excited! 23-Jun-2016 22:58:17
                           Cara - We are. Can't imagine there will be a lot of people trying to corral a toddler so we should be easy to spot. ;-) (n/t) 24-Jun-2016 10:37:03

Phoenix89 - New beat 21-Jun-2016 16:03:37
              dave - They often change things when playing live, probably just for the sheer hell of it - 21-Jun-2016 20:04:31
                           den - lol (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 01:10:32
                           Phoenix89 - on Andrea's 22-Jun-2016 04:17:31
                                        Corranga - I was talking to Lonneke about the lyrics change, apparently Andrea did the same at one of the other recent gigs 22-Jun-2016 10:23:10
                                                     Corranga - Aslo, do you mean Runaway rather than WCID? :) (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 11:32:52
                                                                  Corranga - here... 22-Jun-2016 11:36:04
                                                                               dave - Yes, you're quite correct Chris, I meant Runaway. (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 15:24:09
              Servantez - I wish they would shake thing up more frequently. That's what I love about Dave Matthews Band for example... 23-Jun-2016 11:35:58
                           MC - I agree with you, Servantz. 23-Jun-2016 12:48:37
                           Cara - I've said the same thing before - using Dave Matthews as the example of the polar opposite performance style... 23-Jun-2016 13:37:31
                                        dave - Agreed - The Corrs do put on an amazing show - but it is very predictable. 23-Jun-2016 14:19:22
                                        Phoenix89 - That's the thing 24-Jun-2016 15:04:52

Norma - Hey guys! Ive been pretty quiet on here, but who's going to Blenheim Palace? 20-Jun-2016 23:54:16
              dave - Apparently there is a bus service from Oxford city to the venue Norma - 21-Jun-2016 08:32:32
                           airbusgore - Stagecoach S3 from Ox Stn or Gloucester Grn Bus Station.. Every 20 mis but hourly eve by company said extras to be put 21-Jun-2016 15:37:05
              robin - look forward to seeing you Norma (n/t) 21-Jun-2016 09:25:36
                           Norma - Likewise! :-D (n/t) 21-Jun-2016 23:05:28
              chris1957 - Getting to zBlenheim 21-Jun-2016 10:38:04
                           Corranga - Awww, I'm not going to that one, would have loved to see you again Norma. Ah well, enjoy :) Chris (n/t) 21-Jun-2016 10:59:40
                                        Norma - I'd have loved to seen you as well! :-( (n/t) 21-Jun-2016 22:55:16
              Cara - We're going but won't be able to get there early really as coming straight after work... 21-Jun-2016 14:01:06
              den - I will be around early afternoon as im staying up there for a long weekend. (n/t) 21-Jun-2016 16:37:48
                           Norma - Thanks everyone! I'll be arriving in London early morning... 21-Jun-2016 21:07:24
                                        Norma - p.s. Looking forward to seeing the usual suspects. LOL (n/t) 21-Jun-2016 21:08:52
                                        dave - Blenheim is an 'all seated' concert Norma, so no rush to get there. (n/t) 21-Jun-2016 21:35:47
                                                     Norma - Oh that's right! I booked it so long ago, I forgot! LOL 21-Jun-2016 22:54:23
                                                                  dave - Gates open at 4pm - so if we all meet at say 5pm at the stage, then go for a drink/meal 22-Jun-2016 08:43:17
                                                                               robin - l wont be getting there until about 8 as dont have to run to the front !! will see you all later. (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 10:11:06
                                                                                            Cara - We won't be there until later either. But hopefully can at least say hello between opening act and Corrs! (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 11:00:52
                                                                                                         MAH - Change of plans - we'll be there a bit earlier now :-) (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 20:34:47
                                                                                                                      Cara - :-) :-* Now if you could get the computer working so I can update the board?... ... ;-) (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 22:40:29
                                                                               RichardY - Sounds good Dave I'll see you there (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 10:34:44
                                                                                            dave - Apparently the gig ticket allows you entry to all the usual palace & grounds areas 22-Jun-2016 15:27:11
                                                                                                         RichardY - Yes I've never been there so plan to get there at 4 when the car park opens to have a look round (n/t) 22-Jun-2016 17:29:26
                                                                                                                      Norma - How about a sound check? Think they'll do one? I'll be in the area pretty early 22-Jun-2016 18:14:32
                                                                                                                                   dave - No idea about soundcheck Norma, but meet Richard and me at 5pm at the stage. 22-Jun-2016 22:04:00
                                                                                                                                   Cara - We're going to try to get there for 5 as well. Bit distracted/delayed by vote results this morning but... 24-Jun-2016 10:39:08

Nyoman - The "Seventh" Corrs studio album on the works? 20-Jun-2016 15:12:32
              dave - Backs up what I'd heard from Jim in Vienna, and also in one of his recent tweets 20-Jun-2016 15:41:41
              seancorrain - LOL (though I still haven't heard White light, living in the US) ..... 20-Jun-2016 17:12:28
                           Nick - Did you try using Spotify? (n/t) 21-Jun-2016 06:12:12
                                        seancorrain - Unfortunately Spotify has regional limitations. I am not allowed to listen -- 23-Jun-2016 21:30:19
              Servantez - I'm dead. White Noise XD (n/t) 20-Jun-2016 18:28:45
              BallerinaTay - Exciting news! You can tell that they really missed making/playing music together and that this is something they won't 20-Jun-2016 18:42:52
              MC - Makes me very happy! :-) (n/t) 20-Jun-2016 21:17:17
                           dave - Seems during their 10 year 'break' as well as having kids, they've tried solo ventures 20-Jun-2016 22:05:40
              mrrob69uk - Amazing news!! 20-Jun-2016 21:57:21
              Leslie - Fantastic news! White Noise?! ROFL (n/t) 20-Jun-2016 23:54:50
                           nightcat - White Noise, hahahahahahha darn you Daily Mail! 22-Jun-2016 12:03:00
              MentariS - Methinks talking about a seventh album is a bit premature, given they haven't even pushed WL to the limit, but... 25-Jun-2016 07:22:47

dave - Regarding Kew gig, what's the difference between Reserved Standing Enclosure 20-Jun-2016 11:19:11
              Chanh - I am not sure if this map is correct from ticketmaster, but if so than the reserved area 20-Jun-2016 12:29:09
                           dave - Thanks Chanh - unreserved seem best then. (n/t) 20-Jun-2016 13:57:04
                                        Chanh - You're welcome. I have bought the same tickets. The question now is, how early 20-Jun-2016 14:16:40
                                                     dave - Earlier the better Chanh, though it means standing around for hours, 20-Jun-2016 15:53:23
                                                                  Chanh - Okay, Thank you (n/t) 21-Jun-2016 08:37:17

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