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Corranga - It's release day! The Christmas Album - a probably overly long and criticising review 02-Dec-2022 17:00:28
              Corrsgirl1 - Not much to say, just that I enjoyed reading your views on the album 02-Dec-2022 18:53:46

dave - There will be a one hour long programe on '60 Minutes Australia' this coming Sunday 01-Dec-2022 16:15:07
              SteveW - Here's a preview of the 60 Minutes story 01-Dec-2022 23:42:08
                           dave - Anyone else think that Andrea has put on a bit of weight in recent years, she looks better for it IMO 02-Dec-2022 13:49:25
              Wendy - It will probably be a 15-20 min segment... 03-Dec-2022 09:14:07

MentariS - Andrea to perform on The Late Late Show tomorrow night (Ireland time): 01-Dec-2022 13:23:38
              SteveW - Here's Andrea on the Late Late Show 03-Dec-2022 04:52:05

corrazy_rach - Best weekend ever! 01-Dec-2022 11:08:34
              dave - Yes it does..... we're all waiting with excitement... 01-Dec-2022 19:07:58
              Corranga - Welcome back! :) Glad you enjoyed it 02-Dec-2022 08:39:21
              Wendy - Yay, you're back! I got to meet Rachel at the Meet and Greet! 03-Dec-2022 09:10:00

MentariS - Photos from the Hope Estate gig: 30-Nov-2022 15:40:30
              MentariS - Video of What Can I Do? at the gig (not the best quality but I did my best haha): 01-Dec-2022 09:54:47
                           Corranga - Looks like you have a great seat, lovely photos thanks for sharing :) 02-Dec-2022 08:46:42
                                        MentariS - I couldn't have asked for a better first concert! 02-Dec-2022 15:32:19

OzQueen - Some little details from the Hope Estate Show 28-Nov-2022 06:38:38
              OzQueen - oh wait, one more that made me laugh 28-Nov-2022 06:42:51
              SteveW - Loved reading your recollections; thanks for sharing! 28-Nov-2022 08:37:44
              SteveW - Andrea pointing at Caroline 29-Nov-2022 18:23:33
                           OzQueen - Ahh, thank you for finding it! I knew I had the song wrong but couldn't think what it was! 29-Nov-2022 21:33:20
                                        nightcat - Hello OzQueen! So nice to see you around here again! 30-Nov-2022 05:56:37
              CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Loved reading your post 01-Dec-2022 11:05:01
                           Corranga - Wonderful post, thanks for sharing. The moments like these really make the gigs for me, every one is unique and makes 02-Dec-2022 08:53:49
              Johnlnyc - Another very little detail 02-Dec-2022 14:53:41
                           SteveW - details 02-Dec-2022 20:19:28
                                        Johnlnyc - Thanks Steve. 02-Dec-2022 23:24:59

SteveW - Runaway at Hope Estate 27-Nov-2022 12:33:32

SteveW - Twitter thread with brief snippets of most of the songs played 27-Nov-2022 06:35:36

AB_CLOSER - The Corrs - Bring on the night (subtítulos english-español) - Live RAH2017 26-Nov-2022 18:46:38
              AB_CLOSER - New link 29-Nov-2022 13:02:59
                           SteveW - Bring on the Night - live video 30-Nov-2022 01:39:47

SteveW - live-tweeting the setlist 26-Nov-2022 11:28:27
              Corinna - Thank you so much! 26-Nov-2022 12:07:40
              SteveW - No Frontiers 26-Nov-2022 12:19:05
              SteveW - Australian tour in 2023 26-Nov-2022 12:22:49
                           Corranga - Australian tour in 2023 >> hopefully this is their way of getting a winter break in the warmth, and follows a 28-Nov-2022 14:05:19
              SteveW - drones 26-Nov-2022 13:48:20
                           Johnlnyc - Drones? 26-Nov-2022 15:45:19
                                        Corranga - I watched a video on youtube with some of the drone footage (link inside) 28-Nov-2022 13:55:37
                                                     Johnlnyc - Now I get it… 28-Nov-2022 21:40:16

SteveW - Fans singing Runaway at the meet and greet 25-Nov-2022 10:15:45
              Corranga - Amazing, great to see the atmosphere, what an amazing event it must have been, I'll have to do some trawling for videos 25-Nov-2022 19:23:16
                           MentariS - Let’s just say…I still can’t believe it actually happened 🥲 *sheds happy tears* 26-Nov-2022 02:43:55
                                        SteveW - Any highlights from the Q&A? 26-Nov-2022 03:47:52

CSCfan - With the band’s first gig in years coming up, what do you THINK the setlist will look like? :) 24-Nov-2022 17:36:40
              SteveW - setlist 24-Nov-2022 20:51:44
              SteveW - I was mildly surprised that they didn't play anything from JC 27-Nov-2022 09:11:41
                           CSCfan - Yeah, really surprising! I also expected at least 1 track. The setlist is basically the 2016 WL tour setlist.. 27-Nov-2022 12:54:22
                                        CSCfan - Oh and I believe they played the IB album / Wembley live version of 'Radio' 27-Nov-2022 12:57:40
                                                     SteveW - Yes, the IB version of Radio 27-Nov-2022 13:20:11

SteveW - interview with Jim: "we may look at touring America again in the future" 24-Nov-2022 09:15:54
              nightcat - I'm not American but the US market has always been tricky for the band. 24-Nov-2022 13:40:49
                           Johnlnyc - More than “tricky” 26-Nov-2022 02:38:35

SteveW - Jim says "We’ll be playing a few tunes near the Sydney Opera House at 7pm" 24-Nov-2022 08:58:00
              SteveW - photo (no Andrea?) 24-Nov-2022 10:27:37
                           MentariS - She was still on her way to Sydney when the gig took place - she flew separately from the rest 24-Nov-2022 12:22:20
              MentariS - Got the best spot at the impromptu gig 😉 (video linked inside) 24-Nov-2022 12:21:46
                           SteveW - Wow! Looks like you were 2 or 3 meters away! 24-Nov-2022 13:26:57
                                        MentariS - They only played instrumentals 24-Nov-2022 17:30:31
                           dave - Was that either John Hughes or John Giddings on extreme right with white hair and shades 24-Nov-2022 16:03:15
                                        MentariS - It was John Giddings! 24-Nov-2022 17:30:52
                                                     Corranga - So.... is this the first time the Corrs have played in public without Andrea? 28-Nov-2022 13:59:47

SteveW - brief interview with Caroline and Sharon 24-Nov-2022 08:48:39
              Fabiola - I think he says "Offaly" 24-Nov-2022 20:48:34
                           SteveW - Thanks, Fabiola! 24-Nov-2022 20:55:50

Jerry - A new Sharon interview 17-Nov-2022 02:19:22
              SteveW - Thanks for posting. Some interesting info on how Son of Solomon was written 17-Nov-2022 05:27:02

Wendy - Are 'Meet and Greets' worth the money? 14-Nov-2022 23:02:34
              SteveW - The Q&A session is much more appealing to me than the Meet and Greet 16-Nov-2022 01:00:31
                           Johnlnyc - Meet (a very brief encounter) and greet 18-Nov-2022 18:04:06
                           Johnlnyc - The process…. 18-Nov-2022 18:13:39
                                        SteveW - Questions for the Corrs 19-Nov-2022 10:47:30
              SeanCorrain - I say DO IT :) "This is the right time, once in a lifetime" and you never know when they will be back 17-Nov-2022 23:43:14
                           Wendy - I did it!... 21-Nov-2022 14:07:40
                                        SteveW - How exciting, Wendy! 24-Nov-2022 04:46:14
                                        MentariS - Wonderful! I’m going too - it’ll be amazing :-) 24-Nov-2022 06:12:05
                                                     SteveW - That's great, Mentari! 24-Nov-2022 08:39:22
                                                                  Corranga - I'm a bit late to the party but... I'd be all over the meet and greet / Q&A. 28-Nov-2022 14:03:43

dave - Mystery of You performance 1991 06-Nov-2022 12:02:26
              Mark - Wow... really cool Dave. Thanks for sharing! 07-Nov-2022 14:11:23
              SteveW - Thanks for sharing, Dave. I love Mystery of You. 16-Nov-2022 00:45:46

SteveW - interesting interview with Caroline, definitely worth watching 30-Oct-2022 06:37:22
              Punky - She is just the loveliest, down to earth person! 31-Oct-2022 03:30:37
              queenoftheroad - I enjoyed this interview a lot! Thanks for sharing! I liked... 31-Oct-2022 11:15:20
              Wendy - Very interesting, thank you!... 06-Nov-2022 09:22:57
              SeanCorrain - I love hearing the musician talk about their instruments like Caroline got to do here :) 18-Nov-2022 00:06:49

dave - I have a huge collection of Corrs cds, including promos. Some are rare, all are perfect condition. 15-Oct-2022 13:47:51
              Baxterianism - Are you selling off your incredible collection Dave? Feel free to message me privately… 16-Oct-2022 21:19:35

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