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mrtwenty1 - 2024 interview of Ryan Tubridy with Andrea Corr 11-Jan-2024 09:54:38
              SteveW - Enjoyed this interview; thanks for posting. Good to hear they might tour more. 14-Jan-2024 04:48:12

mrtwenty1 - A Corrs Fan Journey - Poem by Ronald Lee 11-Jan-2024 06:00:48
              Carolineinspiredmetodrum - That's very clever! Well done 17-Feb-2024 10:07:23

mrtwenty1 - the corrs philippines 05-Jan-2024 03:25:03
              Corranga - Welcome along! :) 05-Jan-2024 10:08:33
              AB_CLOSER - ¡Bienvenidos, the corrs philippines! 05-Jan-2024 13:11:42
              MikeFromMelbourne - welcome to the club :) 05-Jan-2024 19:25:43
              Steverino - Good to have you here! Welcome!! 07-Jan-2024 22:51:25
              SteveW - Welcome, hope to hear more from you! 09-Jan-2024 05:39:15
              mrtwenty1 - Pictures From Day 1 of The Concert Here In Manila October 2023 09-Jan-2024 08:01:41
                           mrtwenty1 - Resending the pictures 11-Jan-2024 05:53:13
                           mrtwenty1 - resending the pictures take 2 11-Jan-2024 05:56:28
                                        Corranga - Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing! 16-Jan-2024 08:36:30

Steverino - New Video of "Songbird" (acoustic cover) 01-Jan-2024 14:29:49
              MikeFromMelbourne - how is it possible that it sounds even better than the studio version!! 02-Jan-2024 09:03:37

AB_CLOSER - Does anyone have this video? 26-Dec-2023 12:01:13
              AB_CLOSER - Captures 26-Dec-2023 12:02:11
                           BAXTERIANISM - Can’t get either link to function? 28-Dec-2023 14:50:51
                                        AB_CLOSER - Captures 2 28-Dec-2023 23:41:49
                                        AB_CLOSER - It does not work, copy-paste 28-Dec-2023 23:47:11

MikeFromMelbourne - My own Expanded Best Of The Corrs track list. Any suggestions on additions? 15-Dec-2023 07:33:59
              Jerry - Three more 27-Dec-2023 02:36:44
                           MikeFromMelbourne - yass excellent suggestions, especially Heaven Knows. 27-Dec-2023 08:40:33
              SteveW - I'd add in Son of Solomon (or switch out SOS for it if we don't have room) 27-Dec-2023 23:12:31
                           MikeFromMelbourne - yasss have always loved the music of that track even if I didn't understand the language haha. 29-Dec-2023 21:02:07

corrazy_rach - Does anyone have Andrea's special edition Lifelines album with signed lithograph? 09-Dec-2023 13:25:29
              Corranga - I don't have one to sell, I was too cheap to order it at the time!! Am I right in thinking there was 13-Dec-2023 09:01:27
                           Baxterianism - There was also a version with the lifelines T Shirt with a palmistry type design 13-Dec-2023 10:29:09

AB_CLOSER - "Everywhere" cover version on youtube 02-Dec-2023 10:09:22
              MentariS - I can’t stop listening to this! Everywhere is my favourite Fleetwood Mac song and The Corrs did it justice ❤️❤️❤️ 08-Dec-2023 02:41:37
                           Corranga - Just like the other FM covers, they've made it their own. I think this might be my favourite of the new 3 13-Dec-2023 09:03:06

AB_CLOSER - "White Wedding" feat Andrea Corr & Jack Lukeman 02-Dec-2023 00:14:42
              AB_CLOSER - YOUTUBE LINK 02-Dec-2023 00:20:55
              MikeFromMelbourne - Wow what an amazing cover of this brilliant song. 02-Dec-2023 23:03:35
              Servantez - Not gonna lie. I'm loving this. 05-Dec-2023 03:26:05
              SteveW - I would not have thought Andrea could cover a Billy Idol song, but this is fantastic 05-Dec-2023 10:00:18
                           Corranga - I agree, it sounds great. There's a CD as well, which features some other great artists, another for the corrllection! 13-Dec-2023 08:51:52

SteveW - Songbird cover version now on youtube 01-Dec-2023 17:38:07
              SteveW - and an acoustic video of Songbird and some concert highlights 01-Dec-2023 18:02:00

dave - Just watched the This Morning short interview now on ITVX, how much more convenient 30-Nov-2023 14:59:44

Baxterianism - The Corrs Zoe Ball Breakfast Show Appearance Audio Download 30-Nov-2023 11:04:23
              Alastair - I’m liking this “in discussion” chat 30-Nov-2023 23:40:59

Baxterianism - Appearing on This Morning (ITV for UK) tomorrow morning after Radio 2 29-Nov-2023 15:56:40
              Corinna - UK tour is "in discussion"...fingers crossed. Hoping for news soon. 2024 is on our doorstep. 30-Nov-2023 12:06:41

Den - So are they appearing on Zoe Ball later this week. 27-Nov-2023 21:07:39

Baxterianism - CorrsCast 2023 Tour discussion special episode 25-Nov-2023 09:56:16
              SteveW - About halfway through and am enjoying the episode 27-Nov-2023 03:25:36
                           Baxterianism - So glad this is a way you can experience the band. And now mastering to a louder standard with you in mind 27-Nov-2023 17:31:45

avishyb - the Corrs rehearsals 2017 vs 2023 - find the differences :-) 11-Nov-2023 22:50:24
              Corranga - Is the music on the 2017 video the original that Andrea posted? 15-Nov-2023 12:50:54
                           AB_CLOSER - andreacorrofficial (instagram) 16-Nov-2023 23:30:44

dave - Tonight on BBC2 at 7pm. Villages By The Sea features the location used in The Boys and Girl from County Clare 09-Nov-2023 14:08:21

AB_CLOSER - Judy (live version)!!! 08-Nov-2023 19:50:29
              SteveW - Wow, this was great 08-Nov-2023 20:02:47
                           Corranga - It does sound like a Sharon song, like last month when they posted a video with Remember as the backing track 10-Nov-2023 10:00:58
              MentariS - This is an amazing video - especially the kiss and hug at the end! Love it 10-Nov-2023 00:57:49
              Steverino - That's a sweet video! I've always liked "Judy" (and the concept of the "Non Album Bonus Track") 19-Nov-2023 17:06:11

MikeFromMelbourne - Melbourne newspaper The Age review of the show last night. Link and text below. 07-Nov-2023 06:24:43
              MikeFromMelbourne - Left out the last part of the review 07-Nov-2023 06:26:35
              avishyb - Review from the Perth gig 07-Nov-2023 08:14:09
                           MikeFromMelbourne - thanks for sharing avishyb that was an awesome write up of the night and perfectly captured the vibe 07-Nov-2023 11:09:01

MikeFromMelbourne - Some highlights of the Melbourne gig 07-Nov-2023 06:14:21
              Steverino - Thanks for the write-up, Mike! 16-Nov-2023 00:22:47

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